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12-12 Shift Change Podcast with Matthew Coller & Thom Cich

Dec 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here. We wouldn't. Trade places. Yeah I years. They didn't know. You know she's taught with a man tie. Jane podcast episode. You know what I'm getting old man Ellis but I know it's special one. You say it's the most specialists podcast of all time it's number 37. Day notice. Yeah I'm Mike Ryan actually no none of that nonsense. It's been a tell Roby podcasts it is the Miguel Roby podcasts maybe the most important podcast we've ever done which is why we prepared for weeks for this very moment and it's going to show in seconds it's going to be a bash gap until Roby bash. First before we get too good opinions bad opinions here. I gotta ask is. To kill Roby said. John Murphy shows that you know if he can just intercept Erin Rogers once or twice. Take it for a touchdown than you know they have a good chance to win I agree. They absolutely do have a good chance to him if he does that the offense isn't gonna score any points do you think Mikhail Roby upon making that comment knows. That Aaron Rodgers has only thrown three interceptions all year. Yes. And he just says that anyway. I think the young man says his goals high and that's why he's such a rising star in this league. He's very aware of his own abilities. Abilities that may even trump those of Aaron Rodgers so if he says maybe he can take off Warner too damn and I believe him. Okay. Or real stance on the killer WW. I I just gave it to you like they can I just. Gave it to you you like he is a fantastic nickel corner. Okay he is a fantastic. Nickel corner and we should all be extremely happy he's on the bills all right well sign him to a ten year contract I think that. He's gonna get smoked if they come up against it I don't think so or because he's not going to be going up against you know. So you would put dead in bed opinion let's. Well it's been an inventive and I won't ask you something our idols I will say an opinion you tell me whether it's good or bad OK we will start with the bills. Good or bad opinion the bills have a higher chance of beating the Denver Broncos are beating the Green Bay Packers then they had to against the Denver Broncos what you. Should feel more confident that they will beat the Packers. Then you were going into the process. That is a good opinion. It's a home game. It's not that that really managed the bills is here but you know it's NFL football so you have to say well it's a home game so they have a chance to do better but the real reason. It is green Bay's defense is not as good. As the Broncos so there you go that's really all you need to it business. The home field advantage thing is it is a big thing. I still think though that he's Aaron Rodgers and this defense for the Packers is not as bad as they might look on paper. I thought that this is not as good as the Broncos just provinces really gets the Broncos is really good but you know watching that game against Atlanta Green Bay is up like 35%. Did you search Sheila analog yes they start handing off Eddie lazy that's when the bills will strike chimp who. And come within a touchdown and Allen's money for nothing right out of right where we want good opinion or bad opinions. Kyle or we'll have a bounce back. What's what's I don't act just like two touchdowns and no takes another tournament chance to win. My chance I'm gonna say windy. Ten points still in the third quarter when they give you enough offense to. Have a good defense today. Set you up for a win like there's enough offense there let's say over 21 points. Multiple touchdowns. On offense with him to help and then you get the Roby touchdown to at least one media team. I'm fine good opinion. I'm gonna say bad opinion I just feel like it's what we saw in the jets games. Was not really what colleges. For the jets who. And you know. Did you have to wonder as soon as their chances to make playoffs. Petered away and that Kyle Orton might be thinking along the lines of Haiti either way so old. It's not that I'm not going to try to win. It's just that if I had to do anything a little bit extra. Two win a football game I'm not going to do you won't die for the stakes on this program. I'm just an all I should just a shocking play from a pro athlete and an people. Sometimes think that pro athletes are ultra competitive and want nothing more than to win. It's not true all the time so there and they want nothing more than to not get murdered by giant men they want nothing more than to make sure they get out alive. Play well enough to keep the jobs. And keep getting paid lots and lots and lots of money and I don't know Howard. I haven't been up close with Kyle Orton. It's a really Null but if there was ever played to suggest that a guy doesn't really have the lion's heart inside of him it's that one. Especially. When you look at the old 42 film was shot from up top it's going to be close to a first down but if he goes. Phase Forward into that hit. It's gonna be a first down right. And he just says no way pulled up its. Many calls this week. You know media organs go to Wednesday it is good Vijay is that none of them says. Norton that was a good slider it was a good call that's not a single person has wanted to say that. It's almost as it might be one of the only opinions. Ever since I've worked here that every single person is like aria that was we should we should all rally around and just come together as one buffalo and instead of the hour we are the world via will be all the who's down who bill. Got a pretty bad opinion is sabres winning recently is a good thing. Meditating and how was that any good. It's not a one other thing in my opinion that well no I'm gonna fight you there is all these things through like Strom an opinion and is an opinion now you. Address it now in my opinion while good news. His first day. That obvious. Nights just. There. They're not they're still not playing that well right like. It's not sustainable it's these beliefs last year revolt worse. It's late that put down. What like six places. It's just. They're just tricking you they're not really a good team and then everyone's gonna call and say like Ted Nolan played in my heart. And compete level and dislike shot up they're not good all but the wedding but shot up. It's. It's just crap gets its craft all this morning. I even ran into. People on Twitter saying. You know they could get back in the playoff race and it. Look if they were controlling play. And they were getting a ton of shots on that. And it wasn't just the goalie getting hot for a ten game stretch that was winning them games. I would say. You don't want. They look like they're ready to win you're not in the economy David forget that goal for the playoffs make a move try to get somebody in here who's good another score. Another death defenseman. But you didn't kill you never have the clock. And the goal he's been bailing them out and also lost a lot of luck involved in a goalie having at 944 save percentage over ten games fan. It is not sustainable at all the only thing I have to worry about your fewer. In the camp which I don't even know why there are camps but if you're in the camp one and Jack cycle economy David that's what I would want Jack I complicated. Communists. Rights. Rights. But if your back if you're that guy who's screaming about how. Now you can get a fifth round pick with some hard and win it here I mean if you're that guy. Even you have to admit it doesn't look good it doesn't look like. That this is a team that's supposed to be good it was just under achieving early in the year they're not good but good for you understand rob is the only thing he walked away with. And the guys who were their first round picks and it's. Gergen since Bristol lines and or. Those are first round picks them they're good they're good so who don't you wanna draw more of a bright who's good. I have one for its okay this is this is definitely for you good of opinion or bad opinion of all the comic book shows on TV. Morals agents of shield had the best fall season finale it's OK I have no idea us. That's too bad I guess I'll have to vote I guess you last addresses all of this week we have the mid season finale is aero. And the flash heard good things about air aero is wonderful. So is the flash so it was agents field it is a golden age of comic books on TV there's also got them which it is not up to the same standard as the other ones but it's trying. Good for you but these these three are the big ones not to miss the most talked about on the broadcast all that's because you. Watched an episode to right so normally I'm very aware of that man that man is the biggest name out of them. You know these other ones are just better TV shows. This week and it's a good opinion is agents' appeal just difficulty for his late aero. This season was maybe not as good as seasons past but it ended strongly mean there's some. Very serious dramatic stuff a Batman villain was involved writes oh cool William decent from the movies heavily sleaze and bodies county Neeson now. These guys just. Big league lead these nation and the flash. Fought the reverse flash so you know what he does he wears yellow and has red lightning bolts on his ears is that slow. No see that's that they medium that is the idea is like. The flash runs relief fast. The reverse flash in the comics like moves time around and so it seems like it's that that's that's. It's slow. Isn't. So I don't get comic books that you keep it away he slows down time. So he's yeah he's moving in normal speed everything else in Slovakia. Theoretical physics particles soul like science even at the same time not science well mostly crap but still very cool but it. Despite all these big things going on each as a shield was just like. Will urge. Flying league getting close to being like the movies now we've got you know all these serialized stories and it's action and for once. Agents have field is starting to set up marvel movies in the future rather than reacting to what happened in the marvel movies which is what happened all the first season counseling after whenever. Now there's like planting all these fun Easter exceeds firth movies that are coming. Six years away and if you're a huge nerd like I am or if you're not. It's very entertaining because it's just like. Pretty cinematic it's exciting exclusive television anybody tell me this forward who's an agent fields Clark Gregg. Agent Coulson from the Iron Man movies. And I don't yeah. And then there's me now when she was suddenly in the first street fighter movie it. She's an answer. Bad bunch of other you know role players that people don't really know I thought it's. It's getting a lot better and it was definitely the strongest event on in the winter season can bills winner Louis. How. Woods. Also will lose and I think there's a chance that they lose the rest of the games. I think if they lose this one well I'm thinking about last year and last year when they lost that game against Pittsburgh and essentially eliminated themselves from the playoffs. They went to Tampa Bay and just didn't play football. And got killed by the blocks and I can see that happening again with the Oakland a lot of guys in Oakland playing for jobs next year there a quarterback who's. Coming along and has good days bad days if he has a good day and we'll Mac is a good day and sex Kyle ward and you could see it. So I don't know I mean I don't wanna get ahead of ourselves and I and avert an average of Monica tonight I think if you lose this game that the rest of the games are hard done to. Egyptian podcast yeah.