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12-16 Shift Change Podcast with Matthew Coller &Thom Cich

Dec 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here. We wouldn't. Trade places. I years. They didn't know. Unity time we demands. Cool. He. Doctor robot here. Should change podcast. You know he can play forward and defense yeah which usually means you can play two positions he can't play and. I thought that was really good though I thought it was a a boon to the organization to have the players over the tile no you are. If you're if you're not. Playing either forward or defenseman. You are good at either one but you're just sort of okay enough to fit in the roster and he won OK so you can dislike skated on the ice yes basically what you can do your body you've got a contract. What you've got got a number I got out Corey McEntire I could pick freight Summers. It was like court McEntire a little bit more. You seem like a nice guy but there but here are my memories of fresh Corey MacIntyre. OK we're done riveted the hi I don't even. I mean I remember him having a number and being on the Buffalo Bills I have zero. Torre MacIntyre memories I remember no plays that involve Corey MacIntyre in anyway. But frank Summers is on the team right now and I can name just as the French Summers played. Except for like one infuriating play where they went play action and had a bunch of deep routes. In through frank Summers for two yards or whatever yeah I remember that owned that site about that that that the Korean MacIntyre budge too we just don't remember. That's a good transition the very name and salary 686. Say. Because that's gone through so negative it's very. But what I put my robot stats machine. That's what became I have computed the numbers the bills are up 500 team. For the other eight and six which I didn't hurt my arm patting myself on the back for calling them in nine or ten win team when most people who grew pollution that is a six to seven win team I believe. Right from wrong. I think I was the only person who predicted 910 points. I pretty shirt on earth. Now all year. Here I mean we did some Saturday shows and I'm pretty sure it went in that same range myself. Don't try to take away while I thunder you're saying only person and you know John Murphy is also on the station and he has said nine or ten win all season long so. And give credit give credit to John there and IE Ira call bull dog actually telling CJ Spiller they were going to win six games. And I Howard does the pick the bills every Tuesday he's had them at seven wins all season long I had them a touch better. However. I still will see this season as a disappointment if they do not make the playoffs which is a long shot. And I feel like beating Green Bay has turned into. Almost like the bills' playoff win. They they got this big winning it's really good team at home to keep themselves alive and guarantee a 500 season. And so it's like presses seasons gravy nine at seven KO who knows maybe patriots. Maybe ten and six and still missed the playoffs. I feel like making. The playoffs is such a long job that it really almost certainly beats. About. I pinkie ID you have to talk about it because it's it's adults and what does that six point 2%. Number yeah. That's better than one person it is better it's it's better and better than their percentages for the last ten years right it's better than all the percentage is lower than six yet slot for the other 94. It's not to go before it's not that it's a pretty big number. So let's just assume that they don't make the playoffs just for this conversation. Say they don't make the playoffs. And I feel like the analysis the coach has changed based on that Green Bay went. And whether dumber normal stay or whether he will not be the coach next year going forward it seems to have shifted. On that win because they're guaranteed. A 500 these. And my analysis of his coaching. Is not based on the last fourteen years of missing playoffs are well he's the first guy to get him to a 500 record in the last X number years. And maybe even a chance the playoffs haven't had that a long time. See that means nothing. Let's not even that's not even it it's also just who in the NFL apart from someone who was just in the Super Bowl would fire coach. Whose second season was a 500 season. Going up. I have your answer. I believe Marty Schottenheimer was fired after going fourteen and to who. And then lost in the playoffs and got canned. Also. Mean. My they've they've made the Super Bowl and the playoffs and FC championship and will miss the blast this year and could fire Jim Harbaugh. Also a basketball example for you. Mark Jackson and Golden State they made the playoffs. Lost in the seventh game in a game that came down to that and end of that game. Against the clippers they lost. And they fired Mark Jackson yeah. Because. They weren't happy without whose coaching the team and he couldn't get along without. Right and those are teams that have like playoff success and actually have high standards and you'd like to think that the bills could have high standards by it. You just can't at this point it's just every time you trot out a new coach the team is a shambles they start at the bottom. And you know hopefully they go from losing season at 500 season and a winning season and it's. In that scenario wouldn't you have that team if it's the bills or it's someone else anyone in the league no one's going to be like. All you went from losing season a 500 season that's not good enough. But it's as if you'd have to have one of those teams that in the playoffs all the time to say the 500 seasons ago and that's it's not. You know. Solingen analysis and critique of everything that's right or wrong it's just how old things work. I look at it as what did you have for talent. What were your decisions. And what were the results. And for talent this team is extremely talented. Outside of the quarterback position which I know that's it's a big thing when you're adding up the total talent. The decision making all season long very questionable. And it seems to like I wouldn't say there's a 100% for sure but there's a little bit of the Mark Jackson scenario they're to that. Getting along with a dug around has not been easy. And just some of his leadership has been questionable it to Jerry Hughes comments and throwing his. Defensive line coach under the bus and it was men and then throwing his GM under the bus in the same week. When he said that if so if he's playing EJ Manuel basically it's not his call meaning that what is or someone else pushing you implying that. To the media which I thought was really not a very Smart thing to say you're very good thing to say from a leadership standpoint the but a lot of still giant question marks and I just. Don't wanna give credit. Just because he took a super talented team and I must say it. When you look at their defense it's tremendous and there are weapons on the office I will go super talented team. With a mediocre quarterback. And we've got to get them a little about 500. OK. I want better than. Is that wrong or is that wrong with two it just say I want better than that just taking a two step wind forward is just. Not good enough for me. Yeah but it might be good enough for people who actually make the decisions and especially because there. Looking to return. Pretty much the entire defense there Gerri use franchise tag away from doing so next year and getting Alonso back. So you can say we can have the same defense we can have the same weapons on offense may be minus Spiller what has he done for the team this year anyway. And it's you're gonna say. But we've we did not have good quarterback play and do the risk affecting all of the other parts by bringing in a new coach. Or do we just try to get a more talented quarterback enroll with the same coach and assume the same production out of all of those other positions. I think that's the much safer easier call for anyone in charge. And what's controversial. So. I mean it's hard to expect them to do anything else the sports. Yes I mean that you make a good point with the leveled criticism that would come along with it could be huge. If you aspired dug around now you're right you. Everyone on ESPN would say well why would you fire this guy he was the first one to pictured above 500 and along time now but. They're not looking at every single decision I mean even going all the way back to playing Sammy Watkins with cracked ribs in the pre season and then just the tumbling of decisions. Over over and over again throughout the year that have been questionable everything from fourth downs to Mike Williams to use Jerry Hughes on his decisions and chest and not a huge fan of giving him supreme. Credit for a win against Green Bay that took. A punt return for touched home. To win the game and just lock in that game it's a good win and I'm happy for everyone who went to the game and watch the game to get that win. But if you're analyzing. Coach of fact and all those sort of other factors. Is returned for touchdowns only what you team begin in the end zone and you're the coach that stands out to the office. Let's that's it that's uncertain how I'm feeling about this ten point six might feel different I'm kind of going on 917. And ice ten and six you might say normally that gets you in the. Right in system and year. And that's not necessarily that rooms ball sabres won I feel about that. I mean. Are they better. Or are they are they better at a hockey now because of that it seems like they're not going back down to the bottom. That's kind of now. It just looks. The reason I think that they have lost their shot at me David or Michael. Is that they're just too many other teams that want to be bad Carolina wants to be bad. Here is owner wants to be bad. The Oilers apparently you need the Oilers strait Taylor Hall they're going to be really bad and even if they don't want to be they just are anyway. Now they're not when they fire the coach before you know trying to do anything about goaltending. And if you get a team like Ottawa they're bad and I don't want might decide to move some parts and be super bad and go all the way to the bottom. Think the sabres have put themselves and it. In tough spots trying gets the last now ball since there in that top spot though and you are looking at other teams may be moving parts to try and stayed down. KGB to savers and say hey you know what will take the parts and get better for maybe not. This year. But for the future. That's where tumors and a tough spot. I think he's just got to hold steady for now just wait and see where this goes. Because if they go on a seven game losing streak that it's going to be all right tank on via trade Stewart trade Stafford. Move up Zach doping instead of Michele Gregory goal could find somebody else waiver or an old though were due and you. Yeah I mean just in those sort of things. If over the next ten games fifteen games they win another ten or fifteen or seven attend. You might be thinking more along the lines of we're not. A great team anyway here but. We've got a ton of prospects a ton of picks. Who's selling. And maybe you even buying from the teams that are selling right hey I agree sector is on the market. He knows that broad slate and bring them back he's a good puck possession defensemen so that maybe get to that point it's too early for that. I think you hang steady see what happens stay the course of the way a thousand points of light. The two young defensemen are fantastic. The goalies. Our unsustainably good but not by that march not like they're both awful and just had a good day. There pretty good goalies we'll see what happens and that's what I would view but if Taylor wells available I'd I would give up that number one pick. I would give up the sabres number one pick for Taylor Hall because I don't think they're gonna get the thirtieth. How sports takes on the ship that was very sporty up on good job T rocker. In eight out robot. To change.