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12-17 Shift Change Podcast with Matthew Coller & Thom Cich

Dec 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If changed podcast episode 39 Ryan Miller guys saying I'll yeah. You know we're no other Dolan has ever worn 39 and I think definitely. It's a weird CP where it with the bills once like maybe you were shot makers of the season like that they're nine or someone here. I don't know respectable safeties making 39. 37. Is pretty bad ass and a number of pusher is. I like 31 and tears birds number right 31 nights let's go for safety 39 is only to sign is that correct spot we got left. In forty. Eight is another. Exporting. Wheat and ever and you know. You don't want winds forty and we better hope we don't get them more podcasts. We're gonna struck going to be 48. All right well Christmas is upon us and it sure is this movie he has had this will be our second Christmas themed. Podcasts because you know and I don't wanna talk about fired the coach today known apparently why would you even talk about that on your radio station quick. And I don't know why that's the topic. Very quick. There are quick update here. On Gregory go oh. I thought that he looked a little bit behind the pace because he has men in the NHL wild. And bloody battle. But he played pretty hard and you know this broadcast that nice job of focusing in on one battle that went on in front of the net between him and Andrew lab I saw that they were. Each other pretty hard and Atlanta's. Beefed up. He's east via he is big man and you know he's really good NHL. So going up against him tying him up. Forcing position on him. That's a huge improvement for Gregory goes solo artist from a casual observations and boy it seemed to me like he was doing pretty okay job on the back check or at least making an effort. Which doesn't happen with there own code and Ole. Boy well yeah I backed down like got a goal let's do this up pretty Sweden hockey hall right five minutes of ice time. A say this. Sometimes we make fun of Ted will always talking about compete. And it's well because I think we all like that. Let's. His opinion and Cody Hodgson. Couldn't like not be any closer to mine like it's just right on yeah and it just my frustrations the Hodgson. Are exactly what his. And it's a tough situation for the sabres going forward because of his contract we'll see but he's too old to think that will be seen massive improvement there. But anyway two point. Gregory goes defensive zone awareness he is compete. I thought it was good and that's that's the biggest thing that people were looking for good for him and what are right what you wanna talk about Christmas lull. I mean. Have you even seen a Christmas movie I don't know like I assume with a lot of people they would just say yes but you know. You might just be like button what is it's a wonderful life. Is it really I don't know. And I know this was coming. Maybe because I told you and make when you constantly forget Chris you throw vacuuming fun. You know what I've seen it several. Chris reason so many in fact that you have to look up a list on the Internet low frequency if we're gonna talk about which ones we like the most that I wanna have a couple opinions I'll items so well what's the minor just in my hearts because I love Christmas and Christmas movies and it's not really argue don't really need to write more about it. I'll tell you my favorite and I don't care what you say or how much fun you make in kind I like the national opened Christmas. I like the the Chevy Chase the classic who would make fun of you for. I would hope no one that you make fun for everything now. I we've made fun of view if you were like. Really nothing Christmas movies are just awesome it is National Lampoon Christmas vacation. Is one of my favorite movies of all time. Like there's just so many scenes. In that movie that are laugh out loud worthy. I even like just little things like his. He would have loses brother in law with Eddie tights who hitter in the dog and the squirrel like get the mouse like just. Everything about that movie is is my favorite and that's one that I make sure I watch every single crew. And he's like I was still this year parity got a few even though my favorites and I've watched every year like for almost 25 years now. It is. The Muppets Christmas care okay I'm worthy it is it's. I mean that we use the first movie they made right after Jim Henson died in it was the first one with X or the new rule. Creative team with Brian Henson doing a lot more stuff and it was probably the last. Muppet like the next theatrical Lee's release was Muppet Treasure Island and it was OK but this one still has that classic feel to it. And I mean not only is it Christmas the it's the Christmas Carol so it's a great story has Michael Caine and leave. Who could be a better Scrooge than Michael Cain knows that time Mike OK I saw bits is. If he informs my whole world view as does the rest of this movies though I mean just. Bob credit. You'd go back to work. You can't have anymore called quote fire. We're gonna keep a coded hate. That's terrible that's it's always there I it's about what was especially out there especially bad now there isn't a long running debate whether what I hard. Is this movie it's not think well. You can watch at christmastime and it feels appropriate but it doesn't have the same. He ultimately what makes about the Christmas Carol so great is the African music. Man it's it's like they managed to use. Just like an occasional really old Carol like a king went to slow us but for the most part it's. All this original music that still manages to fuel their Christmas the and it's so fast. It's colorful. And it teaches you when nice lesson. You know without Jimmy Stewart having dies. So it's lines. But he demo it's a wonderful life again while the premise is what would it be like if you do and that's a little bit morbid I. Michael Keaton. Is dead in the future. But that's it there. Less. And out. You always have to turn nerdy in some way but he's dead in the future equipment can expect interpreted her cubs. And visually that one is really impressive the music is great that it's. Must watch Charlie Brown Christmas is a classic ones that anytime it's on. This hole and count yes absolutely I will say yes home alone I mean you can watch home alone anytime of the year but it's best at Christmas. Do you feel about. The cartoon ones because my wife does not like she freaked out. Frosting Rudolph. All well if you don't like Yukon Cornelius then you don't like me right I gave you gotta probably him Q we just can't be for a ride the school. I mean those one they don't have as much pop for me like you put him honestly causes remember this you don't like it is roast and it is he would. You know Muppet Christmas Carol. But. Those are final watch those two watch the grinch. The cartoon when I don't really watch the Jim Carrey lies that action ones. Did Jim Carrey one had. A couple of moments mean but to put it in minutes or any sort of category of being one of the better Christmas move down no way it's not even the best grinch movie flow. Or that the grinch cartoon is classic and it just might have been too hard to make an and to reelect him plus when they made all the live action who faces they don't. Come off well on can they looked terrified now are. One that I would like your opinion on him. And just looking at some top Christmas was movies here. Elf I love self I think else pretty good I also watch open every year are a lot of Christmas movies a year ago are put in the same categories the other ones. It hasn't been around as long and you didn't watch it first when you were a kid so it does not have the benefit of any sort of nostalgia. Buy it it's very happy. It's funny it's funny here than most. Christmas movies yet except for like national improvements. On. And just the B Will Ferrell but revealed smiling is just kind of contagious when you watch it the soundtrack is pretty good. James Caan is you know the funds Scrooge character. Like elf I think given time elf can be. Elevated to a classic it's just right now it's a process because that's what ten years old so what's your favorite really old one because in the think for me is I haven't really watched and and miracle on 34 night and are. I don't like old movies white Christmas and not really watch that it's a wonderful life I've watched a couple of times I think it's good eight. It's fine I I don't worship it like a lot of people I don't. Seek it out plus the Muppets that a TV version of its with Kermit in the Jimmy Stewart roll which I'm gonna take the Muppets every time skull. Even though is a really depressing scene where because Kermit doesn't exist that gonzo somehow ends up being homeless person. In the view this whole scene where he's just a homeless guys singer really sad songs and that was a bomber. You know it may be fuel things and that's the important part. That your feeling I do have feel like I'm Mike some people. Okay last one I'll admit. Now I have not seen this one since I was probably the preteen and sell tickets I have writes for the technically this is manure whatever term. Your funny term OK I don't know they came out but is pretty young on this and I watched this one and liked it at the time and that's my only opinion. But the Santa Claus with ten male yeah that he really watched it since I was a kid. I kind of wanna go back and re watch I think it deserves another look maybe this is the year for the cynical I think the concept is a pretty sound it is. It's a good idea. And another one that I might suggest you check out I don't know if you CNET and it's probably pretty overlooked in the modern Christmas Canon. Is Fred Claus. And on the starring Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti. The premise is that Paul Giamatti is Santa Claus and Vince Vaughn is just like. His dad brother Fred but not like bad Santa bad just like not his beloved. And sort of a moral story moral of the story is every kid deserves a present on Christmas and Santa is just like a judgmental bastards sometimes. And it's it's been spawned being Vince Vaughn as in any movie but he just happens to be Santa clauses brokers so it has a lot of that kind of humor. And it's it's it's warm and and nice now. Is I've never seen this is love actually a Christmas movies that it dragons at Christmas but I don't think it's terrible. I don't think this counts of a movie just happens and Christmas is not a Chris has moved. Jingle all the way. At all com I. I'm it's so terrible but it figures also via its it's great I like that and tiger yeah in 89 action hero role it's grace I met pokes fun and it absolutely yeah siderurgica. Definitely watch that any time. Our on nightmare before Christmas the other ones coming up that. And now I don't know if it adds that it doesn't really fit now on not an XT goth teenager anymore just like Ernest. And doesn't really resonate with me. I was always those owners some people are being beginners. Okay well. I'm impressed with how many Christmas movies like I thought you won cups yankees thought I had no so it's probably still true yes increases. Aren't shifting but it.