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Jan 17, 2015|

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    As one or the other I would have more with the inside high school sports come up next. Marty eager to get out or get to worked in my garage and it's nice day. We're back with inside high school sports that's better. Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's in studio with us longer Frank Wolf Roger Weis in Joseph mark Gucci no. I'll program note the

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All right we're supposed to be on right now nothing has come through my. Here falls native teacher. Listening. Absolutely nothing. Well we'll continue to go I guess was as Nate is working on this good morning welcome inside high school sports I'm your host Tony Caligiuri. Along remark well slaughter from Hamburg son. Our resident trouble maker Roger Weis is back this week after being snowed in last week good to have you back rides. We're going to be talked gain ladies federation hockey today. And we have coach Linda Mora I'm Rose from the my senior Marten. Squad. We were expected Jim McCarthy from frontier Orchard Park but. For a change of plans and maybe got caught out pork sometimes this place can be difficult to find. But we're hoping Jim was gonna show up who we are going to be talking about it guys go. Morning welcome to the program. Colder and colder. Its old form and I'd like. It to not press the bow out with no probably ran. There and it's November and in albums we get on. You'll never run out of snow lived in Buffalo long enough. You can handle it you'll be all right man known Ross along per hour on the greater good equipment at a golf optically you know those. Old six. Got socks older than Baghdad. Again you don't want to put one foot and a great revealer under the management. Deductibles. That all my dad let's get in the news in those guys. Today of course is the yacht a multi classic organized city honors. Where we have Sherman taken on almost dead at 11 o'clock. East Aurora will face Riverside at 1230. Sweet home against arched back at 2 o'clock there should be really good game in where I think is. No one of the best games of the year and that is tenacious vs McKinley. Yes five. 515 tactically. Will be tip off you're gonna wanna get there early. This being kind of fills up with fans. Lot of people excited about this I know Centre court was tweeting about it last night on Twitter he's excited he can't wait for this game is going to be huge. Any chance that you guys think McKinley to pull off an upset here. At the chance that the day that the problem there probably that's public schools. You know row arguably. If anybody is going to be some. McCann is going to be some like jeans and is going to be some of that caliber and you know justice. Just but he estimated. To meet up. To us. Big enough in itself to. So people wrote justice showcase their talents to the showcase how much talent you can. From you know different schools from different types of schools that consistently in the the different types of programs come from different types of styles different type definitely different styles different rosters these are. These rosters are different. About couple years and agents they've been steady at the top of what's in New York high school basketball so it's it's pretty neat to see. How good these two are here in and year out in an NB. Like this is it's it should be fun out as I wanted to make that up on some other plans but. I'll I'll be Watson along with Tom Centre court DA got to follow on Twitter yeah. I yet here's an interesting thing you know coast or she's got the helter skelter. You know type of play that McKinley employees. And can issue is is probably never is not at least this season is not any. I was gonna cameraman no Jamestown make him just out and make you prepare for. How are you exactly what prepared to play against McKinley I don't raw anybody doesn't. Because they know our guys out there to our practice yeah yeah and they just go out there and react you know McKinley just goes out there and you know. Does their thing reeks Havoc which yacht uneven bars there's got to textbook. That. Would put what McKinley does out there wouldn't affect on evidently Michael had two years ago. Maybe some re organize helter skelter because that's exactly what it is. You know and then and the other question is what is McKinley faced as far as quality of talent in the in the offseason. That would be compare bolder with contentious as vacation has a solid a line. I'm not sure who they face the past few weeks by the first day of the season on that game and it McKinley played a really really good nichols' team. And you know they got. Three or four guys over 65. They got guys like. Tenor Schmidt. They got cam Lewis over there they got some do you want guys over there and idol. I don't remember the score by. But Kelly was right there they were bugging him a whole game go to nickel and a one in the game by McKinley never. Never backed down it would at a whole game and this is the McKinley teen. They're college guys probably half a foot shorter I can't say if I don't try to be a heightened cashier cut it though that this. What the hype there and make it the other guys if you can't beat them down McCourt they'll be too down accord. And delicate position down there and again you're talking an 8910 maybe eleven guys I've seen. How these two little Auburn guys and maybe you can do it. You know and shifts and all that eleven guy when you rotate them in there and they don't lose anything whether it's. Six Garrity eleventh and it comes and and they're off ration. They're fresh and have your own have a depth on your team it's gonna effect yet. Because by the third Leno third quarter especially in the fourth quarter. You're going to be confident from the gators repression and reaches down the court offensively. And defense. Because of the one thing I do wanna point out yet I haven't seen as much McKinley basketball's I want it to this year. But when I did see them play Nichols they'd get up a nice change and now where they didn't. What it. But Vegas any game on an up and down the court how. Often that that. And their defense whether disrupting Nichols as often as the Kelly's defense does the defense is. This look to have poise that team must you know play the opening game so. Did this year to be a lot different from loaded. From arm the past years they did you play any they can play in it's now they want to that it should be pretty interest and they're gonna you know this. They can beat Justine nickel beat last year. Probably boy that can he sustain that nick of the luster with might have been better on paper. And if there's McCann leads team that stayed with Nichols. Just a couple of weeks ago this could be this could be. The probably advancement to the regular season I'm I was to beat Alex I'm not even though. Kendrick we shot a couple quick story we should first mention of your own they're pretty. Three games early games and all that you'll have to leave and come back in there will be separate admissions from all cases McKinley game also. I think. America Els referring to you said. Mac in line is playing today against mountain mercy that's attest we're gonna find out how good America a lot of it is you a year and yet. Mom mercies could also when he talked this talk and parameters for girls basketball. 2 o'clock or real barometer if you wanna. Odd judge all the big schools in Western New York right down the road it's sacred heart academy will south is there at 2 o'clock. I wanted to snap public schools vs arguably right now the top. Catholic school my senior Marten. 2 o'clock AM new facility is Sacred Heart High School. That might be the girls version of the McKinley kinesis. Will sales and probably growth as an. Idea would agree with him under present. Anything else you guys have for news and notes. Obviously we'd be remiss of week in match you know Leah. From a Wellemeyer from Saint Mary's she was a word via. New York State theory volleyball player of the year rules committee ceremony Tuesday and a Saint Mary's school. I was honored to attack and couple laws signings. Rachel Jansen out of Orchard Park she is signed to play softball and it. Washington and Jefferson is in Pittsburgh this rate Washington Jefferson college in Pittsburgh I understand she'll. Move right into the infield there a year from now terrific three sport athlete who is. Down to sports as your senior year British you attracted money I don't Oakley doses and was unable to basketball. But she did play tennis went to the states after two year hiatus from tennis and of course aside closer. Four today and also why am only me easy errors like she's kind of plays softball. Mark I'll help me out on magically fill girl it's either Edinburgh or. Our mercy Hurst I can never however and broke an oh she's played softball at Erie Pennsylvania starting next year. So that would lead you everyone goes to work an insult but anyway it is immerse players thank you real good is up ball player and again congratulations. On to a vote finer female athletes in question here. A couple. And knows that just keep on Cheektowaga. Squad is a thousand yeah career 1000 career point. He's been I was last night right last night against a gifted tunes he was. If the body is not over there until the snow last week messed everything because I'll stop one of reporters. They with the bolts of the game last Thursday. And then we projected him. Getting 2000 home Wednesday conspiring BO of course the snow messed everything goes up. We. Didn't grow there and I know. Every year he's always close today. Season record of the Cheektowaga season record with three so I know he really want to get. Ultimately it's mention. So I don't. Randy you know but rather to help me out with a name that. But Jake Bronx I don't think Francis he won his 1000. He's a hundred. He won his 100. Home saved France's Nathalie a couple of guys. Reached at 100 wins milestone. He sees wrestling is also this week and we will have coach scalpel ready from locked pork I next week. We'll get everybody up to speed and wrestling. It but he nailed it is pronounced Jay very and that I was at chick to log a last night for the Al. Team Barack Zach chest he scored resolved thousands and you say the whole country was that just since he chest Kia. If you can't do it and I've checked a while ago. At least you do it either Mary real ordered him so he was close to home and he had plenty of friends and family their last night and you know what Marco. That Cheektowaga basketball teams are real deal here good or not a one man team they get couple sophomores. That are are ready went 6463. And I'd say that we're big tentatively because they've listed. Zach Chaz Guillen up five foot seven I got I don't. I got boos were at. If he's five foot seven I don't wanna freedom reflective close what did you ends up being six what. Which is appears Lloyd's is dolls I am so I'm drew nearer I had nine in the quarters up in depth when tolerant yes and not. Just well we know what is next which were on the football field and you know obviously he's just as good on the basketball court and a it was a pleasure to be at that game. Are. Let's get on to our subject of today and that is talking now girls federation. Hockey we have that coach of the monsignor Martin team Linda ros. Good morning coach. Saying. Let's first of all you gotta set he got a because Roger's been argue with you all morning. Will colors your hair it's Bloomberg I'll bloom purple see their rights not purple blue and purple silk skated straight it's. Loan now it was purple weakening a little now that the game. I'm not dead line yet and I can act any color that I look did you have lacked was that same call yet at all last year are okay. That was her and that was not quit my freshman they scored catcher purple or a year. Actually scored and freshman. And achieve my cell Miley Cyrus Erica on and her and I. It is not like you're gonna have manager after the second call all. Now it just eight of growing counts now so no bats this year. Okay and she's learned could both look up a run out of body parts and if you lose the Euro. Are you guys are lock to probably the most competitive. A season since the federation. Start up for girls. Up and down the line out you know. People are knocking off other people it's is very competitive this year it is very competitive you know. It's rates. Once teams that are total blow up and I think that's I've caught the nail biter that's what it's not going to be payments senior Murton and cat or two weeks ago he monsignor who won 23 seconds on the third period off. I can't. While it was back and forth is. Acampora happened on the yanks. I liked playing teams like that and you know coaches that. Expect a lot of their players and demand a lot of their players their players to play in it's nice. Lisa I was at the I was in the frontier Orchard Park game when you guys played 32 game. It was you know a final here in Orchard Park on the same team they had a floating out back out Marco wrote articles about them in the Hamburg sun on not that long going to be three weeks ago and all that these are couple schools that I heard kind of each other's feet and I'll just leave it at that. And all of a sudden cannot Koppel and they have to get together form Iraqi team and another very competitive at least in the girls' night out his with the boys up to earn a surfer. Place according the Buffalo News on Tuesday. Orchard Park frontier is leading the league they followed by Lancaster. You're coy. Than your squad my senior Marten. And following that is Williams though and more and Amherst slash sweet home. And then west Seneca slash Hamburg and then played. In the snow with our. Players Pierre wasn't it nice and it. Any usual you know which is talking hockey last week and I just on an outrageous. We're talk we're coach Croshere that you guys have to eat the ice though the cost of ice time for games canceled. It's just outrageous it really is and what I think beings. Trying to find her on that sheet of ice the game. My commanders then hair out and find it now I NG inspiring it that I it's it's actually incredible. How hairs up participation been this year EC and numbers going up or are they staying the same as far as girls coming out play. Out the theme where. You know travel teams are starting get more gap which is wonderful it's starting to grow in the area house fleas now. Build up more you know over the years I've seen again. To play telling numbers for girls on hoping in the next. Couple years obese bikes especially with how successful diversity. Lee is becoming what about the you know the fact that we had what was it that the tournament just recently held. And don't Harbour Centre of the US when USC 181 ago yeah over them Canada. Does that impact. Local girls hockey right away I went there for the first game your favor ciskei. When it went in to shoot around noon. You know I thought some kids. Earth only girls there that there their jerseys. You know rocking. Chanting that you know it's just. Now I see it now. When he sees. Women. So close in age I mean it's different lines. You know impacts bright is totally different so I'm super happy that it was here in Buffalo. The girls and the team actually see what the next level like. And some seniors. As an anchor at nineteen and sophomore. Plus playing in a national team while. Oh please step up. You don't see that both both both both. But how was attendance for the odd tournament. It was a packed house and I was there for the first. And made hollering USA was going news was there was an offseason a place now me we've had a game where. What was that Japan is playing Norway yourself you might be able to find his seat to airborne US Canada. I had a partial their churn out a little ways that that. There there's always numbers there. And a few girls I'm not going on other teams just. Great opportunities. Go in the women play do they learn anything from watching at that level. I thought Manny being or ideally a college girls on our. Heels or eat out. You know you're looking at more from mom you don't analytic point of view werder just looking at. Talent you know I talked to guys like coach they're passing tape to tape everything like speed. What can accept credit that he originally had. And dealt lean you know the zone before the other team as the pocket like. Now if a radical division race. Nice though because now I think like politics going on and now the girls'. Night. Maybe coach knows what she's talking about we should start to listen. I don't lets me know again they get burned in in the now. Did you have any opportunities speak to any coaches. Kind of there for our country at eighteen. Was my coach and now are right and get back around here are crop. For the year. I was so happy to your parents into the picture posted on her face a guy wearing your collars. And but we never see each other as these games but I'm really happy for you on it. It's. It's wonderful especially since there are no longer has a program. At least the coaches from players from nagger. Off and running and other programs in amounts. You went to what the final four with Niagara Napa police are we lost to brown in them Iannetta tying Minnesota. For third in the nation while on some pretty heavy stuff you go from bad to not having a program and this sad that I'm they have put Niagara. No waves from. And hey hey I. Yeah at commanders here and only one document it was mark not outnumbered. Are we're gonna take a. Break while the gloves drop in the studio. If there's anything left of mark while Lowe allowed him talk in the in the next segment you're listening to inside high school sports will be back with more. It. We're vacuous and inside high school sports I'm gonna post Tony Caligiuri. While mark while slaughter from the Hamburg son Roger Weis and Wyndham Rose from the monsignor Marten. Federation girls hockey team and we are talking and girls hockey. Coach let's get to know the teams who went through the standings and break down a little bit to if you can. A little bit about each team me throughout so mop players that. People should go out and watches some that the ones that era really light it up this year start with Orchard Park in front here. They have. Kid that his double and you know today gyms on here conceded probably back me up Imus that they you know they're solid top to bottom and they have to Tynes knowing that and they have one line that just. Goes goes goes goes goes so they don't stop and I really like playing teams like that because it forces. Nineteen to step up their gaining just keep going from and playing a full game of hockey. Coached pass lies you and a great job with that squad. So I mean is it any surprise you that they are where they are in the standings I mean ain't going here quite mind you know. Really helped Lancaster. Manning Orton match. Off and freak who keep her. Players thirteen. Move the partners. In. Oh. How about the Lancaster are your core squad. Oh yea you just it Lakers I was talking at Orchard Park frontier. And we're getting our wires crossed here. So we go to Orchard Park that. Orchard park at the time doing now and Jim it's it's solid coaching staff over there means you know and line that. Have really come out. And these. Kids from all different schools coming out there and the plane on line is it's difficult getting them. Sometimes I mean man seamer it's got seven very different school. He's coming out there this is going to be nights a nightmare as far as organizing practices and how we practice 18. While and we an hour. The practice whenever front Terrell. One practice this guy's. The practice Monday's game monitors are. They skating on their own during the week to Miami ample girls that are playing Trammell teams are okay right you know that's the girls are playing from coaches like when you girls playing for the Eagles but there pulling for injury. Specifics are there. And purple Jersey. You best arm plays and you. Dissect it to to be a problem at all with with the kids. Because they sound just. Have him sit right at you why I play if one thing they want to mention about front GOP is that home coach McCarthy helped me a lot about golf. He likes to use in a lot of line given. He does have a main line he'd like season all of his lines get in all of the same amount of time so when there are precious situations. There's not one line he has to lean on he could go to any of those lines Indian girls in there. And the big reason why earlier in the season. I caught him on a five game fives that game winning streak is something like. And it these guarantees that the good skaters Edmonton goalie and got to got to roll sisters. On Megan handed it was the days soccer played there frontiers well them our banks with developing the three of them. And I think those OP girls out there I'm not familiar with them in their OP girls they in Tom. He had about ten seniors. Now have all been there since. The inaugural season so he a lot of veteran talent as well. Start by your squad you guys sitting here at third and third place. With fifteen points one behind Lancaster. A talk up your squad. I know what girls OK let's move on. Other. And it's like I am I have three goalies making rotate through and I can count on every one of them out. One defensemen out right now with a concussion I just got an email her and she's got mine now so like how the girls to stay away from the boys. Please hit and hit a I have four lines and hiking. And I can rotate the fourth line in and gives them. George guys view tripod and front that do and Ellison. And there's the pine Dan. You guys had to you know with the flu being as bad as it was this year enough to get wreaked Havoc and I'm any good teams. Art team yet a couple of with the flu I've won now broken up right now so brand quick recovery please. Yes. Take numbers numbers you'd take the numbers with a good thing I took a couple of the practice players that we don't entity and you went oh and then sharing her house and prepared. For their own right. And injuries. And playing multiple teens. And and why do you. As him on your roster. 21 and it's a good size so roster is that pretty much with the same for everybody. All I can you address culturally weren't rewarded you're you're not sure when it came hours that you were missing if you can I don't think. My remembers that you rarely in maybe fifty unit including the backup goalie that was against. Iowa out here. Now while. I'd do you have I mean like your situation with having three goalies is that a luxury compared to other teams other maybe some teams might only have one. Coaching staffs uncle coached this year she's really working around the girls and three. Why all now. Now when you conduct your practice did you break it down as far as skill key goalies gold do their thing defensemen do there are you guys is pretty much scrimmage and scrimmage. Might rule yet and we have done and you can have a game at the end now. Or. Funds and it's like what Atlantic. Guys. That I earned it like Emma on. Earth like Corey. Is. Fun for coach the girls that are in a routine counting now expect of themselves are you know we go on me ace knee at about five ready and round. Practice they're shy. Of averaging. One if he'll tweak little things here and there. We warm up with locally on afloat drills are like that you know for. An hour practice everything's. Girls. And gay can't waste any time we always anytime it's nice. On Monday there's nobody before us girls are. Well there like speeding on the ninety view. Practice making it for fifteen minutes for guys work on things now. That's where like the little things. Where. Goalies in rebounds and shooting maverick QB we work on the things that. The king on the board. Might Els the girls now. Christmas tree. And and grudgingly. I think he'd do it as talk about that weasel squad that's a half a point behind you burglary team kind. Rose Ian. Baker on her knees and it's the posts. Oh Paul game and she's solid goal. Yes. We. We play them again I think Thursday. Me. Probably Dickens moved the pot shots. In skewed. And he sounds skaters. Mean uses when he. Mix up the line. Work with to work while. From there. You have to bring your A game to keep them at day Harry came right on some girls things when she's better and easier it is supposed. Roscoe that one on an opportunity you know it's like eight feet tall. You want to mention your team camp in which would you be remiss in nature of very good I'd say gosh no she's gene Elden Emilia. I'm. Not well enough. Now lives really impressed was there. Loses fairly bigger owners year and the guy's no boy you'll be able to get overweight. And the game starts and wall she's good she's a real good and I think the thing impressed me most is here. And and ones there Iraqis every. I mean she knows she anticipates like. Nobody else on the eyes she receives and all where she should be before he has to be there and she gets there. The fastest skater but she's a Smart as you look at their out of our. Hockey smarts and you know really has been playing for me for Ralph at her first year and she plays three seasons for me Spurs feel Lackey across the ticker her forming. And it's been four years in the making begin Emilia and where she is now with her confidence. You know girls the stage. You say booted them and I'll start to cry with a million you know I just. He did you have to do certain things with certain players and that and being a female and being. Where I wise when I was in high school and having certain colleges and then going off on a college. Just being able to mix and match the coaches in this in the coaching an eye hand. And being able to make him my only there's there's times where I can. Say okaying. I can joke around and Michael locker room and and start dancing with the girls and then I just have to give them that motherly look of the ice and they know that I'm angry and they need to stop the nonsense. With a million being captain I just have to give her the glance of the eyes and she's like okay time stop let's go and her confidence has gone from nothing to. Sometimes over here and yeah so you know she gets. It at at at like. Well goalies are different let's just face it she's a defensive defenseman I have to have a little with my goal is that one harmonica and locker. Let's go she's not the fifth on your knickers Pittsburgh which isn't good right. I knew this. Plus she's going Aaron Monica. If she doesn't get rid of that thing. Coach like LA doesn't lose any his second. Straight like paper be linked and all that with the blues okay Beckett Beckett that can be bad. Let's talk what does cam more squad. Solid I mean ambler per and that means. And she's a difficult going to remain the game and we played them. Last week or so we won one nothing what 26 seconds on the game or anything like as time went back and forth. It was a solid game warrant comes up with these saves and you know she's awesome with her glove. She's fantastic she just kinda success out there and his staff mine at their line up take that path. Question I'm a goaltenders you'll have these goaltenders get their. Braking and by playing a lot of games against boys you know I'm not sure. Because I would just think you know I know. Back in the day and all that. You always have enough cash right for you always be short one goaltender so the other two you've got to play with the Mets turned around and bouncing in off the boards and all it is you only had one goal so we have to welcome all female where it. Fools out of equipment with a goalie stick it adds you know we'd love to every and all that now wondering how that is and his team will win. Girl playing goalie when I played Little League and she was the best goalie in the league. She was better than the boys pair of very years ago was a little more is there one element in the you know girl goalie and the boys federation G1 of those one of them did yeah I can't remember what what is she was a it was itchy. Like either first or second team all Western New York I believe you're right maybe 145 musical in the I think it's out of Eric I think you're right I might have to culturally billion. And pick his brain he might know let's take a break when we come back we're gonna size up the Amherst Swede Tomas squad and the west Seneca Hamburg squad. Will give you some information on not tournaments that become an up. So you wanna keep their race here on WGR Sports Radio 550. We're back one last segment inside high school sports. Bob love and M Levin that they snake that just got me pumped up. We're back we're talking federation girls hockey. Coach let's I would before the break your so we're gonna get into. We've got here Amherst sweet home. Me. Good field hockey player and she's only a ninth grader I believe. Tony add I'd be regressive I didn't mention because I know you being. A burger Bulldog friend that used to you know particularly on Kensington avenue. KC enemies grandmother is not only attempted to grab put in 1964 Kensington. Expect that your I was born. Here are also Johnny Martell a couple of yeah almost I do wanna passes signing FA cup bill won't know we're talking about the camp more. He wanted to mention Olivia Smith. A million keying. In and you're glad our jobs closure hock ski and gray cement so far mother can more squad they Q bill. We're we're talk about the camera squad and you were mentioned mean here Guillen react Casey Adam a year. Drove back to those how many degrees to Kensington or we gonna call this like three degrees to Kensington. We have to column put a sub title for about the program. And that we've got west Seneca slash Hamburg. They're struggling a little bit played them in the first players. And I'm not out we've faced them this Friday. What part what I want to know and maybe after Estes to bill. But it according to Tuesday's Buffalo News they are 080. But they have two points. In over. I'd losses are an overtime but no this isn't noon. This isn't a team we talked about how my thing in my it has a lot of schools we talked about how long for an GOP combined. Hamburg with Seneca combined this year it it's him very. Joined the west syndicate team. Who actually graduating on a new era in GM from across from west cynical way as she graduated as the person I believe she's only. Garland back hockey with a hundred goals. On Sunday law also issue of the relief you play on always hurt and I know they have eighth grade on their team. I'm Martinez. The Eagles have won it with Annika middle schools. Bridget board. Abby mud and have a couple low on the ice skated over down as well but. Like we said earlier this is one of those teams that combined a lot of new girls from different schools and it might take a little bit to get to where he wanted to be but they should be fine. There are a lot of young girls and a team recording an article in the paper to these creators and ninth graders seem to go to. Composed. You know majority of their team Wednesday. Senior goaltender Colin. Is there any talk of there in the maybe in the upcoming future now and are you match and earlier about the rise at the youth level. And participates in defeat that eventually that's gonna come up to high school noble could we possibly see someone else joining federation and if you're. So there's rumors about eating innings school I'm me lake shore are thinking about man. You most of those already have club teams you know I'm aiming third but I know there are handfuls. A few players in schools that don't offer. And you know it would be nice if we very few. Build the fact. Programming either you know him and eat pool of people do cross you know thing play out whatever could be. You know really giving these girls another opportunity to play the next level and certainly as a coach and a nine. And I don't worry about that right now. Marked down you know all the girls who watch it and I'm really sorry with the names of things Alfred shout out from mark but I. Mine as far as I'm concerned. Inning with girls and one of them all too well. Promoting girls Mac he's so this week is smaller it is so. You to imagine though late sure you mentioned even now there would be too good Kennedys stick a minor right down the street from each other we can play at the Nike but I think they're boys. Club team and will be do what bill said that says that a grand Islanders recently held. A meeting with thirty showing up so that's a good sign Ukraine Ireland involved me. Falls in. And falls has a ring great there at Hyde Park. Okay they do from. Earth like you go and I respect that I can go I'm not sure if it's in my in my neighborhood element and how a couple of years ago when all into the net the ball flew lose in 2010. I think it was June. I did a story about that was right before the girls in hockey took off and I did a story about a lot of coaches a lot of girls. On nortel's thinner when they they had a little get together and get ready for the upcoming inaugural season. Then. That's what dimension just. Just to be a part of this the how much has grown since then since I was there back in June 22 and is at its really chord with the now especially for a women's studies degree. Like. To see something like that formulate news is that the best thing in the world it's awesome. Witness at Tony will be directed toward me and yeah. A kill shot out there clout that Tony temple can nieces. And we. Child. You know the one great thing about you know we've got the harbor saturns obviously attracting a lot of interest from outside the area two bringing tournaments and stuff like that. And guess we're at the New York State tournament is gonna be hosted at the harbor senator Soss of first federation high school championship to be held. In Buffalo and if you buy a check out. Girl's four varsity. Ice hockey dot com as girls for the number four. Varsity ice hockey dot com and you can get information on this. That are. This a tournament schedules can be Friday February is the six who have section three. Against section 6 and 6. PM. That guy another six and 8 PM. Section and Simon vs section and 8 o'clock in the championship game will be Saturday February the seventh at 1 o'clock. I would I would think section seven vs selection and both of those ones. Way up north I'm mainly play you know ball or I would think those would be Jackie Edmonds. I'm sorry had to bust out and some country there. I guys Linda thank you so much for joining us. Always a pleasure to have you here mark while Roger when okay. Two out of three and a bit at. Our pitching guys that's went exclusively.