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7-16 Schopp & The Bulldog HR 3

Jul 16, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mike Hsu from the bull dog I don't go to like OK but I see this little lots of all eyes sparkle but it's what you saw rockets might show a semi okay music so obviously an out and sixties rock but that. Has text and a Bulldog. It is. Fox sports I spot that says. Let me finish at all what to say boss after Brad they don't let me finish. Kidnapping and he might show like okay speech to these doubts about that. He gets very very specific. When he gets lab made Vegas very data in days and a Bulldog it gets very specific it's not quite nicely enough the way you looked at it it's Mike Hsu open the Bulldog I doubt in the broke. It's the biggest thing of course she was probably sixteen days out. She's out of six days you are supposed to doubt about it our stuff that's why. Non WG ER. My a Twitter feed is kind of fun right now is all over the place reflecting the show. We talked about the end of the super bull. I'm beaten. By a the opposition. As far as the end of the Super Bowl goes feel like a it's time for me to just not surrender but just. Walk away as one walk away from. I defend Seattle's right not right choice to throw the ball. And I'm saying it's Wilson's fault it's really hard for me to criticize him because it's a great play by New England but. The quarterback. Power what I know rightly I'd like I've played but I would think that the swing thought if you will is to. Get rid of the ball it's not perfect. And had just you know it's been awhile since I've watched the labs and talking about during the morning guys constantly. Running joke on that show to mock. Seattle for. Throwing their which I think is. Obviously most fans would do. And I always like to go against the grain so. Now although I'm sort of tired about up of doing it and feel like you know it's just not worth that I don't wanna go against those guys elect those guys but I wanna stick up for the decision. To get a tweet a picture screen grab from Wilson talking to throw their and the receivers just like. Why would he not treatable form be so open loaded up through the problem butler's closing speed there it's amazing play. By New England you know sports that we've got always blame somebody for everything. Every hockey gold it's scored NBC takes you back twenty seconds to some turnover and blames that. Blames the goal line that. So I've got a little bit of that I had from earlier in the day a little bit of sabres stopping a wanna talk about them here at some point between now and the yen. And I've got Tiger Woods and like if I'm if I'm out tonight and just talking about sports tigers what I wanna talk. Because I cannot. Believe. What I'm watching. I cannot believe. Tiger Woods every tournament I say the same thing as a keeps happening. I can't believe. That man how good he ones. Incredible. Change sports. Destroyed the tour. Heard gulf into something cool and more competitive. And just you know there's to many real sport. He had so much of an impact. And was. Much better. Then the rest of his. Of the field you know time and time now. And I'm watching them just chill wedges and miss by miles and missed putts and just bad. Worse I said on Twitter this morning or early this afternoon. He's just another guy and I was corrected correctly the guy said he's not just another guy he's worse than that. And he is. Just another guy if you know golf you can think your name of somebody that they play in tournaments you don't ever expect them to win especially majors but you know what they are. And there although they're playing in this university of on TV related go about their business maybe they make the cut maybe they don't they never threatened the lead. He's not even that. He's toward the bottom and so far in this British Open here again is toward the bottom. And the thing that I can't reconcile is why he's there. Is he crazy. Andy thinks he can win. Hey I'm. Entered. Ike I'm exempt I can play and it. That's really a different thing the first thing is crazy thinking and when I got I've done it before I'm Tiger Woods. On the glove third when the British Open. That. One through. Its well that's what asserted Tuesday it's I'm. Eligible. Are exempt as a former champion is that this ranking a player whatever it is. I am allowed to play in the tournament so I'm healthy so why would nine. That's maybe. How old Tom Watson would do it or nick felt so would do well I'm three that week. And I'm allowed to play unit so I'll play unit. Watson who is 65. And has announced that this will be his last open championship tied tiger today at four over. By the way. So there there could be it could be that. I just got a I gotta think it's so embarrassing. It's got to be so embarrassing. Being. What he was. And playing like this. How can stand it. After the US open. When it was worse. And he shot eighty. And we had the same conversation. And all of golf relief at the same conversation. He comes to Saint Andrews a month later. And it happens again. So I don't know. Even after everything that went wrong for him he is worth 600 million dollars. He is going on forty years old he's at an age where he shouldn't expect to win majors it happens but he's too old now. To be someone that would expect to win. There irrespective of who he is. You know in his career just he's at an age when. Over fortieth in nice job it happens by. Sports are for the younger guys Jordan speed is one to heroic when he won. If he can do the math on that it can look at it. And say the odds are against me plus how I'm playing so what do I want from this what do you think tiger. Wants to get from golf you know what else makes it interest thing it's that what else has he ever done. I don't really wanna see too much about that I'm not. Well. I don't know how true it is net figure I feel like tiger who was playing golf. Infertile Bob Hope at age three on television. Is kind of a one trick pony. Golf is his thing so your 39. And your appearances in majors or this off of pretty much ridicule. It's really bad if you don't watch and if you hear me talk about a dream your score made its worst and it's worse than just what his score tells you and you know Tom writes in the tiger had to update. The first shot I saw me today was this for a pro easy little. No easy little pitch shot thirty or forty yards away and he just totally choked it like like I would do. Oh it's a tight lie and I thought this would rather not. Hit my chip shot eight feet and and be laughed that those shots really embarrassing when you missed them. The determine out just that I missed three on one hole it's match play so no big deal aghast but I'm just that's when you feel really low. Playing golf is when you missed the little ones. So first shot a summit today was shot like that. And interest here we are again. What does he want to get promise. If it's not going to be major wins. I would expect it to not satisfy him and it is so far away from that. 8030550. If you have a thought what beat columns of tiger. I had the same I want to have the same conversation after the US open. Where the you know played awful and got. So you did make the cut went home after Friday and here it is again not knowing what to do tomorrow. What happens to this guy one of the giants. In sports in. You know what all the world in terms of fame and popularity one of the giants. And you watch him right now and he is sol. Far removed. I I think it's very hard to think of all there. Sports stories like this. Where you had somebody. So. Powerful. It looks so meek. And it's not like their Arnold Palmer or he's 85 meets these he's not even forty yet. It's golf too it's not. Boxing some people will mention Mike Tyson what does tiger's. Career arc remind you. Mike Tyson. One news indomitable. And then he wasn't went to prison. And he was ordinary. And so at that works to what extent. But it's boxing it's a sport where knowing that there are fighters that are in their forties sometimes point. But it's a sport where your. Physical. Youth and your physical. Prowess. Would mean so much and you've got to be in some kind of shape for golf what it's golf. Were guys do win in their forties and do play into their sixties. Competitively. Want to do with Tiger Woods I think it's baby the most interest thing sports topic there is right now. The last year to. Here's Tony on WG RI Tony. Yeah I I'm on the a couple of articles. One I think you particular as the nation don't sound like the media is almost. Party to. I have a little bit you know I'm. An article suggesting that he's not there after a few questions about how he played it's just prior to today. You go into detail about how wins here and you know harder and so on and so forth and don't sound it like they were moved. Mocking him like Mike you don't become a little bit delusional in said he thinks he's still in it. Yeah I think that that could be right because I seen no other explanation for why he's out there. You know Wiki he plays like he's so far away. Well from the top and tiger being tiger how could anything else interest them bought winning so he's so far away from that. I almost think there has to be some. Lie that he's telling himself. Four I don't know maybe he warms up great and just. Chokes a bit but doesn't seem like Tiger Woods a mean. Ou would have or who would have more confidence to draw from threat from past experience than this guy. Well all in all yeah it's it's our you know volume. Over the years aren't. It's it's just difficult but really it's actually understand I don't think what you said in earlier conversations. I don't they exceed the star also perhaps. Yeah you know I I thank you Tony I apologize for this it's just it's. It's a certain kind of point trying to make. But I'm thinking by people who was somebody that you watched in sports that. Got to be so far away from what the word that you couldn't even make sense. When when a baseball player or a hockey players like that of a player and a sport watch the time. You told Michael Jordan. When Michael Jordan gets old. You watch it and Ugoh yup. That's what happens it's not confusing. It's just it's natural. He's old so. That's these of these less. Naturally he's less the player he was. But. Tiger is such a precipitous drop. And to watch and determine were. He's finishing near the bottom with the guys that only are in the tournament because they want it to forty years ago. It doesn't even make sense the player I thought of respectfully. Was Lou Gehrig. Were when Lou Gehrig. Start to started to get sick. Nobody knew what his problem it's not even teammates or even look like the he couldn't. Understand why he couldn't see the ball or couldn't run. And soul Yuri you're yankees finger baseball fan in. Eighty years ago. And and Lou Gehrig was an all time great just looks inept. Pocket that beat the does that make any sense. And for me that's what this is like. He just looks inept. And I'm not suggesting. About wouldn't dare suggest any thing that he's like not well. Liked that but. I wonder if that's what it was like to watch Lou Gehrig. Where you just didn't understand why could how could it be this bad. Golf is so great though golf is so great as a mental test that. You never know I guess it against the game itself. Bear some responsibility because you can really even with my dopey game there are times. On this in the same round when I feel like I was gonna I'm perfect right now and in the same round appeal like I have no clue what I'm doing that happened in the more than once last week playing in that tournament took time off for. A member of I can right now secured visualize different places on the golf course right fell. Either I have no idea what I am doing spring in this club or access. In the scope of like an hour so we got obviously that's a different thing but. I really just cannot get over. What he looks like. Jim is on WGR Jim. I quiet. Tiger. The way. A lot though when I was younger and I shot myself out of play just watch like Jack Nicklaus I wait ought to. And I ended up getting down like eight handicap. And I decided I would say that he liked first formal last. And I wanted to see if Mikey picked out this scratch and and I started I I never got screwed up so much good actor I took that lets you decide that Olympus when that was nice I'm sure that I haven't. Only double. And I realized you know. I'm happier when I was you I don't look at all. Changing his swing over and over again. And and he's playing shots like that guy who totally screw up like excite me. I'm thinking you know why can't swallow what's left if anything all what right yeah. And just go back to Butch Harmon or whatever coaching was working with when he was on top of the world. Pay him whatever he got Graham to take it back. And go back to the swing that worked. You know I don't think I mean except that there have been working go back to what one. I'd like to put that question to somebody that knows more about. The swing and his coaching history. Then I do but I think what you're saying is logical I wanna know from you though is you take that lesson Jim and your worst for it. I think what you probably did. Was. Rule out lessons forever. Because you you you had a lesson and it made you a worst player not a better players are you concluded. Well lessons are for me. And that might be right I mean in your case or it might just be that you had one bad lesser one that you didn't agree with the you know. Well perhaps the only thing it in tiger's case when he was. When he was sure you know doing what he would do well it was on top of the world and the world and anybody out yup but my audit. Satisfied with bat instead of keeping trying to change aquarius right now or not getting any younger I know you know well try to. When he. You probably remember this like I do when he won the tiger slam. He did that with a rebuilt golf swing. He he won the 97 masters by a million at age 21. Then two years later we were hearing about how we was totally rebuilding his golf swing right. And so he did that and many won four majors in a row and like a new higher level of dominance so at such a young age that are whole old you were when you have that experience. It's such a young age he. Just like you concluded all right no moral lessons he concluded I don't audit success. Rate. I guess that they questioned why did he change it again. Yeah. It took out the right people act you're. Roughly right or three or four Ehrlich. There was some talk I don't know all that their personal bug about that that part of his career. But they were talking this morning like he doesn't have a swing to go back to because he has changed. And I would think that other great players maybe Mickelson. Is agreeing examples are Jack Nicklaus mean other great players did they do that. Today. Overhauled if that's the right word. What they were doing in the sport mean you don't have that I think from other sports you don't have overall pitching motions scorer. Running techniques were up early shooting basketball's. Only you really have that you have that with tiger ago you don't even necessarily have a golfer's so. Does he have it's it's more a technical question that I can answer but does he have the swing. To fall back on yet it's interest doing. I don't know. Ryan will be our next hour OS Bryant maybe Brian knows here's mark on WGR mark. They get extra man. I can religious feeling and you mentioned that Lou Gehrig but. That candidate perfect college football and approach Levin JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Lee. They content and it balances like. Really. That was. Yeah and I know the age every anybody I know what you guys dot. You know a great college football player that liked about what you're dying man without an income at the Allen. Agencies say well. Course the differences tiger isn't playing against tougher competition. He's losing to the same competition that he was pummeling forever. Or younger guys that have no fear of him. John Daly beat him by five shots today. Guys that I've never even heard of which doesn't mean they're not good players but it's customary. In majors for him to be way back. And behind people that you just don't know they are. So he didn't ascend to a higher level of competition of course here he's playing people that. Moreover I mean he's playing people that he's always beaten not the last five years really. That's I should remember that to me it's not like it's Justin. That he has fallen off its seven years since he's won a major more than that now. So it's like it's Justin. He was so profoundly good that. To me is still feels like a big story. Eagle 30550. Player I've been teasing this and I need to get to a but I wanted to talk to more fans about tiger try to figure this out. I'll tell you what I think of forty Franzen has an idea for the sabres why I like I'll tell you why I like it. Coming back next segment is Mike show on WGR. So many mistakes today amid Tebow is wedges in my hand and I voted par fives so it's not ideal since this fight by throughout. Substance and holes ago. Just trying grind it out I know that today is a very benign day guys and him alone but to dashing good numbers which I did not do them. Hopefully that misses be tough tomorrow night to put together a good round and we'll move up the board progressively. Tiger Regis sounds. Accepting of his. Menial status as a goal for now to sort of like yeah this is totally yours there gathered. I'm doing my best. It sounds like he's he's he knows it. And sound angry. You know probably knows better to not be angry I think it's bettering gulf when you're not or in sports or life means better not to. Be angry about these post to shake it off. But and the old tiger would not so public that he would not be. So. Nice. After a 76. Just feeling like I can't even talk to you right now. And we'd we would be met at that because he should talk to the media and all that stuff but. I cannot even talk to you right now I was so bad that I can't even wanna see your phrase. That's. The competitor that he was now it's like. Okay well you know I wasn't that good. You know you know goes. Sounds beaten. 80305 if the vote number talk about Tiger Woods and just. What does it do. Got an email from one loose a woman slowdown we got an email from a woman who said that he doesn't know what else to do. He was like I said he was playing golf on TV at the age of three what else is his life he's lost his family. What does he do if he doesn't play golf he's healthy enough to compete soul. It's not like he's got an injury that prohibits him from playing what what does he do with me doesn't play. Gonna set. It's his own. It's his own making but it's the kind of said. Brendan is on WGR LaBrandon. And there are and under much one thing you despair for. It really be. Given enough attention or why it's kind of struggling it is personal I I think I would call. Ninety whatever percent at all. I think is it's all great show at a time to shame China are like oh art. And kind of shouted at the Prada. You know a place we do it. Oh are the people that I think that. It kind of caught up to a potentially it's bad are alike in order pick up a tough time getting the ball and ordered it. You that's a pretty brutal but I think it prohibits agriculture. Yeah I got it thank you he's got to figure out what he's got to hit the risk of sounding like a while ago. A pastor or something in this got to find out where he can find meaning. And it seems like he drew strength from. His his goal of course like there was meaning in that for him family or even. Sexual power from the way he was living he's got to figure out. Where can I turn. Where there's meaning for me. And maybe then he can come down and just play. But thoroughly got Arnold the answer that that's a pretty personal question. Where does he turn for meaning here's Mike on WG Arlo Mike. I'm just like the last guy that's so lake is what happened to announce karma. You know we had that places them in the united people who has that happened to them when they did you know a public thing like that. And humiliation and couldn't happen to a nicer guy scares me I realize I'm kind of happy this afternoon and I think. There's a lot better guys out there into our lead to a better life and he's a guy that was swear on the course second and second ahead of the course. And then there's other guys who come on little captivated I think. Okay thank you Mike let's go to Toni that's Tony. Right the well. When you look at it would be looking slow what you do it signals is what I wondered air recordable that one under. You know why not if is all psychological. Yeah I think that's probably worth trying. There like I do you know real promising may remember you or eat it with a court I'd do or not. And I used to love when the sabre played Quebec it was something about wanna hear corporate rate enemy. You know and and and it wasn't that might open up to a number oh you know how critical Larry we'll call her. And eighty's are back. But this isn't like we're not lots and you know I never ever sort of greatness. You know or maybe it won't but. You know and also might stay in the game to go out with. Well I net. Maybe maybe thank you Tony that maybe can be said. Plus it was ball. It's the certain. In the end the days before helmets there's a certain way that a guy who's toward the end of his tumor can look even older and and less capable of fees you know is lost his hair but. Remember watching you for player for backer for the Rangers. And it's. Right but that happens all the time in sports when guys keep playing because. Now especially they get paid great and they're good enough to meet the league there. Even good enough to be pretty good but not the replay of the used to be Brett Favre for a few years there. Mean Jordan. There are lots of guys like that. And we're sort of used to that was sports. Tiger. He's 39. Which apart from his injuries for golf is not too old Phil Mickelson I think is 45. And Mickelson. Is predicted to contend to win majors he consistently. Contends if not wins them. And you have older guys besides him besides Mickelson and that can be said of John Daly is 49 is even played he showed up and broke par today at Saint Andrews Retief Goosen is just off the lead mean. It's not the same because when your Q the forward in these old team sport guys in the oldest guy out there and everybody knows the score nobody knows you're just hanging on. Tiger should not be at that point. And if his only existence is around winning tournaments and he shoots 76 and eighty in majors so far away from that just. Wonder. How close is he content just being like screw it what why am I even hear and I think someone who wasn't. Weaned on goal just didn't com up. But the Truman show is someone who was built to play professional golf and win tournaments. If if that's what makes it impossible for them to just not play. 8030550. According Frandsen. I am rooting for this one I was not rooting for road Julia I am rooting for France and I like the analytics on him. Please do this dude dude something for me when you. If you if you are the type. To. Try to figure out what what numbers tell you. About forty friends in her Johnny or do we or any player that you might hear the sabres have some interest and please do not. Stop at home any assists he had. I think we all should know better by now than to not do that it. It seems to me it's it's to me something that I feel dumb but I didn't think of forty years ago. Hockey knows now. Not too. Decide on guys based on how many assists or points they had talking about a defenseman. Who with Toronto couple years ago ran up some nice. Point totals and then last year with Toronto when the Nashville did did less well. Think about. Think about how much we know would understand about sports don't think about what that tells you what that might tell you that that's the best I can do. Defenseman. Passes the pock. To another defenseman who shoots on a power play and there's a C for deflection and then a goal. The first defenseman gets an assist on that. The next night or the next month the next year. The same defenseman makes the same pass to either the same defenseman or differ one and he shoots and its stay there to save. Or he shoots and there's a rebound and another pass is made and then a goal in the first defenseman doesn't get an assist on that. But has made the same play or a thousand other things happen. On that play after the defenseman makes the same past a thousand times. Whether he gets an assist on that tells you absolutely nothing. About how good he has so let's not look at forty friends and by how many points he had. Because I can't think really of a worse way to figure out if he's good. He had a down year because his score dating. Is analytics are bad. And I hope the sabres got them. And I hope you know you can tell me I'm wrong or naive about this if you want maybe you'll be right and just all in my opinion I don't care for each right handed. I just I just don't I've never cared about that maybe that's important. But not yet convinced that I has to be that big deal. So I don't care is right editor left handed and I certainly. Don't. Need to know. How many assists he had how good the other players on his team how good is a competition he didn't impress. This is an understatement. He didn't impress with national in the playoffs who'd they play. It put a pretty good opponent in the first round is at the same. If you play Chicago. In the playoffs then if you play Vancouver in the playoffs it shouldn't be. So anyway. We're at a point in time was sports where we can do a lot better and we should do a lot better if somebody tells you. Whether any player is good piece of how many assists they had ignore them. Because there's so much their missing. I'm rooting for the France an idea I like him for the sabres. I think two years would be better than three. I think they might want. A three year guy. That was the report on Dubya they might want someone they know they will have control over into their third year. Maybe that's when. They think will be ready to win win big. So they want someone that's more than a standing. Or they're good for their good teams go on the road that puts them a little bit of a quandary with players like this two years. Might be all they wanna give put that third if they lose them before they're ready to win that could cost that might be how they think. So I had to predict. If they get him I would predict three years. And it's probably for way more money than most of hockey will think he deserves like it could be another three for five and offer the reportedly was before do we. And that would probably get criticized by a lot of people in hockey but I like the player and it wouldn't. Hold me to this if they signed him to that the I will not criticize because I think they have room for somebody else and I think as I tweeted this morning. Bread boys. I know many of you for your opinions of him based on. That short stint he had with the sabres after they traded for him. Travis Yost wrote about boys and he is in absolute lofty company. When it comes to scoring chances and his team's performance whipped him on the ice and without him on the ice. A great job by Travis I just looked at a list that Sean Mecca do would posted. Of reagents that are still out there that are interest thing in boys was on. Music bought out by Florida. I tweeted. Let's get him to while red it would if you got to lose was the point I was making on boys. Here comes Travis right on time could've asked for better here comes Travis with. I can't believe he still freeagent. And like fake goods because there are some fans are probably just you know he was bad for us. Well he was a huge role well and you might remember that the row if you guys the sabres traded for that'll got worse. Torres. Abraham or even in the lineup in playoff games. Then Torres went on to his next team that was valuable again so. I would I would politely ask that you not judge boys on that George Brett boys on that. I would I would. Like him as an acquisition for any team. I don't expect the sabres to signs like that at a four goal scorer but. A near 48030515. This is Mike show on WGR. Tom I have been waiting for you. For days because I want to tell you about. The new greatest moment in my life that happened on Sunday. Sunday. Sunday so that you weren't at the advanced ant man screening on Monday islands. Because that's when I was betting. No. It wasn't we should see it I had to work side maybe that'll be your new. Most amazing thing that ever the most amazing thing that ever happened to me happened on Sunday I'm I'm going to. Take my time with this until Liu. I I have have a mind to wait until Bulldog is back but that's just too long while now Lloyd it's too much suspense for me I waited for days to say. So on Sunday after. Four days of playing golf the left home in the morning went to Orchard Park. Played golf in the tournament. Spent a few hours there at night parties. Next at the same thing Sunday determine ended. An ad today and it was it was nice so was that on Sunday. I went to the hardware store. Because I had been gone a few days without attending to the pool. The pool needs you the pooled these gentlemen the pool needs attention. I went to the hardware store on the island. Ace. The closest helpful place. There or were there are. To check out collars. I had I had with me. At the check out powder. Jog of this LG guard. Am in a jug of chlorine stabilizer. In May be a box of quarry site always wanna pick up it's cheap it at least one box to let two or three cool chemical. Items as I'm checking out. Now I know this is going somewhere and greatest more my likes disputes out evil they have no idea what it is most of reasoning no no idea what it is. Greatest all of my life. Look at it there are to check outlines and the people lined face each other. That the check out. People workers are sort of on the inside were on the outside. There's a guy across. From me facing me. That I don't know. He sees me buying. LG guard chlorine stabilizer and chlorine. And he doesn't. Say excuse me he doesn't say Mike I have no reason to think he knows why and he's just another guy in the hardware store. What does he said. He says he just starts to ask. Hey. I've been having this problem. With my filter. Am not sure what to do I did the back Walsh. And I just can't seem to get it right or what do you think. This is a person. With a straight face he he doesn't know why AM he's not mocking me he is. Our man. In all hardware store. Asking me for help. I never. Dreamed. That this would happen. A man in a hardware store ask me for help. To clarify you were wearing a smock and name tag great. I wasn't okay but I was specialist buying pool chemicals. And a man so all mean. And start to ask me questions so I gave him my best answer then I realized. What he needs to know here is more than I can help. And so. I sort of said well you know good block after a couple of answers there were many questions. But I was. Boat because I wanted everyone in the store to know I was being asked I know things about I'm the guy. The hardware store customer over there. Decided was knowledgeable not the workers. All over the workers. So I'm walking out. He's that he's checking out the same time I am across he's walking. And he perceives as me more questions and tell me more about his pool. If you know that really the answer yet. And I haven't disappointed him as being knowledgeable items I'd still somebody thinks can help him and he asked me more questions. And I asked him back a couple of questions. About his pool. And that he gives me answers. And I said look here is the place I mentioned the name of the plays were I've gone for pool stopped him for advice that Bieber helped me. Here's where it is. Go there and I bet any question. You have they can answer. Any thanked me. And that was it. And I got into my car. And he was parked right next to me is it happens. And he he drove off and it will be different drive offs like that sort cry. So like cried. For happiness did you let out the big guttural scream of triumph as you were crying. I knew I took my hands and wrapped with each of them meet the middle of my short just ripped my shirt off Paul called from a middle. Bare chested howling at the ball guests on it wouldn't be the movement this point that was that. It's it's quite the experience how often does a guy get asked advice with a lot of people in there in hardware store well this guy. Now happened happened to me your part of an elite fraternity I believe I am I think so I believe by him. That was a life highlights. Like my dad knows a lot about all the stuff you should know about if you're going to hardware store and but even he asks questions sometimes. I think that's what you do with the hardware storage ask each other stuff. Absolutely. Field of dreams public form a field of dreams where. Re sort of slips out that he hurt they heard voices like everybody starts talking to him. The the sort like oh exposed to be in the harbor shores raises talking to each other like your club. But the friendliest place for guys but the friendliest place or his. But I never got a question I get in there and I get out of there and destroy net reports. Or ask dumb questions Odom that's the that's that's the worst thing where his paint and now there's a whole section that says thinks there's. Where is that where do you keep the mulch outside. Anyway right here well congratulations. Chris Brown from Smart football was on with me and I was happy to ultimatum to play that back for you then it's 630 bright course you'll comes on all talk about. The British Open and Tiger Woods' future that's what we have for you next hour this is Mike show on WGR.

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