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9-14 UB Football Insider

Sep 14, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

15:20 AM WW KB. Welcome to the UB football insider with the land slide home. What do you buy our TUV partners new era cap ninety. Pro sports WG RC channel to Pepsi and in part by centauri is pizza pub and grill. Mass mutual financial and hates her. Good evening and welcome to another edition of the U people's football insider with plants libel by Davis Howard Simons thank you for joining us that we aren't sent towards pizza pub and grill. On transit route just north of here and we invite you to join its ever in my the united sixty come on out. The Lance neatly and enjoy the show enjoy the great food and have a fun night talking UB football with us. Sir nice to see you again this year two hours so Penn State let's talk about that bulls coming off the loss to Penn State 2714. Double talk a little bit about Florida Atlantic the next game on the schedule. You know that the cool thing about doing the show with you it's getting to know you. And we've never had this discussion and a personal there's no penalty at why did this thing so I think it's cool. Moral victory to ask about that coaches don't like. That term I've learned that over the years in the business. Coaches aren't fond of that term but you're at Penn State you're down thirteen seven going into the fourth quarter with the ball you end up lose in the game what you hang tough for the Big Ten team would what are your philosophy when it comes to that. Well I don't know first Walters ever that a column that says moral victory Illini to Atlanta or Charlotte I don't know if a coach or captain job because yet a lot of moral victories so that that's the part that. We got to make sure that if we get the right kind of victories but. At the same time when you when you go to. A venue like that against. A program like that you'd do definitely look for the positive that it game and I thought we took a lot of positive steps. Especially on defense you know I'd secret one that watching games cause sauce take steps. No matter who we're playing we're better than I thought even in the week before. The fact that we I thought I'd love the way we competed in their team even even when we were down. You know and then things kind of you know got away from us there for a few minutes ended in the fourth quarter are there are a lot of good things. But as this that or staff precedent the team this afternoon again is that if somebody would have said it is. You could start to gain 00. Or you can start in the fourth quarter down six with the ball yeah. Well which drew you know and that we had at the it would sit there for the taking and at least to make that. Really into the game and and I think there's a lot of good things from that and that's I guess as opposed to moral victories it's how you played what you yeah it yet that you have to look at what is good now what wasn't so good. I mean we've we have that we get better specialities you know where we're at where we want to be that that's one that's glaring right now and you know from where we're at. You know on the deeper decides surprises offensively even with the weather conditions but this seriously look at both and try to stay out of the moral the moral side. Let me ask you this I wanna get out of the defense in the second when you look at a game like that because every you know it all it's all gonna be about your conference schedule but wants to go out when the Mac so when you look at the game like that. And you walk away from it would you look at it today. We compete there. That's good. That's gonna bode well for us when you play you know that that act Koreans in the BG's in the Ohio and everybody when you get in the conflict you can go to state college hang tough. You'll be in good shape come back. Yes there's parts of that date I Kiki cam but much more support is how we can take the practice field tomorrow. You know we can't sit there well we did that so that's Albany just take care of itself. We have to address what needs to be corrected we will take positive steps in the other direction and we. We've got to be able to. Get ready go down Florida and play at Florida Atlantic team that's probably still had a lot of the same things. That we're seeing right after this I am 4841. Knee were playing against the program has a lot of tradition maybe not exactly the same as they were. 1015 years ago. We are warning when he was down so they're probably feel the same way we are talking about the same thing about above it rated player so we better make sure we're ready to take that before we are talking about anything in the conference play dimension deep at the moment auto after the game you said you felt the defense took a step forward on Saturday in what lay flat why do you think it took a step forward. I just again execution is that things I've felt we made some adjustments. Rating Crawford moving up the defense today and gave us a little more size against the report like this and use data bull was back in the lineup and it was just some things I think were a little bit for the most part. Will more fluid that not as much. There's still some breakdowns. You know wrote rotations come blitzes the wrong directions of things like that there and ambiance a bigger place but all in all. Definitely. The the step that that the fifties today. What I ask you a little bit about the offense too and I was gonna bring this up after the opening game and it just never got through it but. You guys changed ample time to time on office that we'll talk about that it sometimes you really. You know move things at a faster pace were right maybe after a big player rather like to run a couple of what how does that all work watt first off why do you think it's important at some point of the game periods in the game to change that temple well I think. Change you know you get that went on their heels a little bit cupid you heard you're able to. You know it's it's just like a pitcher you know we've talked baseball before what what do you teach b.'s to a few people about it Olivia and and it can be much that way up. Sometimes you can. You can. You know goal on the fly so to speak he could still do it with substitutions. You don't know yet allowed them it would just there's a lot of different things that. You can. Kind of changed the rhythm of the game sometimes to gain confidence in your players to that you you kind of just keep kind of pollen and animal little bit whether Pete runner past the those are a lot of things aegis. Kind of get out of their regular. How to local roller play huddle up front players a lot of different things. But we're it will never be a true at the line yeah huddle team that that's not what we're about what we think doing it this week in and out of temples is is period dictate how. As the quarterback when it comes to doing that because everything is so compressed and may be lying through your doing everything it up faster. It's funny it you were here for this but in the heyday of the bills night it's Super Bowl team that Jim Kelly in the garden and no huddle and I mean it was like 1522. Boom boom boom. And that's that the lock on a quarterback troubles may get it yet how much is on Joseph what you guys there's a. There's a lot of others that are jointly play router pass yes we will see things then and by Joe's handled really well. And that goes back it is things are third Sudanese. In the media room and on and move out the practice field and in those but. Also with their hearts apparent when you're doing those things with temples he gets people that Vanilla thing I'm a little bit too could thing offensively and defensively is to get lined up in. Those are the other things that when you hear in and out of those things. Some that it is cutting your base caller as well. Now how does that work is that your call is it in the cold Turkey's call your office supporter who decides let's change here for how long 88 vehicle that he runs you know it is gonna run. 99% of that OK what what were you one. I sometimes to be involved it might be a plea suggested. Not so much with temples. There're couple that. You know all laughs from the saved mercy for the second half. Sometimes. Fielder had been teaches him if we are struggling verses shall now one right away but. Now lives a pretty much let those guys cutters they've gone through the game play with it if you guys talk about how many placed it is is there discussion about how long you stay with that temple or just a couple of places to. You know that's a defense back well last year it was guys we used to. We've we've relieved ball with that a lot more than that we're expanding chassis we've we were not much at rearrange to a lot of memorization. A lot of a temple word was to replace. It was in net and on the wall was another threes so we may go to game with three to four. And so but fought well played them members nation got. But you might run through those plays and get out and you might be called it different one which we've done or will go back to huddling now. There's a lot but on the players it but it's worked on their brigade. We're trying to change him. Every week of what those three please words so. It's got a very now with a little bit more condensed of one sleeper. For example or for words cutter just beneath your system it is just the quarterback right in the nose until Celtic and like the life I guess that you're speeding everything up edging to Vegas is there to try to yeah whose block a lot of protection schemes and everybody's got the old. On the same page think it's it's everybody if it is for every one. So worked in a matter of working through the week of course won it all wrong direction in Emeka we've we have one of those that's an eagle rock direction by. George Johnson you know was an inspiration to me. Taylor got lined up on the wrong side and next thing you know you're an it guy coming in there's there's there's room making sure everybody there's a movement that's important. With let's light pulled UB football insider Santoro is on transit just nor the Sheridan who wanna come out and join us here and enjoy some great food. When we get back. 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If you'd like tickets all the you'd be ticket office or order outlining UB bulls dot com 1877. You'd be there. I assume to be there to. And I right now I think if you're scheduled for Betsy W. Think about some players specifically I'd like the start of the secret society get that was a question going into the season. Through a couple of games. You've certainly not given up big plays and the pass defense has been a knock on wood that's a side that that. At about it but that's been really good. I wanna talk about markets baker I thought in the game against Penn State he broke up a lot of plays is really solid in his coverage to talk a little bit about a Boise rough with you. When you have a market baker if you strong. You know we have experienced players senior who's really been through a lot health wise. Belts injuries had an illness and missed a lot of time last year Irving and dale that we are told. He. You know he missed a little bit of time and in the latter part of the spring again and you just kind of way is this going to be kept separate you know when he works hard to use a quiet leader. His leg of a base just goes about his business and he does it well every day he's he's mentoring our young freshman. Quarters as well but he really did play well and former players of the week we we selected office even as players we in the programming he definitely was one. And played really well not. Maybe always the fastest image in Boise but they're they're very sound there's Martin and and I thought they played really well. Both opposing quarterbacks of Favre throw 128 yards passing which is really small number so. You know big plays were problem last year what have you and the defense is that done two games in two. Eliminate those big plays at this point. Well we talk about it first of all of the above beats market making people drive the field but I think Brian Borland that was right now for nine years. I think that's kind of Bryant make up you know you're you're gonna you're Bakalar. People get behind yeah. He is not a high risk guy in that now he talked about. There were some blitzes we bought more blitzes. In this game that he probably brought along time bring in extra guys but again be at sound with the behind it and again I think as we. Gift from week one the week two now three. I think our guys are getting more comparable. This there's started that the guys that maybe that wasn't maybe they're natural position that they played when they got here I think they're getting more more comparable. They're believing born there or seen what it's paid off to do and doing their jobs. Hope who have taken that step again. If the buildup. This is gonna come out sounding wrong about that but that the build up a trust that the coach other player has to believe that the the coordinator of the system it's not bad for Dave because it's your right that's what the first things. You say when you come in to a new system with with with new players especially if you did recruit them there has to be trust. But there has to be trucked it to to a tree hit me yet you have to understand you have to give us reason to trust you that you couldn't do what you gotta trust us and and that's what makes football special you know on in the year you know for talking defense. You can win championships with a four man front you can win it was a three frogs you can do it different you can do by playing zone you can do but Plame and the man. It comes on the players making plays but they all have to trust. In what's what's happening have to trust one another to their networks could do that responsibility dimension brand Crawford little bit the first sentence of he's a tackle he's moved to end. How difficult the challenge was that it how to he fare well. In the previous system here he was and and it but it three man front so there were some similarities yet. You know landed up on a guy who letter opener there's some still think he needs to probably iron out is if you you know it at the end position but you continue to get better there or also goes to use it as a tap on create the match ups and if he can be a three technique or slant company outside shade of a guard. I think you create. If it's if it's a man for man. Pass protection you create the one on one matchup when instead of someone getting help on him and I think you'll be one of our better pass rushers. But he also gives us a physical force over a tight end to some and it can help. Saturday at forest you know. You know probably help prevent some others some of the balls getting outside and outside run scheme of things that we really think that that move especially setters they've really paid off. The a wanna ask you a little bit about what your linebackers to kill Bo. Boo is not the flashes guy in the world but at the end of the day I assume when you go back and watch the coaches now. You just look at C he's in the right spot that he makes the place for right yeah he's now one of those it's good always. You know pass the greatest eyeball test and buddies you know it was very apparent to us when we put the pads on last spring. Christensen our linebackers coach you know I think he'll blows. You know probably our most consistent smarts. Linebacker we have just been able to seat for the natural. OK you mosey making the transition from safety outside lap record. Very athletic. But there's not a bit there's there's been a transition. To playing at at the second level and playing inside the box and do those things. Nick has been steady all along we could light him up in all three spots he'll know what to do. The Murray talked about I always thought it was a one way street but he can't trust quite honestly I figured coaches commit a new stuff comes at you got to figure out. What each player can't and he would do that coach appropriately. And I figured the players think these guys have been coach you know what they're doing so from your standpoint. Through spring and camp and a couple of games how are you argue law how it take you to get a feel for each player on your roster and you can trust the dire. Know exactly what can or can't do light filled lot better now after two weeks and I think next week when we sit Euro deal leaving battery it's like you know the first few we treat your asking questions that we haven't done a lot of life. Tackling it. Let alone against an opponent. Yak kind of have a feeling what they'll do what now each and every week we were kind of know the strengths and weaknesses of where where we're at right now. And there's a thing that we don't talk about a book trusting what we're doing we've you know remember your training what what are you Vedrine do now each side of the ball said moments. Where they don't trust their trading and kind of go back and do you know if we had three. Chop blocks you know high lows you know that that's not taught that's a war rightly but it somebody kind of went off it. Do little something on their own to think they're helping someone. And it's actually causing a problem based on what the guy I was try to do we spent doing exactly the schemes across the setup trust at all what we're doing and that deductibles or so but I I think again after two weeks we're we're gaining trust amongst. You know both sides of this in the and it will continue to get better bulls. On the road again. Hopefully not have it down or will they have a lightning delay Florida netted him about against Miami when we get back we'll talk about the next opponent. Florida Atlantic it is the UB football insider with Lance libel writs it Taurus. Pizza pub and grill and transit road like. ESPN fifteen point. Don't miss any little pain in theory you'd be stadium this fall take advantage of the three planned. Virtually any three remaining home games for just fifty dollars the bulls are home again on September 26 against Nevada. With a pregame tailgate concert featuring country music star. Eric passed away. For game day it's big time entertainment yelled wolf. Wanna list for tickets and more information call 877 you be there are busy UV pulled. Olson dot com. 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And enjoy hanging out with friends watching football and got the don't with outages the Eric has like KC and the sunshine bit Old Dominion or any of the other UB football delegate to back up close purchase of VIP experience just 32 dollars. And receive a VIP credential kaine ticket in front of stage access it like more information. Would you order tickets call 1877. You'd be there now the bulls play at Florida Atlantic on Saturday afternoon game you're obviously at 1520 it is also one television WNYOTB. Channel 49 here in buffalo okay. My knowledge of Florida Atlantic. They play in Boca Raton. I believe their nickname is the owls yes there and they played Miami last Saturday. Solid got what it look what else to fill the playful salute the game or that you're you're you're one up on me OK what what can it's also the Charlie Charlie partridge. Their head coach. You know Charlie. He's in his second year. As Florida native but. Lot of midwest roots and his coaching career met him when he was NO Iowa State he was way with repeal in my Wisconsin that's. The quality of Arkansas for one season Charlie actually coats. Defense minded they got an excellent. People at the front end and what you probably spec with the recruiting. Base of the state of Florida I think David they're very skilled and athletic positions. Receiver quarterback defensive back a lot of speed so. You know their their on this. They've been close as well and they it's going to be good this force the game is scheduled for you got here but. When what's the benefit of playing a game like. Against the school like Florida Atlantic CompUSA that cut pro I think it's a great. You know it's a good test of measuring stick to where we wanna be is you know others you know however people are saying that the stage yet your power five conferences and then. We're mid major group of five whatever people are calling it. You know it's the you know that's kind of very light to the mid American conference. What these you know the anyway to explain to me during the hiring process was replace a power five. We you know we may played -- yes you know hopefully in state somebody local and that we want plea to who have. You know very comparable to a conference. Schools and man that he this year Florida Atlantic in the matter now I think those are excellent games or. This benefit but he Florida's such a great place for high school football talent at the bulls have done a great job down there a little background and I'll overcome like. Is there a benefit to play the game at Florida. Markets baker mark they're eager eight get you have like at five guys Florida on the roster and it I'm sure you lose to get talent for. Yes and in just like just like last week's game on ESPN two was a period it's amazing just a short period of time even though. The outcome wasn't what we wanted the amount of positive feedback. The players that were recruiting and involved with him watching that game but. We other than the state New York we have more coaches. In the state of Florida that we do any others parts dividing it up with three coaches that debt that we've divided that the three years. Rob buy and LO DJ vocalist and Edwards to recruit and recruit the state force of that of that will be huge just start naming our brand getting down there. And of course a great performance will help us even more. There that you mention your audience get through this game's on a WNYO channel 49 how important. Is the TV aspect when it comes to recruiting extremely it's important for exposure. It's important they'll young men and their families and friends can watch it can get access to it RE SP it. Platforms are are cute weathered he has been three to you whatever that is he's just like the mid week games. You know that's a much doubtful laws changed in the last ten to fifteen years as it is. It used to be that you know Oklahoma and Nebraska and Texas and if you were just on Michigan Ohio State that was about it now. I have a chance to it to be on a regular basis net and that's very important the nonconference games. Our port and they count towards bowl eligibility plot. You used to nonconference games at all. For experimentation to try things out and then know what you think using your conference that is why you are thing is every game is important for us try to become a pool multiple team facility or anything that we're gonna do was going to be to win that football game getter get ourselves in the position it better that we weren't before that's the way we did better last stop will keep doing it here because. Yes competing in conference in winning our division could be important but be a being a consistent poll participants also what are your important bill program and so. So when he needs that the gains are definitely support for a. Well last week yet Penn State you're. We're about crowd noise and pulpit in crowd noise at practice now you have South Florida heat idle in the past when the bills play game in Miami. They talk the players about being hydrated and being prepared for the heat and we're about guys cramping up is that something you have to deal with this. Yes it's something two we we did we talk about our weekly basis anyway I I think. Whether it was uncharacteristic or not I think our last couple weeks here and I've been pretty humid and we've been able to practice some of that first game as very humans while fighting that's hopeless well good luck. Against Florida Atlantic look fourteen again next Monday night sounds great Howard thank you very much and we hope you'll join us as well Lance like we'll hear Monday nights at six threats at tours for UB football insider transit road north. Up here and again the game Saturday at noon. ESPN fifteen point eight on TV WNYOTV. Channel 49 the next home game September 26 Saturday the 26 against Nevada at 330. You get your tickets by calling 1877 you'll be there. We're going on line you peoples dot com or Lance Howard Simon thanks for joining us glad you spent some time this year. And ESPN fifteen to one. This broadcast of the movie football insider with the landslide holt has been brought to you by our team you beat partners knew where caps Nike. Pro sports WG RC channels you have seen handed marquise Santorum speaks of hope. Pick works mass mutual financial handing hate her.