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9-21 UB Football Insider

Sep 26, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the UB football insider with a glance like home. What do you like Howard TUV partners new era cap and ninety. Pro sports WG RC channel to Pepsi and in part by centauri is pizza pub and grill. Mass mutual. Financial and future. And their ads that start to pub and grill on transit road for our weekly chat with. UB football coach Lance like hold the UB football insiders on the areas be it if you'd like. It where Monday night that six were invited to come on out and have to have dinner here at the end Torres beat Lance and enjoy the show. Brandon bury gonna be joining us on the show tonight as well the bulls two and one after the 3315 win at Florida Atlantic. They're home Saturday. 330 on ESPN 1520 ESPN three liked to go see them play Nevada you can get tickets we're going to UB bulls dot com or calling 1877 UV there. Are you don't want them very well Howard Oreo I'm current. I got a really big question for you to start the show this week. Oh so you win the game you're on the charter flight you're going home. Did you allow everybody on defense to sit in first class well there wasn't first glance there was just all good so I guess against the coaches had to hang out yet we have everybody else yes yes we need everybody Nickels together okay that's what we'd like it but. One thing is they probably hear the first class we have had a it is definitely was gonna think you're nobody's giving them their own flights and there. Have you you've been around football in a long time. Have you ever seen either for you hopefully not against you a game where the defense scored three touchdowns and a safety. Never. Never that is quite a performance. And the different ways that that happened in the other part that maybe unique is to add that right after independently we had a linebackers score touchdowns but the that the facts court touched our defense alliance Democrats are so bad you'll see a couple pick six by by. People who secondary linebacker but. To have one. But it really at each had a level of of your defense is unique as well. So what do you know you're on the sidelines and you what are your. What's your thought process like. With all of them enough I think it was Joseph the cottage up after the game you know that soccer can run that fast I'd put it there so let's let's start with that what you you know you get you get the forced fumble and and Travis picks it up he's going all the way down Q what do you would you react to sign. Well you know as it's kind of tough slides there for us most of that that quarter. And a half release it in word. We gave the ball back up and they're kind of drive me. Things either happen or just hold that we can hold if anything there inside the thirty and they you kind of hanging. And elves that both the balls on the ground. And I keep forgetting that that's the one rated. He's got the other one almost it's picked up the there's Travis and then there's the quarterback it. The us. The center judge which is the other only additional write it kind of got away the democratic cattle picked there I think nickname a couple of extra yards if that isn't it there's only him but what a great momentum swing for Austin and as he's running out like we can get in there. In order to get the ball starts and could have the whole moment in this culture. I wanted to ask you that because you're down nine nothing at that point and the off that's the struggle then and you know I think used temple is they take a little bit of a challenge for your defense you get that touchdown and Atlanta started a stretch. You're outscored them 26 to nothing over the next thirteen minutes and 43 seconds he got more liquid. And touchdowns how much energy did you feel. At that moment on the field and eighty did you sense anything in the locker room that can carry into the third quarter. I think so it was you know one thing that we wrote it director is that he does it mean it was tougher for that I mean they were very Smart scheduling and doing things in their favor and it was. You know that that was part of guys girls that you weren't there but as we try to keep it in here we are getting that touchdown were word 97. And we really haven't played that well some matters now we're now we know him we get a couple things. It out I really think the energy was coming back and the guys were fielded the then. Boy details really turn even more there. I you know you brought up a moment ago in terms of you know the different variety of guys that were scoring a touchdown but in terms of play making too. The guys who were creating the fumbles not just the guys are recovering in a it seemed like you've got plays all over the place that there wasn't one or two players who say boy this guy had a monster game seem like you're getting everybody contributing all over the place via. And and I honestly that's the way I like it Howard as a as a head coach are candlelight keynote I think I've gone through this today in a year you know those first nine months here. You know whether our our media people there communications basketball players the height light dial us Canada how a particular kind of a step back there trying to figure. I wanted to be team wins TP team defense and I don't we need to audit and Brandon berries that are outstanding job for us. You know he's here this evening. But if we can have different people then that when things go along the way. If somebody is injured or somebody isn't playing well it isn't like all the sudden. You've taken a big step back if everybody pulled their share I just feel that yet best chances a team that's why this is such an ultimate team game in my life. How rewarding is it and maybe a two part question are you surprised at all that some of those contributions are coming from. Brandon first year starters guys that are but not new to the program what are now being asked to step into a greater role. Well for us being new he didn't really know who was gonna step on it and having it in defense of steam we are we were. Really coming out people like ran in the step up in. And that's exciting is the sometimes you don't so we're looking out there there were times in the fourth quarter we have four true freshman. Auto the field saves time and to redshirt freshman also on the whole front what that was true freshmen true freshman redshirt freshman Richard approach your life. While the game was decided yet so those those words those reports that you watch wherever it is. Maybe maybe step forward it real quick I know we're talking more while granted here but I hope we have. Players Russia the defense of side. That is. If the word is greater maturity or coming to his own more than this young man is that if you're with a cycle be more proud of what he's done he's accepted we've channels that we've asked them to change a few things along the ways how we approach is that game. And I think he's he's bought in a 100% and I think all that work in. And that buying and Merck and maturity is really pain often see the local places in the. Yeah I don't think you Lance I think that has to let you get and keep its course three touchdown that is the story right you'll look at you at five takeaways. Yeah not only did they scored three touchdowns to get to safety but look at the other two takeaways. The first when you get stopped what I think is a sure touchdown for Florida Atlantic they had a nice wide receiver option. And and Ryan Williams and stays home comes over that's a touchdown right you get the ball the water to. And the other take or we needed scoring and set the offense up at the ten yard line I think -- to rent it is and I mean again I don't know if you could script and it. And those were and I was right Willis and as well left and right at rivals let them pick out what happened by the had a chance that he put it just waited for a block keep like escort as well but. Ryan Bryant's another young man as a sophomore played as a true freshman he keeps learning a little bit and what our safeties have to do with this new scheme he's taken. Great strides but. Where were added the takeaways in the end. We have one interception were doing a good job at ball security and office is twelve has given us such an advantage in turnover margin right now but again those other two turnovers getting five on the days. Definitely up. What was the tell a story. When we when Brandon joins us in the third second and ask about this but I want to be completely honest. Now three games it we talk about the last week that's the one of the story line to the season is how well the defense. There were so many questions about maybe more outside than inside. But there were so many questions about the defense they've been solid through three games are you surprised. At the very least may be thinking it would take a little longer to get comfortable with the transition to the new system. Extremely satisfied. Pumps poorly surprise that note and old job Bryant Portland. If I would ask you news team questioned him after watching Albany go down score. The very first drive that season. We can beat you would've liked my answer right and that's where you could see the growth of getting comfortable scene where we're at it and again. We've got a couple guys go down and understandable one here. Played very few snaps again on on Saturday true freshman rated stand explains that he plays again and so there's some different things that are that are happening in and and his defense continues to grow. And at a pace that I think is probably will it cool and where we need to beat a player in the matter. And an acute ready for conference play or talk about about it the next segment one other thing on the defense. Left when we talk here about your office and when you go no huddle and did you know you bring the temple and how tough could be another team. OK so the tables are turned and now that they used or temple against you guys what kind of challenges does it prove present. For coordinator. With the players on the field and how quickly they have to adjust when the other team ops tempo. Well especially. The most difficult part. That an incredibly good one man you know maybe get from the players pursuit. Perspective but if a team is going up temple and not substituting at all that's really difficult because. You're trying to get a call from upstairs you're trying to get it really and then you've got negated you know to Pena how fast that balls being spotted it things and it is and that's. That's what's made college football very unique and that's what you've seen. You know the spread offices they'll huddles and higher scoring games or more plays being run and and it is and that's and and an aggregate like. Saturday that he is pushed for the because upfront you're trying to get other guys in the game there and try to roll it worn down yeah and its it's it. It takes some work it takes is communication and it really makes sometimes the calls period Padilla could keep getting all the calls of the checks that you want. Well the record is two and one after the win over Florida Atlantic up next chance to go to three and one Nevada. Visiting the stadium on Saturday when we get back with Lance we'll talk about the wolf pack they've played quite the schedule. Part of coming to you be later this week. It is QB football insider threat sent Torres pizza pub and grill on transit road more coming up. With the head coach of the bulls and ESPN fifteenth one. Join assets indoors it's probably grow paint balls Santorum letting you know we have two great locations one in Miller supporter when -- -- -- one on transit road next to transit lanes got sixty taps 66 TV's all of our food is made to order with the freshest and most natural ingredients both locations have like music Miller's court on Friday transit Friday and Saturday night there's no better place to enjoy football and hockey with great trend of good specials for every game San tourist pizza pub and grill since 1927 for generations throughout the only family to say we are the original San towards these probably grow great food great people great fears. 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This Saturday when you beat takes on the that prior to the game and stay between local restaurants and and providing free samples the fans let's hope media. The weight came through certain it will make an appearance just to wing eating competition. Later you'll end the contest review these students will the wings not just part of the inaugural we ball for more cremation is that you people's. Dot com and get tickets for Saturday's game against 330. Also by calling 1877. UB there the game point here. And yet be at 1520. And on TV the behind ESPN three they have wings in Wisconsin. Are they he's an enemy we're the wing capital of the world. Absolutely not that out very quick look at you know and real in my first. 03 stops here after after getting the job I was flying in on Sunday mornings and spent Sunday Monday night on the office update. It was two hours pizza athlete that's at every every night every fields like phone quickly hope that we were real way to endear yourself to the locals look good now that throughout port we do have ways but it. But then it got to say it's bratwurst. You after a year cheese yeah a lot of that's okay that's right that's that's the best out vacation destination I wanna get the Nevada but quickly you know what they're with something happened Saturday at Florida Atlantic. That you rarely see. Joseph had an off day Joseph cada. Who is rock solid wasn't you know had a little bit of a struggle against Florida Atlantic just talk a little bit about your data yup that's good defense really picked them. You know Joseph Joseph did have an off day at a news first what do admitted in an oil pops back this week it. You know just couple things with rhythm and you know the safety again you know off the architectural grounding into weeks and rolling and it jolt. Joe's but through a lot of seeded and I always gonna bounce back he. You know made made a poor decision on interception and over and you know those those two plays right there really set up their points. Mechanical spectacle could be played on total defense but. But. You know I think we're able to pick things up early I don't the first play that game was what was it vacated to Marcus McNeill markets cut us off to a good start but we just never fully got ourselves offensively that we needed. You know entity Taylor with his eleventh career hundred yard game. But. But no lives I look for Jordan have a great week of practice it and look at forcible cookie. So Nevada comes in last trip we talk about where Florida Atlantic fit in the schedule. Let me updated now you have Albany and then Penn State somewhere in the middle of Florida Atlantic where it is without a fit. You know problems or Florida Atlantic states you know their team that spent it well bowl games the one. Short and yes history really via via. At this breaks early 1990s. You know that's where the pistol offense was essentially created with coats Kristol column hampered it would want that everybody really. They're really at that the takeoff but. My I think it's good to ask you look at it they tested there themselves. Very similar with the opener UC Davis. At CS school but they jumped in to top 45 point there's only Texas and now it's tough. When you're watching tape of it of a team that you're about to play it can get. I don't think they did play Arizona texts say it happened to you you get a true read of a team that plays you know higher ranked higher teams like that well he. You try to evaluate just what they're doing there but again you know we we played Penn State you know like at state. Plays a Rutgers Rutgers doesn't get at the end result so you know we kind of look at some things that we've done that are pretty positive as well let the you know we. Again you look at northern Illinois. And and Ohio State this week you look at apple are green and Maryland that Kent State Minnesota with so it's okay yeah so you know there's no reason why what you look at film that you can't say that we're we we can't be in the mix of these games and I think it's fair evaluation. I wanna ask about the back I don't wanna give you more to be worried about what I watched that northern a little oil how's that second half anyway. I mean if their defense completely frustrated. The number one team in the country evidently northern Illinois Illinois could of one group could've would've should've won that football. When we got home my watch a little bit of that the legal I was Italy Italy slept right at what it over time so that shows strength of our conference but. You know we have to focus on this one and take it you know. Step at a time and this is a very good point with. You know after losing two games and they're gonna come here excited to play it and they play UNLV that week after us at the state rivals that they picture there and looked at themselves back on track. I think and I think this game will mean a lot for their head coach Brian polian who's dad bill course the legendary former GM of the bills. He's gonna be down for the game I guess there kick in on Thursday that can negotiate the fault they're going over there. Saint Francis were Bryant played and if this is like a big trip for Brian polian and I'm sure his team will feed off. That I looked at a lot of weight. I think getting fired on all I want to have all the eighties and applause like whatever it takes received much of Western New York candidate they want my. Had a chance to meet Bryant international convention right computers themselves. Pastor for awful question or how much we enjoyed yours apparently it I don't can be a special week for him as well. You offer for coach here you'd be. Have been definitely our nation you know what this program so there's a lot of things Sarah. But we have to again keep the focus on ourselves take the next step that we do you think there's any age when you have a team from the west coming is that it's not it's not a new start it's at 330 game. A if it was a new start overcoming and they came in on Friday before it would be but you know they've been through and bright. And become well Mary now hopeful while he's better rounded up and they no other travel. Time so that their economy on Thursday. That they need to make sure there. Less than when asked about actually wanna backtracked FAU because you know the game was on TV it was on a network that basically at stations all across the country I understand that. You got there what family friends folks in Wisconsin were back watching a lot of people across the cup yeah that game. Yet Emerson you know get those that right afterwards a lot of people who was. Right. Texas. Handle Florida. News to me that's race reports. When we get back negate the defense at Florida Atlantic one of the Euro zone that deepens the side of the ball to with a sprint and bury the junior linebacker will join us next that the UB football insider. From San Torres beat the public guerrilla transit road were coming up on ESPN fifteenth wanting. Don't miss all the fanfare at Yankee Stadium on September 26 when the bulls host Nevada. For the game fans be sure to enjoy the walk to victory and stampede square and a tailgate desert like country music star Eric fast life itself fun filled day the whole family is sure to enjoy. Kickoff is at 3:30 PM but the excitement starts at 1230. Live for game day. Big time entertainment you won't want to miss for tickets call 877 you'd be there for a decision UB bulls dot gov. 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Delicious food wings. Boneless wings without got surprised over there are so that are loath it but who waited. You know don't have long Lance kilometer weight collapse the you have to meet. So Saturday bulls are playing that you can get two tickets 877 UB there you peoples dot com your candlelight music and enjoy hanging out rather watch football. Don't miss out and yet here they think he's seeing such an Old Dominion and if the other UB football Dodik concert acts up close to purchase the VIP experience. Or 32 dollars and receiver yet you credential the game ticket on the stage access for more patient were to order tickets call 1877. UV OK we have a special guest there mentioned that earlier what a great game the defense on Saturday at one of the guys who make the big places where this year at the junior linebacker Brandon Bair. Yeah axes it's a pleasure to have our junior linebacker for Oakland Detroit Michigan Cass tech high school. He. I consider earlier. When you look at what are heat that's been doing. This is a big reason behind it you know beat him in this field will. He's eulogy is is there to three linebackers but this is if there's one that is bit of the pleasant surprise from where we were it not spring where we're at sitting here today. It's a joke to my right. No bread and don't let this go to your head and think you could like skip practice tomorrow to take anything about it all but it is Joseph congratulations on the game. What what are you guys on the sideline tickets here come a couple volleys take away some guy distort touchdowns will what are the defense lawyers thing. This vote the idea that that the maintenance to come as the prior soon you know aren't masters. Arm ready over our turnovers. More than we have that goes with them Mazen the Watson who you are. What was and a day like Saturday the office has struck a little bit. You guys certainly provided the big shot in the arm that the team that first touchdown in depth or Q more. How do you look at the game like that you guys who have say hey you know what palace the office it's not their day we got to pick up. Yeah well first though we are bruise that's what broke them or are we trying. So the Ito wrote every day of practice. When because there may be some games where we argue. Everything we can't in office may have been a plus. In so that he whittled whittled look at them any different it is comfortably. Now on ask you know the transition which on a little bit about that with Lance. You coach. New scheme how do you guys feel that is coming along Connecticut learn what Brian Borland wants you to do. Is that made me pose blow goes like goes right. They relieve our throats on. You know. So is this higher demand that we have at practice is the Little League that weird that we would masters that's open with them about it. Is there to clear title concern about Africa and I know he's sitting next year so maybe I only believe that for another day that. Let's put that but like I guess you know what a coach has those are coordinator to head coach at those high expectations and a zero tolerance. You you'd use it feeds to the players that you hold yourself accountable to hires him absolutely I mean. Vehicles that movement to do everything possible. Ross the one was close. To it your first you're starting. What did you learn. Last year behind the linebackers now Q that's a step up and play a key role for the steep but how much did you learn to get yourself ready for that went. I mean it so it's it's at the heart word of last year in the prior prior year's previous that is moment that I had to prepared. You know the I used with the results from our work with the star in this camp whose. Yeah Tuesday and Monday with on note that lets them book for the moment and you're done about it earlier that's that he you know. Your plane specialties but it sure everybody wants the offense or defense discount a night your time and wait and that's hard for you know young guys that it. It's hard all across college football you are young men like my credit were very talented. David recruited they have hired a high note right away and then there's that time of the got to come back and start over and special teams are scout team Richard. They kind of got to bide your time a little bit. At some guys get frustrated with that I think he's handled it extremely well and it like it now now we start to see all that hard work paid off for. I'll see it being let me talk butter practice at this month. Wanna make practice in there every little thing work in a way that's what it gets to the evil that naked jeez. Communications majors that right is there. So you while I what exactly are you looking to do after college. Yeah probably do what does the yeah. It's not like thank you utterly honest about it like sports broadcast that deftly that would use up all that job you wanted to play by play of the football game. Or interviewed live to be not what all's job at RU I would say take up that's that's well. So what we're saying next week you might be branded it could be I actually being phased out every state and I'm a lot out. You let me know what you wanna sit in it and take the job here it obviously extremely complicated. You just pull anybody up the street to do is it that. Now I don't know if you Pacific we'll gradually got a great game. And good luck Saturday that they they keep them coach you Q congratulations to look sports talk again next Monday at the game against the wolfpack. Appreciated Arctic. Lance Lance like what if we hope that as well it's six feet and throughout your life. At least the other guys up around 6 PM Monday night's come on now enjoy dinner and eat ants and ticket UB football insider. And we will see you at the stadium on Saturday they take on that. This broadcast of the movie football inside it was a landslide holt has been brought to you by our team UV partners knew where caps Nike. Pro sports WG RC channels you have seen and in part by Santorum speaks of hope. It works mass mutual financial and hate her.