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Jan 16, 2016|

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    As one or the other I would have more with the inside high school sports come up next. Marty eager to get out or get to worked in my garage and it's nice day. We're back with inside high school sports that's better. Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's in studio with us longer Frank Wolf Roger Weis in Joseph mark Gucci no. I'll program note the

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Good morning welcome to inside high school sports. I'm your host Tony Caligiuri long Lamar calls slaughter Roger Weis. Are we talking girls hockey today and in studio we have Linda Roth brought us. Our general manager of abuse and coach at monsignor Martin we also have Janet Shultz write for New York hockey. Why were we talking. A whole lot about girls' hockey today and a little bit more. Pardon me if I sound a little bit under the weather battle and has cold doing my best to get through this all but the morning guys. Morning question yes answer when you're not under the weather does that mean your over the other ones that work employees get over Hillary usual. Okay just a clarification I'm trying to help you out here Roger I let's get to use in those guys would you guys have to start this thing. Okay first one to think well north coached girls coach bill shop. And Wilson coach Brian Baker for coming on last week the top girls basketball would ask Brian Baker went on to when his 51. Straight. League game earlier this week. Well my believed they just defeated new fame who was also undefeated at that point the want to congratulate them for that 51 straight I think that's over. The spent seven years about you can correct me if from. A lot of blues a girl's back Escobar wanted to congratulate Jordan I know for pets and her assistant. To become an act eleventh all time leading scorer. Last night you have to 247. Points and counter right now when he played lake shore in the championship of the pioneer tournament. Today a couple of thousand point scorers were mate this past week and is that group. O'Hair may feel jet. Will norte in to call balls and Saint Mary's. There bother queen hit threes last night. With seven album. 39 point 73 semi under the kinesis teacher. To crack achievement that. And also I that it gains. Obviously it last night. Hit a house down with 31 point defeat at my lady Eagles. 6247. Eagles put it all and a little too late but yet an outstanding game and is now thirteen points shy of 2000 career points. And she should be able to get that. Next Thursday's the next game next Derek Holland. Vs Carolina she's averaging 25. So their teams have probably been fairly quickly. Yeah I was should mention two's 31 points I speculated tour's three threes. She is girl and Claire wines are working Wednesday seven from 07 for eleven from inside the air. Seven for eleven from a outside the arc as pretty consistent would music. As well productive yet Claire winds are rock. Butter all me. It a point of fear whether she meant nearly as flashy personalities knows who in my opinion. Seizes Tuesday point cared Western New York she's there in most capsule. Mark I'll mention Olivia earlier all that we should. Clarify some nice last week the third game would be Tuesday night at JFK were Hewitt probably 2000. That game has been postponed. Fuel and correctly ruled. Assume reaches scored thirteen points. And you know miles thing Tony Hughes scored thirteen inning game should be an investigation but that would be Thursday night Allen. The other thing Evan coincidentally ago isn't well. Western New Yorkers Acker came out on paper on Thursday. And I know it's repetitious if you've heard this before you probably yours again. I'm not questioning what the decisions and let me clarify something Nelson who says that pick. You know always in New York soccer team the coaches as was volley ball as was soft ball. My biggest complaint about the hold the whole deal is basketball. Boys and girls manner twenty every year you know. By more for the third team nonetheless it still get their picture in the paper you know brief right yeah. The only put by people on the court once when he honored football problem and people on the field ones. Point five. All the others wars you know. Nine channel eleven depending on how many at least sector one and people on the field goal of under plus and Michael are. Bailey put thirteen. Girls in the first team. Are right. There are few line there is. I think he should put a few more and a man on in the you know. Created Miller after agent newspaper truck and two or three more young ladies in the group picture. And Viagra freedom points you know. Basically take a burglary and I don't think is such a big deal especially with the old girls that are left off the team this year. And three games and Jews. Stunned me that work and teamwork. I'll from will solve Jamie Moyer. From Allegheny limestone Allison for Nash from. Holland Olivier Schmidt none of these girls made first team all Western New York. Another one I'm not too familiar was healing me honorable mention Mark Loretta derived from lot four. Now I haven't seen her place sacker. But I have seen her on a basketball court. And its backers are pressed board and better in basketball she soft and also watch and I see your name passively in the statutes and the ball flown knows. Finally. I don't know if you recall back in September or as a young girl from say Anders. Who set the all time state record for goals scored yeah I remember that Ollie the truth she does that name ringer well that's. So you figure if you set the all time record are so maybe she's in a watered down league. She doesn't make first team I can dig that maybe. She doesn't make second team all right that's a stretch but I'll accept it. How does a girl who set the New York State record for goals scored. Not even be considered honorable mention for all Western New York Anthony help me out here are much more confused and I usually am see if you can find out former. That's saying a lot Roger I have no basis for it that's crazy. And I think she should be recognized and honorable mention the outs are about that I don't understand it's school when I'd hear it arises something days. And if that is dear to your heart as well any of us and this comes from other Bruce a family family starts. By MS presents Lancaster is best party for a good cause tropical dream in. With banned hit or run it will be April 16 7 PM to 11 PM pre sell tickets are thirty dollars and 35 dollars at the door. VIP seating contact. John Russo several was 6656. 9489. And we will be matching in this threw out two weeks as well as we go along it's it's a special event that the Bruce those. Are involved with him now we couldn't be prouder for them. Before that. I ever imagine Dejan Ruth Rose and on the kindergarten. All I was hoping to get through this without that I am I can't remember forever mentioned you may have once or twice rides you know I'll I'll check the the records. We have showcase court on today in basketball the MOK. Right that's scorer in it is a Kinney shoes. And here is Finnish elite in McKinley that's the Alomar doesn't. My key matchup this city honors three games to have some some last night some like today I believe the stats. Wait Cheektowaga middle college. Is the first one. Kinesis Achilles stepping into last won the middle one ex skate. But. If you want to get there you might want to get scared now now it is but it's gonna is gonna be packed and it's it's always that I'd also crowd there always. Was in the first game middle of the league average is probably I'm. I have to do some gone about did you not dynasty team to a right after the phobia but if you can't make you follow Centre court on Twitter. He'll be there I'm sure. I'm out about it settler right now I'm pretty sure he's going to be there but he's ago follow he's their go to guy for boys basketball on areas and if you can't make it. Find him on Twitter or go to the view from center court dot com either tonight or some island you I'm surely have a wonderful idea. And look for cash tech boom during the game if that's you know so he's on he. Roger do before we get switch over to our hockey I have blossom tree of euphoria. How much you'd think back to 1990. Correct me bag that I can be and what school has been number one. Let's see the leading scorer voice in the leading scorer in girls. Who pass for a while it. Via the birds are you remember the two players in other picture was just in the paper. Oh the FaceBook page each. Fully police command in and rich Campbell Campbell it every you know. I see this because you know friends of Richard Campbell FaceBook it was the least and bushels up your time and you can see him. Omar now I do remember this. Off Feliz in one game. Mark you ready for this drops 73 points. In another game she dropped 61 points she averaged over 43 points. I'm the year. Made Sports Illustrated. Went on to play Grambling. In her diet nice conversation about coach Eddie Robinson was one of my heroes growing up. For coaching and what a wonderful person and we're gonna have run the program. I don't know when but we are gonna ever get her on I'd like to try to get Richie. To join I don't know what his situation is right now. But I would like to get the tool is only I just think that that was not because it was berg are. But it's pretty impressive that you had two players. In the league in the country. Question. Was markets would feel the year before or a year and a half before I think before. And I know they were one year apart because I still can't believe was troubled Marcus and Richie and Spain team kind of points they put up was. Those number of better once you combination ever know. What they were robbed in the state the state championships and some home cooking. Going on in our talked to coach prosecute about the game. And done he said what the amount of falls that they were called a burger was ridiculous. I. Thought about that for a New York second I can't imagine a team losing to anybody here and enviable three Gian markets which field and now. One actually took away from the others as well. These these guys were something else oh they were probably the best 12 combination. Awful high school basketball ever oh yeah you talk about Paul Harris and Jonny Flynn now they can't compare to the asthma risk you might rue what. Richie that well I can't. Say that I really believe that well guys I mean I had no glamour that are that. Way back in the day. I let's start talking girls hockey it is as mentioned we have we have much initials writer for New York hockey. On line and Linda Roth ros general manager of the views and coach my senior Marten the morning ladies. How we doing today. Well proud to announce today and I know Rogers upset but let those players actually normal color today is half purple blue rumor. Plan. Look at what kind of man girl alumnus is. There an answer. Here. The girl you. But just think about it you would be the only one that would be the only line. It while that I think that would be neat let's talk about you know Reggie and you write as I mentioned New York cocky. Lying. It's just their simple to a search New York hockey airline and get. With stats and standings and everything else that Europe. It's actually lined it all out my magazine okay and why. Our website. January issue and get whatever issue it is and we do features we cover hockey York state from. It's probably up to the NH. On its a rat usually of the month of what happens in each organization. And each level. So we don't do it daily stats we don't scenes stuff unless they send to us. On and we post website of the magazine has more features a whole array of what was your state. Assume you get pretty good feel that. About where Western New York stacks up against the rest of the state. As far as our hockey goes app for that meet with the women at the collegiate. Collegiate tight too. How we stack up I mean are we pretty competitive with the restaurant we have catching up to do at the high school gas Taylor right up there on the biggest competition comes from. The north country where they have eight minute Potsdam which are really powerhouse high school teams and we met them twice now it three times. At this stay humble and can Aardsma and actually met Aikman him pots and they've got a really top girls up there but there also girls that play. Youth hockey and some teams that do very well at the national level as does Western New York so those other two. It in the NB western new York and north country area that are really tough right. Quick question you mentioned that stadium. And often you know going back there when we had the employer games. What 85 general you recall book that far back you look much too young to remember that but I'll what. Well now the close proximity to Canada is my question to any of these girls that come down play high school down there. And come down from Canada. We wanna caught system there were good girls and that junior college junior act the only Jay. For ladies. Would debt they have some influences why passed Sam and those areas up north I'm suing Plattsburgh has some of them would be involved in the mix as well. If you're taught in high school hockey it's their New York State girls correctly you're talking how to attack even then it's of huge Canadian influence at saint Lawrence. That's damn. Clarkson. Parks in Lansing Kart I don't think any New York State girls thirteen. How it's right ice eleven hip in your state citizens in your state. College. Camp is a big part. Let's talk about the the federation girls hockey. Offseason news we ditzy merger. And more merging win at Reynard right. Right and farmers. And island. Parents came. And home. So this is clearances first attempt yet at federation hockey. Right knee combined but it actually. Don't. Think it does make an apology. All the teams. I can't skate ATV so that's what I went right at the back. As pretty easy to go by. So we had those two and the it is it's leagues kinda it's growing slowly. And I'm sure that you guys would like four more schools to get involved. Is I mean there is room for more to get involved how the union Paul how did they get into the side. It. Week we've I had done in neck count mean there's definitely group of girls now it was important. Nagger wheat field and I guess some in Niagara Falls it really would like to have varsity hockey and we talked about those three schools combining. When what they had to do is yet another athletic director in their sport there on the board of education. And that's where it's arc though. Dicey as to which schools can come together and merge in which and because at the proximity it's things to do with icing and is an insurance. But we know about that kind as a group of girls would love to play varsity hack in the east it's gotta get there. Themselves and their parents to go to the athletic directors and ask Ted. Do this and then go to the board of education and start getting in motion. Come to somebody in girls' varsity. Right now like a wreck Hopkins. And ask him how to start working on this and we off help them. We will all go to board meetings let them campaign form do we can to help them and there's lots of room for high school's girls to join asleep then it districts would combined resources. As far as farming goals. There's several ways I think that there are trying to do it couple of these teams are soft spot and they aren't going to school games. But their fund raising themselves and the girls are paying to play. So they don't get everything the boys but at least they're playing for their school which is what they want and you see these girls take ice. With the smiles and the determination to win and to play you know that they once represented high schools and not just play and travel leagues. In organizations. Outside. Now out here to all clubs out there any change as a foreign races coming up let me know Tony Eric WGR 550 dot com. Love to promote it right here on the program which we put it on a FaceBook page letters on our FaceBook page we'll do all we can't promoted. We do know for fundraisers we do our best to get that get the word out there. Know you talk or write in count and there are. Youth leagues where we're seeing a lot of girls playing. Yes there are. In an air kind of got a brand new arena with with a cornerstone of block or this developing youth programs. Doubters. The brain and grit team is now than never purple. Eaton junior purple Eagles play out of Dwyer. There is a week that blades we can plays play out of I'm cocky outlet desperately love. North title on a timeline of a lightning play out of Brighton I believe so there's and there's girls playing and boys' teams in his girls playing employees varsity teams. That once they get to a certain level I think they don't is much ice time this is a way to get ice time and to be seen by college scouts. Instantly she mentioned the new arena and like board. I know how to treat myself or anything like it too late I Roenick news general put them out so. While I remember thinking in center closing and not any my husband and I did this story and for USA hockey as heartbreaking as I can mention that you got it got a lock to see this. It's amazing. Yeah plus we have Hyde Park arena. In my neck of the woods I don't know how well they are duel with we. Young girls play but I know the boys are doing well effect were seen in our Niagara falls high school boys little bit as. Picking up their game and in doing well at the ages joint federation a few years back so. It is picking up our take a break when we come back we'll talk more. Girls federation hockey. Rate here and inside high school sports. Oh. Man ever miss him. David always. Going to be messed. You know was remarkable about him remarkable about David bowl week is rediscovering himself in the eight years. You know lamb Rockies actually started glam rock. And then reinvents himself in the eighties which I thought he was at his best. Absolutely incredible stuff. You know optimism in that people go. In his peak was elaborate. My favorite of me it was. If he was sort LTT listen to law. Him teaming up with queen in this game of Freddie Mercury recently I was listening to as they report it to guys. Phenomenal. Talent and he's going to be messed. I'll never use. It to be. So good. Yes we're stuck with us rate. A likened to Dan Moore was okay. Is there. I know is grant gel very rich LB north minority of who put. Up. I was respected docket are although it Gail Greg did have a caller that corrected lead thanks for calling in. An okay classic three games of first game it's actually the east vs sweet home. Then the nets game would be Cheektowaga middle college followed by Mi Kim the and kinesis ultimately pass. Boys volleyball came out today I just want to shut out can we actually is on a few weeks ago. Gripping Schmitt played a year coach Eddie V mart there from Mary veiled in Cheektowaga. You go by any easily match that. Are right back to. Ladies fed hockey talk here and inside high school sports. We're joined by your Janet shall from New York cocky and line in the Graf bras general manager disputes and coach. Monsignor Martin who just happens to be. Leading the division or the league rate now shall walk off. And there's this you like you listen knows she said effort. The same. Note. An. Active. What is a market price on the practices. And the buck. The old boy on and I don't play anymore. You know George Carroll. From when they caught rule up reasons thrown around contribute to all be away. Almost like cancers in football nonstop nonstop. Just a question do girls generally calm and in hockey sheep when the season starts are the in the condition that. Each and one. We actually work which they were Larry and he doesn't play soccer. Like what you get you know. A young girl was mean she's just starting. High school hockey you sit them down say listen this what you're required review in the offseason as far as conditioning training going in strained. Or is just okay its first day of practice let's see who does what. Basically really. You know for me I was always you know mileage consisted of playing on four hockey team's year round and you know now that I'm coaching it's come to. Letting them play different sports so they don't get burned out so you know physically look across our softball they're still doing something active. And they come in the fall I have a lot of girls that play field hockey for me so you know that's a lot of sprints older getting there endurance up but it's just different endurance. But the odds are if you're at this level in your interest is to play at this level. Oh you already plane travel hockey like use that how you've been playing in house leagues and things like this so your pretty much. They wanna playing college than their constantly training year round look at personal trainers and I'll go to fairies gyms around questioning our he'll be on the race. Every day if not twice today. You know I started that. Old lady women's roller hockey league in a couple of high school girls look a mountain to work on their hands and that's where they. Put in the extra effort is in the summer in the offseason so if you have girls that are. Wind playing college that's what they're gonna you know and then affair girls that are just there for the French ships and have fun and that's what they're there for. Career clarification what exactly is your definition of old ladies replay goalies now. You graduate I figured I'll just I don't know okay that's when it and a what I gathered by the I Janet who ever is there a lot of opportunities for girls to go on ecologists are scholarships go. The scholarship parts that it be partnering now because. But there's a lot of opportunity for girls to go and play hockey and as they grow it and the scholarships start become available and things are changing. Is there anything that the colleges maybe if the 3-D two. That there able to offer. I don't know some sort of help you with two wishing and or anything like that to get them on their team or mountain. Real are. Mean you still. Like. Coming from college background is still in years. Looking at schools when you go in and talked and talked neatly at the age you make the best deal you can make because that can happen. By our hockey to sit back and there's this do you when did you have conversations with younger les could you know coach I want to play at the next level huge help me get there. Yeah Byron recommendations from the girls it Vietnam. Help them through the recruiting process. You know if it's calling a coach and you're saying Haney and this. Young lady that's really interest in playing for your program can send us some information and can you do this for her. You know whatever it can be around 10 AM gonna take a couple of my athletes of upstate game. So whatever I need to do on mine and as far as being their coach and right recommendations are going to be some coaches are talk them up to go to whatever I can do to get down to that next level I've done my job as a goat. What about us a scouting the colleges come here and scout. Some of these young girls even if it is at the deep three deep to level. Yet they've got to feelers out all over the coming I've talked to a couple college coaches and they say at camp the girls keep. On the as the girls RIT right now planes that reason she wanted to go to RET it's close to Buffalo as the school's out for her program she want to play hockey. Do you want and they went to CH day. She just capped by Coach Brown he's got a down there's a freshman she's not seeing a lot of ice time they can change in four years. But she took the chance she kept calling and she sent the video she kept sending him letters she kept the coats. You know her high school coach after she added. Everybody's saying I'll make sure you see this girl makes it easier she's the player there's no doubt she. The other thing that happens as we've had girls I think Mardi won 83 levels that and that a plane club hockey at a college because of their curriculum. You're going in to something nursing or engineering. You might not have time to play College Hockey and have to make that decision. So there's girls have been made yet as a decision to keep playing. Now I'm a merit mentioning that there's a lot of competition to take a spot our college team. Therefore I would imagine grades is a big factor. How well you're doing in school and one thing in an and then it's her relates to boys I think the grades are still your most important thing in your career filing cocky. For girls. They can cannot company and WNHL but there's not a lot of spaces right now there's fourteen losers and a thirty some teens out there and your net. Really playing for that at this point Nittany come to that we hope it comes to Atlanta they. I'm the other part Ed as if you look at every college across the United States that has women's hockey team. You're gonna find a lot of Canadians on it because those girls are coming down competing for those positions on at unbelievable numbers. Compaq he has Rollins since the seventies and an astronomical level for women and those positions. Are far and few between now. I just whining as in which you lose the only idiot registers. Now how grades would have come in. I'll play for two. T one schools. I think just saying hour Arie he knows that parade that better be up there while at bats my point but also out there. How could make up tail academic scholarship and combine it with the power of those rules crazy and see the rules when it comes into play. Albert and I think they can and. I coveted girl last year she went to OP frontier name is great page she's playing that came in now. She was a part of the national. Language out of society at frontier some definite greats were pretty good. I think that would go with a kicker must sign and her greats were -- he's in there and go. Let's talk about the league coach. Is this that you're sitting up on top you've got to. Wins though rape behind UOP. Frontier. Can more or combined with Grand Island and you have Amherst sweet home Clarence. Then Lancaster slash your record and then following up with west Seneca slash Hamburg as talk about some of the top players going on a week. Top forwards. I'm the kind of rush earned. His or her you know. He's brilliant player and she rushes parks in house work now and then you have Julian means for me Amherst freedom to. And Panthers can't injure me. The top three and threw me police department senior and she was leading scorer believe the last two years in the league. What kind of stats are we talking here. Right now four and Caitlin and she's got seven Ernie gains and she's gotten angles and force themselves thirteen points and fast. Production. Points in the game and she's a young I think she's a sophomore or junior. Junior and then the rush for at emirates coast you're talking about. Rushed for him being rushed for at least the league right now with sixteen points. Six goals and assists in him being nine goals forces. Pretty. Players. Grace and ends from ten more. She's phenomenal I love watching great play and I've coached grace over the summer and you know. She's got a great slap shot ownership and a half from when she can hit the net though there. I mean we talk about. It there it'd be. In company needs to have mean rushing and being senior captain for our guys. He's. Our defenseman tough to teach in school. Yes. It goes back there thinking. And physically drop down a block pop up blocked shots and I. The players call me in the and keep the puck. Directly the players. They. Act. Partner. It. Felger. It's not just go out there breakdown on the back and crying like he needs. Yeah. Get back out there and hit somebody. Anthony speak in his defense person generally can't call the defenseman in the prensa writer. How is my favorite. He's the enemy doing these days. Still very well she's doing very well she plays is strong line. Please framers we've known in Clarence and I think she's and a goal. At least one title in the last two. Nice. The other question or bring up when Casey's what kind of triggered bit what is. How is a transition from someone who plays I sacked healing curling Casey who also please feel like he gets kind of remind Buckley has at least draw. It's a speck and a ball. And how not to much. Linda I had neighbors season tickets every year and there are real barn and I tried to cover of feel like yeah it is published every action the. I didn't have. The film. On him. A team wants a team. In person at both schools yeah. At the it you can't be an. Active stick in Rockies it actually helps. Tree matters it goes to. Sports news actually. Appear likes. To squat. They encampment one. For I don't question I'm. Partners let's take a break as Joseph Q it was just ransom from outside the window thanks Joseph will be back with the importance of high school sports. Carlton can. And didn't do it and for a from. Always with a perfectly. Airbase I. Am. Just gets beat don't think snake. Are right back to talking girls hockey one last segment we talked about top scores stock top defenseman. The important position out goalies. The ones who trusted to stop it. Coach of the goodwill and grew registered at least I see oh he's not and then Christmas tree at. Talent if she's not all candidates out there and try there's a difference between being a goalie and then being pre. Curry is not playing her mind or loud or talking. Having not in camp sites really acts. She is and how she is off the wall. I like that I didn't do a lot. A lot and we played Smart at 54 I have ever regular occasion. To freshman practical to be playing in nine. League game on Monday industry because this is their learning and developing yak and. You know I have a goalie coach I'm going to know that comes out and he works with the girls. You know it's phenomenal she's doing now for. Now in the agreement while for two or another year. Look at how to run the balls. Well Austria in the points. Hamburg. And last place they medically the other night we. Hit it looked at this. At carton. This this is top. Team for awhile with hearing one golly omni in hand anybody else somewhere at a shortage of female goalies out there for up. To take. Summit the stats for some of the girls I am going through and I know some of them are playing. Forward defense and there. There appear goalie when Ernie who so strong girls up there and act tough and mean it really top they're willing to go in and started to play because Mateen didn't have a so now that some of these teams looking for. Haven't actually people say you know what vehicle. Oh I was blind in girls were shooting pucks are dot com or call him. With the Internet very. Without an American as a few goalies in the car as one might in another line. OP front tear hasn't really go one of Victoria could well. The Cubs people wouldn't spill it another go long clock. I'm Carrick club I believe for Kim or Grand Island is playing pretty well and it's in at a ton of shots like you guys just mentioned in. We have a lot of good goalie does compared to. Past years where pray. Has just been brought in the league but the last couple years she's finally graduated and gone by. It's a lot of parity it seems like this year. Do you want him via there. Eagle owner Malaysia and extra money you all like here and I. Wanted to play and I had him in the flat I think I'm I don't mind if the Philly went to go by and you acting out like house Theo. 5050 to earth in my meaning now that the prices in pats threat there in the back. Badges. That's the downer for hockey is it can be expensive we've had an ice time my goodness it's. Evidently just and I got crabby at least I haven't wake up at 5 in the morning to be at the rink. Knows a lot more rinks in our own and Europe he's burger I arguing most ice time in the morning and. I hated them execute execute but then again they weren't as many rinks as there are now. Really. Aren't we don't have much time left. You're talk about playoffs forecasting how's that worked for the post season now and currency get the guy. She's my and a half. There's just such a six and a federation. Where. Gear Wear it must in my in this part of one of them and just a public schools are part of and if anybody refusing mafia might not one fed. Couple years and wrote I believe. And owed owed him more. Yeah OK again we thought. Feel okay a couple of times the past few years and I think we should mention if you like any being. Girl talk related built a bond as a really good job apps girls for varsity ice hockey dot com does girls number four. But that he ice hockey dot com's stats standings but it's doubtful. They check out the FaceBook page by the end. R.s and twittered guys are all over the place at the phenomenal Dodd's bill you do a tremendous job in. It wasn't for bell I would have never been involved I would. Didn't know much about it conversation with him okay yet we got to do this and the big thanks to bill. Linda as always it's great to see great to have viewers and a Janet how pleasure Jimmy Choo and have you are once again anybody wants goodies site where the ball. And my happy on line. There you go. The Portland area there I you know I didn't next time. I can't. Party Cooper all right we've got to go out next week we're gonna get into wrestling. And Nigel scamper away from a lot ports gonna join us get us up to date where we are with that thanks to Nate Gary thinks you guys will talk to next week.