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May 18, 2016|

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The match Broward zero what do first half we had a good second half governor is well. In a few minutes we'll talk with Doug Farrar is a reporter -- NFL Ford SI dot com Sports Illustrated dot com is provided us with our. Both topic for tonight. Quarterback for the most proven 2016 media writes about bill's quarterback Tyrod Taylor. So we posed the question do you which Buffalo Bills. In general have the most approve importing sixty. Fault lines are open 8030550. The number. From outside buffalo to a free call 1888550. To 550 or you do it by a winner is John Murphy show. If you just joined us. First hour we'll talk with the bill's new gecko kicker Marshall Morgan. Free agent rookie from the University of Georgia if you miss that you can pick it up on her website buffalo bills' backup little bit leftover business from last night last until that we did at the upstate it's going to be eastern hills. Let's make sure we had KC Joyner ESPN's senior NFL insider he wrote a post on ESPN. Two AFC teams make the make up the list of Super Bowl 51 sleepers the bills for one of them. And we talked with KC Joyner at length about that last night now. I'm not saying the bills are sleeper pick for the Super Bowl. I I'm I'm not saying that I you know KC Joyner when you rate if you read his article. He just goes to analytics and he's a very strong analytic writer. And points out some of the good things that happened last year for the bills and why they might be considered a sleeper for the Super Bowl this year along with the Houston Texans. You know he points out the best rushing game in the NFL the bills. Leading the NFL with yards before first defense of contact which means are blocking pretty well good blocking yards per attempt number one in the league. The point was that it wasn't a prediction I think people you know and if here. Follow on Twitter people are going up the deepened yeah hot. The bill sleeper for the Super Bowl which Super Bowl Super Bowl 71 now the point was it was a vehicle for the Ryder KC Joyner. To make his. Points about the some of the things of bills did well last year and how they might be indicative. Of an uptick. In 2016. Talk about Tyrod Taylor eight games with a quarterback rating of seventy or higher tied for fourth in that measurement in the league. We talked about them. The injuries which were speculator year pass defense twelfth in the league last year he says the only area where buffalo needs an upgrade is rush defense. Which is why Reggie wrecked and it's here why adult was watching him this year while the injury to check Lawson is is a concern for many people. I would recommend you read the article before you go to Twitter and just weed out yours off which is so easy to do by it would. The CS update on Twitter and just react with your thumbs as quickly you can read the article or listen to the interview with Kate CEO joining last night. It was pretty good against Super Bowl sleeper I don't know about that. But he did he dug pretty deep in this and stats and pointed out some pretty interesting things about the bills last year and how that might. Portend some good things in pointing sixty. Super Bowl sleepers who knows. What does it mean when you pick the Super Bowl sleeper anyway. What does that mean that mean they I I don't think these guys to go over the Super Bowl but don't be surprised if they do OK that's that. Had to give that up my chest. Jane is booklet you have some say now I might do defensively. Apparently defensive about this but I I'd say there's Super Bowl sleeper KC Joyner. Wrote the headline to get clicked so people would read it and when you read the article there's some good points there about the bills and Houston. He took a different approach to to his reasoning behind yeah and that's why it was interesting that's why Johnny needs a good guest. That's why he was a good there and you have if you wanna listen that go to our way of a Buffalo Bills that those that house call here from Erie PA Orion and Erie PA go ahead. Right you're on the I'd I'd think that Michael took. I'm I'm I I would initial time I am I absolutely love it a comic 3.3. Points a day of my pin let's go get. You can appear to get Aaron Taylor. Unsigned. You injury that just how bad is standing injury. And also I think it kicking game is that Bob you and Marshall Morton has a real I mean over carpenter. Yemeni good of a three points or Ryan and thanks for sticking around ask them. Police say a couple of things yeah I think Marcia Morgan got a chance not just because he was just to get better show few minutes ago but he's got a pretty impressive record. At the University of Georgia what I need to see and what I don't have the answer to his candy do combo. Kenny do kickoffs effectively and make placement kicks effectively. If he has a good pre season church got a chance. He absolutely would have a chance to beat. If he has a good dead pre season so we'll see and you know that I did I don't know we're gonna keep three kickers are two kickers this year and certainly not gonna keep three. I don't know with especially if you wanna you know I mean look at the roster. You want Puerto Jones to be around and get reps in practice and in dealer workout leader of the scout team work or even more than that as a backup. Some got to give. I don't know the going to be two kickers nick this coming season. So there's the Betsy entered that Tyrod do I think they can get assigned the jazz I think. He is second in the Q as they say you know I think yet. Stephon Gilmore is number 1 now I am not sure that is changed as a result of negotiations are changed as a result of what came down from. You know the judge Norman deal but I think there are interested in talking to Tyrod Taylor and you know tyrants gonna have bill Lotto. Get a deal done to. Hum it could be something that we ask him tomorrow I think we're gonna have tyra on the show tomorrow we have a partial promise for Tyrod Taylor tomorrow I think it's doable. Hum of are we talking about before the season. Starts I don't know we'll see going to be adjusting deceit. And your third thing about the injuries we talked a lot of the first hour but check Lawson but about Sammy Watkins yes he has had offseason foot surgery. The bills indicate he will recover in time for the season opener not expected to miss any regular season time. It was interesting stuff on your bell who is ESPN's injury analyst. Was audio podcasts and ESPN podcast. The last day or so. And she talked about Watkins the broken bone in his foot and what the possible outcomes and recovery period could be this is defined your belt from ESPN and the. Types of injuries hit its expect government to continue it starts with that stress interior stress reaction you can progressed to a complete fracture somewhere along the way he was having enough symptoms of what was bothering him to the point where they felt like we better take care of this now. Now when you look at the timetable. Typically after you have this type procedure this is what. Dez Bryant had last year during the season weak ones would Julian cattlemen had ad that he was able to come back for the class but both of them. Had to undergo subsequent. Secondary procedures and with a bone is constantly remodeling itself. And so it actually takes longer for to heal all the way through if you consider area the surgery a month ago. You look at training camp that gives us about twelve weeks so your hearing reports that he may be ready. Bike camp he may be ready to participate. A little as what I would expect but there is no way the bills are going to be aggressive. We do his return from this type of procedure when their potential consequence of that. Would be a second surgery right somewhere in the middle of the season so. It's happened early enough that if everything progresses nicely he could be ready to go week warrant. But we don't have that as a guarantee and the thing is think of all the time he's losing in terms of conditioning in times of working with the team he missed a lot of productive and actually last year coming up the hip surgery I will say this. The Buffalo Bills are one of the teams that have started implementing this blood flow restriction training I did the piece on that with Ryan Howard there number of teams that have started. Putting this into the mix for rehab I certainly hope it's something they're trying with Sammy likens that I deal with that is that you get strength maintenance and you. Possibly get to maintain her robe exit their protocols where you're using as you can actually help improve your robe like fitness. Even when you're not able to work under heavy wrote that's critical he's. And now the subway's fresh take hotline. Subway heat fresh voices of by the bell ESPN injury analysts and opinion clearly an opinion from outside one bills drive. Clearly by an educated opinion and why. What's that she said about the blood flow training coming back is that some sort of a technological. Well look forward thinking that training method being employed at its defiant about a 100%. I think it is what it doesn't. That doesn't the match up with the narrative. That is out there amongst them are up about that quarterbacks with the most approve and 4016 it is the it is a series going up by SI dot com Sports Illustrated dot com. One of the quarterbacks mentioned Buffalo's very on Tyrod Taylor mentioned by Sports Illustrated writer contributing now writer NFL writer for SI dot com for the let's. Three or four years longtime observer and reporter on the National Football League have we have Doug Farrar on the subway fresh take I'm with a right now hi Doug welcome to the show are you. This is a great offseason topic for you in the other writers that SI dot com. Court that we know on the show we sit all the time people ought to talk about quarterbacks in and really to identify the quarterback to really. Are kind of open on the hot seat for the quarterbacks who people are gonna expect something from what a good idea for a series you guys are ringing. Walton credit or more adjectives and he's as you intimate quarterbacks always move in Eagles. When she mentioned the the union like Tyrod Taylor. Contract years ago one year errors. But even that that starter just a guy who's played on the pre season and we saw I mean from my perspective. I was I was obviously bought fallen in Seattle. What I watched and keep a watch this piece. Really impressed with police brought him along obviously Greg Roman has. Experiences mobile quarterback in the and the chances so I think it's a perfect fit its collection of Kenton. You again and revealed that more and Bismarck it might happen again. What you know and I and I know you said that you actually tweeted out like a clarification after the post went up but. In normal circumstances a quarterback who even in his first here's a starter wins ATM games loses six goes. Your point touchdowns six interceptions. Goes to the Pro Bowl as an alternate. They're normally wouldn't be a whole lot of question about talking about franchise quarterback with where they're normally be like hey this guy's got to show me something this year. Well and Doug Whaley had excellent showed that. You know it's teenage. You know which I'm cord machines and yes and what can you know these guys instead what we believe this guy. But there yeah I don't think so much lighter but where is okay what is she yeah. I remember hearing from. Those executives scouting combine and they were like OK we believe in him we think he can take a further questions we fix our weird defense. But. You know that's what it's a question of OK what should content in its I don't think they're gonna need you would is that bill pending any problem parents here. They don't want a few years. Before they decide okay you'll understand X amount anymore X number of years. They. As a lesson 900000 dollar cap hit the ridiculous bargain it's a million dollar cap position or another ridiculous bargain. You've got to get paid some water. It when you know contract or age after this season between your contract becomes you. They're completely accurate last year given the glut of great quarterback's read an above average quarterbacks. So it won't get a payment time and you'll ever and it I think with the bill is matter of OK what do we have here. And you can really only find that you know the double quarter and pulled one year wonder things which to clarify I don't think your. Yeah they dug you make it interesting point I think people should no but Tyrod Taylor and his and his first years a starter. There was nobody better at the completing there are at least attempting deep passes last year the Tyrod Taylor people who want you know you hear often around here did Perez got to take the next step. These are taken a pretty big step in terms of the deep passing game because pretty good job of that and. Well you know it's it's down thank and obviously don't usually get it would be really good usually find at we're mutually get. Actually you'll hear. Eighteen point 2% of his passes went twenty yards or more in the air. He was top five yeah and deep passing yards with a 1000 and deep passion touchdown with twelve. Then it makes sense really because it was a heady play action team. He led the NFL in rushing and you know again I go that she's great Romans time in San Francisco. Where was lot of the same thing you know a lot of pistol and shot nine. Set out by the way out there right now I think parents are already has their pocket first and Catholics that are built operated and then there. But it sure didn't play action play action play action you're doing that to bring the linebackers that too wouldn't you keep up that you're gonna create shop place. And what do Rebecca watched or would you change this article and loose. Repeatedly impressed by not only is he all the is accurate. And his timing down field especially was any reluctance on the stretched. I think usually onto undue. They're obviously there's there's room for improvement and certain other things. But certainly be actually India operating under pressure. Consistent stretches where he didn't bill out of the pocket although it's still a problem at times. Or you'll miss open receivers. Well you can tell that he's putting in the work. We're with Doug Farrar Sports Illustrated dot com contributing NFL writer he is written to pose for SI dot com quarterbacks for the most approve. In 2016 he writes about Buffalo's Tyrod Taylor. Tyrod brings a dimension with his athletic schism with his speed with his foot speed that many teams would love to have that it has to go and any evaluation of of what he can do on the field even though we'll tell you up. And why am amateur tomorrow night are probably tells tomorrow variety he wants to be known as a pocket passer but that's a dimension that teams can use in the bills seem to use that effectively last year did make. Question and and mobility is related to edged sword because this. He left evolved quarterbacks I mean is it all of mentioned Catholic is that the problem. Insert came up and they're rubber brick will certainly try to put them different offense in DC. Michael Vick never really got it other guys like Russell Wilson kid I think Tyrod gets so I think he's that stretched. You could look good feel for the Q and there are times when he built the puck when federal achievers and I you know not heading pocket or girl myself. I don't know how much of that is. Rondo left and right Lundberg action should ask the field. And you're gonna make water pure reason and then go. You know that that's that's one of the things the mobility his grave. You know and it's encouraging. You hear that from him and I've heard that from them work you really want developed as a pocket passer. Because that certainly pitching you in this situation right now where. Our literature and at peace no team coach Rex Ryan and courted by Greg Romans ever will be the leading patent. This is a running team it's supposed to be great defensive team was simply taken steps that. Then your quarterback is complimentary but doesn't music game manager. And possibly shockwaves. You know that that's it it's a partisan gain. I think that it it should be appointed to go for any quarterback is mobile huge cast a word. To rely on that last as the default that could. I gotcha and Doug you've I've seen go identified dead as maybe one area that. Tyrod can improve upon if he's to make the next step and prove it pointing sixteenth what other areas of improvement do you see in his game that that would help him prove it next year. Couple things we've talked fixable and that that would change. Left for any action attempts before election than in the regular season. So even though not a whole lot of priest that she's never really got engaged in it defense. And obviously eruption east you've got a ton of them. There's certain things you're timing on screen which I think is this if she at times. Where you know you what instrument developed and what a machine it is receivers. I think his footwork and timing throwing through his body's. On time Catholics plants and cruel and template that reflects servant that can go to your coordinating with receiver. I think the thing that over time. Become a lot more natural and it shouldn't it's important to note nine elections this. He came in Q last season in through competition where engine manual and Matt Cassel. This does force training camp in the starter so you couldn't get the majority of the rat. So you can bet on and dancing with my best defenses and we have a plan elections were good in the regular season. Who's playing through injury and when you look at the whole picture fight you know you know these are things that most young quarterbacks have to work on. But by no means likely Kenya this objectionable. Yeah I think there's a new may agree or disagree. But Doug and I think there's there's when he. I mean that we talked about the criticism the clearly. Can throw a deep pass he's got a strong arm. He is Smart he works at it I mean you don't eat there's an awful lot the bill that would Tyrod Taylor I would think what do you think. Well look foolish you know we're watching and and it would preceding quarter of that choice for himself because this the scheme to Manila. Players in the capital lodged in precinct after precinct in Baltimore. I think in and I wanna shorter shot obviously what was their franchise guys. And you know you talked about him putting in the work and there's there's really no way to prove that except you know on the field. And Nissan and yet the source said the couple rough spots early and three ticketed to patriots. And after the first few innings Sunday mystery because of injury. He turned sixteen touchdowns and three interceptions on the stretched yet low lowest interception for abusing themselves so. It's. You know how you judge for Kerry I yards per completion. Of course didn't spend literally advantage in this case. For the future and rebel group season but for the uses it to power counter trap offensive line. They're sort of what Roland and shipped just so. It's a shot played cashing in and you meet with Iran and he's perfectly built for that physically and mentally. Hey I'm Doug you know we around here for several years have as the bills have been in their. It's seemingly eternal search for you know the franchise quarterback we've often noted that when free agency comes around that other really good quarterbacks don't hit the free agent market. With that in mind correct the bills I would guess it if Tyrod follows up when he succeed or 25 game with a good putting sixteenth. The bells will find a way decide do you agree give any thoughts on that. US thinks so. In the mean impact. I'm not the guy in charge cap I want and write about it if I'm Doug Whaley him. It you know like you're reaching out there for a part Levy killer what he gamble themselves as human side. You know pilot that really outing aggregate that symington shooters and later because if you have another season like that. And it's so one's gonna give him starting quarterback money and delivered. The tumor are more like twenty million a year like ten hill right nineteen putting really need our. What and again rent controlled that he could crack. Yeah actually the thing it's nature of the beast. Which leads me that I don't want to be too much underdog but in this series at SI dot com and you talk about quarterback for the most improved what are your college wrote about Ryan ten you know four years as a starter. His fourth offensive coordinator a new head coach it's really put up or shut up time for Ryan Kendall isn't. I think so yeah it's funny. How to put this. Delicately. There's sort of a bit of treatment age the issue with quarterbacks who were opposed to mobile. But if you look at a lot of the guys from then. Denigrated as spread guys as I actually haven't developed and they're really I think you could we well who played Q years. As a quarterback in them before that he was receiver he came into very undefined system. And certainly now with an engagement proven to be a grim if you hit Jay Cutler controlled you can be disciplined shall now. And he actually got under pressure that rank editor of the more freshman quarterback and himself. Because they shut him up merger were angry you know the other guys that fiction offensive line. They got the coaching intact it's up to them now. And one more guy do we get guinier didn't read about it what are your SI dot com college wrote about Carson Palmer 36 year old Carson Palmer. Who won thirteen games as he Arizona Cardinals quarterback last year and yeah I had you know an epic meltdown in the playoffs against Carolina but there's Carson Palmer what is their left to prove what their left proof for any. 36 year old quarterback in your opinion. In just got to help if you they've felt the I was at the heirs and agreed that. Recovering. Probably pretty used human liberty and greet you had a gallon and he'll let you know like credence stuff. You had a finger injury in that game and you can tell the accuracy was not velocity was. And unfortunately for polar at. Actually at that point in his career. In his age process where. You know physically you think start to breakdown of everything isn't really riding Brazilian diamonds. Such it's highly complex action yeah it deep cut on one side. Are shorter reached up on the other and it jury reached a law so you've got the mental capacity you'd obviously. He's got to get through all year unstated. That chart for any NFL players yeah. Date I've dug it's an age being series quarterbacks for the most improved. SI dot com identified Tyrod Taylor Carson Palmer right getting help anyone else of the pipeline anyone else will be evaluated you think along those lines. Quite possibly I can't give anything away or beheaded. Okay why don't get to trouble Doug thank for coming on the air out tonight with a us to talk about it we appreciated. So Doug Farrar he covers the NFL for Sports Illustrated dot com. And Doug Farrar has the post and SI dot com quarterbacks with the most improved in 2016. He says the bills Tyrod Taylor is somebody you but I am not necessarily that if something to prove. But. W but I hampers. 2016 performance and thanks to Doug Farrar for joining us. Any drug is on the subway fresh steak outlined. Subway eat fresh back to talk more about the NFL the talk with tea former U beachside and trying to make his mark with the San Diego Chargers. That's coming up next John Murphy Joseph presented by Coca. We're live at one bills drive on Buffalo Bills reached. I'm Buffalo Bills sports update how. Brought you by Yancey says he's New York's parties in geez. I'm Joseph producer. The bills have placed running back three archer on the reserve did not report list. Buffalo was awarded the waiver claim for archer just last week but the speedy return man has yet to report to the bills. This designation opens up a spot on Buffalo's I gave me an offseason roster. Ricky Chinese from around the NFL in Dallas Cowboys I think the fourth overall pick. Running back is Elliott that deal was for four years with a reported 25 million dollars. And a sixteen million dollar signing bonus. Elliott is the 2015. Big Ten offensive player of the year and ran for more than 18100 yards in each of the last two seasons. To hockey Eastern Conference finals in the NHL playoffs resume tonight is the series shifts to Tampa. Not that one appeased the penguins evened the series would their overtime win Monday night lightening timing yet to lose consecutive games. This post season. NBA playoff also continuing over in the Western Conference U tube tonight warriors have done their aunt. Golden State the warriors looking to rebound following their game one loss on Monday. Oklahoma City has now won three straight road playoff games his hair is set for 9 PM. We're back with more of that John Murtha she ago on Buffalo Bills radio. And now the subway fresh take hotline. Subway eat fresh here in the show we off. And talked with undrafted rookies trying to make the buffalo bills' roster out of San Diego there's an undrafted rookie trying to do the same. With the San Diego Chargers but he made his mark here in buffalo with the UB balls and outstanding tight end prospect. Met wiser joins us on the subway fresh take outline all the way from San Diego tonight but good evening thanks coming on the show that tonight. They got a college or gone out there you've been in that camp with the charges for a couple of weeks what do you think so far. Go really well you know right now. But it worked there and it was like can learning as fast as possible. It's been great to work with them that learning in market possibly in October reverse. He's an all pro quarterback in and he knows the game inside and out so it's there's been in a lot of fun to learn from these older guys in this endured as much as possible let him right now. They met when year old Aaron undrafted rookie if you are going to replace with a you know kind of a strong willed well no quarter like Philip Rivers. And you work in Alabama your practicing more than it did do they know your name to the veterans interact with you dollars it just like. You know you're there and they'll get to know you if they need to moving forward. Thought all the veterans veterans are great firm in our I've been here for two weeks now so. You know right. Most of them do not know my name I'm trying to learn all of their names. You know there's a process to getting to know everybody but you know Denny would he's. He's a great guy he jokes around me all the time because. You know Brent solvers here as well so did he likes. To get on up about being buffalo boys. There. Were with met wiser one of the buffalo boys one of the UB bulls trying to win a spot on the roster the San Diego Chargers. They met tell me about your years that you beat coming out of high school in Pennsylvania you come up here to buffalo and play have some pretty good you beat teams but. They have a coaching change in the middle of Europe you're college football career that's got to be an upheaval for UN and everybody on the team I would think. Yeah you know those typical you know you get used. Along approach the next thing you know you gotta new coach coming in but those some of that as being a senior on our senior class Condit. Credit to get the challenge and and we we accepted. And we really wanted the to prove what kind of guys we were what kind of team that we had at buffalo and we really took. Took it as a challenge that we and we we accepted it we really want to flourish under. It wasn't needed but. You know we had success than we are happy with the. How did as far as you've been able to it. Showcase what you might be able to offer the NFL team didn't do the coaching change I help you at all in that. You know in that regard get 63 catches last year those pretty good numbers and India level the college football. Absolutely no coat was pulled. Became there was a little bit different. Style of offense that really helps me work this past season. You know it's just as often it allowed me you a little bit more in the passing game you know coach Quentin. Outlook often pile I was able to show off my receiving ability put. Go to local dolphins really allowed me to create mismatches again you've spent the players under the linebacker. Without against the the corner. The dolphins really allowed me to show off what are capable of doing. Where at the end of the year and from what I've. I've been able to determine how good you were set it and in college football and it catches by tied in fourth in college football and in your receiving yards for tight ends and that's got to get NFL team's attention did you find that to be the case may. And I absolutely not talked with a couple scenes. Before before draft week and I had a couple work out but worked out for the chargers in the 49ers. You know team team we're poking around looking in. And are asking me questions and you know must film without their Trevor on the look at so so much except I had the last season definitely gave me some interest from an adult he. Tell me about the process from the end of last year to two draft day and I know you spent part of that time out west in California idiot at a training site right tell me what that was like four. I actually came out here that maybe 8000 Carlsbad. Which is about forty minutes north of San Diego. That you're training for protests so. That a small facilities. With seven other guys who are going to the same processes need. Working out every day. Doing everything possible to get me ready for pro they'd have put the best numbers. You know impress NFL scouts and in the Philippines. How did your pro day go there was here in the field outside of one built out. Absolutely that the bills feel about I think you're very well. Very happy with my numbers is still great to feel that artwork kinda. Come to fruition list with the numbers that would put up and then thrown a joke out of a quarterback he is. Wrote a script that he had planned out so I got that falls from him and you know to great effect on Cuba and the local bar around it and show off what we're able to bill. And then he stuck around here in Western New York for a while working that would Joseph and some of the other of your former UB teammates right. That's correct stayed there after pro they worked out for about two months. SDA would then woods. Need Joseph Qaeda and on cleaning or working out there. Was. Other you feel about it named Roosevelt and Ernest Jackson. We are working out there just preparing for football camps. They met Tom so draft day comes when you get to the you know the Saturday address date date where you buy the phone watching the draft anticipating that you might get a caller did you figure you might have to wait until after that are. What did have my full ready that's what I was told just just in case was not watching. There's nowhere to put myself through that stressed that Hamas hanging out my family were playing and playing games playing ping pong we're just. We're just trying to trying to keep my mind off what they enjoyed time together because. The goal was the move off to a new cities and. That's got a Villa at an aide Christine. Interesting family time really I would think Greg didn't you know you're you know that your fate is antenna hanging in the balance that. You're gonna get a call eventually you're not quite sure where you're going in you don't quite know what. You know how soon the calls gonna come that's got to be a there's probably nothing like that and probably will never be anything like that in your life forgive me. Absolutely it was there was an interesting day to say though these very stressful. A lot of anxiety but. More just excitement. Build up around the day swing that phone call and revealed a minute but they only lose lose an awesome experience for me and for them. Tight end Matt Wise there on the live this he is working out these days on the roster the San Diego Chargers the former UB tight end native of Pennsylvania met. What you got to the call for a tryout with Washington immediately after the draft or what went down there with Washington. You know. They offered them a tryout and then. San Diego came in and offered undrafted free agent contract so yeah hard is that to do what's best for me in in San Diego's best option for. Yeah there's no there's no comparison between a tryout status in here here's one of the ninety roster spot and had to be a pretty quick decision once that came through. It tell me about them your your relationship with your quarterback Joseph with -- who as you know what's here for a tryout and then decide a couple of days ago. As an undrafted free free agent with the Cincinnati Bengals. What do you think of Joe's chances and how much of it talk to Joseph but this whole process so far. Or like got that was means over training together after pro day then we're great friends you know we've rip off over four happy years together. He always had a over those parents out there for Stanley pot the night his mom would cook for us you know I've got a great relationship with them meet one of my good friend. We've talked pretty much every day and when he told me about an opportunity with the spangled. Insanely excited for him and then. He he text me and so the other guys and groups he Texas right alliance said. That he was gay and get a contract and they're given to respond you know. Just one of those guys that is insanely football Smart he knows the ins and out he knows PX and he knows. And he knows how to throw the football he's accurate and I think that's gonna take him along what. Yeah but at did you look at dumb you know your chances for Iraq to spout out there Manning and you. You know as I look at the depth chart obviously Antonio Gates is you know the lead dog out there are likely hall of Famer and they drafted what a guy tight end in this economic. I know it's a new offense but that the underwear isn't that that's an offensive probably uses a couple of tight ends it is part of their offensive package I would think I'm. Absolutely that they like these Qaeda and even like the broke off the side and they they're expecting more blocking outside and so. On definitely good opportunity for me I think that I I can come in and and show that I can do both and I wanna be able to prove that I can do both blocking and receiving bulk. But for me it's just. Go to work improve I belong here. And audio like the work so far as you said spent a couple of weeks now is it. Hug a that we talked to the bills rookies all the time and and to put in long days here I'm sure it's very much the same out there or out in San Diego. Absolutely long days meetings studying the playbook you know you can't. He can't look over the plate enough in especially as a rookie he you don't know everything and is gonna take a lot of know everything's so right now it's learning as much from the vet. Getting in and here's the coach is asking many questions as possible and just studying and studying them and you know on the field and and showing off what you know. Well we're free here back in Western New York man we watch your career UV unfolding Mario opened that you win that spot on the rest are out there with the chargers. Best of luck you and thank you very much for coming on the air this tonight. I appreciate that so much thank you. Met wiser a native of Pennsylvania who had a great career. With the UB bulls 63 catches last year 625. Yards in net found his way to the roster the San Diego Chargers he's out there in their. Offseason conditioning program now the OTAs to dump and met wiser trying to win a spot. On the San Diego Chargers roster and best of luck to him. That joined this by the subway pressing top line subway eat fresh back with more a moment the John Murphy Cho presented by no go. Like tonight at one bills drive this is off. So he's not John Murphy shown on buffalo. Hello bill Israelis. And now what have we learned from tonight show. While we learned just a minute ago format wiser in tight end for new beat. About his his quest to make the roster of the San Diego Chargers we wish him well. Earlier tonight on the show we talked with the a kicker here of Buffalo's turn try to do the same thing Marshall Morgan undrafted rookie free agent from the University of Georgia. Try to make the bills' roster is a kicker here during the offseason conditioning program just graduated from UGA last weekend as a matter fact. During his career with a Georgia Bulldogs Marshall Morgan City bill will make streak of nineteen in a row nineteen straight made field goals for Marshall Morgan. He talked to us about that tonight. It was just just felt right I mean I didn't really think about it I just go out there and you know after making three or four road just your confidence thirteen million. The relationship my holder and snap truly giddiness of there's stuff operation my season is getting better and better there and good streak actually happened defended myself we want is continued making your poker and then that's impede their own to go he got to beat the street derby history can and that. This district stuff. The street just stopped. That's the Marshall Morgan thank him for joining us earlier on this hour. Doug got per hour from Sports Illustrated dot com longterm writer for SI dot com part of a series they're doing about which quarterbacks have the most approve. In the NFL this coming year Doug Farrar wrote about Tyrod Taylor and he talked about he he's impressed with what Taylor did in his first years asserted last year. Well that's why would change this article loose repeatedly impressed but it's not only is he forward after. I mean bill deal especially with any luck to them stretch. I think Julio onto onion they're obvious there's there's room for improvement and certain other things. But certainly keep asking the operating under pressure. Consistent stretches where he didn't fill out of the pocket although it's still a problem at times. We're illness so the receivers. What you can tell what he's putting in the work. Doug Ferrara of Sports Illustrated. Dot com little good news from one bills drive today three archer running back put on the reserve did not report list there apparently haven't trouble getting three archer to engage. We've had trouble getting a chuckle. So three archer reserve did not report lists the bill still hold his rights as far as the NFL but. He does not occupies a spot on the roster right now the bills retain his rights until a resolution to his status is is arrived dead tree archer. A potential. Return and very speedy running back slash wide receiver. Cowboys signed their first round draft pick today running back Ezekiel Elliott Ford overall joins Trent Richardson. And their Reggie Bush in Darren McFadden as the only. They're running back selected blue dress first five picks over the last decades it's been amazing. Ezekiel Eliot agreed to terms with the Dallas Cowboys. Eight we did this today and it was pretty from the bills and united way of buffalo and Erie county. Have their launch of their character playbook initiative a new initiative focused on. Youth character development building healthy relationships we have about 100 students from Hamburg middle school in buffalo public school number 33. In the head pro sports training center today I get a chance to moderated discussion involving. Tyrod Taylor quality control assistant coach Katherine Smith. Alumni director marlin Carner and the bills assistant director of player engagement James Trapp. Really good afternoon and I encourage you give kids in school to look for that. A character playbook initiative sponsored by the bills and the united way. They we want to thank our presenting sponsor no go family all locally operated since 1933. Like no go on FaceBook for great deals specials and more Mike Jabbar air engineer Jay Harris our producer. We're back tomorrow night at seven right here from one bills drive with a job Murphy show presented by Sunoco a Buffalo Bills radio.