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5-21 Inside High School Sports

May 21, 2016|

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Am no headphones very well. I school's sports. Policy we keep Nazi thing with that forms are right good morning our guys. Was are all around not under the weather a little bad for your body is scratchy as if it doesn't sound as bad as the yeah. Dead and gone and electric and it sure but I'm I'm I'm ready to go. Roger Weis good morning glory dol I guys doing it. All right guys you know we like coming up this we were in sectional nitty gritty nitty gritty time you know. Baseball softball. Our boys and girls lacrosse all that's going on rate now. It's crazy trying to keep track of that note a mark while you're all over Twitter you're at this game back game and how do you do you keep blood done I don't doubt tellem every year I'm still working on trying to get a clone. To help me out with these games and he got us it Gallagher is the one that knows I don't odd I'll I'll I'll bump into on sooner or later I'd known for sure. And then got sources that game. My sources tell me now. Well. I'm really can't do know people get to me every day and come in the game. You're all over the place with some rowdy is all over is this or watching you guys are following you guys as I keep her there. Him and lifted it if you wanted Adam Dunn and Cowboys flat. As much I'll I'll stick around girls with in the spring by. Melissa has been and keeping keeping the boys lights on line in Major League person at that. Yet check it out to. Now we have an interview lined up that house was talking with a gentleman during the week and I wanted to. Bring him and this is something that I think is a pretty important. And numbering around rater than he is the president of the Niagara here use sports association. Good morning ray. Laurence Maroney and guys are just. Now we're doing great great to have you on board. I saw others pop up it was brought to my attention by John Lloyd. That to you guys have as in the Niagara eerie youth sports association. You guys have a symposium or clinic coming up on June the first is to be held at the middle school on Buffalo avenue were actually behind your and then nice turf field. We're Niagara Falls junior Little League plays. This is going to be at 6 PM on June the first and you guys really encouraging all parents and and kids to get on out there. And I is we were talking at that this is a great way to introduce kids to the game also. The more important part of it is that you guys are really focused. Our safety you're gonna be able to. Addressed concerns that many here have left for all we hear this constantly about you know parents they don't want to his play football they feel it's too dangerous. Right absolutely. We're we're told me is what you know we have the largest youth football ensure reaping the Western New York. And this will be our third annual youth football suppose you. And parents and players equipment and we're we're one of the lead the organization. And Western New York that participates with USA football. Which is a national organization. Funded by the National Football League took helped increase awareness of different issues and problems. With football. Starting at the youth level with the grassroots. So our symposium. Are we basically focus. Beat me primary elements of the USC football McCullough that have looked football initiative. And that this is the best fit here it's been going. And basically we've we've talked about concussion awareness. We talk about sudden cardiac arrest we talked about he migration. We talk about proper equipment sitting. And then the initiative for the kids. Is as a football tackling and heads up football blocked. So that the symposium. There will be some discussion. Led by our local USA football master trader Kent stalled. We've also such a sec football chairman. And Aaron Hill who's the USA football east regional manager. So they're gonna cut the lead it off talked to repair and some kids. About USC football Witten and what they're doing and what base is doing to try to implement the use here or New York. Then we get everybody who's bear onto the field that would help repertory. Not Folgers home field and we get everybody on the field and we actually wrote the parents and the kids. Through the different tackling techniques they have the blocking technique. I played and I bring in my son Nicklaus there I usually we do drills. Own all who a couple of I haven't done that forty years. All the big kid glove at their fifth medal after the mum and dad tried to get a good report stay have to you know if if you're anywhere close to me and aged owning. That's it up and do do. If I get a three point stance Ewing can solar NAFTA to pick we get Bridget out of and it's a well you know I remember when I was coaching it was a lot of fun to be able to do that teach these drills of course a lot younger than and so like times have changed what. Well I ask you is is there. Misinformation. Out there that you're finding now or parents have. Concerning concussions is that the big word. Well I I think part of the problem is that that when you talk about an injury like concussion which there's still so much better resource it needs to be done. And we knew when you have an organization like the National Football League which is you know a model they're just they're huge. So when you have players and former players that suffer concussions have suffered different injuries. You know the focus becomes real easy to go for that larger target. So yes it's a serious injury but what we need to do is train and educate battle employers but we need to train and educate parents guardians. And it went coaches. To get them from very aware of how to we get that out of the way. How do we teach the kids the block and tackle properly so that certain Beck is not an evolved vulnerable position whether or not leaving with a head striking with the head. You know football apparently is a violent game. But we can do and and take the steps to educate and inform. As much as possible to try to get. People more aware of how to do things safer. You know I look at it the NFL and I'm glad that they're involved. But to meet the NFL has a credibility problem. When it comes to concussion when you have a Jerry Jones coming out and saying that he's not so sure that precautions lead to see TE. I think big ticket credibility hit there. Well I'd and I don't I don't disagree at all I think I think you know it's. The NFL owners are are just like the rest of us you know they have so much education knowledge of their aware of and in some of the things that they do and say just make make no sense whatsoever. I mean there's credible evidence out there there's there's there's excellent medical studies that are that are even still ongoing today. They do show you any kind of traumatic hit. Armed to the head and whether his head out head whether someone falling and and you know they're probably the best of their bodies hitting the ground. Forcing majority of the of the Braves. You know if you look at you look at the CDC studies. Separate disease control studies about concussions and and traumatic brain injury isn't sure what that refers to. You know we're we're talking about in youth. The number one cause concussions is actually riding bicycles. Sort it all off of a bicycle that's the number one reported concussion injuries for Sergio. But when you start getting in the sport now we're talking about football and soccer and hockey. You know so so anytime that we have potential jarred of the bring their very receptive to central for that injury. Are you and I had a discussion on the many things that organizations are now taking it day at all levels of football. To reduce the chance of concussion. We spoke about top Pete Carroll's and you mentioned at the hats off tackle and be the rugby style tackling. That it is becoming more more invoke the we talked about how. Teams are doing less heating during the season when it comes to practices some will not for hit it all during the week. Yes and and you know it depends on each organization it depends on what their affiliations are. Ballpark tackling which was which is made popular recently by by the Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll. It's the same it's the same type of elements that are ball. In making sure that the head of out of the way same thing with has a football also those two are almost mirror and just other. Fumble when you get into. You know there's so many other things proper equipment civic. I mean you know back in the day you get it on the pro matches here reported on. Long as it didn't turn all the way around and your head it was good to go. So they wish all the so there's proper equipment fitting that there has to be trade. USA football put out what they called a national practice guidelines. And we've adopted that we're one of the only league in question New York that adopted that completely. And that limits the amount of practices. On during pre season. There's four practices a week. And that limits the amount of contact which is thirty minutes per practice. Once this season starts and airplane game. Practices are cut back to three practices the week again thirty minutes of live contact for practice certain maximum so. We're trying to reduce that she could have those that. You have the sudden cardiac arrest which is actually the number one cause of totality in Utah which. What we've done as a week we ensure that every organization. Is going to have that may be available. We also have our athletic trainers. We work with UB MD orthopedic sports medicine and about all of Memorial Medical Center. And they provide athletic trainer for every one of our games of sanction Tibet. And it finally the kind of helped tie it all together. We also require our officials group. The guys that are refereeing are games we required them to also have completed the heads up football certification course. Opera by USA football so they know when there on the field what's it good hit and what's not good. The other thing the thing that we're we're dealing with here where we talk about youth football is volunteer coaches. Because they're not you know their dads. There. Neighborhood guys that just like to help out like to get involved that may be they've played football at the high school and college level. And they wanna get into coaching in and start at at the youth level will they don't have the experience and the information. They you have so it's informing them. Getting them on board in one of the things they talk about is that coaches have to be certified now. When I was coaching that was just starting. I would took a course status happens from loch awhile a little loop. Put on a course Rusch to be certified. We received a patch from New York State. Let us know that we're certified and we do are you getting educated that way you're learning about just safety and in all the things that you brought up. Absolutely. And you know I've been approached her from many many years over twenty years well abuse lead. And when I first started it you know you walk on the field those like no one. Baghdad. Truck funky but sure you're from gas. And Jim Rome. Creative organization called the west New York temperature football alliance. And you should be familiar with that could solve a lot of high school sports. But they started. Certification for coaches under organization called May's National Alliance for Youth Sports. Where you go on minute kicker course. And you receive accreditation or certification from the national news sports coaching association. So that was pretty much the only thing we'll go out there and really that style of of class. Really spoke to how do you approach you. It didn't really tell you the ins and outs of football of the proper technique the safe thing to do but it just looked more geared towards. You know coaching youth coaching kids party coach kids how to treat kids were respectable talk about the so this recent bad bad of the USA football. And requirements for reds of football which is not talking techniques and say blocking. Elements and protocols. And what to look for him in cheap hydration. And you know concussion awareness so the level of education is so much higher. And we are you know supported by the west Erica mature football alliance and Jim Rome. Supported by the Buffalo Bills and oppressed that he is for our community relations. You know the they've really emphasized that as many organizations and leagues in question darkest possible. To get involved with heads up football to make sure that each and every one of their coaches and trainers certified and so we're not having somebody on the field. Whether to practice fielder game field actually telling the kids you know that that old axiom spiked the ball. You know who's committed you do bad you're so limited to do that their heads down now we got some problems. Yeah I agree you know why things that you viewed your football is looking at is you want to make it an X the experience enjoyable for. The kid so that when he gets to high school he wants to continue to play and then so on now and hopefully I'm a college. So you have to hit the whole thing is not just safety but the experience has to be there and one of the ways to do it is our curbing. Parent behavior whether things that we were involved with his you know. Again those classes as you said word designed to teach you how to coach of the use of not you have to deal parents you have to deal with Paris at misbehavior teams. And things like that and how to run your organization. All very important. Absolutely absolutely and and as a league you know we mandate to our sixteen organizations. You know that they have. That the parents have to sign a code of conduct. The coach's side or go to conduct and there's repercussions if they violate that that code of conduct. But part of it too is education and awareness told me which you know you know you have to help people you do have to inform you have to educate them so. Part of what we try to do as well on the football side. It was heads up football is is giving the prayers together and educating them into what we're doing so you don't get that old school football player. Who's you know although listen to approach this is the best way to tackle that's what you need to do. Know you get those guys involved and they see exactly what we're trying to do to make the game safer. Education and awareness is is gonna raise. Not only the level of play but it's also and raised in and give you turn its back up where it should be with these kids did the bulk of football. You know a lot of people are turned off when they hear about up. Know that the parent that's in the stands screaming at the coach screaming at the official. I think in that the kid you know has an NFL shot and a coach is and who is pandering that. Grow up salute with you know and I think you see that not registered youth level which you see that all the way up through high school absolutely. And and he's the best you can do is hope that your organization that are. That are hosting events that that have a good handle on their disciplinary actions that they could take against those parents who ever again it's education. Yeah it you're right the more air of education more information. Out there and people hang out say look you know I can't act like this from mad at a game goat of the game enjoy watching. Your son or daughter play in sports and let the coaches coaches let the refereeing is rap and let the kids plight. It while ray it's been awesome having you on here every do you guys do have a phenomenal organization. And up and kudos to you guys for bring an end now black rock Riverside and you guys are gonna enjoy via Rogen family. Jim and Elizabeth do such a great job and or a welcome edition I'm sure. Well it you know we've we've we've we've brought on black rock we also brought on the Buffalo vets Cheektowaga on the verge Clarence. From other organizations we have is Grand Island loose supporter a lot or. Not opposed junior whose host and our symposium. Not the weak field Jimmy Dolan said the say I've by the way. Yes Jimmy on north Buffalo guy HM. North title and a Pelton. Trade to you would rocket Palmeiro should Rocky. Two a lot of football clinic summit some wonderful ball Williams so Wilson supposedly big sixteen you know whip and and you know of the support in the effort to these guys are definitely true we're doing the right thing and try to lead the way is tremendous but. You know I'd I'd extend an invitation all of you guys. Any of your listeners it is the event is open to the public. It's free there's there's no admission charge if you wanna learn more about youth football and what we're doing a Western New York to make it better suited for game. Please stop out June 1 6 o'clock itself our Buffalo have been our defaults. Rates for people while whacked contact you for more information how to they get older you. Well if if they go to the league web site that kinda long but if they go heavily website at my my emails there. The league web site is Niagara theory youth sports. But word press dot com. Do you go that's Niagara eerie youth sports got. Word press dot com. And I go on their check out we have information it was posted on our our inside high school sports FaceBook page you can go there to check it out as well. And the players there as well but Tony thank you so much for what are you and all your all your guys do for for you sports a and high school athletic. Our pleasure ray look forward to seeing you on June the first. Ari take care raped her in president of the Niagara eerie use sports association. This is an outstanding chance for you get out there. Bring your child as you said you run through some clinics you was apparent gonna go out there get a feel for it and the approach I've taken with this. With my son is on our short. If he really wants to play says he does but I think this is a good way for him to kind of get an idea of what it's like to be out of football team. At this level specially Nicholas's agent even up through high school if you go through that. Situation. You know what are the ads of Buick you're receiving. Some kind of traumatic head injury. Between. The youth level and even you know me in the -- school mostly when you read about it Rosa played in college. Where you played in you know pro sports yeah and obviously he had shrink considerably. But my point being you know all. You're out of give her with a head injury of life sustaining by playing user high school football. Are probably better off there than you are right not a mobile when it comes. You're more every chance of being hurt and out. Automobile accident than any kind of serious injuries in football. I don't have a number it is speculation. But I would be early willing to about. Real nice chunk of change what I said is true you know eight. Injuries are going to happen and you know when there's football baseball soccer grad and it rabbit a cow walking and while school. Yeah injury things are going to happen the call accidents. You know we plans on it as it happens. But the thing is to be educated about it learn about it. Know what to do when that happens and what to look for the signs of concussion on that kinda stuff is is important. And you can't emphasize enough for youth coaches to go through these classes to learn about it just because you played Madden. You know 2000 and what ever does it make you a football coach you've got to you know that you got to learn my right are well. A lot of match not think that you do it. Okayed it that. It's it's it's it's worth your time to go out there and I wanted to say kudos and congratulations to all those. Who volunteer. Whether your coach gene was the year the equipment manager whether you're coaching the cheerleading to work in the concession stand. Your year in charge of fund raisers. All of those people are very important we would have u.'s sports if it wasn't for them so huge congratulations in the huge. Thank you to all of those who volunteered. To make the Saturdays and Sundays on for the boys and girls. Especially those runs concessions as a very critical most important most important aspect of the game all right we're gonna take a break when we come back we're gonna look at what's going on in the section finals section up playoffs is with. Baseball softball lacrosse will have all of that a moron inside high school sports. A good tune. I'm drawn a blank right now I know who it is and I can't think about the bass players this anger come on Tony. Come on. I gotta give it did yeah please I'm too tired my mind isn't working thin Lizzy thank you I knew it was the same as boys are back in town. And I think you thank you thank you thank you Nate are expected inside high school sports with mark while slaughter Roger Weiss myself Tony Caligiuri. Roger a couple of things that you wanted to get off your chest before we get into talking about the gains that have Bob gone on and will go on. Yeah on number one Joseph Doherty that coach had. The current basketball coach Eden girls' high school team or at least. As far as I know that athletic director hasn't terminated his country yet. General pitches giddy up vehicle. Hip problem reason last ruler of applications so he's done a road to recovery but show. Other than fewer basketball coaches who are you step under trolls like you were appreciating. Everybody in Western New York is all on fours so get well soon you know at some well. Earlier this week he academic all stars came out in me up awful news top three students. Usually. Rose. Valedictorian sell it to orient and wanna additional player route or excuse me student from each school are named. List is too numerous to mention went on a measure one more time because she early guess snob Rory came go law. All Western New York girls basketball on its Emily Miller from Christians central academy. Probably a top five player and I see your Marten children tapped that in Western New York. Talk about a show off she's also the volleyball captain she plays sacker and I she's. Valedictorian of her class and we just general we're doing and Anthony that's the type of students colleges love to have when Emily Miller congratulations. And finally. And Mike salute all of the job. President of the Saint Francis. All of my association keeps thank me for attending her open festivities. Saturday night. That was can in my line Tony. I mean I thought I was at a wedding reception with the food and drinks there and what they do it up vague. Not only to add up. You know father. Status. When he was talking about the dedication alliances we have a surprise for his on camera on 9 o'clock. They have fireworks terrorists in France cool. So my thanks go out. No father Michael's say enough. Athletic director Steve trounced ski. Our friend though basketball coach Eric yeah. Jerry Smith the football coach who Tony Ryan last year and all that. They will be playing Saturday night games this year at the new facility will be the only game in town in anybody's home and writings. All the facilities from what I guess would be the north end of the field. Boy I wanna be up there when it's raining you're cold and damp and one review. Gorgeous track. Once again to everybody's thank you and I would be remiss that we didn't think. Case yes gramley. Poll and the aggrieved family Russo thought Family Foundation. Water gorgeous facility. Again this fall on Saturday night they'll be probably three or four times this year. It'll be the only football game in town especially if there was good. A lot to say France's you'll be really impressed with this facility and once again thank you Saint Francis high school administration. Are you speaking of my senior mart near the George top. Georgetown cup playoffs going on in we have two games that are going on today's saint Bears Lancaster. Is echinacea is the number one seed Vicki was at 1 o'clock Saint Francis is at saint Joe's. At 1 o'clock so and then the where they have the our playoffs then. They go to to the byes and home field. In play the finals. Yeah and also always should be on this is usually marked Cal's line I'm gonna jumper and an still is under. Always be remiss if we didn't thank. Sam Young went for coming in last week and open its own with girls lacrosse I've gotten calls from people off. Going king addicts or resigned and is. I QB drew serves on his daughter Sidney the reason they weren't calling him around her way into law. Rochester a week ago 'cause Sudanese older sister graduated. From college and they were just blown away by how Sam handled herself and you want a job he wanted to read you don't send along his gratitude for the job Sam did a week ago. My main drew irate guys was going on also appeared in baseball so whenever you guys wanna talk about is thrown out there. I mean is the amount of games that are its mind boggling. Few upsets I did see that throughout the week a big one bomb threat to show Leslie Simon. In his care Morry east boys yeah they're starting to peak at the right time only got a couple wins either going to be a really good point. That until line. And increase he went the distance struck out. In only Horry. Its second straight in my mind. But it Kim or ease voices it out to be a team that might be a good arm. Good two dollars and fifteen. Now would Q. A at being given us the gear and it. Game and it's kind of kind of put him over it. Of idea about that and other really really when they. And up and a double lanes. What Annika was out of really really good year bridges now with a Politico come up there and beat them. Ward three. A couple impressive games this year. Some competitive ones that I have seen him start to rise a little bit. But. Other really go with nick away at. The complete game by meant you know. And he waited two run double. Applicable. That I don't Wear them pretty big. Boy's side they. Here's a story that I've found that to be pretty cool policy. For donated Pete's background who did nothing and Jared berm master and looped his boss. Combined on a two hitter now here with twelve strikeouts and I here's what I financially about it as a great day for the vause family. And gave you at Lucas involved in that. Big outing and then older brother can't vause if you guys remember when he played. Four for O'Neal he tosses a no hitter. For and triples see them through the plus a pretty pretty nice Audi for the boss mammal ultimately do today and I think there. What he felt the straight wins acting like in doubles. You know brother or anything you can do like it. I. As seems like it's one upmanship in the vause clan and I thought that was pretty interest in. Also on baseball today the my senior mark non semi final start. Can beaches is playing at 1 o'clock and I just Delaware park I believe begins and brownies. And I just a garage I missed. I missed at even at Dickey who was that I don't want to say time and that saint Joe's you know it's not a saint Joe's. Stick it. I was just playing a one mile at Saint Francis is a saint Joe's I definitely counselor and he is Ike is I was at the Saint Francis QBs as I wanted to show once on high amateur. I'm trying to get all this up for a while and I apologize for not paying attention it. 1 o'clock today at Delaware park is saint Joe's he has a completely missed that. Will you give everybody's story you'll understand Oregon please I'm struggling. Mine well. A couple of not. I would about softball action was going and I don't know where you bombers there anywhere over the give me any upsets. Coming up on I don't know why I like focusing on upsets that just intrigued me well you know what it used to be careful use that word Anthony are just a little seed beats a higher it's all right. There is yet because that's my definition of an upset for example off. In a class a will now poses succeed. Much Jack. Third seed will south one they're actually people out there were Colorado and upset now just Roy in the league as are set up right but that is up probably the one that. I'm sure immediately comes to mind before we get into the sections six Tony we should say and 11 o'clock this morning we have. Quote quarterfinals being played for monsignor Martin has signed jags CO. Sunshine park and west Seneca. And east and west road right Nero light Decker road. The 36. Teams and it. Of would be. America ought to cannery playing an ardent and what would be the 45. Game would be mount Saint Mary's vs Saint Mary's of Lancaster. There is no longer a two verses seven and a one vs a team anymore. The first and second teams which would be sacred heart in mouth mercy drop by east and in my senior Murton they do received so. Until games are over today. Sacred fire and mountain mercy aren't sure when their opponents will be Monday for the semi finals. And tentatively Wednesday will be the final at again sunshine park and west Seneca. As far as the section six. Pregame I would say the game I go into this off Monday was the class double A quarterfinals. Ken more west vs Orchard Park move and wise being a second seed. I'm sure. If Ken Wes had a particular opponent for reporter files. I don't think it would have been Orchard Park. Every work house Q1 of my favorites this year is a grandmother who graduated from high school with me she's gonna have her hands full of in Orchard Park lineup. Even know Orchard Park graduated quite a few cap players last year they still have a bunch of girls left to canceling it Brandt did they play in the regular season and who won. I don't believe they played can more or less than a regular season could be wrong. You obviously NFL vs UC had he had what do you all the other determines if they did play I am that aware of it. Others enough the rest of that bracket. Well north will be going to Clarence three vs six sets of Beckham game in my opinion front here and nagger wheat field. I like the winner who comes out of a game as a possible. Could go all the way in double A ball teams are very good. Lancaster will play I believe. I don't have won the game between Niagara Falls and went Seneca Wallace and softball like tiger followed it all tiger involves okay they will be traveling to Lancaster who is a number one seed. I on paper it looks good for Lancaster. On forcing April play these games on paper. Again coming out of double a general mark on you feel I feel anyone an easy team to win. It doubly is that it's a lot of period. A lot of pain by the way I forget the girl's name but one Lancaster is captain. Is about Victoria with her brother in our erosion fellas historian and she is it's like a lot of ground Victorian. I was done well I know in the days there was. Quote unquote our ops that a game I was paying attention to got to go to Cheektowaga. Mayor of outnumbered three hosted. Rented a show Joseph hill his star point crew. Asked our point was I think their word fix me. Who knows the sixth seed is our points spartans beat two thirds of merry real flyers to read it to them and notes on star point. Started the year out they weren't healthy kinda slow start but on Cynthia has been excellent runner on them now but and girls. I know Eldred three to game inning held to Lee but the other really go work word upstart start pointing. Went to the state final four last year they lob him analysts yeah yeah I am also pretty good girls. Gained another game game four or five games Grand Island. Hamburg. Hamburg. It's funny as it feels interest and see what Hamburg would do this year since they play up play to double agent Greg is feasible that down. To aid for the playoffs. Just to test. Test and a good measurement of how good they would be they played a really good Grand Island team that pitcher rich you're only allowed. Two hits and strike out. Our guess other Amer hey remember when it's serious buyers so. That must have been quite the pitching performance grand Allen foresees. Now they will. I'll play will these two law. He handles we don't pretty handily won eleven ultimately was scorn a game so Willie shall play Grand Island. And out west Seneca east will play will solve we mentioned we'll sell to succeed backed off third seed touched act west Seneca east. I believe they want some like the score might have been fired him up than I was at that game I arrived fifteen minutes late and I games started an hour late. Well north kind of wind that their way to while west Seneca. The school bus was involved in an accident 190 near the actions. Who. Mole series in ulee's serious injuries excuse me. Put there was. Between the trainers room gamer and I just paramedics went and seen. There was some girls that were you know probably emotionally and much as anything on shook up and all that felt bad for the seniors is that the way. They wanted to go they were like. You know play that game under optimum conditions and I'm not saying that was an eighty's when laws. And then that happened but still and all I just felt so Bradford and all stammer askew in her. Nor Carolina ladies Jackson is that the way you have to embassies in UCLA. Runs for an hour put up yeah yesterday. With a three ends what is their own thirty. Why already had him then I let's take a break when we come back we'll have more scores in matchups for you and inside high school sports. Are you guys really got to listen. Thanks Bob Hope and what a class act when a bit of insight I school's sports that's out of patch you'll be here taking your calls are here don't you Sports Radio 550. Tony quickly went to mention. One of the quarterfinal games coming over classy. Barker playing it casts a day of reality they figured us into our road trips. Can anybody ran a helicopter and exactly mercy flight which beautifully all another one as a result of the no I just a game was played background hosted go Wanda that similar hike nappy. Akron did win that game and lawyer and they're semi final have to travel for only so we don't have exactly the academy mileage throughout the captain is going I'll coming up early. Sweet I size two B Bernie some gas gas there. However through some of the games that are gonna come up the quarterfinals in baseball PF today's Buffalo News you can go along. Clarence is at number one seed down Lancaster will north and number four she can west Jamestown at number three seed Niagara Falls that's going to be good want. Nagger wheat field at Orchard Park finals are at dusk cellmate we stayed in fact. I believe the files from most of the divisions are going to be held us down sell Mack stadium. In our class a year of we're we're we Amherst pioneer. In 82 we have here Corey defeating. Will pour. Mary fell over lake shore or east or start for a match that. So up and down some great games for you look crossed junkies out there here's a good work for you nagger weak field is at saint Joe's today at noon. And that's a non league game. Probably get nit tuneup before they start playing and then instructional. And then not classy quarterfinals blocked ports at frontier. And in the semi finals on the 26. Locked forefront cheer winner will take on number one seed Orchard Park Lancaster. And it Clarence and those two or rival. Here in with today got three face and a two so that's going to be pretty interest in and in our class B. You had sweet home or Amherst willed east or west cynical last. West Seneca east over here Corey Lee short over a lake shore grand Allen had no score. Is about their classy Wilson against want them to diner against eat in. Newport against Akron Salamanca against East Aurora and the finals are June 2 in all honesty. And girl's softball quickly to a lot of the newest and get the job games called in but. All the hand and I believe reality line and strong were the winners and graded may have. Game in the papers are all all Lee and will play against. Oh speaking of Allegheny limestone they'll be playing our body Jeff Celebrex team maritime charter AM on Monday. So just teams doing very well there's another game Ol and I was in the era record there quarterfinal. Earned their pre quarterfinal will be hosting. New strain in any game new free got a traveled around all in. There's an agent and a walk in the park either now you're back to back it up like it down there not an excellent. And Allegheny limestone to brief whisper so there will be coming north to play the homestead dolls. So I thought the classy Cleve you gotta win there is data holes Monday. And girls lacrosse now I know talked a little bit about boys lacrosse OP Hamburg in actor not a team to be boys lacrosse. Girls lacrosse we talked about lecture last week I want to shut out sailor Scanlon. Junior scored a 200 goal to the late show with sixteen you know. Season and see the second all time leading scorer with a year ago first start time how he Jemison that Albany she only scored. Eight more goals in the zone. Sale is probably commissioner. And died girls across the Clarence against weave through east in my senior Marten all playoffs semi finals. Morrow mercy against Buffalo Sam mossy Mary's against sacred heart Thursday. And news at Nichols. Haven't there's though the round up guys Cheektowaga stellar looking good boy men deeply now. It's a crazy time of year when you get to the playoffs and you know there look at proms and stuff Kono graduation. His parents got there has got to be spinning. But look at it this way you're going to be on vacation and about a month so. Look at it that way all right they can make theories out of pot just come up next we'll talk to you next week with more inside high school sports.