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08/15/16 - Beyond Reality Radio - Small town monsters with Seth Breedlove

Aug 16, 2016|

08/15/16 - Small town monsters with Seth Breedlove - this film series focuses on the real stores of strange, and otherworldly events that have been reported in small towns across American and are chronicled in the Small Town Monster film series

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Other weekend so much money night and it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason was in Jeannie Johnson. I am I am hello everybody out there and beyond reality radio land yeah I'm in South Carolina loving it out here. It's beautiful state always been on my favorite places and been hanging out on Myrtle Beach I can't go wrong with that though. It's been brutal when it's been brutally and yet excessively. Yes I think most of the country's feeling manna appear in upstate New York were. You know it's actually starting to cool off a little bit but man for good we can have is just an absolutely grueling. They don't forget we've got to had a chat room is alive and well and full of activity stop by the web site beyond reality radio dot com during the show and join the chat. They chat rooms filled with discussion about our topics plus just a lot of things in general Jason nighter in the chat room try to catch. Some comments now and then and offer our opinions but it's it's all part of the U beyond reality radio experience. Have silly and tomorrow I will be back in studio Jim I won't be able to be down here dream anymore rum runners and make you jealous all the in the studio back in Rhode Island. And I'm looking forward to it it's I'd love getting away with the life and and so forth but you've definitely got to get back to the kids. You know I always say after you have occasion you need to get home to actually get some rest of the Al you know let's say you needed vacation away from vacation you know we got a really special project for everyone tonight we want you to go to our FaceBook page which is just FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio all one word. And stop in and give us like on FaceBook we really don't see those numbers jump up and it's kind of a little experiment would love to see him go through the roof. If you're already on the FaceBook page do us a favor and get it out they shared for us again and let other national itself learned I want to really try to get as many people to that is possible. And then there's also snapped Chet and instead Graham. Don't forget the told free listened line is 8446877669. Will take listener calls later in the show. But tonight's guest what are we talking about small town monsters you know almost every town or at least every region. Has some kind of full lore or legend of some mysterious creature or some tennis citing Barry you'll fall or this that the other thing. And Seth breedlove it has. Developed a series of films that are designed to highlight. These types of stories his first one is called the mineral monster. And we'll be talking about that the Seth is gonna tell us about some of these stories that he's uncovered across the country. What he's done research them how we put them to film and teaches little bit about small town monsters across America. Well he talks about a month old different pairs of monsters monsters. He's got the beast of white hole which believes in New York is an attempt. I think so yeah yeah and he also gets into them the legend of buggy creek. And the list goes on and on and it is a lot of it while it's all based off of true accounts that happened throughout the years. He's created these these documentaries on and it's really interest in this. And then later in the week we'll have David Serena. It's on Tuesday we'll talk UFO's he's a UFO enthusiasts that. Was basically inspired by the Roswell incident 1947 has been searching for answers ever sensed. Wednesday it's Doug ward we're gonna talk about where wolf sightings lost cities lost secret society gold. And even more with Doug on Wednesday Thursday it's Mike Rick sector he's the author of a number of books including the ghost story in case files series. And I didn't want to mention that even though it's not on the list to talk about next Monday a week from tonight we've got a special guest. Actor Vincent ward who was in the TV series the Walking Dead is gonna come on and chat with a us about the Walking Dead. That's awesome that's gonna be pretty cool. That is the history yeah that's awesome and I mean if if your remember his character and I'm trying to I'm blanking on the name of the character and nobody was when the inmates in the prison with season was that 34 thirds probably that was the fourth seasons here in the prism that sounds right so he's gonna talk about what you know his experience. While making the Walking Dead some of the other stuff he's done and he's got a lot of inside knowledge so between the one that took took via the bullet as there are just randomly talking. And I think so yeah I think so. And it was be great leadership so that's a week from tonight. I also wanna match before we go to our break to bring our first guest in. Well there's a report that actually showed up in the the express which is the an English and UK newspaper aren't online newspaper guests. And they are doing their reporting on some scientists today have confirmed. According to these scientists that there is in fact life after death. While that then case salt to get ahead of us you're the paranormal anymore and we're good. Well these scientists heads have determined that consciousness. Continues even once a person has died he said and in a large scale study more than 2000 people were studied. And they determined that. Once the heart stops thoughts continue. In the human body in the human brain for up to three minutes. Originally it was thought that the brain activity will stop within thirty seconds well I don't honest. When they would say that Jim because it it's been that's been known forever because the Japanese it was a big thing where. When they would cut your head off the end and you know 10200 years ago they would lift up your head and turned around to view your body. And that was that was on a normal thing for them to deal. I'm so. And that so that's been known that mean they hear your brain still functioning for quite awhile after. Well according to lead researcher Dan doctor Sam hernia he said contrary your perception death is not at a specific moment. But a potentially reversible process that occurs after any severe illness or accident causes the heart. Lungs and brain to cease functioning he said if attempts are made to reverse this process it's referred to his cardiac arrest however if the attempts are not successful. It's called death. They studied 2060. Patients from Austria the US and the UK. And they said 40% of them said they were called some form of awareness after being pronounced clinically dead. So technically if they could just figure out a way to keep the bring going for longer. The fact of the Walking Dead could become real. So that we have even more productive and some more about you know what I mean we've than we've been waiting and hoping Imus over pumps give discount. This this doctor says it this whole source survey and research suggests that more people may have mentally activity initially. But lose their memories after they recover that's could be. Due to a brain the brain injury or city native drugs. But the interesting thing here is that there was a 57 year old man in this is probably the most important finding of the study. He had an out of body experience. He was able to work Paul wind very precise accuracy what was going on around him after he had quote uncle died. And the Doctor Who did this research said this is significant since it's often been assumed. That experiences in relation to death are likely to hallucinations are illusions occurring either before the heart stops or after the hard has been successfully restarted. But they haven't been considered. And an out of body experience. In nor have they be considered to be attached to real events while the heart isn't beating but in this case. This gentleman's consciousness and awareness was confirmed. During the three minutes where he had no heartbeat because he was able were able to recall specific events that he could not have known otherwise. Parent so gym where where you are New York State how closely does Pennsylvania border. I am about to don't have. OK so you're gonna wanna be careful because of the Pennsylvania lake in investigation team. Is once again I'm going to have to head out into the field and concentrate on specific locations in different areas of Pennsylvania us. Because likens. Have been reported in and likens for those you out there who are familiar with Boykins com. There's some believe that there Wear wolves other believes that their shape shifting type creatures that take on where wolf type look but. Supposedly they've been seen in central Blair coney. Southwest center center at central county north central county. And yet so I'm Muslim people in central or north central our church group. And you're dealing with the where wolf issue and so defense is any is being overrun where Wilson's. It would appear it would appear that yeah we'll let you gotta be a great conversation with Doug ward who was or guest when Wednesday night he is actually search for werewolves so UPU citizens and I'm not so and so like the American werewolf in London it's. American werewolf in Pennsylvania yeah. And grow the virus on. And it's very hard Iowa he'll listen to Jason and JB and beyond reality revealed right back. They gave its TV from beyond reality radio and I just want to remind you that scared con is approaching quickly we need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. What is scary condi masked his skirt and as a fan convention for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the scourge that we can include celebrities from your favorite. And TV shows you need vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about scary kind check out the website it's Garrett con dot com. Also subscribe to email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. From October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. Can be the best week in and year and you don't want to miss it visit the website it's scary con dot com that's Gary Condit dot com for all the latest information. Don't forget to check out FaceBook page seeds here gun. And our guests tonight. Actually is sent breedlove who. Is a filmmaker and a researcher in investigative journalist and a screenwriter. And a podcast host and Seth done. Is actually responsible for a film series called small town monsters witches in independent series. That explores lost in bizarre history around the United States and my nerve a monster was the first in the series and we're gonna talk about that film. And some of these stories with Seth welcome to beyond reality radio Seth. Hey thanks. Thanks for coming on. So goes Seth you mom have a lot to talk about the before we get into any of the specifics about the film or any of the stories Tulsa little bit what began your fascination with these small town. Monster stories. Yeah I I think every town has their own kind of like a local or legendary monster and when I was a kid. In in this small town I grew up in Ohio. A bomb it was called Bolivar it's only about fifteen to forty minutes from the town a man nerve which was the subject at the first breach but we had her own monster when arms Korean I think some of it just had to do with my fascination with what. Inspired. Kind of the story behind. That story in Italy cute you hear these these legends passed around by. Other kids usually when your kid and you tell children the story and exposed to scare you or whatever and I always thought terrorists. Probably some sort of reality behind that. And you know whatever was whether it was actual upper walking or covered monster or. You know some some hoax or whatever started I was bush can fascinated by what was behind the legend speech and then how they influenced the talent. And did the culture of the area. You know we're we're of these things can to take place and you know when we got into the subject it just kind of took took on election that's honest thinking but I but I hearken back to that a lot is like who as a kid you know what what scared me about these things and and that's kind of what. Were you know. Trying to explore. Well I think every town and every kid probably has memory of foot in their neighborhood house may be dead. But that's the haunted house down at the end of the street or. Or do us a section of woods old we we never go in there because Joey saw some kind of creature in their one time you know those that have to think you're talking about. Yeah exactly that's it in in the town I grew up in there is at the legend about a monster who lived in an abandoned train tunnel and if you went out near this. Train tunnel you were you were destined to be. Eviscerated by the sub monster that supposedly. Lived in this tunnel so yeah exactly and every child does have their own legend they haven't you know the guy with a hook hander. In the haunted house whatever it might be and but but what's fascinating about those those stories is that really you feel like a lot of times. There is some sort of reality behind something initially inspired that storage start. You know whether or not it took on election John McCain blown completely out of proportion or not third there's something that that actually brought that story about. Well because one thing Seth a lot of times these stories are originated either from parents trying to keep their kids away from certain areas. Or from other children in the area just trying to spook children and and keep them from you know making bats or whatever it is you know we'll see if you if you hear. Not scared enough you can go and do the best. But a lot of times from there they grow on me they really becoming amplified but there are those stories out there that do you have. Experiences where people have experienced these things and seen these things and that is what created this huge a huge story that just really keeps on rolling the inning bigger and bigger correct. Yes yes and and what's fascinating about what we're doing is despite being called spot Hamas or so far the three movies we Donna Paul focused on kind of big foot type creatures. Arm and obviously we want to. Bridge out beyond that eventually but for now we're kind of focusing on these first three stories that we. I've been so involved in but what's what's really curious about them is for all these legends there're so many legends of upright in her covered. You know bigfoot like creatures stalking. Small towns around around the country and I do find it fascinating that there are so many crypt it's out there supposedly but bigfoot just pop so constantly. In these small town legends you know and sometimes the name. In other mineral monster when I first heard that as a kid I had no idea what that was and then later and find out you know it's a it's a big foot type creature shameless party creek and same with these two White Hall so despite the fact that there are so many. Small town monsters. As so many of them end up being upright walking creatures. With the red glowing eyes. So when you started when you decided that you wanted to make a film series to tell these tales. How did you research begin where did you start collecting the stories it sounds like the mineral monster was something that actually might event. Geographically. Local TO we here in Ohio. And some assuming that you had just heard of it as as is it child or young adult. But what about the other stories it how did you start to develop your list of stories you wanted to tell. Well the smoke tell monsters was originally a book proposal that I put together and the worst fires individual stories within the in the book and and each chapter or section of the book is gonna kind of focus on each case and dig into the reality behind those stories not just you know the legend and everyone orders years. So bomb I spent a lot of time. Kind of investigating stories that I thought might be you know. Big ones stories that people might be well aware of her you know and would always pops up our in our Whitehall. On the Pacific northwest like willow creek. And foul Arkansas. And and we've done you know the blog decreased story now that's one were working on currently at Whitehall. Was. Our second film but her from Gloucester had never been hurt oats. From outside of the seventies release it it kind of disappeared after the senate despite being at the center of this huge. Flap that wins covered you know by. By international media and all sorts of stuff I mean it was an extremely. Popular case when it was going on but it kind of disappeared after the seventies. And down. So what inspired us. There were inspired meter really going to use that story wasn't. Simply geographical location I just really felt like that story was so cold as it was really. Unlike a lot of these stories that that story is about one particular family. And their interaction with this creature and then after. There shortly kind of broke out and hit the EP. The newswire. It it became this huge media sensation and then they ended up with all these you know drunken patron honors roaming around their property and electronic stuff so. So each story am finding out has its own little. Quirks you know with with the White Hall it was the fact that there were. All these law officers involved and you know. Compiling the information for each cases is for me it's it's a huge part of the fun working on the breweries as well as in you to call these people talk to them it's hear their stories from them from and then gather in things like you know police reports and things like that. It's it's for me it's kind of an endless. It's been an endless cycle working on one movie after an ax because we've made by the time we finish body. Well made three movies in about two years ago. But it's I do enjoy the research probably as much ado the filmmaking what. Did you find. I'm curious to know as you. As we sit here in 2016 you look back it's something that took place in 1978 for example and obviously your point media clips and there was no Internet in 1978 for people to communicate with the what type of differences in the presentation of these stories. Did you find. From 1978 to say a bigfoot sighting that might might hit the Internet today. Yeah I mean honestly I don't know that how much has changed arm. I guess what I what I typically now and other cases. You knows but not not the murder case but in other cases you'll see kind of took the newspaper. Poking fun at the people that. And I was wondering yes that's who are wondering if they took at the same way if there is serious about it is some of the folks might be now this is. That's what it's crazy about them nervous story is the Barbara Galloway who is at the article she she broke all the articles for the Akron Beacon Journal which is one of lawyers papers in the state. Ohio arm she covered. You know the case she was out at their house for about two weeks. To the point where she would sit on their portrait dying you know with with the sheriff kind of hoping this thing which show up again. Armed she took the story very seriously. The key repository which covered it is well they they covered it a little more tongue in cheek but the Akron beacon. Which is kind of the focus in our movie we talked to Barbara she's in the and so on they took it very seriously where as. I just I think in other cases that I've seen there's a very tongue in cheek kind of take it with a White Hall case has kind of you know it's poke fun at these kids that claimed to have seen this thing law officers secured for about a thumb. But demeanor cases definitely different she was I think it I think it really came down to the fact that Barbara was much more open. To their story because she grew up and lived in there. And it geographical location she understood them she understood the people out there probably think in cheek. She kind of had an inkling that these people weren't lying to her or making this up for attention just they didn't want. Attention so I think things have changed just bomb. It in other parts of the country in other stories from I don't see as much of a poking fun. Angle to to a lot of citing stories anymore but then again I don't know that I see as many exciting stories. As they did in the seventies seems like in the seventies the newspapers focused on act on a single case. Whereas now I I noticed that typically if a newspaper or television or something like that covers an article. Her current puts out an article about it the subject that covers you know it's more of a more odd like this is big foot in Ohio. Seth again thanks for joining us and said you started. In the small town media is that right. I guess we'll that's my business it's like a part of small town monsters kind of what we produced movies through. But that's the company. Yeah got you okay. So I'm Jason said before we went to break that when we came that we wanted to get into the nuts and bolts of the sooner Vermont's two story monster story. So what do you start to tell the story as you learned about it from your research. Yeah what role would the matter of a monster cases something that I was vaguely aware of having grown up pretty. Chemical lists at two manner from that but mostly and you hit a family that lived off the Lincoln highway had seen in a creature. I'm on a hill behind their house back in 1978 that was the story that I do but when asserted researching I found out that it was a kind of a couple week long. Event that took place that was covered heavily by a local media and eventually by international media with smokers coming in from Germany Japan it. It I knew that you know once once they eat that story kind of broke in the local media. Bomb hunters started descending on this family's home and all sorts of craziness erupted but at the heart of at all is this creature this operate creature. It's an unusual description of a creature as it wasn't super. Super tall you know you're you know X 67 foot tall it's not a massive. I think in height but it was covered in hair and it's a very 1970s. And it report it's it's it's covered so much hair that's kind of all you seize this. Walking mile kind of looked at this creature. They they reported that the that the pitchers throwing rocks on to their house and just. Basically being in nuisance all the eventually they they kind of refer to it as a head. But won't come strange thing it and kind of what kicked everything off was that the the monster had actually. Killed their dog according to the scrambling they they found their dog. Ripped out of its collar with its next map to wall morning. And arm. They they found the other dollar hiding under a doghouse worded dogleg six foot tunnels assaulting and Tenet terrified this thing and they called the police on the next night after the dog incident because while the Stanley was having it get together. They saw this creature come down off the hill and kind of stare at them and I think it even started to act aggressively coming toward the tremors that called the police the police came out now is when the story broke and it had been newswire bomb went when we got out to meet her and actually start. Filming the movie what we found was that. And they case actually went back further than we had realized that Kate Chamblee had been having interaction with this monster her. At least two years prior to possibly longer to the point work. How the K eight news in the film was the youngest member of McCain trailing at the time from. He told us that. That there is an incident where him and some friends were walking around the pond to and they saw this. Monster. And I think you referred to it at that time they thought it was an old man in the woods you know we can creepy old man in the woods they saw this thing down by the pond and him and his friends actually attempted to jump it. And according to him is through them into the ground and hit the back of his Brothers and his and is supposedly has broached on the scar. But for sure lamb but it. At that physical evidence yet so we'll see some sort of evidence that this this story took place but it. They were having pretty frequent interactions with this creature for years before and up till today. So and and during the course of the movie making the move and we also found other people from around the community who perhaps sightings can't even. I get citing reports from and are probably once or twice a month people telling me about their signing and and a lot of them do you go back to the seventies in fact. Rahm. On Friday of last week I was down in new Philadelphia which is that closer talent from her end. There's this strange coincidence where I got out of my car at a library and a lady across from me got out of her car holding my movie. And I ended up talking to her for a minute about the movie she told me she had been sort cited terrific actor she groped on a matter. And she said that her grandparents are actually own property. Back behind where McCain's list and they said during the summer of 78 something large and black came to their window. Multiple times. And steered in the windows some word sheets first covered creature. Mom and and that's a common report. From the nerve during that same Summers that. You know the cadence obviously says that this thing or. Who seem to be extremely curious would come to their windows look in the windows but there's also another family the list on the other side hill kittens and had. Similar stories they had an old mobile home. And their youngest son recounted seeing this thing come to his window. Many nights. Our hold that thought we take another break when we come back when it toppled the more about the type of evidence. That exist to support the claims and that ended up in the film. It's beyond reality radio Jason and GB. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right after an arrest. When you need to subscribe to taps her magazine now's your chance to do it at a special rate. The best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. And re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website its taps her bag dot com that's capture paramedic dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's capped her. Where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Error magazine again go to the website tab CarMax dot com. That's caps paramedics got there can't use promo code beyond just say. Welcome back on violent ideologies and GP. We're talking with the success read a little a little small town monsters now set the real quickly on. One thing I do I want to ask you were talking about people have been dealing with this since 1970. Correct. Yes it even prior to that means or where we have a sighting report in the movie from the 1940s. Okay well and now in the years you were saying that the a lot of these people have been dealing with this thing Fulton over the last forty years approximately and what why at this point it wouldn't. There be footage. And a video footage picture footage hair sample anything anything that would help back up. That this creature does exist. You answered your question I I've spoken to the family. There's the kings are extremely closed off on that fact before us they had never spoken to it took media. Of any kind about the story from finding bigfoot had tried to get them on the show anyone anything to do with that months before we came. Arms so for me it was more than I was a local and I managed to kind of formulate her relationship with them they trust me except we're the first people to get them to come on cure to tell their story. They're they're extremely closed off also they don't need it according to them. See I'm I'm in the same boat as you I wanna Cecil. Yeah I just mean you'd use there's other people besides them who had experiences or who have died this creature over the last forty years. I just and that's the one thing and always drives me crazy it is all these people with these. He's bigfoot sightings or these weird creatures sightings or anything of that nature. But they never seem to have a camera or what do which everybody's got a Smartphone Tuesday's it irritates you at two seconds spent a picture or somehow get some sort of evidence that would help. Help. It's just back up any of these claims or prove the existence. Yeah I agree I with the cadence they do you have photos unfortunately being held them until after the movie camera and then make and you keep them to us one night. Hum the photos that they took I haven't seen them my producers I was not unfortunately at the event or they showed them motivation their quickest at the very close arch the so they showed it to reverse longer for deep shock and my producer to tell me what's in the photo is today he said it's it's kind of a black outline he said it does look like it's something standing marriage is what great shadow but they do you have photos. Something so it but I agree I mean it it's one of the first string things about the subject of of bigfoot is is we don't have those photos are we don't have the the DNA evidence that we need in an all that kind of stuff with this story there was a lot of evidence supposedly listed from the scene by various people there works. Photographs taken by these two Brothers from. Boris A Youngstown and that seems summer. But they destroyed them eventually there was scanner. Taken from the forest by someone. Who claimed that they had analyzed it it was definitively bigfoot scat I don't know and you do that. Tom you know back in the seventies definitively state. Exactly you and I both know that a claim like that is he might as well thrown out the window because it's it's blatantly not true. And I cannot imagine who'll match it up again split. And that's the thing I'm I'm I'm a believer in the ones I wanna believe had I do I wanna believe that there's a big photo there wanna believe. In all these creatures that just drives me crazy that nobody seems to be able to. It just hit record I'm on the phone or hit record and a camera snapped a picture or. Those who supposedly have them are so tight lipped I'm letting anybody seen them and that that always makes Sheehan lets you sit back and wonder why am that. Yes I mean I there is the roses fade than usual jawbone taken from the com. But behind McCain's house that was sent to a university for testing. Com and we have various stories on what. Happened with that jawbone in in the movie. The police's. They're the sheriff at times says that it was identified as a how all the job on or couch but we were told by other people that was never definitively stated by anyone because the university. Where was sent lost that job on which they definitely did that the jawbone was lost it was never. Actually seen after it was sent to the university but we don't know if they identified it before was lost or after so. Come. But I agree I mean there's no there's no great to talk to my knowledge and in my opinion. I do love these stories but I'm I still remain on the skeptical side of things not that I don't believe I just I'm like Euro wanna believe these things up so fascinated by the subject. But. But analysts say yeah. Alone as usual for myself. Exactly it's you know the proof is is in the evidence to totally get it and I respect what you mean. We're talking with Seth breedlove the filmmaker who blues is responsible for the series of films. Hold small town monsters particularly the manner monsters or discussion right now. We're gonna take a break in just a minute Seth but when we come back I do want you to kind of recount frost the actual. Testimony and evidence that you were able to substantiate regarding governor from monster in that you do featuring your film. On to give us a sense of you know how many people either witnessed this creature or had some kind of direct contact with the family while the events were happening is that that some and we can do after the break Daria yes definitely that's great okay. You're listening to be on reality ready would Jason NJ people. We're talking about small town monsters we've set free love the filmmaker who brought us these. Small town monster film series and specifically were chatting about. The nerve a monster before we go back to Seth I do wanna remind you Jason we are urging people to check out the FaceBook page for beyond reality radio give delight. Say hello. And and year yet and share it what your friends know about it and stop and say hi there 'cause we also we post a lot of stuff related to the program. On the FaceBook page as the night progresses. Little later in the program we will take listener calls that number's 8446877669. Don't forget tomorrow night will be chatting about UFO's with David Serena right now though. It is assessed breedlove were talking about the men are from monster Seth before I went to break we are talking about evidence. And I mean obviously there was some stuff does substantiated. This family's claim what was it. That the. Best thing that we have in my opinion is the police report. Because the police report from the the cadence encounter on incidents it it kind of backs up a lot of what they said. Com and definitely. Hearkens back to the fact that this family was definitely experiencing something 'cause your getting. You're getting the sheriff's. His actual opinion that that when he arrives at the scene. The Stanley seems to be terrified of something to the point where he continues coming out over the course the rest of the week. Including bringing out other members of law enforcement the next game. Actually searched the woods on horseback and by Jeep. So. If that's always been my eight is the thing that I turn to you as being. You know at least backing up that something's going on there I do think that there were enough other reports from the the surrounding area from that same summer that tarnished. Substantiate what went on. With them you know that third. It doesn't seem like this was a black bear. Miss identified. You know when you're talking about the kings thinking to accounted seeing this thing come down off the hill walk right up to their kitchen window on the mother grabbed the shock on a pointed it at the creature. Through the window other members of the family and coward Bryant her. Rahm and it it turned around walked back up balls hills so. Some thing something unusual is going on here you know they're there. It's it's frustrating two for me because I've talked to so many people from the nerve an ever won. Out there has kind of a different opinion what went on you know I've been told by people who live there that it was a a black pair must identify Blackburn have been told by people there that it was a guy and a in it in a gorilla costume piece to scare people who run around scare people each play. Come you when you're dealing with with all of these hunters in it when we were talking about hunters are not. You know I'm not talking three or four guys that came more from kitten Herschel and we're talking there were so many hunters. Looking for bigfoot in the woods or McCain's house. That they were parking up and down the Lincoln highway and at one point the police had to shut down on the Lincoln highway because they had blocked there were so many cars. Parked on both sides of the road that they actually had blocked the Lincoln highway. There're that many people out working her. For bigfoot in the woods Rahm we were told by the chair he had to go up into the woods in chase guys out of the woods. To get them out of the area because this is a this is partly property McCain's house there there's. Drunken you know guys with guns runner on the became property and they've got kids and I mean they're resident there is a bit of pandemonium. In manner in that summer of seventy. What was the bigger danger or big nuisance to the family this creature or the people out looking for it. The people. Looking for a day they they were to the point where they wanted the creature. Left alone they'd they came to consider it. A family head inside the first newspaper article that ran in the beacon journal about them referred you. Demon or monster as the cage family's pet so despite having killed their dog. And Dem originally feeling kind of scared of it they'd they came to feel like it was just a member of the family. Seth. Was it about the mid 1970s. I mean. Jason I talk about it all the time you had the Amityville. Story had a conjuring the story you had the story that was the basis for the exorcist. You have this story you have I mean the Paterson film was a little pre dated 1970 a little bit. But what was going on in that timeframe. Late sixties through 1980 basically. That seemed to fuel these stories. Loyalty and was even beyond that sets is the list goes on on media being manned Orion is area in the beast. Landed in borrowers whatever was in North Carolina. And but it all seemed to really spiked up through the seventies just an annoyance among them and was demonic creatures. End to end our movies I mean beast. Whitehall. Whitehall the white collar incident was during 76. And the party creek village of Barney creek film came out 1972. You got Momo and yes I mean it's it seems like there's the sensing spike. During that time period I've always wondered though if it wasn't just a sack that the media was more willing to cover. Individual cases much more in depth than they are today. Right and I would really. Votes are. It also that was and also a win win was in search of argument wasn't that in the seventies yeah early seventies and through the mid seventies definitely yeah which really could've created that whole public awareness and also. And just now everybody really all of a sudden having experiences. I don't know if you remember the insurgent or Leonard and anymore yeah actually host of the show. Which was a great show but it talked a lot about these things. And you know everything just seemed to really explode during during that decade. See I think these sightings still taken place I think these flaps are still taking place that debt. Almost create a local legend there you know local. Since say he shouldn't I I really just don't see a lot of us media covering individual cases like they used to know back in the day. If decay and Stanley reports a bigfoot sighting on their property. And they call the police and the police come out in hits the local media and the media comes out recover that case and they covered the case for multiple days to cover it per week and a half I know of other cases. In the past two to three years were families called the police and the police came out and local mediating go cover that. You know so I've I'm I'm almost just wondering if it's not. That the stories don't really have the opportunity take on outlay for their own. Like they did back in the seventies maybe during the seventies do porch so excited about the idea. Of these because of those pop pop culture. You know. Touched on that we're taking place around that same time you know is your talk about the extra cyst is is in theaters reinsert shows on TV and all the big you know kind of big for documentaries are coming out you know allege in a body you're coming up and sent to. And NEA you can break it down to dislike in ghosts I threw ghost hunters came around 2004 it was late paranormal claims skyrocketed and every other group out there are groups reforming everywhere it shows reforming everywhere everybody's having experience meant. Then it rolled into. Young actually you know there's all these apps being designed for phones where you can now and now potentially it's it was insane so yeah it is definitely seem. Very much like a crypt dues. Zoology. Just explosions seemed to happened back then so. Yeah no I agree and I love that this is the thing about that gotta love those I love that time period so economics or especially in film. We we love to be alert Harken back to the seventies kind of vibe and and we were inspired by that by the seventies documentaries you know accident. In search than and the famous monsters action and Canada's there's class except school watch you know others. Does documentaries so when when you watch her films I think they're very infused with the seventies kind of still making five infect we've been asked about an optional Brussels and thinks like that so especially with the next with the board electric monster burger you were working on it's extremely. Seven easy excuse to bend and a lot of that has to do with the fact that we love those that time period in those documentaries. We've been talking with Seth breedlove. Specifically about small town monsters in the nerve a monster really take our. Break here when we come back we're gonna talk a little bit more about some of the other stories. That Seth has abroad to film and intends to bring film it's beyond reality reading Jason GP. And we are talking about small town monsters before we get back with their guests Seth breedlove let's remind you tomorrow night we've got David Serena talking about. UFO's and his quest to find them sees them document them. Ever since Roswell and actually. Rely on Wednesday and Wednesday we've got Doug ward he searched for lost cities tracked where wolf sightings hunted down gold hidden by civil war secret societies. This goes on on yup Thursday is another great show to Mike Rick sector author of the ghost story in case files and next Monday a week from tonight. Vincent ward who is a well pretty well known actor who was in number of the episodes of the Walking Dead we're gonna talk with him about his experience. Filming the Walking Dead what he thinks of this series in general in the hole. Zombie genre and how popular it is and notes taken TV by storm. You think he knows who you can hit with the that I daddy does. An endless let's lesser figure Elena. One more thing we'd like to have you do if you haven't had a chance to stop by their FaceBook page at beyond reality radio please do give us a light can share when your friends. We'd love to have you do that and also while we're talking with Seth if you got a small town monster story of your own something that happened in your community will you were growing upper living there. Give us a call in listener line 8446877669. Let's welcome Seth back to the program. Seth is the freelance investigative journalist a film director screenwriter of podcaster. And a lot more and seven have been having a great time talking about them and Iraq monster with a here tonight. Yet so it's always fun talking about this case to 'cause it's it's so in depth and now weigh in on a seeker where we've been talking about revisiting. This case for future Marie tears so there's there's we have kind of endless material we kid. We can kind of hit there we never got two in the first Marie plus justice filmmakers were four earned so much since winner of a monster. We'll see you said something about a photograph they didn't have access to while you made the film originally is that the type of thing you you will look to reintroduce to a new version of the of the movie. There were definitely I especially would like to bring in that kind of thing and then also we have other stories we've weeks. Come across since then and there's other members of the family who have put to turn in her view. Now such a real quick I'm. On all these stories you talk about the beast of white wait all the and of course minera. The legend a buggy creek do you think that these creatures are one in this is not the same individual but that in the same the same exact type of creature. Yes yeah I mean I and you know when it comes in. Ten down to this type of stuff you're kind of just theorizing that Timmy from everything I've heard and in behavior and all that. They it all seems to line up like especially with these three cases in particular with miracle like all. And bought B. The behavior that you peer across all the cases seems similar and the descriptions. They vary a little bit you know one creature I have more higher than the other. But more or less for talking about it and a blanket. Upright walking her cover being. And I don't personally subscribe to the you know multiple. Species of big for its idea. So to me this this just sounds like you the same creatures you know in in different parts of the country. Well and just just like the human race where you have. If you have the Asian population the American population via. And and so forth of course there. There can be and do the same creature but it and would look very different in different areas to slate sculpture some skunks and some areas are. Totally different color than the ones we see in new England and and it just goes on tomorrow. Yet yet regionally I think there there would definitely be physical. Differences from place to place that the biggest physical difference we've noticed is is the red eyes the glowing red eyes. Rom because in the White Hall case there was something we kept coming up but in the other case we've done it's not necessarily something you hear every time someone. Talks about a sighting. But it was true with all these creatures whiny and why do you think we have not actually been been able to find one or. Come across one especially with the whole. Eight and expanding it caring downed trees and and moving further and further into the forest. It's it's just it's mind boggling that we haven't and come across one or somehow boxed one in. And and been able to find. Yeah I've farm putting on my believer cap I'm I'm I'm gonna say that they're extremely. Anti social and they don't want anything to do with humans and then that they can tell when a cameras pointed at them and that they can see the infrared you know and and then they know to avoid trail cameras and all that kind of stuff I mean there's this soil has various Citic and it when they die maybe it's it's just that their pick ground. You don't empowers the body here or at their bare heater they've carried around. I mean there's there's endless amounts us you know positive. Probe makes it responses to that question. Down put I have the same questions you'd you I mean why don't have a body why don't have a picture. I mean it's it's part of what drives my interest in this subject is the skepticism. Associated with that on my own part of Maynor really would like to settle the sperm assaults because I see enough this year to make it invalid field to look into. Armor and I think there are you know legitimate scientists and biologists your parents think it's valid subject to work into your palm. But I don't have the answers to any of that stuff for months that's part of what continues to drive me to look into these cases and and continue to searcher for missiles. Well just like me with the with the paranormal dealing with the season and things of that nature always trying to figure I'll be answered my partner. So the self let's move on from the mineral monster let's talk about your next project and that is to be some way help correct that's the next one. That was the winery did yet that that was the one we did after a nerve. Com we did that we film that last summer and it was originally supposed to be a little ten minute YouTube short and ended up becoming a forty minute short films screened all over the country screened in Los Angeles few months ago it's one of words that don't hustles orally. Extremely proud of that project it's it's very personal small scale film even compared to. To the first move we made in especially compared to the one we just finished make yours is the party tree fell. I'll put that story is as fantastic and it and it centers around three kids that solace. I creature offer a rural road back in 1976. And they reported it to law enforcement who. Eight members of law enforcement accompanied them back out to the road and all eleven. Of them had a sighting at this creature in her field. Tell us more what in what what did they think it was what do the police say year law enforcement say when they saw what did you get the same kind of satisfaction. From the police reports in that case as you did with the governor of monster reports it's just a completely different typist. Are from are nervous centers on this one Stanley and and white holes a lot bigger than that in some ways seemingly it's a lot bigger than that. But it comes down to just a few people because unfortunately. A lot of these people passed away. From which we find you know with a lot of these older stories from nineteen series six's result is a while ago and and at the times some of these people were in their forties and fifties and I have passed on so. From what we found it is a story that had roots in the Adirondacks themselves. Arms so wild wild beast of Whitehall is about the white all incidents it's it kind of focuses on the Adirondack Mountains and how. Pick for it influences the culture that entire region. On and how this one particular little extra case kind of exploded in. In in a lot of ways made. Upstate New York tended to the big foot capital the East Coast they their truck they're starting the town of oil starting your embrace that. Moniker but it focuses on that and then it folks is on the the police officers who were there that night the things they saw. Bomb did the incidents that followed that the eight bear incidents is the tagline for the movie and a prayer room which is where this incident took place. Tom but the Aybar incident was a series of events that went on over the course about a week. A week. And a half I'd save more more like ten days. Come back in 1976 and it it was more than just a wanna encounter it was that encounter and then the next night another. Law enforcement officer and another. To law enforcement officers actually had a sighting of this creature out in this field. Com and then there were is a report of a man who claimed to have shot at the creature. Bomb at a house not far from a rare to actually read on the other side retreat lines from neighbor around the arms so so we kinda covered. You know what happened Aybar rude in 1976 and then how it influenced the culture of this enormous. Sectioned it's one particular state. So it got a little bit bigger in a way than amid nervous Dick has made her it was very much focused on adjustment or. But beast well focuses on on you know a larger kind of regional influence that picks what has had and how that their region. But use the subject which is not. Entirely positive I mean there's a lot of ridicule associated with that the 1976 incidents and not. I kinda feel like upstate New York today still is not a big fan of bigfoot. So we'll see if that changes at that that's that's kind of the focus of our movie. Well especially as a kid growing up there initially before moving to Rhode Island and growing up in New York State we used to go camping up in the under atomic bombs all the time and dead area is monsters people don't realize and just how huge that area is so. And it it's not far fetched to think that something could he could live there without ever being seen. Big game it's TV from beyond reality radio when I just want to remind you that scared con is approaching quickly we need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. What is scary kind mask his skirt and as a fan convention for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the skirt and we can include some liberties from your favorite. And TV shows he vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about scary kind check out the website it's Garrett con dot com. Also subscribe to email list for frequent updates scare kind is being held September 30. Rocked over second and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. Can be the best week in and year and you don't want to miss it. Visit the website it's scary con dot com. That's Gary Condit dot com for all the latest information. Don't forget to check out FaceBook. Peach seeds here on. It was August of 1978. Our shift started at 1030 an assignment today it was sheriff's office. You know and in my area I got a call to go to my house on. Lincoln street needs to grow up there Saturday and when I got out of the car and meant to people in their house who Wear. Obviously distressed a what they described to me was hearing. Rocks is there something hit the reason there. First Garcia is 6367. Covered here. Just like fish and yeah rang up. Anyway. Test maybe more here. Muscular. It was. As a trailer of the audio at least from the trailer of the nervous monsters film that does says Reid left introduced us to the nerve monsters the first of the small town monster series of films. Seth do you mind if we take a call we have a listener who liked to share a Leo a small town monster story of their own. Awesome I love that stuff Youkilis go to the phone lines we have Andrea from Canada welcome to be on reality radio Andrea. I can sent to go great. Soon grip I don't you have the story for us. Yeah. He had I noted that he has had a the last month yeah. Of course. Backpack had kind of day you happen to live. You had beef he supposedly. They've been diaries sent back. You see as a British Columbia. Okay. Get database from the day Natalie Cole could not get it. That the Indians. How bad. He needs and that he has got. I think confidence in the UK but to add. I didn't. Name me yet. That pogo pogo inflicted college now. And it's basically leave. Based on the link to the lot next to. But that's my X is day's news stories is fading as they've stated. I can't let them demand in the FAA had not to let it go live. That's an open letter that says he made that didn't contract but his fire the company added it. There is bad guy out there who abandoned that both to diet and you know take it rat and he said at least 1 morning he without getting his Betty and it is nobody on the lot and I'm not in fact that it is vote he'd decide these rebels appeared in the latter out of nowhere. And then AT. Didn't say it like. But it was frown. He had had heard stories about our proposals. A lot of time and that. He couldn't explain what that went was that he out he's a little bit my as a believer. So Andrea the and it's very similar to champ. Lee champ playing. Is what they're thinking the same can't have the creature. Ed and that they they think it's some kind of fun. They've been type creature. Compared. It's a little more as saying I served it. The agency's. That poses that bad day then stories. For iron for years as a step back as. I can remember that there is that I think that is why they do you know. I'm glad it's going to be recorded and it's you pitches but that is very very anti content. But I can say but it could be. Well thanks for sharing it with a standard we're gonna let you go but let Seth comment on because some kind of it curious Seth. Since you've introduced the small town monster film series in my guess is you're getting a lot of people. Contacting you one way or another with stories of their own and I'm curious as to how many of those stories are. Water related kind of a nasty type creature. I mean we've been looking into champ as a possible potential film project eventually I'm not sure when are probably champ is. Is it it. The Lake Champlain actually bots are right up so that counterpoint hall so that geographically you be looking at the same terrain we just didn't beast or also I'm not sure. Drew wanna. Cover that so soon after doing what caucus we've been kind of going from different regions of the country in and it's been chemical showed different you know. The top bloggers you know it comes to food feature film but. Com we've we've definitely taken a lot of leak monsters sighting of ports and logo over those. One that I've been kind of enamored with for a long time because it is different from champ and from Loch Ness Monster and that it's almost like this giant. Serpent like creature in fact when you see illustrations of it almost looks like a Chinese dragon. From that's what I've always thought it reminded me of I mean even here in Ohio we have the Lake Erie monster which is supposed to be kind of but champ type creature so. I think there's there's probably quite a few of the easily monsters around the country have seen maps of a lake monsters. That supposedly. Lives around the world and and it. Almost. At all it's almost comparable to pick foot you know you're small and sponsors who. Well even in Massachusetts you have the Gloucester cease serpent which. Now is. Is very much just like you it is referring to an area and suddenly dried diminish. Snake cash type and shape so. Yet are all over the place and any large body of water they seem to there always seems to be some story just like any large. You know body in woods as well. Yeah yeah and and I think I think a small towns of these smaller communities start embracing candor the idea. There there are local monster. Com they beat it deal but you'll probably start seeing more and more of this type that type of thing happening to achieve commoner. Matter as their own festival each year called miracle monster day now. From which they started last year when our first movie came out and this year. They actually put us in charge of some of kind of organizing the events a small town monsters and I'm like around. Small town monster film festival. In matter of this year so I think I think the more or do you see these towns are realizing that there's a tourism aspect to this that they can. You know capitalize on it they'll they'll Parise I think killed more of these stories start coming out which it might actually call some of the meant to question but it. Yet when you're listening to Jason NG humor and we're talking with Seth breedlove on small town monsters. Toll free numbers 8446877669. If you have a question for Seth review of your own small town monster you wanna Tulsa. So says we had its. McKeon and Jason and remember the name of the woman who wrote a book I believe about the bug creek monster. If this is months ago. And and Pryor creek room with to accuse the the senator monster brier creek road personally but was about the bug broke buggy creek legend. Now that's a pretty well known story says because. Of the films Eric. Now you're fill in your films and immediately take kind of but there was a film on the. Seventies. Yet that that nineteen set and he too movie. It was kind of a huge deal it was it was at the Blair witch project of its not its time in a lot of ways it was me in on a shoestring budget and it went on to do extremely well touring. Drive ins around the country. And so so I do think that movie in the popularity of that movie was pretty enormous back then I know a lot of people who got into big foot credit that movie was being the reason they got into the subject to begin with. I'm so we and were extremely blessed because while Blackburn who wrote the beast to party creek book. About the original movie in the cases that inspired it and then that the ongoing history in the case. From key he's involved in are shown he's a co producer on it and he's in the movie Rahm. He's connected to the craft some of the country for him when they appear Stanley who owns. You know that their father directed collection of party creeks or were actually able to. To show. Clips from that movie and talk about that movie in in Normandy and Harken back to it and then also explore what inspired it and then what came after it's a work. Were kind of hoping you know who worked considering our movie the bar trick monster varied to be the definitive documentary. On the talky creek south Arkansas situation. Now one story keeps cropping up in my mind and I bet it's on your horizon too is the the moth man's story. This is the one that everyone asks us about it's funny because we we talk Brooke does every time we do a Q and a's this is the first story. That people ask us agree. We wanna do and it's it I've I've said before it's the prototypical small town monster cases like the case that. In a lot of ways all others want to monsters seem to to draw from this and away. And now. Did the marketing cases fascinating I love that there's so many angles drip from my. My fear with it is that it's been covered too much like it's it's already been there there's that movie eyes of the moss man it spent on all these scores of TV shows so. I want to cover it but we're still it's on this list were. Now we're we're trying to find an angle to come matter from that would at least be a little bit different. From from other films and our movies are very ground level you know there there's no drama is Asians there's not the typical craziness the UC. In a lot of documentaries but we. We you know I'm not even sure that just our angle would be enough for that that story but I do it is wanna I wanna cover someday I mean it's on the list it's in the top five. Do of the atomic Jim was that. Beast of railroad is right for a and that's you know. In a soccer story yet we are were talking with the Seth breedlove about his films in the small town monster series we've talked about the nervous monster beast of Whitehall and bug creek monster. We're gonna take a quick break when we come back we're gonna find out how you can see all these films our find out more about Seth and his worth work it's beyond re. Only radio to listen to. It's beyond reality radio I'm Jason JD is Monday night. Into Tuesday morning welcome it's. Part of the program was seen in the chat room thanks for going to the FaceBook page and liking it and sharing it with your friends. Our guest is Seth breedlove were talking about the small monsters small town monstrous film series Seth. There's got to be a a story or two out there that you're just dying to learn more about in and put have put on film. Yeah absolutely. Big money monster has been one of affairs for a long time and Momo. Those are the two biggest and they were in mine kind of there's an initial list of five that I sent that they. To the publishers and it goes over to the others that I have not yet covered let. You know beyond bigfoot we already talked about moss ran I'd like to do something that that focuses on thunder bird sightings search these kind of in a weird massive flying almost dinosaur. I creatures or people claim to see a blue did you something on lake monsters I mean there's there's kind of an endless array of of smoltz how monsters Casey's you can cover we talked about doing. A movie about you know like a serial killer that that almost takes on near mythic status in a small town does that happen to yourself. From there's there's kind of any number of ways to deal with us it's just whether or not will be able to continue funding government you know has everything so far been completely independent. You know it's funny you say that because one of my questions was going to be to the monsters have to be of the fantastic kind of couldn't be. A serial killer or or somebody that you know for for maybe nefarious reasons has. A legendary status in a community and it segues just answered that question. Yeah I I think I think that's totally open and and that's something we could really explore a lot of different avenues with that I mean there's there's a case. Found this I mean it's another running these big foot type cases but it's a case that was proven to be hoax. And I still in tempted to try to cover that story because I think could be so fascinating to cover story where we have an answer. You know to sell a lot of these stories we don't have a definitive answer people's sought out a bad error bigfoot or a guy and see we don't know but in this case that there is a case in Monroe Michigan and it was pretty much definitively proven to be kids playing around it received. Arms so I block and hold us like you do that story. Just it was a you don't. It wasn't long ago that that one guy a claim that he had done you know founded a big footers on big foot whatever and drove around all over the place with. This thing supposedly a cooler and telling her butcher Israel until scala. But have you ever thought about looking into things lake the Jersey double or triple copper or anything of that nature. Yet Jersey doubles another one I would love to view that the public Jersey devil is I don't know that sightings take place is Austin as I would. Why keep you know this is where to go to where I don't know that we be able to come up with enough eyewitnesses said there's really only one. Extremely popular case connector with a Jersey double but it is story that I Iowa like because of the behind parents being such a fascinating location and I could just see that being extremely. You know kind of eerie location of soul man. Dan in Cuba conference nine line known a lot of you have to head south but you know there are people that experiences and in Texas and other areas along the border there. Yeah and we've talked about the day it aliens you know in UFOs and I think Z Ross wells almost the karma. Small town monster talent in a way you know just because of the fact that the alien super tumble local mask so. Yeah I want one of the things that are and one of the things that you you've met you've touched on several times in talking about these communities is that. You know it takes a while for these some of these communities to embrace that legend that history or that monster. And what I think is happening in LA and I know we've seen it with ghost Connors a lot of communities as they look for ways to. Generate some type of commerce it's are finding this territory is in this paranormal tourism to be quite. Lucrative if things so. I think as you said some of these communities are short and come out from the their shadows and and kind of trumpet. The experiences that maybe some residents had. You know years ago. That they made out of wanted to talk about before. It's it's all in my opinion it's all part of history preservation historical preservation and I know that sounds a little a pity that that's that's. Part of Voyager or Germany to all this my parents owned a historical bookstore seg grow around history. And when whether or not you believe any thing you know a bigfoot actually exists or were seen. These incidents did occur and they were definitely impact on the local communities selfish if that town realizes that and is willing to embrace it and and get behind it. From what can tell Ottoman era has hit it it can be a big deal when we. We did a premiere for peace avoid all in in the town Whitehall. And I didn't know what to expect going into it and and it turned out we had about 500 people come out for the premiere of the film and no one of the kicked when the kids that was there. Told me that bomb it was the most people he had overseen gathered in one place in Whitehall for one of the 'cause it's it's it's a tiny town you know ends an but I think if your if you can get. You know the word out that the event is taking place and you can you have some fun with that you've seen Oscar mountain. Just it is celebrate your local weird history and and it's the towns will get behind that are really do you feel like it's a big deal I mean when we did we did matter a monster day last year we premiered murder of a monster in matter of we we had. Four showings at the movie. And we had some little things going on simultaneously there were fenders there's got dressed up like pixel walking around town and the rest. Do you speaking presentations at the studio across the street I mean it was like classic small town Americana but bum we packed this. Theater owl all four showings at its own 382. Seat theater but we packed. For showings and that was sold for showings of an out and ended up with about 12100 people coming out just watch. Our little movie you know but it was so. It was so cool to see the town yet so firmly behind at the local Kirsch restore was baking cakes with the poster on it and I mean it's just it's if they get behind it it it can be constantly really cool and it's. You know I mean. When you talk to the local chamber of commerce about it they're they'll sink thousands of dollars in to festivals and things like that. Whereas something like this you know when you're talking about. An event that would basically be. Speakers urged her film screenings like redo it doesn't cost anything to put that on you know and and it really does celebrate the community. Right Seth we're out of time unfortunately been a great discussion tell us where people can see the films and how they can find out more about your work. Is small town monsters dot com is our main headquarters. Shop dot smoltz how monsters are calm as written by all the movies so some dvds or films and T shirts and all stuffed. FaceBook dot com or are there. Obviously I don't even know I need Zeta come to Wear on FaceBook Twitter instead grammar or social media. And rob emitter of a monster day dot com is where you can find out about our event which again is going to be your record and we're showing all of our films were showing a bunch of other big foot encrypted related films including the U lock mess and we're having Lauren Coleman. Come out and it's gruesome it's gonna front him yet that's gonna be really cool event. Awesome now promise us as you release more of these films you come back and we'll talk about him on the show. Yet luster or is great Seth thanks so much for being on beyond reality radios pleasure having you. Says it. Breedlove small town monsters dot com is a website website will be right back. 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Or are welcome back to the real world and we're talking about things that are in the real world whether it's the manner of a monster or the legend of buggy creek or the beast when halts all you know it's all stuff you can find the small town monster series. That Seth Seth breedlove has put together force pretty cool stuff that object. Supposedly can run into it face to face if you say it hiked through the woods alone with no camera at the strategy and evidently only has to be no camera no electron to fights whatsoever can be with you readers won't see him that seems to be the case of a it. Our total free. Number is 8446877669. Again 8446877669. He never ending count earned. We definitely like to hear I hear about it way you know what sort of and creature he ended up coming across and and where you came across it. And I think it's just every talent in every town Hal there has some sort of some sort of creature that people have have dealt with the in these areas and it's weird I I gotta I gotta say that but then again you you do have to sit back and think. Home how much of it. Is true because he you and I both now and parents would use it when you're in your kid to keep you out of the woods that they didn't launch in the woods and and things like and then kids would try to scare other kids and I'm not going in certain areas. Saying something was in there. But all these different areas have these these weird to type creatures be looking at in Indiana Egypt had east of Moscow. Com and build the list just goes on I know you got the bear lake monster com. It was saying. In the Missouri you've gotten Oden have. Matt technical Obama and her beaming in our however it is. As just goes on and on all these different area. Yet we know from the makes a really interesting like you said a lot of them are you know fabrication for one reason other whether it's kids or parents. But in a lot of these stories not the fabricated ones so much but the ones that they're still just a question mark over. In other somebody similarities in the in this descriptions of the creatures of the stories themselves. That makes you wonder is there a connection between all these like you said is it is this bigfoot creature maybe there's a bunch of different. Sub species of the creature but you know there's still some enough commonality to the stories that you know maybe there's a connection. But there's also some of these things like and you know there's still blown out of proportion and then there is no truth behind them on late in Cardiff new York and dia. The Cardiff giant what you. Is said to be a giant humanoid made out of mineral. The Cardiff giant is in Cooperstown New York today as we speak it's lying on display in the farmers' museum. It is about 81213. Four foot some credence stone statue. That. As you said it was it was a big hopes around the turn of the century that they said this was a and of a civilization that was long gone of giants but it turned out to be hoax but yeah. I love that part of China threaten my backyard. He's Harry imply member going down there on no one time with you and we've got invited and you tell me about it. But all these places have and these things and again yet I believe that some of them Austin had some truth behind it. But some of them are sold blown out of proportion. Errol let's take a break when we come back we've got about ten minutes left it's beyond reality radio with Jason and GT. And welcome back to the show it's beyond reality radio Jason and TV not a lot of time left. With Sarah from Missouri welcome to be on reality radio Sarah. I welcome Israel welcomes show. I would just gonna tell you. Our little crib toy that we have living here in Missouri. North west's injury. It may collide. There's certainly a bridge in the town next door to all. And I really don't know I don't have any idea what he is. Well what's the name of the town first of all. Well it down next to me that he lives and they on Amazon. Martyred garnered Missouri okay and bullying would of one dollar and what's description of him. And that. Really I don't know where this story my Brothers would tell me back when I was looking at. He noted to you from going down into the creek and. So they told you there was a creature named Clyde living under the bridge didn't do other two other people in your community. Have awareness of that stories is something that kind of stuck to. Your help and not I've heard about collide bikes since I was little. She entered the you haven't no one's really giving you any kind of description you don't know it's supposed to be who they are peace it would look like the mile. Jesus is your first time column on. Makes you stand align them and have slipped a gear information and courtesy a more ghosts will see about getting the teachers. I would things are share in the story about Clyde hold on don't going to America. So the problem is Clyde into the bridge deck can just be Clyde yeah. Well I think equipment usually applied under the bridge these events they and a girl that is the Rahal the clock at the. Eight we got a great weekend shows coming up for you tomorrow night we have by David serrated talking about UFO's. We haven't done a UFO program in a while so I'm anxious to to have that chat. Wednesday Doug ward he'll be talking about a bunch of different things including where wolf sightings searches for lost cities searches for gold hidden by CB civil war. Secret societies I can say that. I wonder if he knows then if he's doing we're white and dual sided cooler wife. A where wolf sightings I wonder if you noticeable that information and I was talking about earlier with this whole. Pennsylvania Lincoln investigation team yeah there. They've been having all these so late in. Sightings all throughout Pennsylvania zone and if you're in Pennsylvania can now you know in chat earlier there were talking to co stocking up on silver bullets and always I don't know if you can buy those that Wal-Mart of the local gun tipper and I had heard enough Milton garnering some stuff. Korea north central county in southwest central counties in central Blair county and and the list goes on and on so honestly. Tyranny is there as you probably screw it. Especially if you don't like I shaped characters because exactly came through because you never know you hate could be could be you know. Looked like a family member at that point to shape shift here and a week from tonight. Great programmer bringing Vincent ward is in Vincent played one of the characters in the prison if you're Walking Dead and you know exactly what I'm talking about he was one of the prisoners. During the season where Rick in the game were held up in that prison just a few seasons ago what does the new season started do you notre. I know starts relatively there's something about it the end usually comes back in October or September October and town. Time so so it's kind of a good time to bring Vinson and he'll talk about his experiences as a character on the Walking Dead and and share some of the stories from behind the scenes and interacting with the other cast members and knows most of those cast members have become mythical. And in in terms of pop culture right now. They have there and it's it's a great show it but man every season's seems to get just more and more violently they want pushed laments in and trying to do the season before. Yeah it's it's pretty rough it is so but yet so let's let's once again just. Take a look at what we got coming up on the program. Tomorrow night when we talk about UFO's there is a story. That I wanna bring up and talk to David Serena about and it's the fact that some. Scientists are saying that alien contact. Is not possible for at least another 15100 years and that is just due to the fact. That the distance of galaxies. Anything close to our galaxy is so great that. Right now let's look at how how long have we been sending radio signals out to try to make contact with the other civilizations. Only about eighty years. And ED light years is not even scratching the surface of making it to the next galaxy so those signals haven't even begun to make that journey. Let's yeah along when you breakdown like that happening and don't foresee because right now technologies in his advancing at a rate. Like ten times every every yes you're right. But these radio waves will only travels there this fast as the speed of light and it takes a light year is how far label travel in a year. And it's only gonna out about eighty light years at this point it's got to go. Another 15100 or so before even reaches the next galaxies to some than think about we can talk with. With with us think of 15100 years. If there's aliens they they would have found well maybe if we're if we're not Smart enough fifty I mean c'mon if and that's part of the 900 used to you know there. They're gonna find this verse yet and that's the other thing I mean they may have started their search long ago so they could be years they could be watching they could be doing. When council and because there's galaxies is so many different galaxies and universe is out there that. Of course there's going to be life that started. Earlier than house or whatever and it has become more advanced. Within it wouldn't listen it's time so. Only yes it would only seem normal to think that they would be able to reach the stars mean a lot earlier than Johnson now. And so yeah and one more thing I wanted to bring up are you a fan of the farmer's almanac. If the Farley now it's now what used to be it well it isn't in technology is certainly outpaced what the almanac does Clinton had on the news via the weathermen are wrongly 50%. It's true. But the farmer's almanac was relieved to guide for. People too good somewhat forecast long term weather trends and it's in the farmer's almanac is celebrating its 200 anniversary of the one that's really the most popular one for main. This year and they're calling for. And I lease shattering ice cold winter and the only reason I bring it up is because it's kind of like. The farmer's almanac almost equates itself to what we look at when it when it comes to psychics and making those types of predictions because it kind of it kind of do one at that. Way. Yet as far faster and I'd just. I try to get laid tender from weather channels and and and China animal together he had prostate an average and exactly. I don't know that's but I think this it's pretty much we're gonna ramped up tonight but. I think was a great show and definitely a big shout out to assess breedlove for coming on and spend some time. They're talking about via small town monsters and filling us in on this with different. Different stories that he's been working on throughout the years and also just everybody out there who's tuned in. And you just do us a favor and again you know if you haven't yet get to the FaceBook page like the FaceBook page for us. If you're already a friend shared for us we just wanna try to get the word out some makes it easier to. The letter but he and one area and know what's going on what's coming up. And that's gonna do it for tonight thanks for joining us beyond reality radio tomorrow night will be talking about UFO's be sure to join us midnight eastern. It's beyond reality radio Jason taking.