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Waiver Wire Episode 2

Aug 25, 2016|

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Are welcome back to our second running of the waiver wire on the Kyrie along side with me Derek Cramer as usual they're right and today but he. You know it's always good morning topics to football mate. It's always good morning and now exceed stating mornings and hours and indicating what time it is over. Or you miss gas and it's a good day anyway it is a good day and today we're going to talk up before we really start to dive into a lot of the position by position rankings in. Guys to stay away from guys to start to target when you guys. I'm begin your fantasy drafts were gonna get into. A little bit of the you know will be administrative. Portion of the drafts that you will be that should be getting underway pretty shortly here in the next coming weeks. As football season has officially kicked off last week. And so for today we are going to be talking strictly about Platt. Forms which web sites you should target which draft styles usually target. Ons for your upcoming drafts. For me for instance I am a big espn.com. Proponent. On I enjoy the platform that ESPN gives its users it's pretty simple it's pretty straightforward. Natalie that but for people who are beginning for first time that actually don't maybe have a group of friends they're trying to you know get together to play this. Make it's nice to just kind of be able to head up and a forum get onto generic ten to twelve to 15% league. Army engage yourself playing fantasy football for the first time if you don't have a large group of friends who are you playing nor. Are doing that and I mean that's I mean for me with the whole thing about fantasy football is. You know it's kind of a coming together party for a lot of my friends but if you don't have a group of friends that are all into fancy football may be difficult for you. To you know find that happy median app find a group of friends or acquaintances or workers coworkers. To do a draft with the into league with you so ESP and really makes it up pretty easy and simple. For those who are just trying to you know. Hitch onto league a random leagues somewhere on line. Yes and Nate actually some big news that we didn't really break here at the start of the show. And that is this from now. One day fancy sports is legal again in New York State. So we can give the advice and do some sort of segments on one day fans sports now do you some one day rankings because now. It is legal again. We can talk about it we can help people out with those one day fancy leases well for the more. Hard court or even the casual game and it doesn't mind to the full season long commitment right or we rarely do we commitment that we now can do that for them. We can we can be more prone to giving that advice. But like you said name when it comes to either in your beginning or seasoned veteran in fancy football. Who we don't have any sponsors here said don't take this the wrong way you know. ESPN really is the simplest four platforms the easiest platform to use. A jet sessions the simplest it's the most user friendly. It's the least frustrating and the of the three major platform speed is yen and a full dotcom or Yahoo!. And it regulator said beginning lead or one that's been over and over and over again. I've dealt with Athol dot com I've dealt with Yahoo! I've dealt with the ESPN. Espn.com. Is the best. User friendly source Natalie that. I find to in in our show's called the waiver wire and in if you're not familiar with the waiver wire and fantasy on its easily the most important. Aspect of your fantasy team. I'm especially because I you know it by mid season there's a good chance that your team will be waiver wire pick ups. And happier drafted class will be gone. And that's just the nature of fantasy football because of injuries because of you know guys you've never heard of stepping up and playing better and and out playing the veteran or the guy in front of them. So typically with the waiver wire and what I notice on from platform to platform is is Yahoo! is one of the most difficult. Platforms. To really do the necessary research on players inside the application. An and what I mean by that is is when your you know looking through the pool of available players by position by position. What you watt is a breakdown of statistics you want a breakdown game by team. Breakdown of what that player has done thus far this year and maybe historical breakdown of what he's done in the past. In a game by game breakdown of Reno if he's a running back you wanna be able to see his rushing yards and touchdowns and attempts. And then you also wanna turn that around and see what his receiving yards are so. On that Yahoo! are on it very difficult to do the necessary research that I need to do to make a right decision yet on a waiver wire guy. Where ESPN it's very simple you click on the name that pops up in you're gonna see all the historical statistics from that season. And you can bring it back to I think Disney's two or three years as well and if it's right there on the application. Not to mention Sunday is pretty important team sports. Something that you need to use what your begin or wanna familiarize yourself with that and games splits are this seek gives you certain scenarios that it's going on for example Kirk cousins last year. The quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Was actually on fire and dominant at home not so great on the wrote. If you didn't pay attention to that. All you need to do though is look at split C Washington's plane on the road OK let's check out how she's doing on the road OK it's not agree I should probably think about sitting him here. In all in that situation. The splits are very useful because socially and Tennessee some teams are a lot better. At home in an hour on the road some teams placed certain some players play teams very well certain teams. Some some players played really well inside the division and then outside the divisional play as well or the conference. You know it it can be about conference by conference you know maybe. Maybe they really struggle against the NFC but there you know doing really well against the AFC those are things that you want to prepare yourself an arm yourself. As a fantasy owner to help you make the best decision on the player by player and a week. By week basis not to mention you can look at it is in a similar teams scheme sort of thing. Yeah and for example. The Houston Texans played 34 defense. And also say that say that players struggle against Houston and then you see another decent 34 defense or it's another talent a 34 defense on the schedule. Look back see holly played against Houston or another 34 defense you know. You can look at similar concepts when it comes to offensive schemes how those players performed. And really try to make a batter decision and only got on the information. Now and epic. These splits becomes so I mean for me they become so important because. A lot of them become very very particular and very specific and and you as your matching 3443 stout defenses. And then you go into whether. And then you go into these days in the times that these players that are are these teams are playing Thursday night in prime time. Or I'm 4 at 4 o'clock games or 1 o'clock games and it's gonna give you a statistical breakdown of all those scenarios. It really are. Arms fantasy owners. With the same information that you know these big time ESP and nor are NFL network you know fancy guys are using these statistics to offer their opinions and offer their expertise to fans in pianist he owners everywhere. When you know you can arm yourself with those same statistics and make your own best judgment on that end and that's really what we wanna do here at the waiver wire is is give you guys the ammunition and the the where with all the know it just didn't know. And and how to make the right decision on a week by week basis because will never really be able to sit here. And tell you what you should do attitude riots like we're not that guy because. You know it happens that and that guy gets criticized a lot when it does because he's wrong a lot. That's his weight is a fancy football is a lot about Locke but it's also a lot about preparation and and doing the necessary research and you can let us do that because we will do that for you. What the same time use the information in the tidbits of information we're gonna give you on the show to that arm yourself and do yourself a little bit more extensive re in. This can all be done on a Sunday morning before kick off this doesn't have to be something that you spend hours on. During the week or while you're at work this is something that you wake up on Sunday morning you head out to the Ralph and you can spend the fifteen minutes that you sit in the backseat your buddy's car headed up to the tailgate. Just you don't have been angling in and financing your lineup and it's as easy is that in the in the time limit in in that time is I and and that's understandable as the Iraq and have all the time in the world to do that so. And now time for the shameless plug while you sit in anybody's car on Sunday cutting down of the Ralph. Let us help you with your fantasy football I'm always high and on Jones from seven to 8 AM on WGR 550 dot a WG affected the and also on WG affected the icon if you're streaming live. So make sure to check out breakfast with the bills may Kyrie and myself there Cramer we will be TV your fantasy. Football advice Sunday mornings so. Make sure it'd look at the splits but also be ready to listen to us because we'll happily help you out. And as as as much as we've been talking about splits in the ES TN platform wanna talk about a little bit more to Derrick is. Is the differences in the other two that we we're that we are speaking out about briefly is in the nfl.com. Platform. And the Yahoo.com platform and and I ranking man once already I mean one through three for me obviously we talked ideas can't think of health and agreed to that is really the top platform you can use in this and then secondly. You're looking at a guy error. I got you're looking at me up a website to me that's kind of them that gives you a little bit of bull what Yahoo! is again and that's NFL network and an awful dot com. I'm that's really gonna be your second best platform and I just think Yahoo! and can't really compete with it that. The other issue is that Yahoo! does a lot more than just fantasy football. And that's one of the bigger issues ESP and does that stuff but ESP and also has that Disney money back now Imus on my job. So they have little more. Capability of getting you technologically the batter advancements in all around fancy sports. And FL dot com is Ana FL it's football strictly football so they really focus on one thing. That said they still don't have as good of an application mobile lies. Then ESPN does and these days you're not often sitting at your computer to write this on your mobile device you're doing this on your phone you've got. You've got your break. During work just on your phone and why you get launch to scan in the waiver wire that way and and I thought that com. A couple years back had terrible mobile application right. And it kind of turned me off from that's. I feel about Yahoo! and alternately I think that's what makes you who so difficult to navigate. And and mostly it's it is their mobile application and to me. It makes the most sense and I'm glad that you brought the mobile app because that's really going to be the most used. And that's gonna be the platform and your resource is going to be your mobile device it's gonna be your laptop because I mean I do find myself doing some might extended research. Using a laptop her or her desktop computer just because you're gonna get the fastest results are gonna get the most. You know you're going to be able to see the most on that screen so. When used to when you're talking about making those game day decisions and some of those roster moves you're gonna do that in your mobile device he want the fastest. And the best working but not only that you want the easiest to use in with Yahoo! as I mentioned. When you're trying to do research on that wave lawyer player. Vet the information that you want to just isn't there at your fingertips and call us selfish callers what every wanna call us where and 2016 in this point. I want to information available to me. On and in as you mentioned before to an and I think what will will have to start doing now that the legal ramifications of coming up at come out. And we now know that one day fancy sports again illegal in New York State we will absolutely gear some of our our shows and I out what I would assume is probably abruptly to build show. Will really really take a look at those one day fantasy. You know platforms there's really only two that I would know to. Tell people use and that's draft kings fan and scandal I'm a fan will try to draft things by guy but I'm I am excited about that. Prospect that come back and and like I mentioned I think we will get in a more of that. When we get into wrecks the bills and a week to week basis but of the show I think really. Is something that we can use to help you. In that waiver wire decision time and in whom it may mean who'd tell people what type of player to target and I think that's more important than. And getting in the specific names of players in the air are going to be some specific cases where we argenbright and names like. What we wanna do as amateur portion army with as much knowledge as you can possibly have to make the right that she's in and week to week basis and and that's really the most important thing because. Your the other players your league are absolutely gonna be the best players in your league the past two or three guys got the best records. Always the first guy to pick up the the first guy that gets dropped and he's always on now waiver wire and he's always trying to make trades. And unite and that's another thing will really talk about and we can probably make whole show about its trades in and and and good ways to really arm yourself. To be an effective. Trade guy in your market and not be one of those guys who are just. Trading one good play here for three other decent players and and you find yourself for an roster flux you're dropping players and you have to there there's there is a science behind this in and it is becoming more and more difficult. To really put together a good fantasy team because there are at that level at that level of that fancy play in the level of participation is getting so high now. That you really do need arm yourself the most information us. Of course if you have any fantasy football questions he is Nate you're WGR on Twitter I am add to aircrew are WGR. Any time you have fantasy football questions you need that last second. Advice. We're at the station on Sunday so we're gonna see the questions you seven to us on Twitter will gladly be able to answer them. Happily and we'll try to take the stress out of your decision making on the last second basis. So but of course again on Twitter that is neat Gary Hughes at meter WGR and I'm their Kramer add here Kramer WGR. Sinister questions on Twitter. Message. Just treat us doesn't matter will be ready for you and happy to help out now when you're starting up your fancy leaks. There's always that one question. How are you gonna draft they gonna try to do alive or you currently are you gonna do it online. And each has their advantages. For me personally as a commissioner believed I always have the guys come together we do alive it's a great time. Always a bunch upon. You know it gets everyone to gather it's I friends together in the same place. Sometimes you don't get to see people as often would you like to. Nagle deja opportunity to do it fancy jet eat smack talk with everyone you get to have fun needed to get some pizza (%expletive) and averages is. An instant and some Beers you know. I last year the last years with the first road times that I myself did. I'm a real life in its draft and I enjoyed it because you know this was a group of my friends that we had together now. Obviously you're probably if you're a guy that's kind of just entering the league general league you're gonna be honoring an outline on nine draft and you have gone some Christian right know and and did the nice thing about it online drafted and I even think for groups of friends is. You know again commitment to these things difficult and to give everyone with their busy schedules one day where twelve guys can get together. That's not always the easiest thing to do so for those online grass what is nice is if a guy can't show up or he can't. He can always just draft right up this phony and that goes back again to picking the right web site in the right platform for this because. The Yahoo! online draft is a disaster it really isn't it crashes. I try to do it two years ago the island draft with Yahoo.com I'm I am Smartphone might I'm iPhone. And MI eight it crashed through four times I missed picks. And and to meet that you don't what that's not what you wanna have happen you wanna have a nice crisp. Platform and program to run the draft ESPN's online on mobile app drafts the draft app is actually really great it's quick. It is bury it in and again it gives you the opportunity to look at the stats of the player before you pick coming your not just picking blinded hey I'm in it because what happens is. When you are right and he's like perhaps as an application on your phone it's difficult for you to then hit home. Hit the Internet Explorer and go look up some statistics to be able to go back you really wanna stay locked out of that app because I don't wanna exit on an app. You don't know when it after sept and so bright and social the last thing you really wanna do is is have issues that way so. Again Dade city show is a lot about choosing the right platform in and what you've basically heard all show long. Is that it seems that ESPN really gives you the best opportunity. To be organized. To be effective and ultimately be the best. My draft tool that you could have as long disease you know they are paying attention and these kind of things really. In US PN offers you the most for the least you and in. And that's another thing that we should probably talk about is none of these you're technically have to pay for. I'm you can use ESPN I all about they're all free applications that you can use. If you don't have that group of friends as we've been talking about you can just enter into a free league that's totally fine if you wanna put any money down. I don't play. But they're always going to be options for money leagues it whether it's from five dollars to. Fifty to a hundred. You know you're gonna have a lot of opportunities to play for free if that's what you wanna do or you know put the money dollar and nine sacrifice them. Some paycheck some good things though with with Yahoo! and yes Ken in particular. They allow you to track moderately if it is a money lead fail lie you're attracted through the site. On if your commissioner with the commissioner tools. You can write down hey this guy pay this guy paid this guy to not pay you know you can updated on the on the website. With the commissioner settings. Which is a good thing for those two sites I haven't seen it on nfl.com myself. So that might be the won't like this this might be a time you know where I'm able talk Yahoo! looked a little bit because of the fact that. Yeah it does give you that option to track. You're. You're fellow glee members and see if they have paid or if that they have not paid. And in on that same. The same idea of sort of tracking what other people are doing your league and it's not just to pay and and what I find. I'm is ESPN gives you. I'm basically a full page. Full area of their application. Where you can go through and look what other teens in your league arguing and I think that's also important see what the best player in your league is doing how act. Active as he. In the wave aware how much is she trading with other teams in the league yes you yourself. Acquainted with what the best players in your league are doing. It'll give you I'd better idea and media template to use yourself. To really. Done an arm yourself with knowledge because as we know. Knowledge is power in at the same thing. And though workforce supplies for when you're doing an application lingered when you're playing NC football when you're playing one day fans who doesn't matter when you know. What you need to succeed you're going to have the you're gonna have the information you're gonna have the power to do that. And ultimately again that's why we're here help you were here to help you succeed. And be the best fantasy owner you can be yes. And again what are the other things about. Drafting in the platforms and everything like that to really conclude my thoughts on this whole thing is. Is all these sorts of things are also subjective. And I had some bad experiences with Yahoo! doesn't mean that's just to trash website. I've had a bad experience with nfl.com on the mobile app I'd imagine. After three years they've fixed it in all its rules things where. We've had some bad experiences and we know that ESPN has been the most friendly with us it may not be the case always with you either so everything is relative year by. From what I've gone through on a personal basis we would say ESPN is the easiest way to you. Enjoy a RK not enjoyed but Capel plea. Run your fantasy league because I can tell you right now sometimes being commissioner not the easiest thing it's not the most is adorable thing. But someone's got to do it and in your leading some of that era and exactly be that hero. Your league members may not say it but every time they think OK that could be me dealing with all this stuff. Absolutely may not saying it. But again and you are the UN here that they deserve her have her. Not all heroes are out yes not all heroes were case sometimes they just Wear a hat and they say that they are the commissioner pay up. Hey up. Now an and it's a good point and and you bring up a lot of good points and and ultimately. Again it's it's all about his arm yourself that's that that information and you know there are a lot of things you can do you. And to be great but the best thing you can do is just pay attention and just you the guy that. Every week pays attention to I've I play fantasy baseball right now and it's really not about who has the best players it's really about. Who's paying attention who is keeping up with their lineups edited databases and see baseball's much more high maintenance and fantasy footballers. But that just yet platform again rave reviews about the it's a platform for France based on my first year playing fantasy baseball great experience but. It's a little different than football because you do need some of the best players in football to put up there's just more point outputs in fantasy football compared to baseball and you're not having to an angle and mess with your your lineup on a day to day basis but. For me it really is that the the top teams now league the guys that are consistently. Beat don't have guys out of their line up. You know they bet and that's another thing is that could. Absolutely derailed not only a game or two but its season by. Leaving a guy who is in the starting lineup or is out this week in your starting lineup yet while you have someone else on your bench producing points that could be the difference between winning and losing game but only that that one game could be the difference team you making the playoffs depending on ever wanting your league makes the playoffs which most leagues. Uga red caught off line you've got 88 out of twelve or something along those lines so long lines right or sometimes only a 46 teams that make the playoffs so. Again and it just look at in the real and real terms in real life you look at the bills last year they lose a game to Jacksonville Jaguars and one in and that's the meet one game. Could potentially be the difference between you getting a chance at the playoffs and you being enough and simple ball team and not being able you know it's it to be able to get in the playoffs so. So it's the same thing and you really have to kind of equate that to the real world and a real football because. That one or two points that you could potentially lose that game I could beat difference also if you're a good team the difference team first and second place and you get by him at first but that first playoff field so get these are all things. That just. Keeping and maintaining your roster and in again doing so on a good application like ESPN is easy to do so big they debuted to give you the tools to be your own boss now they give you the tools. To be as successful principal owner. And out were here to supplement all of the great aspects of these applications and give you the best possible. Results. And speaking of best things possible. Next shell. Quarterbacks meet quarterbacks quarterbacks at the positions. We're gonna start ranking them because its game and how it's where in August Nate. It's draft time it's that and the first week of August here. So let's hit it we gotta do you guys ready go ready for your draft scenarios your draft rankings all night your draft brings our draft rankings. Are coming up on the next show of the waiver aware. And if you haven't answered questions. This up on Twitter I'm at their current average arts and I'm Anthony Geary WG GE RY don't mess mess it up and will make sure you don't mess up next time on the waiver. Waiver wire fans don't forget this is neat Kyrie if you missed any of our show you could at a WGR 550 dot com check out the audio vault. That the waiver wire. At Derek WGR in technique eerie to be GR on Twitter if you have any questions thanks for listening to the waiver wire.