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Waiver Wire Episode 3

Aug 25, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Warning the following fancy football rankings are subjective. And also based on standard scoring procedures. Check your fantasy league scoring to adjust your rankings appropriately. For how your league escort. With that enjoy the show. All right welcome into episode three of the waiver wire this week we deep down into the nitty gritty. We are finally into some player rankings and now of course we're going to start. Derek with the quarterback position and eighteen and most important position on the feet and we start why don't we go ahead and say. I'm Derek Kramer well hey I'm a Kyrie and again and all is the welcome to wait for wire. And it's time Nate we have talked about leagues even teasing it fun playing Seattle Hala. How to started draft order how to create your fancy the you know we've been trying to help out some these people and now it's time to get them the questions that they really passed goal line and that is this. Who lies put upon who who'd like draft where might go in what direction in my going with this. And obviously hurt his amateur start of the show are drinking are based on standard scoring procedures. And today's episode is quarterbacks and they are as a faults. Four points for every touchdown thrown. Minus two points for every interception. One point for every 25 yards passing. Those are the standard scoring procedures. Oh yeah also minus two points for any fumble lost and recovered by the defense. And for your rushing quarterbacks it is one point for every ten yards and it is still four points or it is six points or total yards rushing touchdown. So again that makes things interesting and I know we haven't really gotten into the names in the nitty gritty of this guy's spot. That makes things interesting if you are person that is looking for the most points at the quarterback position. You're gonna have to take a pretty hot and that's another thing or to get to today is where to take their quarterback. And end and in which round and how long you wait. But ultimately. Do you take that dual threat guy who can give you the possibility of a few hundred yards rushing and a few rushing touchdowns this season as well and money were. Fresh set for you guys one more time it is asphalt. Four points for every passing touchdowns six points for every rushing touchdown. One point for every 25 yards passing. One point for every ten yards rushing. Minus two points for any interception thrown and minus two points for any bumble walks that is the standard scoring procedure. And without further due Nate let's get to those rankings. Sounds good to me Derek. And today I think we should really start off by by telling our listeners you know who were targeting I'm this year in the draft. And not only who were targeting but. Maybe who were staying away from an and I think that might be the most important thing today is really getting the quarterbacks that we think you should steer clear from. And media guide that you can get in a value round later on that's. Looking at it upside season one guy that I really wanna talk about today Erica I was excited about talking about and really as bad looking at as being a guy that. Has always bad a sort of consistent performer. But maybe not the best means he football quarterback. And that's a guy named Eli Manning and that's someone I'm really looking at a lot the standard scoring leagues this year it's Victor Cruz back. And if he can be anything like he was they're going to be eight here on offense because obviously have a back junior on the other side of him. And and they've got a lot of interest in weapons on offense and their really a short passing game style on offense where he's going to get a lot of those. Those those short deacon down passes that these athletic receivers are going to be able to take for more yards after catch so. Eli Manning. Although he doesn't rank as my top quarterback available because that's Cam Newton and I think it'll probably be pretty universal cross all rankings is Cam Newton being your top guy obviously that dual threat. I'm gonna give you in the mid fortified 600 rushing on with anywhere from five to ten rushing touchdowns you really can't duplicate data across the board. On those are just added value. On edit point Bailey's to a guy who's going to do pretty well through the air as well and so Cam Newton really tops this list from me but Eli Manning is deathly guys. On to start paying attention to a lot of standards cor weeks. Now the other ish it is you know Eli Manning's guy who's throughout history is never got along. And that's very obvious it's painstakingly obvious sometimes. Furthermore with with a point on Manning is sterling Shepperd is a very impressive rookie wide receiver Fred about grab a hold up. And as a couple of other factors that strength in Manning's case and hours there's files. The giants to have a great defense cracked Saturday to play from behind and they don't have a great running game. Which means that they have to line Manning. Although I will later is they spent 200 million dollars offseason. They dressed Eli apple they signed it June or statins. They signed some of any holiday Vernon Vernon right so apparently AF putt. They've put some talented defense but I agree with the use that. Typically they've been struggling on defense side of the ball and they will be using the pass to supplement and get themselves some points and come in and be apt that. Having to be able to come back against teams that are gonna go up on him. And in that there and weak division defensively dead. There is a lot of chance here for you I'm saying to crack QB one status on a note outer basis this year downside and Manning. Tends to have those days free throws optics. So you do have to be careful that. One of the guys on my radar someone who doesn't get enough love that really quite frankly should get some more love. I like a guy here. It's gonna come as a bit of a surprise. Tony Romo and the guy stays healthy. Dallas is a capable team. And you've got Dez Bryant Jason Witten that offensive line you've got the in. You've got easy to Elliott as a nice little added bonus now and back in a deathly come out of the backfield and on Gaza backfield and hit you with some swing passes and sunscreen game. There's a lot to like about dallas' offense. If number nine healthy and I think that if he is healthy he gets back to where he's been in the last couple of years. I mean he's got weapons and he still has Jason Witten you know he still got he had he obviously is Dez Bryant. But it and it's always bad and you and you alluded to it and it's always been the issue with Romo is that being able to stay healthy in what I don't wanna do is waste me. You know fourth fifth sixth round pick. A guy who you are basically. You're taking it pretty significant chance the good news is that -- have to use that fourth it's like pick on Rome right because Romo is going to be that guy who's probably listening and is he's probably fallen in the double digits right Paul probably fall on the teams this year but. It's always bend it's a media issue with Ramos and staying healthy and ultimately. For that reason I'd probably stay away from him. But he's going to put up numbers he's always put up numbers whether or not he's been healthier not even when he's coming in and only playing a few games he's one of the top quarterbacks every year. And for some of the same reasons we've been praising the stock of Eli Manning is the same reason we can turn to Rome on that is Scott very strong weapons. He has and he's got a weaker defense and Dallas that I think Manning dozen New York. But that NFC east is not necessarily what it called defensively scary Eagles aren't much of a threat on defense in the of the Redskins. It's hit and miss with them on defense so you got an NFC east that there's a lot of us points to be scored. In those divisional matchups. And I think that Romo can stay healthy this year because quite frankly what happened was he took a bat hit right in the back enough. First game right and then he rushed back on Thanksgiving. Because Jerry Jones doesn't have patience so romo's not being rushed back this year. He's gonna come back here on what was a brutal hit in the first game. On notes a second game she's but. He's going to be fine I think it's just it was a bad hit a fluke he had ticket take any quarterback out at any time. Rommel generally has been healthy for more years than not and under the radar. He studied identical. Now today we won't really be going and by eight number. Ranking of of one to 51 to twenty were relieved and kind of give you. I'm an idea of some guys were were paying attention to some guys were not what you can do is pay attention to BG or fight fifty dot com. Where Derek and I will heady collaboration article coming in the in the coming days here. That will give you a deep in his ear a positional and now one through twenty ranking of the top fantasy quarterbacks available in your drafts. That'll be coming your way again at WGR 550 dot com. And that will be under the waiver wire and you can check it out there are so today were really can try to get into you on some some boom or bust potential guys here. So that highlights of right and that's gonna bring me to my first. My first bust got this year and a gun and and I think it's an interesting name and I think. I think he might can. You know I might. Here Debbie Jerry like talking about plus we don't we do or where we're busting nick buster sin. Station. Sponsored always but. I am there to do what I ever I can she stay away from robberies this year really I'm intrigued your entreaties although he's under the last year was contracts you'd think that he's in a contract year he's gonna try to do his best to. Make himself some money this offseason yes but what I will say at dodger Brees is he has no longer has Marques Colston. Is no longer has Jimmy Graham. He no longer has Kenny stills. He no longer as Lance Moore. It. Here's Mike Conner and team. Last year heating it right last year he had the shadow market schools men. He still finished in the top ten in court. Heated well I think you finish in the top five. I will say I've been paying a little bit of attention to it is in the world camp. He knows camp yesterday. Two days ago answer on Thursday. That is tee it Thursday. I mean these part time appropriate. For six interceptions and practice 650. Cents to the New Orleans Saints defects. Who was. The worst defense of all time you know brought Ryan ninety but I digress I will counter with this point. He is still Drew Brees gets 'til proven otherwise. If there is solid fourth fifth sixth round selection I would say it but Mott and my main reason behind robberies. And Colin called his boss more than buyer. Everywhere okay. I'm more comfortable that you can he is until proven otherwise still Drew Brees and as Jeremy White of WGR on the Howard Simon show would often like to say. Pre season football. Does not matter we've seen we personally have seen here in buffalo EJ Manuel. Having game against Pittsburgh last year where he threw three touchdowns. And was supposedly inserted back into the quarterback competition. Where Taylor. And manual bull went off against the Steelers Cassel had some sort of so so day he just didn't miss past. You like nine for nine X sixty some odd yards but. You even Cassel looked good net game so it in the pre season football team and camp stuff like this to me I'm not putting too much to much into. Seattle and you shouldn't but. It is one of those things where injuries and other your older and obviously Drew Brees has ever been a world. A world beater as part arm strength. He's never he's hasn't made his money Vietnamese mark in the NFL based on having strong start in the league in fact he's got one of the weaker arms in the league. Forty does really well is he puts it in the position. And the basket because some of the best anticipation and timing in the league. He does had how they don't wanna see that he doesn't have any receivers because he does have a few really good coach is really good they Sankoh beef Wiener did you copy and Kobe fleet is going to be interesting guy for him and we're gonna get it will get into that more when we talk about tight ends and I was up they got that I wanted to bring up because. He didn't really do a lot in in. Indianapolis the past few years Coby cleaner but he's got the gonna be into an offense now that utilizes the tight end. Almost better than anyone in the league and you could tell last year that exactly Ben Watson had a career year. In in place a GB YNG exactly. But just just a little bit beware there because they think a year older. You know I I I don't know how much Drew Brees has left in the tank. And this is a young young. Team that doesn't have a number one receiver Michael Thomas is there from a house state killed probably contribute a bit and police need as well. On titan. So lots of like top five don't have that number one receiver to me so that team we will see but that's my buyer beware Derek we've got. My prior view where he is also a guy that's been in many people's either top five or top tens. Carson Paul a lot Palmer thinking the same thing their Palmer is a guy that. Unlike Prius does not have the consistency on a year to year basis. No matter what kind of weaponry he had eyes and it is for his entire career it's not like last year was an anomaly where he spiked like that. He has spiked to four in Cincinnati played well even managed to play well in Oakland for that. That little bit so. Polymers a guy whose inconsistent. A lot do not invest a higher pick on Palmer because like a set only Reese who has the proven track record year in and year out. Poverty he does not have that track record and is a guy that will. Kind of fumble for you I'm almost an every other year basis. So I think that it is the other thing is that they're gonna probably try to rely more on a running game that looks a lot stronger. In Arizona. And I also think that it's moralists affected that bad defense in Arizona much stronger you're not gonna see a lot of gains were only their rent eyes. They're behind increase tested chalk all these touchdowns and yards and everything like that. Palmer is on a very steady team of very talented team that they can easily win those games twenty to third. Teen idol really really agree if you but having said that. They play one of the more difficult schedules in the lead they're playing hawks' top schedule. Is a tough schedule but at the same time they are of the cream of the cry they are they are they there there is as Rex Ryan themes he said in a training camp is the cream will rise to the top and are always one of those teams that seem to rise to the top especially the the past few years with Bruce area in his coat but. I think it it is worth saying with this team. Bet it seems as though when Carson Palmer is healthy he's a top five quarterback in the league. The way he last year relieved at age seventeen game stretch where he was one of if not the top quarterback in the league last year topped three. And then he gets that finger injury in the NFC championship game and he's really the reason they don't advance. Don't move on and go to the Super Bowl so. You know to me he if he can stay healthy this season. He does obviously have the weapons around him Larry Fitzgerald's great Michael Floyd. Who is at yet another guy silently going to be I think part and I really think stepped into a really big role this year than even once last year which is a scary thing. If your fancy Michael Floyd can really be one of those guys but. Yet Carson Palmer real it is funny on the deep ball and they were. It's honest and and John browns that deep ball special yes that's true. Might finally should go with Palmer is I feel the cardinals will rule Lyle little more on the Johnson & Johnson running game there that stated and Chris Johnson. Based on I have them in that order because of based on the predict predicted demonic carries each of them will get a feeling David Johnson is going to be the main rival talk about running backs later well let's issue is. Feel like a more relying more the cards can be more reliant on the running game. And less reliant on Palmer to really carry them through. Yet I mean academically be the situation at hand here but. I mean that grip to take a wait and see approach on Palmer eye but I think you're right I think he's deathly another buyer beware kind of guy yes and I don't don't base your decision to take Palmer on his statistics last year it's going to be you really kind of depth. You've got to predict this one yes I he's a guy here and after really and stifled by Drew Brees is while it's gonna have to be you can't really go on what he's done historically because obviously he's a great quarterback but moving forward it's whether or not they take they regress a little bit in years in this in this upcoming season. Before we go on the things that we like I just offer my hat's after the day. Matt scratches but I understand number you suspended four games. Why is she now ranked in the top ten and some rankings. You look around you'll still end up being in the top five overall statistical category for fantasy quarterbacks missing for its yes. So that's still pass for thirty touch that's that's my question here is. Why do people not. Sees this and let him fall in later rounds some lucky fancy. If you see Tom Brady falling past round by its neck and immediately take it is especially bad especially if your keep it. Yes it's one of those things where. I don't care if he's suspended for four games. We have seen this time and again. Buffalo Bills that's as Anna bell stands and it's fantasy football fans the man's gonna come back from the suspension exceptionally. Met. For having to miss for some and happened to him. It's at that for some and it happened two years ago and he's got to sit four games this year fort. I'm inspect you think last year was bad and yet decided to go on the all middle finger tours around the NFL. We're in the first eight games he looked like he was gonna shatter some records again. This can be much worse he's gonna come back from the suspension and this just in you better hope and it fell wise at the patriots own four when he comes back. Let's let's do you you don't hear any worried here I wanna I wanna talk about hombre anymore is its last parting thought on mrs. Again if you see Brady falling past round for round try to take him. The first four losses after its can be worth it. I agree because you're gonna have to election roster anyways use that second guy you take means you take on a little higher than you would. And that second or. You tick on sleepers you'd take one of sleep is exactly. And and let's move onto another group of boomer boss and that will give one sleeper. At the end of this for each of us so for me another boom guy that I could really really. Like this year. And maybe he maybe you don't like him as much and maybe you don't think what he did last year is is warrants. A higher ranking this year but Kirk cousins. Is someone that I am looking to take the next step as NFL quarterback this year like that. Saint like that. I do like that and what I like about Kirk cousins is that what they have around him Jordan reed has established himself as a top. Eight hop tight and target. Who can play wide receiver he can move from the right side he can move from the outside the slot to the inside he's so personal so quick. In east shorthanded so that is someone if only to take Kirk cousins for you could then they go ahead and they add. Was tied and Vernon Davis now scheduled for Davis I know we all. He's gonna be expected to be they're number two tight end. And you put Vernon Davis and in Jordan reed in the field the same time if ever davis' anything. That. That's the scary nice one too tight end combo and then you've got clerks on who's. Potentially that one of the fastest receivers in the league on the other side OK to Shawn Jackson also one of the. Asked us for secretly and now. You forget one last thing they drafted Josh stock's high. Ice team. Was the second best wide receiver in the draft. On this past 26 I portal. Behind outlook on tried for weeks ago he was tribal and ox. And toxins a guy watched a couple of TCU games last year. She is one doubles all purpose receivers that public Jackson in Carson on he can open it. He's got nice vertical to him negatives and of little bit more on the contested catch. It's out weapons there's an antsy didn't have. Other than exclusively read for that rule last year right yet it and I like that points you Ian and I just think what they've done around him is impressive. Obviously getting Josh Norman we'll see how that works out for them they haven't very interesting team that I am looking forward. To seeing what they do as we mentioned when we are talking about toward Rome in a pretty weak NFC east division so Kirk cousins one of my potential boom candidates here. Moving into the season Derrick what do we got for you my friend. My boom is going to be a little bit on surprising site based on what has happened no choice but let's hear all along that if there was completely give ought to cut out the ginger ninja. Andy Dalton OK I did not see commonly done and here's accurate take your car now at their cars on the more popular side of things I'm gonna try to get a little. The beaten path on an angle off the beaten path and his while last year we saw the literal definition of average quarterback Tiki huge step into the top ten and QB one real last year. And it was based and being played was based on the fact that you've looked at him he was more competent. He also has these things called Tyler Wright for EG green. It doesn't matter what kind of gay he's having he's got those two big athletic. Go upping did it and also fast targets it doesn't matter who's playing wide receiver too for this team. You Bernard is an absolute monster with the screen game. You can't really lose right now the Bengals offense which is playing at a much better rate because it's dole himself took the step. He played a lot better last year and this looks indicative. Of a guy who really seems to have got. He is finally no longer in the definition of average if you about it and any dot muted if you're worsening don't you're in trouble and if you have an adult more guys are all right. Dole looks like he has a send it. Away from that role away from that moniker. And as a guy that. He's just look at how he played last year and the improvement his mechanics the improvement in his team. And then he also look at how since he crumbled when he got hurt down stretch. Now I I here's my thing that I today I I think that protects QB one territory. Well degrees BQB one territory but here's my only thing against all and it's not even really based on anything he can control it's it's the injuries. And the losses around him on the opposite side of the ball Tyler right from we don't know when he'll be ready. Injured himself in the poll bowl last year. Is it I've right now is currently and the pup list so we'll see what happens with him moving into the season but he is one of the key guys for that offense up and is gonna really be play a big role in eagle success but the losses of Marvin Lewis. Our average on the side not a head coach Marvin Lewis Marion Jones. The right receiver and also Mohammed. I'm on homicide knew who went to the Atlanta Falcons so you have two guys who are AJ green obviously. But they lose two of their pretty good roll receivers. In and bet it doesn't necessarily make me super nervous but. Would you and the injury to lifer and you take away some of his higher targets. Then you start you start to worry where is he can go the ball and I know what they drafted after receiver. I'm usher right off the top my head but here's my issue is my numbers at this Jones is gonna hurdle. That's from the slot but you can sign a slot receiver fine whoever the patriots and cotton in it in a training camp. Could there at the cuts on there at the cut somebody on the seller's. So final that. I don't know that is snag one of them. The other thing is that my promise you I think it was vastly overrated. Particularly with the contract that the falcons gave him. In Atlanta so I'm not worried about that I saw a guy. That again when you watch the games. You saw. Salt. Not just the team the team elevated last year and played better last year on offense because of dull not because of the team. Dalton played better Dalton improved his mechanics and he mean the next step up. So I'm not worried about the team I'm not worried about anything like that I think don's going to have more of those games Regis takes all. Because he showing. That that's the trend he's going towards. So our second round of boom quarterbacks for me Kirk cousins by and for Derek. And so not kind of animal into our our next round of a bust potential guys and there's a large pool here and I'm believe. The guy that I think you're gonna pick loan because I'll let you pick him and I'll go first perfect. It's Angela I doubt if Sandra Bullock and for me it's a lot of the things that I saw it a lot of the concerns that I'm shrugging off with Dalton. Are here with luck because those concerns are more magnified. This is a team that yes they have weapons on the outside. But unlike Cincinnati they don't have an offensive line which scares the living the Jesus time you saw buffalo last year. With the defense that is not good it was okay. You saw buffalo. Hate lock and the colts to school. And you saw it throughout the few games that he played before he got hurt look was not the same player because the team around him is a Max. Some umbrage with this is that luck may continue to be quarterback won because the defense is terrible. And you have to pass a lot to keep himself in gains. But if you remember last year when he is healthy. When they are passing out he was throwing in turning the ball over at the highest rated his career. And Natalie that the highest rate league you know he was averaging almost three turnovers a game was healthy this year. And that all the sudden you saw what the insertion of Matt Hasselbeck did it team. They started winning football games because he wasn't turned the ball. So didn't become this team is great because of Andrew Luck this it became it is easy to beat Miami strings because Angel is turning the ball over and. Suddenly came and suddenly became this team is surviving because Matt Hasselbeck is shrugging off every injury that's happening to him because it wasn't the only one getting hurt last year. How many times we see how some like it rocked in that there's no he's getting up from us but that's house Matt Hasselbeck is also one of toughest people that has played Nina well. I is again you saw it not just with luck this team and I don't know how general manager rang Greeks and still has a job at the Indianapolis Colts is the general manager. Took down may be decent coach and all right coach. Grayson is a terrible general manager and he. And his first round pick Ryan Kelly. Is not playing he is injured right now. He has not seen a snap about all together for them if they don't have and if they're trying to pitch offensive line. First off one player in the first rounds not to do it now of that and the worst and that. More so Matt he's not seen a down of NFL football which is stick. So the problems magnified here with Andrew Luck. I think it's more than enough to over to overcome his potential once again. Yeah and and again I kind of knew that's that's where you're headed with that and one guy I'm going to. To really take a tough look at this year and as. Not that I think yet -- year lash year but he's been a guy who can throw 4000 yards and thirty touchdowns because he's done it over the course this corporate Matt Stafford. I'm a guy that I think losing one of the best receivers in the game it's going to hurt. Losing Calvin Johnson it would hurt any quarterback and as a manager Tom Brady or can steer her profile if we are playing it watchful write offs Calvin Johnson correct and and obviously lose him. And you bring and in Anquan bold and I guess Marvin Jones as he spoke about as he spoke about a little while ago in Cincinnati losing hand. And obviously a guy who's you know that a pretty good fancied players and Golden Tate. They lose air key brawn yesterday. To what at what they believe is a potential Achilles tear which would be bad for that based on Brendan Petr Pettigrew. These who's decent putt. They were expecting a big jump a big a year three jump from. On the nice big athletic tight and so him losing him isn't going to help the situation and they just don't to meet have a viable running game to offset Europe. Passing teams through and through. And when he asked to pass the ball forty times a game yet he's gonna put up numbers. Bought is gonna be turned the ball over a lot. And just how much I am I don't know how long. You know their head coach Caldwell. Jim Caldwell is going to be there. I'm that that team I just battle lines are so lions the it's it's crazy thing human argue Hewitt. Stafford because everything you've said is absolutely right. I don't even have Stafford in my top 22. So I don't I don't really know this is more of Boston and a hey everyone's gonna see this coming sort of issue I mean I'm seeing him as hot humid high easily. Number eleven number twelve and in in pretty big time. Breakdowns pretty big time rankings whoever those guys are wanna know what they're having select reports the starts. As that sounds trouble. If you if you're looking at Matthew Stafford is serious guy even as a quarterback too there are tons of other options that you area of ESPN that kind hands. Really yes Matthew Barrett that he Stafford et thirteenth. Right in front Tyrod Taylor. I'm gonna take a lot of numbers with that but we're not gonna go and that for the sake of time here. Acting Bethel little on the asinine side of things. On another map let's move on let's go onto the sleepers here now each of us are gonna choose a sleeper for you to keep it ion. Media guide that you can really take in the later rounds some and that's going to be available for you Derek Alex you go first who is your sleeper pick here this year. 24. Actors I've come prepared to number two ago. Number one. And this one's gonna sound a little on the crazy side here. Jay Cutler. That's great Jay Cutler is a guy that. Gets knocked for his character you know how he portrays himself in the NFL. Not one of the best quarterbacks in the league but at the same time is paid like one of bass though matchup dependent. Really does do well for himself this goes back to splits. And. You saw how he performed when John Fox brought his crew over last year. So he's. Dating ended more decent hands also you Kevin White back from injury that loss all of last year. Alice on Jeffrey remains one of the best wide receivers in the game. And then throwing Kevin White and like I said white comes back after not playing so. This one of those teams that you know Cutler is a QB two I will not stress that enough. You start Cutler on a regular basis are asking for trouble. Because Cutler. Is that guy that can get you 25. Or he learned that he's too. There's literally no alternative with him. Which were talk and boomer boss he literally is the definition of either boom or bust on a given week. Find the right matchup should Jay Cutler though and you'll be rewarded. As bearish side QB to to a guy. You know if you're taking a low and Q you won like a Philip Rivers or Derek Karr you know. Guys that have not necessarily proven situations or enough questions that you can't really trust them on the week to week basis. Or you get a guy who's passed a little more on the injury prone senate things like Carson Palmer or Tony Romo. You pair him up with a guy like Cutler you're not connected really go far off the beaten path the second one though is going to be a much more interesting. I'm looking at a Blake portals effect here for those that don't know where they're just starting this year plea portals is a guy who. Used a terrible defense and talented wide receiver corps around him. To really become a fantasy football superstar last year that defense got a lot better this year they're defense got a lot better but I'll tell you ones that didn't. Tennis or their ever wanted to division Tennessee and this leads me to markets Mario. Mario does a guy who adds that brushing element yet so that's extra points for you because he's very fast very sneaky athletic. But all see you look at his wide receiver corps and you really can't go wrong. With the group there Delanie Walker rose to the occasion now after signing with Tennessee as a viable tight and one. He and not to mention you've got Kendall Wright you've got Justin hunter you've got two or a green Beckham. Andre Johnson just signed with this team he might not even make the roster based on the receiving corps that the titans pass out. See you got a talented receiving corps. A security blanket like no other a running game that's suspect at best. And I see a very good expectation that Mario was gonna unexpectedly burst on the scene late in the year. And be that guy. Who ought to know where it starts didn't you twenty points a game on a consistent basis. Some markets Mario got to Tennessee. I've got to mention once to anything for you here and I'm where I'm gonna start with and you know you can then you can say what you will about this guy. He's head I threw into color and that's sure he's head. The guy that I am the nominee used here from my from efforts sleeper is a guy who has easily the best receiver in the game. And he's. Had it happened scratching. Career decline since having the really good. Are beginning to his career and in his mid to late twenties has really having a difficult time finding his way again and his name's Matt Ryan. But this guy. As we mentioned before my comments and you comes on there they don't have a tight end and an and I think that's really where you see his struggles coming is he doesn't have Tony Gonzales anymore. And I think adding that safety pointers really hurt him but he's throwing the ball to two Julio Jones an incredible rate. And and I think with him. The big thing for Matt Ryan is is is not for those those timely turnovers and opera presents as red zone interceptions in. And for whatever reason I'm expecting that right to take a step forward lacks the next year in this upcoming season. After lashing to step back in those first big game for member. Was a very viable fancy quarterback for the first taking a jury now we're seeing when shoppers shout the bus or Freeman was was just killing at. Obviously at that point. Julio Jones had almost a hundred reception mystery games basically you know the god guns killing at and that they've. He didn't necessarily get hurt but you can tell something wasn't right with Julio after Chretien and some sort of regression on the office right so Matt Ryan is a guy that I would look at who's had a good career who as head a couple of down years in a row that I'm expecting to have bounced back to your and that might my second guy here. And in. This was tough on forming. Because I I I think I really you and I for this pick I looked to the AFC east. I'm so obviously I'm not talking about private Patrick or Tom Brady where I'm looking at his ninth in hell or Tyrod Taylor on and what. Ultimately I decided is who is going to take the next step. This year and I think it's a guy that's going into his second year and at the same system opposed to a guy who's going into another system. As I think maybe the third system in his fourth season as starting quarterback in Miami in rank in hell I just don't CE. Hand with the boom potential of Tyrod Taylor this year for a under Greg Roman system that's gonna be opened up a little bit more with that middle of the field I think you can target Charles clay a lot more. Ultimately I think that bond between him and Sammy Watkins is really gonna help but I think the X-Factor is Robert once. I'm being at the scrimmage yesterday I saw. Fast. A incredible route runner and a guy that can go and get it at the peak you know it at that at the highest point. And I think last year the biggest issue with Robert Woods was as injuries I think that he was playing through some hip issues and if your wide receiver it's all about the hips. It's all about to hit the eighties and and and Robert Woods to meet could be the X-Factor for this team but I think what we talked about is that athletic guy that can give you. It's right hip over 400 yards yesterday. Aaron last year and to be honest I just think of a guy that could really be a top five fancy quarterback if he puts altogether clear if he puts it all together he has the yes it's cool to bring a huge point put out this year. And I just see him as a very very good boom potential guy this year so Tyrod Taylor. And my two sleepers moving into this season. Our while. I'm gonna give a couple more likes you get I'm gonna get some likes and dislikes hi I'm how to and the show here my likes guys that I think that you should target. Derek Karr Philip Rivers. Ben Roethlisberger. As as possibly the best quarterback in the draft Mike dislikes. That I haven't mentioned throughout the rest of the show like portals that they as answer lies a step back but overall he plays batters quarterback. And the other thumbs down I think you mean give here is probably going to be towards the lakes of I'm gonna say Cam Newton on these can be the best one in league this year but he's definitely going to be still on the top fives I think if we're gonna talk. My top five yes talk about the mass quarterback early and that's air rockers yes you know ultimately. He's not to give you as much of that running potential although he is of the kind of guy that will he will score touchdowns a year. But I think Aaron Rodgers is to flee ahead of appeals the one of the best you know correctly any other likes dislikes guys that we haven't mentioned that you should. Bring the attention of the masses. I I would say not much else did the quarterback rankings are fluid they won't move on a week to week basis and as we get into the season we will definitely bring those to you bucks. I would expect big things next week from us we will be coming back with the running back rankings. On to stay tuned for that we'll also be coming out as we mentioned. Stay tuned for the quarterback rankings we will be coming out with on WGR 550 dot com. And I'll between them out from my Twitter. At Lake Erie to be GR in my friend they're Cramer over your at their Kramer to be GR. There's been the wet court thinks listening next time we got running backs Arby's Beatty. They guys scarecrow ever hear from the waiver wire thanks for listening. And if you missed any of our preview shows you can catch them on demand as well as anything from WGR sports real fight it the on demand. At WGR 550 dot com. Give us some love on Twitter I'm at Derek Kramer Debbie jar. And neat is that neat Kyrie WGR on Twitter send this message will be glad to help you out thanks for listening. And have a good one.