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09-04 WGR's Fast Track with Dave Buchanan HR 1

Sep 4, 2016|

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Western New York racing and speeds timed out crank it up goal. The next hour and the airwaves belong to you. See jokes dress pin and let's head to WGR's fast track. With your host of other evidence there. I'm Steve Buchanan. Good for fans eleven out to your WGR Sports Radio 5:50 am welcome. To the real season finale of WGR pastor and Dave Buchanan thank you for listening in as. Brady had the update we are coming to lie from Walken Glen international. Sleight of today's IndyCar Grand Prix here at. Don't you GI the first time we Irvin. Lie on site for you racing and we've done on line journal from Batavia downs this year but last year we did the lateral from Batavia downs but does the first and we are in line of on site for racing events or really excited to be. At the Glen were coming to you from inside the media center on the second floor in the radio room it'll be with you for the next two hours and our special. Season finale here on the meteors fast track. Are you wanna join us this morning phone lines are open 803055188. By fifty to 515 you want in calling now might be the best thing to do it. They've been feeling we're going to be kind of busy in the second hour of the programmer have some guests coming in and out. Com not sure who exactly is going to be coming in and out but hopefully we have some good people to talk to you a little bit later on including hopefully we're trying to. Tagged out pinned down in IndyCar driver that's gonna come and join us here in studio. And talk to for a few minutes of the Indy cars have just wrapped up their morning warm session here at the gland. I'm as part of the usual race weekend for the right sneakers you that you do a morning. I'll warm up before taking the track for the race it no surprise on top of the speech Hart Scott Dixon was fastest in the morning warm up with the best lap time of one minute 23 point 71 seconds for a topping the speed charts in the morning for a second was RC Peterson director dale Coyne racing RC is making just his second per IndyCar start today at the line. Deal corn racing of course up picked up being very memo memorable win here at the line. Back in that 2009. With the Justin Wilson which was actually the last time I was here for an IndyCar race. The late just Wilson passed away about a year ago pocono Joseph new garden. Rounding out the top three Conor Daly who's our seniors and he needed to Oakland racing was fourth and Ingram great hall picked up the win last week in Texas for the IndyCar Series. Well rounded out the top five. But it's in the actions show so far this weekend here walk and an international and phone lines are open 8030 fight 51. 888 by fifty to fight if he also were on Twitter of course at fast tracked by fifty. In were at or FaceBook to FaceBook back consulate WGR faster what a great busy week in everything whether the local stuff. Or all the national series Labor Day weekend is that one of the best weekends of racing of course. You talk about the that the national international scene you've got here today a walk implement the IndyCar Series you've got NASCAR at Darlington for the southern 500. And that on the throwback. Theme has been awesome once again this year for the Sprint Cup Series. That race coming up tonight they had a lot of rain on Friday because of that tropical storm hurricane thing that was kind of been going up and on the coast this weekend though Paul lingering doubts that Kevin Harvick on the pole for. Tonight's race will try and squeeze in some NASCAR talk is that is the I'm next to last race of the regular season for the Sprint Cup Series. Alls you've got any charade there they've got the US nationals courses week in India the big ego is really to call one of these the they're biggest races they're season Formula One was an action on this morning Italy for the country Italy. And the local scene is also the very big weekend Labor Day yeah last night you had. Especially the pavement Trixie had. Past week a speedway where I was the NASCAR modified tour is a super modified. And they're in the thick of their big classic week in the got the big but but later national class this morning. Lastly Holland speedway. In Wyoming county had big races you've got track championships wrapping up off final weekend of Dirk her points he had. The local dirt tracks like ransom Olmert will Humber stone crowning their trek champions for their their card divisions though. It's a great great weekend of racing and if you get a chance check out any of it. Whether it's middle local track or just watching. Copper IndyCar drag racing on your couch feel free to join us here this morning. I'm an 8030 by 51. 8088 by fifty to 550 but again. Here at the Glen it's gonna economies that summer focus today but again if you want or some else feel free to call it 8030 fight fifty. But as they said just a moment ago it's been that this action Dixon show pretty much. All weekend here at Watkins and so far I'd Dixie Dixie is a three time winner here at the line won it three years in a row. Ian of that knowledge he's putting to good use because that he has been that fast. In the Chip Ganassi target car and shattered the track record all like that no surprise of course with the repaint your walk and then we need speed going to be up. We have been hearing about that. Throughout the past sessions that it had been going on for the cars. Ian and it's definitely happen is Dixon. Obliterated the track record set back your 2009 by Ryan Briscoe. And Dixon bettered it by about six seconds if you can believe that the previous record with one minute twenty seconds. Dixon on the pole day with a lap time of one minute 22 sick and so Dixon very fast but pretty much. Almost the whole field was faster than the existing track record except a couple of cars that had some problems during qualifying but. Amid large majority of the field faster than track record it will be Dixon on the front row will power. Who's that trying to remain in the championship on a comes into today second this is the next last race in the IndyCar Series by a season by the way. So why will. Senate has you know we had on the show earlier this year. On. So he will start second as will power Sebastien or day. The Frenchman will start thirty even though he ran out of gas on his that the and a qualifying he will still start third today. Alina castroneves rolling off fourth Sony can on rounds out the top by starters and then you've got rookie Max Chilton who had a very impressive. Qualifying effort he made the fast six qualifying yesterday so three chipped in fancy cars in the top sixties he rolls a sixth. That he up as you know in seventh the points leaders he said. JPM Juan Pablo Montoya who's had some memorable runs here in both in IndyCar and in in the cup series of course. He starts eighth today Jim Cox were ninth in Mikhail allusion the Russian driver. Out rounding out the top ten just outside the top ten was as we mentioned repeat RC years and was second quick in the morning more session on he qualified eleventh. So another good run for him to a couple of rookies inside the top eleven. Let's with a notable names. Just a new gardens twelfth chief change cliff thirteenth so much controversy for. Payment in couple drivers during qualifying yesterday actually. Three or four drivers were given penalties for holding up. The progress of their competitors during their group will find sessions and change clothes on now on one lap in. The IndyCar ruled that he held up another driver because of it in and it was penalized and got bumped out of the fast six 'cause he could've started. He we was gonna make the top six until the penalty was given a main Vickerson year old off. Do you roll off thirteenth day Indy 500 winner Alex Rossi starts fifteenth today. Marco entry people and injuring nineteen Ingram great hall back in twentieth so some big teams. Including some of the via injury auto sport in Rahal Letterman drivers. Starting deep in the field today. I'm here at Watkins Glen race it's going about that at 230 today green played just after 230 this afternoon. For the Verizon IndyCar Series in 8030 fight 5188. By 52 by fifty years the IndyCar Series returning here to walk the Glen for this gorgeous statement relating to mention it here off the top but what a fantastic day here. At the Glen in Hampshire in in the buffalo area as well to to stay a gorgeous Labor Day weekend and just and it. Cortes driving this morning. Stayed overnight in Auburn in between Oswego. In the Glen your seed or an night in Auburn head in nines picturesque drive down for 14 this morning alongside cynically in and his degree view coming in. On to the restrict this morning by they got a great T Fortier walking line as eight. Teams like the Glen has been. In AA weather bubble compared to. You know some of the the NASCAR tracks of course this whole month of August is just didn't ring central for a a lot of the tracks especially the NASCAR tracks. Except for the climbing course that. Clinton had their cup weekend about a month ago it was gorgeous but if it tracks like pocono. Darlington this weekend and all of a great dated eighth for the race but Friday they had like four inches or rain because that tropical storm in. Road America with a serenity series at ranges of pot attracts. Even Bristol course ahead at the my race postponed a Sunday afternoon saw a lot of tracks. Dealing with some weather replied walk in the Michael print output each had a that the casino after. Hate because he's hit the jackpot weather wise here for his two big weekends. And just agreed to before so it should be a gorgeous day here at declined for today's race. 08 getting a 30 fight 518080. By fifty to fight fifty. Real quick we'll squeeze in that the cup race tonight the southern 500 at Darlington. As they said. Steele step by owner's points because all I was read up on Friday. On NASCAR could've moved it to Saturday but they wanted drivers country Morin race mode trip practice facility just washed out a qualifying. And that's at the field by points will be Harvick and Kozlowski in the front row. Carl Edwards and Kurt Busch in wrote to Carl Edwards the defending race winner. Of the southern 500 and then you got Joey what got Kyle Busch Denny Hamlin Martin Truex Jimmie John's tournament Kansas rounding out your top ten starters that they the next to last. Res before the chase begins and we had a bit of a shake up in the trees you know I sat. Last week I set out of the Chase Field is that there's not going to be any changes in the chase and of course Schuyler had went out. Last week at Michigan and prove me wrong because he went out and picked up his first career win last week in the Sprint Cup Series. And what it drive it was for Larson and he'd responses. On himself into the chase in in prove me wrong guys I did I said. I didn't think anybody else is gonna win these last three races and you know we adjourn Bianchi last week I am and he said he thought Larson is gonna get it done and he he was correct because it was a you know Larsson getting the win in he's in the chase that me thinks makes it a lot more interesting year for today at Arlington. On in two next this coming Saturday at Richmond of course for the regular season finale mixing a little more interesting as. It bumps you know Ryan Newman he's now on the first car outside looking in an easily fifteen Mecca Jamie McMurray. So what things will be a little more interesting to watch for that final spot in on points. With other guys little ways out there gunning a lot of help these two races if they're gonna bump there we have points guys like he seeking chirping and Ryan blini. But you'll the battle will be here between Newman and Mary in Austin Dillon entries Elliott to see who makes the is the chase in on points. For the 26 for the 2016 chase for the Sprint Cup but now Kyle Larson is in and Larson on he's fifteenth in points. But he will youth bumped over Newman because of the wind of course and and being in the top thirty points right now. I'd might be a precedent that we actually have three drivers. Old. Three drivers kind of have to. Bomb some drivers out based on points because they've got to win and into the top thirty and we've got three right now between pusher. Stuart M Larsson and as I James Busch are still in the top thirty. Just spice seven points though so a butcher had some mechanical problems last week at Michigan so LB FT not a minus p.'s and q.'s. For these final two races on the regular season to see if he can still make his way and because of course. You know it's not a done deal easily got to stay in the top thirty for two more races to advance to the chase. Course would Darlington you've got the throwback theme you know we've kind of talked about it but. Blooded the great great promotion it's been since they moved the southern 500 back to Darlington. Last year and now this year. All the cars with a different retro paint schemes you guys you know NBC and going in falling. With that with their their TV broadcast you're gonna see you know Ned Jarrett and intense lawyer and TV denying the all school graphics it's going to be a ton of fun in the team's didn't really get up you've got your Tony Stewart he's got the we start at the a throwback. Bobbi Olson paint scheme with the Coca-Cola. And in the crew is on full and they got the old school seventies pick for your form so it should be pretty cool. Com get EO 30 fight 51808550. To 515. Sorry about that it is doing some. Producing here on the fly apologize for the delay but we're going to be bringing in guest here in just a minute. As we are again live here from Watkins Glen International for cities. IndyCar race here Watkins Glen in. Walking into the radio room as we speak eight a friend of the program we've had on many times here John Oreo that's from espn.com with his son Patrick. Having a fun road trip before school begins in and John is gonna sit down here and join us here in just the second. John good morning great to do this in person for once. I Davidson rare owners and I'd know what it's great to have you appear and what a great weekend for IndyCar to be back and walk and climb in they took the check by your weather right whether it's going to be great show today. And it's been spectacular the last time I was here came out here I don't know last summer the summer before. Patrick and I actually came to the town for a couple of days before going to the IndyCar pocono race. And it was rainy we still made the most of it when exploring in the state park and everything and of course it several times and mr. chicken. As you do when you have a ten year old with you but we we always enjoy visiting Watkins well I love the heritage and history of the place. And it's just it's a mighty racetrack right broad story on Friday were writes that if if Watkins Glen would be compared to know it would be a super speedway. We saw record speeds here in all 547. Mile an hour average speed I mean that's. That's Milo will speak not that too long ago for Indy cars. So it's really amazing to see them averaging nearly a 150 miles an hour around sweeping in majestic road course like this and I'm just thrilled to see that they're back in the third back with a three year three year deal as it turns out. It seems like the that the 2015. Season is hurt when he sixteen season it's kind of like the the reunion tour I guess for any car you've had Walken one of the late edition back in the schedule going back to Phoenix on backed road America. A lot of agreement is there are back on the IndyCar schedule now. I think that makes a lot of people certainly within the panic happy and whether it makes a difference to the to the greater ever public. That that understands and appreciates the history that those tracks had pre 1996 before the split. Elkhart lake road America was phenomenal this year I think the turnout there exceeded everyone's expectations. We've had a lot of times in the last ten or fifteen years with with IndyCar where there in tracks are markets that have been in danger falling off the schedule and and they either barely hang on that you make to come back and they're not supported by the fans and that road America the place was packed. I can't say that it looked to me is as fools who was in 1993 or 1995 in the Nigel Hansel and Jacqueline nuclear. But did the owners of the track called a record crowd if they want called a record crowd that's good enough for me it was certainly the best camping crowd ever seen there. And it was great to be back that's it it's another one of those towns and I sat and Patrick are driving and the old track as we are going back to our hotel yesterday and I wondered. How is it these wonderful. Road racing facilities pop up seemingly in the middle of nowhere there's there's a lot of similarities to Watkins Glen in an Elkhart lake Wisconsin. Right they camping thing and not only for IndyCar but for the cup series. It seems like right now especially appear in the northeast that may be in the mid wets the tracks that haven't Corey camping atmosphere lake here at the line Michigan pocono. Road America the tracks that are really fun camping atmosphere seem like are doing the best of bright now bringing in the fans attendance wise. Yeah I agree with that assessment I think some of the most successfully events that I've seen around the country this summer has been. As natural terrain road courses like this places and encourage camping that that I have a beautiful environment for a natural habitat for. There's a big crowd for IndyCar mid Ohio I was here for the NASCAR weekend here what can score and and it was neat to see a place filled up you know I'd I'd been here three or four times for Indy cars. 510 years ago. But it was it was neat to really see the place jamming. The with the way you like to see you racetrack that kind of spirit and environment. So. That's a challenge in and we're we're seeing a lot of oval tracks. Are facing attendance declines. And it seems like the ones that do you have the party camping atmosphere places like Talladega and Michigan have have been able to somehow hang on. But I think ultimately if if you look at all those NASCAR tracks that are hosting two races in a year there's there's gonna have to be some former contraction at some point. John Oreo is joining us live here from walk of Glen international on WGR fast track let's talk about the race today jar and in. On palaces not going to be another chapter the Scott Dixon show because he has been a very fast though for this weekend that he's a former three time winner of course. Well losers are true facts. But as we've seen in the IndyCar Series the fastest guy doesn't always win. This series tends to throw around more full course cautions. And yellow flags in the series like Formula One. And of course they closed the pits a lot of times and pack up the field and kind of artificially. Create strong mine and it it doesn't letter race unfold the way it normally would organically and sometimes the fastest guys the one that pays the price for the circumstances. I hope we get a clean fast race because I would love to see two or three guys just you know heaven and a good solid sixty lap sprint race today. With these mind boggling speeds. Do you think about it they go that caution they're gonna finish this thing an hour and a half or so. Which that's highly unlikely given given propensity for yellows in the series. But is it it's going to be interesting to see if anybody can beat Dixon and of course the subplot as the championship between world powers silent pageant. A course that players have been a big topic of discussion the reds the grip your tire but. A lot of teams seeing the black players work very well out there right I was trying to watch on the computer here's some of the war this morning some teens were out there on reds. What he what do you think is going to be the the best brand to go with today. I think what we're seeing is a situation where the track has so much grip. That the extra grip afforded by the red tires is actually slowing them down. They have to have some ability to slide the car and move the car and they may not. Beginning at at all on the reds. So unless anybody's really learned a way to make them work make from last. I think you're gonna look at teams trying to minimize the stand that they run on the reds and that the majority of the race we run on standard black tires. But the rules state is you've got to run the reds for at least 12 laps stint. So it will be interesting to see how that strategy plays off when the first yellow occurs and play a big part of. And there are some controversy here in qualifying yesterday a couple of drivers got some penalties for impeding the progress of their fellow competitors and and no jeans since close was very upset me he's still seems of sex is somewhat out of the driver's meeting this morning he was shaken said he did not have a I could. Look on as the case. Well I think there's one the NC IndyCar officiating whether it was through use that car champ car IRL or whoever it's consistently inconsistent. It's anytime you have a fast track like this it's challenged it to try to GAAP. And maintain a place on the racetrack where you can run flat qualifying lap. And even though they split the field and two groups. People were still running block I don't think anybody was doing it on purpose. But at the same time when you've got. Ten minutes for recession you guys. You know you've got a choice based running 14 laps in two or 22 or three laps stands. That doesn't give me any margin for error and no IndyCar wants to keep group qualifying. By an and they want to keep it brief because it is the procedure last an hour and fifteen minutes. But at some of these longer tracks like road America and years they may have to accept the ten or twelve minutes for a group recession just isn't enough. John dory with couple minutes left you're Komansky and ask her questions that are in your in IndyCar mode here this morning but oh we got the I news this week deal junior is gonna be out for the rest of the year because of these concussion symptoms and Alex Bowman in Jeff Gordon. Are gonna split the eighty car for the rest of the season the last twelve races are so. I'm what do you think is possibly next for bill Jeanine do you think. Is is he going to be back come 2017 or do you think we we get a retirement announcement from deal junior at some point before and next year February. Well it's it's obviously I talk to Dario Franchitti about yesterday because he's a guy that had a history of concussions and spinal injuries that ultimately forced him to step away from the car on the divisive of doctors. And juniors you know he wants to be in the car right now and he's he's out of the car. On the advice of doctors because they say it will look our tests say that you're not 100% that the there functions that are working in your brain should be. It's it's a sobering. Thought for NASCAR and for NASCAR fans thinking about the sport without Dale Junior or aura of a solid Earnhardt presence. That name has just been synonymous with stock car racing for the last thirty or 35 years. But it. Junior seems to be a guy that's got a pretty good grasp on his own mortality he's he's fascinated with the zone and we history's made trips to Germany in the last couple of years. He's got him a really much more human outlook on life I think thanks to his girlfriend named Iran and my gut feeling is is were not gonna see him again. But it. I'd say that only from from the experiences. Of seeing guys that have have had their bell rung a few times and you can you can see that they've lost you know a quarter of a step it's barely perceptible but it's there. Dario acknowledges that he's had memory loss and and trouble with certain motor functions. And these the most encouraging thing about juniors is that he recognized that he wasn't himself. He when he says hey he put his hand up by I don't think something is right here. And it ended up costing them half a season in a race car but at the same time in May end up saving his life might be melodramatic like that. But. But at the same time head injuries concussions there there are huge focus in the sports world right now. And when high profile star in in a contact sport like this. Is experiencing. What he's experiencing in and frankly sharing and in the public domain he's gonna talk to the media again Darlington this afternoon. Is it's it's fascinating to watch real life plan in real life and and I hope as a person and as a competitor and hope for the best for him. And the biggest thing in the bag that he on his own said he like he says the its sums worry here I need to have this looked and possibly some other car I mean. In in in a sport like all racing where you're the alpha male you know driving. Greece are risking you know. Your life every time in the racecar just. To have the guts to come bouncy that that that says a lot about it you talk about this he is matured as a person especially of course with the death this father. But it is it just shows that he is thinking about long term that's a good thing to see. Firm from a racecar driver. Well I talk to Dario about it he says that it it took more courage he said the race car drivers were programmed to get back in the car just push through it and focus on the next race and he said it took more courage for Dale's stay out of the car and get back and and I think that says at all Dario is pretty Smart guy he's obviously well versed in the history of motor sports and and as he said Dale Junior he says I'm a fan and in the in the in the 45 years and I've covered a lot more NASCAR. Certainly dale junior's been one of the most enjoyable drivers to deal with these just so natural and real if you get a one on one interview with them. He gives you his time his tension and you don't always get that when he especially with the top stars like that. So it's it's it's sad if if his career is coming down to an end this way but at the same time. Look at Dario he's he's happy out there in retirement he's still involved in the sport and obviously Dale Junior would be there too with his ex Kennedy series with the other his other involvement in motor sport. So it's not like he's going to to be away from NASCAR or away from racing he's just not going to be the guy driving the car. John Dario with from ESP and a comic a follow on Twitter at in the Oreo gently is that at the top it's it's really funny get to do this in person set over the phone great to see you and your son in enjoy the day here Walken blunt. Well thanks a lot I should had you bring me some wings too is I hear that that they're the real deal there in buffalo. Yet that we're kind of known for actually that this is the national buffalo wings vessels going on right now actually in it in the city of buffalo so maybe if we do get a caution free race he might build a head out here and still make it downed the city check that out. Well I don't think the voicing full yet so we'll keep in mind for partner on the way you know. Take care thanks for join us. John Oreo that's for espn.com. We're gonna step aside here take a break will be come back more life for Martin's line here the site of the unique carries its I faster here on WGR. 1135 here on WGR Sports Radio fight that he. WTO's fast track our. Thrilling season finale to our special your line from Watkins Glen International the site of today's Indy car race. And I apologize for the the first segment there. I'll leave it very long opening segment like they do any you trying to get gassed on there's you know there's no chance to pause like I hit the stick my head out the door to we've John Horry ovitz in. To get him in here for the Italy seriously I'll desperately be brief dead air and the effort segment. But that's what happens when your on your own plane that's your pants here doing live radio in the gas the blues that continues here. Instead the media center is joining us right now we at a model season for the Buffalo News leery Ott is you're covering the race for the paper Larry Nicosia. Goodness. Obviously this wasn't on our itineraries whom were planning our seasons earlier this year this didn't get added cellmate. But it looks like it's set to be great to hear lock and one. It is armed three months ago this race didn't exist than the previously scheduled race in Boston Massachusetts got canceled. Literally overnight the race came here to Watkins Glen first time since 2010. And yeah it's a beautiful day today. Awfully good Crowe turns out and it's nice to see IndyCar is back in our region. Yes definitely it's a were actually pretty fortunate you look look at the schedule for next here and you got here of course what's on beckons cattle for two more years at 32018 accorsi at Toronto you've got pocono. You mean go to Michigan mid Ohio and really from where we are Western New York Larry. We don't have to travel far to see a lot of the IndyCar schedule. Dollar every dollar and it's. Very traction as you said the streets or contrived though you have the road course here. You have the tri oval in pocono among some of the with a you know tracts of six hours or less so it's variety. As well as have in the series funeral round. You've been I'm assuming you've been here a weekender here yesterday and today I just got here today but. Wonder what do some of the things you've been seen and so for this weekend obviously that the one guy to beat so for as we have been Scott Dixon. Well scat has always been fast to your. Scott won the race in 200520062007. And you get the pole yesterday and of course a track record but. 022 cars here this weekend. We're under the existing track record set in 2009 by Ryan Briscoe but almost five miles an hour so everybody kind of broke the track record this weekend but don't. Skeptics since you know. This is a tricky knows very well he goes very well but. You never know in the IndyCar races can turn around and left. Yeah earlier talked in which on Oreo with last segment that led. Just because he's the Fed the best part is and always when it is as how John put in. And anything can happen in a week we've seen this weekend. Ollie there's been a couple of incidents both guys crashing Joseph new guard had a very hard hit practice we've had some some. Penalties during time trials yesterday's been all all lot of different things so there could be a few wild card moments in the race today needed do you agree that. Oh absolutely. Helio Castroneves is in the fourth position and seven players in those usually strong you know he's raced there before he's been strong road courses. Juan Pablo Montoya. This is his first weekend you're his career running the long course for the Indy cars people who recall he was here of several times with Nancy Grace when he was as. Circuit in the short oh road courses but one month is all was when we happen anywhere he goes so you never know. Will power is strong. In the course or sign in page. And will power at the deal also mindful of the fact that they're going for the championship in the close and points original was one. Will powers to in Italy one more race after this Sonoma California so there was the point championship as close as well and that'll be important this week and plus once they get the Sonoma the finale in these errors double points. Yes a lot of guys are still mathematically eligible but will be a national empower likely going. And it for the pilot depending on how things are played out today here Walken on of course Larry up for the Laughlin is currently our guest here on delete your fast track. Larry you come to this facility a lot to cover various events here here eat you come up for the six hours weekend cup week in IndyCar from the other events and we've been appear to. On just. It seems like walk in the gland that the facility. It's always been a great facility don't get me wrong but it seems like as an attraction for the average race it seems like. It is in its taking off. The last few years where. You racers people racing knows the great facility but it seems like your average casual race and is now realizing. This is a cool place to come to watch a race even if you don't see the cars the whole time. That you come here in campaign and you have a blast and it seems like that is that is really taken off that for this facility over the last few years. Well yes as a matter of fact this morning it was conversing with. Watkins Glen president Michael Pirro who was a native of Hamburg. And we were talking about Watkins Glen and Mike talked about the fact that yeah the reason is good here but people can see there's lot of money being invested. But also what they've done. New York State's stitch on the lot of people in the New York State campers. And this is a great camping environment. And we you can actually come here have a great camp in week in the reduction of wanna watch a race that I know would you would you could actually have a camping we can have a great time that even she really split. They also don't things this year. No more families and I don't for NASCAR weakening in the kids' zone. This small little finesse wield some other amusement park rides you know. NASCAR weakened and also ahead in the the end zone at night for the kids they shall units will be. So when you come here at least as much as you coming to a race but real things to do here besides just what happens on track. And of course the on track product is great too and that that's where that the board into the race began. And especially with the cup series that we've seen road course racing of course you'll get a lot more setting a lot more physical. And it's really paid off for the gonna mean they fed back to back you'll grandstand reserve seats sellouts now for the cup breeze and it. It's it's amazing I remember. Before I got into than the media says sport is being an average race him I remember. There may be in the early nineties. There was question marks would NASCAR come back to walk and I'm there with you had to be get their reassurance every year that they what we're gonna sign an agreement with the gland. You know especially before that I SE took over it was sometimes a question mark of if NASCAR was gonna come back here. Well that's correct that number come here every year for the cup race and you relishing the rumors in the first question has to NASCAR's as the last year here. There was a lot of outdated things about displace and number in the seventies it gone bankrupt until Corning rescued them. But. During these early years would be 1015 years ago the septic system was their hero of the things were bad. And yes he who owns spew it was from the state that can borrow and invest money here. Much like the government invest money see you know. If it's not what new era fielder and a Orchard Park Ralph Wilson Stadium in a few things they're looking to get government money as well help. Well so they came in. I is he's been invested capital here. That's one of those things as you start to see the capital investment paying offers decent return on investment you can spend more money. And they spent more more money here and of course this repay project has been all over the world so. That's what's happened now when you go to a cup races so refreshing the first questions that. We you guys you back here next year the question now is. They houses sellout going. Larry got the ball floated joining eastern LB Gerris fast track. Last thing there I know you always do a great job with your columns finding the local angle finding personalities involved with each event that have connections of Western New York we of course know about Michael print up and his connection. Is there in anybody here today that you're you're gonna be talking to that has a buffalo connection we might not know about. As a member affected today's X in the morning paper this morning which you can get at least any considerable to lose that can. I have a story in there this morning on Ryan review ski. Ryan is an omen native he is the technical director for Penske Racing. And coming up into the ranks rhymes to attend races at Howland speedway he has an affiliation with a feeble corn team. That runs out their first mikes and you know course he's been he's my junior. And Rhode. Island speedway he progressed through the ranks he joint team Penske several years ago he was into your forcing him Hornish. Helio Castroneves. In one month polio when they won the Indy five hundreds. That the just emotionally this morning as it when I was on the team before Lipinski used to come races was in charge of watching one team. He's a technical director he's in charge of the engineers and Ryan's overseeing all four Penske cars of the released today. Seventh national power as some monthly. He's he's watching all these cutters to interacted with all the different engineering people here he's got twelve engineers helping him today. And for the race itself today he's gonna base themselves in the and so the number two entry while Montoya. But the commute you'll be communicating back and forth with the other three Penske engineers and the other cars throughout the race so yeah rounds in the big ways. Responsible for Paris it was to feel for the he's responsible for four of them. And of course you're looking for Roger Penske so. A worker for the captaincy got to have him here a starched collar in your wager gimmick can keep those are the front that's almost into the field that's pretty also I knew I knew he had somebody could that seems like. Any any every even NASCAR every now ask are we usually you find somebody knew that I even heard of that has its good question your connection that's now in NASCAR IndyCar or connected decline somehow. Well Larry after today works rap and appear but after day Larry things get a lot more inching back home with that a lot of trick champion's crown got some big and if your races this is. September's like one of the best month of the year furry thing. You know I'm here this weekend for all the IndyCar Series a Watkins Glen. But I have not forgotten that over the last couple of days in western New Yorkers but a lot of great racing going and there's been championships decided for example at Howland to Genesee and rants and no matter who owns various classes. So are the missing a lot of things back home this weekend but I will be back next week in order to gulp. Other trachsel signed championships next week and exit for example Lancaster. In than that we can at that'll beat you on the final show of the season little daily. The just three weeks and I believe it is I'll be two days the US open at Lancaster. I'll be to a more drag race this year at Lancaster. And after the fall shall we don't think Tony. So there's a lot of important foreign races coming up this last month of the season on the try to get to as many as I can. Well we appreciate the coverage and I eat you meet weren't aware that Western New York racing media contingent here houses and a little room here looked at life Larry after the buffalo is thinking so much for your time. Our gonna step aside here we come back old you are traditional here final second of the 11 o'clock our local recent round up. Got a few minutes we'll grind CC recorded on Friday ransom bill he just locked up the modified trick championship the big. So we give back local racing round up Ryan CC a let's stick around we've got a whole another hour and actually I just got confirmation. IndyCar rookie RC Pearson is gonna join us here live at the Glen at noon so ST 2 more until 1 o'clock this is faster here on WGR. Let's find out who visited Victory Lane this weekend it's time for the local racing roundup on WGR's. Fast track. I'll start Friday night accidentally international dragway self even gave the women top safety officer accused. Giving women top CT I mean our first career win and not ET. Jim Thompson and TNT outright series Pete marched in slut and likes DN nav in street ET. And the buffalo street outlaws mole wealthy T and Chris Olsen got the win in the buffalo street outlaws at Lancaster on Friday night. Dregs are off this Friday they've got the bracket finals in Pittsburgh but the stock car season wraps up this Saturday night the regular season that is. With us he's in points and only for the three weekly divisions plus heat humidity it's rains it'll speed and Freddie Kenny wills won a caution free fifty that featured a round out the regular season for the 350 modified. Right Susie won the track championship you'll hear from Ryan in just a minute. I'm Dave Conan got the win in the sportsman lawmen Farnham who we get on the show earlier this year picked up the track titled here. Here in Israel in the street stocks chip leader house in the force owners' interest spur back. In the not this sportsman division freedom motor sports park the other races champion sportsman series chance you've really got the win over Brad Rouse. Partially miles Jeremy one doling elbow were in the streets tax bill Willard junior in the many sacks Saturday night action. Wyoming county International Speedway. The first half of their big Labor Day weekend Jacob Augusta thin Augustus in getting the win in the four soldiers Rusty Smith won the big. Sportsman SST modified race or teaching after basking in Wayne baker. On they are racing today appearing bowl rings 3 o'clock they've got the modify its full blown modified on American racing tires and a superstar acts today. At the Perry bull ring other Saturday night action Genesee speedway in Batavia. It was DT may easier in the win in the crate late models got attacks from is remember. John who follows us on Twitter and gives us some updates they get the win their re bliss in the sportsman. Over met Stephanie in 36 Julie wells Mike Dee one drilling Biron to Witten street stocks bill Willard junior in the many stocks and equal trick in the bandits. They're at Genesee Holland speedway last night they get a big show too big long distance races for. The chargers hornets in sportsman in George scored the third got the win in the sports threes or any Carolina and Jeff Brown semifinal clapper. I'm Marco dominate the pro charger feel. Louis Louis Carbone got the win in the hornet's Kyl Hutchison in the teeth humid it's horrible art of the fourth in the legends your fill in the rookie fourth engines ninth in the figure eight to me Martinsville Speedway last night. Kyle Roth well won the mini stock feature but Tyler lop on TC got the championship Dave Bailey wrapped up the hoosiers stock championship of the feature win. Same story for Josh Slater in the mob lights pulp of Borg won the sportsman feature Cody McPherson rap that the title. He picked Nelson got the win in the championship at his home track. In three feet modified and now a sportsman DPP true wanna feature Trevor right won the championship. They're spewing about it big question mark and no haven't talked about this enough they got a big question mark going into next year. On the William sins and Nelson are selling that this'll be if they do not find an owner on the track not open under the the current ownership. I'm next year. On so they're looking for someone to buy it her some leads reportedly nothing concrete to talk about but that some question marks going into next year. At the Martinsville Speedway also tonight congress don't speedway wraps up. On their actor well actually the last we comforter her points but their track one's I think go another week. But sportsman late model street stocks. Trucks and mini stacks night at number stone it's 630 Eric Rudolph won the big a modified race their last weekend. At commerce on the second annual peak hospital morial okay were running out of time but one of squeeze in here. Ryan CC who won the principal speedway modify trick championship Friday night recorded this what Ryan Friday after the race that ransom bill here's Brian CC on fast track. Paul Ryan after winning a lot like trick championship Lester needed that your real comeback this year pulled up again. I'm gonna say probably not the we hear homer clash here we had a good thing go on go on the track changes here you know when that loss to go to chase track around. We definitely struggled to start the season a little bit zone. Minutes of the year where panel wondered what you know what we had to do to be successful the last few weeks here we're. Really found some like Artest really react to meet some changes on some of the lot of trees and on the cars. Seems like. No doubt that then I think tonight we actually had. 75 lap race car but fortunately we know it fifteen in all very much less Torrey collapsing just came off like a missile my real and Chad. Again I think we're a fast car at lest one of those two days but. And I. I'm real happy to do it the first time and undo a second time this kind of surreal did you have a strategy going into nighter just to stay ahead of the 42 there. It's funny 500 dollars a win there are clear over the winter night. Especially after last week so you know fast car was when you're gonna come with the same game plan just about tied it up a little bit silly little slicker and now. Think we may tolerate lose no we did discover right rear enough that it took too long to come in the future I think that's what. Kind of lost spots early in that second traffic but once it really took off I was a missile is unfortunate that digging yelled look and drastic Kenny was real fast you know. But he's up for coming out when to race in the world they want. It's pretty awesome season for him. He definitely came loaded for bear at a that he Gracie but I showed that he racy went UID with 31 point six the third one lap. Any chase subtly winning Kiri Te W a worksheet in fort tonight. Yeah we just. You know my column mentality especially if for he races as all of people on the grandstands beta put on a show I hate right around vision for to qualify. About a good common trying to do something when it otherwise they'll wireless racing zone. Might just some guys on the crew hit a button. No other racetracks are the cars are what happened on showing trial when it so I was good it was dialed in right messiah like so I think we just missed a little bit on retire but you know it came in late. Almost good night. I think one of the things he proved once again is you can stay out of trouble when you got you guys like air Rudolph coming in five races. You did once again which is consistent finishes and trying to stay out of trouble most nights yeah we know we relax a little bit of consistency early in the season. But it said it just so this track it's a little different from where you see last year pressure we got a harder the 400 compound a lot times it. Just doing different things this year it seemed like. You know the way they're preparing the track it was kind of hard to judge what the child was gonna do some nights a bureau heavy. When he hadn't anticipated track to be real slick I he'd have a hot summer. We can become here in the track was to provide you with a big cushion so this kind of hard to really pick but the last month or so we had a good game plan really. You know made the right calls when it comes the setup. Wrapping up the season tomorrow now it mayor bill where you still mathematically in the hunt for the championship but what has been the year at miracle that like for you we then are right. We will unfortunately never please visit Victory Lane so flu can do that tomorrow. We've been candlelight we're here mostly top fives and if we are tough fights were close to it out last week I had a little bit and insane night. And efficient fourteen so I kind of took us out of the points but we just sort of second for sure I don't know for mathematically in it for the win but. You know if not can recipes and now. They're little embers are gonna win then gonna attempt to pressure self addressed those guys as funny you know I really don't think rob Clark forgive me an opportunity. I was in his car for most the season over there in a few times of my own stuff so it was a good year. And him two or 32 place finish is a whole bunch top fives it was a good season. Last thing China got some big and you killed there in September but your try to fit in a few races of the well they'll. Yeah our I guess I get married on the 21 September. But this week growing wheels announced as the race they've pretty Big Ten race 120 fifths RX asset of the Mamas you have been doing very sad day after the wedding is a little bit of a honeymoon for us up. To be nice definitely nice wedding present cash in on ten gram for everybody has. I didn't know where you gonna put in a honeymoon right after the wedding here is that going to be the apple now has the rolling wheels race. Dollar and probably to the winner Tom Devin pusher for supporter. Ski weeks of sort of a she's not golfer that she wants she wants white sand beach somewhere in the Caribbean or some nonsense now libraries to. Congratulations my friend and good luck with the wedding in the rest your racing season appreciate it thanks. There is the rains have already rind Susie fresh off district championship Friday night and it ransom bill. We come back he's very join us in Steelers and the sticker on to the break and we appreciate that IndyCar rookie RC Anderson from dale Coyne racing and join a slight here from Watkins Glen we get back and fast track on WGR.