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09-04 WGR's Fast Track with Dave Buchanan HR 2

Sep 4, 2016|

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1204 here WTR Sports Radio by fiftieth. This is our number two of WGR fast track our. Thrilling season finale of we make way for Buffalo Bills football here on Sunday than LPG are starting next. Sunday but we're on here today live from Watkins Glen for the IndyCar race and joining me live right now in the media center is a rookie driver making just his second Indy car start today. Our seniors our seniors and C great to see you in I think an extra. Your days off to a pretty good start he too in the morning warm up what did you you in the dale Coyne racing team figure out that got the cars going so good this morning. And we had a pretty strong qualifying off eleventh and that's when everybody is really pushing back I think aggravated today who has more focused on trying to figure something out of the race. And I think we just did that we have on that card traffic we have. We have some fast pit stops at a good spot and a week into a figured it. Your first time here racing walk and contract. So what did you think when he got out there to stay your thoughts of of recent around this facility on and it's one enemy track it's super historic in its. It's got a cool float today and it's it's it's challenging it's it's it's a lot of commitments very high speed. If it did it takes a lot of lot of Audi active physically. Compared to other road courses that you driven on the speed aspect of it does it did how much. More of a challenge that this beaten G forces have to be a lot on you guys compared to. In OC recently chemistry course or something yeah I mean especially at the new payment ban it is repaid in its its rarity five and a half seconds on track record or something like that it's it's pretty insane how much grip there actually is proponents only G forces. More than we do anywhere else really besides ovals in its. It's pretty challenging. Just ultra quick how you made your way here to the IndyCar Series though what other forms of racing did you. Used it to make your way here to the IndyCar Series and with dale Coyne yeah of course like most drivers a certain carting in and I got into. That's give our race school and did that for a little bit and then got in the Basra Indy. And spent three years two liter cars at 2000. And did did a year and a half of Indy Lights and in a point in effort for that you targeted the united Buena island goes again. Obviously it's it's got to be thrilled to get into the highest level your profession but just. To race with the the level competition that they have rain on the IndyCar Series but the guys that driver and skiing can ask senior you're teaming Conor Daly does. At genes into cliff does it it's got to be amazing that two run with some people like that. Yeah I mean they haven't kind of experience and I had a lot to learn as well it's only my second weekend. In the car and it's and I are hardy landed on and on and continue keep learning every single time I'm on the track. And it's it's good for me to learn from guys like us so I sit on the grid and I look around me and I see people at ten years plus of experience. In IndyCar and it's it's good to know that I'm able to be there. And basically a series of my idols and I grew up watching it's it's a critical critical doing. Is there someone you've been able Lee 9 AM links that you team it's kind of daily but is there somebody else maybe in another team that you can go to human need maybe accurately all of their secrets but maybe just give you few pointers mean and the drivers are nicer man everything except new new new people into the series and it's it's bananas I think the most out of Connors is that. Almost all season honors about it no more I think it's. And from him and engineers it's in there all their experience and real time from. Talk about today's race no tires have been a big topic discussion that the blacks and the grip your reds without an oil all the all the big secrets from your team up. What have you guys been ID think you nailed down a tire strategy for today. Yeah I mean it's tricky because it's usually the reds are a lot quick release on while I'm like it's kind of a toss up between acts which when you are comfortable on it orbits a season people hundreds of people on blacks it all depends on. I your cars of people when you switch tires. In the cart changed dramatically and right now I think there is settled in to what's one. What is your favorite part of the course you think on their there's so many different aspects he got you know that they in turn one and ninety degree turn you get the knee at the passes he got the bus stop. You guys to run the boot of course which we don't be deceived on the NASCAR weakened but what is your fear part of the course released that you you think so far it's they've been here here at the line. I think let their power had to be the bus stops in castle section right there it's super high speed and super grip the units it's it's a lot of flowing quarter. And it's pretty nuts and these scenes are only brushing the brakes on a few years and back the full Alter its its. It's tricky and I can't wait to see outs and a moderate traffic. Now of course this your first start here but he did get some time in testing we are talking before we came here he did get into a test sessions ceded a little bit attract mountain free got you this week right yet and a half today here on the forest leaner and lunchtime so analysts it was a big learning curve causing at least understand the track in stand grip. And Gilda and it it was more this week and got to learn actually partially that's it. What are the plans for 27 beaten and line anything up to be back with dale Coyne exterior that will be enough figured out. I mean it's the mean figured out anyone figure things out first it's more or less concentrate on while in line and Sonoma her. For the season in and see what we can after and if its sponsorship on something to come back seasons both hopeful I'm. Legacy when he he walked in that the last time here I was for an IndyCar race course you're team won with the glee Justin Wilson not. How cool Beattie get your car owner second win here at the Glen today at the amazing meaning kind of both of relief cars and in the cars at Chrysler up as far as they would both like to with something's happening in qualifying. I'm impetus from. Our seniors and they can select the timing and race mornings afternoons they know very busy you're in and out of warm ups are really preach the time today. RC years informed dale Coyne racing pull out let him get back with the team. And again think you guys so much we'll have a great race day but here on the lead GR 8030550. Got the phones open now. And that the team's RC's gonna head back to the hollering get ready for this afternoon's race which gets going here just after 230 this afternoon. In case you missed our first hour and we're life here Watkins Glen International for today's IndyCar Grand Prix at the Glen and our seniors and we just talked a second quickest in the morning warm session. I'm just behind Scott Dixon who's been very fast all weekend reset that the track record in qualifying. In is starting on the pole for today's race thoughtful and open your 8030 fight 5188. By fifty to 550 the IndyCar Series coming off a very exciting finish at Texas last weekend. We signed a we talked about little bit last week on the program but a last lap pass by Graham ray hall. I'm going by teams into Clift to like get the win there on the mile to half track at Texas an inning after their race on. Pinch cliff in his team where were handed post race penalty for being too low. The right it was too low after the racing to get a point penalty that they keep its finished. But a few inches have been a little frustrated this week and we talked a little bit about it wit with John Oreo Ritz of course. He Erica a penalty in in qualifying as we talked about in the opening hour. In he I heard some comments from him during the at the warm session I was listening to the the Imus radio broadcast. Online you're ready to do the show and they were plains and soundly through him he is just. Bin fuming at what IndyCar debut on during qualifying at top of the penalty that they dirty got. This week. On from from the sea breeze on. For the the infraction out host Texas so he is varied. Off buster and I saw him to more on this morning come out of the driver's meeting and he did not look happy Hollywood chic and it's and it's obviously. On he is. Not been happy with some of the calls that have been not going in his favor over the last couple weeks for he and his team is and cliff. Rolls off thirteenth this afternoon for Schmidt Peterson motorsports. He's right in the middle pack could add a shot at the top six he was fast enough to make the top six but the peace Bonnie qualifying. And when that happened he held the progress of one of their driver and a racetrack and he was penalized for which you're you're not allowed to do during the group all find sessions. And was receive the penalty and was not able to go to the fast six which is why start. Thirteenth inning get 8030551808550. To 550. Weird is where I am if you IndyCar at year in IndyCar fan would love to hear me this morning but all the other. Racing action going on around the country around the world is on tap this morning as we talked about a little bit. I'd during the opening hour of course NASCAR at Darlington this week and fort city's southern 500 the next the last race. On. For the Sprint Cup Series. And it was it's just watching some actually watched one of the practice session late last night when I got back on the path of the hotel it was staying. On an Auburn in between. After the recess legal last night as the practice session and they would take. Time in focusing in on all the different cars and their throwback schemes and what they were paying tribute to and it it's just been an amazing promotion relief. Really neat I think. And NASCAR's tried really hard hit the connect with a throwback these old school fans because. Some of the new school fans they may have adopted in the last ten or so years have started to fall off. In the one that the stuck it out there are more at the old school racing fans they're trying to connect them with only old school paint schemes. But is been really cool. To see these cars which cranky you look at you know biffle got the Allen who Wiki tribute paint scheme with scooters on the car. And even says the under bird on the on the nose of the car. Which is another it's called tactical Wiki scar when he was driving a Ford Thunderbird they they took the in the eight shop and just that under bird on the host of the car because they worry. Single car. Self ownership operations that they were underdogs and they they. And biffle got them on the notes today too and great it was great to see and then eat you look at. Nick Kansas car is at the height sponsorship. In desperate there is huge with tight in scooters that to come back into the sport because they had been on the sport for some years now. You know voters hasn't evolved in the cup series probably almost twenty years if not more and tights and on of its since they they stop sponsoring. The Ricky craven in the team he drove for. About it decade ago so to get those sponsors and even for just one race. These you know huge for NASCAR to it to bring those sponsors back in the sport. And hopefully they can do enough this week and were it now brings them back to the sport. On the other big news of course out of the NASCAR world this week as we talked a little bit about what John Oreo Ritz is Taylor junior we got word. This week that he is done for this season he'll be he'll miss the remaining twelve races not really a surprise. On the already missed so many races at this point you know he wasn't. Likely not going to meet make the chase so lomb outside of dale wanted to get back in the car what would you know what. What can they really it's it's just better for him to rest stop. Obviously and be on a percent on the go back to Daytona in 27 teen. And in verses him may be getting back in the car you know an 8590%. Not only with the caution but of course physically just from. Sitting out the weeks in the car and not even he needs to in some working output probably not as much. On. Not as much. Had he been in a recent week in and week out so instead of human and 8590 present Dale Junior let's get a Mac a 100%. One when they get back to the tone in 2017 and that that is a big if of course we we we talked about ready. But the possibility that deal here does not even come back next year's team. Players. Hear grumbling of that that he might just street announced his retirement some point. On here this season and that will be a huge blow to the sport when you look at what. The series has lost in star power now for the last couple years we've got. Well Jeff Gordon retired but obviously it back driving in a fill in April but that wasn't expected you got Tony Stewart hang it up after this year of course in you've got Dale Junior. Now with the the possibility he retires there you've got. Three of the biggest names if you walked down the street in hand someone a name five NASCAR drivers those three teams are probably. On the list if not the top of the list of names that people heard of before. From outside of you know like if Jimmie Johnson's so it will be via a huge. On hole for the sport to fill with three of the sport's biggest personalities of the century. Possibly. How of the sport. On for good following this season is you know you're retiring I don't think you'll see Jeff Gordon Beck and that we think he'll got his fill. Filling in the 88 this year and then possibly Dale Junior. The last told recently split between accordion and Alex Bowman able elks won't get the majority. The on starts I think Jeff's gonna run in Martinsville. The ice he's running Richmond next week he ran a Martin's film and homestead I think maybe one or two others but Al Bowman at Talladega and some the other tracks on the schedule. On in the eighty car at 8030 fight 518080. By fifty to 550 if you were a turning it in during the first hour we got some open phones here for the remainder of this opening segment hope to get. One more guest on meet at some feelers out turning it someone else to join us appear on in the second floor of the media center walked in line. Our international here for cities IndyCar race. And it jury has they're big weekend this weekend as the US nationals. Only gritty tradition of course they race on Monday as as part of com. That the US nationals that'll be outline on TV tomorrow. Qualifying. It's just getting under way actually. At the US nationals com. And they'll have eliminations tomorrow on that'll be if you live on the Fox Network from off from one to 4 PM to watch that line tomorrow. Com. Got. You can watch that live tomorrow on fox and fox sports ones so that has been a huge deal bodily for the any injury that TV deal fox. On their ratings have been out the they're having it lie especially in network television. On that has been a big boost for that series which is great here. With all agree personalities and involved and any injury rate racing. On that has been huge huge deal for them this year with their new TV deal and a partner. In in fox and fox sports one that wants to show eliminations line in it's not easy to do its nightly. The oval track that hole or circuit trek race wary you we've degree flying in and it goes nonstop until the checkered like minus any cautions you know you've got. You know cars code. They make a 42 pass and you know and then next pair in the edit you know go through the burnout and in the back in upstaging if you get an oil down. You know it's it's the long cleanup if you get a meter oil down drag strip so it's not easy to show the sport on live television and Fox's broadcast that not all been fully on percent line they kind of catch up things the equally in them and it's the finals that is an actual light so blatant and a trim some of the out of the early rounds of eliminations. But is it's still improve productivity and good job they kept some of the the broadcast voices on and brought its new people. In definitely. Great to see for the folks at an answer I just cut it tweet from Ryan CC. He must of forgot. What he said in an interview we talk on Friday because the fiance and his fiancee Rebecca. I guess I can't hear the interview and she would apparently is not happy. As I and with I guess the honeymoon time machine and appreciate play. I don't worry he means well I am New Hampshire he'll make it a few but we were just joking. With grind getting married in late September and whenever increase Carter Richards in myriad in the middle of racing season provides challenges. On an especially when. The driver wants to go racing that weekend so wildly but things right for the time congratulations thanks for listening this morning. And hopefully get out of the dog house that's with your fiance. Are for real one was also an action on this morning and it was on all the TVs here in the media center locked in one obviously but the tie ins with the IndyCar community. And another win for eagle Ross Burke and Mercedes today in Italy a monster for the Grand Prix of Italy. On the car prosper got the win over with Hamilton no surprise there. Ferrari does get in front of the hometown folks with the third and fourth with a that'll rounding up podium Kimi Raikkonen. Finishing in fourth annual cargo. Rounding out the top five and I'm Mon stuff for thirty. Formula One. Speaking of racing close to our area we the NASCAR can April truck series is an action today Canadian turner motorsports park opened Bowman Phil Ontario not far. From Western New York infect some you may be on your way there this morning. On that to watch the race by a call cluster on the pole for today's truck series race at Canadian tire motor sports park Austin cinder. Who his dad actually work for Penske Racing in the Penske folks are course here at the blind dates are saw Roger this morning. On. We'll start on the outside of the front row on his Brad Kozlowski reaching Kimi Dana hammer starts at their cans grow a fourth William Byron. Starting fifth of course Boyer in the series points leader. Five wins already in 2016 for buyer and the number Moffett camera Healy. Tyler Redick Spencer gaelic and Ben Rhodes. Rounding out the top ten starters today. A name to keep in mind if you're gonna want to in the truck race later today is Canadian driver Geary I believe it's Clint. He's driver Kyle Busch motor sports of that. Right away just gives you reason to keep on him because he's driving in the best equipment in the series. And actually are bloody Clinton Jeffrey who's been on the show of course a couple of times from. On number stone. And ash we can speak with I believe is doing some spotting for him of course they mean multiple spotter for the recourse by. Clinton is the hoping out the 51 team is spotter did a currently comedians their motor sports park that's an anti meat connection there wanted to mention Obama will be starting fifteenth. I'm in the truck series race today at neater motorsports park up in Bowman bill. Com. And gathered their regular season also winding down the course that truck chase and that it he series' chase. Both. Bout to start as well soon to. And he's been a series theory and Arlington yesterday of course and one regular shelter rank priest we had on the show here. Rick before. The Tommy Tony recent Lancaster course. He got a career best finish yesterday in the X and eighty theories. Ryan placing in the top ten so good to see. Ryan in its first trip to Darlington that's an easy track. For a for first timer. Ryan finished in the top ten finish out of it yesterday. So congrats to Ryan and his career best at the miniseries he wound up triple result he finished tenth the right inside the top ten. For priests. Good to see that with you know one of the more. Mid card teams on the S and eighty series not one of the big cup supported teams. Elliott Sadler got the win over Denny Hamlin riding a horse collar and and Brennan pool round out the top five in yesterday's X and you race. And it Darlington raceway we come back we'll continue on here from Watkins Glen International the site of today's Indy terrorists we are live here from the Glen. Phone lines are open for you 803055188. By fifty to 550. As we continue our fast track here on WGR. Here on WGR Sports Radio 550 feet deep in his. WGR faster life here for more than one international. The site of today's IndyCar Grand Prix at Cleveland presented by Hitachi says here on the official starting lineup of. Today's race then just it's really. A blast you'd be live on site for media for a racing events do this show we've been. And this is mine my ninth year of doing doing faster kind of each year and tried to do this in the past in. Wasn't wasn't capable with the equipment but we've got this great equipment now that makes it's that easy to broadcast. On slate you've got these little hand held. To places that does use a cell phone connection basically. On and and likely that lets have a right it's a Verizon unit because we're at the Verizon sponsored recent events I'm sure they bring in extra cell towers to help the south. But it's amazing that now with this little piece of equipment that we can broadcast live. Do you like this from me a major motor sports event and hopefully more to come on next season of course is our our final show of the 2016 season. And as it will at least. Anna we might EQ you never know with the course the bill schedule we might get one of those fees chase specialty like the column. We get a a Sunday when there's no bills that football. But for our regular weekly. Program this is their last one of the year so I think you all for for listening throughout the point sixteen season. If you wanna get in one last phone call this season now's a great and due at 8030 flying 51. 888552. Dot com do you do you. About the speakers I this honestly at this point it's a strange question but how. Tune into the IndyCar Series RRE Western New York race fan because we are so close to Selma any offense on the schedule especially now with. With you know England being back on the schedule like it is the two last year they eat in for for us that live in the buffalo area I mean. It's that the closest you'll permit I guess he gets it that the the Toronto courses technically closer to buffalo but that's on a permanent Reese facility but. Eat you look at it we've got so many options especially in the on the earlier part of the IndyCar schedule we've got so many options. That we from Western New York can drive. Three maybe four hours most. And hated IndyCar you've got here at the line you've got the IndyCar race which has been on the scandal for a long time but you've got you know mid Ohio which. I don't believe is all that art ever driven directly to mid Ohio but after him or from past it ultimately to a I went to Mansfield motor speedway awhile back on mid Ohio is on the way so that's not a far drive any yup pocono when you've got. It ia pocono on the schedule two which is the final few people from Western New York they'll they'll make the trip to pocono. For the the cup races when they have themselves. I'm not sure what the how long of a drive pocono is from Western New York if it did it's more than four hours but we've got so many races close to us that. I I wonder if you know it if if with. Maybe a bigger campaign to it to make it aware of the western your community but. You know could he become become an IndyCar fan I guess knowing that you can get this don't either races. In person of that that doesn't matter to you as much if you just if you just here are satisfied with watching and on TV every week in you don't need to go to the recent person that that's fine too but. I it just. If happening accessibility makes you more of a thank as. IndyCar is is he widget it in the the local traditional markets of course inning apples and you know of course it's you know the big. It's gigantic because you know it has the prepared right there but you know the markets were. In the cargo is in a regular basis like you know the Ohio mid Ohio market in some of the other facilities on the schedule it is a big deal. For those local markets but national obviously the ratings you know are we behind the the NASCAR ratings but I wonder if the buffalo market in general becomes. Even bigger or bigger once again. 22 IndyCar knowing that there's so many races close by analysts and with the opportunity to see him in person. Knowing that that England's back on this of the for the next two years huge Q having. Knowing that commitment this just isn't something that he isn't just some one off deal and it was just you know. And I'm doing IndyCar fever when they lost the Boston race that was three road course race it was supposed to take place this week and when that fell off they needed to fill the hole. In the Oakland and it came in and rescued them but in fact. They got together and they hammered out a plan in the you know point 172018. At least you're gonna have IndyCar coming back here. Am not a Mac that to walk in Oakland so now for those few not here today. Maybe you can make plans to combat in 2017 or twenty team let's go to the phones and bring in Tony from clear to us on the line Tony good afternoon. Yes there. Amnesty as you all for sure you know that. My point that I covered that go they'd gone pretty should be Kolb and I agree that group on Korea the United States. I it was late string her up to our. Miller at WB radio. And I'll never forget that that could be opportunities. And right next opponent went. He had the chance blocked there are many other racers including Jack they'll hoop and the problem was and you even better hour and a wonderful sunny great gorgeous but what I went there it was tit. And that that. What we tried a bit Japan that it stayed overnight and I'll let but it worried more work. Utley is our ability at the report to edge up to you about Billy that would Sam what killed in the crash there. During that period zealot. All it is currently in the operation issues that sometimes you'll get there are worried that you get the bad weather and other times you get. And probably get an apt today I'll never forget it at such a wonderful experience because on what they are trading at all kinds of breaches. And and then participated. In the moment. There you get caught that date shall. I have good remember that particular aspect celebrity and that's what great racing track isn't. I'm glad you're there to report this to send up a big. He added an additional fuel and Russia. What I want. I good patient and I mean I got lucky that on key lead that they decided that part about pristine beach. They unconscious at that the secret is to. It past couple upon a target Egypt say forget it. I think his doctors Tony thank you for the phone call I think his doctors said you know it. They eat eat eat can't get back in the car this year it's not just the one can touch he's had a history that that's part of this here is the head history confessions. On going back to almost fifteen years ago so that as a lot do with it too is not just the singular concussion but just the history. And so it at the doctor said it be wise for you the ailment that to get back in the car and again like we talked or to unreal it's that dale realized. Something wasn't right upstairs and he needed to haven't looked yet. So lot you know only he took a long hard look in the mirror and realize that he needed to see professional and that's that's how we got the states so it. Yet it's that he was told the heat heat get back in the car this season so it concussions are so hard to that you know. It is to get a read on because we we don't know. Really how the brain works when it's hard to research concussions I'm alive bring it's impossible actually unique panel the only dual OCT research after a person has passed away. So. That's what makes it so difficult it's not. You know like he broke his leg and we know how long legs and demanded that we don't know how long bring takes amended especially with repeated concussions so. Not Tony thank you for a phone call thank you for listening all season but can you bring up an interesting. Thing with the history a walk and one and that that was the aero the Formula One air when when all of the the big names. That the Jackie Stewart's the yeah. The the Nikki loud is raced here back in the seventies and details of that the Seneca lodge and in the bog where they. They burned a bus come to the ground one day that. The Brody Haiti here are blocked in Oakland international and then. On as we talked O'Leary op that you the track you know fell on hard times in Italy they ran out of money which is my Formula One had to leave. And eight got it got and some bad times and likely the International Speedway corporation is as common in kinder. A rescue that facility had they not gotten involved who knows. The Glen would be anywhere near what it is like to DA. Without their investment and also getting misty involved. Mom in. A big credit that is Michael print up. One his jobs before being in the track present he worked as a lobbyist basically for IFC in NASCAR so he. He knows how to to deal with the government government officials. But you know he eased his importantly ship of the Governor Cuomo and in the local represented here. So without that involvement without I NC investing it's not just government money but the International Speedway corporation invested money your walked in line. And really turn this place around in this but you can almost call this the the the sect in Haiti of walk and one it's not. Those are the rowdy crazy sexy 1970s it's more of a family atmosphere like we said with bleary. And that the previous hour but it's it's a different kind of and Sarah and it and it and it's paying off because. You know back to back reserve seats sell outs for cup weekends. Attendance they're expecting a big turnout today they know it with the limited promotion and going up against a lot of other things this Labor Day week and you've got. The state fair in Syracuse which isn't far from here you've got. The classic weekend this week ago. You've gotten you know. Just and other non racing stuff going on Labor Day holiday weekend people this doing things and their families. In only three barely three months to promote this rate not even three months to promote this race. On they've they know and act in a pack the place today but they wanna build on something. For 2017. And for twenty team it to get this place filled up. On. But like I said at the camping part of of this of this facility is I think what draws so many people here now in in this. Second this rebirth of walk in line over the last decade since International Speedway corporation has gotten involved. The camping is has become such a big part that we can only players that come here agree camping experience and not even watch for his cargo or on the track lawyer. On its its its its final like that. Where enters this campers all over next there was. Watching some of the at the practice covered this morning on the plea in a life feet and IndyCar dot com with the audio from a Imus for your network and one of the reporters talking about. How instead of this is a racetrack with a campground it's more like he campground that just have definitely district in the middle of it. On it's it's that it's that kind of facility with you know kind of surrounded by nature of course. And just the layout of it makes her on some great sites. India really great atmosphere and it's it's great to see that that the Oakland doings alone having it's so close. I'm here to Western New York again 8030551. 808550. To fight fifteenth on a final. Twenty minutes of the season here on WGR stance tracked. Real quick. I guess I should hit mine might chase Dixon since they can't do it on the year once the actual chase starts that's always the fun thing about the shock as we wrap up. Before the the playoffs so to speak of the sport week we Kyrie begins the kinda have to meet these. Crazy predictions. In so mighty hand the regular season with so I mean there there's a possibility that. On you know some some driver could win tonight at darling tenor Kurt mark or next week at Richmond. And make the chase that were even thinking about but when when you look at. That the chiefs here that the current format with the elimination it's it's very unpredictable I mean who. Would've thought you know we have. You know Ryan Newman recent effort championship two years ago on the final four just he was able to appoint his way in but now that we've got two years. Under our belt tightening. Teams and drivers. Start to figure out a strategy that that they think they can get them to the final four homes that it's still it's still going to be. I think your your still may be in esteem one driver on you know law out of the blue wind and that final four but. Really the the favorites have to come from the Joseph Gibbs campus and that starts with Kyle Busch. You know. He came down very fast this season he's not had as good a second half of the regular season. Polite Kyle's going to be a fear for the championship. To defend his championship from last season so. You know look for Kyle I think Kyle is gonna get in pain he's going to be in the final four there's going to be another at least one other give to drive right don't I can't pin it down to whom. But there's going to be another gives the driver in the final four homes and so I think it'll be you know Kyle Busch. Probably Carl Edwards I thought Carl was gonna maybe steal last season. And then Kyle was a hot enough during the teeth that he won the championship but. Carl Lewis third in points and just with young guys like island any getting all the attention Carl's quietly having another phenomenal season. And ever since. Last year the cokes under that then nineteen team has been is been really just money. On and there are the highest gives team standings in third so it's going to be you know Kyle and Carl. And then one of the Penske guys outlook on oil or Bratton there has been fantastic years once again this year grants. I'd with Harvick and Busch for most top fives this season so one of the Penske cars either can't last year looked on now. Ian I think he would Harvick will be in contention once again for another championship is just too good not to discount him. Again another guy that sometimes just flies under the radar and just. You know nails all these top finishes on. You know he'd like gets at least top finishes and eons in nineteen top tens again this year he's failed to finish at the top ten only five times so far this season. So I think will be the fourth guy in the championship but. I I'm gonna go out on a limb and I'm gonna say that Carl Edwards wins the championship this year I think. He. Again who'll we'll do it on more substance than than splash I don't know how many wins a wreck in the east but it'll be their homestead. And that he knows how to high for a championship what you do with Tony Stewart back in 2011 and I think this year he finally gets that level so while. Might take at least sitting here today on September the fourth year Wacom line. Uncovering Indy carries but my. Championship pick now that I wonder when it but I think Carl Edwards or being a back flip at homestead and fewer NASCAR champion. Final segment to come here one last chance to get a phone call an 8030551808550. To fight for the opening of another guest there apologized. Unfortunately. The personal I was communicating with the tied up and wasn't able to join us I apologize for not. Haven't some more cast your life from Watkins client. But only wrap up our final segment talk about some big local racing still to come this year there's lot of great local race in common. I'll kind of run through some of the big weekends coming up here for the rest of the season we wrap up this season a fast track here on WGR. How do we go party I just. Ford felt easier faster become fuel line from walk the fly international. Couple. Bit of freaking bills news they'll squeeze in here pro football talk it's listing some waiver claims. In it. According to pro football talk the bill that claim bring back the invites failure to invite tale from the Buccaneers I didn't. Keep in anything about him I fear I would just mention it to them on the year and also the Panthers clean former Bill Clinton and Lavar Edwards on waivers. Again that according to pro football talk dot com. More on the bills of course tomorrow. On the lead here with the Howard Jeremy at 6 AM and Murphy on it at 10 AM so was the tune in as the that this is the first. Regular season week coming up this can be a big week so hoping keep it locked to WGR Sports Radio by fifty. Also was thrown a quick lacrosse notes. This summer league's up and enter a lot of the players a plea for the international cross legally placed summer lacrosse. On the one Ontario called meter series lacrosse and rind and fifteenth Smith and Dave rocked the plea for teen called the six nations chi. And they were any champ this series team league championship. On TE and the a team for Peterborough the Peterborough lakers who mark steam house plays for. On the Peterborough went up a took a three nothing series lead. And dean in Benny and it and Brock they battled back in the eighties won four in a row they came back down 03 to win the series 43 and they're going to play. For what they call the main cop. Which is finally the comedian championship of indoor lacrosse like got a side. Now I watch the games I've been following and social media that they were down 03 in late son they come back and won 43 so that was pretty cool. With the the action to that the members of the band on the team's. Our final minutes here just real quick there are some great local races still to come. This month and into October if you are now looking to fill. Are you weakens again today you've got now lost because underway with the international classic this Vermont defines you've got Wyoming county today with the motto on the modified. In Humber stone as the usual Sunday show on next weekend Lancaster reps at the regular season with their points finale on September the tenth. The weakened after that. Is that you've got a ransom bills that King of the Hill weekend a Friday and Saturday that's their big and here week in ransom bill. Also we got recent champion's weekend coming up this week ago on the 66 edition of the recent champions which will be 250 laps this year for the modifies. I'm chuck console Patrick ambling all the big series teams plus you've got. I believe Ronnie silk I believe is gonna run. On that the 250. So is Chris passed react in the got a couple there. Our guys from New England coming to run with the C modified it's on September 16 and seventeenth at walked by and Oswego speedway. And the following weekend September 23 to the 25 that is. US open at Lancaster speedway the big biggest recent week in Western New York for local racing on Saturday and Sunday at the export to race on Saturday. And then Sunday got the modified 125. The streets act should be also phenomenal this year with the US open their should be like thirty street stocks and hand. So that's Lancaster September 23 the 25. And then you've got the weekend of October the ninth. Which. My brother's wedding and that Saturday October 8 but. You've got to put her week course again and Oswego they're gonna put dirt on top of Oswego we've we've talked to a detainee camp isn't in Jeff Hochman about that here on the program. On that is all that week you've got the the satellite events that some the other area racetrack leading up there weaken them. You've got the hunt for leper for the 350 modified on Heath and then eat 300 lap big block race. On October the ninth and Oswego for supporter week Wyoming county also has their big. On end of the year modified race that weekend too I believe so lots agree local racing. Does because it's football season doesn't mean you don't have to go to local tracks it's a good month of racing here in Western New York it's and an Ontario. On this weekend coming up to your leader racing fan the dirt sportsman series will be in the area Friday ransom bills Saturday and miracles on the numbers don't. So lot lots agreeable to everything over the next month do not miss it train check as much he can because. Priest in the signal start line and have nothing to do. I think you so much I think you as always to our program director Alan Davis for giving me this hour well two hours today but to give me something I love nationally to talk about while we continue to get. Less and less interested in stick and ball sports. Hopefully I always have priests in the fall back on and it's one thing I care about the most. When it comes to sports. So I am appreciative that Allen continues to give me this air time to talk about with you every week. On thinking to bring for producing today and also much of Fareed is produced for me the maturity of the year thank you so much you guys you guys do adequate job back there. And I think you begin to Ryan in Batavia downs for sponsoring the program. Ian continue to follow me on social media we we'll talk recent social media including a have updates on Twitter today from the line at fast tracked by fifty and I'll sort faster. FaceBook page. In hopefully we'll talk to you soon here. Once again for another season faster so thank you can't fullest and we'll talk Kia hopefully next season.