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Fantasy Football Podcast WEEK 1 Start'em - Sit'em

Sep 10, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome into the week one edition of the waiver wire fantasy football podcast with neat Kyrie. And Derek Cramer this this episode brought to you by Batavia downs try one week fantasy football I think handled dot com. Beck slash 34 rush Derek week one officially started on Thursday night. But the the real action picks up. This week tomorrow being Sunday. What are your outlooks and doubt I would like to gain since our incident that you but maybe a video player that your specifically looking for. This week to stand out in standard scoring and PP are leaks. I'm looking at that Oakland New Orleans game and it almost fantasy owner of any of the players in all of those teams public comic shops. That this could go. Thirty saw and did high twenties were talking like 3528. This could hit forty to thirty something like that. This game has all the looks of that offense a shoot out. And I would love it if I haven't there cardinal Marc Cooper Michael Crabtree on the Oakland side. On the saints' side. If you branding coach here Drew Brees. You Mark Ingram your team yourself OK this is going to be fun. Well Derek let's not wait any longer let's hop right into or stardom systems for week one obviously as we mentioned Denver. And Carolina game already oversee you know who starts it for that one. If you Bob bench CJ Anderson you're probably hitting yourself. And if you started Cam Newton probably not the exact game you're hoping for from week one especially if the first half he saw from Cam Newton I know I. Some big numbers being from around for cam after that first after that first half but the Denver defense release stifled. A market Carolina relief from that point on but as far as start ensco. This week for me at the quarterback position Derek I'm looking at Ben Roethlisberger. As my stardom candidate mostly. Without the without the presence of lead beyond galaxy is being very Ascap B team and I know there. They're pretty comfortable using. DeAngelo Williams as their primary back but I just don't see him haven't seen type of but now he did last year had a had a nice. It nice impact on the running game when Lee via bell was out for the season however. He's no Levy on bell so I say that probably gonna start off passing quite early and often. Pay facing a washing team I could see them getting down early that Washington team which even. A presents them better opportunity to see a lot of yards and died to two touchdowns and Ben Roethlisberger. Well yet Roethlisberger is a guy that I mean. You're going to start it's as simple as that I like Ben Roethlisberger and Iranian all leagues sees a guy that I would say is match approve almost. And you know. Outside of him being banged up which happens every year column then how can then that's when out contemplate sitting him. But yet Roethlisberger against Washington that games can be also took issue not just like the one that I mentioned with Oakland in New Orleans. I think that Rafa spurs absolutely can record those guys that. If you got to. Got to play if ya don't don't move. My Sterns gonna be a little bit under the radar guy. To the person who went running back receiver had the next thing you know you got some social quarterbacks. This one's three. I think that there are a lot of second tier quarterbacks to have some really good match ups this week a lot Tyrod Taylor Eli Manning. My starter here Matthew Stafford gets. Indianapolis. Why Stafford may be Iraq and yes he just lost Calvin Johnson those aren't necessarily what I call recipes for fantasy success blots. Indianapolis of tire fire and defense. They don't have cornerback Vontae Davis which is you coach Davis is probably were more underrated players in the entire league. And let alone at cornerback position he he's a top five guy that's how well he plays. He's not in. Staffers gonna find his guys and are you run is help. So you need to have a tight end at full capability to use yeah I mean I think the underrated pickup of the season is Marvin Jones for that team that I also. Toss in and Anquan Boldin who I think is a perfect type of receiver for success to see with Matt Stafford because as you mentioned his erratic nature. He is kind of all over the place in which she sees. Four from Bolden is what he's always been able to do over the course of his career is get the ball and go up and get it at its highest point in and beat guys out for that ball. We'll continue to do that even though he's he's. A bit older now than it used to be when he was successful but. Yet no I like Stafford because I know in my league guy he's currently a free agent on the market. I mean what a fall from grace for the guy who passed for 4000 yards and thirty plus touchdowns. Just three years ago so this is someone that I see potentially if he's a candidate for your league if you have a two quarterback league. At ten team to quarterback league I think he's definitely a start for you no doubt but even if maybe flaky as you mentioned Derek you're a team that went running back in wide receiver heavy early. I'm he's definitely a guy that I would look at starting is also depict there as far as my second candidate. I'm mice and Kennedy it's gonna move to the 2 into another 1 o'clock game in this one is going to be Philip Rivers for San Diego. You know this is a guy that I think has been ma but pretty much a fantasy mainstay for the past five or six seasons. But we want I'm sitting in against the Kansas City defense that I think is going to be pretty good this year they still don't have it or not exactly at full strength. You know they've got some guys out but I think this is still a Kansas City defense that's to be reckoned with I think it's the Kansas City team. That is going to be you know a team that I mean I don't suspect that starting up always seven. Irwin six like they did last year then going on a crazy not 91011 win streak but they did last year but as the team that I think has the capability of winning the west. And I think it starts this week I just don't see would with the loss of Stevie Johnson for San Diego. On the you know this is it's going to be a tough tough run this year they did Dick Kelvin Benjamin. Government Travis Travis Benjamin they did it acquire Travis Benjamin an offseason from Cleveland. On the he's gonna be a guy I think that helps them but I think he was really meant that third receiver role now he's gonna be thrust into that second receiver role. I'm not super optimistic about the look rivers this year to hold a weak 1 for sure I am mom sit. You see the river sling absolutely can't. And he actually is in my symptoms on the on the fence a quarter article. On WGR 550 dot com he is under the systems that I have there. My big system is Andy doll thought it was a guy we saw a rise to banish you pre speech. Last season. But he faces the jets and the jets are very merciless when it comes your fantasy. Football players they don't care about fantasy football they don't like your fantasy football that defense is there's mother who is across of them and that. This week is stalled in the angles. I have got a maximum list and exit of the week under BG Arafat the dock on. So they were go got a couple sitcoms and stardom at the quarterback position let's move on TV stardom as for running. Backs this week my guide Jeremy Langford in it specifically match up based the browns facing off against the Houston Texans who last year struggled. On the defense side of the ball obviously JJ watt if he plays won't be at a 100% for Houston. You dating clowning is gonna have I think a much bigger role that Houston defense this year I think as you mentioned this could be a game. Bet that maybe you've took Chicago and our and our selections. During sports talk Saturday however I see Houston winning this game but I think Jeremy Langford is gonna really take that. That Matt Forte role that it can bull that contribute in the pass and run game. I think I like Jeremy Langford this week as your stardom may be maybe a guy that's your RB three are before if you got a nice deep squad are running back to drilling for my. Start of the week. You know my start of the week is going to be Seattle Seahawks running back Christine Michael Michaels a guy that. You know he's been named the starter over Thomas Rawls he's facing Miami and the dolphins have never been known as a good defense as of late. They have been terrible at the opening run especially I think that Christine Michael's a guy that. People are gonna enjoy having him in the lineup because of the fact that he is pre season revelation and then he earned himself the starting role right now. While Thomas Rawls is trying to get himself healthy as for my sit them. I'm fortunately put on the fancy corner that it was CJ Anderson a lot of people. Probably got burned by that advice. So all that ones Allen is going to be my apologies there dad on my league the owner of CJ Anderson Miley was on his back and shine he's hurting. From 29 points on the bench in standard keep your scoring lead that is that's a difficult one to swallow week one might sit him this week. And I am my roster I plan on sitting as well. Jeremy hill running back Cincinnati you mentioned your cinnamon quarterback being Andy Dalton. But for me the reason I'm sitting hill is in because of the presence of GO Bernard rather the presence of the New York Jets defense which I think even though I see them as a team to step back their defense and especially their front seven which opened Richardson coming back this year. And obviously Leonard Williams and Mohammed locus and this is a front seven I think that potentially be one of the best in the league so I don't see it. It going well for Jeremy LI NN as much as I like Cincinnati in the game my distinct front seven probably stifles up that run game a bit more than usual Jeremy help. My Saddam at the running back position now to wide receiver stardom. Guy also on my roster who will be starting in my flex position is wide receiver DeSean Jackson from the Washington Redskins bespoke. A little bit about yes stardom for me at the quarterback position is Ben Roethlisberger saying gain here. I think that they're gonna come out swinging and I think what I like about Jay Greene's office in Washington. On is their willingness to get the ball to their best receivers. I think it's beyond. Last year DeSean Jackson struggled to begin the season mostly because he wasn't out in the field playing on the came in a blur around week eleven or twelve. This was a guy that I think. Ultimately ended up being the best things you receivers in the league much like Sammy Watkins missed some time but when was healthy. A a an obvious starter for an and a and a point slasher I thought I L wide receiver one candidate. So interesting stuff there IC Shawn Jackson being a star in Kennedy. This year or this week for your fantasy team. I'm not thrilled Anja excellent because of the fact that I've never seen a wide receiver lie so much on the big play. To be relevant in fantasy and it seems to work on doctor question that. My stardom though is a guy in Detroit Golden Tate I had Stafford as my stardom for and for the quarterbacks. Tate is a guy that he's not gonna have Vontae Davis chasing him he was sneaky good with Calvin Johnson last year and now he's wide receiver one. This means a big year for Golden Tate this can be off to great start other players that I would like in this one that I mentioned on WGR 550 dot com. Michael Crabtree of Oakland wide receiver too I'm not gonna say anything about Cooper you're playing Cooper most times than not. And the other one is. Documentary. Against Detroit Detroit's secondary is not really all that great either so those are a couple of guys that I like their partners here. All right so would he sit him Kennedy at wide receiver for me. This was gonna be an umbrella pick for me but it's gonna be any Minnesota wide receiver obviously we know. With the injury to Teddy Bridgewater takes expert the fantasy value of a lot of the Minnesota wide receivers. Announced upon digs out guys like that and even Kevin Rudolf. Obvious that it had a position but it just pass catchers in general. I'm Shaun Hill gets the start this week over Sam Bradford maybe when Bradford gets back and can build report with some of those about Minnesota wide receivers you'll see. You'll see me come off my stance there but that Minnesota right receivers have to be sit in this week for UN and if you. And unfortunately for a lot of people who drafted him Minnesota receiver before the injury Teddy Bridgewater obviously you're expecting big things I think from Alex defined exit just mentioned. I think that doubt figured after reel back your expectations a bit for the Minnesota guys especially Alex the findings. Speaking at Minnesota my city is going to be Taj a sharp a guy that has been very prominent in the bottom drafts a guy that has come onto the scene. Don't put him in just yet Minnesota's got a great defense they're not going to be. And sort issues with stopping sharp or any of the other titans wide receivers. I'd hold off on start and Taj a sharp just yet. In your lineups because of that other ones that I mentioned on the on the finishing corner Steve Smith and Jarvis my injury. Against Seattle that's a battle Steve Smith against Baltimore that's that's a great secondary that bottles rocking and Seattle you know legion emblem is gonna try to shut down anything and everything they can't. True that my friends well let's move on to the tight end position. Where I have a guy who in my league currently is a free agent. And this is a start and candidate I think that could potentially have a nice bounce back season. A guy that really showed out his rookie year but year to with Kobe cleaner still in the still in the mix there and and Indianapolis a guy I call. Deep bow Dwayne Allen a guy I think is going to be a main target for. I injured look I was actually surprised to see them get rid of Kobe flee here because he had that college I connection with. With Andrew Luck but they decided to go with winning on I think he's the more versatile. The more athletic guy there at the tide in position as it and it anyways some weight on my stardom on guy at tight and this week. Total players that I had on the. On the face a corner car Wofford. Of Oakland against New Orleans Kyle Rudolph against Tennessee because. You mentioned sitting off I have Rudolph is Gotti should start because of the fact that. Quarterbacks like the safety Kyle Rudolph is tied and safety valve they ego but I am not many completions going outside the probably going up the middle with given the titans defense in the state of the deepest. My start of the week though exact hurts against Cleveland. Cleveland is not a good defense not at all whatsoever. I have Earth's here. Rookies go through a tight end at his best friend and urged might also be one of the top to pass catchers on that team. As a whole so why not put him in there because of rookies gonna go after his tight end he's gonna target the tide and includes linebackers. Much worse than Cleveland's secondary outside of that. All right now might sit him candidate for the tight end position and I'd really I saw a big things coming in last year when he made his transition over to mine and you from Cleveland. A guy that really was a mainstay in Cleveland and did great things in his first two seasons there. Moves over Miami struggles that's Jordan Cameron. Just a guy think that struggled a lot in the pre season this year again god that I thought. Could potentially see some more time and some more production with Adam gays coming over obviously in the tide and friendly offense but just kind of disappointed so far and what I've heard. As far as what they're doing with. Do doing with at and when you look to. I mean at a decent historically had a nice tight end offense but. In that offense Jordan Cameron just hasn't really lifted off yet. They don't really use the tight and positioned very well and quite absent is currently tied him healthy and so because in that can help fan and I don't think. Cameron's looked comfortable so far Jordan Cameron might sit him of the week for the tight end position. I had Cameron in the and then sykora has dissent among on the web site. But mine is gonna kind of reason I brought Antonio Gates. And for the reasons that you said sit Philip Rivers other reasons on this it Antonio Gates. Jason mighty defense and if you think that rivers is gonna get much headway today it had way on Sunday. Gates is in gonna see many targets either and gates is still relevant he's still tied in one material but gates is no longer match up proof like he used to be in the past you started in many weak effort we Keating care. What Wallace I also think the loss of wood Darius green. And doesn't actually bode well for him I thought that dares screen. He holed the way some of the guys some of the matchups that you saw the deed favorable matchup for Antonio Gates. Are now gonna be. You know every defense and every coordinator on the defensive side is gonna be keying on Antonio Gates knowing that he's one of Philip perverse favorite targets always has been over the course of his career but I think I think it. Underplayed it undervalued is the lost leaders are with. Well Darius green leading hurt Pittsburgh. And the fact that Antonio Gates is still he's still getting up there in age she's not getting any younger. I think that it's little things where he's no longer match or proof you plan in the right matches is not one of them here against Kansas City. So now we move on to deal last selection started and start and sit him of this week and that's on the defensive side of the ball the defensive units for me a stardom. Is going to beat the Seattle Seahawks. Eight hop. Ten. Fantasy defense last season. Obviously a team that has been predicated on the defensive side of the ball had a nice deep goal last year against the rams with eighteen points in week one. Only had double digit points on and seven of sixteen weeks last year but I expect a little bit better. The performance from damn they are facing off against obviously the Miami Dolphins which is another reason why I had they are mice in my stardom choice this week. Did is seem to be you know and as we know ranked had a hell and isn't probably one of the better quarterbacks in the league and it's someone that personally. I see as struggling this year so I see the Seattle defense is being a no brainer for starting this week. Mice that might start is. Any time and this is going to be a fantasy. Credo for the year unless something were to happen and Blaine Gabbert goes on steroids anything about. If you see an opposite starting Blaine Gabbert. Find that corresponding defense and you start them this week that is the Los Angeles rams. The reds RT good defense by their own rights they can get sacks beaten get picks they can do these sorts of things on defense their talent defense but. Any time you're facing Blaine Gabbert or any time you see a defense in the waiver wire. That is going to be facing bowling Darren San Francisco 49ers play him undoubtedly. Gabbard is not good he's never being good he's not going to be. Our shorts that are from ninety cranes but I would tend to beauty Fran might sit him of the week. Stay close to home here are going with the Baltimore defense. I just don't see them having the ability. To ultimately keep Tyrod Taylor in the pocket. I'm I think that's what teams are going to have to do to be successful against Tyrod Taylor and make him a thrower but I think he's improved in that category so. I think a lot of deepens across a comparative this year I think they have a pretty explosive offense but. But for me weak one i.'s homecoming I just don't see him. You know. Doing anything other than having success against this team some mice at some of the week is the Baltimore Ravens the. Dyson is going to be. The defense that you know it's it's been respectable but now it's falling off and it's still falling off the trend continues downward the pits for Steelers. And it's not just because of who they're facing in Washington. It's the fact that their secondary is apparently such a mess that they found the need to trade for 20141. From Boston Justin Gilbert. And any time that you need to do that that means you kinda have a problem. And because they're probably going to come anyway the Cleveland Browns were going to cut him they found the need to sign him as signed him after inking a deal for trade. So. The fact that you need Justin Gilbert and means vegetarian a bit of a problem should be avoiding the the Steelers unless you get yourself a nice match base. Are all that about does it for this edition this week one addition of the the waiver wire fantasy football podcast. Will we back weeks to bring new blood match ups are start incidents from week to. This edition of the Al wave where pianist he podcast fancy football podcast that is brought you by the TV down strike one week fantasy football handled that combat slashed 34 rushed. Will be bringing you love fantasy football opera the bill's style tomorrow. It'll be 7 AM eastern here on WG RC take a listen to that. Will bring you everything from the world of daily fancy sports. Are our starting lineups from each the bills and ravens side so bringing that to stay tuned for that tomorrow right here and WGR thanks for listening again. This this edition brought you by the TV downstream one week into football if they handled our council back slash 34 rushed.