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09-17 WGR's Fast Track with Dave Buchanan

Sep 18, 2016|

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Western New York race fans it's timed out Craig get out goal. The next hour and the airwaves belong to you. So don't stretch in it lets you did don't you GR's fast track. With your host of other evident ever DB you can. Morning race bands 1102 era WGR Sports Radio by if you and welcome to a special. No bill Sunday's slash chase kick off edition of WG arts master I'm Dave Buchanan thanks for listening as always yes. Since the bill's late Thursday. I get to be on the air on Sunday as we are back just every week hiatus thanks to the bill scheduled here we are. For those he expected football coverage I apologize the state we've got a triple letter of NFL games here and they'll EGR two at 8:31 o'clock. Up those not familiar with the program. In my name is DB in in the show is all about motor sports whether it's NASCAR IndyCar. Drag racing local treks in the area we always talk about it Sundays when it's not bills' season here in WGR from eleven and twelve noon. And essence and the bills played Thursday Sunday this'll times was open so La my boss was nice enough to. Open it up and let me come back and here here as we get ready to kick off the playoffs in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. In that packet off the playoffs in the local racing tracks to it gets him a big and this season races here I'm just getting going. Author visa weeks here in September oh fault lines open 803. Toll free number is one. 888 by fifty to 550 per second year is wide open in fact if you wanna get a call in and now it would be years. Most optimal time to do so we so Richard joints here this morning you know 30515. This. Where it was when he needed to do the show from. I was gonna I was anticipating him to do the show life from Oswego speedway actually unite with prepare for an even had the of the theme to broadcast equipment that allowed me to do. They show from Watkins Glen two weeks ago. We were gonna do it and Oswego. On this weekend. Because I was gonna be there all weekend for race the wreath of champions and Oswego in anticipated look in the weather forecast that. Saturdays racing was in the ring out in we'd be racing and Sundays so I'd have to do the show live from Oswego. Things didn't go exactly as planned they'd there was the marine by raising got moved to a different weekend so he area Miami in studio to join you here for the next hour. On to talk about all things racing coming up on today's program one guest for you this morning it's going to be at the bottom via our partner Herman from NBC sports. And NASCAR Camping World truck series driver and a former trinity series driver and he's gonna join us the bottom of the Al durable talk more about the chief with PK. And about 1135. As the chase kicks off. In my monitor just went dark which is gonna make things even more difficult to do that show. They moved at the wrong way and acting in and of itself the rough to a flying start but the chase kicks off. Today at the Chicago land speed lay 234. Activities chase kick off race and qualifying was rained out already this weekend. At the Chicago Lance bwics of the field set by owner points that means Kyle Busch. Starting on the pole for today's teenage mutant ninja turtles 400 how about that Ferrari's they teenage we ninja turtles 400. If the if you've seen that if you haven't seen that trophy I tweeted about earlier this weekend. Check out my Twitter feet thick and fast tracked by fifteen the that that trophy is even the ninja turtles this they've gone all out with this promotion it's a relief. One deal that and Chicago in speedway is done with the folks then Nickelodeon Viacom. IDs to do the sponge Bob square pants 400 think it was what used to be that this here's the internals. And even some of the cars in the field have him into turtle paint schemes and then the big trophy is Alba ninja turtles so. If you like ninja turtles that are even more additional reason to watch the race today but Kyle Busch will be on the pole. Brad Kozlowski will join him on the front row Denny Hamlin Kevin Harvick and wrote to. Carl Edwards in March Drexel B and broke three Americans at Jimmie Johnson wrote for Joel Adonal. Pilar to round out your top ten starters today as a actually the field set. With all the chase guys at the front of the field because that is the that even the chase owner points a year all your chase drivers will be starting. Right inside. The top sixteen for today's rates than that of Barry. Will be interesting right off the bat with the all sixteen drivers are right up at the front of the field we go green here today also. So outside of the top tiny got Tony Stewart Kurt Busch. Chris butcher who is don't forget in the chase chase Elliott Austin Dillon and Jamie McMurray with those last three drivers. Being the three drivers that don't have queens. In the chase so they're at the bottom of the chief street because they don't have those win bonus points. Ought to put that knew that tops that's why Eliot Dylan McMurray. Start fourteenth fifteenth and sixteenth today. And and you look at the guy started seventeenth Alex Bowman starting seventeenth day so don't forget no deal junior in today's race Dale Junior again will miss the remainder. Of the season. I'm because. The on going concussion issues and Alex Bowman Jeff Gordon are going to kind of split up eighty. The remaining races of the season. The bulk of the starts will go to Bowman you'll see Jeff Gordon. I'm at Martinsville and I can't remember now the other day the gorton's gonna fill in but I think the majority of the street threes you'll see Bowman. On in the 88 car but the eighty team is the highest in the owner points not the chiefs that's why I heat starts seventeenth today. But the chase is that that this current format of the chase the elimination style. Where we go from the round at the sixteen and we have three races and connect twelve connect AT cut it to four. Has been that these past few seasons. And it's been you get gotten very unexpected results or at least we've seen some really unexpected things happen because. It's I think it's taken a couple years for for teams and drivers to really. Get a a good strategy mean even now you know I I don't know if if teams really know that certain teams might not know odd of a heart attack the chase. But you know it's it's not like. Running for a full season championship or you can concentrate more on points vs wins in this system. You can do you can either concentrate on winning a race in just winning and advancing or you can concentrate on being consistent enough to advance to the next round. And so you've got see that all the oddity sixteen teams he probably at different teams on different strategies. But something about the pressure that this format has brought makes drivers. Crazy and I love and I hated at the same time I love it because it forces of these guys to race. Harder then they probably would had without a chase format. I mean you look at what happened last week in and Richmond in that and their race and you know guys just. Go in three and four wide and you can tell that. Meaning not paying making as the word but the way they drove so hard to the front of the field. 36 races of the year. But you can tell at certain times of the races or in certain races. States they try a little bit harder they do things that they normally wouldn't you say at. You know let's say in a mile half track in the middle of the season in the middle the regular season. The drivers drive differently it when it comes to the chase and or or they're trying to make the chase at the end of the regular season they do drive different date. They they still are giving a 100% I don't think it's a matter of them not giving a 100%. But they do double being more aggressive behind the wheel knowing if they need to get to a certain spot earn enough points. To whether it's to advance of the chase or cancel the next round. Or they need to win to advance. Drivers drive heck of a lot different in the intensity. Ratchets up tenfold in its. It's exciting and it's also can make you crazy at the same time because then you get. Things like last year with with Mac Kansas and Joey what gone now and that that. I trying to use the word that that's not offensive but just that their craft show we have last year. Oh with. With Kansas jumping like on oh at Martinsville last year or you have. Of the race that that the Texas incidentally and with Gordon has house key and neck Kevin Harvick you know on that that's scuffle on pit road you've got. Tens if going after. Going after Kozlowski. Between the trailers and at Charlotte two years ago and it looks slightly looked like they filmed it. Like a thing yet for for Monday night raw because it was this weird behind the scenes thing where they were they cut sick Kozlowski walking between. The two haulers and then to Kansas to swoops in from behind the camera and tackles Kozlowski who looked like some backstage brawl you see on on Monday night raw. And it just not that they're being fake about it cans it was it was genuinely has stopped but it just. It's it's not racing you know it's it's it's looks like pro wrestling and and that beckon for some for some people people love that drama that's maybe part of the reason why they want the sport for some like me. I get. Really turned off about it Tom. When when. Stupid things like that happen I I get these guys are are passionate hand. You know that that I do like the drama some of the time but when it is when it. When it breaks down into this these brawls and in two mannequins like that I just don't release and enjoy the takes away from the sport but it's something. About this chase that just to stripes these guys crazy because they have to go so hard. At least if not for every race they they've got to go party and it harder than normal. Until they know that there an advance of next next next round in the wanna you know get that win or stay up in the points and and move on to it's an extra of the trees and it it's just unbelievable what it is done to these drivers that it's seriously makes them crazy. When you look at the chase and kind of mentioned weeded this season finale couple weeks ago. That locker decline and you know economy by four picks for for the chief symbol commoner review him here in just the second but. If you've got your chase picks up I'd love to hear your 8030 fight 51. 88 by fifty to 515 a which Ford drivers are you. China it targeting that you think will advance to the championship foursome. Are at homestead com. Usually do really badly whack when they meet these pics I've tried to pick at the last two years and I think I've gotten maybe one right each of the four years I mean the first year we had. You know just that wild final four with you know just now with with Hamlin. And and and it right new in mated in only gone I'll. And why might now Harvick. Trying to think of the fourth guy and I knew it was together on the championship Harvick you know Harvick was the obvious pick but the other three. Were were kind of they came out of no more Hamlet miss Parton part of the season with an injury. Like Arnold still hadn't really reached you know that that next pinnacle level which I think he broke through the following year when he won the Daytona 500 itself. He was still kind of kind of an underdog dark horse. And then nobody thought I knew was gonna make it all the way the final four because he's. You Brian's a good driver but. I you know he's not eat he's not in the one of the top teens in this forties with Richard Childress which is just kind of a step below those those level 118 so that was kind of a surprise that he made the final four the first in the chase so it always seems like you can make all the pixie mom but he it's there's always going to be somebody that winds of and then that for some this year. And if that's gonna kind of the people are gonna. Get there in his collect pollen out of that guy get there so. I don't know who did that guy this year you know I might be chase Elliot he might beat. That that guy that makes the final four that really blows everybody away. Trees you'll still doesn't win your in his rookie season but he's the only one man is not the only rookie take them back Chris pusher also is a repeat. But eat you know out of the between him and Ryan blini you know that those were the big tuning into the rookie class this year. In and Elliott made me the chase this year only want to Hendrick drivers to make the chase this year along with Jimmie Johnson you know. He seeking didn't make it and until junior had his injury issues. That that kept him from. Trying to make the chase this year so chases it started off strong performance and it tailed off slightly. You know and that the second half of the regular season. Blight he is in the chase it without a win but I think that could be you know that dark horse named that somehow either chase. Start winning some races for the first time in his career which could happen. Or you know he just somehow starts pointing his way in to these next rounds he advances to the top twelve advance of the top eight and then somehow coroner's enough points. Or it and is able to sneak in depth or spot especially if he's like that fourth guy. Going to the final four while the other 31 race to get in you know he's like the top driver out of the the the remaining drivers. That don't have that didn't get a win that he sums up points is way in through each round. On that will be or remarkable feat itself. I think Elliot is is kind of that that guy that they could be the spoiler this year that he kind of wild card driver in the chase. On but not in my my four picks I'm still kind of going with what I said two weeks ago when we did they'll the last show with the year. At lock in on our last regular show the year and that is of course I'm going with Carl Edwards in. Joey what got no Kevin Harvick in I knew Kyle Busch is gonna have it in other or see you back helpless Denny Hamlin was via the other name I said. Not Kyle Busch by Pamela Edwards went gone out and Harvick are mine final four picks and I still think. That it's gonna be Carl Edwards I know he has not been that the the dominant driver he's he's had a good hearings once the races but you know this this season has been about. You know Kyle Busch in you know Busch and Hamlin just the for the Joseph gives drivers for its much success is all for those -- had this year it's been kind of Busch and Hamlin and kind of you know bin bin I guess the the lead dogs of of the barn shy I still think Edwards on ever since. Come out of Charlotte last year you know once he sign on this nineteen team something clicked over there and they took off we look at the stats from last season. His results after the the 600 last year in May. They were. An amazing consistent team and this year it's been another year where he has just been consistently good and right there and maybe now making a lot of noise while. Edwards has done it right if for as good as Harvick has been at that this year. You know I don't I just think that you Edward will somehow find a way where it's Harvick. You know he won the championship two years ago but he this year they've had the issues with the picker once again and it just seems like. Harvick is one of those guys were just some days he can does have a bad day and I think in the end you know those bad days might catch a tomb in the end. And it's hard to pick against Truex to an and I got a tweet here just mentioning Truex actually. You retarded that and it's not picture X as much as right. Deal think it's good he's having a phenomenal year that team is even better this year than they were last year his first good as a year they have Lester now they've hooked up with the Gibbs operation this year. I mean look look at mark tricks junior season he is. Thousands are a couple thousands of a second away from having won the Daytona 500. The Coke 600 in the southern 500 all in the same year the three biggest. Races outside of maybe the brickyard 400. You know Truex. Could of won all three he'd just you know he lost the 500 bite. Centimeters over Hamlin but added that raised gone that way and just think about that that Turks who have won all three of those huge tent pole races on the schedule. In one year just shows how well. They how great that team is in when they have good days and when they wineries of their does bloody dominate and knowing construction. But they also still have days. Especially earlier in the year when they are dominate and that's it for some reason or another whether it's through your own fault you know a bad call Michael parent. Or just yell a late caution comes up and maybe they stay out in some of the guys pick they'll buy and you know they've had those based Q and again I just. When you have days like that you can have days like that last ten races of the year and at that also I think might keep Martin Truex from advance into the final four he get to that maybe the round of eight this year. But again for as dominant as they can be just some days aren't don't go their way and they have a penchant for that as well to. Which is why keeping trek semi final force I'm going with again that Edwards. Himalayan look gone out and Harvick and I think Carl Edwards is going to be your champion. Ian Carl knows how it you know he's handled stressful situation before and don't forget back in 2011. That lasts for that race at home saying going for the championship against Stewart and you know in the end they tied for the championship but it's Tony one in the tiebreaker of course. You know Karl knows how to deal of pressure and I think he'll be given some back flips at homestead. That'll be my chase pecking at 803055188. By fifty to 550. The other bigs the big story of the week. This a lot of talk really in the last couple weeks about penalties in infractions especially with this laser inspection system. That NASCAR has now that they've implemented here last year to. I'm with teens being outside of the parameters set when they take the card the laser inspection. Whether it's pre or post race specially post race now. And there are out of the parameters are they getting acting for penalties and more seen at almost now on a weekly basis especially the guys that win the race which. You know if in other forms of motor sports Yuma on the local level if the winner is illegally used the cute in his declared the winner well. Obviously that doesn't happen in NASCAR day of if the winner is found illegal in some way there is just the penalty. And with the post race inspection you know it is not all the if they're off by point no 000. Millimeters you know how much really would've that enhance their performance. You know it bite if if they'd be in that point 000 whatever in line indeed legal you know how much does that. Really giving him at events like why. You know you can't tossing guy from winning a race for me beaches being off that much but he still outside the line in a course NASCAR has their tiered penalty systems for based on. How severe of an infraction. How severely you are outside the rules. Eat. Is determined how severe penalty is whether it's just a fine or whether it's lack of practice timer. Crew chief suspensions points finds even driver suspensions which we haven't seen yet that are all this week NASCAR tightened up. Those penalties in. And now for really egregious violations of not only the laser inspection rule but also that whole log that rule thing that has been. A topic of discussion this year how we've had to go from. You at the start of the year you don't have to have any EE you know as long as the tired and fallout be refined you could have 23 lug nut down their the tired and fall off you'd be fine and then we had. You know Tony Stewart making its comments and then massacred in the 180 in the center or right you have all the lug nuts on. You know no excuses if you're missing like that your crew chief is suspended. Well NASCAR and a ten. It's took a step back from that no longer look crew chief get suspended for one missing blood however. If they are missing I think it's two or three is definitely at least three if not more. Then you are going to get what is called an encumbered finish in this is also if you are. So far outside the parameters in the laser inspection during post race. There will be now what is called an encumbered finish where basically. You will still get credit for the win here in the chase over and asked arkan say that's great you won the race here's the money. Here's the points. You are not getting to move on to the next round of the chase to remember a win is an automatic ticket to an extra of the chase. Whoever wins today they are set for the around the twelve already the chiefs will NASCAR. Has updated the rules saying now. If you have only 71 nets are tight lug nuts on the current in the race or if your car it's a little hot it's too much out of askew in the rear end. Were not let you advance the chase here and hostile to make the chase on point with because that wins not gonna give you an automatic advance to the next round. So aid they tighten it up it's kind of an interesting twist I like it. Because. Especially when it constantly recession lug nuts stuff I think is you know I'm I'm I. Done with that you know it's it. The fact that that the they keep changing the law and the stuff that that I don't. Whatever that that you use one that I'm I'm more with this long retired as a fall off your fine but. With the leaders faction. The reason why I'm glad they did this is because I understand during a race cars get damaged and you know things he bumped out of position but what I don't like. Is that teams apparently design parts on the east cars to do that during the race to help the performance that. If a driver scrapes the wall you know maybe even on purpose that debt. A certain peace are part in the car will break or you know keep in a little in allow the body to get tweaked that much to help that their that aerodynamic performance though. When they're trying to cheat on purpose that's why I'm glad they've done this you know. It's like that the guys do in that the burn outs post race the winners you know only they. Spin the tires aren't they blow up in the shred in the terror the back in the race car I'm not saying every time a guy does that they're trying to do that because they're trying to. Break something so they can they can pass tack but there is that hinted that now. And you hear that every time now that a driver does that that old he's must be trying to of mass at the body works so they can't find him you know legal and post race tack cell. I am glad. That you know they kind of throw on this end it now a wean it away and it's still win except that you can't advance of the chase if you're out sign in again this has to be real egregious violation if not for the guy that's point 000. I believe. And I apologize not having to chart economy I was scrambling to find for the show but adding it's on the like point 59 to point you know anything over point 59. The bomb. Whatever admin millimeters of centimeters outside of the when it comes to the rear skew the race car. Debt that's when you get that in encumbered finishing that frees a lot probably for the next ten weeks. So I'm glad they did it for the team's. That purposely designed their cars. You break on purpose it in in in order to make them perform better. I mean you see a lot this you see the guys on the cooldown lap they they swerved the car back and forth. Like you're trying to keep the heat in the tires and cautioned but the race is over so why are they doing it. In I I'm not mr. black helicopter comes and asked colonel think everything the sport is. Is fixer everybody's cheating but. You know why are they doing it they're there must be something in those cars that they're they're trying to. Give by the inspectors post race if if they need to do that because it it seems to happen on a regular basis this year and you didn't see in the past. So there is my idea my again might mr. I know I'm mr. black and white when it comes the rules I'm not much for gray areas when it comes to rules either. Cheating or your not so that is though always been my stance. On 8030550. We're gonna head to break they'll become back per click in is gonna join us but you still get your phone calls into on your chase picks. Ellie back with more of this special chased kick competition slash no bill Sunday a fast track here on WGR. 1133 here on WGR Sports Radio five that he gave you can't in this special no bills Sunday slash Sprint Cup. Chase kick off edition of WG are fast track. Bills will be back next on the course at home hosting the here is owner cardinals. I'm look I'm both in forwarded to date though too I mean I've got NASCAR race to watch to play. Today's the first Sunday I can look on the old red zone chain challenges zone out for a little bit too there the red zone channel is the greatest invention ever I don't. Don't have the the television provider than as the Sunday ticket bought red zone channels is the next best thing and and the best part about it. Is no commercial I think you could just. It is locked nine inches it's just there for first seven and a half hours it is you know pre you know talk about the reds and calorie. Add NFL network yeah it's it's great no commercials they they flip. Flip around for EE EE you know you deceased get the axial though listen the analysis between plays and all the other. Stupid things during the broadcast it is is great it is a neat little feature it really is it's if it's like a viking get the ticket this is the next best thing in May be better except on the flip around either because they they take you all the goods so. I'm looking forward of that but I also be doing some channel flipping because you know that the chase races on and it. 230 also I guess what to do some more channel flipping today because today is also the final race of the season for the Verizon IndyCar Series which of course with that up and Oakland two weeks ago Scott. Dixon now picked up the win at the Glen two weeks ago in dominating fashion in and really no surprise. But is third in the championship standings on her four points out in it really will need some help today. And sign a casual power are headed in the standings and as you know comes into today's race with state. 43 point lead over his teammate will power. And it Sonoma but it will be passionate on the pole today. Not Helio Castroneves will be in row one with him Juan Pablo Montoya will power and wrote to grammar hold Ryan Monterrey in row three. Scott Dixon's start seventh and Elton Rossi some session or day and Joseph new guardian. Round out the other top ten senators but even with that I believe it's double points on the line today. At Sonoma I really think ashen I was gonna kind of tie this one up and pick up his first career championship and another championship for team Penske and and one at one at all I'd miss that here the qualifying performance all top four drivers are Penske cars so they are. Loaded to decent damage today. And I think an intentional B year you're series champion come the end. Out of the day in. One aging note about these IndyCar is that he'll be the the final race on that chip and Nancy recently sponsored by target in the IndyCar Series that target is leaving the the IndyCar program there's still going to be part of the Nancy's a Sprint Cup. Operation with Kyle Larson for next year in might be good idea stick around by they will not be on the IndyCar Scott Dixon starting next year com. So that is a kind of a sad thing target and chip Nancy gone along time back in the unique parties and trying to join him in the NASCAR operation. About 1015 years ago but they'd been with Nancy's IndyCar right for a long time. And this'll be sad to see is months ago I was inching they'll. At I was course at Arkansas Clinton's eyes down and Victory Lane in the clinic in that you that they have like a public address announcer the interviews the top three before they do the podium pictures. And one of the phone calls that. I'm assuming chip can Nancy neighbor Scott Dixon also talked to on the phone in Victory Lane was a former target executive. So you can see that there's been some changes at the corporate level which is probably why this kind of sponsorship deal is is ending for target and am assuming the executives that. Really like on a racing and that's like target we invest in somebody dollars and it would over the years. You know if those people work there anymore you know it happens it that's I eat I seen locally even where we're. Executives in companies that change in the world that they they cut back from there a motor sports market the dollar because that. That is that nature of the beast let's go to the AT&T hotline. Right now though we need to win hold them long enough I apologize joining us from NBC sports also a driver in the NASCAR April truck series Parker click me is on the line PK it's DP came here in buffalo good morning great to talk deal. No no problem you are a great member of the the NBC sports. Program with their their NASCAR coverage entity at 230 it's the teenage mutant ninja turtles 400 from Chicago speedway and just give us your thoughts your Parker as we act kick off the the 2016 edition of the chase. Well I mean EU you know that would an audio and it's going to be pressure I think. It that there are probably remote and it JP networking. You know I think it was dog I ever seen. I'm editor with the format the format I think they're starting to understand nobody strategy here. And because of that you know these teams are more prepared than ever so it's going to be more than ever but you know with back a lot of pressure so. I think I think we're at bridge bank Simon who doesn't love you know that they actually won that right now that you put so much emphasis on each and every race. Because we eat it can't afford one back right EU it'd be giving away. So it's incredible format I think you know in college ready Carroll. Well I'm glad we have you on this morning because of the driver you can kinda help help me figure this outer gifts you can let me know if if if I got this right but it seems like in my opinion. Watching these first two years of this elimination style chase that it makes the drivers crazy I mean. You you look at the the incidents we've had here in the last couple years the thing Texas with Brad and Jeff and Harvick. Last and Kozlowski intends at that Charlotte and then Joliet intends it last year at Martinsville in Kansas and everything. Would you agree yet as a driver that this form at the pressure of it just aidid does some of these drivers in and the simplest thing can tweak these guys and they go nuts. I think you can come out and be at the record it. You and your whole heap that your whole everything you've worked for all your QB. I was vindicated at one right EU. You know I think that were recovered from the get what you think Obama camp that. And let me say that you know. Great country is fired or or not the most incredibly. Involved well and when you. Other matters that year easily get beat out Kirk. Look at the world but on cheese. In the world but then also you get your point now to rate church yet. Your play against some of the and back other out other drivers out there what you've made achieved. And your raked in another driver third period and then you come down work related time or even wondering are going to be quite Egypt. Change your article here. I think it's incredible. Actor and incredibly. Good that want to eat them in the emotional about it. Lots of big names of course in this year's chase in the field will eventually get paired down to four Parker. Who are some of the guys you're looking at is kind of the favorites that you might have filled in on your chase script that you think will make the final four and we get to homestead and a couple of months. Oh that parking lot and they set a competitive incredibly. Argued yeah acutely chase indicated last week about America you be it data and auditing work in the first round knockout don't really good I don't doubt you've got I'm getting up for travel a final or. A hockey now that it's your brother really watching. Which is getting him on the eleventh John O'Donnell on the twenty largest you know there's a lot of things haven't seen an average speed I'd be Deborah blood pressure but twenty car. That made it very pockets they're cheap. Oh he let it obviously want to just give direction right now already traders. Absolutely you know don't have a chance to make it out of court you Martin Truex junior there and of course kept Kevlar didn't. Barton on. The best car that isn't what it. That full speed and so there's no reason to think he won't make it to I don't war. Abbott and I have just got a little to change its cell I think agony from regularly to change it to win what you generally don't teach that lockyer. And I think that you know that it figured it product a couple of being double lately. Got a lot last year talk ordered that team are really really focused in and elegant you know some good numbers although it doesn't shock result yet. I think it really beat up on the competition would Accenture. Our final fours were almost identical I had Edwards and that it sure acts the ISO Headley got a Hamlin and Harvick is by other. Three chased a finalist once we get the homestead. On Harvick and it. The fourteen they have just been lights out ever since this team was created in Rodney Childers in Kevin Harvick got together I mean. They won the title in point 142015. Data phenomenal year though that would didn't come through at the end. Just from here. For your from your perspective just can you believe how good they are week in and week out all the second place finishes all the wins all the top lies I mean this is. This is going out almost three years of this level of performance and you don't see a driver perform on this level. That long that often. Now it is it has been incredible. You know and I. I think a lot of people expected. What we saw the cabinet 29 car are you are reporting one or you know once and that was. Really incredible battle what can are we achieving over or you aren't we all wanted to achieve great work. Achieved in the saying he didn't result in more unified approach in Egypt. Oddly wink that he wanted in your packet viewing a lot like eloquent call it respect you hit an eight rebel Garber. Taking Libya beat up car. And given a level performer to share and then you hate him you put him at any equipment that absolutely ape what level I would appreciate it Rodney Childers she's. Are now among the best retreat in the in the game right now. And you could bottle thing again or you're gonna get a truck driver eight. Aren't you gave a performance networking right now and I think Jack yeah until. Until late. Why that were until they seem did you know. Habitat or something outward to continue to eat at RB one fact duties we get a recap. While he was here your final four about who is someone that could play a spoiler Parker I think that person might be chase Elliott analyst for good as he's been in his rookie year. That that's gonna be my surprise name to maybe make the final four would do with someone you're looking at that might. You know could shock the world and kind of be like Ryan Newman a couple of years ago and make it to homestead. Well you mentioned is the guy have. Teammate I'm actually say that possibility yet you know 31 car was able to appoint a flight to the final four. And I think that all of the regarding what a great security than close. I think that all done a gladiator and that's a very good performance achieved may have been around an eight I'd like all year. I think that goes really well to make it through the first. First round. At a I think he did it how could you pure intercept for the second round yeah we'll get a wake Talladega. Bad heart one per it will be third round. You'll have a dark portrait in record peak at what. Mark Lieberman from NBC sports joining us Parker thinks the time real quick out where can we CU they are on TV necks and B when can we see you on the racetrack maxed. I know that you and that our America. My victory I think the money their side. It's 6 PM on and yet and that and that it be searching in the right isn't specially thank you thirty. I have to get that Chicago and be excited. The ID trucks races coming up still the season. Will be back. Very good Parker thanks for the time this morning enjoy the kick off to the chase and hopefully we can talk against him. Are reclaiming from NBC sports he can catch him and and as he said NASCAR America and NBC you can council seat him in the camping World Series he's got. Ten starts under his belt. Parker had a really good start of the year and full forcefully and act I units and sponsor troubles and including keep the rightful time but he got he was leading the points they think like first couple weeks into the truck series season. Speak at the truck series next weekend at New Hampshire. Our buddy Stewart freeze and only making his second career start on pavement third career start overall in the truck series. On this coming weekend at New Hampshire for the the hallmark and mash it international team so if you're. Looking to find the truck Kris next week and keep an eye on number sixteen truck in our buddies who are freezing. Speaking of local racer we'll talk more about them in the final segment here are traditional local racing round up in. Kind of view previous some big racing still to come here in Western Europe southern Ontario on today and even in the weeks to come Sobel kind of rundown that recap some results and bring out some what close because there's some rain this weekend. We wrap up this special edition of fast track next here on WGR. Let's find out who visited Victory Lane this weekend it's time for the local racing roundup on WGR's. Fast track. I guess you call this vocal local racing bringing up because we're talking more about weather cancellations and. And such but there was some racing on Friday Lancaster national dragway. We Cleveland picked up the winning top eight cheering me in the in top BT Lou hide in money team trying rickets in in the gas are racing series not division Barry lingle against a recent series guess there's. Rob Rendell and sleds and likes in John Siri junior picked up the win in street seat. The drag racing program Lancaster wraps up two weeks it's September 30 they will have their final event of the 2016 season in crown their track champions. Friday night principals believe they got the first half of King of the Hill weekend in but not both paths as they got rained out on Saturday and they will make it up this Friday night. With the 100 lepers for both the street stocks in the sportsman they'll be running this Friday September 23. So mark your calendars. I don't have one on Friday imports they had it and then deleted and I can't. Brings back so I apologize. Also Friday night action Oswego speedway race of champions week and where I was on Friday night. Patrick Beverley picked up the win in the sportsman semi five laugher over teammate Mike Lee in Tommy cattle on a finished third man Hirsch and finish fourth. And Mike Nichols picked up another win in the super stock portion of recent champion's weekend. And fortunately Saturday postponed by mother nature of the events that feature events were postponed until October 29 including the recent champions 250 also little village speedway got rained out this week as well. So did Oswego speedway they're big Canadian sprint car nationals there are supposed to write yesterday got rained out. They are racing today and ash weekend like seventy by spring cart teams registered its one of the biggest three sixteenths recovery is in North America. That is today at the ash weakened speedway. Also Humber stones bwic has their regular racing event of the season tonight and it's a big one their seat cracker 100 for the Dirk our sportsmen. Plus final points for their other weekly divisions. Oddly it's like 15100 dollars to win four other sportsmen tonight cumbersome speedway it's that it's going at 630 so you got some options if you wanna go. Across the poor border to see some racing today a couple of really cool events at between ash week in and Humber stone. This week is a very busy week four Lancaster speedway fans the action starts Thursday night. They've got their season championship night which was postponed last Saturday. For the sportsman street sacks and forced owners it was they're gonna make it up Thursday at 7 o'clock it's just ten bucks to get in. Sports ministry Sox forced a nurse 3 divisions 7 o'clock bing bang boom hopefully out of there a decent time and then the next day kicks off US open weekend which as you know the big end of year. Weekend at Lancaster speedway Friday as practice plus the US open kick off party. Saturday is headlined by the sportsman semifinal leopard that should be an awesome race it always is great turnout of teams. Up plus the super stocks which should be wide open too because the rules are opened up for the different tire compounds for the two super stock series. Plus T two majors and four cylinders Sunday. 2 o'clock the US open 125 for the recent champions modified series street stocks 35 leopard that should be fun there's been a lot of street stocks this year. And the only miles to Wear an inch on Sunday sell lots are racing in Lancaster this weekend. But it met Hersh man is going to be Lancaster on Sonny I talked to him and Oswego and a Matt has been neck and missing in action. On the race of champion series this year due to some. Budget issues I guess that in some some logistics issues with his team they've been able to make that as many trips out this way. From their home in Pennsylvania that they like to but I met was that a Swede of course this weekend with the sportsman and a modified. In it he intends on being at Lancaster. On Sunday to run the US open so were glad to have Matt coming back to Western New York because he has spent all that much time here in a much Matt loves running all the racetracks in Western New York. On that'll do thank you loved the war Eagles are back next Sunday but. If there's another opening later on this year will potentially be back stay tuned follow us on social media at fast tracked by fifty. And FaceBook dot accomplished a BG or faster I'm always on those pages he knows interact with me there. And I will also keep you updated if we have any more special chase editions of the show to bring you this fall. Think he's much a list able talked Egan soon. Here on WGR stay tuned for football triple matter.