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09-17 Fantasy Football Podcast - Week 2

Sep 18, 2016|

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    look at it if you need quarterbacks a you know he's got Cam Newton has done a great job for you been consistent this year. You know if you've got a guy like I don't know name name asserted Corbett has been doing very well there's probably about an across the league marks Mary go to right now did you that helmet. Of Ron and pass options right now their run based team but he's been doing some nice things through the Ares only averaging about 215220. Yards a game. But as I mentioned Marriott is coming up two consecutive 25 plus performances to meet this week against the bad Indianapolis defense the most. I'm going with and with Alex Smith here. Against New Orleans Saints I mean. It's RD log document how bad the saints defense really is and has been. Alex Smith has been relatively steady this season with points I mean he did have a bit of a drop off against the raiders because it didn't need him to do anything. But yes three games out of five breeze over fifteen points. Alec Alex Smith here because of the fact that the saints defense is putrid it's a good streaming option per week. What can go wrong here you know. On don't ask what can go around because if you ask what can go wrong anything could go round belly if you think it's the saints' defense what you got I do like your pick because Alex it's one of those guys that is available a lot of people's leagues especially if you've got a core beckoned by warrior type page. Alex Smith might be a decent get in an easy get for you offer me my second got my second start in here. To
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    I mean you saw that the Denver Broncos defense teed off against Cam Newton . And Carolina squad last week in week 110 days to prepare for the colts offense. I really think and and another thing
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    Bob bench CJ Anderson you're probably hitting yourself. And if you started Cam Newton probably not the exact game you're hoping for from week one especially if the first half he saw from Cam Newton I know I. Some big numbers being from around for cam after that first after that first half but the Denver defense

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Are welcome into our week two edition of the fantasy football waiver wire podcast. I'm your host naik Jiri along side with Erik Kramer as well week one in the books week to. We look forward into. As we'd like to call buy low sell high. It's tactic that'll ruin some friendships for a couple weeks but in fantasy land. It's only a couple weeks you're going to be fine after the deals done and you go to the playoffs and then you can buy your friend a beverage of sorts. Later on to make demands I'll tell you what Derek I am OK with losing a friend for fifteen weeks if it means winning some money in a fantasy football leak just about the pride and I get it lake several times you see some of the best move was made. When you buy somewhat on a bark now be careful the power of a named in these sorts of deals. And if you're one of those people that has that kind of player abuse the power of a name try to get as much he can out of him because the fact that. They're looking at dire straits early on and it's not necessarily an anomaly but the forecast for their season. Derek I'll real quick here just wanted to let everybody know that our podcast is brought Cuba Batavia downs try one week fantasy football into dot com Beck slash. 34 rushed just wanna make sure everyone knows our podcast a day. And our podcast moving forward focus on standard and PP are scoring leagues and the ESP nfl.com and Yahoo!. Verticals. Where as our seven to eighty Hamburg is the bill show on Sunday mornings will be focusing on one date fantasy sports. Moving into that I wanna get a little bit into our by I lows right now. And one guy Derek and I really wanna focus in on as a guy that I think is cool moving forward. A could be a potential diamond in the rough player for fancy teams that in PP our leagues where you've got a lot of receivers. I'm even three receiver league obviously to flex leagues a guy by the name of Eli Rogers wide receiver from the Pittsburgh Steelers owned it. Twenty point 2% of ESPN leagues are Rogers is a guy that had a lot of hype coming out of training camp at Roethlisberger raved about his ability to get open in camp. Obviously we know about Antonio Brown's ability to he'll be able to catch balls and double coverage Derek but at the same time. Someone else is going to have to step up for the Steelers team that you are Rogers has a great week won seventeen points and standard scoring PP our league's six catches 69 yards and a score this is guys that things can be targeted in a red zone. With its Steelers team that lacks a tight and of any sort right now not to mention Todd Haley showed. A pretty I'll willingness to throw the ball even head in the fourth quarter. So this is I think. A proponent of a passing offense in it an offense right now still missing their top weapon Eli Rogers for me my week my week to sleeper. For a guy I think is ultimate movement for could be initial pick up for your team. Yeah I mean. The mention that there he's on his long and less than 30% of leagues your ride is a guy you gotta go get I mean he's a good sleeper for this week and long term here. A very quiet name because Antonio Brown does Antonio Brown things it's its own verb at this point. Like you said. Roger is not ornament large majority at least we'll get them because you need to this is a guy that he's gonna win you some contest going down the line. Not just this week but going forward. Absolutely is one of those guys that you you gotta look at when it comes to. A player that's available you gotta go get. And easily apply low at this point Derrick as I mentioned is available and over. 7% of leagues right now in ES TM leagues that is so a guy that it if you are where if you media Sammy Watkins and are worried about its production moving forward whether or not he might be shut down to that foot foot injury. Or your guy who's got Dez Bryant in his worried about his production with that press got it quarterback Eli Rogers to me is a as a nice little player for pickups this week. Now my Diallo is going to be a little different it's gonna be on the trade market and two guys that week one he kind of scared. Geovany Bernard the Cincinnati Bengals a very valuable asset and a PP our league guy who can get touches on the back feel for it to you know Jeremy hills not doing it. They feast the jets the jets are pretty stout run defense they always have been always will be. So running backs tend to not do well against gang green GO still very large part of that offense you battered and you gotta go get them while you can while. A fantasy owner is a little sour over what the what the outlook was based on week one so yeah trade for him dish of some blow and guy. And go ahead and just. Spoil in the you know winnings NGOs that you catches. Throughout the season I'm a guy who actually sold. You know Jeremy hill in my league to bring in theoretical more passing threat again this is going to be. A situation in PP our league's Derek and I think that's a great point is you wanna are running back who's going to contribute in the passing game as well he's really had to fold guy than for you. I'm so great pick for you this week and I think someone that moving forward will be a nice little pick up for teams. You know with with who had that guy available a lot of leagues obviously Joseph Bernard is available and a lot of standard scoring leagues to somebody keep an eye out. Yet and if you have Bernard and your thinking about trading him. Don't do it all the don't hold on just yet. Because it's about buying low and selling high Bernard second gets a much. He's still a name that you can that players can cut and PP are leagues he's an asset sale. Hold onto won't put him on the back and see what happens and just wait and see approach for GO Bernard. But based on some matchups but it's for is not the best defense in the world so we could see Bernard wake up as soon as breaks your week to. Yeah I've got another guy here geared for that I see is a potential stand out week to a guy who's only owned in seven point 2% of ESPN leagues. And that's cold Beasley wide receiver for Dallas obviously last week we saw Dez Bryant school or one. Well two points in PP our league's one point standard scoring leagues. Cold Beasley is a guy that I think's a nice option for a flex play or to flex a league where three receiver league Beasley called an eight catches for 65 yards that gilts fourteen points the standard PP yeah our league's. He's as I mentioned only owned by seven point 2% of ESPN leagues he plays a Washington defense that gave up 300 yards and three scores to Ben Roethlisberger last week. Although I expect that Prescott's in the cowboys' offense to kind of features Tiki only more this week. In an offense that let up all over a 130 yards to DeAngelo Williams and I expect as bright to be featured a little bit more as well Beasley will continue to be that volume target guy underneath. Com a guy that can be a nice safety net for quarterback like Depp press Scott who is going to look for him extensively so I expect Cole Beasley to be a guy that can help you especially if you were after suffering and that wide receiver position and your team. And keep your league Beasley all gives you a tremendously. Currently are much more value in PP our league's I don't know hiding in my words right there. Tremendous amounts more of value in PP your reasons stance court recognized high volume catches. Not so much in yards touchdowns guarantee but he's going to get his targets and he maximizes them to a great point here. On an episcopal Imus start going with some cell high spec. Carlos hot. Is the master of week one you'll see a fantasy corner on to BGR 550 dot com he's one of my citizens this week. Carlos Hyde is one of those guys that he just does well in week one and then after that. You always jarred her dark spurt by Kerry is. 3.4. Outside of week one in his two year. That's not good it's not something that you want from your fancy back so use that nice little point point explosion that gets against the rams in week one Sally. So it for what you need you need a wide receiver you've got you got to Sammy Watkins Keyon down problems and you've got Carlos Hyde. Dish him. Because guess what he's going to go back to disappointing because the 49ers and not a good team. They're going to shoulder and Carlos Hyde is going to be one of those guys who once again. Shows up and as a barrage was never there all along. Derek I like that pick for me I'm gonna move on the same and stay at the same position here to step except moved to the NFC. Well actually he is in the NFC another NFC division I mean that's a mere a dual running back for Detroit Abdul a terrific week one obviously. A 22 points in PP our league's definitely played a part in that passing game how ever. His counterpart Theo Riddick is a guy I think is clearly their third down back this is not a running team Jim Bob cooter. Since coming in has really emphasized the pass game they've got three really good receivers and nice cast catching tight end and Eric. This team especially this week I think he's a must sit this week. It is one of my must sits as a mere Abdul they're facing a Tennessee Titans defense that although got tore up a little bit last week. Held Adrian Peterson to just don't one point six yards per carry on nineteen carries last week he only got twelve carries Theo Riddick I think is gonna be more emphasized this week out of the pass game for the running back position. Amir Abdul of one of my cell highs you could potentially get a nice player back someone is going to see that first week production from Amir Abdullah and your goal is not by any means that power downhill runner. I'm which it I think that they need someone to offset. Amir delay rhetoric who have similar skill sets however I think feel at this point is they're favored third down back in favored guy to get the most targets in a PP our league. Am Riddick is one of those guys you absolutely. Need to diss you gotta you gotta cut you might exit the pay a price for Riddick because he's Diddy now he's got a track record. Now he's got a successful track record in PP our leagues he is one of those dominant types of players. I've got one more here on the cell high list and it's gonna shock some people. Dovonte Freeman in the Atlanta Falcons running back. It looks like the falcons want to go by committee they want to having Coleman involved. Freeman still has the power of a name he still has the power of hey last season he was amazing I took I took a first round flier on. To Vontae Freeman what's going on here. Get rid of them. This one of those guys that is going to be a problem for you throughout the season it doesn't matter if he's the hot hand they're going to try to keep it up by a by committee approach. That is stressful when you write fantasy owner and you had a star running back put on to a by committee and it's not even his fault. Freeman is a very attractive name still dangle them and see what you can debt. Try to grab the bass off you can for freedom because it looks like this is going to be one of those problems. When a coach wants to go right committee who argues with the boss. Right now and I mean your completely right Derek except I feel at this point he's almost. His value has lowered so far and it's an unfortunate thing easy match not his fault another guy on the a look at here at the same position. Spencer where. Guide to me who who just went off last week especially in the passing game 34 points in PP our league's last week and espn.com. A guy where you have now as you mentioned a running back by committees. You know you have. Jamaal Charles coming back they expect that this week on there's going to be a three headed monster at the running back position gonna be difficult to own any of them and and expect any consistent fancy place Spencer ware my cell high of the week. The only reason I will keep Spencer ware is on the it is a peculiarly used them he is one of those more attractive players of the backfield. We don't know what Jamaal Charles going to be coming back healthy. So he's stash for a week. Is where will still get his targets I do believe that. The whole heartedly so I would hold on to Wear for one more reached then put to ditch because that's how you take advantage of opportunities. Derek let's close we see you here with one stardom once Adam Palmer start with the stardom Derek chemical with Matthew Stafford who had a big traffic week one performance. I'm not sure how much longer Stafford is really considered to be a sleeper guy. Of its staff was only drafted in slightly more than 70% of ESPN leagues he still available in many leagues right now it's point five per for our point by point performance last week albeit. A week Indianapolis secondary that may scare some of the savvy year out fantasy owners a way but Stafford is is a start and for me this week. Against the Tennessee defense who produced no sacks last week against a short handed vikings team obviously. With Shaun Hill at the starting quarterback position for me Matthew Stafford. Is is deathly my stardom of the week. Might might start of the week is going to be. Bear very interesting one here I like. Arson once against Chicago we saw Brock costs Weiler. Kind of pick it up against the bears last week after starting three or four for six yards and an interception. He then went off and became a valuable. Leahy he gave nice targets adapter Hopkins will for Carson once is looking to be that same kind of player against weaker defenses. This disqualifies for me I like Carson once the rookie from Philadelphia as a starter at the quarterback position. He's also got a lot of weapons Derek and I think that makes a lot of sense for me as well on nice nice pic there from whence many and under the radar guy for me mice sit him this week I know I'm crazy. It's Andrew Luck who led the block who had the highest fantasy output last week in week one. You know what am I talking about iMac crazy but he was playing a leaky line secondary similar to Indianapolis. Stock adding Andrew Luck is probably back now to where many owners believed it should ban last year except now look travels to mile high and faces off against one of the top defenses in the league Wade Phillips knows. What they're going to try to do and let me just tell you they're not the Indianapolis Colts offensive line it was it was. Definitely up a problem going into the season and I think it's gonna continue to be one down the line I mean you saw that the Denver Broncos defense teed off against Cam Newton. And Carolina squad last week in week 110 days to prepare for the colts offense. I really think and and another thing that I thinking here's the Broncos offensive game plan with Trevor Ximian it's gonna be grounded out attack with the Broncos probably a low scoring game I'm sitting. Andrew Luck week to. Mice that is. Going to be a little more on the I feel bad for this kind of guy. Because of how well he didn't we want and how he's going to struggle in the two that's Jamison Winston I have Winston and one of my leagues he threw for four touchdowns it was a great. Great game from him that's Atlanta the falcons are in good defense are they are not there yet the airs on a cardinals. They're pretty good defense that's decent course they got some decent corners they got a great secondary the one thing that they could use a little more of as a pass rush but. Winston might find some struggles against those kinds of corners. So I'm sitting Winston this week only because of the fact that he's not a bona fide matchup proof kind of guy just yet. And Arizona that one's gonna spooky they're going to be a little angry after losing its unique or Rob Lowe led patriots team last week so they might take it out on port Janus. All right that includes the week two edition of the fantasy football podcast with Peter Kramer and mean eight Kyrie. Once again think YouTube Batavia downs he could try one week fantasy football if they handled dot com back slash 34 Russian till next week. They're Kramer and Lake Erie this is the fancy football podcast.