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Sep 21, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Meals cardinals wall to wall coverage all day Sunday from 7 AM to 7 PM kickoff and one turned down a sound on your TV and turn out Merck. Tells Owen sound on the official voice of a Buffalo Bills W. We battled. Communication as they once they were a problem these owners front office would definitely spent time talking about this particular subject can't say whether it was last week or so we definitely conversations fists and we can do better. Do whatever it takes finesse it's to get just a room. That's bill's quarterback Tyrod Taylor after just. 153 total yards of offense the first two games and Greg Roman in the lid has taken over duties as the newest offensive coordinator. Hospital leaking her. Trying to figure out how to make things make more consistently and not change so much with the players who want to learn as much and so public will go with the system that we are this year and won't do things and in this system that we do well and would present the humid place. That's win from the John Murphy showed this afternoon a few key pieces of the dolphins were not on the field for practice today. Including sandy locked in sporting club in Charles clay while Ronald dark equal Anderson and colonel Jones were all limited with injury will wall to wall coverage of the bills and cardinals here on WG are starting Sunday at 7 AM pick up the scheduled for one so be sure to turn on TV and turn up the radio Jimmer Kelso and sail on the call around the NFL Bill Belichick says the quarterback Jimmy to Rob Lowe is expected to be game time decision for tomorrow nineteenth against the Texans also Andrew looks at medical practice today with soreness in his throwing shoulder but he says that he will play this week against the San Diego Chargers the hockey Jack likely North America get a much needed win over team Sweden three to two overtime while Sweden clinched. The top spot in group B North America will have to wait until tomorrow to find out their fate they will advance the saudis with either a Russian lost to Finland or. With a Russian win it by less than three goals. Later tonight. Canada and Europe square off at 8 o'clock. Both teams are already on the semi finals of the winner. Will claim the top spot in group a future tickets for the UB bulls football game this Saturday when the bulls take on the black knights of army at 7 o'clock. These UB bulls dot com and order your tickets today frothy at the top and bottom of every hour or news breaks a prequel some for WGR Sports Radio 550. I just moments. No effect Greta grip with the Bryan gates was this guy with the full. Will it ends. No way no way get real yeah. We don't let Kevin Harlan in the second one now know Kevin in the carries crude. Yeah was. One of the bounce things. In my opinion I heard that in it's it just brought so much joy and in my life I can't even really. Probably Kevin Harley guys it is I loved him calling basketball games because. They'll be a three pointer and he'll start making noise and I think that's great Sony you're gonna actually do that. I loved it. I look at tomorrow until and it's because he actually you know I wanna know Laura and a couple weeks ago saying I'll and a fellow announcers don't put nearly enough. Those ads into games especially the TV announcers you know everything's kind of land there's nothing over the top neurologist. But I Kevin Carlin the day after I go on their land. How does that and proves everything that I say are on these are a radio guy news. In in football capacity now sell the approved everything that's wrong and I'd like given a Democrat for listened to him on the radio this is something else. Yeah it. But I I'm when I'm with the I think it's great I think alone when the exodus Johnson just going nuts I I don't Lundqvist I brought up got Gus Johnson in as an example city now. Everyone's big Gus Johnson fan because just sometimes cause. But I love it because it it's something different it brings in a nice omit it gets your heart go and move into all of that whole bit so it's gets a heart. It up real by. 5188. By fifty to 550 we're talking about. If any way and he is the offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills. He's officially the coordinator talk that John Murphy earlier today we'll talk with the rest of the media. Tomorrow so we've been going over what he's done saying. And what we think moving forward with this bills team in the bills' offense what we're going to be seeing what he said we're going to be seeing we got to a tax day and says I like what if you inside but it's coach speak if you think plays are gonna come faster with a new guy running someone else's place your foot in knots. Well. I don't know what else to expect and it's gone based off. But the guy says you can say it's coach speak but appreciate the censorship there so I'm gonna yeah I appreciate the censorship and I'm gonna go. And with what he thought it's one of those things that I think is the biggest complaints with the Eagles offense through the first two weeks of the season is household they are and if you're not gonna make a noticeable change I gonna make a change at all so I think this guy if he went is gonna come and he's got something to prove he's got. This could try out for in the light you up fourteen games here he doesn't know what his future is as a coordinator in this league he said had coaching interviews but this is a trial for around to see what he can do as a play caller as a coordinator for. Every other team in this week I. It's a big week not only for anything when obviously but it's a big week for the bills franchise. I think. You know going into the season obviously it opens and the Trout. But it's like how many how much longer can this go on and in this or are we gonna have to go with the same cycle that we go through every couple years new coach new quarterback. And I change like this. It's happened before of course that went Turk sharp before the season started but this is a little different this feels. Rex is a guy that when he came in here obviously it's a much clout around the NFL comes in and makes a big move like this with the highest paid coordinator in the NFL this is something that hasn't happened before. And if this backfires if the if we don't see any changes with the offense. Just this week but moving forward. Word is what does that say for the franchise where are always access right now we're aware of the bill's goal. I think it's a huge week this week for the bills the CU we can start to see some changes. In an over the next fourteen games it's it's just enormous for the French. Yeah what happens when the offense does take you know south steps forward Tyrod Taylor looks like the guys quarterback. But the defense looks awful steel could there be a situation in Iraq expired Ryan gets fired in the Anthony went with all these head coaching interviews gets up propped up bad coaching after. Fourteen games are wrecks with an erection Rex is it her Anthony went as Iraq's and that's true that's all or Iraq's is going their bodies are boys or amigos are pals. They're gonna go together so no I don't perceive that happening over what happened I think Bob is the way sooners are gonna happen it's it's ridiculous. Now now now you're back to the phones Syria Paul timeline at all in the nightcap. Hey guys how worried are tonight. Property law law I wanted to do. I agree with the point where ideas are talking about Al. Looking for odd heritage road over the middle of war. I was also wondering why don't they incorporate. More like when it matters. So that it is at a quicker release and current. They have to worry about. Trying to escape pressure and exciting give them a little bit more of the relay with the receivers still I'm little quick slant like Brady enough knowledge that there's more going on. I think its accuracy I don't think that they trust that he'll be able to hit the receipts are tough throw. It's I hear which is saying he gets the ball out quick and it seems to be an easy throw as far as decision making. But I don't know if you trust. Tyrod Taylor to make an accurate throw and if if you screw the slant up. I mean there's linebackers wait right there you two receiver killed Larry you know interception things like that so I that I think that maybe they don't trust him to make that role. You know as accurate as he needs to do. Okay that makes sense but I. Why don't these are not just because the bill kind of new into the sit down Maurer. I just think he he. It's sixteen games thanks for the politics and call while it's sixteen games into Tyrod his career as a starter. And even though he's 27 years old he's back in the league for for five years he'd. Those girls over the middle is something that we we haven't really seen out of Tyrod he I don't that you trust himself to me I don't think you trust himself to an excellent Nichols throws either. And it's. I wondered the same thing you look at the New England offense you look at other offenses around the league and they do these little short patterns they're quick they're easy the decision is made. Before. That's before that the ball snapped you know where the ball's gone before ball snapped and I think it's something they're going to try to incorporate more because it makes. It easier on Tyrod we'll update that went saudis and and remember exactly what it was bought. He wants to simplify. The reeds for Tyrod and I think that's me BE. Something we could be seeing is shorter routes that are just quick. Tyra takes a couple steps back and throws. Lester it's one of those things to where it's. We don't. We say that he's not accurate he doesn't have the ability to do well yes and try to yet. But how we gonna know he's able to do it if he doesn't tried he's got to go out there and and prove it. And it but if you make some mistakes and in the so costly that goes back into the hole coaches playing it safe and playing for their jobs. Rather than playing to win. Regardless of what they might tell you so I I think that it does change will abandon. Bureau we have really haven't seen too many of those that fourth downs yes it was opened in the slot and and Tyrod could have had them. But didn't do it's so that's a good point as sutures and hopefully we see more about. And with. If you wind being up. In the press box. I mean I've said in a million times there are a ton of plays where you look at a receiver whether it be Sammy Watkins are keys good win. Robert Woods where they have these seven yard caution from a quarterback and all you have to do is. Snapped the ball and throw it too long and they'll probably get a couple of yards. Worst case scenario and that they make a couple not mess they're gonna get a pretty decent chunk of yardage. I think that's something else are probably got Seymour especially if where it is able to talk to Tyrod fifteen seconds and he sees that he's like all right if that quarterback stays awful block games. Snap the ball thrown to them. Well the but the problem to the difference in the bills and and the jets as the bills' receivers aren't as big as guys like Akron Marshall. The slide you really got to get the positions of the if you catch the ball you can take the big hit and stamp kind of shield your body. Think about the Super Bowl. Two years ago Malcolm Boller making that interception. You know he stepped right for the Seahawks receiver lock and I think it was he wasn't big enough and you don't want that to happen you gotta have a big guy and then it's gonna step and from the get body position and make that play. You know free all 551888. 550 to 515 we've got yet to be Toronto if any in the nightcap. You guys stood up. Why that's so difficult I mean I've watched world and for the last two years every eight or two minute offense was the worst of sleet. I play you could see that Tyrod did look at anyone that is the plague called moral. And you walked in Europe for four. And is a great player and they don't float all day and nearly enough. And they don't have a moving. Off the line they don't have any at its plants they don't have. Quake hit just how hard that you watch all belt back on a global eyeballs that are four yards off line of scrimmage. There in the senate over something law law. It's not difficult and I did was watching moment. And logged in public in soccer used that we have to. It should not do that. Like quarterback. To block spectrum an offense had been in the first Japanese. I'll man that two minute offense at the end of the first half of the jet ski in laws. I think it was the most frustrated I had done in any game watching the Greg Romanoff wants it was utterly ridiculous the pace of the off. It's a recurring thing over the with a two minute happen a couple times last year I think Anthony's kind of voicing a lot of just that that just. Concerns that we all have kept the ball Watkins of the movements in forever which is why the changes made him. Harder. From our perspective it seems pretty easy right Anthony we've all I'm saying it you're you're thinking it from our perspective it seems pretty easy hopefully. If he wins perspective it's it's pretty easy as well. That's the only hope we got. This survey the line of scrimmage but look what walked in and where the defensive back is now playing. I I mean I just climbing a joke. Yeah I hear entity its it's tough it's tough it's something I've been preaching for awhile and there has to be there has obviously has more to it it just. With throats and Sammy every single play oval yet not every play but maybe like somebody 5% play right right. They all Antonio Brown ratio and let him let him make plays up there but. And those are those of the concerns is is getting the ball to same Watkins as much as as you can physically. And we just haven't seen it maybe it'll change this coming Sunday. Yeah I'll be interesting to see what changes they are obviously Rex saying. You know it's gonna be noticeable the change that Anthony Lynn brings this offense immediately and that's what we're all hoping for hoping after more clay is that. Is run directly it's and you markets 37% passing college that he caught a screen pass. On a watch and markets and counts it him yet you you you and you could speak on this I didn't watch rockets in college you can be so what Sammy Watkins wasn't there's a play and I used it used to host the Saturday slice it your armor that Saturday slot and Saturday mornings. I covered up the audio highlight and put it in mine in the intro ever talk about college football's Thursday night game against Georgia Tech which actually Clemson is playing this Thursday tomorrow. And it was the it was just an ice cream to say Watkins and Reese Davis his comments inning it just gives a classic you know Sammy. Beats one man the good bite because that's only added to will be one out cal is different but he did get the ball hard. In the back feel as far screens go on things like that in college. Like to see more that the and a. Yeah it's something I've never understood it was Sammy he made. He made his money he got drafted high lead in the draft by the bills who moved up gear of a first round pick to get down. Because he was so good with the ball in his hands he was an explosive player he can make madness. And then he's never once in his career he's probably got a few screen passes but he's never been truly. He used in that capacity which was a strafing college. And I've always said you know what he got Robert Woods he's considered a great blocking receiver you've got Charles clay who is eight. Switched I got to comply keeping catch. Like much but of all on the same side have those two block for Sammy and then what Sammy look at the field and make your moves in to see what he did it. The bears and it was Eddie Royal on Monday night for an offense that you know we could move the ball at all besides deep balls down Shawn Jeffrey. That the couple good plays that they had they they wind out Serb Eddie Royal who's an older wide receiver he made guys miss because that's what he didn't college that's greeted at the beginning of his career and that's what he's doing in the NFL let's say one last call here in the we're gonna do a quick roundup of injuries around the NFL has got Brandon and not I don't want to Brandon you're in the nightcap. Our legal guys again I can't understand why the eagle quarterback after quarterback. Why can't we build and operate around the quarterback. And they tried that isn't the reason Sammy Watkins was treated for a draft before it was because they weren't sure about EJ Manuel as a quarterback and they want to get him a whopping. How why LeSean McCoy was brought in because they weren't sure about the quarterback situation. I think they've tried to do that it's for the call I think they've tried to do that over and over again they've had unsure cornerbacks for years and they've. Especially this roster that's built well. I think what's. A great example of that what you try had no idea of erratic quarterback competition last year they didn't know whether cornerback was. They still have the Shawn McCoy and they still had Sammy Watkins. Well yes and and if you have a quarterback Erik I think is gonna play cornerback you build around him and that court wrecked just isn't good no matter who's around him. Well as at the system's fault or is that the quarterbacks and that there's of them that the lamb and widens in what they have done it. But you know it is what it is is I hate to say but it is. That is that is what it is our people itself are all around Brian how would you like to go around the NFL in place some big deal are now. Alibaba placing big deal and we got some music back there. You know we talk there was a ton of injury news today in the NFL it seems like action the bills are one of the healthier teams the NFL for the first time in awhile but it in some big names are going down. And out for pretty much extended periods of time. In I want to know if you think this is a big deal as and this is gonna derailed their season. Or not they were going to be there very good or not they got to the guys that can step in. Let's see what you think Brian let's do it there is Clinton first off we're gonna head out west. The land of Santiago. Old son Danny would head out for the year torn ACL he was missed the entire year two years ago broke his lay against the bills it was back last year. Is this a big Diller to pack. Because I don't think they're not be that good anyways. I would struggle a felon though because of genealogy injuries while right. That he was gonna be a big part of the passing off balance but I just. And see them being a huge threat anyways. Now I disagree dances that security blanket back at all he ever felt rivers that we trust that he's still got Antonio Gates is that it is that not a lot religious in his fifties by now I am in my fifties which is what it. I truly is on the page and won one super. No no that was his first you were San Diego what do you he made his name in the patriots was actually Rex is guys are hard matches ago back that are maxed out of that car. It was mild or moderate Sunni core on the reds reckons that's good here aren't out yet so Dana what do you say now I think I'm like Mike says he had ice. And I say and now our next one I think I know the answer is here maybe I don't. This is it to offer. Adrian Peterson and medically ill now not clear I'm not sure how long he's I think he went on our season FO while Peterson likely done for the year. Big deal are now. Not me not the not on the same I think you know Gerry McCann then and then Osce out of there not Adrian Peterson. But I think they can do and off. And I vikings are good well coached team. And their defense is good. I think they're gonna make it into the playoffs and I I don't think this is going to be too much of an issue forum I think they're gonna plow through this season with the without EP division was down Suzy down this year two lines are undergo the Packers don't look right. So yes airs may or may be the worst of IR Connelly I think the vikings don't have a whole lot of offense has as it was last year so I think that's not a huge deal I think it's that they taught the old Coolio it's tough though the offensive line peace needy but I think without a key room probably be all right. Let's stay in that division Jay Cutler two to three weeks of the time I think we kind of known as big time now. Now even though I love Jay Cutler and how he looks like he hates every all the time bears on Sunday Night Football this week against cowboys that will be great two weeks in her own primetime employer the destroyer coming out for for the bears probably now within that don't worry about them bearers. I stay that's the division announced today Amir a duo running back for the lions he's not I are big dealer. Say knowledge another not I'm I'm a big I guess I just don't believe injuries in the already running backs are tough because it seems always be a guy that can can fill it Theo Riddick is he's not between the tackles guy. There's that rookie between Washington. Who's more of like a power type back some of the same knowledge that as well but Abdul was looking pretty. He was looking good stick in the NFC and we'll stick with running backs Doug Martin now two to three weeks with a hamstring injury that something that could linger all year. I will say that that is a big deal. That is a big deal is coming off a big season. He's a contributor and all that's sticking up out of your fantasy team era we're talking gorilla football outlaw also have been fantasy seller list it really hits home for me I'm sure he feels terrible for her charity dollars. Some say yes that is a big deal the muscle hamster but no big deal level and you'd like when he called. And last running back analyst Thomas Rawls for Seattle didn't practice today don't know how long he's going to be out he might even play this week but he's out as of right now. Must say non non. He and media did get to the great season. After Marchand was injured last year but. He's an adult sons he was injured and he hasn't really gotten back from an entry at least we are really all about Thomas Rawls the at all deep that offense spread and it looks kinda lost though. All material well Leon the offensive line is as is really bad that are Clayton had a relationship for guys playing new positions. I don't think it matters and anger at that Rawls. And the Seahawks according to pro football focus was the lowest rated pass protection teams there's that again this is injury news that all came out today maybe one or two yesterday but. Big deal or not for the rest near this one we're gonna go back to the AFC. Donte' in my creep wide receiver for the colts out four to six weeks big dealer now. Let's say a big deal yeah I mean the colts rely on the passing game concrete is proving to be a good option for Andrew Luck. They've got Philip Doris east don't really know what he is in the eye candy will not apply this matter I don't team I don't know reflective. Editors here creek mine creep like eight hits with a deep all right having yet. Yeah and it is Stokley still around there is there again fortunately we know Wayne's still kick in her or somebody running all of Dallas Clark yet. Call Wes Welker he's probably still around he's made ago so it's probably the I say I say that is a big deal. Last one and this one again we don't know a whole lot about. James drop below you know I'll call the patriots big deal or not. I think it's a big deal. I mean Jacoby preside. He's he's Iraqis and seen. In that system on the makes a lot of quarterbacks look good but Jimmy drop below his looks. Look to the parts. And I think he is. See the real deal through six corners of the author is a look elegant but he has what it says there are in the play to it injured. Yeah well these you makes you wonder is he going to be able trade bait in the offseason it's going to be trade or maybe. 3COM 380 will be the treat others as long age old question. So that's all ahead for big deal or not that that's the NFL me crazy injury news today. It but that's that's the way it goes that's the NFL it seems there's always somebody that goes out but you know what I hear I was here is your fantasy teams affected beauty and do the CIA retire from fancy two hours ago because at the end of the year you're cheering for his backups and every single game as some of the guys even drafted so I don't do panacea anymore let me tell you. I am ready for more people get injured in the NFL because my teams and car or that's a great thing. Are awful person you guys now I'm answers about the us. All right all we're not we're not close the book on football here we come back and take a quick break right now. Let's -- hockey World Cup hockey's been going on USA eliminated last night vs Canada who has. On ESP until. Now we'll talk about team North America the win in overtime earlier but they're still need a little bit of help. To get into the next round of the world cup of hockey and the sabres. Reporting to training camp to morrow. Practices starting Friday pre season games start on Monday so. We're get a lot of hockey and I'm getting in the hockey moment so we'll talk hockey coming up next in the nightcap you're listening to WGR. Yeah I think everyone's attention you know karma has a lot of experience call plays and he's Sean Payton got a new ones where they rents high powered offenses such as. He has a lot of experience obviously it has been around a lot of their analog different coached a lot of different players and I think we have veteran group you know the income the guys like me would say what you want in this situation Sammy Robert Woods on the receiving so I think it's a collaborative effort I really think there was all and we realize that arguing the office for its fire that's a direct reflection of our ports on the field so everybody's been. And work hard to get this. Edgy content ill. Richard I remember that cracker of those talents but I really do like my enemies meet at of course I hope you'll be the first Italian Villa but did you did you catch that article Bleacher Report Tyler Dunne I did not see that formerly of the buffalo new goes away oh lead and style writer over at Bleacher Report he did like gay. Behind the scenes with thirteen I mean Elena was a super interesting he walked into a rich he's apartment wherever Richey lives around here. And it was Richie. Want to see jordin mills but then 100% sure now live with the Jonathan Martin. Now now now he's not letting their focus conference on them. But days where we were hanging out together just getting massages are like that getting massages hanging out together and nine. He was talking about you know. Back in the day he was party and drinking and smoking in all that kind of stuff receiver I know Leo unexpected caller it's unexpected. And he talks about how he's. Tried to stay away from that stuff it's actually because. It was a good for men how how in the locker room what they see it too long. 'cause he's still the same guy said oh yeah Blakey is always talking smack to his fellow players which. Not surprising and yet I'll locker room of all places. But if he starts crossing lines all the players will start to say all Richie yeah her new Richie knew Ritchie her so that he he realizes like okay. Don't don't also don't go so hard here the odd votes. He got dealt a bad and that whole situation that that got blown way out of proportion. And pretty much everything that he had to do to get back in the NFL he's done so far so yeah I appreciate him coming to this community and NB and yeah I was raised in a robot right now. He's he's he's usually did a standup guy really and he's one of those guys that I have friends like this tool. See things and push by ends just because it's what they enjoy doing and they enjoyed the reaction Roger he says things to get a reaction. And if your bothered by that you're gonna be bothered by it but if you're someone like me you realize that's just. Do we yes. Now and and there's not much to to change about it put. That that person who was massaging him. Keith why is her up from Miami to stay. Four days a week in buffalo she's bandwidth on his entire career. As his his physical trainer or whatever you want caller has issues. Yeah good for him yeah he's he's quite all right so what's covered hockey here. World cup of hockey yesterday you beat your saying all this as a grass do. Aren't you don't try this as well all season for you and that's why I I. I wanted to get into what I really did. But you know I have two months in the summertime after the NBA finals and before really NFL starts when just itching for anything you know I cleaned the baseball it but the baseball so long you making it to you would take so much of that. And there's just not a lot going on. And then the September Iran myself up I get my body in my mind ready for football season. And then there's this hockey that I have to worry about I just can't get into and it's I was still some edits like your Christmas music in July. You know Drake and October fest in April majesty doesn't it doesn't seem right and I'm sorry really try to get into it. But I had to have regressed and haven't really watched a lot of I did watch will be the game today. Yeah I have. I've really enjoyed it on I I was watching I was running the USA Canada game last night in studio and house watching that and you know USA's comes on the score that first caller Mike and maybe yours is got a little fight in town and then a few minutes later Canada scores back to back goals in like fifteen seconds and house. Yes is about right and elsewhere in the world and die and the rest of the game was pretty much can't judge just beating up on the United States and I saw it last night now I always will Rupert the US they'd be Canada but now I'm happy that the USA isn't moving on because. Like the way this tournament aside it's up. Tibia while internment is to showcase the NHL's best and most skilled players it's not a showcase. For the Grady. NHL game playoff hockey league that's great don't get me wrong I love that brand of NHL hockey. And outlaw of the playoffs and how physical and aggressive it is. But this is supposed to be. The most skilled guys from all of these countries. Just going out there showcasing it. And you watch the team North America. Who of course has got all the young guns to sonic David Matthews Michael Johnny hockey McCain in his got all of these young skill players who are. Fast and just relentless with their speeding. And I just hope that watching this and seeing this tournament at the NHL realizes. Oh. The team that wanted the greedy product. Was not being supported. Why they young team who is going out there on polling fast point open hockey with skill and of the NHL's watching this tournament. And it won't happen because as the NHL right like I usually to complete changing of the guard up top yet it won't happen because the NHL is Gary Bettman and he's a tall dep commissioner. You watch this tournament and you're like okay. That's what hockey is. That's what the fans want in hockey it's it's it's fast it's exciting players are going up and down the place creating chances. That's what you should want out of hockey and I hope. That the NHL could see that if they don't I think Jeremy could huge mistake because you watch. The Canadian team and how skilled and fantastic to watch. And I understand these are the best players in a lot of these guys. On team Canada our first liners for every single team that people in the NHL and the NHL doesn't have enough scale to. Play that game constantly. But and that's that's the type of hockey I want you watch. Yeah I am I did watch a little of that Kennedy USA game last night and I I wanna USA to win not only because his team USA. Your patriot of course yes. But I want it to be like a big kind of aft view to the rest of the world would that be the perfect American thing that is the perfect America takes big big goal there all the way in picking the team they get this team of grit and all these riders. And they just go out there and BK and I did think was gonna happen. I agree with the though and that's something we've been talking about crock your last company you see it it's not only just the you know the Gary Bettman and the people the top. It's the coaches too and they don't like this up and down style well. It's that they worry about the you know they they just don't like to tickle it's hard to coach against they wanted to defense is now. They don't like the goals and they think that that's a product that people want to see because they've been I do it they're just. So stuck in the game and and they've been doing for so long this is what they expect and they think that's what everybody wants and it's just not. Yeah I a forgot what I was going this day. That is what this wasn't about the Dallas stars and how they are kind of the closest thing that the NHL has to a team that can go up and down like that they have all the goal scorers but. Their team that doesn't play much defense at all. No I bought houses they damn while small season you didn't. Mentioned that he he was asked wanna say it was higher Paul Hamilton or it was by one of the sabres reporters. That if the coaches. Should feel responsibility. For the product of the NHL and damp how's my response was pretty much. No coach has ever been fired for giving up zero gulls. Well that's schools backdoor talk and all that FL coaches coaching not to win and to be exciting of course I know what's on the job it's what they do for a living you know. They don't get paid and keep their job but rather coaching to keep their job in coaching it. Not to lose rather than to win it's a problem amongst NFL and NB era. And NATO called a coaches January yeah yeah not so much the MBA but that's a different story when you get paid millions of dollars to coach game you now tell all the guys you know exactly that a change and what can be done this hopeful like you said this is something that could. If this does well with the ratings and I don't constantly it's really cool that it's on ESPN I'll say that is that is a nice nice touch gives it credibility he. Absolutely so if the if this does well the ratings and it gains a lot of popularity may be we could see some changes. Outlaw the it's doubtful I mean if we got training camp starting up for the sabres tomorrow. And most of the players will be there we've got the players we've got four players that are in the world cup of hockey that will be continuing on. I ache or not sure about him if they're making the next round yet seen with cool com for team Russia Ryan O'Reilly team Canada law. They're going to be moving on to the next round so I don't rightly expect team Canada probably. And make it to the finals to that analytics and yes. I expect that so it probably won't see Ryan O'Reilly around for awhile. And nine Bristol line in place for Finland's there essentially eliminated they still play tomorrow but then rest a line in will be coming back shortly after that. Have we seen restarted on US and the Finland games is he looking like he's he's belonged in and you know is he is like bear they're top pair guy who wrote the line and he is he is like their defense and so he's. Finland is headed had it a little rough they got. They look slow it looks super slow against team North America a barring any Hollywood yeah they're getting beat pretty bad trapped in their own hands because you've got these young guns. Just skating fast swarming down in the defensive zone. So I think he's held his own. But it's up it's a big year for her terrorist aligned in here and it's Canada scores again here. Nothing that it kind of looked like kick but it might just and redirect. His ability Amy Collins Jonathan Toews scoring but. Coming I had to to training camp I think some of the interesting things to watch quit training camp coming up rob and liner. And we haven't seen a lot of him towards the end of last season. Now let's really liking what I saw out of liner he played very well. I like his psychopathic mentality when you want enters its crease you know and now in the off season. He's dropped a lot of weight com Paul Hamilton has talked about it Howell. It's it's noticeable Paul Hamilton said he didn't even recognize him on the ice was how much weight that he dropped anybody dropped the beard that question I hope not broke on that made him look like more recycled all it on. I like that yeah I had definitely the beard attitude to the site of patent winners been training. Add and WNY and many. And it's so bad he didn't matter because if he already. Could beat someone up really aggressively. But he's been training with an army trainers offseason like NHL players. They'd be on huge huge failure and the Edmonton Oilers now. Like you're probably not gonna wanna be coming into the crease and off and when it when it's cycle verses make David in the cup. I mean that's all yes when when you wanna watch this Lucci skating through the I'd like to have a creature in on a lot of the NFL players do that with Jay Glazer. On the subway guy for not familiar with them all that's that's what he's known for he's just subway subway cool not that subway guys and I well. But I know that the fox reporter who does the U doesn't matron with a lot of the NFL players I didn't know that about Letterman's chemically did that. You see the god of if he's going to be the number one right he's always die while the number. Is this is this season and that's that's the keys he's coming back from his ankle injury he was invited. To the World Cup hockey and he turned it down because he was so invested into what he was doing here in buffalo. Getting prepared for the season so it seems like. His mindset is where was he was talking with Paul Hamilton and Paul there right up on minor you can find it on our website WGR 550 dot com if your interest and Obama was talking about. Changes in his lifestyle he's making he was talking about. Paula tried that kind of get more out of home but he was a little hesitant to say exactly what he was talking about. But he said he's been making lifestyle changes he wasn't in a great place with. But as habits were and I think part of that was pol policies of this. Was he had a concussion and he wasn't able to do much so he probably was just. Hanging out on the couch eat and not great food and then Swedish meatballs yes Swedish meatballs and slowly got his way back into an NHL routine. And then this offseason he got injured because maybe it was a little bit too big pushing off that any goal and he decided like. I'm making a change if I wanna be an NHL goaltender. And he seems applicants competitive spirit that we've all seen to be an NHL goaltender. I got my have to make some changes and it seems like he's really committed to those this offseason and given my 24 save percentage in the games that he played last year and if he is looking like that. It's going to be a big season it's a lot of the season six shots depends on how Robin Warner's point I think we think the team is gonna problem. Good enough to make a playoff run and a liner is god back in that I think this team is truly a playoff team I. I am excited for the senator seasoning in the first game is that October 13 for pre season game is this Monday. Yeah outs so it's against Minnesota I think. I believe so it was I'll I'll I'll take a quick look at the schedule in the break here we'll take a quick break. Wrap things I'll talk more about the sabres some or treating line training camp story lines I'm interested in his treat it is getting start. Peek urges right gates the nightcap WGR. Push their home and I voters there to the world record in the job he's done. Bruce areas. And lots of our football. Now that is full blown Syrians is a footballer. And this angle act. He's like football genius guys to me is all right ball all the talk a little bit more about hockey by the we got to talk become an up well we are just discussing. Baseball here in the break Pete and I. And kindest talking about you know. The World Series play out that neurons are coming out and who were liking. In those and just about our team that's in BP. He got a team baseball's going on these. Are kind of. Ever have gone back and forth and as of the Mets if I had to pick right now pick a team that I've I've been a Mets fan for a little while today. A PS assures you when I was younger at all and has metsu we have remember hamsters V cast nets who own the cubs have got that family out numb. Chicago's soap cubs Mets split. We're just saying meets this. As October rolls around it's gonna be so fun with when hockey football. In the baseball pennant races and playoffs in the NBA starting up where we're getting of that dude good sports time and. Yeah it is the good sport season coming up it's this part of the year and then towards the end of the NHL oh NBA room. Yeah April router she you've got the drafters March Madness. Call to gather Al wants him and he got the other good sector. Of sports coming up so we are looking at the standings in house talking about the Al east race and that was going to be super rich stable Boston's all the way there. And the wildcard it looks like it's gonna be the two elite teams and you look down in the the how. You got the Mets San Fran seemed Lewis. Sticking around at about the same Lewis was out of that the whole time honestly owners paying that close attention but I said they've been out that the whole time yeah there's always this. On the cardinals are going to be in the race somehow they just always make it in those three teams going into today were tied for a little while wild card spot the cardinals lost that is their half game back. Mets are winning now that that'll be fun that double down the wire two as the Mets staff is so banged up to grounds out for the year of course Harvey gone Stephen mats might be pitching surely. But it's really it's been big sexy was thrown another gem tonight Bartolo get the job dumped him and in some regard. Yet here is. He is he's the one of the most beloved players in the league at this point of order most beloved players in sports story he is just man the global jolly pitcher 43 year forty I don't know hold you guys he's all lead the key is that he's old yep and he still again he's paid less that's almost three nothing was pitch in the shot out. That's going to be fun coming out of the wire like you said AL wildcard race which we thought I was gonna be good. Not so much is you've got Detroit and my Astros I'll call them my gas rose one and half games back. The Astros at 81 and 71. And Detroit at eighty and seventy. That's tough because that the idea that does not sound good for my ass for this in the NL that puts you right in the mix yeah you're couple games back. All right. Quick look at these Pete Pete thanks for coming again and kind of front of you all next Wednesday I will beyond that is the break. A pre season. Hockey next week I'll give you the rundown real quick. He got the sabres at home against Minnesota Monday at home against Ottawa Tuesday a break on Wednesday that away at Toronto Toronto at home. On Friday to close off next week. And pre season hockey self AP if your ons we got Wednesday open by Wednesday friends I don't wanna all right well. We're done here mean peace we're gonna finish things off we got the pit reporters coming up next and I will be back tomorrow briefly before the world cup of hockey game between the USC in the Czech Republic and and I am off on Friday Bree Olson will be taken care have you done. So law talking guys tomorrow thanks for listening for Pete for me for Mike your Fareed thanks for listening to reports coming up next realistic WGR.