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09-24 Inside High School Sports

Sep 24, 2016|

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    As one or the other I would have more with the inside high school sports come up next. Marty eager to get out or get to worked in my garage and it's nice day. We're back with inside high school sports that's better. Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's in studio with us longer Frank Wolf Roger Weis in Joseph mark Gucci no. I'll program note the

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And Gionta. Why maybe it's time to take a look inside high school sports. Kelly cheering brought to you by mighty taco my entire goal. Would feel great right about now. My new ones have you Italian sausage taste the difference quality makes and by Denny neurological institute developing solutions to neurological problems faced an hour he. Roger was enjoying a good show we are broadcasting live from Craig get in the field in north Tom I want the home of anti. Any little league for a read a strata avenue just south of Erie and Niagara Falls. Are if you want stop by and I'd say hello my son's game kicks off at 11 o'clock that's why we are here. Figured hey you know four and have a conflict of interest semis or do the show on the road this would be a lot of fun would get to watch the little guys are playing the six of seven year old there. Going at a rate now the rattlesnakes from Niagara Falls against anti any eight. Good to be here at Craig Anthony field exciting day any time where football game it's neat and so. That's why we figure we'll broadcast flag is beautiful setup peer will raid on the sidelines by the thirty yard line. And out were right all man you are a few guys to smell the hot dogs don't already but they do smell good so good morning and welcome. I tell us. As ready talks in high school sports. Let's get into a new Susan Nelson mark poke at the south. Okay so. A little bit volleyball and soccer news for everybody M. He's still boys' soccer they have a game today at the two are believed to play right now at 10 AM. A day. Our only state. I know lists from last year inevitably negotiating how he's rebuilt at a remote I want to let two guys know about them and also. On the Jets as every Saturday is what a first six weeks or so we have volleyball tournaments. Even go back home still in one at the DN CC. And west cynical. Right now I am the lynch the birds have been invited north Collins girls also have a tournament. In enough on its side we had him. That's close in the tournament as well as squeaked home they are staggered around at any should be gone gone into the round. The clock this out this evening it's Roger last night. You're Corey and what. Nobody mills Terrell gospel and the hall famous Asomugha photos that Harry scull junior. Posted on our Twitter and got Jerrells brother was there to except the the induction in the plaque in everything where you at the game you see the it tells what kind of like. What the atmosphere was like in how the ceremony went. Well first of all they had the ceremony in the auditorium I've noticed the middle schools and Matt America all okay. I didn't get paid to of course Leonard barely missed the departed friend. Role because the well they gave. No Lattimore. His job brother Brian accepted for him. Other inductees. Are rock and collective Slade. Actor. She didn't show ASCII. Factor I'll amend. And again there are mar 2000 age believe it or not Arian ducked and you'll all payment to school all met Mary Acker. Now. They're going to do back into the well they revealed warrior going to all night ceremony. Out of myself than anybody the McKinley and Max are for real. Dead in the big event. Well I can handle a few weeks back no fluke. Here at play here claiming to be in trouble now is the fire's getting to the playoffs. Or do that is part of our show today and Roger are you buying and are you selling it and what teams you think in. That that's a perfect examples he will McKinley is doing now soldiers and that. Lou we're go through the scores and highlights from last night will review some of today's gains before we get in there and talk a little bit about why we're here and all the but about knew full well. You think about it guys is where it all starts. They started this love the six or seven year old to come out here now the rules a little bit different at this age group than they would be for a my age group which got kicks off at 11 o'clock and then. I'm beyond and then you have brought to high school but. For the most part. Little League sports does and or high school rules put it this levels were a bit different they don't keep score. There's no kick off no punt team. If there's a fumble early just bring to the line of scrimmage you're not gonna see holding penalties. Everything is designed for safety. And what is championship USA for the all had some football fifteen Duff to make the game safer you know things that we're doing good our level of keeping your head off. To avoid contact. I'll only practicing three days a week in ninety hitting all the time. All of that to reducing the chances of concussion and again everything is designed to make the game safer and and it's a lot of fun for the kids there having a blast out there. So support your youth football this is where it starts these are the guys are gonna get out too well. These are your future we're we're looking right now that your your future led the Jets your future wolverines. Could be you know some could be go to weak field who knows what these are the guys that. I'll we will be talking about in years to come and so hopefully we continue to do the program. Like the idea is newspaper now only practiced three days so they actually go out no Phil I did Lisa. They during the week they might be out. We've really gone. Talk job. Chalk talk whatever have classroom things there are so many especially when he had a high school level. You know. These the idea to see what is it I think in her what was that coach Lincoln and all that maybe we have a little more classroom stuff in the the physical act. Number one it'll get the rest of the bodies from the physical activity and number 20. You know you're not overdoing it at trying to cram a mental aspect of the game in there while you're trying to do the physical as well. We do is we we do a lot of walk throughs were put in play let's walk through for so that they know. You go over assignments like this night to the other kids get frustrated at times like to hit they want the pac ten explained it was all about safety. And the that and understand. But. So yeah we're trying to do everything it and with safety in mind and the kids or him for and that's the bottom line. The coaches are all certified even officials are certified. Which they did out of the pocket so they. They gifts Spock concussion like symptoms. If they see something they can order a hit off the field to get checked out the other thing is we have trainers on the sidelines. NASA who was our parent league. You know the Pendleton in yet but Williams filled awful that's Riverside. I Sheehan will send blue port a lock or. Clarence Cheektowaga. And so wants all these is like sixteen weeks there form their heart and NASA. And everything again it is designed towards safety are let's get into the scores and highlights from last night's action around Western New York. I definitely have a busy night no. Red Duncan wound up 32 Allegheny limestone twelve. South western sixteenth green Salamanca. Six. Lester meaning Winslow north 42 to fourteen. Huge crowd at 40 playing field. Nick Hundley beating your record twenty to fifteen is Roger alluded to earlier on west Seneca east taking care of Hamburg. Fourteen to thirteen in close game she picked up more lenient harder to yards rushing and touchdown. West Seneca west sixteen Riverside well. Orchard park at the forefront you're not think they should have margin to close your ears and that one sorry buddy. How much tech beating James Powell 2012 Dwayne Robertson. For much tech head eleven catches 405. Yards. And touched and I'm sure Joseph mark which is gonna find a weekly award for Dwayne Robertson. Grand island's 38 nor turner wanted 35. Williams Phil south 56. Home six Josh roster was nine of eleven for our 473. Yards. I held in 44 barker Roy Hart 24 Bryant some balls he was eight of twelve for 207. Yards. Jim Pugh beating LB and fourteen to eight. Mary Bell over to a lot of 42 to six yet all the and beating spring bill 26 to sixteen. East war slash Holland 26 for don't know Westfield rocked in six. Dunkirk been pioneer at 33 to six Mikell wind up pine valley 32 milking limestone twelve. Franklin still look at bill 37 Randolph 36. Maple Grove 42 beating can't Roger's little valley nothing. So we'll creek slash sports go 46. Proves we're forty. Star forward being blocked or 48 to 28. Our point 370. Yes 79 yards rushing and six touchdowns on the ground. It was blocked a lot of fortitude JFK well. Get this locker wanna 403. Yards rushing they forced six turnovers. Lakes or 22 Amherst fourteen. Lawrence Jacobs ran for 214. Yards and two touchdowns. But I they're beating university proper section five. 44. To thirty so there are games from last night. I don't know Albany and it can only cup committee we're at the evil frank errors I called. I'll Franklin real knowledgeable game went out. You might wanna consider up rack black guy has won here nominees this week he is by far my player of the week. Final score 37 and 36. They take a quick sixteen there's nothing I'll leave. Ran. Randolph comes back ties the game then. And the ensuing kickoff to take it to the house 99 yards. That was the only scoring plated Brack blacked out was Matt involved in I'm talking touchdowns and extra points. I'm sorry I wasn't that big game as much as I'm glad I was at the McKinley iroquois game. I would love to see the films of naked last night Randolph and not evil frank. Nate Geary give cheer headphones on you were at Lancaster game last night you and Howard Simon broadcasted. On Time Warner Cable wanna get your are your thoughts on the game what you saw out there who you were impressed with. Well Tony you know that was my first time watching Lancaster lives you know we I think we've all got to talked about them early and often this season. As much as a lot of talk about their defense because I think their defense doesn't get a lot of love their their unit that I think could potentially. He'll be one of the better units less Europe obviously everyone's talking about the offensive got going on Ryan and sell their quarterback. I mean. For the size of the kid he he's not that big he's only about 59 about a 16070. Pounds. One of the best deep balls I've ever seen. I mean he hit. I think it's next year Donna I think yet Giordano like three or four times just. Deep beautiful basket catches. He kind of had a more felt he can steal had a couple of tough drops yesterday but. You held that team I think is for real obviously the match up everyone's going to be watching is next week when they face off at Orchard Park on Saturday. That's gonna be he real of the of the matchup of section six I think for the for the season and it's gonna have some serious playoff seeding implications. But obviously you know Zach Sam or skis may be one of the best running back in Western New York. I'd pick indicated if he hadn't cramped up he probably would add to 300 yards that game the other side is Laura it's not a bad team either. I'm unfortunately there their best player and quarterback Jason Wong got her. Also cramped up so there was an issue with cramping yesterday. Jason Wong really impressed he unfortunately didn't play the entire second half. Hopper will north girls that might have been closer. But two good teams I think Lancaster is gonna put up I personally think Lancaster has the tools we Orchard Park. They can't have twelve penalties like dated yesterday and torture park may compare if that's the case. Oh absolutely anybody can't give up twelve and is against anybody defense was the question mark going in the season they had a lot of problems with that last year. Coaching change here Brooke takes over. Brought in a new system new way of doing things. And it's obviously paying off someone asked everybody obviously youths your your buying into what Lancaster is doing. B Tony a lot by. Yes yeah a lot buyer for sure and like you said I think it was maybe Shawn Bruce so on the inside high school sports FaceBook page. Early in the season. He said watch out for link catcher's defense they're better than they were the past three years and I think we all kind it is OK Asia on you know whatever but shoddy you know he's always right it seems like. So ID and it was certainly right about that Lancaster defense they were impressive. I Nate thank you very much are you guys buying or selling out Lancaster joke. Buying. I am looking forward noted pass judgment accident or an estimated one Lancaster and Orchard Park 1 o'clock in the afternoon's homecoming Orchard Park Lancaster randomly. Licking their jabs cant win that thing they want an Orchard Park yesterday. We think mark while you buy in a salad that we violent I also love the mix of good Colts in. On brute strength athleticism speed they got it all plus plus some seen them they scored off his defense and special teams that are completely do. Are you mentioned McKinley and your Corey. McKinley played close game against Bennett. You're buying or selling point them like we can these and the up upswing now. Oh absolutely. Class a especially after last night and I think we can officially after about 4 o'clock this afternoon. After the end of the South Park when it came really evaluate class a and both the north and the south I mean to opt. Grand Allen not come back to beat North Carolina last night. I still can't you while then class a is going to be very interesting no matter which is via. Eight teams end up there but McKinley I am definitely bank. Your records in trouble tell. Yet McCain who's got some big boys yeah her core is pretty much one dimensional we fumbled that so oh at McKinley. Our guys were coming up on a break and I do you have any. Have a special group right behind me course who can't see this weren't radio barked my Diamondbacks teams ranked behind me. Guys we dug us up and say before we go to the break here. If you guys it was supposed to say you're listening to inside high school sports for coach started that was good enough you got to go I know I'm on line later riding here you're cells. It's gonna win today. Hey guys happy and excited. Because it's like to be an am radio. Our guys go get a we'll see you at 11 o'clock for kicked off they select guys. Kick off at 11 o'clock here and it. Could get any field we are home at the home of Niagara at the north title one athletic association. Little League thanks to them for all of their hospitality. Here were about. A few minutes away from from kick off the first game is at the half they're gonna get ready to get called for the second half I would take a break we'll be back with more. It's such high school sports and WG dollar Sports Radio like fifty. Problem in the bumper music may come love and it. Elisa and inside high school sports. Tony Caligiuri long Lemar Qualls slaughter Roger Weis and Joseph mark Gucci oh a buddy Mike guarantee you don't hear. He's got why he's roaming the sidelines check things out broadcasting live from Craig at any field home of nor Tom won athletic association. We hear from little league football. The Diamondbacks my son's team starts at 11 o'clock so when the show ends. I'm about never giving up here and had over the sidelines in try to do some coaching. And see how this goes but a beautiful morning here in nor Tom on Rondo we're talking about. Are you buying or selling with these teams are dual win. Do the scores indicate are they for real a lot of talk about Maryville so far you guys are buying and selling merry go. Down. No lead behind a man Lazio a day where it all and three at this point he had three no not a they're all in three start out the season not a porn no big win last night they got some young guys over there Romney doesn't aerials of freshmen. One and only freshman Everett played for potent. Arm off and green Snyder senior now was one of the few freshmen a couple years ago mom. Dillon KC a couple they got a lot of guys over they're well coached team com big game next week vs bird got especially dependent on what bird. How does today. Joseph you are in a sullen merry go. Hole laughs it's a rubber guard edge you too long on the way to know one. I said last week at Jeff who hear you maybe wanted to have three coaches in Western New York allied Mary Bell off. Yeah Tony just gave 550 on welcome Bob parent valley here always regular pollen and not. Great contributor Western New York high school sports have always a pleasure yeah I like Mary Bell line. Producing anything next week as the big America. Particular lockout. And all berg started. Are you worried at her garden next to be. Let's see. You buy pain or sell lean what. But Dinah. The Dinah rolling up the points seems like this sort of threw defense. More than they did in the last couple years of course we know that they have that. They've fast pace attack they can't put up points accrue doing that were regularity now. Yeah I. Haven't seen them yet but there. On the scoreboards looking good I'll be able to put him up to 70 my own and Nolan on the inside and what cold there all the way up the floor. Almost think they were 902 and a stocking your elbow dental the people we thought we. Who died on INN. General lack wanna all of their best running back Cattrall got hurt. Next game hasn't done much the last two but they keep winning. Well if you look at the gauge OK I said they roll block while lack a lot of holes JFK JFK was in our top ten if I'm not mistaken. You guys are preach it to the choir as far as why exactly now you understand why. I don't participate in the ball until the end of week for you know get my computer starting this week but yeah but I. They look real. I'll. Again note the governor bill probably the apple seed and Aries which means they'll be followed at least them. Quarterfinal game and a way they're running up points and having point differential they may be able to host a semi final this arena when the quarterfinal. The key to talk about all the and beating spring they'll spring Ville. Was my number 21 our our poll found my mistake tide and number two rated. Maple Grove. OK so now they lose to a good all the NT 26 to sixteen. You're buying or selling spring bell. A slow up the buyout on. What do you Baker's been hurt the last couple of weeks and sat out yesterday we've got an out. So that's a big loss these going to be continue to sit the rest. Joy just stole my thunder I mean. Ian Baker is is bring row on Spanish rescue was here who excuse me Easter warrior girl lost Spanish Eskew isn't there and there are contender. We needed a number on his ankle you are sprained ankles they're probably worse and break a break is that it it yields Auld on sprains last three years. Tell me about it I'm running back spraining his ankle practiced Thursday and and I did not see him here today so. There's me nervous coach eyes and the other side only and you guys trying to sound I am obviously they're getting things done. Ol I don't know really know to watch. Are you beating Pittsburgh bill team that did get into our poll last week. All they did not know they just made it out ten and just made. Yeah right and a knowledge of an act gosh Ringo they're the real deal. The south now Easter are their early up again and now they need ala Al. I think they need is Springfield to be oleander and it would had a goal and if they were gonna that we contender in the playoffs now. There at the mercy of whatever third place team at bats. Whatever third place team. Reaction to those players the seventh and eighth seeds. Bet you're doing the previews with. Dick Gallagher writes that watch out for much tacked. The one passing leagues over the summer and no that's not you know it a good gauge is not in pads. Obviously arch tech has some playmakers. And they're able to going to beat teams town when he did while now is that more of a statement that changed how. Is that as is down or is more of a statement that clutched act is on the rise. I see it more restraint not. Actors and a rise. The way I allergist on IRL. I'd during a break. You realize and I'm week five win. Front cheer coach sounded Jamestown that is probably were four for fourth place and final playoff Latin class double A Salle. Yeah I stacked is fine in fact there that they looked like they might finish in third place now. They would be the road team to play second place manager in the class double A north. In. Quarterfinals. And I would not want to play. Punched Ekuban was. It looks like the loser of the what Clarence. Niagara Falls game may end up in the second seed in north animals they'd wanna play judge them. I'll check yet again saw program this year and they've been billed minutes and I'm what do liable. You or perhaps a bit months ago did and you Toney but on it it is doubly so special when you have alumnus like. Nick to down over haired coach in his first year that's always. What's into the chemistry routines and it looking good are they gonna open not it's not like plus. My mom's a grad had to sell out then I'll I'll engineers. All right Dunkirk you guys binational Dunkirk. I'm definitely banked bunker and I by the way you know what he said about making their linemen the mention that that is a huge addition for a yeah bunker god. That's another team again last beat south. You can only get 32 teams maybe three. Every game is important now you lose one year up behind the eight ball. Joseph you have any thoughts on Tucker. Army they're there. They're salty it was you know all these little is removal on their two I mean it's going to be a dogfight to the finish basically. One team between nose wore grocery and Easter war is definitely out of the playoffs maybe tool. How. Solid a good solid team had been on the bubble Biron and not polls bomb for awhile now but they they just. The time put a small schools is very strong enough where they have the prompt trouble with. First week I think was against Cheektowaga. And now we're on no out Cheektowaga is doing they haven't lost in quite a while to what's New York team. Today they face him burger Edinburgh are going to be without doubt prints from mistaken. Yeah I haven't gotten have been had to update since last week but to my knowledge once or kicked out of the game you cannot play the next week. So to my knowledge he's not playing. I'm by Byrd got the biggest test is she while it probably. There and did the team to beat. Berg guy wants to be a 100%. For the merry go game home got to be to gain a one on focus on. Alms the most ousted in a while beat by and sees it. Roger is that is there anything into. Level. What's more important for burger beating Cheektowaga beating Mary Bell is a such thing and his point. Amount as they're being one as opposed to beating the other they have the B one. If there and other. Third place team they began the outside looking in again and I know you people are proudly Khamese as. But at trying to figure out the seventh and eighth seeds. If not as Obi is at age I don't oddly like what. If you hear me out again with with Darrell was that without melt. Not my problem you're exactly. I'll read about it and Monday properly examined. I got. Got a byers well class. I mean it's I'm sure drugs that are group we. Top the bottom is really good class to be wedged don't realize you down there route game. It's actually Randall just. Went just always been a close game they lost last second wide left as shocked worries over notre. Why not the tournament and then what do they win the previous week at the last second overtime. I mean you've got you shouldn't cut down Donner release orders over. Our march back. Brad banks and a Miracle-Gro. And like rock block. It's just that good owner it could if I. Is it the fact that they out only have 18 man of field they only plan upfield and run what sixty yards why isn't lastly. Now that works Anthony. Not still bad facetious you better believe I'm diseases they still little government on the field they play twelve minute quarters it's good football. It doesn't you know. This mindset that the best team and play as the isn't as good as. Worst team in Clancy. It's O line right up the line that's atrocious it's. Downright stupidity. I think our mental growth could be too classy. And out you don't know our fault that one year. Where they opted out and basketball at nationals couple I would love she may have proved that smaller class to wander. Go run well there seems little way. Maple Grove I mean if you can get more solid with team than that or a system. I think they proved at Miami would manage and read them last year tomorrow we'll excuse me advance. Yeah I had the lead at the half whatever. You want to call it. I that's given to talk about some of the games that are gonna go on today before we go to the break and looking at some of the matchups now wanted to bring out. Trying to valley since you're here. Brought over in our and I give us a preview of today's Saint Francis kinesis. And well I've hit quite. Disputed mine mine is too which game to go to him and South Park hours Saint Francis Kenny shoes 'cause both games are. Pretty much Herman. Who's finishing first and your respective. Leagues or at least. Good. In the caterers who could finish first you've got a dead. Yeah I think that there's some added motivation of the conditions all yes but. You know Saint Francis has a better team. Quarterback recorder excuse me be one of the finest to play in Western New York in years and you know could very well within the next two weeks break the all time record. For seniors judge Joseph captaincy Sony 500 yards behind them and this kid throws for 300 every week or sister or more bumps and so on Jerry Dixon. Judicious yes they have some motivation because they were hammered in the championship game list here. After putting up sixty points in the first regular season game grannies and the only they were held to six. In the championship games on purity of the motivation. So like I expect. Great team. Out victims stadium. Hand off. But again that's a South Park batted game. You know is going to be again. We think about there's three monster games today yeah burger Cheektowaga South Park Bennett and and he should assess Saint Francis. Also Niagara Falls and Clarence Reagan and talk about some of those games and in the last segment. We're gonna take a break in a little bit but before we do Bob health wise is conditions healthy coming into this game. Believe there. I didn't see any big injuries in the past with. Again Saint Francis is pretty healthy to coming off a very. I'll close loss to. Walsh jesuit in now Ohio last Friday night so long I think both teams are are pretty are healthy. You know there's a couple big kids to him by the bumps and bruises but nobody this like out her a significant amount of time. It's going to be a great game. As always always is you guys any thoughts I knocked finishes in Saint Francis to date on court again that it should be a good one. I definitely like Saint Francis knowledge there. Relatively on the radar we didn't see him again CBA. I'm so sorry that game that lightning out knowledge that we're about rate he received one. Now they're defending champion zone there and I don't understand why in the pujols can nieces still had a blown out. And watching France has dropped it totally puzzles me working it into the poll talk India at the other side of the break. We'll also talk more about the games are about. Are you I think one of the issues that that sometimes the pollsters. Oh who's for example time and I'm going on the road for three straight games and Texas Georgia and Ohio and losing all three. They have a very good team. But there'll went three and act say that Saint Francis Cote you know has lost. Gamer too and it's affected them in the polls but they have very good team so I think once the teams are playing each other. You're gonna see the polls change is is some good teams with home. Made it. Every week there's going to be movement in large or small school. You know there's going to be upsets every week as we saw yesterday. You know Grand Island north tunnel wanna use an exam so. You gonna have movement and no matter what so we'll see how plays out you know tomorrow morning when I get up in an echo through the paper and you know look at the scores in the stands trying to figure out you know who goes where and it's submit my poll. So we'll see our guys we're gonna take a break we'll come back one last segment. We'll take a look it's more us some more of today's game is a loss a goal over the large and small school polls. On our FaceBook page just to a search inside high school sports if you're not a member already will educate you and have a discussion each and every week. It realistic at such a high school sports will be back after that's. Yeah. Yeah. We're back one last sector and as I school's courses we watch a lot of touchdown run. North to. Look at it and go. Don't started out all of don't it was what a way to sideline they kind of back went completely. The other way amazing run there to teach amounted with the Yankees jumped legislature know they don't even know who. I'm a I don't know they know isn't it used to each about it and no you can't celebrate in the end zone like that but I I should teach my guys had to do the shuffle accorsi was that UNLV when I was there. You don't remember Q what I'm too young form but I don't do it himself was okay. A lot of large and small school lot. Chapel as we are talking going into the break you can doubt you catch it every week I am. The inside high school sports FaceBook page. Okay go therein you'll see we try to get a closer by Tuesday on the pads when when joking get it down but give us the count down their body. Until we have about fifteen pollsters every week not just gonna join us this week large we had an nieces at. Number one they got twelve points with that Lancaster got wanted to them follow Lancaster actor is orchard. Williams though Norwood Sampras has been our point saint Joe's Norris kinda want to. Timing net ten honorable mentions goals tonight and the bombs clam solid part iroquois. Then in the small schools Cheektowaga also got twelve balls when it's not spa. On number two we actually have a time between Maple Grove is bring bill I'm not CDs school that high number two. Four weeks in a diner then Mary Bell earned our. Cleve fills a little low seven I got my Jersey on it from ten years ago south salt to the clouds will fit Louisville seven. And HJ FK nine only intend honorable mention he's a Rock Island dump her silver creek in Franklin bill Alec him. I tell you what though today if Niagara Falls defeats Clarence in it's an if yes. Just think if they're gonna probably can't afford big time and and that list if not. Then now. He read a list the awful quick but I believe there was two losses in a large to a non small. The top in the least the era Eric Corey was honorable mention it laws notes and want to number nine loss. JFK lost to relax and JFK loss is small schools give K Lawson who's on the went on and right. On and took a lot of one. Yeah I called him Pete barker Roy her 4424. OK again again but there is gonna switch on every week. Especially. Did what she by yum. It's gonna be surprised in the field went up against bring bills on this month and a loss loss to bomb. All in all in the ten to see how far they jumped up this week on they can jump up quite a few spots with them. I today's games they're going on in will's obviously see how they're gonna impact the polls. Saint Mary's a Lancaster is at timing so this is China's first Western New York game. After the three. Road losses travel in the country as we alluded to earlier Saint Francis X kinesis at 1 o'clock. Niagara wheat field is that Campbell waxed and how to MR west looking to bounce back after a loss to Niagara Falls. Clarence Niagara Falls and noon. And this may be homecoming game for Niagara Falls if I'm not mistaken trying to remember off and from the school calendar. So they're gonna be good at the excitement didn't of the atmosphere and everything plane into the net game that you have Clarence. Went outstanding defense. Joseph and the forecast is game. And mostly been injured the last twelve weeks are tough but could Niagara Falls Clarence oh good all I know all of those. Well. Our falls within the game. Takes and he got workers were known and it takes it and it's pretty. Predictions and the houses get this thing was is we stopped I don't know where it like back. Know I'll have talent you have people decision we don't give Miller. Mark Ellis and guide it says that we don't get respect as he's homer yeah. That's the event has nothing to do with that I usually get a chuckle out of our South Park get batted. Huge game heady guy see this one come out there and turn out. I figure we'll see greenery you wanna. I don't think about it when it matters slipped up all. Kelly's crew will be right. Yeah I didn't I looked over time. Amid a bold prediction as they older he's trying to recoup recover and self interest is. That's good agreed to a degree was that look is so hot in the picks last night. Yes I'll put it looked pretty good since opening week loss noted this is a drink some soda and upgrades were paid to wallet go to sub par and been out the best. Sexson think schools we in home in west in New York home. So did this could be a nice not to Weber said that on all their beat the cannot go on score from that I honestly cannot teach the Cheektowaga murdered. If I look at it just on paper they can't while Cheektowaga probably has too many athletes to many a big play players. Big play capability. And enough defense to be able shut somebody down. You think that's a fair assessment. Yeah book with. Their player out this week I. Bounce here I think she blog. I always a burger and senate for years probably loses Jayson Cole took over that program. He is out there pass defenses we know their run defense is going to be there if you can block relies on Iran regards going to be in it. It was hard you know I'll answer that could be wondered where. A multi dimensional is Cheektowaga this year. Barton didn't match up. But they're not a one dimensional team by any stretch of the imagination. And coach Diana will take whatever the defense gives them. That's what I like about it they log a yeah probably reject analog might not you know. Yeah I know I talked a lot about to blog deepens last year be in a bend don't break. On this would be tired arm of really big tests this week since playing Duncan Peppers we. But this is a multi dimensional team. We mentioned by neglecting a lot of runners but Stephen Parker we can't forget his junior year. Broke there wasn't a record for receptions nobody listen you are caught and that's that's one season. And since I've been 72 while this is when he wild. Byrd doesn't beat him. Really good games but the last five years Burnett is not beat them to do what the team to beat in the small schools. It's actually turnout to be a nice little rivalry between Bernard and not Cheektowaga. Locking in everybody looks forward to. Are asking about do it for us here at that crank it in the field and I think the folks in north town and more time to say north town. But I don't want athletic association. For their hospitality. As we watch Niagara Falls go for a long touchdown run. And they'll go all the way implement that one in the end zone I gave this coming up next from coach my son's team the Diamondbacks. There huddled up in the end zone there's about nope that's that's that's game. And the other new guys out. Terry down here and go over there and coach and has some fun on the sidelines and little belated run to enjoy the day. I think you for listening Roger Joseph are well I think you guys. Barron teed it up kind of validate you guys for showing off. Nate Kyrie peaking for all you've done. Behind the scenes back at and a Campbell talked to next week with more inside high school sports.