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Fantasy Football Podcast - Week 3

Sep 24, 2016|

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Are welcome into week three fantasy football podcast neat theory they're Kramer along with you as always. Our our podcast here sponsored by the TV downs to be short try one week fantasy football at fetal dot com back slash. 34 rush OK week three we are now heading into it and now we've got some things that we're gonna talk about this week is it time to potentially. Press the panic button and a few of your fantasy players that are underperforming. Will go through that as well and will also get into today obviously some of our sleepers for the week. And some part mosques at candidates. A Serb right away with some are sleepers and we'll get into those panic button guys were towards the end here comfort meet my L week three. Sweep us sleeper that is is going to be my first got Dennis and a tight end Baltimore. I'm buying. Hi this one after a big week two performance written nine catches for a 102 yards obviously without a touchdown reception but. It's nice seat had a able to kind of combat from knows what we thought could be career ending hip injuries. Now he's kind of regaining that report that he had with Joseph Flacco before the injuries I'm excited to see what this you know ravens offense can do when data that it that is that is a 100%. So for me I am on a person who picked him up in in free agency this week he's a guy that I'm going to insert my offensive line up my starting lineup right away. As a for me Dennis pedo my weak three sleeper. Now this one's gonna be more based on a situation. But it also is a great match up Melvin Gordon San Diego. Anyway that's up and gone so that means that any sort of the warning Gordon's side has been removed. Furthermore. That reward is doubled because the soft Indianapolis Colts defense. Is. Going to be facing off the Sanyo Gordon should be in for being because of the fact that. He's got a great matchup and now there's one less player taken touches from him. Yeah I'm facing him in fantasy this week's sell hold onto the Doral open for the opposite there OK my second week three sleeper this week. A guy from the Chicago Bears offense you know no it's not Kevin White it's Eddie Royal. And although OJ color also he sustained an injury last week to his throwing hand. Royals showed his value on short passes which things can be key for Brian Hoyer this week he's got a shot that ability to create some things in the open field. And they they they face a week Dallas Cowboys defense and I think we obviously with the struggles of Kevin White so far. I mean I royals that god I think's gonna be got underneath guys sort of like cold Beasley was from me last week. So Eddie Royal got to keep your I had only owned in 10% of ESPN leagues he said fifteen points in two consecutive weeks. And so if you need our you're hurt for a flex play this week Eddie Royal a guy you could pick up easy on the as I mentioned available in 90% obvious gimmicks. Royals a guy I wanna extend extend a little bit on him because he and I we have some history together with the the dance the rail football and any rules guy I've found extensively to be a great place for you through September in the mid October. And then his play not not just tapers drops. Craters immediately. And went Eddie Royal. Gets going in the first couple months you think of is going to be awesome I got a great player here. Maxine well. Boom goes the hammer. And rose giving you nothing so easy ultimate sell high candidate in the first month of the season. So with a another good matchup and the lackluster abilities so far being showcase by Kevin White. Rules gonna continue. On what looks to be a very similar trend. My next sleeper though is going to be a guy that I really like I liked a lot of his games so far he's been not asked to do too much. But he's gonna get some awards in terms of fancy points this weekend and aspect pressed of doubts. She cut is it. Let's lenient. On quarterbacks on opposing quarterbacks there lenient on them. So I expect prost got to snag a couple touchdowns here on the on the ground through the -- you're right he does it Bolton and you just explain a little bit on press got have been impressed he doesn't have a passing touchdown yet. But in those goal line situations he almost acts as a second. Or third running back in the backfield he's got a lot of size and power he's gonna be a good red zone for a yes and the payers they don't quite have a defense nor an identity. They've kind of played like one of the worst teams in football so say so Alec that their Carson once had a buck ninety in a parity he's. I look for press got to give it a little more on the yards maybe the same month since it's pretty good antsy bit art makes. Third sleeper this week with Jonathan Stewart sidelined with a hamstring injury. I'm taken fire up Ozzie Whitaker running back for Carolina guy went a hundred yards last week. I know they're facing a difficult Minnesota defense this week but this is a guy in PP our league's. On that even with stored on the silence cigarettes in a lot of screen looks he's very quick he's very low center of gravity a very Darren Sproles type guy. On yet fourteen points in and your PP our league's last week. Hogue is available over 55% of the is Caylee so if you're really hurting at the running back position and yet AP. And you know Danny wood had this is another guy that you can pick up as a spot band aid start for the next week or two at the flex or RB to position. A Fuzzy Whitaker my sleeper this week to potentially get to double digit points in LA again this is gonna depend on whether or not he really on can get going in the pass game because I don't see him good clutching that I'll hundred yard mark against a great great Minnesota defense but. On he's going to be a part of this offense per share. Minnesota's eagles' defense where I almost a set a lot of players a must there must art candidates like Camden. Minnesota's defense airs from fancy owner I do not like that one but if you're looking at situation dependents and how things are looking just because of like due to injuries and everything like that you're ready to Detroit. Has now gotten. A lot more touch is going his way after a mere duel was put on injured reserve I'm glad I treat their bases. Green Bay's defense which is not nearly. The Minnesota Vikings. Sought. I mean I like the approach but it's just that that matchup terrifies me. Yet absolutely and and you have a Minnesota defense which I think it is my fantasy defense who have just done. Double digit points and obviously twice I think 21 or 27 we wanna I don't exactly remember but they they've done a lot of good things from my fantasy team that is that a great defense. On coached by Mike Zimmer on the Minnesota side line their butts on this is a guy think that will contribute in that pass game which is why he makes them. In a La a sleeper pick for me now it's hit into the must sits before we get panic button here. Or we Duma Scott's. I've got a minute trying to create something here and try to do the so called fancy bonanza. Offensive bonanza is this. You see a matchup the two teams with terrible defense is that's fancy bonanza. In looking at probably thirty to 24 or at least the right for your pick in the over any time on on these sorts of matches and this week's and it's a bonanza. Raiders titans. Car merry Oda ripped it up they'll raise the raiders have been. Somewhat disappointing in the defense set the ball all the pick ups they've got these kind of expected to be that top group. Include Max not taken a step back but I think teams every league targeted him out double triple team him. Yes so interesting B and I like that I like that matchup that's of fancy Nancy at Taj a sharp great. Yet Montgomery Austin yeah Mario put them and yet car. Drive it you got. Crabtree Cooper. Set so are some are all in itself but these sort of on gains urges like while these teams can't play defense are we watching. And a fell or we watching the big twelve and while. Degree point are let's at. Those sits now for me my first cinema of this week. Guys that should not expecting but I'm sitting Charles Simms running back Tampa Bay Doug Barton obviously outs but has since takes over as the I guess starter the and I guess you can call on the starter in the situation they have some other index by committee there. And he's gonna assume most of those touches but for me just doesn't ring in the running game the same league Doug Martin dies he's facing off against ST NG LE rams' defense this week. They held starting running back for the Seahawks last beat Thomas Rawls the seven carries for negative seven yards obstetrician Michael comes and you know has a little bit more success but that LA defense really stepping up after report week one performance. Aaron Donald obviously one of the best in your offensive lines in the line in the league. You know sins is only averaging about two point six yards per carry did that last week in nine carries against I mean they're similarly stout in the cardinals are ons are yet occurred as defense. But I'm not buying Sims hype this week for their week three matchup for me he's a must sick even though there's a lot of hype for him and potentially a lot of you know people going out and getting him right now knowing that that you know Martin's gonna be up released a few weeks. I'm looking here at a guy and it's more of a slow down before they must sit sort of thinks I don't think Carson once a must start kind of commodities is yet. He's played pretty well he's also play the browns in the bears. I'm going with Carson once as the sit here because he's facing a Pittsburgh defense that is look better than it has in years past and they're finally getting that deep inspector respectable. Highlighted by rank cheese here that defense Pittsburgh's finally kind of waking up and trying to become back to what Pittsburgh's normally known. And you know what causes that exactly Ryan Mathews is a guy who's had a good nice first two weeks. I'm one of my unfortunately best means he backs at Ezekiel in as well but I'm actually sitting met these this week actually. I'm sitting him in fever now get this I'm actually starting to tight ends this week. My my teams kind of in flux right now but I'm I'm trying to outsmart my opponent. I've got judge Jacob Tammy in with Bob Matt Ryan this week Tammy had a nice start to his fancy season. I averaging double digit figures. With by starting tight end being Dennis and having Tammy together I'm going with that of a different look at and playing too tight ends this week. On so yet the call their mile last sit him this week. Will state. You know he's got the toe injury that day by they've been worried by he's listed as questionable this week. Will at least need if only for the injury reasons they're they've also got a nice wide receiver corps New Orleans I expect breezed to spread the ball around a little bit more he's out to the fourth ranked fantasy receivers that this might be a reason to see me like you're talking about the the third one Brandon Cox right ahead of them. I.'s team itself. Cooks is going to be I think the main target this week with you know guys like Michael Thomas. And a few other guys there in the mix as well I'm sitting police need this week just until I know that told it's better. And finally one more for me here CJ Anderson's been not a pretty hot start of the year. Last time I put him in us it. Really backfire however Cincinnati is a good defense on a consistent basis. I'm saying. Put him on the shelf for a week here so naturally the Anderson my mortal could be your best running back though it can be difficult to assess. My mortal enemies CJ Anderson I'm saying look out we'll find out furthermore. Due GO Bernard Jeremy L. Based in Denver I would put on the Republican does something with that little bit of the dangers here I mean you drafted some players this staff don't think that your over this. And that's a fancy by us every year and it'll there's nothing you can do. Every address a box that's what happens here and we have WGR we'll appoint helpless. We'd do settle. Furthermore. You start looking at yourself and looking at the team going. I directed Abbas. And I and has something gone horribly wrong here. Are you pulling the Will Arnett in Arrested Development I mean terrible mistake and yes exactly and it happens that. Now if Tennessee. Is tiny. Human mentioned Gary Bart Chang. Initially as the podcast has gone Gary by just looking like a full life span ST boss. With a tight end position being Eunice flexes it's been already in the start of the season. Gear all the plot pulled the plug it hit the panic button get the heck out I've already pulled the plug on Gary carnage going with me about two new tide and pent up. And I's image and to Catania at these two guys that are available a lot of leaks still carnage is one of those guys just uber athletic. Browns tight ends always just seemed to have a nice report with the quarterbacks Cody Kessler this week there's no way. Carnage is going to be better than what he was with. You know with the McCown who I think had a good report with our sell out pulled the plug on Barneys for now. I'm with the with the idea that and keep my guy and him and see if he stays in the waiver wire for the next two weeks in where he goes from there. Yeah it's as things were bars is a fancy darling last season but really outside of that. Oranges career is not anything to be much of substance. Could it be that last year was the Lou we don't know right now your team is kind of depending on you to make good decision. Make the right decision to Gary Bryant is that is a guy recovering from hell he still available on free agency. Tammy is getting a good report and good matchup with the falcons. Jerry Jerry bars for your state. Quit having at least one more headache on defense team speak addicts this one's going to be guys up on this is a tough one based on where you picked them. Which numbness in expert. Mrs. tiger. Tiger early against San Francisco 49ers. Putrid. Not only future and you saw that it wasn't even his ball yell. He had four execute 46 yards you don't army yards after contact he had. 4154. More than the yards he gained. The rams term costs offensively. They're stacking the box probably nine hi. It is who respects case numbing nobody. Unless your case skiing at all or or Jeff Fisher. Apparently. Jeff Bridges reluctance to go to Jared Roth who yeah me just isn't ready fire. But yeah it's not you not be better against them up at the mass. And port Todd Gurley is feeling the effects and poor you know who Jack to tiger really guilty in one leagues. That's got to her it does we you know what I'm not pulling. And not pushing the panic button here Derrick I'm sticking with your early. Reigning rookie of the year obviously he's got film on him teams have studied on what his weaknesses are they're going to try to exploit them but for me. In to get going in the pass game at that means lining them up as as a slot receiver. Which I don't think teams do enough honestly we have Lowber athletic running backs who just can't be a part of it replace you know guys like Reggie Bush guys like. It'll shot locally and the bill's side ice on the day lineup in the slot enough. For me. Keep not right now but I I'm definitely taking a look to make sure what the waiver wire is doing because the last thing you wanna do is have a guy you know. Kind of sit on the waiver wire and decide not to go for because you've got girly. In on and I got blows up in early continues on as his rough patch here but I think it that is just what it is it's a rough patch. I stick with early with girly it's not about dropping because most leagues don't needle lied to. It's more or less about these plants and sent him. And you're gonna hats are asked this question if you struggles against the Buccaneers. Especially if you're owing to lower one and one and you really you're getting into this the thick of the season here and you can't afford to continue losing game intact and your putting you're getting it done from running in your superstar. Analyst you're not OK in most cases you're gonna put him in for this week but union to monitor. Because now it's getting to a point where you have to ask yourself is times I've been in tight early. Not yet keep me in here we 33 time's a charm I think he has a great game I think he has good enough when Rio case. So that's one of those big concern players here and play those taken hi. Sammy likens. He's nursing that foot injury and a week to week basis. His quarterback's not thrown on the football enough they just fired profits cornea of the bills looking like a mass. When you consider getting rid us and immediately immediately and the problem is though at this point. Who can you potentially get for Sammy Watkins Internet and via trade these don't wanna drop Sammy Watkins. But the thing is I mean for me was my second round pick. For me I he has that I'd I'd badge from last week which is a Smart move by me. And you know I and ultimately I ended up winning last week and if I put block and then there's probably a good chance I'll lose my match up. For all those mention all those factors you mentioned. I think maybe plays an upside with this change in office coordinator and maybe you know a willingness and more of while Watson gets into lock in the ball in open space but at the same time if you can find sell a willing trade partner do it. Which you can if it means getting maybe a second tier player that can at least. I'm young babies and consistent ten to fifteen points duet. Due to immediately. I think this up a player I have already considered pulling the plug on again just finding a valid trade partner to me is gonna be if and it's it's not. Easy and can you imagine this nine and one of my leagues. Attracted to rejected tiger it and sent Hawkins. Takes. I'm not too thrilled I'm not too thrilled right now obviously both of them are. Very much disappointing and expectations. How have. With with likens I will say this we need to see what happens the softens. Under the them on to move leadership Anthony Lynn now. He looks like he wants to try to get more on the plane makers make something more happen in the passing game which by god I hope cell. But watch and as help also remains a concern is what's that walked there doesn't play. I'm waiting until at least week for after the New England game he happens is that while consistently this week. Obviously you know you can see anything. And then forget any valued at from him. So. We for New England that's your target line percent markets Todd Gurley. He's a guide it you know. It's kind of tough to venture first round pick it really it's so. I'm glad it's events tightly just yet. We got to see what happens sometimes about playing things out and being patient and playing the waiting game. Yeah I mean from eagerly is one of those guys that to me is just. Potentially too good to bench and in if you have to stick through it a little bit hear what you think you're going to. I took him to be patient receivables a lot of up patients in a lot about maybe not pulling the trigger posed a point here. That's up and keep to keep your pilot does it here for our week three NC football podcast for air Kramer and Kyrie. A stick around for a week for as we will breakdown the match ups following week threes up finishing touches here don't forget the NC corner at WGR buy it dot com. Also sponsored by about dot com slash there before rush. That's also re read the science atoms for every week. Summation check that out into the jar but that the dot com and practice with the bills. Which will be tomorrow. 7 AM sharks Amaechi or listening to hear how when your on your way to the to the cap and otherwise for a as a match and their Kramer and Gary this is the football podcast.