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10-08 Inside High School Sports

Oct 8, 2016|

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    As one or the other I would have more with the inside high school sports come up next. Marty eager to get out or get to worked in my garage and it's nice day. We're back with inside high school sports that's better. Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's in studio with us longer Frank Wolf Roger Weis in Joseph mark Gucci no. I'll program note the

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Gionta. I pretty easy time to take a look inside high school sports. Kelly cheering brought to you by mighty taco mighty taco. Would go great right about now my New Zealand's have you Italian sausage too. Taste the difference quality makes me and my dad neurological institute developing solutions to neurological problems faced an hour he. Good morning welcome to inside high school sports I'm girls Tony Caligiuri. We are broadcasting live from veterans field in Grand Island off of the Dell road. When I think that Niagara Falls junior Vikings for their hospitality. In hosting us today. Doing the show from here and then at 11 o'clock and turned down going across the fielding coach and my son's game so look afford it looks like the rain is it's kind of tape and off a little bit hopefully it goes away I'm open could. Oh yeah. Where in the press box watching via little guys or plan. The six or seven year old the junior Vikings against. Our rattlesnakes. Looks like they're having a lot of fun playing in the rain a guy's football whether this is what it's all about this is what we'd love to do. What we were kids loved it out there play in the rain all right here's what we have coming up today we've got our news and notes we have Bob. This is big news coming up next week you're gonna wanna stay tuned and at this is concerning the Connolly cup so that's that's little tease for you make sure you tune in and next week so we have that we're gonna talk about obviously the saint Joe's in time in. Fiasco last night's win of all that Roger's gonna clarify the playoff picture forest find out. What happened after last night's game I did it impact. The playoffs and so I have all of that and more let's get right into the news and notes of course they will have sports or us. In a little bit are at our quell that now guys keep good luck you know bear with mark while a little bit Bayern. Battle literally her joy to so he's gonna give his best shot here and I were to start off with mark while for news and notes. Yeah I was on Smith well last week squeak in this week but on the other news and notes our style. Went to mayor Mayo earlier this week to watch a couple of girls teams they both won their games I've seen girls soccer team. Be punched it in a volleyball team beat you to roar in five games. Both teams are led by junior is Bobby Bonds that buys accused committed Juliet Carter soccer let my legs you actually you know. And she's leading cold pools routine which is now 922. In two which is at best record in the wild and also wanted to shout out. Kiley Murray who has surgery a few days ago she that is what we made it now. Can grant Williams girls soccer one and won it are easy I see too. Regular season title there currently eleven you know on the play that vibe on pars on last well over twenty goals. Big day for boys soccer on Monday Hamburg vs front here. That's one of the games and also a big day at sweet home waited super Monday tournament going on one of the games East Aurora. Births is tenacious. Today girls' volleyball tournament. Is that to be in its easy pretty good teams up there last week the two time defending state champ or video girls. They won the big tournament clearance last week in. I wanted to can grab congratulate my old football coach at Cleveland you know Tony personable. Who host its final homecoming pep rally last week. On the voice that a Golden Eagles football and basketball teams he's retiring. This June and can't wait to see him later today when I go to cleaver notice he's completely Dinah. And we may talk about OP Bennett gave a little bit of what I wanted to do this this hopefully now I just wanted to shut out. OP kicker Brian stride down the hope again last name right talking to a spot last night. A lot of kids everybody's going to be worn paint is marked for breast cancer awareness by his was fourth and real special reason he is supporting. His cousin. Who is going to really back illness that was started by breast cancer and has gotten worse since. His cousin is thirty years oh. Mother of two children in a teacher but she's going to hospice now in the Stanley said she was really really stricken by illness. Really recently told him hoping for the best and keep your fingers thoughts and prayers for the family. Shout out to watch Annika Nielsen your meshing cancer a lot of my former players plea from me when I was coaching in north Buffalo. Nick is in the hospital rate now he's battling cancer. Nick I'm I'm thinking about you and praying for you every day in open for you to. To make bounced back and that Bryant's cousin's name on it I did mention the name is Lindsay Lindsay Simmons. Okay you are the Western New York athletics dot com. Athlete of the week is Ian Baker spring though he broke the school record for rushing yards last weekend it. Vs James tower record that was set ten years ago. By mark Rendell said 1996. He broke the record of what was a 59 yard TD run. If finished the game with 318 yards in two TDs. And no weak way we want baker has six rushing TDs progressed to Ian Baker. The original record was 2311. That's from off Frank Wolf Western New York athletics dot com. Ride anything for news notes from you. Yes say that quickly out mark helmets in the Hamburg off Frontieres sacker game as Monday. If you're going out there check that time might be earlier during the day is a school holiday. So I don't think it'll be like a 5 o'clock game I don't know the exact time actually might want to. Jack and be a way to be alert and it could be as early as known I would like. Secondly I was at Saint Mary's high school once I got to see the girls volleyball team finally this year. No ought duel Mihm matches against Eaton this year because of scheduling Catholics but I did see the second of home and home off. Volleyball loved. Game against. Mercy of Rochester. Now that while Saint Mary's did Wear me out match in three straight sets but they were all very close game to believe. Tony 12325232521. They had earlier beaten mercy at mercy. Kind of a busy week for Saint Mary's volleyball Anthony. Last weekend they were in Arizona. This weekend there in New Jersey. Saw they get the ball over or playing the top teams. Finally I'll Y and stay at Iowa excuse me twos there I was at iroquois high school they have their annual pink volleyball game. They do that every year you know. To support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I'll let. And I wanna give a special shut out. They have a us senior volleyball player who also plays softball her name is Megan Stein's. I had the opportunity to Amir mother Christine says Danny Ainge who is an eight year cancer survivor on it was shout out to them. Thank you rats and of course if you look out out of the field right now because of the guys here in India in the press box you know that the kids out there or Wear pink socks. And not honor of breast cancer awareness I know. Cost several of the kids on our team they'll put on gloves and everybody going all out to for cancer awareness. Couldn't. Wanna give us shot out to adopt friends in Tony maple or berg are were both injured. Last night I was at the game. Tom took. Nasty hit to the head. He had to stay the night that you see MC from what I understand. He's going to be okay you wanna run some tests. And Tony maple. Took a thigh injury it was late he will be okay and I shout out to the group that I sat with. At picking Tony Carter. Alando. Maple and others in it was parties they had no idea. Luck who was obviously king and I'll watch in the game and they're talking and in some match and it's nice sports. In this Summers as we do you know that is it's Torre countered it went bananas so it was great watching the game. With that they love they love our our FaceBook page. You can check that out inside high school sports irrational they said they they actually love about this program. What we couldn't put out who. I think that there was a catch to Dan. Actually there was any doubt what my former players to your McNabb was it with me. Left for regard to go to cats so there's your answer that corner of my ever one I. But I talked to many ways our guards. Nickname again be the bulldogs are a rowboat. Go dogs RA tell let's go to the scores and highlights from last night knee eerie it's all you now. All right Tony let's see we had a busy night last night. First starting in V. Class double A we had Williams built east. Beats sweet home it's actually single way there but. North title want to beat Amherst 4914. Lumberjacks. They had quite a game there beating up on Amherst class double in north can blast fourteen Clarence and it to ten Clarence was undefeated going into that game. And that was a tough loss therefore Clarence Lancaster. Another big win 5124. Over hutch tech Ryan and sell it. Thirteen of fifteen for a 144 yards and three touchdowns a great performance from him. I can't plug my ears on this 1 Tony because I am unfortunately saying the scores today James found fifty to. Frontier nothing Fran Rodriguez ran for a 133 yards two scores. Fort James town and that one era quite 21 and yeah west Seneca east thirteen out there. And Dallas he Branden Jackson was has been clear when he turned off forty tied 277 yards two touchdowns in that when Hamburg when he's out of victory over lake short twenty to fourteen through and that in class B south holy and 27. Historic Holland when he for that one was in overtime pioneer in her thirty Robert Doan has six at Dunkirk forty sprinkle six so I'd similar score there. Alternate Ingram. He had a 108 yards on the ground and a touchdown and that when Mary Bell another victory they are on still undefeated 56 to six over new fame. And this considered I believe is the last name of Barry about he threw for 170 yards and two touchdowns and only a sophomore so he's. He's got some good things going up there for Maryville Cheektowaga the number one in our small school poll 62. Two while Lewis importers are zero Burkhardt 34 another shut out there are title Wanda zero hauled in 28. Flacco wanna twelve. Then we got a class C south wind up tying Bailey 46 L make it nineteen. Maple Grove 43 silver creek forced bill. Six Randolph 33 for his Burres seven all be in. Over act greens forty to sixteen JFK beat L game limestone thirty to seven. And then we had Victor Alexander fifty Wilson 26 in the last game that wasn't on there was orchard parks. Fourteen to eight victory over Bennett last night. That does it here for the after the scores don't go. Thank you very much of a job well done. All right the one game that you that we as has everybody talking about you're not Twitter or FaceBook are paid to see the cut and this. Our conversations in that was saint Joe's vs timing game being canceled due brawl. Set the stage. Joseph Marco shoes he was there we're gonna get to his thoughts on a little bit. But up from where I understand Joseph. Chad Kelly's brother Casey Kelly. Hit out of bounds and commotion and soon. Saint chose people felt that that he was being roughed up or what then why are or know something like that while Chip Kelly. Storms out on the field he has to be restrained in the course. That's the biggest I think that people are talking about the fact that chip went out there but there's a lot more mean the way I'm looking at it that it is is we have two wrongs going on here. We had the late hit out of bounds we had. The accusations and I don't know you within correct me on this what. Kale Kelly was swarmed by time of players no punches were thrown. I don't even know if there was any shall mean. So the wrong was on the time apart is not keep the players and checked. And make sure that the opponent to see when he's not a bump. The second raw check Kelly storming out onto the field. In making a spectacle of himself. Here you have the starting quarterback for Ole miss highly ranked team. The top prospects of an NFL career after college. Just flushed down the toilet because yet a lot of the field I understand. Being upset that your brother army be in danger something like that which also have to understand there's officials there there are coaches out there there are police out there. How much damage do you think is gonna really happen what you can do it gonna go out there and take on the whole time in team. Is just completely ridiculous. So he may have just cost himself an NFL career if you don't think that general meant managers look at this kinda stuff. Look at the past history of our chances at plants and let him being kicked off. In getting in trouble in downtown Baltimore chip walk. And then this she's got all of that going on and that shows and shown a history. Joseph you were there tell us in what you saw. And Jake Kelly was running down the right sideline. Which. Which is now all bought time inside an image which actually Euro era. He was taken out about who's taken a lot of balls hard and you guys all by the time you know it three feet and side effects. So we got slammed in that. You're on the sideline we're timeliness. So that was the fringe kind of don't know anymore where we're newbies like saint Joe's wrong side so I'm. Kind of mixed. But yet Kelton which Donald on the ground the people work as well so that definitely. You're seeing time at the players were hitting them all to put up with us. Hitting him while he's out of bounds somewhat I want everybody to pay the picture there was on the ground so rodents all worked you can stop. Because then the video that I've seen I did not see that happen. I didn't case even come over you know what you get came backers were out or was there is well Robert you were picked him so all. You got rulers oil obviously jewels players out there flickering timing. Seeing jewels guys who have week gonna go go. You know. You've got to go at that point you know you're you didn't beat you gotta tornadoes are sold more I've seen. There was a time kids when it is on us on and on radio so there was there was a lot of Floyd and that was just fortunate job. And there was a lot. I mean Gundy talk about cats and again and we can't even start because I mean there would be a flight the next play bought. Chad did go up there and luckily some coaches stop them like you were you at all over the top. I can see in the video that he was obviously agitated very upset and it was taking an effort to get in the compound. Is also used all. Bolden beat. Quick yet they get older get a piece of the action is this just the way you as we all know that well and always odd and I mean like you said that your rather block. It's a football game your kid rock and I was like yeah Ole miss and brokers his rookie season there. You can run on the field and help shed at let's try to go to jail that's exactly. I mean that's the situation. But then you get out there and get involved too because like it's it's a jewels and time and we're bull. I'm missing so it is I don't know when he changed and sit on the other sideline now not on the cross box Ireland. A lot of teams start to do flips like that your old fans and more. I think what I think needs to be done is my senior Martin's conduct investigation. In this to find out if it it turns out that. Time coaches didn't do enough to prevent this stop this. That's something needs to be take some actions to be taken against them. Are you would Charlie call refer you look like you wanted to go under would anybody get on me he's a clever guy at all and Daniel Larsson Odyssey Joes coach of we'll Parrish qualities you don't want this can't hurt you reflect at all at all to say here goes he notes the ball won't loose you all. He's a ball you're gonna act you know. Just all job. You can't stick can't shut the press off quello and get your thoughts on this before we go to arrived as I know rode rides got. When he's probably be like you know dynamite off here on our shot. Or maybe not as shocked as a lot of people were. But I think. Just sum it up. I'm not gonna sum that would not only words on the sum it up with. One of my favorite coaches from the area recently we did Dan Lawton and listening to these boys basketball coach. The only recently tweet it to a couple of his players he says it doesn't take a man to act like a tough guy. A man does what is right and helps the situation and not make it worse. I just want to leave you guys with that thought and also on the negative. Stuff on here is golf will be inactive game until the mention in that Hillary we know how much of a professional he is on he's. Wondered about that not the best. You guys follow him on Twitter. HS JR photo that's a chance to have photo you can catch it photo galleries on them both of those and I don't know how much of Trent Jones was blocking his view but he got plenty of pictures from what I saw. Roger. Amen to what you sort of lottery scholar and government is better than him. I don't know Anthony I as far as that I shared Kelly thing. On the edge and guesses are Jenny football wasn't in Jake Kelly is on your own protege and all that because. What is this guy thinking it so is he gonna go out there. And this field and get in the middle of Islam. Lot of free. Took a swing at some guy or whatever it's gonna do and breaks a finger on his throwing hand. What is that gonna do for you or Virginia Mississippi. What is that they did do for himself. Well I feel sorry for. Jim Kelly and his family. Particularly that new to me is an embarrassment to the Jim Kelly family I honestly believe that if I'm wrong prove me wrong I don't think you can do it. I have to admit I like Chad you know from times that we had him on the show. And chatting with him my social media. Always had a good time with him and I'm rooting for him I wanted to succeed I want him to make it to the NFL it just ought to be great. You know Jim Kelly's nephew going area and a lot of bills fans hope that the bills gave him. But as I said earlier you do something like this general managers in the NFL are going to be looking and they're gonna nuances that way to me. He's got a history here. I'm not gonna give him millions of dollars and that what first time this controversy is gonna lose cool and something's gonna happen out on the field. I'm not will take that chance at least. That's how I look at it I was a general manager. I'd make area I know you wanted to chime in on this before we go to the break give me your thoughts on the whole situation. Yet Tony I mean to to kind of build off of what Roger said and and my whole thought behind this process and behind this whole sit situation is you know what does Chad Kelly game. By running out an infield but what is his best case scenario and and that's where I think. He maybe lacks that maturity that ability to make good decisions when he gets upset and that. I'll be the first time you went when I get upset in that kind of situation and during a football game it's hard for you to make a good. Smart decisions but at the same time he has everything to lose an absolutely nothing to gain like rats a what he does a pair hurts double and even that. What does he goes out there in. It punches a minor hit it went you know he is a grown man you can't be in this situation he didn't see any parents ran on that field. You know there are parents of kids who want to protect their kids out there you see any parents running on the field trying to protect their kids. I understand his bravado in his whatever it is. But the same time you have nothing to gain from running out on the field of play I thought that he should've been arrested that that was my thought behind it if a parent run on the field. If that was apparent that parent what got arrested and if it right and if it wasn't Chet Kelly. He probably would have been arrested and you know what I think maybe it's going to take that maybe it's going to take him. Getting arrested two may be really figured out you're right maybe it's the the Johnnie men's Al Cintron maybe that's what he's got going and and he needs to learn the hard way. But you can't make that type of decision and expect a professional football team to bring you want to be the face of the franchise just no way Tony. How many times yet to get in trouble before you wake up. I mean that's what I don't yet you know if I'm looking and my lifeline on the might might. No right livelihood on the line here I'm goal I've set to make. Millions of dollars if I play Indiana now even if at the bare minimum he made like 500000 lets me as a lot of bought. That's very good. Why would you take a chance to throw that away any of the other thing too was he doesn't have to throw a punch its appearance. Just go out on the field. The appearance that he's a hot head I can't control. And and that's enough or general manager. To to completely lose any faith in him I want to take a break when we come back Roger's gonna break down the there. Impact of last night's game how it is on the other playoffs who's going to be the 11 and we did have. A few blocked the road destiny like Niagara Falls is stark once we'll talk about. All that more we are live we are veterans field in Grand Island off of the doubt. Where the junior Vikings right now we're taking on the Niagara Falls junior rattlesnakes. Both these members of Nace outstanding lead and I have a lot of fun watching little kids play. Of course my son's team did Diamondbacks were coming up. At 11 o'clock when our program hands. Will be back with more inside high school sports and WGR Sports Radio like fifty. We're back Blair lives red veterans field Grand Island. Act of falls junior Vikings and I mean out Grand Island junior Vikings in Niagara Falls. Rattlesnakes plane right now went after this junior Vikings vs my son's Diamondbacks team. That's coming up at 11 o'clock. Lot of games last night you heard Nate did you the rundown of the scores we get into. How. Who's locked in who's looking good and who's gonna need to win. Either today or next week mark well let's get into our poll would you have for large and small school pool on our by the way check out our FaceBook page. Inside high school sports and now we'll get in there. Yeah I think you over 15100 members on good to bad ugly. Everything's on there. I've FaceBook poll on its eyes who was football poll. Fourteen pollsters this week can he sits at number one again with the Lancaster to. Orchard Park three on allowed school followed by star point Clair I think France has been. Grand Island Niagara Falls it was syndicate east honorable mention goes to saint Joe's time and will nor does I'll pat. In the small schools. Cheektowaga again at number one with thirteen votes. Maple Grove at number two minute bell at three demy Dinah Cleve kill all the in spring bill silver creek. Franklin go electric bill and Dunkirk. The Huber quell our Roger scores from last night in the game's going on today. Oh. He was on the what's on the line. Who cameras start request. He Anthony up aryan mind listing all the teams make the player that plays a game schedule while primarily proceeding well. Having said that maple role they have secured first place. Again. Whoever ends up playing a final at the Ralph that could be the effect of state championship maple roll really looking good everybody's surprised. Silver creek will play evil frank this week so used to second and third seed. Although it probably rule established it is in the semi final will evil frank Gore's over greet the rules over reporting right. As Joseph is HE pepperoni and sausage. AKA. Climber Panama and Sherman you know how we relate everything to food in this program. They will play a game against Bruce burger the winner would be. The fourth seed it would have a home game in the quarterfinal. The winner of that one gives a right to go to Maple Grove from the semi final. Gap okayed. Class C. Louisville finished first and are there already scared he'd shout out to cartel. Ollie Wilson will probably finish second JFK will be third and next week and Akron and he didn't play each other for the right for report. A top seed in the north. For the right to go to south western in the quarterfinals. Southwestern will finish vs I'll want to pine valley second. Now for third place should talk alike will play Allegheny line zone next week top. Depending on how they add up plays out. It could be up between each of them too and felt gunners slash cast reality one of them three will be out if you tackle them should tackle late controls there own destiny. Class B I'm gonna differ milk when he gets back on a stop. What we do know for sure class beasts out polian will finish first bunker will finish second. Class B west Cheektowaga merry go play next week the winners of adversity the losers the second seed. Class the east but that is already guaranteed every one at that. I guess all of them so even if they do lose to help me next week which I don't think is going to happen they will still be university. Third. Seats in the three out respective divisions. Lacked a lot of it is too into it. Game against Parker Roy are coming up by project lack a lot of away and they should be three in two. Where there is a game against Luke or even out without Dominic brits I don't think they would win that game. They would be three and two. And this out Easter or Holland please agreements Ringo. If Easter roar Holland actually offspring bell both of them around Easter war and that finish in the seven injury see if spring go Wednesday game then I'll wait for milk to get back to figure out who's seven in other words it's impossible to figure out I don't have all the stuff and all that and bill was maniacs who were one game. Dearly missed some again. We always miss a mine no milk here watching us listening upstairs here I'm sure zhelev that you can now. And I know what he's doing and he's probably saying once again that's a problem me California present teaches at a good teachers writing up those. Rules and bylaws and whatever or you be seen here where should be number one in large and small school Paul funny you should mention that. You're way with that went against west and east last night. All of a sudden there back in the picture they were on the outside look looking in. Having in week six and we seven had to back off respectively west Seneca east and then South Park. Anthony are you ready for this and I am making a few assumptions here I'm assuming that it is an act awfully sure next week I was so McKinley. And act off Riverside both of them will be tied at five in one minute Evan head to head tiebreaker so that would be number one is out. If here Floyd should back off South Park in west Seneca east doesn't lose of their rival was out of the west. South Park will be out of the playoffs. Over and our star point secured number one. Nortel I don't want it could finish tour three grand Allen whose three or four Grand Island holds her own destiny to finish second. West Seneca excuse me Wilson helped him off finish third or war. And t.'s second hurt her because then she would have to head to head tiebreaker haven't backed off. Will south and I believe it was we do. Op. Class double lane. Clarence despite their loss last night. We'll finish wore off three and one of Jerry foreign one. And me will law definitely I had to head tiebreaker haven't backed up balls will finish first even if the balls Tyson in the win loss record. Can west right now looks like they will finish there. Lot court believe and if they knack shop and we feel today and make QB will north. Next weekend. Can you imagine a scenario where balls will north himself art would that be in the playoffs. That. Could happen. Pop. And over and just south of Lancaster secured. First place with their win against Orchard Park I checked will take two thirds G James down with their win last night against front year. Will be a force need to playoff matchups I can tell you will definitely happen. In a week a James sound we'll play it Clarence. I expect we'll play at Niagara fall closer etched in stone yeah others depend upon what happened this afternoon and or next weekend. What they say that your regular face him. Yeah. It out. There's only five teams in class the whole day now but. Here dole who's better. There he would be one they should play any weak schedule we have work to make the playoffs and hopefully. That makes sense. Obviously raise that he could finish one and six in the regular season the year and the nova. Stars wouldn't tool line we could be one and six and postage and while. Truck hit try to try to copy and that's why. We. Don't pay you and I guess that was Monday's win yours. Obviously. I'd. We're gonna take a break when we come back we're gonna look at. Who's up possibly. Who's in contention for the cup this year we have the big announcement coming up next week's last eight soon. It's too. How do the finalist announced the finalists. Next week's will give him all of that and just throw some names out there obviously you Baker's gonna be matches I would think that first and foremost so. We'll kick back at these guys ideas and see what they think. Again we are broadcast live at veterans park in Grand Island is Niagara Falls and Grand Island little leagues are. Playing looks like this guy starting to clear up the clouds their goal away I just typed from my game it's almost like a plan that. I love it I would take a break your listening to aside high school sports and WGR Sports Radio like fifty. I have some corn. One less that I've just indoor court kick lately mr. Belichick KO RN. Top corner coronet. Band Korn. Talk about heavy medal here you're listed inside high school sports for one last segment. And as worth talks Saturday coming up after that of course my game my son's Little League game. Immediately following this onboard coach after this Roger right need to clarify something before the break is that tees it. Next week we'll have an announcement as to how we are going to announce. The finalists for the currently top. It won't be the finals next week and tell you how we're gonna do it. Where we're gonna do and how you can participate. So stay tuned for that next week. I guys. Speaking of the Connolly cup start throwing out some names of guys. Who can be on the list as a match before the break at Ian Baker being analyst is a no brainer. Well I agree I open the it she's Gannon is giddy up break and all the back and know there but I think at the very les. He's as she went for a finalist for an accident your goals all I'm going out level what he is mine. Early favorite as far as to. Well anyway in the top five. Violence was would you put out there. Off the top your god almighty. The I immigrants. Now the fact that. You know sustained the concussion last night. Was suspended for game label them Burnett exactly say talent wise performance wise they don't get much better than him. He is exciting to why it was tight this right now. Watching him carry the ball assailant. While. His vision his his ability to turn on the after burners is incredible something like I am has seen in a long time. Tremendous talent. Obviously job adopted from about it yet that you will be a finalist I don't think there's too many people that disagree with. I'm those guys and now Lancaster which one to view practice or top when he got the streak if there are all good. Could this be another decision we've talked about this that pass were teammates are canceling each other off. I tell you Watford hopefully if they don't make the finalists Iowa actually believe you know it's subconsciously. You that I'm sure they don't or catches. They don't mean to do it. But my goodness ample words he. And company. The same thing with and it again we talk about McNulty is a couple of them that they don't use an actor beat Stanley Cup violence. Obviously as in it offers a feature back lineup. Just that you wish job to a couple of them older guys. A finals I would think Brad banks and maple role I'd be jacked if he wasn't he does everything. If you might be intact deals selling. Embers. I like it that guy is it. I think that area I think it would air branding the axe to to the list I think. He has to be thrown in as well especially if they back off self park next week yes yeah act he may be a finalist right if they let's say the Eagles game but he still puts up impressive numbers it should count against him. It shouldn't but I'm saying. It'll boost they do back optional part I'm not what and that's saying it's. All or nothing but I guarantee you they'd back off South Park was released on the rest of the year assuming he's a factor and it's hard to imagine him. Matt being a factor in the game when he backed off South Park you out you'll be of Joseph. Thought. Bradley that's a note don't look it don't get much respected players to be down there will be in a you talk about cancel people's well Maryville foot five ordered our other game law case you re slugger. What. You look at the golf on both sides of the ball I mean they got this thing in the ballgame that you got to water. What you accomplished and that was fifteen he made so I mean you talk that's all wrong. When you look we go on metal church. I mean he's so to. To make its case for the Duffy you'll have to look back at the Paul Smith when he was doing it was outstanding at defensive back in outstanding quarterback. And what it's. Cost. Us last. And receive both ways this is another up and down back thorough Ian Baker I don't fear of golf few weeks ago Dave Lugo is surreal. He thinks we you know Baker's future as a college football players. Defense of player that as a running back knowing what we know about him as a running back that is saying a lot him. Absolutely McCall. On Seattle market there he doesn't really get double football weekly acts outstanding you've got to check it out all of the stats. The last week. The leader Russian what's New York was Alex. Hander fumble Wanda he was league west new York and Boston by about 200 yards and had two more touchdowns then the next guy. Got a shot out couple much heat to watch guys. Eric Barton Nate quarterback in Cheektowaga. Outstanding quarterback is receiver bombed Stefan partner leader what's New York in receiving yards. And another favorite of mine I'm misty today and while running back in the film wanted to lead rosters. We touched down in. Yards but I like that however. We like to see Bradley bids in and yeah he's he's an outstanding player in on. I know bomb or to really get a passing team but. Josh don't want him back on it. Behind line behind a possible trades trophy finalist Dan Kubrick who stand that 67. How many pounds on a lot he did awesome speech after the game. They must have seventy players on their team and he wanted to see every single one of them in the weight room today I'll be afraid of them but I was and the event immediately. My Gucci arguments and am. 00174. Yards three touchdowns. And they we didn't match is in my senior Aaron. You know we're that's not been tried to stop all that could be seen as a catcher I picked one area. The wide receiver. Operas then there are all good you know I don't know if you put enough. Place kicker at one and air went out you know yet play Cobb real. Who can hit sixty yard field goals and all that. We haven't had someone with the academic credentials as a channel do you Angeles and he was all purpose guys so but just so what kinesis does not. Accuses them bomb overlooking an opponent. Accidents he still in in the running for Saint Francis or because. They're not having the season that they've won two. My personal opinion on him I don't all of these worthy of Stanley Cup only because. It is not a career achievement thing if you're talking three year career he might be near error at the capital is so fired this year I don't think his crop. Performances would merit I would think there are ten better. Not having said dad he's still got three or four games that he can. It all right guys thank you very much mark while Joseph and Roger they think that you Grand Island junior Vikings in the league football for hosting us today. That's turning out to be nice to Avery now the clouds have gone away the sun is out in come out here and enjoy some little league football to be surprised how much point it is. Thanks to Rodney Kyrie Beckett to studio we'll talk to you next week with more inside high school sports.