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Oct 20, 2016|

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We're gonna do. A few things we're gonna talk about the bills LeSean McCoy what to expect coming up for the dolphins game and that of course we're gonna have our own will debate the debate. Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump is going to. Plus and we are going to have YTV. And a foul is happening you know. Lower ratings then. They usually are helping which is kind of funny to say because. That's like see a movie that group has grossed the most all time is now like the third most grossing movie of all time. Yet it's like watching Lord of the Rings and then like. Getting bored after the third line and you're like always they've got a hobby now to it that there's three more of our loan left looks like him sort of sick of this I don't really care got behind sellers big and Lord of the Rings. Jimmie do you know how was it. Bulldog yeah I know not in to the lord of the race. He is definitely not an coloring so we're a debate are reasons. Provide the NFL is having her readings crisis. Coming up at the bottom of the we're here. And dog then. Cleveland Indians just moving into the World Series Cleveland have been pretty good year having a pretty good year in their sports mean Brady and we're talking a little bit about it last night. The Lake Erie monsters won the HL championship. There in Cleveland and and the you know the capture called on the co lead. Round the couple evil and the egg you know like I believe yet right now we've got now. And I was just saying in here I remember watching Coco Crisp has a sixth grader. And I at at the vices we went fisons field trip in cocoa Chris was there and of course. He was everyone's favorite player because his name was Coco Crisp and what a great team that is now leads. 37 years old and still heading home runs for the Indians even though he hasn't played on that team in like a decade yet many like wet. Took like 56 other teams to collect. The Roy oh right that at Red Sox athletics. And that is maybe somebody else to. But he's still do he is still do and news from the bills' practice today. The Shawn McCoy you leaving early with Islam hamstring tightness and of course Shaq losses in the making his return. To the practice field the bills now have 21 days to activate Lawson. I don't know what happens after that if they don't activate them he just not be activated for the rest of the season is that what goes on I'm assuming that's probably the case I don't really know you know the injury rules now are right comes judgment look on your face down. So why they. They have to activate him within 21 days or shunned after the season he was out there practicing and it's going to be fun yet that he's going to be fine they're I don't know from Amman line and see humans he looked look dollar. All right with the injury to wrap rewards the guy that I'm actually interest in and while there's two guys images that in on that same list and that is. Obviously Colby Lewis NB but also part is easily as well I think that team could use a boost. At the wide receiver positions I'd be interested to see what happens especially listen be from everything that. You know sale has said previously ray Ridder until training camp is that he didn't expect Easley to be back at all this season. Listen these are different you know sort of situation with the and that's sports hernia injury I'm and that's surgery really right after his side his football season. I mean that's a go to guy would like world class speed I wouldn't mind seeing him he's a little bit bigger than marquis is good when so. I would be and should exe what he could do if he was infused in this offense. Yeah I think guy. We haven't heard pretty much anything abolished and be so it's yet to be determined what his status is going to be moving forward. But LeSean McCoy you leaving with the tightness in his hamstring which. Last year he had that kind of lingering hamstring in injury and though we've all been talking about it especially here on WGR about. How different he is as a running back this year and how can be healthy. Has really. But the difference for this team in the past four games I was looking over the stats yet again. The bills science since week the week two loss in the land in the previous four games have been averaging 212 rushing yards per game. 212. Fed a lot of those are coming before contact. It was four point eight yards before contact. And if you have she be running free like that. It's probably more dangerous than. I know what would you say 99% of the other backs in the league you get a guy who can not be touched like that. It LeSean McCoy is probably among the top of the guys they want there another distinct step that I found this past Sunday. Shady was the first bill since Willis McGahee scored three touchdowns I know you and I have talked about that game four in Seattle. Seattle. Decade he had four touchdowns the bills won 38 and nine or something. And I was going back and looking through that stretch of games where the bills won six straight in 2004 before and similar thing. Yet it's they were putting smaller huge numbers their point totals in most games we're just. Ridiculous everything was like 374030. To 35. They were just beating teams down. And then. You know via the dreadful Pittsburgh Steelers. Who is that Rashard Mendenhall or. Non house Willie Parker we successfully Willie Parker comes in and yes and it. A world of difference for the buffalo game direct dec us. I cried actually the Beckett game was in Pittsburgh was are you about the game that they lost you Willie. And not only was at home as I mentioned I cried my little eyes out because I was probably and you still cry today I feel. The bills were in that situation you might actually still cry remember I remember walking back to the car with my dad. And just saying why why add and he said son. He's too. This is this is hard lesson if you're gonna have learned here is hardly the only benefit I learned my lesson and that is why I've got this thick. Catalyst. Bills stand geared. Staying over me and now I just him a pessimist so that's what it takes a lot Brian St. Pierre and Willie Parker. That's what happens that is what happened self. This game coming up against the dolphins I've back and sing the entire time. I feel really good about it I feel really good about it and I'm actually eat the very much I feel like the fan bases with me wholeheartedly on this very much expecting a bills land. I'm expecting the bills to be very good and what they want do against the dolphins whether it be running the ball are you know getting to right hand held. It's it's a little different with this offensive line that got. Everyone back together there in Miami. But I just feel like. Those are just about our team Miami and they just are they just are better team and they should go down there and give it to the dolphins and move on. Every Monday for the past well I mean all season. Every Monday. My body at my my other jab he'll no comment assay on you know what a bills game up what do you think about next week what what's your prediction. And for the past well for the past four weeks I've said they're going to lose. And he really asked for the past four weeks so I have to be on the bandwagon and I am a guy of you know like I believe in voodoo witchcraft. Notably what would agree it's got but I do believe in like what do they call that superstitious superstition I did and wearing like the same underwear for every bills you get it it's not because of the bills but I'll just to them pork. Her no Latin. A basically an in the mindset that because I continued to say that those are going to lose last year super I should control their destiny. So if I decide that ominously they win this week they're probably going to lose so I can't say that they're going to land you can't do for my hand I can and how many do it in spite of the fan is on to say no it's actually for the fan bases for you people that I'm going to predict they lose. But my guess that it just the past four weeks as a I don't have a good feeling especially going to the Arizona game like I have a terrible pedigree get blown out and then boom animal acts of neglecting the. This team really thought there and get blown out at Arizona game again I'm just try to sprinkle some good karma. So huge turn it carried over to pick it is interesting to note there was an article on the Buffalo News today. I believe it was Jerry Sullivan's article. I'm not 100% sure on that but it's sad. The last four times at the bills have gone down to Miami with a winning record they've lost all four of those games. It goes back to 2002. Which you know I don't I don't even really feeling bringing that team because I can barely remember it so it's it's. They they go down there they had a winning record I don't remember exactly what their iron about an hour. But Nia date they lost they had a winning record and the loss but I don't feel like they were even that close in 2002 so he goes you know hugely wildly important. And then it goes to 2008. 2008. The 2008 bills and trying to find the game yet they were five and one. Five in wind going in the two. And Miami. Higher remember that I don't remember that game but I remember that season. And yeah I just remember that season being so overly optimistic almost every game. And that's why you know these are the reasons people that I am the way I am. As to its volume that was the season remember these things that was the season that built the week before this game the goals had be in the San Diego Chargers. And Trent Edwards had outplayed Philip Rivers quite handle the so everybody's. Trying to Edwards might EM VP candidate that's as if that's your that Peter King declared that don't his don't sleaze ball and it was you know Trent Edwards yet I remember I remember specifically Trent Edwards going on. PTI. To have a conversation with them because every member of the season you sending back in the season that he was getting Angela. Five minutes but I've heard there I mean it's I mean yes yup and trying to Edwards and then Adrian will. Adrian Wilson that was after Adrian Wilson because. This is like Trent Edwards the week before it there for like 260 touchdown against the chargers. And he comes into this game. And ego aside 21 through 35227. Yards in interception. And Chad Pennington. Just lose the chance to live to Miami Dolphins team that make the playoffs. No this isn't this tournament arrives for sure because I'm pretty sure that's that's the castle years and a 2000. Time. I'm pretty good anyway yeah. It was like yeah you're right this is on the other eleven and five at best year like they did beat the patriots had had. The patriots were also eleven and five but they didn't make the playoffs yes because some other team law that's fine it's manner he neatly that. Yes he had I remember that like it was starting six years ago starting with that bills when did the dolphins going into that team were two and four. And gotten. I rattled off you know. An awful it is kind of sounds disgusting is similar so that that happened the bills were her five and one going in there. They lose and then the rest of the season goes down I think they finished that season 7979. After the Miami team. Just the wheels completely fall off the wagon. Sounds just disgusting sim cards. So then there is the bills in 2011. And Fitzpatrick can start the season it's. He has a few really good games they have those big comebacks he gets the contract he gets paid. And the bill's going to money. Going to Miami. This to name. Was apparently not arriving for it was a Sunday. And Sunday night is just. It's like you I could've told it was in this and nine with. That one's on a night game in the past fifteen years ago. Yes so that that night it was odd man more it was the men out more about Miami Dolphins meant more. Went fourteen for twenty. 160 yards and three touchdowns. And the combination of Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas. We're even that good the only thing what is. Here's what you'll hear it's 111 dozens Tony eleven Tony eleven week in week nine week time. We tend to be a log in and the bill's exit deck game. Five and five and then finally there's of course the Thursday night game which the bells and care and are fighting for with Kyle or in. And that was just our horrendous game that soon you know. I remember. 22 to nine yes I 32 to nine and you act so I'm 39 times for 193. Yards. Yes and so that was the last bill's prime time game before. This this season well. This conversation has just it does not mean in a terrible mood that conversation may have gotten unitary government. But this is just to say I give Fermi these bills team this bills team. Is it like. Those bills team got to hope now I really really don't think vis those teams are like those bills teams. I think this bills team has a little bit different of a flavor to it. I think they have a focus. Which. I haven't heard from any of these other bills teams that. Come up in the past and Rex Ryan hasn't lost to Miami since 2011. So that's pretty cool that's got to be a good thing here. So while we'll see what I won what happens moving forward but I still feel good about the game even though. History kind of tells us that a winning team going down on when bills team heading down to Miami is and always. It's it's a recipe for kind of disaster especially because this team is probably. Got some sort of I don't know newfound confidence this dolphins team after really kind of popping the floor with them what I would consider to be a pretty good Pittsburgh Steelers team yup you know without Ben Roethlisberger for a good portion of it but. I mean to me that was I remembered looking at best score thinking what in the hell is going out of that game. And obviously you know yet been rough but he comes back seer like whoa what what's going out and and and you see that they do this with Mario Williams playing thirteen snaps in here. I don't know yeah it's just such a weird team this dolphins team to the point where you know. I don't know I'm just feeling awfully eve just nor I can't say nervous because I don't really feel nervous for the game literally get nervous for being city. Well I just have this weird feeling about it like he said the numbers would suggest. I should feel a little weird about it and you know yes the law. Yeah I was in CT where I was just gonna say SAT prep work recognize no but. I don't feel you know I don't feel overly confident I don't feel you know. What they're going to lose I just I'm just in a weird spot with this team and I probably continue staying in such a weird spot until. You know they beat Tom four he hears something and then. I don't know I'll feel really good if they beat Tom Brady because of that and maybe Tom Brady yemenis say OK well you should definitely be Russell Wilson. And eighty B Russell Wilson and is it okay rule noticeable. Yes that and that's that's sort of golf from not feeling anything and and jails can rattle all three strolling it and why we keep your seven and one. On my gap yet that's that's pretty startling seventy be pretty hard to Massa out every I'll find ridiculous is 188525. If you if you join in on the conversation he got them out so there you wanna you wanna him like up here. 222. And went to Mike and Mike in New Jersey like you are on the campus. Hey I'll worry guys wanna do about that yeah it was talking about. And I'm sorry I cried to Soledad the game as well. I remember. That it looked like Florida and eight and there back or are being quoted back seat here back up. Yeah yeah man or any on him though it was like. We like yeah and it all back in bore and I'll stop like that but does that guy I mean ought into the big collar or oh record and no he you ran like orbit now brought right into orbit on any other than that I'm a pillow or use. I'm back to get the year I feel like. Quality speed of these. And we all know how to relate in our breath until right up the street as viewers I think we should be fine. I do I was feeling that you know we'll be able to be at peace a New England Obama want to use the I'll. And I think Lou will be. Well this year. That the LP. I might think some things for the common man and yeah I need. For me it's a weird feeling feeling good going into a game like this because normally I aim. The nervous type and feeling like on and this is. Is one of those games of the bills showed should lose but the more and more I look at it and the more I just think about it I. I just feel that this team has has what it takes to easily beat this Miami squad and then move forward ends. Take New England with a new found confidence that this team maybe has never gone into a New England game at least in the past. Decade or so having that kind of confidence going into New England. Yea Nina I mean for me the confidence comes from this team's ability to kind of overcome adversity I mean they've really had adversity hit. From the first training camp practice I mean from there. You know this team has just bit it's been up against it and for them to be in the position they what they are right now. Having had the injury to Reggie rank and having had three injury. You know. It's just now imagine you're ready you basically don't have your first two round your first and second round pick right you don't have. You know your your your your best weapon in the white sandy islands and and you start going to. And it to be in the position they are now I mean that's him he probably should give you the most confidence is that this team has also ultimately been able to. Overcome such adversity such odds to get to this point. That I think even if you do. I have the confidence at this point that if you do lose shady McCoy for a week or two. Or Robert Woods can't play this week that this team can overcome because they have in the OK I it just seems to me that this team is is a team's. You know capable all overcoming the adversity that's been thrown at them I mean they've got so far so who might say they can't do would've you know woods or McCoy can't. That's where that stat does the before. Contact yards that comes in for me because. He running back can do pretty well if he's not being taught for four yards on the field and for me. But obviously LeSean McCoy is the guy you in those situations because he can make even more people mess but even Mike mostly given four yards and you can probably put his head down and grab another two after I had been about like ghostly so it's it's not like. And for me if it's you know. It sounds like looking forward to the next game which is something I think fans won't really. Really be hesitant about but if LeSean McCoy needs that game off take it take it taken because man you need him for the rest of the season obviously. And you gotta go in there trusting what you're scheme has been doing what Anthony wind has been doing with the creative. A running schemes with the fire at bush. And you got Reggie Bush either got Reggie Bush and we haven't seen much of arm but maybe he can come in and be like gay. Half LeSean McCoy remember when. You know the bills won last week it like the first call a day it was a case. But I do bush I do because I was there I was answering those phone calls and I said. Do you really won't talk about Reggie Bush and got a little bit of an argument that gentleman. And then of course he really did run into an argument he really didn't want to talk about Reggie Bush in the and the joke kind of up Watson that's only other callers coming in afterwards and being like K how about that Reggie Bush. Bottom so. So incessant pay. You know what fans and good times that fans have a good time after a nice bills win. A bills win at new airfield where they got to see EG and you'll come in because the bills were crushing eighteen so hard. You know what. You have your attacker on other fun and it's my expense I'll answer the phones I'll take it it's fine it's fine I'll take your take your. I don't know. You can use me as your kicks. Are we got we got that break your knee got got a break but really coming next predictably will have our pre debate debate abouts. What is going on the NFL in their ratings and why the ratings have been falling you're not gonna wanna miss that it's gonna be a halibut derby. Need Kyrie vs Ryan gates it's the nightcap on WGR. I don't think there's a single reason for. I really don't we we look at all those factors everyone's got a series you guys have theories others have experienced so I think your view there are a lot of factors to be considered. We don't make excuses we look at we we try to figure out what's changing and I and I think you touched on the point that I think is significant which is. Consumers changes in their behavior in the wake me consume media. I'm gates and irony here and I you're gonna you're gonna hear our theories on why the NFL. Has been handing me the quote unquote ratings crisis I am going to make. The NFL great again I'll she's us. My opponents as. You can because. I am going to make the other Belgrade again. All right to make Erie right gates thing now at the wrong in the nightcap. And we are going to talk a little bit about this NFL ratings crisis. In my guess and it's it's going to call this a crisis because they're still gonna be rated highly among the most watched. Television show who's in the entire year but they are double digits doll and in prime time and for meaning for me I'll tell you what. There with a pass to do well at first and foremost. The technology. That is banned changing in our society and if you're watching football you are no longer only watching football. You're looking at your phone you're gonna tablet may be computer. Pack about a TV set up right next to my TV sought to play video games while watching TV. And the younger generation. They no longer sit down and watch TV the way that the older generations used him it's no longer a a moment for them anymore they no longer sit down for a Monday Night Football game and get together and make snacks. Now do anymore they have other things on their agenda and I think this is. Part part of the many reasons why the NFL has now the odd debt debt to their ratings. But I'll tell you what Ryan. The NFL system it's richt. You have you have you have the NFL setting games over to London you do you've got them trying to go over to China. And now you've got a product that they're trying to go worldwide and I feel like maybe what they've done is neglected. Some of the actual. Good things that made football great you know and they sort of neglected it like and as you mentioned the third and I games have been doable. And we were talking about it up there and in one of the things I mean maybe you get rid of the third cynic in me that hopes excuse me. But. I think that you need to start being able to flax. Games really from week to week because you can't Cohen do this season. On a Thursday night game or that's why I think there's and I should just be thrown at you can't flex Thursday night game you're gonna have to stick. With whoever you've got on Thursday night yuck but on the Monday night games you can't have eight Chicago Bears team have three primetime games. Now I understand like maybe you think they're going to have like some sort of good season beginning of the year which. Oh who thought. I don't even think that's. Elliott I think it's just because Chicago is a big mark I thought it figured that they can draw and I get it just like that is just due to the fact that Chicago has a big market they figure well we'll give these big market team. Like a perfect example is last year how many do how we saw tonight games of the Dallas Cowboys have with freaking Kellen Moore as their quarterback how many and it usually. I understand that they a lot of college that the America's team on Sunday night in but how many. Giants cowboys games in Green Bay Minnesota games like they play the same games over and over and sign a football and yet. Now I'm like advocating that the bill should be on Sunday night more like that's not that you know them the basis of my argument the leg. Now you look at it and the bills have been on Sunday Night Football since 2000. Arnold won ever and the. And they've been out at once in the past I mean from what I remember once in at about fifteen years I think and you're not getting the teams that I think are indeed you know the taste of today. Like right now what you want a seat like the cowboys and you know like I actually watch the cowboys on Sunday night. I haven't really seen any Arab again I'm not looking at the schedule or anything but. I mean maybe we should take a look at the there's an that are there the sun and its scheduled take a look at some of the games that are coming up. Well this this most recent Sunday night game which was a game that. We made fun of a lot actual global odd colts taxes as. Colts Texans being a decent game but still I didn't care about ended up being a decent game. It was the least watched Sunday Night Football game since 2011. Since 2011 the colts in the Texans released watch football game and there's one simple reason no one cares about the colts are taxed yes it hit a. I realize to elect your talk about the soccer too is you don't knowledge. I think the baseball playoffs are probably more popular than they've ever abandon it simply to meet because. You have two markets two teams right now really all three teams that are currently left in this you know in this playoff race you have. The cubs who I think are America's darling everybody wants to see the cubs can get. In two you know the World Series and win a World Series it's a great story my Indians. Another let American darling team I can underdogs or everybody wants to watch their riveted wanna see. That play and then you have you know a team like Toronto blow blather are done but that's a huge market and that's probably taking away the entire Canadian market. And then you have LA who's probably one of the biggest sports markets I think they just had to take another football team and bring to the California so you have all of California. Tune in to see if the doctors can finally stop being a giant disappointment with their 200 million dollars yeah they're all huge they don't and you got midget freaking Johnson is the owner of your team you have all of these things culminating. And you're watching this and based on you like why am I gonna watch. Holtz Texans and I can watch game two of the NLCS or you don't mean and it's like. I don't know why I get to this point where I don't think anybody could've argued three or four years ago that baseball just. I watch baseball or football three years ago. Nobody get tickets again it kind of goes towards the taste of today and what is hot today. And somebody broke up this morning has listened to the Howard's temperature this morning and asked it was that you know. When I am out about out of Friday night earth Saturday you know Saturday afternoon for college football or. And Sundays like I don't have to be sitting at home at 1 o'clock to find out. Where my fantasy team is in it may be fancy football can be part of this blame too is because. You want to follow every game you wanna follow your players and your fantasy team opposed to just watching your team play. Like I wanna sit. Down and out to be able to watch red zone and just want I want gently teased well you're not just sitting down and watching your team anymore and I think that has a lot to do it with a declining. I guess popularity of the game. For me. Would also has a lot to do with that is. There is just so much football on television. And I get it as the on the islands as her sponsors it's always gonna drop a pretty big crowd it's always gonna draw a lot of people. At least turn and ends. But for me it's like okay. So you go through your week will say the week starts on Monday Monday Night Football is a Monday Night Football game than Tuesday Wednesday there's no football each year you're not really paying attention. Thursday night Thursday night football Friday night there's a few college games on Saturday all day college football all day all day all day. Sunday all day and a well all day and then you're back literally this. You have a game that 9148. They own it that's the whole day is literally the whole day totally. Worked you don't you don't anymore. Yeah yeah hire people. Hire people to get that down on work done. But it's. It's for me it's it's just so much football and I've tried to kind of died myself a little mourned the college game to hear people talk about the college game and they say it's a lot more fun to watch and the bow. So I've been trying to get into it I can't just because it's more full ball and if there's something I need in my life it's not more full. In the way that these games are officiated I think is another way. People are leaving the game people hate the fact that. No one knows what it didn't catches. No one knows what it catches so that's super frustrating pass interference rules are. Ridiculous instant happen. When it when it counts in a big moment they don't even get call. So it's it's frustrating to watch games. In you know you watch these games tend to escape frustration in you you're gonna get fired up especially that your team. Where did your fantasy team involved maybe. But it shouldn't be something that gets your blood pressure up so high that you throw something through a wall and year to year. A point like imagine trying now to explain the game of football that's that. Let's just say you're with someone who's never watched an NFL game or watch a football game in their life. And you are forced with the task of trying to explain what's going on during a game. Could never ever try to think about the public can someone who's like never like how alien came down like this. This is a huge cultural phenomenon for you guys explain why why this is so cool what's it going to be like. These guys on their big day I think each other's heads in. Fair fast that's really allowed to do that anybody at the they also don't know like exactly the whole catch things is exactly public. Here's another thing too that. Ultimately I think could be leading to all this is you know obviously the whole technology thing is is is something that I brought up but I mean. I don't know it it's frustrating because you have. All of this technology and yes maybe that's the reason that it's that popular is being taken away but. You have the NBA. Yet the chance to be like on the forefront of the attack. It is that you want to make it more expensive for people to watch your product do you want. Too caught your teens off from having the ability to show gifts you wanna cut. You know. Everybody you got caught a way people from your product yet expect it to be continually on top and it. It really doesn't make sense to me that your gonna sit there and basically be a team or or or you know. An organization. Franchise. That you can't even really promote your product the way other sports can't like basketball and yeah there's always games are you to what you could. You can watch basketball. I'm your laptop from YouTube for free. If I ordered the NFL I literally would have so they they just put up three games from each team this season four games and YouTube I would have. At least one big game per season if not why not to. Average single game from last year what what do you care what are people going out of money it's all I wanted the money. Serve their highest grossing sports figure at the highest grossing business. In the world. Makes me question it's some people like doing it as a protest you've got to count camper next thing which is turning a lot of people away as lets you do mixing sports coffee precautions. Because of could cautioned L tell you how come from the high school level is there are some of the most powerful programs in the west New Yorkers section six sweet home. Has some of the lowest outplay turn out. Player wise they've ever hit it slipped 43 guys and they went from being a perennial powerhouse that missed the playoffs at the first I'd like. Fifteen years and then you know you have teams like my old high school frontier was losing play like they've got nobody at the GB Ian freshman level and I think that also happened dining well murders people don't wanna watch that a lot of play in general yeah. Athlete athletic. The balance sports in general I think there I mean you've got its. Soccer league soccer's still on the rise in its because kid parents don't want to put their kids in sports they feel like. Can have in fact I'm third wife a lasting effect on the life and concussions. In the NFL is a huge issue. And just in football in general and to teach the kids at a young age. You're still hitting and like book the contact is still going to be there are no matter what no matter how. Safety try to make it they're still contacted still gonna be contacted at sometimes. And parents do not want to have their kids and sportswear that contact it is. Part of the game like really every single player that is part of the game. 8030551. EEE 550 to 550 got a couple guys on hold or take a quick break here. Only comeback won't get to your phone calls your thoughts on the NFL in its rate decline as the nightcap right games. The gearing up with you here on WG. It's basically an apartment over. We've got it repaired now and supplement and don't want to see them out of you know this postseason and that it didn't fare just the first is. And it's I'm glad Obama career alone grown up when you. They're Shaq Lawson he returned to practice today. Begins to deceive you what they decide to do with them heading into the Miami game La Salle. Coming out recently with a little updates. And LeSean McCoy AE source with knowledge of the situation seeing. Bills running back LeSean McCoy suffered a mild to moderate hamstring strain Wednesday are practice their hope and am available for Miami. But it's most likely going to be a game time decision for LeSean McCoy in Miami hey I'm off. The mines that if he needs a little time and give it to them and give it to him here against the dolphins and you get him back for those. Too odd to bigger games against and it. Could you really saved the dolphins is maybe a bigger game in the Seahawks because AFC divisional pop density that I would say that I think it's at that I'll hit the phones here we're gonna close the top of the hour we've got Steven buffalo Steve has gone on your minicamp. Either Carter Annan. They're kinda all ratings. I think beat and little operation here and lit commercial. Analysts replays. His golf commercial. Cut down commercial. Titled the commercial field goal kick off commercial properties and operations sponsorship and commercial. It because outlook Wentworth is the top advertisement. Anger and the the other time expenses. And that commercial enterprise. But it took an unpredictable situations are part. Four and it no commercial. I'm I'm with you there Steve and soccer gets a lot of hate in the United States but that's always been one of my things and one of my things against football has baton. You're right it's. Extra point. Commercials kick off commercials. That if it's a three and out upon commercials it's it's endless. With the commercials. And I know my uncle was no way around this well before I was he always was complaining about how many commercials there was and how long it need to game and he just started. He would DVR the first after the game go outside to get some long worked on come back into halftime and by the time the game finished. He would've caught back up to anybody able to speed pass all the commercials and I thought that was kind of genius. You get an idea of ultimately all these people are fun to do result product to a I didn't hear any special gear to get up well. By any additional content yeah well. You visual headphones Vienna. And it well I just feel like nobody sees through it and ultimately spot but were particularly Obama yeah I think. Although we're gonna want it to him jumping ahead of hitters if they get anyway so you're wasting your money on the ads because ultimately consider Indiana I don't product anyway. Yeah I'm with you there Steven isn't even when I was mentioning earlier watching the game with your cell phone. Commercial breaks I am now paying attention of the TV at all he got a better chance of getting after me scrolling through an add on Twitter you know I mean. This might yet novel concept all but I. I learned when I was you know all of a huge debt supply and demand yeah it is you have. A load during you know if you have high supply area of high demand you can charge more for your product so what are you. Cut commercials down to where you only ahead let's see you cut commercials and half. You could charge more for the commercials because there's only a limited number seven if you wanna be in front of that audience. You would pay or to be in front of that out I mean what an Islamic center. Huge audience it is a good example I don't know maybe maybe it's ridiculous maybe while just yet Chicago church we light a cigar yet its interest in the lab they love to do you know like at the cigars and celebration I have a tweet here from. Dennis Dowd says I had a friend from Germany over and we want to degree BA game two years ago impossible to explain the spore which was. Remind me I don't know why this thing tick in my mind when you're talking about it earlier but my sister's husband now. He is. Key is from Lebanon originally he lives in London and last year we went to the London game together before they got married. We had gone to the bills Kansas City game. And I was sitting there trying to explain to him all the rules and he absolutely did not get a he was bored by the game because of all the stoppages and it. And then he went to one day and and 1001 then and I was very intoxicated by the end of oil and I was very very intoxicated by the end of the game I was loud. Talk about getting your blood pressure up that game at my blood pressure and it unhealthy level easily. But the people next to me were very understanding and kept asking me questions about the game and I kept trying to explain them things ends. Dame I think they pretended to understand when I was telling them I'm not sure if. They had a real understanding of what I was saying yeah here's another good point to those treated in demeaned by Daniel. Here I'm in a bush and last thing about the I believe it's Belsky. A ball game he says Thursday night football is a complete contradiction to their BS stance on player safety which I mean I completely agree with. You're cutting down their ability to be secure recover from a game to game standpoint. And you know that's probably what leads to a lot of that. Even if you have a good teams that are playing it's like. They're not getting the time the valley prepare but that you met teams that are playing at a and I think this is a bit of an unfair advantages you have teams like. How many I think the bills are playing 645. Teams that are coming off a losing game Brit she you're putting up a team with ten days' rest compared to seven days' rest tonight that's I don't know. There's there's one game of the bill's gonna huge bathroom with that at Cincinnati plays Monday not only has six days' rest in the bills are coming off by. So it's like the difference in rust on my shirt. You know how much relief what the correlation is yeah yeah I don't handling of it is just like to see a study done that but so the Thursday night game this week is Chicago green. And it Chicago guy and this is. Third third third primetime game this year I think and I know they've got a few more coming up only one in five the other one in five innings it's. And then next week I'm a look at look at Thursday night schedule offer for a little while here next week. Our every once America's favorite match up of the Jack wires in tights. America's favorite matchup of the jag lawyers at the temperature and color actually qualities and quite close Obi who will be a little cool few of them got that yellow for the jaguars and the crazy blue for the titans always bolts game. Nate you you don't hear the gets them. I need stuff to do it's gonna leave and well we didn't you continue this discussion about the NFL ratings if you want to give you call it 30551. Z 515 to 550. Ross would hear from Erik why that he had his weekly appearance which opened Bulldog on Monday gonna get that back to you. Probably coming up in the next segment so stick around for that it's and I kept you listening to WGR. 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