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10/19 Nigh Cap HR 2

Oct 20, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We want to. Thank your in the nightcap Brian -- in with you hear things to meet you referred the first hour Wednesday friend's day. Always love and someone come in and issued a little sportswear and pretty solid. Pretty sub chat about. What's going on with the foul and their readings. And if you only get your thoughts in on the NFL ratings mean the NFL's going to be just okay yeah their ratings have fallen. Double digit percentage points. That's all happened but it's fueled there's a lot of factors. That going to that ends. I think as we get so much for ball coming at us all the time like with the previous callers about. Hell it's so much advertising it's in dean advertising you you can't get it get away from it all. I think after awhile that really does. Ten to you we're on a person you know we wanted to watch and enjoy the game it won't be sold something for four straight hours. So I think that definitely has some things to do with that the political you know some of these primetime teams have been going up against debates but I really think. All of those I mean. I remember which which Monday Night Football game ones that went up against the debate by the B blocks Panthers. Monday Night Football game. Was the worst viewing for Monday Night Football game science. Since Monday Night Football moved ESP. So some of these games are having. Really bad viewership for for bullets and the norm for the NFL's colts Texans last Sunday night. Least one since 2000 alive and so there's certainly. He mixture of issues. That are going on here and if you got any thoughts on that you give me call here at at WGR 830550. 1888550. To 550 if you get on that conversation and right now to Atlanta we've got javy javy what's going on here in the nightcap. Hey Jaime appreciate I'm sorry. That I actually. Well I'm done here latter Warner uses beyond news of the he. You know I hear these reasons why the word since are they use that yeah our ratings are down and you know there's too many commercials market value of certain there are no more commercials now have been asked for years they shall we are all the time. It would have been do you watch. And say there's too much of all on. He'd be here. Is unbelievable because there's no more on TV. Thirteen years. There's way more channels on TV now has got to be more football TV. No doubt no doubt that certain if it's really simple verse two words. But why the NFL ratings are down to whether people wanted to agree with that are is their business and not only just two words but you know all response to work and it Colin peppard. In the NFL and don't you Colin Japanese actions. And this doesn't believe that well penalize a player shooting a free throw over the crossbar. Or having your socks too low. Are not having either. They're there juror he taught him. But yet verdict come in. Complete. Agreement and support of a player who has really. Really made a lot of people match now we watch football and we watched porch to get away from politics. We don't want politics mixed in with our sports this SARS eight we get politics. Ought the other day of the week but we don't want to see it. In our sports they're never the and I don't know about you and cabinet and you might agree that much scribe and now or much social media. I have countless numbers of friends who say I'm Donald yet well it may have quit watching. I've I've seen some people. Commercial or are there. There's too many games on that. People are really really stung by. Denver not watching and that's the reason you go back and look at the ratings for last fifteen years wonderment as much. They've been increasing and increasing not stop him literally kept increasing until this season. How many more games are out today and or five years Tonya. If you say that it has been increasing tell me how many war games are. I mean I don't know how many stats on and is under singers a lot more networks now there's a lot of that but that's like people going out to find those networks Agassi which are saying. A ball game that there are not. More NFL games on TV today that no work tenure ago. College Thursday night football wasn't around ten years ago. Wondered are. I'm not sure exactly when it's at home I'll take a look at that happily married 56 years ago yeah I think it was it wasn't too long ago. Oh games the day at work tenure at the back looked at. So as citizens and you both schools football games are still being played. And are gonna quit watch cause her to watch well. On TV is that your argument. I did say to watch NFL I just said too much football in general it's in five nights a week. Doesn't necessarily have to only be the NFL there's a lot of college onto them. Why I watched Hawaii play Washington State because I love football. I mean I watched I want to hear I'm watching nick. I did but you're not the that I don't feel like the NFL is losing its core football fans it's losing the fringe casual fans that don't wanna see full all the time they're losing fans that. So that's why and I felt that you specifically. And a bulk ratings are now. I don't know why am I guess I Kevin Meehan there as many think coming out of college football's ratings but I can't assume that they're doing much better. I'd I'd blow I'd like I don't have any facts I can't act that. I'm gonna. I'm gonna pretty much say it like you I'm in the media as well I'm in the support speedier I know. Council already are not down I can promise you that it is safe and yet it it you know set you literally. That swap played video games all NFL games around so that's part of the reason why and a vote ratings are down here this week. That's what you said. I think that's part I didn't say that was part of the reason I think the way that we consume games is now completely different than the way that we consume games ten years ago. People now are staring at their cellphones does is much is there watching Al game. So your second or video games ten years ago. Don't. It's been no I didn't say there wasn't video games ten years ago. I'm saying the wave that people consume games especially people on the younger generation who don't wanna go up and pay for cable anymore where using different streaming service as the gipper television. Are using they're not consuming fault all the same way the previous generation yes. But Perkins who he thought all right I mean there is clear thing in the NFL has fewer brands because the newer generation not able Beattie. Three in the ratings. I think there are many reasons why the ratings are down and I think they all combined together forward. The reason that I felt ratings are now. And I think Al definite yes is probably. Part of that reason but I don't think count captain nick is strictly the only reason why NFL ratings are down I think there's a lot of reasons. At a poll ratings have been up every year for the past thirty years. And all the sudden this happens in their tank game and you're gonna say that their vote or read them involved. Now. Oh no can't happen against the highest selling Jersey in the NFL so. All that really back and already and it. I mean that's the discussion about that the reason that my whole point of my cult. People do. Politics mixed in with for sports are watched the end though and I'm a die hard bills stand up if he orders all of outlook and went forty years. And I I watched every single game and and I watch it because it's my game. I don't want to see that. During my bills in any game. This touched the mirror with people. And people have to realize that it touched under what are what are the common. It doesn't happen your reasons we don't want politics mixed in with our sports. To our state. Our policy. I don't disagree with you GB but I do I just I truly don't believe that the college for nick is just did the strictly the only reason I'd. I've had friends who say on the stop watch in the NFL and they saw the contact panicking and like oh yeah I'm gonna stop watching the NFL and they continue to watch the files art it's anecdotal. Creams don't count against ratings today. I have no idea. You people stop watching the NFL I know her from my FaceBook page and I have liberal friends that I have conservative prime. An equal number of people. It's sad I'm gone with the and a belt because of its. And they JB thanks for the call I've spent a lot of time with the here so. I. I really don't agree I mean I think there is. A number of reasons I've I probably agree that there is some people who stop watching the NFL. Because I don't care because of the reasons GB stated that they don't want politics mix of their fall off. But I also think that there is more reasons for it then just that reason I mean. Just from 2015. And this is from an article on the ringer you can check and I'll I'll I'll send a tweet it out come on Twitter page and underscored WGR and so maybe I'll even posted up on WG ours. Twitter and FaceBook so you guys can check it out but. From 2015 so from last year is GB is saying. One point four million people have ditched. Cable or no longer pay for cable. And the way that traditional Egan believe it or not and it's not only people my age around the age of 24. It's people who are thirty and 35 even climbing up to forty. Who are getting rid of cable because of super expensive and you can get pretty much any show that you want with a streaming service or to. And you can find ways to stream an NFL game or he can do what people have been doing since that time or the dawn of the NFL you go to a bar. You think you can go to a bar and watched BFL games. But. How can open it being the sole reason. I think it's ridiculous. And I definitely think the matchups have a lot to do with it. They got guys accounting for the match ups. Who was really super interested. In the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles. Who's really super interest dead. About the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Who's super rich instead. About the colts in the Texans. TE can say people want to watch their teams of people wanna keep track their fantasy football teams. And we're doing that in different ways. It's different than the technology keeps improving and improving. Especially these games are probably just gonna be streamed on the Internet your gonna be able to select gate which gave you wanna watch and move on from there. Cal cap and it is. He probably does have some of fact I won't I won't go up there and see that count jeopardy doesn't have some of the fact. On it because there's certainly stubborn people out there. Who. Don't want politics mixed with their entertainment and dual use the NFL as in this game and saw that and we're like OK I I don't care. In and and saw the ball stance on it. It was like OK I don't care what ever the NFL's gonna let this all but they're not gonna lie. The Dallas Cowboys put a sticker on their helmets for for the police officers that were killed in in Dallas but that's wrong. And you're entitled to that weird titles that opinion. I think they've felt should've let Dallas put the sticker on their helmets because it's freaking sticker on home it. But how governor didn't go out and ask the NFL permission to do these things. And I don't think the NFL yeah welcome to Q and like OK count like that you can't do this you can't do this on company time and then they're probably what about an uproar over that too. But yeah I thought was really hope we use the situation account cap and because you're gonna you Rhode. Makes some people mad on either side you're making people mad either way. Now I don't know that even really hurts the Marines until people want is to end the team get clobbered every single person I talked to during my during the week what I can't wait to watch the bills clobbered back guys. Yeah I don't know. I don't know global oil that we'll have back up the phones here is guy that hey he did one thing he got he got people fired up we've got Andrew clearance injury you're on the night Kenton. There I don't think I am not sure. Yeah I don't agree with the last art is the fact that I'm 28 years old. It Frederic college I want to build every Sunday and really I don't watch any other of all there's been a Monday night whatever how much it. My fantasy team and the big etiquette at Jeff and I just don't care. I mean. It's I don't wanna lots the spared me build the peace. Is that they it's almost like hockey. Other I don't want to watch the kingdom that I like that. Kind of like David NATO networked it is. No which is a travesty. Keep watching to keep what about the same thing that I took a leave the same people. And and from the point of view that it might be just talent that break. I mean. Termites they hit it that's fine cabinet even do whatever you want but I'm not gonna let that affect. Mean watching sport because it is still a hypocrite like hypocrite pocket you know we got from the back to vote. You don't end up for what you believe but I'm not gonna let them know what you say because you shouldn't be saying man replace your sports figure that's pretty much right and then the but I mean it it is boring I honestly the thought that built on Sunday. Yeah I've I've. I've I've almost got that point in this for the call Andrew I have. Me being in the position that in the end I ball the bills. I don't usually watch Sunday Night Football. I've. Monday Night Football. I watch Monday Night Football this week I had big time fantasy implications big time fantasy implications and if I didn't probably would not watch Monday Night Football. And even I do watch Monday Night Football now it's I get out of work here. I go home I put my TV. And I this still counts for ratings I'm pretty sure I mean I stream and ESP map on Cairo crew. I stream. And that's the got to count for ratings. And that that's still happening right it's still I'm still technically watching it in the terms of ratings. Truly paying attention to it I'm really not I'm I'm looking. Things on my phone I'm scrolling Twitter and Reid and other articles and stuff like that wall watching the game. And it's it's it's a different way it's a different way that people are consuming game now and I think it's it's and it's gonna continue to change and they can stream the games from the and then. Which they did they even streaming Thursday night games with Twitter I'm not sure how that you know works into the equation for views but. It's certainly something the NFL. I figured I'd take huge it the other balls not taking a huge hit here. They're still reaching huge numbers of people. Like my comparison is. It's if the highest grossing movie ever. It's got to be the highest grossing movie ever if you could lose viewers on movies it's now like the third highest grossing movie you're the second highest bidder they're still going to be. Ridiculous huge numbers of people watching the NFL so I think the NFL has a ton of worries. And the biggest worry is that the game might die how honestly and I don't see that happening. Any time particularly soon. But it's something that. Mean they need to keep in the back there. I got the phones we've got Tyler in Lancaster Tyler and and I can. Yeah opera premiere and will this the first time ever called a radio show and I'm pretty fired up with some of the she's it's just another guy from whatever Italy and I eat whatever and let. I'm what are what is he took 42 I've been watching football and east since the bill were just under complete joke. And what do you have to say for sure is a percent the commercial. Like destroy it. The sport. In my opinion because they didn't have those mound of commercial. It also be a you know an adult and their heyday but you knew what a catch you know what catcher spirits well. Ideology and Kelly would be for you okay destroy incumbent on the precaution. You know it's like what you don't even know what don't became our anymore and liked it a logic game on a Monday night and I don't know elders. You know it's supposed to be it's supposed to be at catcher I catch and it takes a minute to decide it's like well that's what I think is hurting the sport. Yeah I definitely think it and I appreciate column and into that if you want to call back in and out your first time gonna feel free to call back and the pace of the game is definitely something that is. Turned me off to the game and I guess I'll watch football I'm here every Sunday for the bills games and usually keep an eye on what's going on. In the afternoons usually caps on the air Monday Night Football. About the pace of the game. I decide if I don't think if I was born in buffalo and I wasn't raised a bills and the way that I was. I'm not sure how big of a football fan I would really be. I'm sure I'll be into it because it's a group activity go along with your body's you go out to him a few Beers watching the game. It the community thing. But I wasn't raised in this solid community. With all the fellow bills fans really not sure how much I I would be at the end of the sport just because to me. How much time is played off where guys are literally just standing there compared to the amount of time that they're actually playing the game. I don't have the average Utley takes but I'm gonna say let's say it's around five seconds you got five seconds gone in the forty seconds. Thirty to forty seconds off. You have. A multiple of the commercials and all all of the replays. It's. It's that the pace of the game for me it's super slow and when it's on when it is actually plays happening I find it super exciting the strategic. Aspect of it is. It's it's. Cool I mean I don't really understand it because I was never involved in the game I never played football never coached and never did anything like that. What it's like a little chat scheme almost between coaches and how they're using their players in the personnel on that how the players go out and execute all of these things. And that part excites me but there's so much downtime. Big baseball guy. I find the playoffs pretty riveting because it's so emotionally charged. There's so much on the line. And they have a 160 game season. 162 games he's excuse me. And trust me like there's no way that I'm keeping up with the team there are 60 wait too much you're asking me. The NFL he says that figured out they they asked usually for one day a week if you really truly dislike follow your team. They ask for one day a week and every game is pretty meaningful on the out of foul. And every game is big when it comes to the playoff picture and all that's. So they've got that going form. It up 30551. EE 550 to 550. I wasn't a player like by were all on here we'll keep taking your calls about the NFL ratings what you think the issue is. I'm trying gates is the night caps he tutored WGR. We've seen these changes we. Recognize him. Never television is still arm and we believe is going to be dollar going forward. And it's where the vast majority of our fans viewer games it's a great experience and advertising markets incredibly strong. And I think. Our ratings you know or something that will continue to look at trying to make sure we're doing everything not just to get contingent but to get them to stay tuned him. McDowell again and talking about the ratings and hey I agree with them at that point I don't think the NFL is still age. Giants. It is eight giants. And it's it's not gonna be going anywhere. When it comes to the amount of viewers it's bringing in me it's going down Mike much Ari who is helping me out tonight he's producing he's sad that. Streaming does not count towards the ratings the ratings are strictly from cable or network TV. So if your streaming in the games. I gusts that does not count according to Malik and anger and read a little more into that as well but if you are streaming the game in what Mike Wooten but you. Are well read what culture here I'd networks are still trying to gauge how big their body x.s. Because of the amount of DVR in the amount of light streams that you watch it the next day as they. Are the people that. Come out with the ratings and how that's determined so football you can't like re watched on demand might get so they can really tell bigger audience really is but yet the dropping cable does not. Tell you army people watching any and it's going holy people are watching on television through their network or through about cable. So absolutely it that we. Access cam greening it's part of the the ring article that I was referring to. A game ratings are calculated based on the average number of viewers at each minute of the game. Rather than by the total amount of people who tuned in which is why fans to me how early can hurt ratings through five weeks a season. The average NFL fan who tuned in for game marched 85 minutes of it five minutes last last year's average. Sell yourself I've spent listening yes yes TS Ellis right Mike Piazza has rights. So it's. Apparently you know it's like the amount of people watching permanent. Now this is why I do radio and I don't calculate ratings for television. Had to back out of the phones here you'll join me here on the nightcap 8030551. EEE 550 to 550 Erica embarrassed you're on the nightcap. We've got great glad you finally cut strongly at all. War reading. And how long people are watching I think that has data. Huge problem this whole situation I mean Roger Goodell. Seeking to enter that. There. Being the commissioner I would imagine he knows that your true about what's important. At least. Amanda there's the partners. And I think we'd be paying. How long they're watching and I bet it is. Currently. Connected to that direct. Coalition of like. And a big football. You think you know yeah that your. You're put them back to import term game again and again and again and a. Yeah I mean that's that's exactly how I am my time watching the bills game even if I'm not work if I'm watching the bills game at home. The commercial break comes on hand foot and right back over to whichever other game is on and really really really really hoping that they're not also commercial. You know and seeing how many yards. Whoever and it don't matter whoever the eight years in prepping for I think that there's quite. Probably the biggest factor it. I don't think it's that big a deal I think it I think it would completely overrated. Just because each game it's getting late. The and that I having worked at that complete dealership for the entirety of the game. They're popping back and forth turned and so there's splitting their time. And I don't know. Witness that it's a huge that's nine billion dollars a year. You'd think all personal and viewership kind of really. He had no let's I'm. Yet and then I'll they're they're still going to be. A huge influence. In television. And it's maybe. Even in our country ID. Hey they have a lot of influence there the NFL and there's there's other reasons like I mean you go back and there's been plenty of scandals within the NFL on how they've handled things and people. Not being very impressed upside even by how the NFL has handled certain situations. Ands. It it seems like they were pretty much bulletproof. You people are still watching the ratings are still going up. So not all bad it's this year and the ratings are starting to go down. It's it's just a question of why. This is all happening and it's. The election season may be as a tiny little bit to do about an eighty people are distracted by that they're watching more about that. But there's there's got to be. The culmination at that for me there is no one single reason there's got to be culmination of reasons as to why this is happening. And for me a lot of it is people no longer consume alcohol they no longer sit down and watched the one game through and through they don't watch it from beginning to and like Eric just sat there. People are flipping from games people are watching the red zone channel now. People are really wrapped up with their fantasy football lineups beyond just their normal team. So these are all gonna have a facts on what's going on with their ratings. No highlights what are Ryan yeah how do you watch football. I put. I'll I'll put it on Caylee for the game and then I have right in fits on screaming at me hitting either roku remote but he wants much bubble copies. Who screwed radio up Apollo got bees out and then I'll clean the garage and I'll listen to the game or I will. The WG Arabs call this yeah and people are I was I don't know what I. So you can't listen to the games have the WG are happy because they're black eye on the ray had to be here for the AM on the radio and its rough still locally at the radio it's dusted off in the garage you know hey that's that's the way I do think sometimes I. But yeah like they got their thirties like we have another way to find out or not and that's the Smartphone. I mean look at the scores in the recovery in the if you have the streaming capability to stream on your phone and a lot of people are urged to do that as well back to the phones. Austin buffalo Austin is gonna. How you doing thank you for your time. I don't it's only come on a goodie little two shooters all boys. Get your results. No lot after read that story about Darryl Haley after you retired. But he went through physically he's and then Richard. Was Richard Seymour. Acts. Charter. Patriots juniors. He committed suicide yeah absolutely I started early panel watch in the game and that way. You know these guys get hurt all the time and I just you know. After awhile and men is what it was going to be when he's quick and he's fifty. And then not tent with a at all he passed away. And then I watched Kevin Everett you know. That are part of spying on the field and I've discounted the same awarded this all about. And then you know. I just I just think of that's just about money need to get editors get hurt and yet the plan again it well but it's hard for me not. Kind of feel that. What's going on that field. Now that I have kids in my own. It yeah I area Austin it's. A great point and it's a lot of a lot of things have been happening in the game with injuries and there was the movie right the concussion movie with Will Smith comes out. It wasn't that was pretty recent. It was really recent damn movie came out and I think it opens. May be. Even more ice to add to that being. I think these guys are modern gladiators you know we don't have the ancient coliseum. We don't have slaves running out there and killing each other. We have very well paid athletes doling out there and putting their body and life especially in the game of football which is an extremely physical sport. Who Doug Weight he said humans probably aren't even supposed to play. That's all happening here and these guys. I I do the same date they probably know for the most part what they're getting themselves into it's it's something that they've known. For a very long time is something that they. Know that they could succeed Andy can meek. An awful lot of money through it but. By the end of your career. It can be extremely harmful to you. And the connections between concussions and CT. And the NFL trying to do things to kind of just distance themselves from saying there is a connection. And I think people are kind of opening their eyes and be like. You're putting people's lives. On the line. And then you don't wanna take care of these people after they've played your sport because it's gonna cost you some money. What's it all for these aren't these her real people these are real people I've a lot of these guys are superstars. Like. Cultural figures. Like above life pins. They they get to go all they get to play game and they get to make a lot of money gain that they love. But after awhile it can and be so harmful to them and their bodies we've seen those horrifying injuries out on the field. Kevin Everett is. It's it's worth paying attention to. And I think people would have accepted things batter of the NFL was going out and trying to be pro active about these kinds of issues. But it's I said this about when we are questioning the NFL's marijuana policy. The NFL is a reactive week they're not gonna do anything to change. Unless if they absolutely have to. They're not gonna do something forward thinking. Because it's it's fun everything we're making tons of money everything's fine the solid keep making tons of money it doesn't matter. And I think people are starting to kind of think about that a little bit more. And being hey these guys are your product these guys are on the field are your product and you have to take care of because if you don't start taking care of them and like I said yes these guys make millions of dollars some of them not all of them. Some of them are making hundreds of thousands of dollars yeah it's. I could use that money they don't get me Iran. But when players come back. And it's. Ask for help from the NFL because they can't afford. To get them medical treatment that they need and yet I felt pretty much says. What ever. Like we're not paying for. Something has to change with that and I think people's mentality of the NFL has changed. As to being maybe like a good organization. To an organization that's kind of shady and is only in it for the money and will do anything to cover their home box. To make our money. And if asked to come at the expense of their players. It's gonna come at the expense of their players. I think all of this is really leading to. Ratings being lowered now because people still love football people still involved watchful ball. But it's something that's kind of growing and it's gonna continue to grow. Until the NFL becomes. A more forward thinking organization. And tries to tackle problems before they come public. Because that's what the NFL dogs. Well a problem becomes public in the NFL. And then they're gonna try to. Well we didn't know all Ray Rice punched his girlfriend in the elevator. And the only suspended on the gamer to. Oh wait to the videos out all the got suspended for longer now. And and probably put a little noticed every NFL order owner and was like hey where black balling Ray Rice from the NFL. We don't want this guy in the NFL. I can't confirm any of that obviously that's all. Can juncture. But it's it's something that I can easily see happening in this organization. So it's the NFL needs to do. Really take a look at itself and its business policies and it's how they are operating as an organization and how it's treating its employees. I think all of that the NFL needs take a look at instead of doing. What a lot of businesses do and only carrying. About the bottom line of via file back to the phones here we got Mac Mac you're on the nightcap. They really don't. My comment was exactly what you just said oh it a lot of it. Is people are getting sick of the policing that Roger Goodell you know you can't do it and he can't hit a guy how he can hit a guy low. He's taking their entire game away from. What it's supposed to be there's been a lot of people are getting sick of that and that's slipped. Making people not watching anymore. It it's getting out of hand with Roger Goodell. Yeah he definitely is a guy who wants to. Have his power and I mean that was on display during the to flaky case right we. That that when our firm Powell law eighteen months later and Tom Brady's finally serving that suspension. And it's because Roger Goodell is not willing to. Get rid of any power he wants he just wants more and he wants to be control that entire organization. And once this CBA comes up to the NFL's very happy with the CPA the owners are probably very happy with the CBA they've made a whole lot of money. And Roger Goodell has gone on record saying I think is by. A 20/20 seven. Don't shock your real quick. I twice twice Ivan he wants the NFL's revenue to be 25 billion dollars. Last year the league took in thirteen billion dollars. And there's one way to really make quick money with these sports leagues TV contracts. TV contracts are key huge. With these weeks and they make huge money. For these weeks it's part of the reason why the NHL. And post lock out one way. That NBC networks outdoor living network. It's because they offered more money than yes Pia. And or was that a good decision in the long run. Probably not. Probably for the growth of the NFL game especially United States. Hockey is growing in general can youth levels and continues to grow bought. Net. The NHL is on ESPN in getting that ESPN coverage since 2005. They gave probably would have had a even better a better shot at tackling more of the market right now take one more break here. Got a bunch more people on all of trying to get to as many view as I can in the next segment it's it's been my calculus in a renegades here on WGR. The only he was tight hamstrings so we'll you know we'll see how you know what happens with you know ormat medical evaluation and and all that. Rex Ryan on the Shawn McCoy leaving practice today once again our sell pot GO on WGR 550 dot com. Saying that side Shawn McCoy is suffering mild to moderate hamstring strain at practice today. And they're hoping that he'll be available on Sunday. But almost like you mean uncertain for the next couple days he may end up being a game time decision. Scams comically leaving practice with the mild to moderate hamstring strain according to our own sell pot yo it's last call on the nightcap we've got David Williams Bill Davis gone. Are you. Might start in with you they elicit I think he ate it all a lot of little factors that contribute to be breeding dropped who think the two main factors is first volley people beat. Has spread the product to the end. When it was just Sunday and Monday night people used to it at all week waiting for it happened. And now with the addition of these Sunday night gave birth Thursday game and the quality of those gains. Just there's it's on too much. And the other thing is the defendant in the league I think a lot of people like myself. I'll watch the bill game it's in its entirety. But for the rest a bit like I'm getting all my updates and that over the mobile device so yeah so you sit and watch in the whole game. And the other thing I I think would help will be in bringing in those ratings up I think that they should start this even about a month earlier. It would help feed north into the northern teams with better weather gains. And it's there's no competition in August spike in. September October you got hockey thirty yep basketball starting you got based in the playoffs. It these dirty football like everyone all summer long that so we got a big old you're out of baseball fan. I think you have a lot more people like getting involved in the football. Earlier. And then it would be ending around Christmas time now that the Super Bowl late in. Thanks for the call the united I think got a lot of our good thoughts there and I agree with. Especially a lot of Thursday night games the Thursday night game was created to be. A revenue grabber for the NFL first of law and and also give teams that typically are getting you know. Primetime teams to get those teams like the Buffalo Bills. Some of those games like the Tennessee Italians end the Jacksonville Jaguars like those teams of our teams are typically. Powerhouses in the league and aren't usually one of those teams getting getting a lot of those prime time matchups. So I I agree with the the spreading to then. I could I could do without Thursday night game and they can do it the NFL does it because it doesn't matter what what team it is they're still attract probably. Some of the highest ratings on Thursday night television just because it is in fact the NFL the starting earlier points kind of interesting because. You're right there is nothing going on at your baseball fan you've got your baseball teams cutting some and it races if there are still in the mix. But then you've got basketball starting up shortly you've got the NHL which is in this market at least is is a pretty big deal so he got those starting back up. I'll be interested to see what the baseball playoffs finishing up in the election season moving behind us how the Athol. Ratings will walk towards the end of the season and if it's like week -- and sixteen the ratings are back to where they weren't last year it's a powerhouse again. And I think everyone's gonna be just relaxed at the NFL offices that does for me tonight I'll be back tomorrow for another two hours before the sabres game. The sabres at Vancouver can docks tomorrow night it's 8:10 PM faceoff 9 PM pregame and I'll beyond seven of the nine. Before that we've got us. The pit reporters coming up knocks so you can stay tuned for that is and I kept things listening on WGR you ought Franco's priests per year.