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Fantasy Football Podcast 10-22

Oct 22, 2016|

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All right welcome back to aid another addition of the fancy football podcast here with me Kyrie and Erik Kramer. Brought you by of course Batavia downs where you can play one week fantasy football every week. At deftly handled dot com back slash 34 rush in this week. We're gonna get a little bit in too soon start in Saddam's Derek and I will give you each of our two starts to sits and we'll get into this. Very weird concept bizarre this beat the NFL is. I don't know if they're imposing or there just trying to make more money east I don't know what to do and but. Essentially give either now before really get into it is the NFL and a fullback count fantasy football has suggested. That they allowed teams to following a following game day. To replace people that were in their starting lineup and allow people that were on the bench that may have outscored them. To go back in to go lines now. Will get and the more of the these are ridiculous this summit yes article would put it okay. I wanna start right off the bat today with my starts and I'm not going very far on my own roster to look at my bench red got a series decision this week. Between quarterbacks I've got two solid mattress team Matt Ryan in the San Diego Chargers. And Marcus marionette in Indianapolis Colts but for me. Across any other league lets you have less you have now. And you should need me thinking twice about Marcus verio coming off two consecutive 27 point performances. In now standard scoring leagues this guy right now what actually thirty points in week five against the dolphins. Coming off two consecutive three touchdown games. Marcus Mary go to Timmy is a guy that really can. I'll provide your your team with a boost especially he's available and a good number of leagues at this point he's only owned and off 57 point eight. Of ESPN's standard scoring leagues so when you look at it if you need quarterbacks a you know he's got Cam Newton has done a great job for you been consistent this year. You know if you've got a guy like I don't know name name asserted Corbett has been doing very well there's probably about an across the league marks Mary go to right now did you that helmet. Of Ron and pass options right now their run based team but he's been doing some nice things through the Ares only averaging about 215220. Yards a game. But as I mentioned Marriott is coming up two consecutive 25 plus performances to meet this week against the bad Indianapolis defense the most. I'm going with and with Alex Smith here. Against New Orleans Saints I mean. It's RD log document how bad the saints defense really is and has been. Alex Smith has been relatively steady this season with points I mean he did have a bit of a drop off against the raiders because it didn't need him to do anything. But yes three games out of five breeze over fifteen points. Alec Alex Smith here because of the fact that the saints defense is putrid it's a good streaming option per week. What can go wrong here you know. On don't ask what can go around because if you ask what can go wrong anything could go round belly if you think it's the saints' defense what you got I do like your pick because Alex it's one of those guys that is available a lot of people's leagues especially if you've got a core beckoned by warrior type page. Alex Smith might be a decent get in an easy get for you offer me my second got my second start in here. To go a little bit off the board embassy met Jones running back Washington Matt don't hope. I've met Jones to meet coming off a great performance last week. Where he had sixteen carries 135 yards and a touchdown its its second a 125 plus rushing performance of this season. This guy that really every other week is putting up numbers I know that they're the trend would tell you decision this week because it's in every week thing but he's playing a giants defense I'm serie a Detroit Lions defense. That that arts. Really up to snuff on the run game. I like Matt Jones in the match up and especially because they think that the realizing that that washed and offered his batter when they've got to sound run game behind itself Matt Jones my second start on this week. My second start and you mentioned Marcus Mario. The reason that he might go off here against a pathetic Indianapolis Colts defense. Kendall Wright. Kendall Wright put himself back no conversation of Tennessee's undisputed top receiving threat. He put himself back in the conversation Delanie Walker because. He went off eight catches he had nine targets on and 33 yards against the browns with a touchdown. This is a guy who you know you might be some of the bad defense here. And he really is of the receiving core their best option slot receiver guy that Mario can get the ball to a next you know. PPI I mean yeah it yards after catch right king well yeah yeah and also Mario's finding him deep a couple of times last week so. And Matt and right had to make some great catches to make it happen. Writes that kind of player he is a great receiver when he gets the chance to get the targets and if he's gonna get these targets more often. He becomes a long term. Fantasy option for yes flax. Yeah I agree I flirt Rose Garden tour start and he start okay for me in my first cinema of the day. I'm gore with a guy named Ryan Matthews running deck from Philadelphia a guide its own to 90%. Of ESPN leagues. A guide at last week the numbers in the yards per carry were there he's just not getting the touches that I think he was seeing. In the first couple weeks rate twenty to carry 77 yards and a touchdown. And then that week two performance rate only to have yet to touch on that only nine carries it's confusing to me. Their lack of trust in Ryan met he's like I think has proven when he gets the ball he's able. To make some big plays especially in the passing game as well but they're they're continuing to go with more of a committee type running back scheme. I am confused why because as I mentioned I think he's had a nice season up to this point I just don't think he's worth the play this week against let me just tell you potentially the best defense league in the Minnesota Vikings. Yes it again the vikings have been that kind of difference maker. In the NFL it comes to defenses. My cinema it might raise a couple of eyebrows here I'm going with Colby Wiener. The tide and out of New Orleans he's been inconsistent at best. With his scoring the chiefs have been very good defense that you know can limit those sorts of things they have good linebackers they've got a good passing defense. I think that Coby flir she's a little bit of day an issue here going forward against. Kansas City. Winner of the inconsistent man at tight end in a position where can I need anything that you can get. Look elsewhere here other than Kobe player looking elsewhere from Kobe flee their IA will probably do that. It's probably good call there by our good guy here Derrick in knowing his especially from the good guys is his what you would call it cure. Your fun to see knowledge so to speak okay for me I'm Angela interesting sit in this week and chemical injury luck. Injury looked to me is a guy that I don't think is underperforming and it he is under from but I'm not saying it does not nearly all fault. Bad offensive line play bad play calling. They're playing from behind and they also heavy senile. Owner and general manager who it came right at Shea instead they could be six you know if the ball would coat would bounce their way when literally. Their lot their win against San Diego the ball bounced literally their AK BON six I think he's what he meant to say. Because. The colts have been. And we've been dogging rang grace in a football tennis on a best teapot welders we've been dogging him for a while now. Because we're sick of seeing Andrew looks fantasy potential being wasted. And which is what's happening in a week to week which is what's happening a week to week basis you're actually right. The colts they are not a good team. And offensively defensively I think that they are. My set. It's brand Marshall. GO turn over Smith is an. After Ryan. Interception Fitzpatrick is Al's. Now Juan. Brennan Marshall he's been good. But the ravens allow the third least fans who points wide receivers they'll see that. Bills and all that. A lot of teams know that they've been in it there's only one game where offense in receiver went off those Crabtree. Michael Crabtree got three touchdowns in their car. Other than that you've had no very either had no good performances against the ravens defense. Against their passing defense. They've been very solid defensively Brennan Marshall with a new quarterback a guy that. He didn't want let's admit it EU was championing for Ryan Fitzpatrick to come back. Yeah I mean that's so when that's the case and you know what the next quarterback was. Very marshall's going struggling. And it's a symbols. I don't there is Brandon Marshall the guys sit in and your leagues this week are we I guess sort of tease in the beginning. Our Eric let's how old are cool. Back story time. Backs or time. Jerry. Closely with the Howard Simon show on Friday. Decided not all he even decided to stop on this as he is a commissioner for one of his league's. And one of his leagues throughout the backup. And he found. This thing called roster options. Where you can if you pay money to the NFL. What a shock. Though it will automatically go back into your lineup and replace any bench players that outscored any player in your line. Which makes. Which takes way part of what makes fancy football. Rate well it takes out the schooled portion of this. I guess but maybe it takes couple locked portion a little bit to it does but guys it's your job is a quote Finnessey owner. To put players in that you think are have the good metric that are going to be outscored in the book you don't leave a guy your bench think he's going to outscored people you have in your lineup when that happens. That's on you. And for you to be able to go back on that. On Monday and say. Here's five dollars I want my good team that it's not there yet the paid for it all yet to pay before the gains as insurance. More or less but the problem is. I don't it it takes away from what makes fantasy football great. Or the coalition of it you know it is their. I think Roger Goodell and the lead in fantasy football nfl.com. They wanna make fantasy football great again a date it's not great that it's not it's terrible it's almost. Un American while on dead spin I love what Patrick touched you had to say bodies that please arrest the man that made this thing happen. And first off congratulations Gerry went from making debts than has about four million without slamming some of their table. A second off. They went to detail with the justice Jeremy did on the morning show it was. It's terrible it it. It basically allows for absentee ownership you draft and then that's it. And you can just paid have a good team you paid to have a good team can you imagine facing the guy that does though man yeah and you'll get. Throughout the day nearly all item will open on this guy. And the next C know you lose because they paid. To have the bus line up put in their possible. After the fact and that's the problem with it after the fact I don't. It's so frustrating I needed. I would. And I mean I'm glad it's on Anna felt like console I don't ever have to worry about it. And it's the it's in third of the three major platforms for fantasy football when it comes to user friendly I would argue it's to be. Because I hate Yahoo!. I I don't like Yahoo! but nfl.com is just as bad and not know now what's worse yelled out horse now astounded to get really. Now you've probably point that I was even thinking about I was thinking about from my aspect but. The aspect of you playing someone who employs that tactic. Would be even more frustrating thing for me yet ripped off will win because some guy goes well I'm not good at Tennessee or. You know or I just want to win so here's my money. Could you also mentioned paying them money you still lose sleep and still lose like all the time not even it's not even like. It you just like every team does goes off on you every week and it doesn't matter what kind of line up you have. That's what I hope happens to the person that utilizes this function. As the is the kids would say no new friends the NFL that time is not making any new friends spied does that seem to and is it going you know it's even acknowledge this sort of tactic this is going to go so under the rate are. Compared to everything else the NFL has to deal with deaths truce and maybe it's just trying to be distracted so under is a distraction it's not his name is actually it's going to be widely ignored. I mean I hope so I hope that it's not anything and anyone ever has the duke and yeah I mean it's him all right well that does a year support my fantasy football podcast this week we will be back next week with some more start incentives will get into a little bit more. Of the as we get into the mid season a couple of guys that maybe that are still linger and out on your waiver wire. That you should go consider picking up that may help you in the stretch run as we had to the middle of the season so for their Kramer. They Kyrie this is the fantasy football podcast brought to you by Batavia downs. And opt handled dot com back slash 34 rush.