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11-04 The Nightcap with Ryan Gates Hour 1

Nov 5, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just moments. No effect Greta wherever we've run in gates knows yet again sticks. Hammer away like he's the game Johnny noble family doing. Excuse. Think you've got to go on crossing over. No way and my whole way. With the governor's. Happy Friday everyone hope you are getting ready. Toward the weekend right gates. Gonna bring into little gonna bring India weakened a little bit here on the nightcap. Bills Seahawks. And opened Sunday in opened Sunday. For all of us here. Mean you don't have the bills game so you'll be able to watch. I don't know what's going to be on the the local channels. Will be able to watch any games they won the of the Sunday tickets. And yeah I'll be. There are being nice to it to have a Sunday offers how I like to look at so be nice to have. A Sunday off where you can just relax watch some football and not have to get so law so fired up over game but that Monday comes around. In a Libya to be a fun time having the bills on prime time out last year. Was last time they had a Monday Night Football game of course against the patriots. A twenty to thirteen loss there and I mean the bills haven't faired very well. On Monday Night Football. Recently. In. I say recently I mean in this decade this millennia even if you wanna go that far. Starting at 2000 of course the last time the bills of 180 Monday Night Football game and there's been so many steps like this this year. The last time the bill swapped the patriots the last time the bills won in Baltimore. 1999. Began and guess what the last time the bills won a Monday Night Football game 1999. Tosses another one of those stats that it's like I mean and mean he builds pull this one around. It's good sign that gold may be all playoffs. Yet depend five on Monday Night Football games science done. Since the 1999. Win over the Miami Dolphins. In 2000 therein one. So in my mind who once there but Don it took awhile after that. After that it was 2007. Of course and with. The Dallas Cowboys where they get out these seventeen to ten lead they. May roll won't turn the ball older a bunch of time rains in the eye and end up losing that game of course with days. A field goal at the end. Along field goal at the end of it after that there is via the faithful Cleveland Browns Monday Night Football game yachts. The Cleveland Browns Monday Night Football game Ryan Lindell. Had a chance to win that game with about thirty seconds left 47 yards out and he kicks a field goal and it goes. To the rights he misses right. So that was another loss there. For your Buffalo Bills and then of course 2009 who could forget 2009. Tom Brady. Down two touchdowns scores one Leodis McKelvin fumbled the ball Tom Brady Ben Watson and zone. So they'll lose another one. Another Monday Night Football lost their fourth in the two thousands and even in that in that decade are we finally made its to this decade now. The 2000 tons. I don't even know if that's what they are the times. And I yet another New England game that was. Last year's game obviously. Against New England days is decent showing by the bills Tyrod really could get him much going on. What's. Another loss in the bills have yet to win a Monday Night Football game. In the two thousands. Sort of chance for them to break that streak but it's going to be tough because. The player the Seahawks. The Seahawks have. One of the best home field advantages. In all of the national football week. Since 20102012. Excuse me. When they've really you know put things together with Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson gave me the playoffs for four straight seasons they've lost only five games at home. Including the post season. Since 2012. And even going a little further back than that they've won seven straight Monday Night Football games at home. Because the prime time atmosphere at a place like century link field. Is the bunkers and it's the word that I would use it super about a date rape Guinness world records there. Her wildest crowd about a stadium. 150. Plus dot some schools. So it's gonna be eight to tall order for the bills. I really. It's a tall order because the bills have to do all the traveling and it's because of that home field advantage that the Seahawks have and what the crowd can do there. Otherwise I. Looking at these teams I mean yeah Seattle's ban super god the past four seasons. Day. Go to the playoffs they've done to a couple Super Bowls one won lost one. But I mean they're always there they're always there. In via NFC for the past few years and it looks like this season they're going to be their guy and because they're a division that is. Is a very good the bills know that firsthand beating the other three teams in that division Arizona LA and San Francisco. And the bills have a chance to sweep. That division and they would if they can complete that it would be the first time they don't even know office ness of the game. Deanna see what's that they slept that in 2004. And they would sweep them again if the bills can go out and a win on the Sunday but you look at the Seahawks and a look at. Their opponents are fortunate when one. Played one less game in the bills. There considered among the Bosnia that sees. But I look at third the teams that they've beaten. And you don't have. And he really great wins they have one great when I would consider and that's against the Atlanta Falcons who appear to be. Pretty good you know six and three right now after they beat up on Tampa Bay last night Thursday night football. But otherwise Miami that first week they beat Miami twelve to tan. Miami travels cross country. First week of the year. And they only can speak out 812 to ten win there next week big go to LA lose 93. They've got a couple mice weeks wins against the 49ers. 3718. I mean the bills beat up 49ers. And at the jets 27 to seventeen. So the first four weeks of the Seattle Seahawks season. Sunday October 2 that was the game against the New York shots Russell Wilson throws three touchdowns making throws for over 300 yards. But sunshine. Russell Wilson is. He hasn't thrown a touch. Even an 826 to 24 win over the falcons no touchdowns. Last week against the saints no touchdowns and of course cedars the sex the sex famous game that none of us will forget anytime soon. It is thorny touchdowns there because there were no talks on a met game. So. It's not a offense that. Is one that. Scares me at all I think this is going to be. The type of football game that is one with a score that's in the high teens seventeen through twenty I think that probably gets it done in this game because you're gonna be seeing. Two offensive teams who really. And they struggle. The struggle the does Seahawks struggle offensively. And we've all witnessed the bill struggles offensively. I don't think it's necessarily the task at hand with with the Seahawks. Is. Super. Tough considering the team it's all about the travel and that home field advantage. That their 380 at home so far this year. Have yet to lose at home this year and the bills could be team to break that and in the bills the abuse that type of win that could relieve. Bush stump for the rest of the season. I mean sounding like LeSean McCoy is going to be playing Rex was very optimistic about his chances of playing on Monday he's been practicing all this week and if you remember. For the dolphins game he had practiced really was limited a lot. He was limited today. And it's last week for the patriots games he he just wasn't practicing so. He's been practicing this week which is a good sign other injuries with the bills got the Marcel Darius rolling poll. That happened at the end of the patriots game he still kind of questionable. Going into Monday night so we'll see where he's at once the official injury report which will come out tomorrow. Afternoon. For me it's. It's not me. It's not impossible it's not impossible task for this team to be able to go in to Seattle and get a win it's certainly going to be a difficult one though. Because of that defense that Seattle's been boasting throughout the whole time they bring good here since Pete Carroll's really taken over. That it looks like they may be also missing some key pieces of course Michael Bennett. He's gonna be gone he just got surgery and that and can't chancellor at their big safety and Afghans who really comes up and outs in the run game for the Seahawks he might also be missing in this game he hasn't practiced. At all in the past couple days so for me it's pointing to camp counselor also. Is going to be missing for the Seahawks so they're gonna be missing some of their there stalwart defensive players. Which could be a huge benefit for the Buffalo Bills coming up here Reid and Burleson to Rex Ryan is a post practice press conference today. And excitement we've got Pete Carroll we'll hear from ball the coach is going into Monday Night Football. Album what their thoughts are up Pete Carroll a conference call. With that the media here around buffalo we'll hear that a lots of stuff he says some really nice things about Tyrod Taylor there. And I'll wait around we'll hear from Tim Murray he was I'm with. Shovel the Bulldog yesterday and I just love listening to him merry talk and he's got a lot of interesting insight. Before the end of the tough loss to meet weeks last night we'll get started right now here's Rex Ryan earlier with the media after practice. Here's a guys it did not practice today. That Kyle Williams that was nine injury. That was he's got an illness. Bryant with a shoulder. Tape with the concussion. Everybody else was limited. That's according Glenn a Colt McCoy insuring. Hughes and clean knee woods foot McCurry neat Alexander entering. Bush going in glorious line. Goodwin was full goat today. Concussion. Is here. Rip. Or so. You know when we say limited and we mean. Really limited. And hopefully. You know the fact that he was out yesterday he did little song. Hopefully to its. I feel like he's. He's. Really close. Hopefully. You know I'm thinking he's going. I don't know I mean you know we'll see they please they. It. If you if we put about the peaceful. He watchful Eagles. Obviously the expert in. He looked pretty good to me. I was shook his art. But as you tolerance for him heading up into football that's the biggest issue. Which. Yeah I think that's you know Indians like that we exe football shape you know it's a different. Training and and you know running. Well. He looks good even if he did more activity and they did yesterday's home. You know. I think entrances or we. And it is doing the football specifics. Rex. Went to games answer to that shock you know clubs and all but going. Obviously it was or can you just. Talk about and so called work tonight cottages you have to do your times are really important. Lamented it is in sales was perfect situation for us because it's in game obviously money. All. You know. It's not like heroes regardless of the coach meaning games and I it would match. If there was work to be done by Tuesday. Were. Yet no worked out perfect where. We in. Some tickets Lleyton get down there she is due to us you know a little extra national. It was you know it was. I'm just look at home or to and he that we had you know we have a big group go down legacy all you know. I don't think anything you know preparation it was everything's gone hopefully be. So. Yeah it was an opportunity. You know call me agency. You know to get some tickets and bunches when I'm. I don't know. You probably. I hate him. The back of the room. We had to because you know we get it back to work you don't be so we gotta get back to work. We have the rain delay in the kitty and they when you look at it. I would again ask. And again it's. Audience has won this day and might if this things the wave for a couple hours there's no way back in and so. I had to get a and Marie you worked in so called my brother. Who actually been with us. It is so anyway. As you've got to do you know it was actually him. He's crazy. Now it was. You know I do but Beaulieu and so on listening to my brother gave displayed play. Hopefully it. Goes. I know what the that they that was funny we leave it it took you know we were in the bleachers so when like you know we're. You know we're we're square in the bleachers there and we still and we slide out in my cap we've got to go and as soon as we go we hear that. Hey it's. They're short you know it's it's clear that the rain stopped and all that will buy them we're right now Wear him out. Yet. When we meet up. When it comes to content and just. Heat heat continues to see the coaches told him that that was not his fault on that crystal. And that was above the covers. Well when it comes to. So of the frustrations in the end zone and the only. As you view that we'll soon. Booze and bad look but it was a bad results and I think world it was. You know he's seen it wasn't a football field so that's. You know that's the biggest thing. We've you know we've avoided communication issues for the most part this whole year maybe have wondered too. And then that unfortunate that was one minute in on a third and forever. Situation were. In which should have been off fields that we gave a a big touchdown in in in that they rate they're gonna put us on our heels you know and that's. We have to avoid him in coming at all costs you have to avoid this heat in your mind been. A mom has includes an. Who's this season CBI's thinks I think he's had some moments where he's gonna apps you know absolutely outstanding. You know he's probably had some things were you know wishing you know players to back him if there's any doubt. But again we're halfway through the season we'll CO eight addresses sees it I would not feature active Eden. You know. Outstanding. Exception losses to keep watching him through a couple of where where were you beat you know. I like worries I think he's getting better each day you're on practice field and and I I think with him work in what some of the other players. I think he's getting a great feel for them. Rex Ryan with the media earlier today. After practice the bills will be practicing tomorrow and I know getting ready for a Monday Night Football they will be traveling. To Seattle. On Sunday night so beyond a nice little. Or even travel day for the bills they get to watch football while during the year I'm sure the planes that they use have V hookups to be able to to watch football while. They should just be watching you now. Seattle Seahawks football as they should be watching the point right. Much a quick break here we come back. Pete Carroll will hear from him his thoughts heading into this week against the Buffalo Bills at a conference call with buffalo media yesterday so wall kind of peek into that will peek into what that's like in wall of that coming up next for you here right on the like. That's the most well every game you that we angeles' most. Try to do something quote ago. Everyone else was there at water at once or there won't be you know it was food we have suites game sauce. I. I'm embarrassed over here so for the Moses we'll we'll. Marcel Darius there is Molina. Acting off bullets. Hoping hoping that he will be able to go. This Monday night against Seattle Seahawks other injuries. Lorenzo Alexander with a hamstring he left the patriots game like he was practicing today it'll limited capacity. So it appears that the NFL sacks leader. Will be in the lineup for the bills which is. It's nice because the bills I think that's one of the the edges that they have in this game that they can really use to their advantage is the defense of blind. Against the Seahawks shaky offensive line and Russell Wilson I did see tweet earlier are between that on the WGR count. It comes from Curtis Crabtree. Who is a reporter for Sports Radio KJ are out in Seattle. It's as our Russell Wilson earlier today said he feels the best he sensed since week the he feels the best. He's done since week one since he could he could probably play with ought to brace but it probably wouldn't be Smart so it sounds like. Russell Wilson is a getting closer and closer and closer he sounds like he will still be wearing a knee brace on so exceeding Monday. But. That's. For the bills it's not ideal I mean you always want to beat every one. But the in less than 100%. Russell Wilson I think definitely would've helped the bills out he's only he's got lots rushing yards this year. When he was averaging per game last year. And it really takes say eight Bassett out of that Seattle offense that they really like to use and they don't have beast mode over there anymore. But he is allowed did read option with. Wilson which takes defender away in their running game hasn't been able to get going though offensive line can open up holes for Chris and Michael. Or CJ proceeds. So I think that's where the bills and they have a distinct advantage on this team the bills have. Ten different players this season who have recorded ace back. And it's cheaper meat. In going into this game. I don't think you need to do you mix in a few bullets is but I think you have the personnel to be able to just like these guys go up front. Along with dar ES and Kyle Williams. Hughes obviously Alexander. Lawson. Bryant usable all of these guys all those pieces that Rex Ryan can rotate and on the defensive line. I think that's EU your your record need necessarily to be coming in with different kinds of blitzes I think. The bills have players that can really disrupt. The Seahawks offense. Without having to do too much and I need get help to. Your secondary and I think one of the match ups that the Seahawks will be keying on and we'll hear from Pete Carroll coming up in a couple minutes here. I think they're gonna be keen on Jimmy Graham. The tighter and who's really he's kind of found his place in the Seattle offense. And it seems like he's really the number two option in Seattle now with Doug Baldwin being the number one option. So why I see them trying to use. Jimmy Graham former basketball player much like Murkowski. Big body the bills don't necessarily have the best personnel to match up with that especially with Aaron Williams now for the season. On my hour. And the linebackers. And non these non these players are really. The biggest kind of player to be covering those types of tight ends and it's always going to be a difficult match up because these tight irons now days are. A lot of them Jimmy Graham is one I mean it Antonio Gates is one that sticks out to me about former basketball players who come over and end up. Just dominating. The tight end position because they know how to use their bodies super effectively. Against these these smaller players saw that the match up I would be keen on. If the bills on Sunday when him. A limit Doug Baldwin. And nine. Just hope that. A Tyler Lockett who has spent struggling all season for the Seahawks but doesn't have a breakout game you know he's been getting healthier are let's go to Pete Carroll he joined the buffalo media on a conference call yesterday. And here's that. AP can you talk a little bit about. You know your defense obviously is one of the best league but how important. To its success is that secondary here's what you guys can do with that. Well it's always been crucially important you know that. It is because Darfur eliminated big plays that doesn't doesn't affect get a responsible for doing that are run and pass so. It's always been. Focal point of emphasis for us and then we've been fortunate to have. You know good cycle guys playing here and guys carried out and you know that. The principles. Really well over and over the years. Would you say you got some guys back there who have some. Pretty unique skill sets. Well yeah I guess. There was much different and stature and then make up and stuff and then. We're gonna try to go to their strikes that they that they do well leverages an extremely savvy football player. There has great sense in the world got a great speed range and you know you know can the big hammer and then there's always been. Doug shot should kind of mixture of a number of those guys in many big core of the annualized unto themselves ligament again. People give him. The the limitation that because the ads that Russell's hat. I'm decision what has he shown you even more. It it era in his ability as as a quarterback. Given what he's done in the pocket. Well he's a guy I was you know like they do multiple. That is play though he's always been great throw and a great leader and to have those kind of things. Going for a book that I don't take relate to them and there will be very creative. And B yeah it topped up with the with the competitiveness of the brings you know he's a marvelous. Put our game. Actually had to play out immobility for sometime and he's had to adjust to. You know I used to it goes this style doesn't allow a run around as much and so. He's continued to play good enough football as people out there and doing a good job and if so. As he's had his his skills come back and gives you get well. Yeah people didn't get back to the full range of ability that he has but he did a fantastic player and under these circumstances he really was early in the year. This is maybe dispel the notion that BOT he's a bit of a hybrid quarterback can and maybe just he should be discounted that you know judge is being a quarterback. Yeah I unit a lot of writers it and that is that people have taken their posture for a long time they keep trying to prove themselves right. Bill Lester who led the NFL in passing you know in the end is still it's. I don't know what we don't even address those guys this year than where he can do everything is easy and don't miss the pocket he's a great runner he can throw on the move. All that and he had always been that good. That's just kind of the standard you know stereotype that people are throwing him because they didn't think you're big enough to play and obviously you guys know that two. Let them do this. Yeah game manager tag unfair for him. He's been taken up by many is that unfair. I think you're wrong circles. How close to getting full range of mobility back do you think yes. What are. If you didn't see enough of Tyrod Taylor so to make any comparisons I north of per guys but I mean. The bills are kind of deal with a hybrid quarterback and still the jury's out on tyra. He get yourself stuck on the Ellen Kyra political football player meeting I don't care what side he is how fast these political football player he goes the ball all over the place. He happens to have extraordinary movement skills like you like our guy. That it just makes it that much more difficult does a player but he's he's he goes the ball malls and office. Aspect of their game he's a good drop back guy he's that good movement guys any age certainly can kill you within Blake. I'm gonna throw so you know you talk at the wrong guy who got to give me that did. You know. Makers some kind of special category today because it is terrific football players. He thinks tendon on cycles in the NFL you've been on a high cycle before yours Saudi avoid what in many cases an inevitable downturn. Retain its name because of their cap and things like that. But compete this campaign day in day out John that it is just that it doesn't. There's the exact same thing with his approach that you completely keep our guys are luster and compete and keep the roster is deep in this competitive. You know you get too caught up to what you've accomplished he's so they can get Greg Oden yeah we know you're not performer what you're capable. We're we're we're driven to try to figure out stadiums is you know that kind of cycle that people fall into play ya know what you're talking about I know it's true we're trying to not be that we learn the other and respect who we can do. APU what you can't possibly know what it's like that because you have add that the lack of success that this franchise and while ploy as. Sixteen years no playoffs. And you've always been a winning program how difficult you think if you were involved in this type situation. That it would be our new. Well I wasn't all that kind of situation a couple of times that didn't last very long. But isn't yet you think it is going to be crazy madness here for this for the people here. In this organization to not be able to do like what you guys have done and it turned around and and stay you know one of the top teams in the league. Yeah you know everybody want they have closed support McCain knows a lot of great illustration in the World Series you know both both teams. That didn't do long spell of kind of what they've been method in the end it was a very had to go through new bullet to cities and following the all that it's good to see come to that that close and that a great Kosovo by Cleveland great content by the coast to lose because it is it is visit him. Longstanding frustration you know sometimes it in Canada gonna get just got a little bit so you know I don't I didn't sit. For every team is just around the corner and changing doorman and to me is that just about ready to happen to me that close. When you're in that situation in net which got a key point that these aren't. Pete did the bill signing of proceed pardon raise your eyebrows this past week. Is a great football player and then they have a great competitor and man's. Luis we know how especially in me. And cursor goes well conditioned athlete. The hard part pharmacist transition from whatever he was doing a good player and NFL football that anybody can you can do that Sheila in short order he can't we we we know that respect the heck out of his ability. But when you traded him to New England there was talk our charter jets I'm sorry. I mean there was all this talk about those of the device of this in the in in a locker room that that that he's part can you. You can you dispel that ever heard very clear that up. This but that is the football football as a proposal poses in the end. That it. You got a lot of young players undrafted free agents. How how much does that make it difficult to sustain what you have or in some ways you have to do that. You know we always say you look back over the last five years we've had visited most undrafted. Players are author of the year in year out so that is the way we do that. About the use of your team is. Well Leo we we got to do this. You know we we like last year they paid twice an undrafted guys in this here we've got twenty. Point four something like that. We we built up put all around but the core guys that didn't. Well we drew the program starting moved by the pictures go. And then wouldn't that then we've we've kept those guys here because we believe in playing young players that'd exact same thing college. And then this is not new John John was born outside it was in favor of that thought as well. Comment here and and I had done that the end and believe it didn't and so it was not a big deal for us. By the time we get to the halfway point you know our young guys who played quite like veterans and so we've been I'm pretty good finishing team over the years I think there's something to that. Despite these guys. Is on track to kind of introduction in the draft were occupied them. Oh we're ready to be like fifty around and address field day use camp practices. This is no different they just keep going you know there's there is there out there you've got to keep digging in and claw and scratch and Indian. Part of it is our commitment and understanding that we're gonna play young players and we know that. There's a lot of guys out there that don't make it in those seven rounds in the hands so we just keep on going and then dumped it in his phenomenal job. Coaching in that manner and we feel like we you know we were making good choices well after the seventh round. The part of that because you have to balance out a roster financially nowadays. That's the way you look at his numbers are so elegant. He Tauziat absence of Michael Bennett affected your defense. It can't help the fact that he's a great football player. Need to deal does that kind of thing though football really you can't coaching savvy instinctive than. Well as the great motor and so you know he just missed a guy like that. But when when frank Clark Jones and his position. Yeah exactly that is a real world was very fortunate to. Go to pick up until right now Mike you know be out for a couple weeks in the end in the meantime I mean your focus goes to get frank ready to do think he can do. Never spoken Iraq's about giving you guys share one quality electric players go you don't muzzle limited or spoken about that. No. I don't know that we don't do that. A dozen to a bit. I don't know you appear oh. There's Pete Carroll live buffalo media yesterday. On the weekly conference call with opposing team coaches. Seattle and bills and Monday night we'll have you covered here fully walls throughout the day one having. A ton of courage for you it starts in the morning with. Howard in Jeremy in the and throughout the day is just gonna be football room we talk about Monday Night Football whatever happened on Sunday. We'll be talking all of that throughout the day. Until 830. Kick off. 830 kick off for the game. And of course you'd only can be C on Monday Night Football on ESP and so. Hey if you want even turned on the broadcast turn out Murphy cal so we'll have it now we'll have and also up for each year. On WG are coming back more talk a little bit about the World Series before he fades away. Into our memory one of the largest gatherings in human history. Allegedly. Is this a Chicago scarves celebrations I want to tell you about that coming up next it's like champions and WGR. And an extra Smart judicious way to slow chopper toward third that comes Bryant bought. It's. Siblings. Or. A ball. The first time that. News goes up Chicago Cubs. World Series. What a great moment that cause I mean. One of my favorite things and it just an incredible game to watch an incredible game to listen to no matter what way you were you doing it. It was just ate a joy to be part of that team I really think it's going to be. Obviously it's one of those once in lifetime games because we have Chicago Cubs when he the World Series for the first time in 100 in eight years. Just the course of the team the way that mine that plays and he of the fact that it was a wild pitch in there. Because it makes the game super believable. It's what I kept calling these guys are perfect either. In these types of things happened in the biggest moments in games you can be watching high school baseball and a wild pitch a passed ball happens all the time. But it's not something that your expecting to see in game seven of the World Series and then there Thabeet who runs scored. And to get Cleveland right back in that game I thought was awesome obviously. Mean all the home runs at the cubs their line up just being this ridiculously stacked as the ones. Rashid Davis adding that two run blast off Chapman. And then this is my favorite part to our house didn't do was Chris Bryant Speights is just the huge grin as soon as the ball was hit. As soon as the ball was hit and they do the slow motion video it shows that going to Bryant. As soon as it's hit Bryant has huge smile on his face because he had done this thing. How many times in his life he had better in the backyard throwing it off me a pitch back imagining this moment his whole life and just to see that. And that type of joy and on the players' faces. It's what makes sports so enjoyable watch offered for someone like me is that moment because you can just you could feel. You can feel the emotion there and he can just see how much fun this guy is having. Just for playing a game obviously he's living a great life. He's a great young baseball player was going to be on the cubs who might be good for the next decade with a roster that they've got right now. And just seeing that that pure joy elation on his face as as the play is happening. As it's coming to on as he finishes the throw off even though Eddie slipped. All that together I just about that moment. With Chris Bryant thought it was a great moment and what was. One of the greatest games I think I am never going to watch it was just. That an agreement. I saw did. I on the kind of guy and the baseball fan that doesn't watch a lot of baseball during the season. I would going to games but I just I don't like following in the entire season especially now even catch highlights on the standings and everything on the line. But the playoffs will work rates. This World Series was super irritating it's got high ratings I think a lot of it asks do with the fact that it was these two teams who. Where we're trying to break repair quote curses. And those routes so there was a lot of intrigue and may because it was the Chicago Cubs because. Officials estimating today the five million people. Five million people showed up to the Chicago Cubs parade and rally Friday. Making it the seventh largest gathering in human history. Now these gatherings that I make this list year's eleven things was dead. All these are these gatherings have at least three million people. He got. Got a Rod Stewart concert in Brazil 199433. And a half million people showed up for that which ball. Three and a half million people at a Rod Stewart concert. How do they even meek and often always so that people can hear it. If you're in the back if your and that. That the two million dollars to three million range of people trying to catch glimpse of this Rod Stewart concert in 1994. I'll figure there must had a ton speaker setup. I got a catch video of this Rod Stewart concert because 3.5 million people for concert. Is ridiculous that's number nine on the list and then you have via funeral of Kamal a deal on the Sar in 1970. A lot of these things are. You know there's a few funerals on here there's a pilgrimage festival. A lot of it going on in India India the Middle East Iran Iraq those types of places. But some of these gatherings are huge I mean that the Chicago Cubs making it F five million people. Is pretty ridiculous and just the fact that that many people showed up for this rally in this parade I mean think about Chicago. Chicago's won a ton of championships. Got the Blackhawks who have won three cups. You've got the White Sox a decade ago they won the championship they won the World Series. The bears met in the mean they haven't. Damon winners lately. The balls in the ninety's obviously. And had a lot of success. In just the fact that five million shows how historic this was. For a lot of people watching this game I think the ratings reflected the five million people showing up reflected. I guess I don't know. I don't know about ancient history how many people were gathering. Guessing not millions error population is really boomed. But does the number one on the list is the web probably butchered this pronunciation so despair with me it's the come. Melo pilgrimage in India and thirty million people showed up. There's beat. Are buying festival on Iraq seventeen million people showed up. One of the more recent ones the pebble gathering in the Philippines. In 20156. Million people show up. And if the only that's the only appearance by the United States on this list. Besides media world youth day my check out world youth day real quick to see. Where that took place world youth day 1995 to be specific. While the world youth day 2000. That's right the world youth day 1995 also took place in the Philippines. So the Philippines doing a real good job of gathering millions of people. That's your time the United States makes the list there. Is the Chicago Cubs World Series operation. Proving just how historic. Of a moment it was the cubs winning the championship here. And I thought it was great it was a great moment and I loved watching that game it's gonna be one that really sticks out in my mind. For the rest of my life coming up next year we're gonna hear from Tim Murray he joined Schobel blog yesterday I've got that in its entirety for you coming back here listening to the nightcap this is WGR.