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11-06 WGR's Fast Track with Dave Buchanan

Nov 6, 2016|

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Western New York race fans each time Don Fred get out goal. Yeah. The next hour the airwaves belong to you. See down the stretch minutes let's head to WGR's fast track. With your host of other evidence there. He Buchanan's. Good morning race fans. 1103 here on WGR Sports Radio 550 and welcome. To a special special. Bills play on Monday night edition of WG arts faster and gave Buchanan thanks for listening yes we are on both today and next Sunday as the bill schedule allows us. To be here and OB GR for the next few weeks as we get to the final weeks of the 26 team NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season today we are on from. 11 AM until 12:30 PM yes it's 1103. AM not 1203 Laker Mike ways says right now hopefully you remembered to set your clocks back. Today is enough. Five daylight savings time has come to an ending the clocks fall back so it is 110391203. All the your phones rights or growing as a matter anyway. Thanks for tuning in here this morning if you're not familiar at the programming in Miami Steve Buchanan. Orchard LB GR fur about twelve years in a part time basis. In one of my biggest passions in life is motor sports in we do this show every Sunday when it's not football season from about mid February until about Labor Day. But one legal schedule allows it we get back on the air during the fall and of course during the playoffs of the NASCAR season. To talk racing with you here and the lead GR Sports Radio 515 if we're gonna do. For the next ninety minutes or cell phone lines are open here this morning 80305518088. By fifty to fight Phoebe. Watson had lots of happened since we last talked to you which is it's been almost two months we we of that. Showed during the second week of the bill season because they plea that Thursday nineteenth so a lot this happened we are. Moving through the chase we are now down to. Two races left in the round of eight and just three races left in the 2016 season so a lot it's happened so anything on your mind feel free to join us here this morning. And he can't call social media is also agreed option you can tweet us at fast tracked by fifty deaths at fast tracked by fifty. Also FaceBook dot com slash delete GR fast track is our other social media home to. But lots to be on this Sunday morning I'll get a great gas line up for you come up about ten minutes or so one of our favorites in the program. Jordan Bianchi from SP nation dot com will join us. To talk more NASCAR. He covers the sport for SB nation does a fantastic job and always has agreed job we have here on the program. At the bottom of the hour course we also spent ample time covering the local racing seem lots of great short tracks here in western new York at southern Ontario for not familiar. And the super dirt car series wrapped up their season last weekend at the Charlotte motor speedway for the world finals. And the newly crowned series champion is Matt Shepard from Waterloo New York's super Matt Shepard had a fantastic year. Tons of winds in tons of championships. Throughout the season format and he will join us at the bottom of the hour after clinching the super her cart series big black modify championship last weekend so super met at the bottom of the hour. And then we'll go to that's what the clock are of course Rondell 1230 days so coming up at 1205 herself Adam Stern from the sports business journal will join us because. Eight words three races left in the 2016 season we still don't know what the series sponsor. For what is known as the NASCAR cup series will be for 2017 it is called of course the Sprint Cup Series. But that contract that NASCAR has what spring is coming to an end after this season in NASCAR is trying to find a new series sponsor. And so far they haven't announced one they they of course are going through the process and trying to finding partner. For 2017 but as of right now we still don't have really an indication. Who that series sponsor is going to be I figured we would have had a bye now a lot of people in the industry said. That they would have to announce it sometime in the month of October but here it is on November 6 and we don't have a series sponsor for NASCAR. So we'll talk and about that now he's. Right into all the marketing stuff with the sport he covers that for sports business journal talked him by a couple of their sponsorship things. As well but again phone lines are open here this morning 8030551. 88 by fifty to fight fifty is NASCAR racing at Texas today of course. Again the next to last race of the round of eight two races left until we get to chief feature we can homestead Miami speedway. And quote quick global it'll take a look at the lineup here in Austin Dillon who got knocked out of the chase on a tiebreaker we Denny Hamlin by the way at the end and after Talladega. He was tied with Denny for eighth but I Danny advancements neighbor's hostile without he's on the pole today. Joseph really got to who is still on the chase and it's fighting for chase spot he'll be in the outside of row one. Kevin Harvick same boat for him on the outside looking in right now the 2014 champion will start third. Brad Kozlowski eliminated from the chase will start fourth. Kyle Larson Paul Menard in row three Matt Kenseth starting seventh today he is inning. Transfer spot currently in the chase he will start alongside rookie Ryan blini Carl Edwards needs oh win pretty much at this point he starts ninth today. In his Joseph Gibbs share a Toyota and Kurt Busch also on the outside looking in rolls off tenth. Other notable names in the field chief silly merge jerks will both be in. Row number six Alex bombing continues to fill in for the injured dale Lerner junior he will start sixteenth today Denny Hamlin other chief contender is seventeenth. Jimmie Johnson is locked into the final four home set with his win last week at Martinsville. He starts nineteenth today really doesn't have a lot issued for today because he is locked into the championship forcible lover. Despite the poor qualifying never discount Jimmie Johnson a Texas Motor Speedway he is one. Five of the last eight races there including three of the last four. And as top fives in his last four starts at Texas so. Despite him starting nineteenth in Hampshire chick announced he chicken house have been doing some experimenting working on the mile have program media Paul fine in practice. Don't count out the forty today. And trying to get their second win at around eight as he rolls off nineteenth the last chase driver Kyle Busch you're defending series champion he starts way back in 24 today. Alongside Tony Stewart there and that twelfth row so that's were all year actually starters are in the field today. Looking at the points as I said Jimmie Johnson won last week at Martinsville he is locked into the next round of the chase. That it is the through that trio of Joseph Gibbs drivers Denny Hamlin Matt Kenseth and Kyle Busch there in the other three transfer spots is currently stands. Haley Kansas five points back and Johnson Busch seven points back. Many here for drivers in the outside looking in Joey MacDonald whose four point behind Busch Kevin Harvick is sixteen back a bush. Kurt Busch is eighteen points back of his brother Kyle. And they Carl Edwards who of course crash sleep last week at Martinsville. He is about 32 points behind Kyle Busch so Edwards at this point. Barring a lot of bad things happening to the guys in from the point things really needs a win is it might be Edwards only hope to advance to the final four at homestead. And really AdWords crash at Martinsville. Is one of the few interest in things that happened here during the chase. It's pretty dull chased. Us so far at least to this point no we slipped two more. Races to go before that that the championship for so I'm not completely ruling out some crazy happening but. I talk I highly cited that this chase format. Makes drivers crazy while it seems like they're doing a better job this year. Not going crazy because we haven't had the flaring up of tempers in the and usual events that we seen the last two years has not yet happened this season we didn't get. Matt Kenseth chasing down Brad Kozlowski between the hollers after the race at Charlotte weeding yet. Brad Kozlowski Kevin Harvick. I hired Jeff Gordon giving getting shoving match on pit road to Texas which could happen later today of course all the Paloma involving Jeff Gordon has a he's not in the race today weeding get. Joey Lee Donald wrecking man Kansas for the lead at Kansas and then tens if dumping Joel Adonal Martinsville when he was a let down we get that at Martinsville last week meeting get much of anything last week in markets honestly outside of Edwards hitting the wall we got. We've got to teamwork fell. We've got the Joseph Gibbs cars hanging in the back of the pack at Talladega. Just so they don't get involved in the big one so they can move on to the renovate it works straight if you work they're all four cars are still with chase remarkably. I thought we least lose one by now but they're still in there is a chant all you won't get all four going to homestead because Johnson's lack didn't. But there's still a good chance three out of the four cars going for the championship ponson will be Joseph Gibbs cars and tell the points reflect right now. So far the only thing that we've gotten those so far. Is that the team worked so might be giving to those Joseph Gibbs drivers there was a lot inching comets coming out of Martinsville. On as those gives three of those gives drivers. And Kenseth a Busch and Hamlin as they all finished in the top five were trying to. Despite the good points day were all thrilled with having their to ride with or behind their team meets in Martinsville. So you've got that maybe either this Joseph Gibbs. Tee it teammate and team work you know might start to come to an entity at Texas or next week in Phoenix. But that's it there's not been a whole lot of drama for better or worse sulfur in the chase I mean it's a good thing we're not the I don't wanna see fights and guys getting racked but really it's been kind of up. It's printed adult on six races so far. It in in this 2016 addition. Of the chase for the Sprint Cup but that that could happen. That could argue that could all change after today and he still got the two final races to put. To make your way to the final four and if these guys really start to feel the pressure especially next week in Phoenix they might start to go a little crazy. Especially if if Jimmie Johnson wins they taxes which again are I'm not putting and passed despite the poor all my performance he is just that good at Texas. If he wins again today and that means that he's the only guy locked in going into Phoenix next week things could start to happen. And then these guys can really started to you know take as many chances as possible. The end also. You know get a little bit more physical on the racetrack much in the way. Last week and last week a speedway Max Hirsch mean. It on a racetrack that was very hard to pass on at the recent champions. Went three wide between race leader Patrick normally lapped car and rain and that lap car which put him in the wall in Lewis. You might see a few cup drivers have to take chances like that. Either today at Texas or next week and at Phoenix. To to make it in to the championship for some at homestead because that is it's what's gonna take but like I said it's been. Pretty lacking in in stuff like that so far this year in the chase a leader drivers and teams if started to figure out how to. A figured out a strategy for this chase. Or they're just. We you know waiting for the right times her to really let it all hang out we'll have to wait and see. The cottage street all the guys that advanced to the top eight they all had. At least one finish I think it was 23 or worse which is pretty amazing that. All those guys had at least one bad bad day in the previous round and still did enough to move on to this round. Now when you look at the stats last year of the four guys that went to homestead last year none of them had finished worse than fourteenth. Spot during the round of dates sold that and you can see that that the margin for error. Is a lot smaller which is it which is why. You know EC guys taking less chances out there but again that the pressure of needing to advance this the that the game 74 man of of diesel elimination races really could. You know. Twist twist the screws on these guys have forced me to do something crazy we can maybe get. Something a little more interesting in in this chase for the Sprint Cup which again we've been out. Lacking through these first six races will look have to see what happens. Let's go to HTT hotline though and bring it from SB nation dot com one of her favorites. Jordan Bianchi joins us on the line Jordan it Stevie came in near buffalo great to talk you again my friend. Great doctors well and you definitely have a spot there hasn't been much drama but it deftly setting up graduation rates they attacked. Yeah hopefully we get it I know there's a little bit a weather in the Dallas Fort Worth area although of course they got like to Texas so they can run all day if they have to. But Jordan I did today is it is going to be interesting race. With you know two races to go here in the round of eight in. Only guys that are on the outside looking in. All of that eight of of the mean that the guys in fifth 67 and eighth they all qualified inside the top ten. So wide there's going to be a lot of guys maybe a shoot for the moon today here Texas. There aren't they let you look at the data Colorado to absolutely need to wake of the crash at Martinsville has experienced the heat get poignantly into the championship round in he's gonna have a target victory. You're there next to Munich and Kevin Harvick isn't that same situation and it can struggled last week it quickly established but haven't really need to good luck making the cut are gonna to put himself a good spot that he would bring him and the Yankee can wouldn't say it duke that would really kind of tighten the screw little bit on Joseph Gibbs racing. Because then all of a sudden there is looking at maybe guys advance and wears a week ago it looked like a real possibility that portrait on. Yet it's been bitten it this whole Joseph Gibbs racing team work plan is really certainty it to pay off. I I know I'm kind of surprised that all four are still limit at this point I thought we would have lost maybe one of the four by now. Through elimination but. It while we won't get all four home said there's a really good chance a 75% of the championship contenders Jordan met at homestead will be Joseph Gibbs drivers. Yeah I fully believe Alicia at least two because you look at Denny Hamlin Matt candidate pal bush that they're good. All these tracks coming up today at Patrick next week at Phoenix. And they have good races last week at Martinsville so that we need to thing to happen to them to put them at a potential we're not going to grant. I think Felipe percent might be a bit high but there's a really good chance that aggressively to those guys in the team dynamic now between that team. It really coming into play he said because. You know if everything was great for Joseph Gibbs racing truck a year they're working together they're yeah they're sharing information assuring notes and Kucera he's leading patient. They won every major race in becoming the season. And then now is the foreign because we do down a little bit now now we're seeing that frustration kind of wore a little bit in oak publishing any have a last week. And if somebody else sick it'll come hard worker somebody else can win today and really kind of tighten up a little bit for them. That frustration really gonna come to more points. And it it's three guys to Jordan Kyle Busch Denny Hamlin Matt Kansas these these are three guys that won pressed hard enough. They they they have been known to shown temper either on the race track here on pit road M Carl Edwards seems to be a pretty. Com guide by these other three guys there they have a team defer for going off the defense sometimes on the racetrack. We have seen achieve decent very crazy thing you know up until two years ago we got out there a mechanism for the very mild mannered driver kinda kept them folk while we solid capital when the pressure gets a little bit the straight elimination everything goes back. And we saw that optical Kyle Busch companies really milk cow but a great champions Europe British represented exporter of very high level. While we collapsing he was very structural Denny Hamlin and that's some very. Her finger on the radio but the first thing that Joseph Joseph gives afterward just in motor. And they had a very frank meeting among four drivers and Joseph Gibbs this week and what gonna come out of that it is also seek a mandated go to great charter rate clean. And do what you need to do with Phil Pritchard came in combat situations like we're getting down to this point now where. Every point every position on the track is the difference between advancing our nodded thinking we thought that would Denny Hamlin black trial. He's been on a tiebreaker you the driver no mistake I think we're getting to the point now where the guys are saying you know what. I really don't care appoint you lead dramatic I needed you would not only. Dodge Kyle Busch show will go back up carded a by the way he scraped the wall earlier practice session earlier this week you know to go to backup car. Jordan earlier this week you wrote about Kyle Busch in. How really with with all the headlines this this story of Kyle trying to go for a second straight cup title has not been talked about all that much here in the chase thrilling. No it hasn't talked Roger Johnson his resurgence you've got to victory partridge junior dominated the first round any you know obviously sector are you got eliminated they would wreck at lucky who look like you can declare while. All the while Kyle Busch's keeps finishing the popularly the only exception obviously called it yet but that was by design any kind of very quiet chasing if you look at the numbers. In terms of statistical averages he actually had a better average finish this year needed blasters so I mentioned the fear that you know he's been really good shape here to get the whole so the chance to win a second straight oh yeah I think that's kind of the college murder this is a more mature driver who realizes that you know staying under the radar. Now getting locked up the finger they're going on around a it it better for him it's better for his team and they just focus on one thing to do and this is really. Our Kyle Busch that we summer last year that carry over this year well. Jordan Bianchi from SB nation joining us here until BG or fast tracked. Jordan here with Joseph Gibbs racing with we talked about all season just how good. She GR has become what they're there for primary drivers and of course Martin Truex junior's well. And we all of storyline of the year's been kind of the changing of the guard is the dominant team in the cup series is no longer Hendrick motor sports but it is Joseph Gibbs racing. But here we are Jordan the 48 teammate Jimmie Johnson. Despite there. Media my biggest for forty for the forty team with a mediocre regular season will say. Here we are poised done possibly seeing Jimmy Johnson get that. Amazing seventh Sprint Cup Series title because he really looks like he can do it this year. They'll actually mediocre during the regular season have their struck races or learn not only lit up finishing a cup and the order of the leading laps and be competitive cook and then as commander of the change we thought well it took me really atypical tracing her darker. We're not expecting much out of on the overcoat and then there all the sudden they look like typical forty in the Gupta great to win now they look Dominic and it looked like a championship favorite in Scotland group is well positioned to win a title and I think is winless figure mark political equivalent to do that if you're gonna win the chance to build -- have to beat the forty straight up the Gillick and right now they look big huge forty mile but you know what five championships and call that won six championships many years yeah and they look very formal they don't look like that struggled during the regular season they look like eighteen under under even had their issues but they went to work and make it harder to the chase they wouldn't expect action Cam Ward penalty without their cars and now paying off. I am at this stage Jordan well where I've come to acceptance I'll be OK with Jimmie Johnson winning a seventh title for as much as I couldn't stand him during that. Five year run I'm OK with that I'll almost be happy if he wins the seventh title because I think he deserves it. I'm getting darker and parent. How can you get the kind of colonel there I think you kind of you know rappers and that is the whole ecology and when all the championships are counting all kinda came or haven't been working you give me struggle out here you know because there you know matching your belt by the chief government fluke circumstances can't you bastard told -- a vital -- rate so we can start a little bit and people like you should get elected. Drivers will look we're virtually intent that it happened repeatedly easy. And no job and now happening he's got to look forward coaching this year everything has gone on and the fact that John it really thank. Good battery meter arc driver didn't do anything silly particularly saying. He doesn't stir controversy. And are hoping perspective. He lot of guys a lot of sport to a lot of different things that we don't agree with the job as it is very good person and a great father in an excellent driver and I think people are starting to recognize that you know what it is. That doesn't generation NASCAR and for one very short Jeff Gordon but now coaching job and and frankly I think you've dug your job to kind of offended pastor quarter higher. I saw a tweet out armor from who it was but I saw. If if petty and Earnhardt where the lakers and Celtics Jimmie Johnson's like the scene Antonio spurs and I think that really eclipses it right there. A that would greatly at all levels because the first kind of very businesslike because you know mind repeating cute they did their job they didn't they waited naturally -- chapter in discover that we get we got the best he'd ask and they're very Workman like and I don't live mistakenly did beat you with the resiliency. And the fact that he is where you doubt they're excellent at bat that was really the person into our an option. Last thing Jordan before let you go every year you know with always all the tensions on the chase drivers this tinier but there's always 19 chase guy that. Young is really get to go in the last ten races of the year has some good runs is there anybody out there that's not a chase driver that you thought of has been oppressive as of late. He wanted to chase driver initially got a and in the last trauma like often do often came into this year kind of you know you know really a maker breakers in the third year have had a lot of success -- -- -- -- -- and shall before they'd chase and we made it a couple bodies in the normal guys is eliminated early and frankly that was truly Helio and there are at record on the pole Politico hacks that you can hear the maturity about Atlantic is seeing on speed I would really like what you gonna hear electric the building's opening up the street had a good rock and it looked at her victory gonna happen here sooner rather than later. Jordan Bianchi from SB nation dot com you can find them online SB nation dot com slash NASCAR. And at Jordan underscore Bianchi Jordan is always appreciate the time thinks your insights and we'll talk again soon. Were ordered Eric aren't turn be arguments B nation dot com dreams here are fast track before we go to break we were very special guests. He is out my colleague on the sabres reading network usually he does all the talking but this is my show either way we'll let him on the year anyway. Bright cold steel is live on location what's up Brian. Payday if I'm always up listen this show I don't know this I'm excited to be on at finally you never have asked me to be against a fast track. I was waiting for now I get to officially be on the show I'm excited I was waiting for you to get me on the golf show first. That's true we'll have to see if I could make that happen now since I'm on your show so. Now we're having a great great event here Orchard Park Brett tops friendly markets on south western boulevard. Here at Orchard Park and it's a hit 66 that's unique to its 360 events it's here to promote. Kids eating healthy and there's a whole bunch of local. Companies here that are here donating food today and we got the WGR price team here so people can come in to top tier Orchard Park. Spin the wheel and walk away with some free food and some of the brain and Jimmy recognize like. Tim Hortons they got bags of coffee here everybody loves Tim Hortons spin the wheel and come Nguyen Tim Hortons coffee. French is is here they were evenly ketchup mustard we got jolly time popcorn. And I'd say about thirty other brands with ponder great foods also you can win some great doubled each year here we got cousy bill shirts sabres shirts. At all sorts of different stuff including some awesome your boat that match even using right now they were great. Also they have a name that I know you'll know former bill. At red house he who also for people that are thinking politics this week he of course is also the former county executives and at her house is gonna be here shortly. And he's going to be sign an autograph you've got some pictures that he can sign it awaits himself. Fun event out here and tops and I'll be with you as long as you're on the year till pressed reckon we're going to be here topped the one very giving you any marathon broadcast. Seemed a yesterday between year I'll live show for TB downs and of course the sabres game less like good to see you are sounding quite well this morning have fun out there. Thank you Dave show is great so far continue to listen to that you appreciate it bud rankles you alive he's that tops and southwestern. In Orchard Park today for a very special that you hear more from Brian throughout the program but for now we're gonna step aside here we come back. Two car series champion Matt Shepard will join us went faster it gets back here on WGR. Yeah. 1135 your WGR Sports Radio by fifty deep you can in any special. Bills play on Monday edition of WGR so fast track we'll do it again next Sunday to because the bills will be on the IA leak. Just sixty minutes next week 11 AM to noon so we'll be join us again next Sunday. As bold move onto the penultimate race of finance Hersh perhaps three season at the Phoenix. International raceway but today Texas Motor Speedway and tapped for Sprint Cup Series one other note from the starting lineup met about a dead O will not be in the 83 car. He is actually in NASCAR's concussion protocol that from a hit he took in yesterday's X mini series race. So met. 83 car. Obviously not can affect. The race in general all that much because this notes met dependent data in the 83 team their you know this kind of run back a pact but the highly mentioned it just in case. We don't. Didn't hear too much about NASCAR NASCAR concussion protocol much this year outside of Dillard junior I think this one of the few times where it's really taken a driver out of a race. You know deal jeers issues. Actually flew under the radar NASCAR caution protocol he chose himself to pull himself on the carpet because with a few times where. NASCAR is actually kept a driver out of the race. Because of the concussion protocol get 803055188. By fifty to fight fifty here on delete years fast track. But we're gonna go to the AT&T hotline once again in bringing the newly crowned. And five time super her car series big block modified series champion. Super rich Shepperd joins us on the line mad it's DB kidding near buffalo good morning and congratulations what a season trio. Good morning to you thank you. Amazing record setting year on the super Burkhardt trail mat twelve feature wins and route two year championship this year. Just Telus tells about your season and just. What it was like for you. On the crime here was really only you or to negate the ball down in Florida started out very thing is just finish you know. You know solid all year long course that that's all wind down. And it ripped pipes second through color and just just approach covering nine really really solid offer. But all in all he's on. One of them remarkable things about its humanity it was about a year ago weigh in all the tar talks started day that you were gonna be leaving each BR racing kind pinky Baldwin racing after last season. And that you were your going independent this year you're running your own operation. Your your own a car opt opt out of your home base. And that makes it even more credible that that you kinda did it as not only the driver but is the team owner having to do a lot of the work on your own. Yeah I mean. China on that'll happen I thought to myself you know it'll. Go really wanna deal of the politics of of this order and driving of people and and you know using certain products in the financing are I mean look on my own in the other you know. Choose the park and product Taiwan and use the people want any news on so or you own you know everything that history church and you know what I want to. And if they really worked out for a solemn. It's proved to be a really good formula in and we're gonna continue that again lecture. Was there a point and although this season Matt Reeves thought to yourself what did I get myself into India in just wanted to. He'll just go fishing or something. Now really. I mean you know I've ivory and worked out an all time long and off duty to know what happened here and in hero and down. You know fortunately enough often Wear a bullet to get the equipment we needed to get started and and we ran all out all season long to keep it going and never really got to the point where. Where you know we got we got real whereas. You know a lot of that was performance fish and and hopefully having such a strong year this year just helps us improve on the program and and build an even stronger from archer. Looking at the 2016 season Matty he's the first half but the the super her car series trail was really kinda. You wind Stuart freezing Condit is punching and counter punching treating winds back and forth. Yeah I remember we were talking about the series coming out our weight sets America bill where you want in a course that the summer nationals a ransom bill we're still want. You guys are really go on back and forth it in the points race is really close. But really once we got past Labor Day you just kinda took off you won six of the last ten races are on the super her car trail. What what changed for you at that point of the did anything to you treat that one of the Caesar or did just the schedule working your favor were went to some tracks that you are strong at. Well I mean analysts and it was probably a combination of a lot of things on. You know we did we did start I'll just back and forth back and forth send and we are all running actual yeah we couldn't shake each other com. You know any other year. Other than this year he probably would've won the point by a mile yeah happy about it decree that you're that your this year and you know the semi and final book. You know we started go back and forth back and forth and and I don't know also it was maybe. Maybe my years of experience following series is no one. You know trying maintain that pace throughout the entire season yeah on the I don't know pick up my equipment fresher than needed I don't know it was blocker or whatever book on the you know we just never thought we maintained all season long you know. You don't knock off Landon and top three finishes then. You know he started out strong any kind of you know was more that are met the second after the season. Super match Shepperd joining us here until we GR fast track. Met one of those late season races or won a talking about is a super her week which of course this year was at the Oswego speedway. After that the shattering of of the racetrack at that your state fairgrounds and I know was a a very rough. Racetrack and that's putting it mildly but really as a whole what did you think of having sue burger weakened last week of this here. I I think the thing at the track moved out I think it's going to be phenomenal home. You know obviously the track conditions were major. Factor in the entire weekend around you know are are like the facility like the way every so often like sheep at the track. I think the track or race really couldn't get a small doll which is long until I think that's growing pains me. And one name and one thing it's a church or respects I think it's going to be really your personal. Once he got out there and got some laps did it. Did it resemble any other tracks that you've raced on in the past there was this kind of a whole new experience for you. I saw at playing it reached a little bit like Lucia what. With the shape of the trek itself he does that play narrower than pollution on a wall or around that but on. You know just the general shape in the way erased that reminded me a little bit of pollution. And then of course last weekend you were at Charlotte for the world finals and he wound up sweeping the weekend there at Charlotte what an incredible job. I was at something you expected heading down south that you were gonna take both feature wins there. No army had previously never once heard a whole bunch of stock and went underwater base far. You know we were definitely feeling confident palms. You'll kind of nice going down their with the but the points basically locked up so we didn't have. You know opener since. You know having to deal with the points battle we it is an honor to have on race like we did all season long and we knew we had really good racecar bigger engines Saddam. You know off. The replica in the history. You know when I want the first rank hamburger external in the Argentines now. Just kind of frustrating endorse it and on that defense office strongly regret policies while. All well that know 2016 is behind us I I know you'd rather just maybe take a break in in just relax and think about your season but. You're 2017 will be quickly coming up on as Matt what are your plans for next year you know this year he had the great year at the super her car series he won track championships at. Can't giggling Utica Rome I'll have you thought about what you're gonna do next year. I mean I don't imagine. A bunch as saying. You know obviously just just leave me years. You know what attracts well for Scott Bolton four or reason you don't commit any angle and and probably more of the same. Very Gumbel Matt again congratulations. Obviously just from seeing you around here and your phenomenal talent and what a remarkable year for you congratulations. Enjoy this brief offseason and they'll look for to see back on the trek next year. Our super Matt Shepard the 2016. Super her car series champion again twelve wins in 2016. His fifth series title and I hadn't weekly look at the schedule really study it I didn't realize how strong he was when it counted. On it after labor after all the home tract points and did it ever in everything he really just. Pile up those wins he wants six the last ten netted it. If you know that's that's finally quit when tune Tony Stewart won a cup championship if years ago he wanna went mountain won five of the ten chase races and not that it's the super burger series as the chase but still that is. Amazing when you look at some of the races he won and at the different racetracks. Another when weeds or are you went to Quebec and wine a winnable words in and then winning the two races that Charlotte to of course. Which you know we're probably huge for him is he said his first whoever wins. On at the at the enter tracked down their Charlotte motor speedway. And finish fourth in the the big block grace that she battery can Oswego and that was deathly it should be about I wasn't there right it's kind of watch from home under revision but. I I can see the the the track surface issues were there and it it did terrible lot of equipment but I think. Really that the ground work is laid for future years of that event being in this week though it definitely will be their next year. If it's they're beyond 2017 you what's yet to be decided we'll see what happens with the the other racetrack they're trying to build. To Wear that. We're shepherd or was supposed to be until they realize that it wasn't to be ready for 2016 but definitely I thought of from watching at home at least for not being there but that world racing group and the folks at Oswego speedway. Did a great job in getting that this'll be ready to host something is being. As super her week which is. If you if you never been I did the exiting the this year but have been one to Syracuse. And it it's it's just slightly. Behind the amount of people and everything. That it takes to run it it's almost like having a cup week in a short trek that's just how big a event it is. I speaking oval racing or talk more about that we get back exits and opened segments so if even want to get in and next thing will be a great opportunity 8030550. 188 by fifty to 550 but also wanna talk about two. Local drivers of the year from. I guess met could be candid although he didn't know we space more essentially Yorker on the supporter cursor is on talk more about guys that rain in our. Our local tracks that we tend to cover here and fast track but. Punched local drivers the year we'll talk about that and take your phone calls to 80305518088. By fifty to 550 we get back. You're on fast tracked on WGR. 53 here on the PG art Sports Radio by fifty gave each candidate and wrapping up the first hour of WGR fast track. Don't worry though was back at the top of the hour with one more segment here on this football Sunday no bills but still lots of football course. Unclear triple header here on the station we've got Pittsburgh Baltimore one. Indy Green Bay at four and of course we as always have Sunday Night Football which is Denver Oakland this evening here on the lead GR in the course tomorrow bill Seahawks. All they coverage all by the way the sabres are playing him RO that'll be over 1520 that's Roby tomorrow night. Watching not watching the build producing the sabres game. So while lots and lots of reasons to stay dialed in muted a lead GR Sports Radio 550 we don't a lot of time here but. Real quick just to skip this out of the way local drivers of the year. On asphalt it's it's pretty much not much discussion hands down it's been a year Patrick normally right. It's a race of champions modified champion. 07 series when they believe was. Including all four modified races at Lancaster including the US open. Sportsman car he won four sportsman features at Lancaster he won the George Decker memorial at Holland he won the plea pretty recent whammy county. He won the sports threes at the recent champions and Oswego. So yes this so patch normally hands down driver the ash fall dry you're under it's another story I think there's. At least three guys that I can think of that you could put the give a good argument for you've got. Our rights to see who won the rain Seville modified trick championship three feature wins. Finished third in points in Maryville got his first sprint car win as well this year you've got. Brett Rouse who won. The sports contract settled at freedom with five wins Humber stoned with six wins. And he also wanna a bunch of races at mayor Phil this Saturday night track. In a lot of traveling this year too he. Real lot of their races for the new recent champions dirt sportsman series I'd did meet sport is that a lot of racing around the region in general so there's Brad. And any got Eric Rudolph too who didn't win any championships but still won five races that ransom bill. Was still in the championship on despite missing a week. Finished fourth in the points that mirror the one out once the races there and he also did a lot of traveling. He was running the Brit DO series. I was in the hunt for one of those series championships and until the last race of the year. Swept. The super dirt car series events at Brock bill the week after she preacher week. He wanted out lost speedway I think it was last weekender two weeks ago. On. So he and in his daddy and radio Chrysler and their operation they've been scoring all over the region as well to. So really I think that the argument for dirt drivers a year you'd think you really. Heated because I think ball. All Ryan Brad. Right to see Brad Rouse in aircrew to all had phenomenal season I'm sure there's a couple of guys that I'm not even thinking of at the moment but just from for from the tracks that I attend this year in. From from watching the result action there's some meals are missing but those three guys alone can all get a not for for local dirt driver of the year. So that is. I'm sure will settle it at the force or banquet in December when we will hand out the four score under try every year and national tribe for your warts. Beach and see who wins that. I know I cast my vote for one driver right talked to my buddy Rick Moody's partly voting for somebody else altogether so we'll see what force were comes up with at their banquet in about a month. Aren't we come back one more segments ago Adam Stern for sports business journal will join us. Also more time for your phone calls to if you wait negating. Left time in this final segment showed the long one so like join us 8030551. EDT by fifty to fight fifth and we wrap up this special edition of fast tracked. Here on WGR. Your WGR Sports Radio by Debbie Davies and it. And Billy G our fast tracking and a special addition today because the bills play on Monday Night Football tomorrow. Coming up. The lesson hourly football you're going to be here we've got the Steelers and ravens coming up at 1 o'clock triple header of football here on the station but. You've got me until 1230. As NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in its. Third a final race of the season day at the Texas Motor Speedway hopefully it'll start on time although there's some wet weather in the area. Regardless I think they won't get today's race in because a likely Texas Motor Speedway got lights Layton called date if they have to. As bring mentioned in his update Austin Dillon on the pole for today's race. But all the drivers that are on the outside looking in in the chase right now they all certain the top candidate Joseph really got to starts second. Kevin Harvick starts third Carl Edwards starts ninety Kurt Busch starts tenth. All these guys need to either pick up enough points these next two weeks or win one of these next two weeks move on to the championship foursome at homestead. Because they are in on the outside looking in in. Out of those drivers I think the win it'd dance format bests suits when he fourteen champ Kevin Harvick. Kevin has perform well in this situation before at least twice off the top might had there has been. Places where Kevin is needed to win and advance in the chase. I'm including two years ago at Phoenix and I think he's thirty e.s did it this year. Wants to to move on to the next round of the chase did where he needed to win. In that he has done it so I think if if that win and advance scenario comes up I think it's gonna come from the four. Of Harvick out of the the four drivers on the outside looking in all the guys that needs to do with the most. Is Carl Edwards as he is 32 points on of itchy spots so he needs to win he will likely not feel point his way in. To the final four at homestead. Let's go back to the AT&T hotline and bring in from the sports business journal Adam Stern is on the line adamant Stevie came here in buffalo good afternoon great to talk to you again. Then I don't expect much coming off. No problem at the reason we're bringing at a Mon here this afternoon is and talked about it a lot this year in the program including with Adam. The fact that NASCAR's cup series or premiere series. Does not have a series sponsor for 2017 as of this time. An atom blast. We'd talk to week we thought we would ahead of announcement by now right because we were all expecting here's something back Tolbert. And here it is at a much November 6 and we still don't know who's going to be the series sponsored when he seventeen. Yet I mean there after having made an announcement yet and I you know and that's part indicated. Indicated in July that an October announcement was would most likely scenario they're kind of said you know fourth quarter so you know we're still within the fourth quarter with your almighty October. One then you know obviously we could not have taken a word to. Early November and you know it's it's a situation where Charl obviously that they want to have it announced by now but. You know we spoke with their shield and there were recently it and he maintained that. You know they're very focused on getting the right partner and that you know they don't think it's in their best interest in the Russian to a deal I mean upbeat. In the long term best interest just announce something immediately so. You know he says that you know they're still in our advanced its talks with with multiple companies and when you hear him say that you know Mitchell wonder if a deal could be you know happening with within a couple of weeks potentially this part on placed but. You know it was partial on the plate and there's nothing to announce so. You know I'm sure obviously over the course of these two years you know buried stated I'm sure have been closer you know to a government and other stages on you know with various branch. Obviously talk that the bears ran the reports of these two years so I think the case where an obviously. On they just can't talk it would have been gone an and at that point you know. Will be able so look towards the future in our talk and know what the sprint can do when you know and obviously there's been some concern some corners you know whether it's an oppressor and a garage. About you know what happened that they don't get a sponsor and and the church ever when I'm not quite such as the come to play audio it's still sound like they're. They're popular gonna get a deal some sort so I think you know once they land up ornament just come about. You know what happened almost a year wanted to can be a bit of a rush but beyond that you know what this partly due to activate and drums or forward so. You know obviously I think certainly they want to have enough and Allen and obviously pokes minister wanna know what's gonna be but armed. You know there's still a number of months until next season so I don't know if they hit that that's Wednesday you know where it's you know it it's a point of no return I think you're spot on court went. I remember we had you on last inning was back in August he mentioned a couple of brands that were in the running armor Kroger and and high sense they think we're couple those companies on the list. Tom are you hearing at him what are some of the brands that you're hearing or the press the same once on the running as anybody dropped out as any new. Names come up here and in these last couple months since we last talked. Yeah I'm not a program perspective obviously they've been talked to a number of different folks and know that there was we are portable or you know I guess I don't know early October last vote. On the spartans you know Hutchinson was in the mixed Kroger Federer you know at that point of her too much new to report right now on. You know as far as who we're hearing here and there and it's tough to really know about who's on percent talks right now so certainly are that the that the goal as time period that outlet obviously I think that part to get that agent. Once they get that they'd you know hopefully we cannot melt down or the other whether it's you know. Our reporting or them announcing you know exactly find out who did so not think surely there's been a lot of fluidity and enter talking to him and think it changed over the months so. You're not been brand new really right now the report from the perspective but you know obviously I think. The fact that you know were at this stage show that they've been speaking to a number different brands over the months and you know who exactly landed at this point I think it is is still anyone get to an extent I don't think. One branded actually emerged and it and it's. At the point where we can say if it's likely that brand. NM on. I know he can answer this world and in the first first question but what do you think is the biggest hurdle here is it is NASCAR. Just trying to to get the right partner or are are they having some legitimate struggles do you think in getting a deal on their terms they know. It was a lot of people are saying this deal was gonna be a lot less than what sprint paid when herb Nextel paid when they they signed up you know over ten years ago for their deal. Do you think just the way the economy is sick and that the NASCAR brand is slightly diminished you know least if you look at TV ratings in tennis and everything. Do you think there are a hard time finding someone that wants to pay as much as they're looking for. You know I think there are certainly a lot of equations you know a lot factors go into that equation and you know there's just. There's no one answer to that I mean I think certainly bring the number of good point that that country playing and for sure I mean you look at for example the fact that. You know this is only really the third time go have a deal of this nature you know they had they had went stand. And they had next else. So you know that this the field and a pop up every you know that that often and that it's a very large steel is very unique. On there's not any other league really of this caliber. That sell the palace sponsorship he do not smother motorsports series like them abroad and incarcerated Zetterberg right you know. As far as the putt the ball you know really they even EPO recently changed their their format they're no longer department primarily they changed and their results. You know. I think you know a lot of changes in media and marketing. Armed since the last time NASCAR struck a deal like that you know when they when they brought in. Nextel could obviously you know offspring carry on the the last and they really have a land aren't a brand new company. What Nextel and I was in 2003. Just since 2003 I mean you know back then there wasn't social media. You know think about how much has changed its in media and marketing which ultimately what that feels about it. Not start selling this deal as. Awaits you and the solution to help a company. You know grow grow their business and so it's ultimately a marketing investment so much has changed in marketing for less and it hit that that. You know for example social media it's. It's something where that kind of interchange the value equation a marker monsoon extent and you know there's there's so many different options for marketers spend their money and now and beat them the area they can go to in in marketing and and sports and entertainment. And increased tenfold so you know it's sad it's just to get the other not course haven't it's now and so I think umps. Not undergone tough on them I think naturally gets it you know got up front and sag awards were for anyone who would be trying to you know saw a deal this caliber so. So I think that that's what they're trying to workers it's on a coroner who's who's willing to commit to a very large. Very unique partnership on the property and so off. You obviously I think again you know that it did. I think they'd wanna have a deal not at this point but bomb at the same time you know. Once they signed that deal it's most likely gonna be you know 34 year deal at a minimum so. But you don't wanna 34 year deal with in the first couple weeks find out it was the wrong partner and then your animal real real mess so I think. They're trying to you know work on the front and make sure they get the right partner. At the same time I mean it's certainly a buyer's market yachts up. Again this is the situation where media marketing right now it's it's changed on that car you know and it's not an easier sell these days part. But that Amir knocked in all planned up with a deal. And stern joining us from sports business journal let's switch from the series sponsor shifted to teams' sponsorship. Error a year ago at this time and there aren't you know a lot of talk with Danica Patrick having a fine in new partner with godaddy pulling out and they brought in nature's bakery. There was a lot of talk of you know Kevin Harvick switching from Budweiser to bush now Anheuser-Busch's. Re up their deal with Harvick and they're gonna put Busch beer on the hood of the four car more trying to twice sixteen. Is there any big team sponsorships stories that that we should be watching here is there any any teams out there looking for a major primary sponsor for next season. You know I think I guess that are and a good amount of inventory on the fourteenth you know with employer bomb in a mobile one has decided they're gonna liberal move a lot of their inventory to have been number four car with Kevin Harvick. And on the you know we also reported echoed her associates which had a cup. That's HR. They're going removed from the fourteenth at ten and Danica Patrick next year to right now on at that are looking very good as far as the force ten and 41 bogey. But the economic immature it's on the fourteenth so I think you know should definitely wants a partnership there. Thank you know when it would Dollar General leaving the twenties are much they are still a number racers that said Joseph Gibbs racing capital on that. So I think you know determine support structure and apple locked up forward that there. Also you know there's certain terms and some deals so the break and and you know pretty much every team has a little bit of inventory picture almost nobody a 100% so that's you know you could see some teams even like. You know a team Penske which had almost no inventories though we don't strike a deal here and there so not I think Wall Street and some new ghost from out insurer American couple months here and if not it's certainly that the poignant and fourteen are probably attitude to. For the most me obviously we'll also have the you know that the 77 joint venture of the most and you thought our energy in my partnerships there are you know JPG door to go to the second court records. You know creates an image torture and external want to see. You know which partners and to put that so. I think the dumbest and goes to ought to. But watch out or and you know I think overall from a Hamachi perspective I think you know they've done pretty well this year management and grant coming in from Brent coming out. On the you know certainly you when you haven't accompany like he'd be renewing and also increasing the amount of races they wanted to be in that that's a great signs armed you know that's that's the blue chip Brandon Bair consumer focused and and that's been something to watch out orders. You know the sport is doing so great equipment business to visit perspective with what companies that want to get into the sport of Judea and other companies. You know some of the Brandon have been leaving him in want to have been more consumer focused and so Yasser Valencia a consumer program like DP. You know we knew it is a great Cyprus or for sure. Not terribly you know he did you Dollar General league this year. No we reported are you active this year we reported recently that that Farmers Insurance is gonna leave after twenty to seventeen with. Tendered motorsports so you know I think there's been some attrition to execute any year but I'm founding it's been overly overly that we use in about. Mostly even this year maybe a little bit and more towards. Are you nuts and recently but overall executed a result. Last thing Adam before I let you go today's the the 55 horrible. Be flying the name of the Republican candidate for president but it's not any money that that campaign is paid to have their logo on the car. The the 55 pre motorsports team that entry drew may Reed Sorenson. Their primary sponsors apparently green lighted that that that team put the candidates name on the put the race card it's a very action and story. Yeah absolutely exactly so I mean you know these sponsors them in Japan today you know it's they're money at its. They get to do what they want and can only get ultimately approved by. I'm not car on the you know not ours don't so that's not the ability to it to green like things. But it armed. POWs and and it appears to be sponsors you know wanted to kind of know what election beyond Tuesday -- how far lecture for their candidate Donald Trump so. One of those things where it's it's kind of funny and gain a lot of attention for per achievement and and driver you know I'm resource to premiere motorsports group. It certainly probably are not used to getting publications like like Bloomberg but I'm. You know when you when you start mixing politics with sport it is certainly an interesting grounded in time we're watching out for a lot you know receive politics and sports mix more more. You know obviously in all sorts of ways and that's itself. Amid it's certainly interesting and they get people off. I get people talking a premiere motorsports which. You know again and it's it you know you'll probably have them more this week and then you had any other week it's either and so. Are you know it's interesting and I'm sure makes some people squeamish or ways that you you know some people are certainly of the opinion that you know they don't want either. The mixture of politics and sports but up again we're seeing a more more and all sorts sort of waves so like you know who's paying a premium and and their sponsor in the wrong. And stern from sports business journal Adam as always appreciate the time I enjoy the race today from Texas symbol talking Anson. All right and stern and you can follow him on on Twitter to eight underscore past twelve on Twitter and also core sports business journal. Whenever there's you know really good breaking sponsor news atoms usually one of the guys it has recovered so you wanna get a follow him on Twitter especially as we get closer to potentially. Finding out who is gonna be the series sponsor for the cup series in 2017. On if it if it doesn't come at homestead I. I don't know one it's gonna happen there and most they're both of them will save it for the banquet may be in Las Vegas the first week it at that which I think is the first week in December so why. I I'm I'm I'm I get a split ominous say the president demanded that by homestand I think we'll have something to report on hopefully. As you know it's it's it's not you know the the the biggest thing about that is the Indian kind of mention this too was that the turnaround needed. To do although the marketing that the last two months to it to put together. Logo is an in brain initiatives and all that they crazy stuff that that some people might not like to talk about but. Especially NASCAR all assessment to get thrown together in two months and in any mention that the first year could be rough of a whatever the partnership comes up to because it might be thrown together haphazardly at the start. But really just distracting them message everything that's. Assists what's gonna happen is if they're about two months to kind of put this altogether. Couple minutes left here to go I again we'll be back here next Sunday of course off from 11 AM to noon as well. Because of the bills will be on the buy so we hope you join us I join us again next week. From a at 11 AM for one more edition of gastric here in the 2017 season as the cup series moves on to Phoenix today. As for today's race again will it despite the qualifying performance a look at it Jimmie Johnson today to have a really good day. But I I really this I think this might be a Joey look on kind of de Ayala got a starting on the front row. A little bit behind eight ball here but he is just been so so good this year. On that despite that the troubles at Martinsville last week I think this might be a race ruling on how locks up his spot. Going into the other round afford if that happens then. I'm gonna say link Ghana wins today at Texas Harvick wins again at Phoenix to qualify for the chase. On he'll do that again which means. Then that means only send one gives car until homestead with that with a shot potentially could only send one gives car has Johnson is the other spot to. So that'll be a fun fight between the 112018. And nineteen for the final spot in the chase but. Ominous say it would Ghana wins today at Texas Harvick wins at Phoenix and then I don't know who that gives car would be. To make the chase on an error the championship foursome which would be amazing if it plays out that way on that. Out of four gift cards in the finally only one advance that the homes that that'll be amazing. Likely be beat two lot of four bullet. I'm just gonna say one out afford just to to back my prediction here that put on a Wednesday Texas and Harvick wins. Next week at Phoenix and against begin next week will be on the air next Sunday from eleven in a new one more time hopi join us then. I will this go out saying this arm go out and vote Tuesday no matter what the big race the presidential race just forget about that is just go vote there's a lot of important local races. So do you civic duty go vote please and we'll talk to next Sunday here on WGR.