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11/13 The final Fast Track of the 2016 Season

Nov 13, 2016|

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It's time now Fred get out goal. And. The next hour of V airwaves belong to you. See down the stretch in admits he did WGR's fast track. With your host of other evidence there. I've of. Good morning race fans 110 Qiyue here on WGR Sports Radio 550 and welcome to another edition. Of WG arch faster and Dave Buchanan thanks for listening as always our. Final edition of the program here in 2016. And eight. No they're no bill Sunday edition of the show of course round last Sunday with the bills playing on Monday night. In this week is the bike week for the bill so we're back on here. This morning to what talked do you for the next hour here about the world of motor sports feel free to join us this morning at 8030551. 888550. To 515 the bill will be back in action next Sunday of course and will be a stepping aside until February after today show. But a great show liner for you this morning coming up later in this opening segment will talk to our fellow bill stand but he also up and the cover NASCAR for fox sports. They'll come on the will join us here in about twelve minutes on the program and that's really about it for the guests lined up this morning so. I view wanna get a phone call in this is a great. Final showed you do because we got wide open segments are after. After we talked element 1115 LB wide open the rest of the way so will lots of time to talk to you at 8030551. 888550. To fly fifty can also tweet us at fast tracked by fiftieth at fast tracked by fifty. And also a FaceBook dot com slash WGR. Fast track in as Mike said the update today is. The race at Phoenix the can am 500 it is the next to last race of the 2016 season for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and that means of course we will know. Who'll be racing for the championship at homestead next week at the conclusion of today's rate purity you know two of those drivers will find out the other two. After. Today's event at the Phoenix international raceway and what what have just to gore this is probably outside a homestead. And the Daytona 500 this might be. Might third favorite event or one of my favorite events on the NASCAR scheduled this final race. Oh before the championship gold the final elimination race before the we've pare the field down to four that a race for the title. And a great track to do it at like Phoenix on not some mile and a half track like we had last week at Texas but a unique one mile oval. There hasn't swelled a short trek characteristic but also some speedway characteristics to well to. It is so it it it's a great event. I think it's the the drama meter gets peak with this race we've seen the last two years now. As this is a year three of the elimination style format and it's it's definitely usually lives up to the height. Which again like we talked about lastly there's not been a whole lot of drama that Jason. We didn't get. A lot of it last week at Texas either I thought maybe something somebody go crazy something would happen but outside of all the rain Italy drama there again wasn't a whole lot. To be had outside of Kevin Harvick Austin Dylan's run in last week there was a much more. I'd drama between the chief during the and everybody continue to keep a cool tied for the most part. And Carl Edwards who we talked last week needy he was was in win in advance most advanced mode last week at Texas. And he did it. Great late pick stop op put them mountain front and it signed up perfectly with the rain delay Carl Edwards won last week at Texas to lock himself been. But to the final four and he will have another chance to go for a first career Sprint Cup Series championship your member Carl has been close in the past including. Back in 2011 what he tie Tony Stewart technically for the championship although Stewart won it on the tiebreaker of course. Induct causing horrible. On get another shot at a Sprint Cup title next week at home says he is locked in and of course along with Jimmie Johnson who won at Martinsville. A few weeks ago we'll find out. As they said the other two cheeks finalist. At the end of today's race at Phoenix a lot of other stuff form auditing monitoring here this morning if you wanna talk about any of it. He can do so as well at 8030551808550. To five of the right now for annual one on the grid in Brazil they're about to go green their next to last race of the season. Offer them folks in Formula One eight very rainy. Day in Brazil in her blog posts. And I'd fact it's been it's been an eventful morning for Formula One of Roman girl Jeanne who of course strives for Hoss one on he crashed on the on the warm up lap already heeded heavy left front damage to his Haz F one race car and I don't even know he's gonna start the race because it's pretty significant suspension damage. But there and moments away I think from going green. In Brazil so keep tabs on that also a major re wrapping up their season today at Pomona California they're. Final event of the year out. Eliminations south formats although two they're a major three major championships are locked up. Last last night on the funny car title was decided top field with titles already been it's literally the pro sucked titles only one. Really a ripple talk more about that later on in this hour so lots of stuff were monitoring here. This morning as the major national international racing series conclude. They're racing seasons here over these. Next weaker early next couple weeks. Throughout the month November so we're keeping tabs little bit here this morning on fast tracked. Looking at the starting lineup for today's Sprint Cup Series race at Phoenix and is up Mike mentioned the at the L exploded onto the poll. Filling in once again for dealer and our junior he's been doing pretty good. I substituting for dale. As the as he and Jeff Gordon have been sharing the ride since dale. Stepped aside with his concussion. Issues and obviously you won't see Dell back in the car again this year he thirty obviously said that he was out for the season awhile ago which we've talked about. And I he won't seem again in a race car instill. Daytona next February but Alex Bowman Adam. What do he's been doing a phenomenal job and he's been trying instead to put on an audition. To try and blame himself a all right for next season and we'll see. If this performance here is in these races including today's pull position at Phoenix. Can land him a ride next year they're a doting new ride in the cup series for 2017 just opened up this week. With Brian Scott. Announcing that he's going to be retiring from racing of course Scott driving for Richard Petty motorsports it is a year. And any strange coincidence at the same time the bright Scott announced he was retiring. His major sponsor Albertson's a supermarket chain. And LT were terminating their trust your contract Richard pretty motor sports to make the queen and coincidence even more interesting. Up bright and Scott's family owns the Albertson's supermarket chain CU didn't connect the dots. As it were as did Brian decide to retire or did the money run out for Brian's racing career because. A lot of his racing rides in in major NASCAR series have been funded. By his family's business as silly as they always like to save money can buy rides but he can't buy Taylor. And so Brian Scott is good returns that opens up a writer Richard Petty motorsports could that be work. Alex Bowman Laynce Nix here we will have to wait and see but he will start on the pole for today's race caller symbol joined him on the front row. And then it'll be in wrote to the B chase Elliott and Joel Donald the first your your off. Eight drivers in chase contention he will roll off for today I thought it would. Last week at Texas CR said Joey was gonna win and it looks like he was gonna win for about the first half for first two thirds of the race and then. That pit strategy this kind of massive mopping and Carl got out their front than the rain obviously washed out. Any chances of getting their race finished so what gone a lot easy and on points as we go into today on polite he will need to really. Be carefully they because it is very close for those chase drivers on points he oral off fourth behind him to other chase drivers Denny Hamlin starts fifth. Denny is the is the is on the outside looking in by two points. Coming in to get a sitter Denny will need to a point his way in or went his way in. Analog side a man that's getting whole a lot of attention this week that's Kevin Harvick year old lost six today. Kevin is owned Phoenix international raceway. For for most of his career in the Sprint Cup Series he has a phenomenal record. At Phoenix and he is if he is going to have a shot at running for a second three title he will need to win. Because he is a good eighteen points outside. Of a chase contention so we'll need a win. And if anybody can do it it's Kevin Harvick he's been in this situation before he said to win and advance at Phoenix in 2014 when he won his title he won at Phoenix to move on. But suited to homestead and his record at the Phoenix has for anomaly go back to 2006 when he swept both races that year. And then. You look at going back to it to 2012. Of the last four years at Phoenix your Kevin's finishes at Phoenix since 20122. First thirteenth. Win win win win. Second and wins so he is one. Five of the last six races at Phoenix international raceway including the one this year back in February. The the fourth race of the season he won that. And he hasn't finished outside the top twenty Phoenix since 2009. And in his last six starts there he has finished first or second so obviously the odds on favorite to win today. Is the one the one the man they call happy the man they called a closer Kevin Harvick who'll roll our six today and again he will need the likely. Win and advance a less a couple of guys I have some problems that are ahead of him in the standings. He'll likely to win to move on homestead. Young guns Austin Dillon and right Bellini oral off. Are afforded AG mean boring night may Kansas the other chase driver intent. Carl Edwards and Kurt Busch two other chase drivers but of course Karl already locked into the final four he will start eleventh they Kurt Busch twelfth. Grossed seventy techie seeking break Kozlowski. Jimmie Johnson's or seventeenth not much he needs to do today though he's already set. And then Kyle Busch is actually the lowest of the chase drivers today he will start nineteenth. Middle of the pack. For the number eighteen Toyota and you're defending Sprint Cup Series champion he also. Is tied with Joel Adonal for the final point positions. In the chase but it is very close again Johnson and Edwards locked in you've got live gone knowing Kyle Busch tied with 4074. Points. Matt Kenseth is one back with 4073. He went to back with 4072 and then Harvick is eighteen back. Incur bush is in peer win in advance mode he is 34 back with the 4040. Points Okur pushed. Cannot point his way in likely but. Still has a shot today for sure Haas racing so the big question is who'll fill those final two spots -- your thoughts on at 8030551. 888550. To fight fifteenth will it be to give drivers will be one give driver could you know gives drivers wouldn't that be something if the only Carl Edwards is the only Joseph Gibbs driver to go to the final four holes that for the year that that. Organization has had. To go to homestead one there was a possibility of three out of the four. Driver I joke by three of the four Joseph Gibbs drivers racing for championship that was a possibility before last week's race at Texas. Our or are going into the this the final round it after Martinsville that is. You noted that with potentially they can only scent and worked in Cannes if he Hamlin and Kyle Busch all can lose out and that'll be it's. Obviously huge if all three of those drivers get knocked out in. It'll be Inge because with the we've talked about last week those three guys how law emotional Kansas Hamlin and Kyle Busch can get behind the wheel and things that they've done on the racetrack whether out of anger or whether in Indy to win and win a race. They take chances in that of course the big talk with Joseph Gibbs. Racing has been the the the team orders whether it's. Hanging in the back to tell a day go or running together or Martinsville. On it seems like that the that we'll see how well how strong these team bonds are in Fy two of these guys are racing each other. For that final chase position in these closing laps today Phoenix in. What they might do to each other if they need to life in advance on to homestead will have to keep an eye on that end up twits deadly with all the talk of though that gives organization in those four drivers getting along while trying to advance the chase Denny Hamlin tweet ever interest in pitching this week. All four gives drivers they. Climbed up by a mountain somewhere in the Phoenix area this week and it Denny's head a Tweeter a picture but it was a Denny Kenseth Kyle Busch. The end down Carl Edwards so what some teeny unity this week. At least so far Phoenix we'll see if that team unity. Plays out in today's race with that where to go to the AT&T hotline in. Since the bills are playing today we saw lead you to bring it a bill's presence on the shows that we brought in one of the many bills fans down in. NASCAR nation and then it's Ellen come on up fox sports want Ellen's debut giving near buffalo good morning. It's so great to be and yet still weeks so we know you know there's been enough going on this week to worry about in an LDL. We don't have to worry about it they'll lock you know stressed there I'm glad the finally. Yeah last year I think the bye week fell on homestead so by the end this year having a follow Phoenix weaken fully divert our attention. To today's race at Phoenix Ellen and this is this in the in the years of this eliminations Belfour met Elena scene before he had yarn. This has become one of them the best events of the season because there's just so much on the line today right. Absolutely not a short race this year you know we have it's such a close point straight at gonna just intent that I would have already NN and great. And network of those situations where it's. Of the the first two winners in the ground have been chaser but hasn't happened last year so eat pretty choose spot. That are that are that are taken solely to our left Burke Brad. And that's different than we've seen in past years he though I'm that we may be seeing a situation where you have to speed it up first and second finish but maybe the two drivers that are there. Element Kevin Harvick of course his record at Phoenix is phenomenal wins and five out of the last six races there. Lot of people say Indian I'll mark it down and shocked he's gonna win today if Phoenix what do you think about the four car today. It be stupid to bet against that right but the runner overwhelming they never know you have to help but certainly. I mean has that that records for a reason he has that reputation furry and from the street you talk about a went there. But that's not only were report card to pop but then back to when you down a completely different team. The car who eat it though I mean Kevin Harvick attic get it done there there's a reason why. He should be the overwhelming paper and you know hadn't shown speed the domination of speech are the relic went out there and let every practice and I'm all. Those are six. Yet the speed across the long run. And they know what to do it there and they have the psychological aspect of her. Or Bo is that everybody is gunning for Kevin Harvick they're pretty worried about what you going to do an edge where he's running on the track he's the big advantage in a situation. And important they liked it because it's all a result matters and its first place second place will not advance and today. Do you buy into the this stereotype of Kevin Harvick as the closer do you think he is. A a driver that really can perform in the clutch like like the the nickname says. Absolutely and I an army activity that you have appoint her to the result he's never been eliminated and that format eat every single round in the last 23 years now. He's been able to quarterback for the against the law or literature sheer domination of winning races. He's always made its format that cater to hammer remedy this chase format Jimmie Johnson won five championships heroic act and a six. You know illegal and what are we elect is Jimmy per well this new format has been Kevin Harvick showed no we get at them at your house there. But even if they think their final game of the final round of the championship game if you are. Compared to another sport Kevin Harvick has done that every year the format and so he's earned that reputation Welker. They'll come on joining us from fox sports one cell. Bull market down mostly Harvick wins today so we've got one chase spot left who is your favorite to get that fourth and final position homestead. Here are our top I mean it's Arctic against your car you are there any element in the championship or does he started. Like mark outlook update any and muscular deal but. It's hard to get out what you think if I mean Kyle was. Most insistent the fastest the defending champion he's been good this weekend in the market again in error rate like that. And you have that out fire there in Joel got talent he'd had. If Ford wants representation in home eat it one of the best team out there. You know they're gonna put every single resource above and beyond that they were already doing. And he's won their before. He can't count you're Allan per think that the slate if Kevin Parker and John O'Donnell and that means one is car. Goes to the final or homes yeah which is significant. Compared to what they did in the regular eat. With with what god help. It's his result today could almost. Maybe at least at this stage of his crew this can be a career defining day for Le got no I mean. If he gets in then he's he's got a shot at a title. But if he misses out that's two years in a row now where he is gonna be missing out on eight at that championship for someone it looked like he. Had a shot at title last year he did until him in Kansas got the other Martinsville and then their their problems at Texas. But I mean Rick really has could define Jolie's career depending on how today plays out. Absolutely well fortunately for him you know he's still he's still young people forget that I mean yeah Unger on the bill compare those two driver made. When you look at octagon he's the young up and comer you know he's going to be Aegon future he might win spirit and then you look at every public McDonnell had already done and it career. And he younger bill. Effort at that. But I understand clear that we are still on the instant the thought that you change. Elimination format where only eagle Ford drivers go to the end and won and shot at a championship. People are still in a week we don't have a baseline. Attack like practical he never been the final round Joseph McDonald what they're want. In an in person in the first year happened missed out last year and that I me. It would it all comes down to that one. That one race I mean it's it's almost heartbreaking and times this year and any driver because a year or so good work can be your great. In one Malone and Indians and you know at higher but that's the new format and that there's a war religion. Speaking blown engines eliminating drivers in the chase of course illness was the first year for the our extended heat and caper world truck series they have chase format than we've already seen that decided this week and their final fours have been several said. And in the truck series William Byron who had 88 dominate here in the series a blown engine has taken him out of contention and who we thought might be. A shoo in to win the truck title is now going to be on the sidelines. At least from the championship standpoint and hold said he won't raise her title and you've got your final four weeks that he series a well. What did you think about how the chase has played out in the OC series this year. Well having to chase format has made both those here in infinitely more interesting toward the end of the year against the so. An old format where he's long point eight or match William Byron probably workmanship in a long time ago I didn't than that but yet I wouldn't eat out is everything. And for your listeners who may not now William Byron and number one draft and it is a guy you're gonna be hearing about young kids in college still. You'll be hearing about him. For years maybe even decades in this order snapped are you heading you know right on the team and are happening in the military addressed by the anti. We're like that. There it is that will be hearing from on for all her so imagine the kid who's about when the championship. And something crazy take the mound he doesn't have that shatters any more that's what happened to William Byron the other night in the truck series. But like at that I think it makes both series is more interesting terms of its tension that they came next week in homes that are gonna have three races. Three winner take all of the championships Friday Saturday Sunday I think that in these areas that are. The extent that he finally it was an injured staying compares and you look at that eight drivers you have the four drivers. In Seattle or Suarez Jones and all dire all with ties to big cup teams and in. Very tilted drivers then you had Blake hooking up a smaller team. You said. Right read in Indira Walsh who. Proper dry for rush friendly but obviously Roush has not been good as the Gibbs or Hendrick that irked teams as of late and any of Brendan gone. An egg of battery in tried it when his first Jamie chipped still drives are CR but again not the big gives Hendrick cars but he had that unique. Two groups of drivers in the finally and fortunately or unfortunately the guys with the big ties to the the cut I had working fifteen bill Vance the final four. Monday it'll be quite a battle next week at homestead with between Sadler Suarez and Al guire and Eric Jones for that series championship. Absolutely enemies and then at the popular that are over there is a mean burger in the chair motor sport and Jokester and. They have they have science that they can't equipment they have the people technology. But they also present at the drivers as well but you attract the drive by having that so. I looked. Hello the next that the final score in the activity here you Elliott Sadler all higher. Both veterans you know it just and so young guy evidently you are tired veterans and then you have young guns and other another group of people really care about for a while you know already committed to your next year and Daniels wire two. I think what their win the championship he can correct the drivers and the format rewards aggressive driving. I think I mean who will look into the final order in top. But he may be about race in terms of equal. Everybody being you know on equal playing field that may be to that race weekend. Well I'm sure we'll hear more about it out of race held this week ill until the folks real quick go. When what times we catch on race of this week on fox sports one. I had basically we got great paper from up Phoenix coming up that are not well thirty's they are except one that start your day if you plan on what in the the scene straight got you covered there and then raced up every night at 6 PM. Patrick wants 6 PM Easter production Monday and Thursday and Thursday will be changed kick off day. And you'll hear for chase drivers up the ball on and will not bestow freedom I'll be out there on Monday great. Very good elk about a fox sports one Ella as always appreciate the time my friend I enjoy today's race at Phoenix in everything leading up to homestead. And that we can to settle in and and commiserate with the bills through after we get at homestead. How man can't wait mango will lay it even though aren't all that. Bit take care. Alec Yvonne and he also follow him on Twitter at Coppola cove on that CO OP eight. CNA VA and M a IE to follow on on Twitter ill and is a huge. Bills fan went to Syracuse. And actually oh. Good friends with. Mark all The Who used works used to work with a silver Katie 1520. And and it's sold at how we got to be a bills fan and that does a great job are working without Foxworth one. A lot of talk there about these vanity in the truck series and some interesting rules. Pertaining to next year and cup driver eligibility with those series we'll talk more about that we come back. I'll update on a a local racing facility that's in the news. I'll also old marine kill talk about that as well and more importantly won here 3803055188. By fifty to five or do we get too wide open segments here to close up the season. Your I championship four picks here your championship picks what every wanna bring. I now's a great time to do it so he'll Pataki we get back here on fast track on WGR. 1134 here and WGR Sports Radio fight it he gave Buchanan and WGR's fast track on this bills by week's Sunday they'll be back in action next Sunday. At Cincinnati. Neck our final show of the year and their necks last race of the year for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Speaking of NASCAR we talked let's go to the break the kit they wheel truck series in the steady series. Always a lot of talk when cup drivers go into the series and race in. Win in. You know Steele wins from the series regulars we saw last night in the east and east series Kyle Busch led but he was 190 had a 200 laps. Too low win that series even though was their neck in their their final race before the championship. And accorsi mobile to do it next week though beat up cup drivers are I barred from. Driving in the in the finale at homestead next week see one of you all for a Kyle Busch spoiling it championship next week. But that was a rule for this year and in NASCAR now for next season has even tweak those rules even more. Up for drivers are cup drivers in the weeks Kennedy and truck series for 2017 the new rules state. That cup drivers with at least five years of experience will be limited to no more then ten X and eighty races in seven truck races now again that's drivers with. Five years of experience or more so those younger drivers. Your ear chase Elliott's year Ryan Bellini is. Austin bill night I don't think it's been five years for him those guys they can run as many as they want but you're Kyle Busch is you Kevin Hart six. A year your Denny Hamlin you're Joey that leg on your record last he's they'll be limited to ten X and eighty and seven truck races into when he seventeen. Also drivers will with at least five years of experience. In the cup series will not be allowed to run in. Any of the X Kennedy or truck chase races or the X Kennedy dash for cash race in which are four races on the schedule where. The highest finishing driver out of a select group can and it's at a 100000 dollars so really the the cup drivers are gonna be the more experience cup drivers added will be out limited. In their participation next year in those two series and once again X your course. All all lookup drivers that earned seep up points in the cup series won't be allowed to run in the championship race. Not at homestead but it's not obviously that NASCAR continues to hear from the fans that they don't like seeing Kyle Busch in Breck has louse DN. Win all leaks Kennedy braces are you know guys like that the goal of the truck series so. If as they may be trying turn these two. It's especially trinity series is more of a development series. Vs just a second tier series. They will continue go to limit the participation of cup drivers starting next year. And and you can see teams start to. It have. Touch change their business models because of this because a lot of the teams in the trinity cup series are sneaks Indian truck series. A lot of their sparks expression extend the series their sponsorship packages they signed a lot of sponsors because they get these cup drivers to come down to lower series. And run a handful races. Whether it's almost all sees in her ten races they build sponsorship packages around that especially a team like GR motorsports they they talk about all time home. Even though deal Jeter does or run. Their car full time makes an eighty series a lot of they're G or motor sports partners. Our package because. They can still attached dale junior's name to that business because he owns dear motor sports and maybe he runs one or two races with their company's logo on the hood saw a lot of the business model expression makes an eighty series. Is because of being able to to bring these cup drivers in so if forces teams to you know. Work harder because they they have fewer dates now to promised the sponsors to say. You know you can attach your name to deal junior Kevin Harvick or PC Keener Brad Kozlowski. For for a maybe three fork X and eighty races now. May be telling Warner to maybe it's nine. And you've got to try and sell instead instead of selling Dale Junior Brad Kozlowski a sponsor you've got to sell a just in all of Gary got us are Blake cook. Daniel Suarez a Darrell Wallace you got to sell. One of those drivers to sponsors instead of a household name like a cup driver and makes his her reaching the end of what dear you know dear motor sports. They they've been relying now on a lot of drivers bring in sponsorships they had just an old guy this year he brought the brand's sponsorship Elliott Sadler brought that one might one main financial sponsorship been. It actually Elliott. Was in danger of losing their ride because at one point this year one mind one meat what can I say one main financial. They were gonna come back it all next year to really put their writing jeopardy for Elliott Sadler and then all of a sudden Nikkei index that you know what we're we're gonna come back we're not gonna do the full season with Elliott but we're gonna come back it's a sponsor races and that probably saved. Elliott Sadler from losing that ride each year motor sports just because he can bring the sponsorship dollars in. And sheer motorsports is doing that again next year and 2017 because Michael net who's been running the cup series. This year. On key of course is backed by a Stanley's business those pilot truck senators. Other sponsor him that's his his parents own that business so he has that sponsorship money. So he looked east taken that bet money. To get a righted your motor sports. In the nets for because of that year motor sports is gonna have four full time cars sneaks in any series next year and then they're have a fifth car which shall be the all star car. Where they put those caught cup drivers in for select races and they can bring in those extra sponsors and it will be you know be Dale Junior will be Harvick it'll be Kasey Kahne. You know depending on the week and everything. But that's just the the business model how the sport has become. But it's it's good to see that the bulls will see more of the regular X and eighty drivers and truck series drivers. Continue to get more of the spotlight. In 27 team. Get 8030551808550. To 550 real quick and any jury they're wrapping up their season today. At Pomona. JR I'd. Intro on brown is already a locked up the top fuel title last night Ron Capps clinched the funny car title the first ever funny car title for Ron Capps that's pretty amazing because Ron Capps has been. Competing for twenty years and it. Ron Capps when you know the funny cartel I guess would be. If Mark Martin had won a cup title in his career because they're Kirk has are quite similar. Long time veterans in the sport. Numerous runner up finishes in the championship you know mark finished second to dealer colonel Lotta times in his career. Ron Capps has four runner up finishes in the funny car points in his career. But yesterday he finally did it in broke through a well deserved championship. For Ron Capps in the nitro funny car ranks so look great to see that for him. As he again locks at the title the only it's major. National division that still programs is the other pro stock chase. Ian it is it is a still close and I had here and I got a sorry it's gonna scream here to bring a back up your quickly. But it is Jason line. In his teammate Greg Anderson they're separated by about nineteen points going into eliminations today. They'll be fighting for the pro stock title while luck in try and Browne Ian run camps of locked up dear. Sparked championship through their respective divisions also one thing. All the thing to watch the end Fletcher from my church the only York who is sitting and 98 career wins in minute featuring national events he has in contention maybe finished his season with win number 99. He's on to the yes semi finals in a super shocked. At Pomona so we'll see if Ian Fletcher can end his year with 99 career wins. And become just the second ever sportsman driver to win a hundred national events and he'll join in theory elite class of drivers that includes. John force and in frank Mans or when others as 100 time national event winners in we wish him the best luck kid and on the show. A couple of weeks ago. All right. What we hope to have talked a little bit more today blood and fortunately. It didn't work out but some interesting news out of Canada in the last couple weeks concerning a racetrack that if you've been a few been a short trek fan. Fur going back to the 70s80s and nineties and you are very familiar with the key Uga motor speedway. In mills corners Ontario which is near Hamilton just south the Hamilton. If you take highway three from forty regal has a response speedway keep driving. And l.'s corners that's real finally keep the motor speedway it has been shuttered for us several years. Due to to lack of ownership and lack of money. With people running their place that used to be one of the premier short tracks in our region back in the day when the slack Stanley ray and the Q motor speedway they were huge. Late model races modified races super modify its ASA in the eighties they had they had these great ASE racing to find someone YouTube. But they would have your wall trip been. Bobby Allison and of course Mark Martin ill Kuwaiti were running ASE at that time Rusty Wallace they deal earn up there racing. ASA late model races and keep the motor speedway that was one of the biggest tracks and our region. During that time and fourthly they fell on some hard times. The track's been closed for a couple of seasons while good news it's going to be opening back up next year and it's going to be under a new name. On the chick who some motor speedway is going to be the the official title. Are you cost exceeds nature could too costs a motor speedway is going to be via official title. Of the speedway there what used to be cave you speedway. In mills corners Ontario and work is already under way to prepare them for the 2017 season may have been re paving the track. They've been adding they had about three degrees of banking in the turns they're widening the track they've added eight brand. And they have they're going full steam ahead. But to prepare for the 2017 season to businessman. I believe out of the six nations area they are a natives up there and six nations see successful businessmen though have purchased the facility and they are the ones trying to in. Bank rolling this end up putting the money and for all these improvements to get the trek reopen. And they Claire general manager gentleman by the name of Alex Nagy. If you follow Canadian racing he is a former racer used to run in. DO we used to be their Canadian Tire Series they cast her series is now called the PNT series up in Canada of the NASCAR series for them. I he has been hired to run the racetrack as a general as a general manager. We were also to have Alex on this morning but and fourthly Alex is feeling a little bit under the weather. I and they think of the sixth pretty much the same call he did about three weeks ago where I almost lost my voice. He's got to go own deal that right now also foresee Alex can be with us this morning but he we are all set to to bring him on the talk of trek but I. In two custom motor speedway is gonna be opening a 2017 Glover they're not slated to open until about late July as what they're shooting for. On they're doing a lottery peavy right now doing some electrical work there at the facility obviously wants a new snows in the ground freezes the law to stop. And no prior resume this spring so they're shooting right now for a late July opening for next year. No set schedule no book dates with anybody. But according sit Alex there general manager says they're hoping have a couple of special events on no weekly racing for next season as of yet. But there are open have anything late models modified super stock or thunder cars they Coleman Ontario. On anything else that makes sense basically Alex told me that they will all host reeks racing events edged that you customers between 2017. And I also Libby doing on some cotton to be booking some concerts at the facility as well Tutu trying to generate some extra income as well for the facility. So that is exciting to see hopefully. They stay on their timeline Indian open for next year it is I've never been there but just. From from what I've hurt for her fur from others and seeing you can you know look at keep the motor speedway YouTube find some great races. But looks it looks like a phenomenal facility and it sounds like luckily there's some people with some bankroll behind them that are going to be leading this charge which really helps of course. The hopefully will do it right and hopefully get that trek up and running a 2017 I think it be great. Do you it'd take. At a recent champions modified series or the NASCAR modifies here of course is in the super modified they ran they ran back there when the track was last opened. Runs and dates a pair. I remember I think it was SST Lotta fights ran a date back there may be. Ten years or so ago when it was still open. Arm but I'm sure a lot of Western New York racers. National racers who are gonna be keeping an eye on this story especially if they do have some. Modified or late model dates. In the future. We wish them best lucky can follow them by the way on Twitter on they have a Twitter and set up for the for the new for silly it is at that you cost some motor. JUKASA. Motor. Are you to follow them on Twitter stay up to date. On all the latest developments on what's going on at that facility Gannon now scorers Ontario and not a very long ride. Once you get past the border of course from a us here in buffalo. In fact I drove all the way out there by mistake when I was turning go to wash weaken couple years ago I Mitterrand turn next thing and it was and l.'s corners. So it's not a far right to straight down highway three at the pretty straight shot up from forty resell. Wish and the best of luck and hopefully we'll get Alex on next season to talk more up track again he apologize he could be with this morning but just feeling a bit under the weather. We come back one final segment one last chance for you to share your picks he think's gonna win the championship this you in the Sprint Cup Series here. Anything else in the world motor sports that's on your mind you bring here and our final segment. As we wrap up this season a fast track on WGR. 1153. Final segment of the year for WGR's fast tracked it is a wet mess in Brazil with the F one race they've red flag the race on lap 21 of 71 after Kimi Raikkonen has I've just crashed out with this flurry of course they do run and run rain tires but it is so wet. That out all the drivers all the cars in the tracked its kick up these huge. Rooster tails off the players in the cutesy rear going out there. So it's been a wet one in Brazil and of course. Slash from Guns 'N Roses is there are so the November rain jokes are flying quickly on Twitter and social media today with the F one race. But it's their necks last race of the year the Mercedes cars of course dominated this season. Belly for the TV typical Ross burg leads Lewis Hamilton by nineteen points with the two races to go Hamilton though needs to hole. His teammate has the misfortune here these next two races for him to have a shot. Bomb. Next year the driver lineups for Formula One a little bit it change. For Hoss have won the American team Roman grows John who's had a decent year had a really good start kind of cooled off a bit car he crashed out at today's race. On the aisle warm up lap this morning. But he'll have a new teammate Kevin Magnuson will be his teammate next year. Et et Al Hoss have won as Esteban Gutierrez is out of the second hos car and Magnuson who's been driving for a no this year. It's currently sixteenth in the standings. He will be the new second driver at Haas F one next year and then. The here's the story of young eighteen year old Lance stroll out of Canada much out of Montreal. He'll become the first Canadian in twenty years and shop building to run an F one next year with the Williams team. And it's well we we talked about it with with you Michael a net Brian Scott well it's kind of the same story daddy's pay a lot of money for the right apparently. As the story apparently goals although he is. You know moved up through the ranks of go carting in all other series in Europe and such. Apparently his dad who's a very rich man named Lawrence stroll is apparently ponying up ponying up. As met much as eighty million dollars reportedly. For for his son Lance to drive next year an F one for Williams at the right. Old age of eighteen so was that was and she did a driver news for half point and 2017. Again money can buy rides but it can't buy talent as they like to say. So but interesting that that that's what it took to get comedian backed in F one. So there and the red flag it is on NBC FM SN if you interstate. Before you go all ul. Call my shot here I like try to call my shot last week I suddenly got out Texas Harvick Phoenix well I was close last week at Texas but you know close only counts and portions of hand grenades so I missed out on the link on opaque although he dominated early. Edwards got the win so I'm still gonna say Harvick today if Phoenix on the go with the numbers still gonna say Harvick subtle B Johnson. Edwards Harvick and I think like Ghana is gonna get their fourth and final spot I I I just. I think he EN eight I think he's gonna get some redemption and he's gonna bump ovals gives drivers out of the way. Although it is it could get ugly plenary slick is said if if Hamlin or Busch needs to do something and it to get a spot eight it could be fun these final laps today if Phoenix but I must say. Le gone okay it's the fourth and final spot even though would Ghana was might pick to win the championship this year. I'm gonna revise that here with two weeks to go and amnesty Jimmie Johnson gets career title seven next week and in homes that I think gaffe. They're just too good in they've just been sitting in the weeds all year waiting to strike and I think Chad and Jimmie took these two years and this elimination format to figure out a strategy. And they have been instituting yet to see. In that I think they're gonna go all out next we don't than any can you can get a seventh championship. Seoul see what happens will low hopefully talked few in February. But if not again he can always follow us on social media app fast tracked by fifty on Twitter FaceBook dot com slash WGR fast track. In its season is coming thank goodness. And so that's we'll talk to you next and hopefully we'll talk tea in February as well thank you for listening to this to this season a fast track on WGR haven't. Happy offseason happy holly seasonal talking next year.