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11/16 Night Cap HR 2

Nov 17, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've Ryan gates we're hitting you get in that. But you kept an eye and that's what everyone needs some upside they go to him on W. You have rights. Get real get real get real let's writes it's the nightcap right gates. They carry hanging out for you on Wednesday fronts today. Been talking a little bit about the Buffalo Bills their playing Cincinnati this Sunday lots of news going around the team out of position battles opening up. And we'll see how those all shake out when it comes. On Sunday. Marcel Darius he was on I think it was on network yesterday saying that he. Expects to be to be in the lineup and I mean a joke and the WGR Twitter where sad. We'll see how crosses quote Rex Ryan probably ands. You pretty much sat exactly that so. Actually Rex. But oh it got we got tweet from price bacon. Price bacon I know Gretzky never played a space jam like role but will be similar if Crosby. Took his spots. Yeah I think it would be kind of Ryan. And or comparison right off air Ryan said no would be like me David and I said no it couldn't be likely David has. If it what. See I think it's a good comparison because Crosby like LeBron is likely considered to be the next greatest player. Behind the greatest player you don't like he's he's number two of their generation he's number two great I would say the greatest of their generations because look at Mario is going. It. And that's not optic that guy that got pretty quiet here no but you know it's funny my my roommates dad is like a hockey historians like. Just like collected cards to the 67. Yet like all these patchy is like Blake he always tells me this he tells me every time I see him and watching hockey together he says. And I and I bring up Gretzky is that always bring up Gretzky around because I know how much he hates Gretzky he hates grant hates Gretzky thinks. With that he thinks over three quarters of his goals. Were unskilled he's like he's I it's good to sit around and acted I could is. Our goal and that numbers like I'm loving it I loved it from riled outside just laden surprise that. Surprise you loved in a morale problem continue continued to you about this whole story the story I thought I'd I was fitting since we're talking about a yeah. Well yeah I don't see if if there was some sort of ball speeds slap shot I guess I would have to call a while now. Station hot shot senator Scott I don't know I don't know exactly what the name of the space jam Pasco. You know. Hockey movie eat most valuable primate why. Larry ths what they read it space jam it in use basketball. Easy to transport Canada. It would it going to be called space jam the ball well but likes collecting. You yeah that that could be seen it's it depends on Michael Jordan was such a marketable player who could it. Star in a movie like that we haven't really mean LeBron James. That's interesting that's it that's and is adjusting I. Because he can't it can't be Tom Brady even though I think every batter he just isn't like Tom Britt is a lot. And like one region of the United States at rural tees mostly hated like speed at all. I've also heard this from like adults that are a little older than me they'll like talk about Wright and Michael Jordan that talk about Michael Jordan like he kind of a deep part of it was big time to read and so like even better I guess. He still wasn't super widely gloat but I still think they'll like he was so popular. And was so good you wonder what's how many championships 766. So like. The only thing the only person I think they could write fully. Take. Jordan's role in it is what brought. I think that OB I could take his broken Kolb I think I think Kobe could take the role a patent and not LeBron. Kobe it would be interesting to bouncy he's. I feel like as Kobe went on in his career and is it became apparent that Kobe was like Hugh men. That. Is his. I don't even know where I'm trying to you know here. But that the way it came off to people became a lot softer especially last year his image I guess yep and he came lot softer last year where. Injuries and you know although the last season of his career. I think people finally did that so. Down again appreciated. What Kobe Bryant was to the MBA at the time where as opposed to early in his career he was a lot more. Flamboyance. Willing to take on the heaters and maybe with retirements. That's something I could you could see happening okay like god saying god Kobe you just went to retirement but we need you to come out of retirement to save the universe from space aliens how. All this now instead of Peyton Manning for football version spaced and Ray Lewis. Now now now hear me out here you wanna talk about the feeding aliens. Who is the one guy in your mind right now that could bolt kill. An alien. But also like make it exciting. Watching somebody kill aliens Jim Brown did that Ari and Mars attacks. What that is why we've got does this guy will have to guard is out now might order you guys ask. See here's the thing now what is the most influential. Sports movie other than space jam of our time of our times what's the second not. Item not talk because obviously you can put slap shot there field of dreams obviously rate. Great sports but I'm talking like if you're nine these kit. What is after a space jam what is the next sports or movie that is like. My docs little giants should know not little giants Mighty Ducks might be I think Mighty Ducks might be three miracle. Did you don't seem not your Ricky Dyer know that it's also great. I think it has to be error but hope no Sarah. Okay and lots and why is air but not. Ninety's her is it like the nine Airbus toll that everybody is saying is still a lot is at ninety knows nineties was an eighty yard sale that's tough. But like air blood. Air but was it a very influential coming movie of my childhood I mean eaten. It semi. 1993. OK air but air it was just one the most ridiculous movies of all time. And I search error but I in Yahoo! on a wide and the first thing that comes up. Is air being beat and that doesn't even believe you give air buddy it's proper due. On a search engine. Air BMB comes up over Airbus. But air but there's a pretty big Q can you consider water a sports movie when he put enough lover on the issues and become good at basketball. They can Duncan everything now I would I would argue that miracle is yes and your call is is one of those all time great movies. Back when I was still. Peck house we gotta tell all we have to take this apart a guy this guy does such a good look up a talk my. Cops to it we've got out rob I'm rob you're on the nightcap is gone. I would have wondered what he does things if tiger would put that scares you it looks. Like as big of a start with you you're good. Faced him a villain. I would it. It comes onto. A good thing when things for me. You gotta have the right things as an athlete. And I'll think tiger ever have those things nobody else super charismatic and I. I think I read this period that pre. Sexual endeavor thing that he had that ended up ruining his career pre that select what does that 201232012. You old Mike got tiger would be like the perfect athlete for a speech GM remake movie space golf space doll. Yeah I mean total I mean with you rob on this one. I actually had a buddy just texted me saying that he can't believe that I didn't say the replacements which. Move is consumer true that I have seen I'll go a foot maybe credits add my butt like puts like. Replace its and he says that what I mean think about it that's the first time I really got to do Rita frankly you know. And I'm. You know like you said that the whole scene like he's like a thriller an electric slide and I'm like that the replacement is great movie. I just like the replacements caused the kicker smoke cigarettes at all and I don't grow up the items he's pretty much my hero that's pretty much wrapped guy in my lol at all you and general oh sorry towards life is back I sit on the side your garage smoking a cigarette. A Dane Johnson tweeting and here because we've gone on this sports movie. Sports movies Roland you know why leave this man ninety's but has to be remembered the tight ends hands down hole remember the titans was another one dollar. It doesn't have to be guiding them to sing like. Post ninety's like anything ninety's and after because there are so like hoosiers is such a great movie that's pre nine visas or not. No it right entry ninety's and I did a show about another patent isn't it like it's a true story like a neck kinda take. Thought out based off drew what space jam wasn't based off a true story is that we train our guys there the guys I thought. But remember the titans that's what I was going into this election where there was a lot of volume now. Dis unity and people eighties I was always like to and we all grow up remember watching remember the titans are coming off each other and we watch them right. Seriously and go to see them that's my brother that's that's my brother. This although I ever cried during a movie. My buddy AJ right now as taxing some ridiculous ones at any given Sunday. It's that is like the best football we've all time. Any given Sunday I act I I could I think right now we played the Alpa chino speech. I could beat you I could run through the hell hike well yes but I could it. Recite that entire speech at one time iso listened to before high school games like you see me pumped up. Are any given study was great Jamie Foxx. Yes but. Dennis Quaid was it was the old quarterback. And others came home. Don't believe that you think about any given Sunday is essentially what's happening in Dallas right now. Dennis Quaid back. AKA Tony Romo and the young gun Steven gantt press got Stephen beat wow steam in debt press got. With Lawrence Taylor and the cowboys. The boards Taylor was in the movie gas he was the linebacker was the one like his neck broke yet hidden because the shark. Yeah I. LL cool. That movie. That is such a good movie. Now you've got you know your classic. Edu Jerry Maguire. Is in there. The night is Bernard is a great time for a sports sports themed movies I guess that most valuable time he does not get the the credit it deserves as a terrible movie. There's got to be taught and others like that error by severe on Airbus for a little bit. Airborne had so many see a little tougher quiet I respect your right now bought. There was the one Airbus sequel where air bud. Buddy played softball. In the dog would hold the bat in its ma. And rip. Just like rip home products like this dog is swinging away at the plate wreck and home runs. The great outfielder obviously don't know how to run ball and it doesn't matter I properties and could these dog acts passed. So. Air but had a ton of remakes. 1000 college organ for the college radio station up in Rockport. We did a he we had a segment called top ten we just do we rate things and while the rankings I was. Was just sports movies sports movies in general. And the way to the top ten worked was that if you're just you and I. I would go flight plan then you don't tax me go back and forth. An art lists didn't necessarily have to be seeing right so you could have had something that no three bright which I don't bears are number three yeah. And what ended up happening and I I knew this is gonna happen because my body that I was doing the show with at the time. Was a huge hockey fan you're doing the the golden eagle hockey broadcasts together in college and be good. Go back and forth. And it. It came down to the last one and I had the natural lined up as my number one sports movie just classic Democrat for today a lot of it was filmed in buffalo right. So I was I was like in that and it. Miracle handed and select media because he thought that was the number one sports movie big hockey fan right huge patriot OK I really love and and back then I was like didn't choose it. And we got huge argument over because he's like all that means you don't consider miracle a top ten sports movie. Mike no it does not mean that it just doesn't mean I considerate about sports move. Bryce bacon who has been a key contribute tonight tweets Major League even though is 89. I can say you have to consider that 89 I'm giving it is one of dad's pretty much eighties. You're you're giving it one. I'm giving in the ninety's that's fine nods. Yeah I mean that or you wanna say. Major League to either way you package through all that was done in with the Allstate guy you know as as. Who's been here traffic whose names are on house yes Pedro Serrano. What felt with the chicken yes he hit little little bit we know he would all end up being the Allstate guy not I would be replacing Wesley say that Omar at the crime now and volume replacing Wesley Snipes period crimes again I don't know if that's Omar at the targeted yet. Okay let's not only did he brought to be the Allstate guy he grew up to be the president into. Now he was surround hell mister president armed robbery culture and I'm 24 are pop culture colleges. Hardball. Because probably the second movie I cried to our PB BG. Are we got some phone calls on this stuff in Lancaster Jeff you are on the nightcap. I don't I'm one of the movie that's not my fault while few minutes and I love watching how we spoke while inkjet or 1994. With the program. And Omar Epps a narrow it we you know the one being very. Shall look at the coach made him oh I'm at all. 01 moderate economic and I'll admit it trying to hit there last Ellie very within their they had that big star linebacker pot Mac. I look at them. Oh yes. I don't you don't remember I don't remember the program really I'd I do see James come on isn't it though so it's got to be pretty decent at it was pretty good. I've tried it like it here's what I think we could potentially make an entire show you did say. Like a really good breathing room he had dessert we haven't really acknowledged the Mighty Ducks as one of the best sporting franchise movies of all time are not talking just. See because here's the thing. Muddy ducks started with. The worst did he is the court speed of the that the secret it's a quick deep three to me is second best. Is that or they'd face off with team Iceland yes yeah that is classic. All time I don't know I've been watching I was all over again my kids and hat into the story structure do you like cannibalism I. And I disagree I didn't like them as young kids I like the maturation process. Process of Charlie Conway get a little cartoon you know like by a cartoon you mean like they do these outrageous special effects and an audio had a but seems acuity really exaggerated wants this the competition and the you know the pure hatred that Gordon Bombay and the Iceland coach had for each other. I just thought that was like cinematic beauty at its finest you know like Beverly reeled me in and then. It allows and you know is that captain figure that. While. How how the told golf throughout the whole series and what I didn't know and I think god this is this may or may not be breaking news but thanks to Mike safari we now know that there was a deep for in the making. That didn't happen. And let me just real legal storyline about what do you forward event like okay please do deep for what I had Charlie Conway coming off the DW I just like coach you know Bombay did. He coaches then the team of young you know young bucks just like they didn't he won. And then. Adam banks NHL playing Adam banks currencies elect. This so public about storyline of all time probably don't docs also what I wanna say about. Jerk he was such a jerk and Alec and I gently usher like in the move. A movie like you try to make guys quit I'm like Joseph what does what this movie that just sucks like I loved to eat let all these muddy ducks movies and I was guys is gonna coming your rule and I'm like wow. This guy's really inspired you try to get the best out of these young men and girls. Casey was he was being a coach Hughes get them fired up he had different motivational stat because come on road or about the essay test. I can. How legs how did Charlie can I get so good in the third when now when he took himself out for the knuckle puck in the second. Lot of work in and show the movie and that how he got so much better. One time probably coached with coach Bombay could buy a big it's the collar upper member like he gets up to them what HL acute and age I'll shot. He probably just practices man hard with coach Bombay. I Idonije elaborate just you know who played with bagels in the streets like they did in do you want now that's right I'm headed out to the phones and real quick it 305 if you want it. 550 to 550 you my joint and if there's there's any a sports movies that that you're fond of that we haven't spoken of yet please give us a call because. Hey Brad and fun here and we've got Jay in buffalo. Yeah Olympics certainly what a great conversation. That they end up. Gray who fortunately. Ten popped. You're really going. I liked that one actually what I Happy Gilmore does Happy Gilmore and that's what that somebody to get somebody just created Bieber Jay I think tin cup is under rated and is it really given that the due process and I can see. From the other side of the room here Ryan is scrambling because he also I don't think has seen tin cup. There's a lot of sports movies I haven't seen time and figuring this he's scrambling right now Jane I can see him like right he's got two computer screens and provoke. And he's like serving bowl to make sure that he figures out what the heck to encompass. It magnet the sentence each rare. Darn straight that's that was a good one jazz as a solid yep we got out tin cup and which is. I'm looking ahead here. Yeah I I've never I've never seen this movie and I can see here and pretend that I've seen this movie Kevin Costner's got. Kevin Costner is an and I in this in this movie poster he's wearing. And yeah wife beater with a backwards hats herald did err on the phone right now. All you want a I don't heal well apparel girls said angels in the outfield at night holy forgot about that movie. Yeah angels in the outfield though we're gonna take a quick break here are I guess rather quick break we're gonna rush try to get some more phone calls and with each year favorites arts movies and network forgetting about here because there's there's clearly a lot of on 8030515. 1888550. To fight to keep your outside of buffalo give us your favorite sports movies will tell us more about ours is nightcap eight Geary Ryan gates and WGR. Or welcome back into the nightcap righty gave sneak Geary Mike Furrey hanging out with you here. I'm WGR Meehan Nader are gone through this exercise were essentially where like the little member varies from. Right now where we're remembering all of these these sports movies from. For our youth witches and it was just around the ninety's. So alive there's any from your youth that that we're looking over because we're young guys feel free to come in and correct us because we might be totally wrong. Right and I. I mean during break I made a pretty extensive list of movies we need to talk about and I thought we got through like a good portion of the movies. Like to rank this I think would be almost impossible it is impossible I think so what we might do is come up with a tandem article on to be terrified if you dot com of the bring them back on breaking the best movies and why top ten best movies of all sports movies of all time. Yeah we should we should work on that Loretta draft pool all sports movie draft we might and I am I. They aren't they perfect we might have to we might have to bring that up with the with management. Seriously I grabbed onto the phones here hear what you guys have to say we've got Kevin come on here Kevin here in the nightcap. I know it and it. We did see like I saw your your call opened up on the screen announced they do we got a cat because varsity blues is such a good movie. And it's kind of goes underrated because we who's who plays the quarterback. We pol locker. Oh. Eileen and her beak. I'll go back it was also increase that's whose causes my right yes. You are. Too high. The action and vote as was the coach Smith that we have asked Billy Bob Brett yeah Billy Bob who is here are yet to make solid on the Kevin now is that was a solid contribution. Yeah I mean odd that the varsity blues that's. I feel like if you played if you played. College or college high school football Dallas that was huge again. Especially at. I grew up in credit highlights. So north constant half yet football program there and there's no high school soccer movies asides like I abundantly tobacco. And even schools. Or she's she's the man shot back at this and I think he tale she's the man what's up. That Beckett can stand that started in August oh yeah the big green yet at any Leslie Anderson let me after the shortlist of great sports movies. And that you know will continue taking your calls and tweets here but. Blue chips okay which so used to you haven't seen I have not okay go to blockbuster when you go when you go home. Go to blockbuster members get yourself. Blue chips because I asked VHS it Nick Nolte is the coach they got Shaq. Who always just on believe this is like Shaq in his rookie year so like he runs the floor Shaq oh yeah. And that Penny Hardaway and and some white dude who's brilliant shooting. Rudy which I can't believe I left out because it literally shaped my childhood. Front and outlets which I imagine what men can't jump. Yeah solid. Us mystery Alaska. Which may actually be the best hockey of me. Yeah I was great movie that might actually be the best hockey like Mike coach Carter. Campaign. And three young and Alley cats because in Disney Channel had a couple of good sports ones an Alley Katz was one of them Johnny tsunami Johnson. The search to surf movie and all time classic charities and out of support we've got we got bull Durham which we got to bring up which is what's the Tom Hanks won. Time company a league of their league of her own of course that their own light one. And I think you said I don't know some meals tweeted it in or accident but the big the Belsky is technically a sports movie. It's the big bows diesel white movie it's just that it's a movie about life. You must be on this man yet. Armed armed dude. You are wrong guy got got the wrong guy. But yeah but there's there's so many of these movies out there and and giving go on and slap shot rocky. I thought someone just rule or you're gonna love this burden on Disney classic originals. Rank all. Worrying drink a story our anchor. The story of an inline skater with big dreams that is that is the ultimate comeback story if you think about it. And Langford team golf shots what's the girl what's her name on the he might Mike's not. I hate rate I don't know that movie but edges maybe Gabby they get the cutting edge. Nothing yet and see that no DB Sweeney who. Now also out novels. Yeah I was reading the hockey player turned figure skater with a girl all I actually. I do remember watching that movie Talladega nights my mama my ankle running still ya think things. Oh my god. Is this is gonna profound night I am probably one. He has been and I'll maker and is in mind skating crew who call themselves all skiers. Which means they scare for the for the good enough for the money created because I don't know byte of the movie written all. The field and there's a lot of people out there that hadn't seen it yet who have no idea what drink yeah what is the villain the antagonist smooth and the movie's name. Now well. And I I believe bell is also. What's what's the one dash rather. In the not true. Department he's not TV or apartment and he's not been for that department now that's that's fortunes are gonna get a couple more calls here we've got. Some people you know here once again in this house. Play Colorado we talk pioneer angels in the outfield yet what that to get us. Yeah that that one was very I can't believe I actually missed out his that was one of my favorites as a kid Danny Glover come up. All right we got mark now mark on the night kept the score on. Break your. That's okay. Barbara we're breaking away is the movie I'll break commodity. Say I know that mark I'm not sure that our guy our guy Ryan here's Ben full leave. Immersed in some of the best sports movies I personally think I don't let it out alive he's been spending too much time on the fire. Yeah that's what happens. Fired a greater rather like secure Kelly from your original bad news bears lose it. And not about north Dallas forty. Cool. Nortel's forty Sasha go to war. That's a grateful ball will be is this Brian shaking his tax bracket sitting here shaking his head he's never seen north Dallas fort. Aren't hardcore. That is gear that is exactly the best we describe as hard core I'm gonna say I'm glad to take a list he's gonna have to go to blockbuster tonight yeah I'm an have to do in order to do this top to an article that we're we're talking about this movie draft him have to really do a lot of research so I can make sure I'm educated and we've got going on here because clearly if you wait here yeah breaking away I'm looking up right now a small town boy obsessive detailing cycling team. Vies for the affection college girl. I think what's not to like about that sounds like every little boy's dream. He's got a bit it's double time begin on the couch he'd become to their loved out during the summer and it's a big battle and it it was. Move. Biggs is the call it political parties for what these educating me because apparently needs seen every sports movie of all time. Yes it's true it's. I gave her the TV show pro stars. Know that literal show weight down Bo Jackson Wayne Gretzky or Michael Jordan and they fought crime. Hope I got exist OK what about. It'll it was the movie called 61. With yeah yeah just as I'm Mickey Mantle movie with Barry Pepper. That's his real name Barry Pepper Jack as a grain and all right guys we got off all eyes on this is people we we've clearly admission to a game we should take it you can clearly missed a lot so while we're gonna have to Dave your debut on the nightcap. Couple bogeys here opera couple different sport of basketball and semi pro Earl. Us arms I'd imagine that our hockey gold Witten the group from Greece step where still it's still haven't seen. At that really eager mode I got to electoral court that are really good are older Obama will be caught necessary roughness. Call him. Great movie like Iron Man gained them all and I really thought that I boxed what kind of spore. Have you I think you're a rumble C. Yeah larger data that operate air I silent Bob I mean right. Yeah it's a silent Bob movie go. Ask your. Diamond Dallas page down Dale's paged. Our hall I'd get it over three and one week than feared that like. Dave very solid and I'm gonna give me the eight plus I'm semi pro. Because Jackie moon is potentially the most influential sports figure in sports history. All quote board I'd want more than that hot pot movie or sports. Big ball. Yeah that's me that's that down your guys' misses that's it break a at all nights yeah it's obvious the ball one of the can't really really were I got all my trash talking jobs from is based off. That's right we're just like people out there for the call Dave appreciate you joining in on the conversation here. We've got Steve now Buffalo's Steve you are on the bike. About a couple but it all movies here and mr. baseball account Celek. All we ask mr. problem with birdie messed. Yeah oh yeah as it is around LA and mr. baseball too while pagers or Ottawa gad Al stake I was and it. I cut it cut that inimical. Who would've been overtures story like it meant well. And I. Even out as yet about a black starting at the blacks oxide John. The ball again and got from Walking Dead and that that's about show our Shoeless Joe Jackson right yet. You DB Sweeney yes. Ever getting it just on about good old DB swing and that's right. From but I think things are the cause Steve appreciate it the nightcap. 83055188. 550 to 550 are the phone numbers. Here are talking about all sports movies. We started in the ninety's you don't necessarily. Have to stay there because they are so many of these movies that. I'm learning as I say here yet has knee apparently knows a lot angle one of these movies he clearly has more free time and then meanwhile also simultaneously being a lot busier than I am. Two watch all of these movies so. We're gonna assuming you put something together either on the web site media will come back another day to do a sports movie draft something like here but. I'm really join the conversation because and I'm listening to all these movies. That have never never heard of and I'm gonna have to you to check them out. It one of the guys that just was indeed maybe Dave. It is is personally it's one of my favorites because. Once again. There's Vince Vaughn would like it has been WH ITI. There was dearly. They're there to honey they're too many times where I. I guess I felt I felt what's Vince Vaughn felt in that movie just been a regular guy. You know can never really reached the pinnacle of what else trying to dry oil and kind of getting care simultaneously. But both wins in the URUIR. Vince Vaughn in dot. It's like dead in his view it's pretty pretty similar makes on the couch in the gym. You know like. Using like old leg and didn't two nights before beer is like something or brushing teeth well I think that is you do that it might help piper junior my apartments a little bit cleaner slightly. A little bit cleaner than that we've got in Jared on the nightcap now Jared what's going on. They had their say McCaw that it had Johnny tsunami there and did he edit TVs so called the Jersey. Opt out murmurs that I had. I think I remember that I I don't it would it was a Disney movie you said. I didn't show well all shuttle. Yeah he's like that like yellow yours see her yellow sweater energy on it like kids who put it not become like a player in the game like okay. I've seen I think I'd see let a couple of says that they act. I've definitely. I feel. If you like my back and tie yeah he became the player right is that is that we're talking about Jared. Yes there's like there's that here at the interior Wright episode like another one we're like. There that the goalie further red wings at like going to our members. Okay yeah I definitely recall IE. Not that you bring it back up I've definitely seen a few episodes. I can't recall specifically. What episodes I see it it's a show that out from 1999 through 2004 I smoke all of that he should have dashed. Five full years of its EMI cousin Jake Hodges tags you just that we don't have an object. He says the comebacks. The comebacks yes that's among what the ref Rees who are blind right on the field they've got these sticks out. There legitimately I love itself champ champion I guess as the coach yes yeah bed that was that's taking all of these sports movies that were discussing that are semi serious. In making all those movie Jonas these are actually the scary movie. Yeah of sorts smoothness tech. Take a break here. A bunch more people on mine hang out there. I'll we'll get your calls here in the last call coming up on the nightcap these are the conversation has been a lot of fun here for a knee might night. That is the nightcap on WG. So this is pro stars share. Because jagged and believe me. No really hit TV show Bo Jackson Michael majority in and out Wayne Gretzky thought crime together. Pro stars were the best pros. Far crime. Wit me you have to tell people about what we saw on that website at your party told us about about terminator. I guess terminator terminator. This probably fairly well known I would say would you say some common knowledge I played. Amy and I tell excitement as its sole olden I don't think it's common knowledge but one of the original the demand that they wanted to play the terminator before was Schwarzenegger. Was. In fact OJ Simpson. And the reason OJ Simpson did get the part was because the producers. And the director of the movies he could not taken seriously as the killer. Which that's true cinematic irony yet the world is full of irony and that is one of probably the finest moments he goes are to play in naked gun which I think was a great performance they. On first. Before terminator. I think her song and maybe you're right now in the neck and neck and accurate federal and an accurate. Got a couple more calls and before we take off for the night here on WGR. In this house is really. My cue up on par job by Tom in their government and now Tom you are on the WGR than like it's going. They guys another court came up at terminal by the way you know Arnold Schwarzenegger was originally supposed to play Kyle reached the good guy and it. You'd turn that down he said why don't wanna play this apartment at play anything relevant to the spectacular always played the hero. And I wanna be the villain pro launch at dallas' first syllable. Interesting scene Gary we we we sets up perfectly for the Allentown the thing we brought about because you've got the knowledge. So de movies I was saying and I'm sure for hockey you're probably mentioned slap shot a little eight. Pro football I Q course the old one which was the old original interest on the so the longest yard. Yeah okay. But I want to is called the replacement some ovaries. I don't know if you ever see now. All that time that's like one of my favorites but if you're gonna bring a hockey movies I really think that mystery Alaska I don't know if you've seen it time. But mystery Alaska with Russell Crowe Russell Crowe das is. I wrote about it yet that is dad has to be considered one of the best hockey moves I know everyone's gonna compete this. The ball but you know but it's 852 we've been talking about this for over an hour as he talked about last segment of last hour. We did not even bring up caddie shack. Yost that is something that we want to make sure to you again now is gonna say my father would be very disappointed if we had to remake of any movie I don't know who was early news is deed or someone that called an earlier it said a remake of space Emma Tiger Woods yeah what utter remake of caddie shack with Tiger Woods as being Chevy Chase. Where he's just the old for a while yet. Thank Phil Mickelson gets that better wow yeah that's the times but we do and here it's gonna handle it Rickie Rickie Fowler could played the Teddy. Yet you. GA golfer yet boxed. Still very with stuff to plea deal. There's no doubt that got cabin now Kevin you are on the nightcap that is enough of us off here tonight Kevin what's going on. They've right now aria. Well I didn't do you make a team references they eat smarter but anyway that tests or was he knows what some. PO shares. Brian piccolo gory bloody and so on. Yes I do my mom introduced me to that movie as a young kid she told me the whole story about a Gale Sayers and Brian piccolo. And this is one that Nate does infection when I have I think candy here which is it state. Brian optical low suffered from cancer their ball running backs for the Chicago Bears Gale Sayers came in and Brian piccolo was the running back for the bears. Until they got cancer ends there worked extremely tight good friends it was. Kind of a tear Jerker I was one of those it was a it was a downer movie for guys. A couple of things before the take off here I think someone throw a frisbee in often smoked a pack counselor and then you books. Sure. Why not and then what was the one that she does that help America's I'll call I'll call call call this a snowboarding well he's pretty sure the first and the second one. Yeah those are all those sexual because Dan Marino was in there all sports move isotoner. It's so yeah so. Really a lot of fun that we we adhere to and too much made too much fun I'm not sure we can ever replicate this with the month I know we have likely that. So a base for everyone for participating if you tax it and if you tweet that outside dates for that really had a lot of fun here tonight. With just going over all of these all ridiculous sports movies in Haiti would mean you have to bring this one back you'll do alive. Sports movie draft with some audience participation now be nice little or try to figure some audience critique. Yeah Howell get live audience critique honor our sports movie draft so that's good for us tonight. We've got the the pit reporters is right like we got the pit reporters coming up next year. I'm WGR. Will be back tomorrow. I will be back but we'll be back in the morning with Howard and Jeremy. Shall the Bulldog in the afternoon and we'll have to run third debate and the sabres for you tomorrow night puck drops at 71 full coverage here. Rate your on WGR everybody have a good night for me Mike they slot and Brian. And a VG.