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11-26 Inside High School Sports

Nov 26, 2016|

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    And Gionta. Five maybe it's time to take a look inside high school sports Kelly cheering. Brought to you by mighty taco mighty taco. Would feel great right about now. My new ones have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and my dad neurological institute developing solutions and neurological problems faced an hour he. Good morning welcome inside high school sports I'm your host Tony Caligiuri along with Frank Wolf who from while Western New York. All Western New York dot com and
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    As one or the other I would have more with the inside high school sports come up next. Marty eager to get out or get to worked in my garage and it's nice day. We're back with inside high school sports that's better. Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's in studio with us longer Frank Wolf Roger Weis in Joseph mark Gucci no. I'll program note the

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She yard score. Real quiet city it's time to take a look inside high school sports. Kelly cheering brought to you by mighty taco my entire goal. Would feel great right about now my New Zealand's have you Italian sausage taste the difference quality makes me and my dad neurological. Institute developing solutions and neurological problems faced in our community. It was such a great discussion off season. It was going to be going. Good morning welcome to inside high school sports. I'm euros Toni Keller. Jerry along with Joseph mark Puccio. Roger Weis and we have the trench trophy we have Carl person as here and we're gonna have our big announcement today the finalist. Who will it be so that's coming off. We have our news and notes we're gonna talk about the Maple Grove game kinesis has one more we'll talk about that. A we're here for Frank Wolf a little bit later on a one openly calls and for news and knows but if not that we're gonna talk to him we'll hockey in the last segment. Hopefully you guys all had a great Thanksgiving. In were Nate and I were talking before the program were both in a flu cold walk. That's how much create rod Chargers do. You're funny you're talking about food and it showed tonight or first it's a first I figured my purse this week is. Hit it but did you have a nice Thanksgiving I've truly just a form us. What did you eat everything everything okay about I don't know if you waited a pizza you can get a pizza I'm not. I hibernate like a Barrett throughout the day pick if that's not a bad idea there's times I wish I can do that. But I was a great Thanksgiving and we survived by cooking. Niagara Falls police or fire were not called out to the house that was a good sign. Though it was it was that was nice it was great to spend the day of the family and today we have some matches birthday party so that's where I'm doing after the show. Four years old already Rauch. Did their goalie search here for their goalie equipment yet to openers and house I think she's going to be a softball player. She loves swinging the bat hit the ball. Throws righty swings laughed is that good. Tenants than normally you don't do things with the same man. Not the eyeballs and of one and one bet right throws. Yeah if not beyond pure grant writing and throw left you're in a series minorities so important and she throws right bats left that's. Cameron okay good. It is just Jackie. Our guys let's get into news and notes and I wanna start off with a young Western New York amateur football alliance they have college football recruiting night. Coming up December the sixth. From six to 830 is going to be the new era fielder Jim Kelly club you gonna take the west actually take gate number six. Let Jake Woods is going to Colin and next Saturday and we're really gonna go over this is is important. They have. Football players. Whether you're in public schools private schools you're all invited this event is are conducted to help expose our quality. Area seniors to as many. How's football coaches as possible in the casual convenient setting the event will provide outstanding opportunity for college coaches to meet our senior athletes. And the parents to discuss a variety of recruiting and financial issues. Available will be division two and division three colleges and universities the represented as will be on hand to answer any and all questions you may have. If you have by dvd or other media who are transcript bring it it will help you was long so this is event. To help but to follow up on our 2016. High school football junior common bond sponsored by the Western New York amateur. Football alliance so make sure you got that marked on your cal garage. Just an Irish Setter before I'm gonna say it again for you law student athletes who have a conflict that night. There are also all similar. Sessions going around either Monday airlines say and I there Rochester or if necessary have to go as far as Syracuse. If you do ever conflict grandma Tuesday night dinner affair going to be at. Nerve field house please can check your coach's job try to make arrangements to make one of these other nice for one and where what times. Okay I told me you have anything for news and notes and I know Roger you have us something as well. Yet three basketball permanent tournaments and boys basketball fog in Buffalo Rochester tournament. But Smart and he. Oh LB and its on the clock for temperature. And then you are deceased GA tip off Christian central. You got reverse are playing Grand Island to Hartford at temperature at Christian central academy it's six. And then you gotta can Aaron turner Merritt up admire Cutler. All three years here at Saint Paul vs east saint Michaels vs Nickels and a and Meyer versed Marca. Get back Catholic ones so they set themselves up. Nicely yet this the season a lot of tournaments tip off classes things like that course will have Centre court I am as soon as we get. Free him up on a Saturday. Check him out on Twitter. Follow him on center court a view from center court dot com and check out his blog you tell us only does amazing work covering high school basketball. He is the man sort of hoped to get Centre court on soon okay and go through and preview the upcoming season. Scrimmage is conine as is said turner minutes Roger this is a baseball season in gear. Yeah iron to follow what Joseph senators also are girls determined today and all the high school. Akron is playing Saint Mary's. A blank cancer in his championship game I believe it's a 430 start. 3 o'clock Alden the host team of the term replace the cancellation game. And I don't have in front of me who their opponents are like 3 and 4 o'clock and all that high school to me. Excuse me three and 430 if you're interest and and girls basketball. All the employees from brawl where it's emerged where is that right okay. Hi Al won not said not a record offer you allow old timers out there throwing all that are almost as old as I am. Classes 67 west Seneca high school in massage and west Seneca I didn't say west Seneca Wallace or west Seneca easier or more playing time up. One of the greatest athletes in Western New York history in my opinion Michael earns. Passed their way out earlier this week in South Carolina where his living at that time. If there would have been uncannily cup back in 1966. And guaranteeing he would've been a finalist and he may have won the Stanley Cup. I'm not gonna go over his son's junior high school stance or senior year. He played eight games Berrian my knees yet I see your personal playoff and championship. It was over after eight games. Sixteen touchdowns and two off extra points for 98. Points back then he ran for an extra point it was only worth one by the way. 656. Yards and 65 carries Soria averaged ten yards and Cary. Eight rushing TV six. Touchdown receptions. A summary air kickoff return and 85 yard punt return. The only player nadir of renamed the Buffalo News player of the week twice. First team all EC IC division 11. Team all Western New York. Track and field. Has a school record at that time for a hundred yard dash nine point nine seconds. And believe me in 19679. Point 9900. Dallas Holland bought as they say. 53 point four seconds for the 440 dash. Somehow I missed out on 21 you don't ask me how. Long jump 21 feet eight inches triple jump 43 feet three inches. Second and honored yard dash and EC IA person and triple A sectional meets first and it threw twenty in the state qualifier. Want to state me. And all went away and basketball is off third sport. Averaged eleven points a game as a point guard model gonna be truly missed. Jan Michael Ernst. West Seneca high school class of 1967. Always also are green beret when he when the army. But that was after he went to junior college there was an initial championship. Junior college football team Obama can Pollard daddy didn't do much of a gap from back by Michael learns were gonna miss you could. Goals is to the family also. Recipes to nickel O'Neil he out played little league for me. When I was coaching in north Buffalo and he just passed away from cancer. These behind three or four little kids. Nick was 2426. Years old something like that. We need to young and I he's gonna be missed but is it. Is the third player of that are of course that I'm you know we can't talk about them passing away and and it's difficult. I should also mention not our condolences go wanted Jean to unknowns for him in of passengers dead dog our condolences. Are right now we try to pick up the pace of the show a little bit as so hard when we have to bring up bad news part it's out there. One while dom Carl chorus and as here to the show trench trophy guys. This is the big announcement that we've been waiting for the trench trophy. I end awards annually to the best who we say lineman or person with handed down pre snap. He usually is at hand down. We this sometimes Tuesday because of some kind of one of our kids might play in the trenches one way. And maybe be a fullback or linebacker whose side. Our tie breakers are always looking for the kid that plays in the trenches both ways offensively and defensively so law. That's sort of the tiebreaker but sometimes and can you just can't overlook because there so outstanding and now in the trenches. When you guys go to the games in Europe they're you're watching and then you're breaking down film. What are you looking that what are you looking for. Look look tone and just add this. It's funny because it when when you go to a game where you blow to a practice site and stuff are always seems to be a spot on the field around. You know it's probably votes a few lines but I fees are rectangle and it's that's for alignment practice. And what happens in the game usually is some guy with a restructured puts the ball down. And people Ollie north world responders. As some other directory because I'm the ball on the heels hit the ball until a guy over the ball snaps at. Can somebody. Who everybody is is off the Corbett got the ball he hit a lot to him all the way through to him and everybody is watching these people. But you know we don't watch that you know other than coaches and parents. We're a little want to watching. The players the other people are playing the game. And there's hymns between two of them out there and everybody's watching with the models. Enough we got guys and Alter and some of the guys are bad accident in college or ice Julio. Man it's hard to watch a game like that I never watched a game like. They had that before because they're the whole bunch of guys out there and Pakistan under that under them the grounds of Ronald. That's the mud and dirt and dust and you know the other guys are allowed on the wrist practicing in these guys are not in the pets and now. That's that's why we originators of reward it's it's really not there you know it's really not an exact science. And non human toward meeting human noise from him every Sunday and throughout the year as we we. Are discussing and waiting and disagreeing. And sometimes even agreeing. As you. I'm sure that's the rare points just under point constant discussions about what we do exactly. But what do you are you looking at technique are you looking at how I'll player dominates his opponents. Let's assume when you look and an offensive tackle is he moving they and around the world harbor. How exactly right houses fee you Ozzie sack is yet there above the knees and hit that. I'm when you're at. A game it's really hard to do a lot of that stuff put what I personally do this you know you usually have some inside information from the coach or somebody that. You know look at these 123 guys so you mean mossy keying in on that. And you do watch to see if he's dominating. And it and that type of thing. We get into the foot work and things and there's more on the film study you know you might catch it and a player to here and there but you looking for it you know has at least I do for his domination and and that type missed. Are you also looking man who is going when it gets the NF if you have your an alignment is 300 pounds and he's going up against. A 240 and he is moving tomorrow yeah he plays well let's carted to judge as we do take that into consideration. You know his competition. You know that that we relish it sometimes a little later in the year week 45 were. You know we have two kids that were watch and and actually gone against each other I mean nets' chances you know a great thing for for us leave to blow. You know we don't always give abortionists and housekeepers is Christmas matchups like we did at the stadium here those are the ones we like to guys it would be finalist Colin had at that doesn't happen very often. And I don't Carroll and I had mentioned about you know you look at the feet and I'll have. I have enough trouble like keeper man alignment and on stripping the ball carrier level watching his speech dollars so I'm probably you know. I do up early work I give them stuff from the coaches. And if I see your kids as impressive after idea. But wisely kid that I president of the committee and I say. Hey this guy looks pretty good degree but I think you guys you go look at him before we know how many of course we're actually out there or tragic it's information that you guys don't get from the concession stand and I'm not gonna they're getting the inside out left and you know what players were good numbers are the ones that are most often the concession. Yeah yeah our opponents. Our record straight right on point there because. And I don't speak about all the time we got some loyal guys that steal a lot of games tonight knows. Some problems in the office right now and studio. But we had people that may see 45 games are from the north thousand known an eagle Florida. And though it's send us little email lots of sons of something and as the other but is it you know these are feeders counselor and we him. The bunch of scouts and hello to regain the weekend. And then we also have video and film that we've reached study and look at. It's that every Sunday between eight and twelve or fifteen guys show up and we have a newsletter weekly newsletter in the we discussed what you know who's going to be nominated and so forth and we have vote seventy beautiful. Portfolios. To kids seniors. Non Western New York in the and that was that to me it's it's a classical war to begin with and we won and we love. Make sure that the beautiful game these kids play we wanna make sure. Because some merit to the coaches that are actually never in any attention you know on its tired because. You know we analyst here at Iowa this close could be. Triple size and arm sure and not in a week. We only have shall only. Too much money to spend some neutral usually you have to have criteria. And you have to have a Bolden have to respect the people on your committee use him. You know I respect you send your boys it's that way but that's the way we we come to a consensus. And gone so I'm sick about some is that I countless. Well because you know we see how the arguments always look at our FaceBook page. Inside high school sports when we do the Connolly cup announcement and the arguments start and fact genocide pro what's the break. He looked as far what they come already you know so you gonna get them but I think it's important that everybody knows where your mindset is where your common at this part how you're looking at peace players. You look at different penalties does that weigh in a new season well this guy you know he gets nabbed for holding once a game you know. Blitzed you don't docked him for that. You know so many variables. I'm glad you mentioned that those a few years ago what are. We get to unsportsmanlike conduct I don't leisure you're out of the game and one of buyer who was a better lineman. Though he got thrown out of a game and unfortunately we had a few Scots had a game like tournament and you know it and it kind of cost them at the end did the year in only. He got a nomination at some point but he wasn't a finalist and I looked at how exists. Donald gonna wanna mention you know I forgot to bring nice where every year we talk about trends favoring him and I always forget it is an out. Little Paul were ordered recall hello electrical lineman Paul who have been cooler reach every day if I think well for him next week in review will be a weekly ritual appreciated. As lining up our our committee works. Would like to thank you coaches out their pre season or call lot of room. It Toma or top couple guys software that that he ended his season I would call coach and say consumption coupon hoddle. Not one person to our style. God well I'm happy to see the coaches are involved in you know push it further is to win the awards that looks good and Adam what they. What when they do know. So I mean like Joseph what are you looking at when you start in. A look for messed you select guys have no idea but sometimes. Purdue attack beat magic. You can do it and find a way to do buyers Altman. Its job on was got to be results driven their media tartans book and I'll punchline you've. You got to be if you're you're gonna don't have technology I can succeed unless your big huge drew near colleges over you just the way. You gotta ya think is that you know you kind of real of the band that in the season as the Simpsons annual through. Stay equal shot how do you shop your feet how do you get out to get that edge rusher if you're tackle. If you're Garner you are you able to pick up that blitz coming up the middle. And out so you know that's another point at all corners but there are different caliber or. Types of blank coaches in this area some schools have. The coaches as Irish are specifically. A good that line coaches in the zone that I'm new to us and see how this works. And you can see that technique rub off on the kids sometimes they don't point that could implement better technique. Our view was home and Nathan and all of say at least we have bet coaches and we don't want anybody that anybody that would put that much time and effort it is worthy of hello my respect. That's why it's important to go to Jean's and it Nellie clinics whenever he does his thing are you. The in my heart and knowledge that you get from him it's a match you you not. That's a break there that's the guy you need to go to be in it blows yeah he'll be alarming. Is tremendous and the fact that if he goes as this year. I have to go there's no question alone it. Is that learned this past years like wait a minute I've been away from the game for little but I guess I need to brush up on my tech. Mean plus so the clicked we hit with him he was trying to teach all the coaches we over a hundred people the first one. How to keep to head out you know through to eliminate held a limit concussions. What has a football that's were trying to do. Is keep in the you know your arms are up elbows are down your head is up your shoulders pinched back you know it's all designed for safety in the is it's important. I were to take a break when we come back from the break. We are going to hear our list in our finalists for this year is trench trophy will be back with more inside high school sports. Fill the role lost a few times and prime scoring areas and it's pressuring him only if there's not much you can do it's it's. You bear down a little bit more important you know it's it's frustrating that's. You know it's score goals against the problem and you know that's that's my job and want to learn now. Sabres forward Ryan old Riley following last night's 321 loss. To the Washington Capitals the Sabres continued to struggle finding the back of the net. They score two or fewer goals in twelve of their last thirteen games we don't know the tells us what restaurant. Are we had I don't know. Two or three posts in the first periods you know little little whom we've been on the stuff stretch lately and and certainly scoring and now I haven't had a ball just with us that we didn't and haven't worked really hard for people we scores. Sabres net minder under is Nielson there the Sabres will get a few days off. Before getting back on the road faceoff against the senators on Tuesday night to be here wall to wall coverage of Sabres sends right here on the radio home of the Sabres. WGR Sports Radio 515 of the bills they. Are back home and the faceoff against a few familiar faces when they Jacksonville Jaguars come to town. Coach not this team's coach anymore. You know on him mom I'm blessed to be the coach yours so I was a miserable experience you know for everybody we won't win and having our fans are. This is oil fan bases wrist so we want to create that miserable day for people with fans are a big part of. All coverage of bills Jets from new airfield starts at 7 AM legion right into the call from mark mark Kelso in south Aponte on the radio home the bills to be GR. Sports Radio 550 if you quick notes from the college game reports indicate Ellis he will named interim head coach at Oregon. As their new head coach after rumors a big contract to be in place with Houston's Tom Herman. To be their new head coach in Texas Charlie Strong he's expected mean of longhorn officials today. He'll learn his fate moving forward army Kyrie this WGR Sports Radio 550 more inside high school sports is next. The fact this is inside high school sports Tony that was your drummer Puccio. Rationalize we have guys here and power outburst from the trench trophy were brought to. Find out who our finalists are we have Frank Wolf he's covering hockey. Would hope in the eighties gonna call in for the last segment we'll see how that goes rides one thing before we get to our final. Yeah I decided aren't getting back and Michael earns you press the way those statistics that you obtain you know I had to go through to get those statistics it's from for a few years ago. One text message to Paul hustler and lower then later he sent me an email. Western New York here are awarded jewel you have a high school sports and Paul wants how's he do it kitten batter awesome people off all miss you. All right guys are we ready this is at the moment everybody's been waiting for we're gonna hear the names and a little bit about each player as you guys go through this so. I saw him over we don't know we're doing there and they'd go anyway I enjoyed it caught everybody barrage of drama. I tickled this analysis name yep and they're just tell us a little bit about each player. Okay the first guy is from our record is an emotional black. He's the Garrard and linebacker. The big strong kid to calm. He was a dynamic now blocker and he wanted to leaders of that team and now one of the big reasons they went as far as they did this year. You know mister or Mosul a lot to mr. black if it. It today. In our next one is Michael Kerr Janssen too much tax. Two way player. Hustles on both sides of the ball and uses the trenches ovals as well. These him very strong kid in and what he did for his size he. Really Agile and that he moves extremely well for a big guy that's what the cows coaches are looking for. Okay we're trying to do this all the Beckley little right. The next an expert or Tryon who ultimately if and that purses Nathan and learn from your boys high school personally through two way player. Thankfully for its success paved the way for branding yaks yes he do them big strong kid. That grade athletic ability in. Please hire them both sides of the ball. It next via Tyler Marshall layup from Saint Francis. He's strong and dominating play it of one thing that I personally knows about is how Smart he has he very rarely out of position. And just season dominating player it helps when you really understand the game. K next we have from. Franklin Perillo could go a little which believe it Preston Hutchinson. And guys are good two way player. Knows some wrong couple times notes and reports on him. And we like. I like about him is he's like he's an old school linemen you know he's like six foot 200 pounds and and it's well when I went to school that was brutal they did when you're six foot 200 chair. But he he's fire volley packs a punch in the he plays bigger than what he is. As Simon me when he played Maple Grove and it would have been in oh control early in the season. And we. Maple pretty much candidates who law. Evil frank is I columns like this guy it was a matter pleas by any stretch of the imagination. Could choice days good choice. Next. Paul fame inductees is Nick Jones from Dunkirk and obviously this would normally don't select some people from the same school. But Nick Jones while black playing next week others that are in there and then. One from the other room with the nose tackle and Dave middle linebacker we just couldn't really slippery. What a SS a lot of up their program. I knew if Jones are kernel of a lot of people move as well in his eleventh grader he tore Volpe steals and came back all of a home he didn't play in for the first out and assessment coincidentally defeated you know it Duncan gloss the first two games and they started or their big run. When Nick Jones became Andy's got dropped the first two. Extremely strong and Agile enough you know as no surprise that they came back and and Logan and at the stadium games I mean how many. Third and fourth downs they converted right behind in my quarterback sneaks Derek summer. Snow I guess it's not quite mourn a coincidence and the two games they lost tour duo are only in and I took a walk early in the year goes or not the game you want to miss it Jones now. And stuff how fame inductees is also Sean Closser from Clarence such. That big kid. Now he is big strong financial and he just rock solid player for them and and you know one of the leaders on that team. Again next hall of fame inductees is a kick up a Letterman from Lancaster and numbers of these so. And amenities he's I guess what you'd call a real studs in as a road grader mentality and he's probably one of the reasons Lancaster really. You know turn that program around here and he's just heck of a lineman. Primarily an offense but he does switch in on defense as well. Knicks all payment that he has Nathan philosophy from the Cleveland held classy champions. Nathan Lee was another kid that he was hurt a little bit the beginning of the year and when he came bad. Cleve till season and it turned around a little bit as well. Solid two way players who leader on the team and he moves extremely well. In that trio. Tyler white from ten more west as well. Tyler white is that he's he's a fun kid to watch he's you know he's big he's strong and and he's extremely fast he's just like. He's a force there you know he's just he's a fun kid to watch and each is he he has a lot of fun playing in the heat. Yeah a deep but you gotta count for worries. At all. As he's common you get two sacks. Then alphabetically in this one did you pull bits from Orchard Park. And now we're all just gonna stay away from gated W. I went out and left tackle I thought I was just speculating on who you are okay that's Carl and Paul was ringing on that we're gonna good beer Greek ultimately we're gonna have movement. You know I know as an immediate. Yeah after. You'll waiting the other night for a you know count game like. Little self imposed deadline of Wednesday night you know to get all the votes and then you know or cement Diaw were waiting waiting waiting you know two more votes are out there two more votes and its really close. And you know outside we could skip these votes and just go without him so it's been about 11 o'clock. So councils put on a listens to you who didn't send in here that Pittsburgh does me and Carol. And a good guys or what dale but it. There are okay. Aaron twelve finalists now we we got to dial a bit about mr. Kuwait there you know yeah I mean he how can you miss say it means he's he's. B yeah I mean he's got all the tools he's really at least what about 676 of he's huge and he's a very dominant player I mean you know on his wing span issues you know. He he has a lot of tools that result was more he had he is. Tony Terry court took a picture of me and I'm mr. cool bracket via. Media day it's a Ralph Wilson Stadium and my wife look at that picture couldn't get all my read and look like Shaquille O'Neal standing next to Peewee Herman has often. I. I don't agree. On a case last. Of course not least is JB well from green and now. And his kidneys he's what we call it computers. I mean he is real strong both sides of the ball one and he plays with a image. And he's he's a tough kid. As Dutch bugs. The purest love. That is it that your peers have an advantage over starting well it depends on that day her case I. I assignment the game against us that are point period impressive that some against. See Amherst. And very solid absolutely solid. We could probably sit here and and and talked about you know happened as a more kids. Well as well Clinton and Rivers. And Wednesday resurrect those lose at that. Under way. So it. Yeah I mean we Xerox dollars are right next week left I'm more announcements to make it to market share it we we do. In conjunction with be the best. Linemen camp week we given underclassmen that I Dave hack care camp practice. Yes and we give large school small school our underclassmen award. An issue from the large school is Jeremiah Sanders from time in saint June. And from the small school it's to wreak Whitaker from Cheektowaga. Two outstanding lineman. And then we also have within the parameters always give and go out and we sort of decided then and David we can expand our program through embrace more of the really good kids. Vice him. Ward. His home called the pit bull. You know and then that's course. Some of these kids Neifi that in a little bit them because they're ridiculous in a defense and man under. Linebacker diary you know shall of this for the twelve we have the mixture of football players. New years ago like we would have the tendon and two players would have been left out this week and a elevated our little people ward. So that the Arab true hall of fame inductees and again we knew we had a meeting Roger access this. Materiel gets useless stuff that we had 23 year 25 people we left we had two more people and stuff and got a. Now all we care Ramirez down this morning history. Nor were we the media was to eliminate some of the 23 to get down to maybe fifteen and I'll land and we left that meeting up. Golf for 2325. We think about it all the teams that are out there and all the linemen as a lot of players and to sift through and go through. And pick out who are the top ones. That's that's an endless task and you guys do a great job with that thing in particular evidence I'll listen my pleasure this a lot of fun and we're happy to have you. Now we let you guys go and we're gonna get into. His Roger says tell you what you ordered steroids you're zero and I tell ya audience would you answer are were gonna face and then literally and now will be back with one final segment of inside high school sports. Side high school sports based at C Eric Carle person French trophy committee for coming and given us our. Our trash finalists for the year interest in list and while they're given it my phone has rang in off the hook are from I know coach he. I don't think you like the list cut cut cut sorry coach judges you know. It's their last. So congratulations to all those who were nominated. All right Bob Hope of games last night Maple Grove season comes to an end. One point loss in double overtime all man. Narrow it to say I'm man up they might still be playing at 2 AM rock. Standard goal flight school goal posts instead of law. Beyond narrow our goal posts that I at the Carrier Dome the reason I say that is. They were young lady was a soccer player basketball player and I forget what sport she plays in the spring probably like Crosby she also kicks for a job. You know all the opponents. And she just missed out wide left on an extra point attempt. And I think it might have been one of the reason when they went for Carroll. I think it was a do you know I was. Part of the equation as something to do with that unfortunate. Maple Grove very solid game all but 11. And goal from run ninth in overtime react as they held. Nadal the only opponent from a scoring. One of these situations. After the ball snapped the quarterback. Stumbles I am one of the senators stepped on his flawed. And just managed. Made the pitch out Aaron enough where. I think it was putts is that the ball is actually being produced a one man out. Crucial a play at the end and they were able to recover. They score than a Maple Grove scores a touchdown they get the first possession in the second overtime kick the extra point. And I gave up all fourth and eleven pass wanna play that they made against them. And ours is they say is history hey congratulations occurred pressure. Still outstanding season they have three guys playing at or honor percent and they performed admirably. Dubose would quarterback. Brad Brentson. Running back. These guys are playing hurt and you would notice that by their performance and feel my hat's off to own personal champs in my opinion fair. And you know I wanna do that this is sec which you send his congratulations. Outstanding season and we know one thing they will be back. I'll absolutely. No they don't rebuild they reload. Exactly a tenacious. They have one more game this is for stain and others some confusion as to whether they were going to be able to play this game but they are winners at the fourth. Yes next Saturday Sunday met Sunday OK they wanted to play this week and his team was off this week but it couldn't get a field. I was during the Bronx couldn't get anything it was actually talk about playing a Yankee Stadium because they have the pin straight bowl where the real guarded there. So notably an excellent daily key stud and this team is kind of like not your regular team it's all or else. Did you he got archbishops up react area saint Anthony's right Nate Peters actually kind of way. Lost the first three. That is Condit is steam roll and then they had to fourth seed in their underdog beaten some top teams and Dirk to marriage all their quarterback paired 2944. Yards. On 32 touchdowns. And there wide receiver. Vol 43 catches 1249 in yardage nineteen touchdowns. A lot of quarterbacks gonna offer from Albany and central Connecticut. And Booker are scoring on a year or is almost. Three daughters six guard points. And 349 against lot of under games Roy. 51 of 49 so they want it wasn't very big. I almost look at it is like Kenechi really restless and beef us. Or stop these two guys because he's the quarterback was also leading rusher would like five warden so what are strictly opposed to. Jody I do put spy on the bat double up on the best receiver and maybe blitz the quarterback and quarterbacks usually keys for us. Make you got to contain the outside then your hands got eight make sure you're insane. Home and made said the pressure up the middle what you you know all this team most of us this season's gone just. Got on role or was that a team like we know we saw with don't Kirk do you miss him a couple players early in and then maybe that affected them. But our cage is obviously an have to get their offense. That's been working well and in the come down to the defense and don't just talk Roberts was monsignor off girls also and a conference that. Police Angels are career. Pop the bottom. Eight teams and it's. The top teams in over our New York City in the Catholic we could just make it permanently played here. We have the availability of the fields we don't have to mess around thinking about trying to figure out dates bring any any Saturday we can do it. I always thought. General who did you know you know. This weekend. Pieces of course is going to do it by not how many do you wanna travel on Thanksgiving weekend. Away from ma whatever is going on. And while the box looking to do what they're playing the day after Thanksgiving first chance I realize that we're sell. I can understand why they were Monica wallowing across the state. This weekend. Mean to model to flee the Royals. Again is the field availability and locate your way you play it always cheerleader memory and mental now you have is strictly nude girl there's nobody in umbrellas you don't interest and knowledge is that like they have. Catholic schools from the middle of the state that were eliminated in semi final drove so law they beat I don't know if that would make sense not that either Reese or was. So maybe they keep it not just alternated so next year it'll probably end it'll be a Western New York. Jet neutral site but grand Alastair. Now either way best luck to kinesis hopefully they went really at least once the championship here. We fell a little bit short and by the way ER it was post on our FaceBook page. I believe jester sometime yesterday. From I'm against the Maple Grove fan who's sad to I don't post is a copy of a week or Randolph fans were. If you don't pick and I'm Maple Grove for losing that game that's not right. And all of water bottle talk around golf coach buck he. Got on OK be asked you know you'll do bay every local sections to win the championship exactly you know I rivalry aside. I don't believe venison I've called the will solve Lilly's mentality at all. Their favorite team is obviously. One team and her second favorite team is anybody's playing the other you you know like the Yankees and arrests I guess they'll stand they'll. I don't write you know once you're out of sectors six. I root for such incidents. And we saw it or would a Saint Francis coach wishing conditions. The basses I can't believe wrote I'm gonna root for conditions here we wanna stay champ that's the right attitude to take. Our guys that's gonna wrap it up thanks to Nate Kyrie. And not get things that trash trophy guys we will Joe's gonna post the list of the finalists on FaceBook page you'll be able to catch that. I'm not here now to go prepare for Samantha is birthday party and go blue go Michigan beat Ohio State's. Anthony make sure the people at the British party besides you get somebody. Don't need everything yourself life always is with him he's always slapping him and you always. If I eat I remember Reuter late Bob told him you have let's tackle. We'll talk to you move next week with more inside high school sports.