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12-26 Extra-Point Show with Sal Capaccio HR 1

Dec 26, 2016|

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Extra points Joseph what's. I don't know on welcoming the extra point show here on to reach your Sports Radio 550 and along the MSG. Networks on television south of pot you'll hear Mary belated Christmas to everyone out there we hope you enjoy your Christmas weekend. At least your Christmas day of course of your Buffalo Bills and because that archery could've enjoyed. Saturday very much with the team losing of course to the Miami Dolphins 3431. In overtime. And the season is now essentially over for the Buffalo Bills as far as the playoffs are concerned there is. No more chance that's it those can't make the playoffs seventeenth street season and we bent down this road before and it feels. Very very familiar so hopefully. We'll get some calls today and your thoughts on things off through the phone number out 803055888. By 52 by fifty. The number call here today we'll talk about Rex Ryan we'll talk about Tyrod Taylor will talk about what's going on with the team overall. The direction heading into the offseason where you wanna go with that I really gotta wanna throw question out there to kind of begin everything. As far as what your ideal situation is for next year and I. Realistic as well I mean ideal situation to look at what's your ideal situation me. Earlier today and I said you mean I coach and quarterback and I said. Tom Brady but that's not realistic those are getting to number. Some realistic situations out there as far as head coach as far as quarterback in both of those could be Rex Ryan. And Tyrod Taylor that's the way you feel so wanna talk about that today and I wanna move forward. You know. Looking ahead to next year as much as we look back on. What happen in this particular game 803055888552. By fifty. The numbers to call as of right now I'm trying to work on this renowned having a little prob with my call screeners so. I may have to have Brayton back the station Brayton justly you know may have to have you bring everything up I'm down here at the one buffalo studios here. Debbie shares were trio fight fifteenth avenue from one bills drive of course bills did lose. To the Miami Dolphins 34 to 31 overtime as a football fan. If you're just a football team. It was a great game as a fantastic. Down on the field it was intense. God great ending lots of big swings back the back and forth lots yards points that's a fantastic game as a football. It was not a fantastic game in your Buffalo Bills fan because the weight and of course. There was some positive to take out of it of course offensively. The biggest positive because the bills had a lot of good things go their way offensively we'll get into some of those as we go onto ourselves that's the bottom of this hour 1030 we of that. At 1045 sideline view is I'll talk about some things that I saw on the sidelines. And 11 o'clock is are arrow up arrow down segment you can read my arrows up and down at WGR five it dot com as they do every week after every game. And of course 1130 we're gonna go for two here on the extra point show 803055888. By PD to buy fifty. Over. Finished. Done. Whatever adjective to describe the even adjectives whatever it is that's what happened those playoff hopes. On a cold Orchard Park Christmas Eve Saturday night. After Miami kick that short field goal in overtime and maybe they and the insurer before that maybe their playoff hopes ended. After the punt. During the part that's been widely talked about and debated and we'll get to that as well today Rex Ryan putting with 409 left. And. What did all that as we go on the program today. You tweet me as well. I am on Twitter at sell sports. I'll get to some of those tweets as we go along. But I wanna get into kind of what happened on Saturday where you're at with this team what you wanna see going forward. The biggest picture that matters overall. Is the bills'. Playoff. Chances are the bills' playoff chances and their season especially over now because of it. Of course we do one game remaining at the jets this coming weekend but they won't be playing after that the play after out. Has now been extended to seventeen straight seasons the longest of any. Team in any of the four major North American professional sports I hate saying that I hate reading it it's true. Bills are now out of the playoffs they've expanded the drought that was already existing of the longest of any of the four major North American professional sports. Hard Islamic. Especially considering. They came into the weekend with a very slim chance. Yet everything they needed outside of them wound up happening around the league you'd think about who lost Tennessee. Baltimore. Denver. Everybody laughs at me to lose. The bills lost they needed to it was the only thing that they had to do to give us a chance to vote in week seventeen. But that hope is gone about it. The built one we'd be sitting here today talking about this can happen this can actually happening there go to the jets and they need Baltimore to lose a game. And the idiot thing maybe Denver whoever there have been two other games I think around the league that teams had to lose. The situations with a very could well lose. But the bills didn't hold up their end of the bargain. They couldn't take care business. I guess they rival. At home. Coming up from Florida. In December. Since the AFL NFL merger. In this game the bills had the third most yards ever gained. By any team in a loss. 589. Total yards as a pretty incredible number. Deal more credible. The you can lose would that. I'll have more on that later. So because of that though in the loss here we are seven and 81 game left. Questions surrounding the head coach Rex Ryan's future more than ever they already were over the last few weeks as we know. Will he stay or will ago. The kind of defensive performance we saw. The last several weeks with the season on the line mainly at Oakland. And then back home against Pittsburgh and then Miami two weeks later. I think it's going to be hard for Rex Ryan. To save his job to be kept out. But ultimately. That decision it's gonna come out to Terry and Kim Angola in what direction they want ago. Rice Phyllis three years remaining on his contract. If ownership does decide to keep them which is still a possibility I believe. Lot of fans are gonna be upset about that. That does happen I'm sure that would mean other changes. Weather in the front office. Or on the coaching staff. I really did enjoy not having to focus on the upcoming free agency or the draft over the last few weeks while the team was. In the playoff hunt still albeit with slim chances. But that's where we are now. Going to be the same offseason conversation we had a year after year after year. Coaches. Quarterbacks. Draft picks. However you want a slice it whatever you wanna talk about. Talk to be on the table today 803055888. By fifty. To buy fifty I think I have the ability is my call screeners on a try that here before we have anybody else can have push any buttons here so I'll do that here of we now we don't have our. Brayton awesome back there in her studios and our flagship to be GR sports real fight that the I do that for us so let's start off with chuck in west Seneca and we'll see how this works out I chuck you're an extra point show. I don't think you are chiller don't. Openly about EQ did you this chart track extension. Silent but all I don't know what to action at all you know why don't you at the trapped free agency. Should not yet and that's our directional current situation. I personally critical but she got Gilbert that report it so critical reporting low point but just support Iraq because. What do you mean by what do you mean by everybody. I'd like we're really all the way out while light. Why is the what do say you said what is the point of it while there's lots of points at most most teams do just fire a coach without firing. Other people like I would see a point of doing that there is absolutely our reason to do that if that's case a disaster what do you mean there's no point. Coaches always make the playoffs. Piper Seneca. Sort of look at and sure obsolete or are likely not a play off. So I think it. Out well. So it has but it looked natural order back work jitters but that's OX. Chipped it strapped. The early ticket stubs. Additionally easier your point isn't really. That it would make sense to have them as a pair of point you just don't want I'm really here. I mean if you don't arts. OK bush I he sort IQ up or the way it yet. I don't think you have to do that I don't think they're tired but if you don't want doesn't really am fine with that opinion that's fine. I don't see how they have to be tied together. Because what we're. He has to check culture which broke and chicken but there were picture like that. OK okay I I guess I'm still missing the point I'm sorry maybe it's me chuck I don't understand why they're tied together I do understand if you want to have really gone because the reason you're really now. I just don't understand the point of why they have to be tied together maybe I'm missing the the point there pressure Isaac because if you what you're saying is because if you're gonna fire you gotta get someone else a chance to hire the coach because we really hasn't done that. I understand that although I will tell you what I told you before he didn't hire the last coach either the owner. So I don't I just don't think it necessarily tied the EU make separate decisions on direction on Doug Whaley. If you think that will is that the guy then you move on from. Anything Rex Ryan is that the guy that you move out from I don't think you have to fire both of them just because they have to be a package deal I don't think that at all but I think I understand where your own that. They married to a man how organized about it. They you to thank you very much. It was a great game that it was exciting it was fun but I think that at all as deep down we all knew what was gonna happen at the end and and a bottom line what this coaches. I would or he's fun and exciting. He he's brilliant notion that he did have some success albeit. Mildly. When he was with the gentlemen electric for years. The same thing that we've been seeing here and I think you become sympathetic figure among the national media which is kind of amusing to me they'll think they look at. And they watched they gain the same way as the Buffalo Bills and do. Course not and ridges like just getting bills fans don't watch other teams games the same way of course right. And you're completely right I totally agree but I think. It's very simple. We let the jets so many here and our whole hope our national TV. They actually embarrassed out with a quarterback doctoral student three interceptions against every other seemed equally. We had 176 lead in the fourth quarter. On the road at Miami Heat we had a 249 lead at Oakland. I'm the role. All times are decent that absolutely collapsed. Pittsburgh and was an abomination. This game defensively. What you say that I mean. The cocaine tackle but he sure can get eleven guys on the field in overtime when a guy wrote for sixty yards and stick the nightmare back. We hit three Roy actually you running backs rush for 200 yards three separate occasions. These old Soviet defense coach. There's nothing left to say there in the way he can keep his job. It just can't see. KJ thank you for the the thoughts and the call I I think a lot of people are where you are today I think it was inexcusable to have ten people on the field. And that's absolutely true I think that you you. Point rate to the head coach into the communication issues in the defense. For that and that is his specialty. And the excuse and the reason why they gave wasn't good enough for me. The Stephon Gilmore. Was. Out of the game they did know his back while that goes the heart of what you do on your sideline who's not who's not really that especially considering. What made it worse for me it happened out of it a change of series like. You know like it is going out there on third down and rushed play by the office you had a hole. 3040 seconds to know what was going on and think about it. They were changing personnel you were taking personal I I didn't like that at all. I think that is. Definitely one spot you can land on the myriad of reasons why you believe. Eight change should be made us go to Mike in Pennsylvania hi Mike you're an extra point show. Eight down marker that you and I you're scrambling thank you very much call. Hey you know we don't wreck me. They've got to make a change. I didn't think that may be career fourteen to go quite. Now I just think you got to make a change and I'm not at the pills and ready to blow this thing up well with that. That. You've got to get rid of wrecks because Rex was brought here to. Controlled the defense and make that strength of our team that is no longer strike art he got a weakness of marketing. Our home Sobel what do we can you do it I think you you promote it in the lane from. I mean this guy to me that Goldman put that out you equation it was a week to after the jet and he got let go. I think he called good game there's been a couple of hiccups here and there are Reggie Bush caught in adult which. You know to puke too many. Things that could've went wrong with that play not our place. You know what the wind and all but anyway I think you'll grow to coat but I do think there's something there would we can't win. Being promoted I'm not ready to blow this thing up and I mean if you're gonna fire everybody from the GM typical I mean an end up to make on Tyrod. It's gonna take some time to get back to appoint. Oh where the team could possibly make a play all I you're gonna do complete rebuilt the I'm not ready to do that I do think however the top with decisions is gonna be on Tyrod Taylor. And what the bills choose to do with our record that's not an easy decision. Is that tougher decision coach what is tougher today. What what what the proper decision coat you're Tyrod yeah what do you think the tougher decision today for Terry camp for Doug Whitley. I think it's got to be part Ron I think you act like that I I think references. It is goddess because I think you could roll. From within that you can you know and it and he lived it becomes head coach and then you go get somebody on the. I thought at all Rex is brother all the people on the side of the people have to go but I think it's absolutely Tyrod because it that the financial strapped that comes with. And I eight now I don't know why I am I hearing Iberia I I I enjoy the thoughts and it's an interesting question I appreciate I got a running allow more phone call to get to Mike thank you very much. Yeah I think that Tyrod muddy the waters on what people thought about it yesterday. Because most people I've talked to you people calling me listeners Twitter social media chatter out there whatever. Most people I've spoken to read this year. Fans have said that the wanted to move on from Tyrod he hasn't shown enough that he comes out he has 3291 of his best performances may be his best game. As a bill all things considered statistically it certainly was. And I the muddies the water now. Is it a franchise record for yards that's gonna be interest. What's your ideal situation. Going into next year I coach in quarterback as we're talking about today and you could use to keep all these guys that your ideal situation realistic ideal situation. I get Joseph Montana's prime that's the it that that might be idealistic. But it's not realistic. Let's go to mark in buffalo I'm mark your an extra point you are happy holidays. So I want to thank my question would cope under rat and a teacher you know I'm yeah we've got to bed from last year in do you think we're gonna bring them back. Pictures well. Well the reason they brought him back is because it's just like a lot of these other positions and things you talk about I mean. There're only so many guys out there on the street and you look around the league kickers are really know necessarily maybe Justin Tucker in Baltimore otherwise. You know these guys are the greatest. In the world yeah I mean I shouldn't say that comic they're the greatest kickers in the world I guess what. Lots of guys struggle you know but the reason I brought him back remember they also gave them a cut. To bring them back they also brought in capitation and he actually won the job during training camps I don't problem with bringing him back giving them a chance support for his job and he actually want it. But after the season he had this year I don't think you can justify bringing him back again next year now. Great night no problem yeah sorry I get and I got twisted up in my words there what. Why do they bring him back while they gave the pay cut is ever gonna see what else is out there and be quite frank there's not much out there so it's not like kickers just roaming the street. Who can out perform these guys if that was the case every team would be doing it because a lot of these kickers have struggled this year. But he he had a bad game. I put my arrow down. Column and there was good reason for that we'll get to that a little while. Go to Jerry in buffalo hi Gerri are on the extra point show what's up. They were going off so I mean. There you look at the commentators. I won't say an expert analyst on ESP an independent allies games. There are also favor for keeper marks it look at it this is just two years. Basically you're a lot of injuries are ya ya. He looked at the same perspectives here in buffalo went to two years that we want to get their works. I felt like ownership is probably not a stand still would just obviously it's completely understand where the ticket buyers but. At the same time being Smart and just looking at the whole case in the scenario here a couple of more years less it's only been two years. His name is Rex Ryan he's a big name. My opinion it is also my second point this. With. Gary are you making an argument to keep them or not keep them and understand. Making the argument to people and I I'm ball more sources. What everyone is and even a part time and Syrian games in our. Analysts say you're saying that the big picture the outside observers. You know they're not as critical because they see a bigger picture rating. Maybe in all our injuries and it's only been two years and Ryan we got a big name we want. Certain corners. With the offense earlier statistically obviously to decent student who wouldn't disclose to do what position on that it. And so platform. We had something in place or. Damn right Miami has sucked in a place for who the one that came national park and here we would have beat suggests we will be having this conversation. Now we would but they did win the game and here's the reality of a Jerry here's part of the problem if you wanna put a lecture on what left in the right you wanna. Make a piece of paper and say why keep Rex why not to keep wrecks one of the reasons why he would say not too is there one in seven this year against teams or 500. So I mean no he didn't win the game and they haven't won games against good teams all year the only when they beat was New England with Jacoby were sat I think that's a mark against Rex Ryan. Soccer so what it is and to the question in that scenario if we would've won the game with dynamic to game of the week that we had. And let's assume would be did you do you think Medicare works hard. The motive I think either a captive. Yes that thing because then they could very well made the playoffs but they would've won out after yesterday I think the way they played offense. The way the team I seem to be held. Out there playing in trying I guess is not running for the boss and eighty that's not have a good performance. 17 against teams over 500 I think that's. That goes to why one of the reasons why he wouldn't retain head coach if that's the discussion Tommy mock wanna you're on the extra point she ought to be here and honestly go ahead. I don't want our personal our city that are accurate six years varsity football work work hard. Like the Google thing about all I'm wondering if the bills. Maybe duke power here in the Jon Gruden. Other name come and be like football. Greeting them with. Is that what you wait wait what do you think. On up obviously that's what you think they should do congratulations on the outstanding high school football crew though apparently. I don't like the term necessarily ease our footballs are I don't know this isn't you know. I don't know fifteenth century Russia whatever it is I don't necessary like that IE. Don't know that's what you need. If that's the case may be just move on from that we alien put somebody I. Generally what you think it obvious somebody to go in between the owner in the general manager in that situation a president of football operations not the president like Russ Brandon is who doesn't. You deal with the operation he deals with other things so you're saying. Put somebody in there I don't know if you're gonna get a guy like power and I want to coach my team. I'm not even junger necessarily fan as are the coach anymore I'm sure what he brings power may be I don't know its games Kana. In a while now since he's coached as well you whenever he would be that with his philosophies and what he believes in but if you're gonna go out decently that I want those guys to coach my team not be. Ahead of a football operations. So no I don't I don't agree they need to do that let's go to Robert Eaton Robert your an extra point show. Yeah. That Robert did you play six years of high school football as well. I'll catch wanna make sure lust deal with here got. Now. I mean there's there's all kinds of things you can talk about but let let's talk about the couple things about accountability. You know I know again cart lenders taking a real hit here. Yeah he didn't do his job it's Jimmy he didn't lose that game yesterday you know the coaching staff. And the accountability. That were holding our defensive players to was the big difference. Let's start with why are we putting the ball in the hands of Reggie Bush is not a playmaker anymore on third down. You know give it to a play makers that that's why we you know we took a leave you know we've put in place and we put it. In it and you know our running back you know age it's crazy. I hate to say this though Roberts I want their way to Anderson where I am on this I agree that was a bad call I do agree I think. Second in two maybe from there you might wanna do it it was second twelve. It's risky but you don't like you know I actually part of the issue I had was Reggie Bush adapt and on the field all day he's coming cold. And it's that type that situation is so risky if you lose your RG set yourself up and along third however I wanna see this Robert. As much as I didn't like that call that's pretty much the only thing about the day I didn't like from Anthony Lynn and I I. I'm not saying he deserves a pass but I could take everything else he did an understated say you know what. They set a franchise record on offense and how to get a look past a little bit what I thought was a bad call that situation. Inept point what you just I agree I think there is growth. Taking place in Brcko to step on the opposite side I don't see it on the front of darkness she ought to fair weather geysers start with Rex. I am actually won the won the previous few people who actually at our it would it would keep until I I think that guy. More of you out there that you think. I I think there's growth there I really do and I think you re an element of the game they can put it in the position to win. You know we all know it and turn over you are bigger and bigger risk but maybe he can't start to take to address. But again with the defense. You you're you're a couple you know again accountability we're talking about where would be just don't know how to win Gillmor makes a stop in on a guy worked a follow up. We're well aware of the guys who does yard line record where our defense in the from the backside we're gonna come to make a play her neck guy. They don't they bigger guys and they can hit and they stop playing. And it will. It was infectious. That defense is there was there wasn't I don't see the gang tackle in the back seat from other top secret that you know mindset. Around the league and again to meet that starts with the Rex. You watch the guy on the sidelines. You lose this. Grasp of the game because he gets so emotional. Some of the best. Young coaches out there you watching. Article this quarter they didn't score because they're thinking about to retreat plays as the game and I don't see that from him or is coaching staff either. They are they are rock rock guys they are emotional like in and most of the guys are purpose but not at the top. Not at the top. I think one of his. One of the attributes that he spectacle by doing good thoughts that you very much Robert I appreciate it. One of the attributes that I think that Rex Ryan is not strong at is being that you'll see Il figurehead I agree with that I think that. You know details are not the thing that he knew what you're probably admit that it's not he's not the most. Attention to detail type of guy. He coaches more a lot of emotion. He coaches a lot of scheme in. You know things like that I'm telling his team isn't prepared to play I think that oftentimes they are they there have been times they have that at times then throughout his tenure here in buffalo. But I think that's. Fair criticism when legislate out take a phone call or take me a break here and we'll take more of phone calls when we come back cells that's. Good and the bad about this one really when you think about it the run game. Very good we'll have some more on that. With the bills that offensively but how translated to a loss also a adds that. Today here on the action which. Extra points Joseph what's. To switch to northwest and get back to look like Arthur Pressman western New York's traffic returning to your ticket to justice dot com. And by basal Chevrolet and Ford commercial truck. I welcome back the extra point show here on Debby your Sports Radio 550 and on and last year on your television glad to see you if you're watching. Ledger to it today on May be what might be your holiday. Lot of people off today we are not we're here. We got those top four in the Buffalo Bills football Monday and WGR so coming your way after this program will be the Jon Murphy show with Donald Jones twelve till three. And then children doubled up on your way at 3 o'clock I believe that. I believe Bulldog out to L a I'm being told Steve tasker into vapor Dow Jones of their ego a bubble bills while Famer will be joining. John Murphy today as a co host of the show. And then you'll have I believe Bulldog is in in showbiz not but I could be wrong and I think that's a case. Rex Ryan's gonna join them at 5 o'clock before that today wrecks we'll speak to the media here today in buffalo at one bills drive at 440 so. Eighty expected any moose today the coaching staff. I wouldn't expect that as far as the head coach Rex is scheduled to speak with the media at 440 has been any other type of announcement. Here you know that we know about or anything like that strikes back all that to be the same the bills lose of the dolphins 3431 in overtime at new air field. On Saturday at Christmas the south of pot GO here with you thank you very much for your phone calls the cattle own bank right now we'll get your calls 8030 by fifty. 888 I could be to buy it you can also tweet me. Act sell sports let's keep to ourselves that segment and cells that there's a lot to do with the off that's number one the bills. They had 8300 yard passer. A 100 yard rusher. And a 100. Yard receiver. For the first time since 2010. Right he grabbed that I had this in your wanted to make sure I get rightly read this Tia Eric. The bills have produced a 300 yard passer Tyrod Taylor 100 yard rusher LeSean McCoy and wondered yard receivers in Watkins for the first time. Since November 21. 2010. At Cincinnati. That's that six years bit since that has happened a terrific offensive performance obviously I think Tyrod Taylor played his best game of the bills uniform. If not his second best nexus Seattle but. Statistically certainly was the first time he ever went over 300 yards and what they're receiving Watkins makes what he does make some catches look so routine. Like the one we're showing a TV and advocates see it go up and get it. The one the deep ball the copper touched down and of course LeSean McCoy is that Shawn McCoy he is absolutely incredible what he's doing. Right now the other cells that we wanna get too. The bills now. With Mike Gillis Lee going over 500 yards on the season after yesterday's performance what you'll see at ninety I believe 91. You'll see at 918 point three or to carry boy. He's a good player. With him going to 501. Yards on the season or at least over the that was at the point that is that came out he's over 500. The bills now have three players with 500 rushing yards the quarry in tailor. It jealously for the second consecutive season. About this the first several team with 3500 yard rushers in consecutive seasons since the detour lines and 7172. And we know that this running game has been really excellent outstanding for last two years. Speed wasted no playoffs. That's what's frustrating about. Be sure to run the ball effectively idol is the blueprint to try and win in this league. Unfortunately it is the straight the bills are not passing in passing was a straight if that was I think that's more of the vehicle to get to the playoffs. I do think you have to run the ball well to give yourself a chance he can't be horrible at it may be some teams have it's it's better to beat two good running the ball than to bat at a but you gotta be better passing but the other issue here is and the other thing is. They speaking of offense and philosophy. Our third of cells stacked. 589. Yards of offense franchise. Record for this team. The previous. Don't know I didn't get this it was at Seattle would Doug Flutie like a Saturday night heavily I think that's when that one's but here's the thing. 589. Yards of offense. The third highest output for any team at any in an about history hate losing effort. Third time that's happened the first day the the highest output ever was Siebert Cisco against buffalo in the know point game. It close to 600 yards the it was like 590 something and they lost that's true that's the highest ever for a losing team the bills. The third highest total ever. In the NFL since the merger. Any losing effort 589 yards. That's what gets shipped frustrated when you talk about the coaching defense of coach and. If you. But we are because it that. Our head back out of the phone lines now gonna go down to our nation's capitol jail in DC here on the extra point showed. They are valid. Yet. But you know so I was that guy injured on the I'm brokers would be. Checking the Butler beat in the bills beat the and when he's on that and my my had to I've dropped my wife kind of looked over and noted that the book disapproval had to put it away. But that went pretty much knew it was over. I think got that right right into the he got ago I would I would root in the current group reform cult continuity argument what are. But I he does is blow me. I'm okay we're negotiating. And our children not this year he kept him thirty million next year that got that Rabin but on his part. We are awaiting art to bat on the players in the team. I I don't know it's got Bradley I don't know what it is but I just don't think we're that far away. He talking Jerry and Marcel I'm guessing. I'm not a problem now Tyler so okay what about jury is I think he's been you know I know he's the dealing with an injury with the second half of the season I haven't seen much. The army I group. I mean you can go through America I wouldn't argue that point. I gotcha I understand your point though that. But look like you go in good I don't think you hear that. We're told nineteen were two yard. Visibly worse. From last year. But they is that it's frustrating man and a commitment there and let. We have the pieces I wasn't I'd I'd have moved the ball up camp to. Okay adding we helped out core players do that but like conducting its not working and I keep. Well Joseph here's the thing I think it's a lot of people lost Rex Ryan the same time muted upon an address that point a little while the second thing is I got to let you go because you mentioned Mike wrote Akamai radio show him in there. I miss K am I like Mike and can and a lot of you don't but we upon which other. So I was just kidding about that. That really you know middle and an image mica mission right. Anyway. Let's get back to the putt though a lot of people lost on Rex Ryan of that same situations in Poland and you know I heard Merck this morning and a BG our flagship station and awful those radio. Talk with him we kind of walk through a little bit. And it'll burst that I can understand why what Rex as they can so can I can understand Rex was think the issue I have is that a that you should have been thinking like that the issue I have is. He did the classic. Defense of coaches thinking. Any situation where you can think like that right there's this whole thing about your defense of die in your head coach of the make those decisions. Generally you are. Much less. Aware of know how the clock affects you. You'll going towards the end of the game. In how to manipulate the clock in your favor and what it means for you. If you're often difficult to figure much more into what I do that because you're so used to calling plays. With that in mind anyway two minute offense things like that. I think Rex did the classic. What defense of coaches do and how they think in that situation which is. While upon the volley here because I'm gonna bank on getting the ball back one time instead of a man I only have four minutes at one time out. I might get the ball back. He he he trusted his defense looked to be honest to be fair here at least to be fair the dry before that they did stop them and a three and out. The issue I have is. You the play that situation as if it was the fourth quarter and down a point because the tide did nothing. A top eight was a loss. That's why an interview that was that was the fourth quarter and the score was thirty or 32. Right at the bills at the ball with 49 laughed at their own 414. Into one time out. It would it's yet to go for you have to score here. You probably about 25 yards away from kicking a field all the way to. And you only two when you set and our a rushing rushing to the offensive. Yardage performance record so anyway I think a lot of people are with you what you said on where you are and how tilted maybe we would wrecks but. Again I do I I understand what he was thinking I. I totally Bible myself and his mind again why he thought the way he thought. It's totally disagree that that's what you should think. Mark in Jersey what's up mark you're on the extra point show. Yeah I saw you doing you've. While not as good and I'm I'm doing better than you by the Saudi your voice your grumbling. Here yeah when you shout you sound you sound really hey mark I know it's thinks that you know it's holiday season but he perk up a little bit form. I don't have any kids who watch over program. Everybody let's. Not a doctor but yeah the goal of our that your bottom feeders. Although we got the their. They're so real glorious went after that illustrious four game winning streak or bottom feeders. You know combined nine and 35 record with Jack they'll lead one Cincinnati. Give me a break in the hearing about how that he's ready to win bill win now they're not. Winners meet on the plate and the team need to eat it year after year after year you know they do. They can connection. We know that and we convince ourselves. Just like we convince ourselves yesterday. Hierarchy who did not performance and but the reality is approved it it's more of an anomaly rather than who. Because have been too many times they needed that he needed it didn't happen we're just kind of loan debt. I don't think I don't think their bottom feeder I think there ever an average team that's why they're seven and eight that's why they've beaten all the good teams are all the bad teams they play that's why they've lost all the good teams I don't think. That equals bottom feeder I think bottom feeders are Cleveland's. Separatist goes in the bills prove they are much better than most issues. I do and certainly not as good as the good teams in this. Later that beats seat on the bottom. That's right I'm working like that they that's really eat they that's where they get that's where they get also. Yeah they're they're they're they're they're completely totally average football team that's whether seven and eight. That's why they've beaten every bad team they played and they lost every good team that there's no better definition an average rate there. And and that step and that's what keeps you that's what keeps that he Dwyer they keep. Stop and control it keeps it in the real because instead of trying to just say hey that there's just. The formula of reboot doesn't work and bringing people back in order of promoting them into reboot it. And that's why Europe's where the bills are stock in the proverbial sit and can eat meat. We it it will never and it. So your your solution is to. Start over get rid of everybody. Well they've never truly bit they thought of that but these pundits we're past. They you know they won't get a new coach but they're not get a new coach charter work despite Trent edwards' career. And that laughable to you don't get a new coach and then you old you know. Get a hot streak of Ryan Fitzpatrick and don't get all their muscles. You can contract it that's what happened. Let's get the new offensive coordinator took six J. P. Losman lack of pocket awareness and a lack of being a leader that's what they do they don't truly saying hey look you know but never concede what I musical numbers. So what would it take for them to do that it be if you this year just get rid of Tyrod Taylor bring somebody else and what's the answer draft somebody. You know what why I'd. Pick up a trap people they never draft keep. None out and I don't I'm asking you know what is your. So what is the solution to do what you say is that you draft somebody the first round. You need to draft a quarterback and you know this is your chance to get at a cap jail just just just and that applies. The whole building that the Bible and police say that organized. Have a clue in the back happy perhaps play it. There they don't know what they're doing from one and the next firing or not. Are there was a what do they get several cardinal Jones next year OK with that. They need to have a competition they just can't can't over they don't need the European born to more on any court. A real competition involving home. And all the somebody to bring him via creating a. But not Tyrod Taylor are Rakhmonov Tyrod Taylor. Not a good. Corporate. Okay that's I don't I don't I I don't. I think it's I think it's easy mark just talk about how it DOJ stripping everything on rebuilding a big think people realize that that is. Personal it's hard to do when you have salary implications of people you're paying and how much it cost against the cap. Also there's no magic bullet like there is sometimes and other sports you can grab. And I think you're setting yourself back even further and we're not talking about we ask him for another three years after that. Yeah but if you don't. You'd never won't get to see it you never want to hardback pressed. You never decline that other quarterback injured miserable character that he's getting all the reps. Well then maybe it's part of Joseph I don't know I guess we had a I don't know eight. It's not easy to say though I I don't know the Miami Dolphins were in a kind of similar situation Lester the head of the playoffs this year you know I think today. They didn't they didn't completely reboot everything. Oh but they're a career taking steps that barely bring the world. Banking on a on both aren't on the silver bullet. Shut the New York Giants what do they do. They were not spent a bunch of money and defense they change their coach now the one of the best teams the SE. But they had a quarterback would want to Super Bowls. That's correct that's correct do they do not have that here and I'm telling you got to the you're gonna find the offseason either. You know and I are why don't I don't know the solution I know you don't want Tyrod Taylor I'm telling you add these black and white for me I get that hey I don't. I just don't know if you're bringing me a lot of problems and how much things that you're not telling me what that that what the answers. OK if you don't do it if you don't draft a quarterback you know what you do. We sit here priest or your oh. So just keep drafting quarterbacks again right answer that's your that's your solution. Okay cool about when they play. You you've gotta you gotta yeah oh yeah when they play if you if I had four quarterbacks on the roster headed Jill let's say here's the thing mark let's let's listen this exercise okay. Let's do this exercise let's see if cart wheeled Jones on your roster next year you bring in two free agents one young one veteran I think that's fair that you draft another rookie you go to camp with four. What do they all get a chance to play to prove that they're the guy to get enough wraps it especially you're developing younger guys who need those wraps. Well they've charged up or. Analog am asking you know how I'm asking you doubt that that's questions. They had a great QB competition knows it's not the answer to my question when do they play. You don't have to allocate time during the offseason you have to find about sky every you know the problem that they say they're lockstep or not. I've often wondered manual. The. I nobody keeps shifting I arms and and asking you a simple question. How practical is it to find that guy when you can't give them enough reps to play in that time because you're trying to find that guy. Oh yeah. Seattle Seattle did not do it Russell Wilson took over for an injured Matt Flynn and he won and he then they didn't put him back in. But they have the guts to say he was better. Yes that's correct Matt Flynn was injured. To detect press got did not get a chance to a competition he did because Tony Romo got hurt. He's still good. I'm armed aren't I know it's hard it's not an easy no no well I don't know if Tarek gets hurt media card sales guy we know right I don't know. Now I don't won't Tyrod I just think he's not but got to get into the prompt. Understand I you've made likely gonna get that I am totally that's fair it's absolutely fair I just don't think keep your. Telling me what the solution as well and in how you can practically do what you're suggesting. Older people are always good no team has correct correct that's for their injuries injuries are all their happenstance and all that stirred. Amir had a thinkers know. Yellow brick road. No I don't and that's why we're a pressure I gotta go mark thanks are always appreciate the discussion got to take time out welcome back we'll be silent views that's of these talk about what happened yesterday on the sidelines. Specifically on the sidelines get discussion hate. I'm just trying to bring out the best and all of you out there all right thank you. To switch to northwest and get back to live fire for president western New York's traffic returning to your ticket to justice dot com. McDyess college it's your year to. And by basal Chevrolet and Ford commercial truck. I may have been wrong in the match I think so much that he wasn't hurt thank you very much between that I thought he missed a game and pre season I could be wrong baca thought I thought that's when Russell took over. And they have just been completely beating my body he was injured for a short while and then Russell Wilson came in but. I don't know revisionist history I go back and think about it anyway whatever I Kristi and mark's point I think it's it's not easy. You tell me all these problems about quarterback and everyone I've heard on this radio station in callers and read many times just. Take as many suites as possible bring all these guys and keep drafting without that play I mean you know. If you're trying to about somebody sometime I don't know. Don't know what the answer is there that's on the quarterback and coach also on the docket and a lot to talk about here today so sidelined Israel quickly how to talk like yesterday's chip Venus because. It was really chip beat out there. Before the game the night before Andre branch in Jordan Phillips the dolphins ball tweeted things with pictures. Talking trash at Ritchie intact you know specifically. And I was told. The bills and some of their players fell and were told accrued and at some of the dolphins coaches. Told them do that to try egg on the bill to get personal call penalties on those that have personal foul penalty because it. But there wasn't it Venus and fortunately the dolphins got the better the bills at the last lap as far as that was concerned. But it's lots extracurricular activities out there and carpenter got. Drilled on the sidelines. There's kick off coming up you can see out you're a new TV here you're watching it not a kind of explanatory earlier to interpret a great hit and sidelines. And they can't stood over the guy hit and then he got torched by it look like to me either an active players is to coach. Lots of people keep an extra pushing and shoving Jerry Hughes comes in late. And Spain had video and said Jerry Hughes head but an assistant coach look I've watched a video three ties were showing here again TV. Jerry users in the guy's face he was in his base they were deal with a hole. In your face Bob your head type thing. And I think is how it might hit the guy remotest Cappy had bottomed. At the scene you wanna see on the sidelines but I think we need to get past that in. Not. The keys Jerry Hughes had but he got because to me did not look like it at all. What a hit by interpreter though unfortunately. Heated up at the pupils he needed it needed that we had hit their. On the kick returner out of bounds rated decide we'll take time out we will come back. When we do we'll do Errol Barrow now take more your phone calls and a lot of you've been waiting a while state stay patient I'll get you are right. How about you in the extra point showed John Murphy with Steve tasker come your way at noon here. Although Obama and they have more from me after this time.