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01-02 Extra Point Show Hour 2

Jan 2, 2017|

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So accurate that major Sports Radio 550 and on an STV but it of the GR 550 dot com you can read my arrow up or down column of the bills Errol up the one that I've had first is penalties. And it's your penalties now I'm Italian I think the officials just want to get there they did not want to. Till that prolong the game what many more flags so they didn't the bills committed zero penalties in this game. It was only the second time in franchise history that happened. And of course I do know the other time it happened December 14 1997. The bills' loss of the Jacksonville Jaguars twenty to fourteen home in which they committed zero penalties. Sobel times of bills in franchise history committed syrup Valdez in the game they lost. Ideally that. Out to give up with a couple players and a girl up list. Keep on Seymour Marcus Roberson Seymour starting percent on Gilmore I think acclimated himself pretty well he did well Marcus Roberson had an edit decent game forgot doesn't play a lot. Lorenzo Alexander you know EEE wrapped up his best season as a twelve year pro the best season of his career you go to the pro ball with a really fantastic game again. We look at the stat sheets and the things he did. Three tackles one for a loss a sack two quarterback hurries. He also had another attack on special teams and all this is while he's banged up and halftime is the last guy to walk into the locker room he was limping in. Just did not look good form but Salomon's about him targets that rated tape at a 23 yard punt return of 42 yard kick return gave him an arrow up and up fourth down defense to stops on that. Particular take a situation so just wanted to throw that out there that there were some things just like even though mostly. It was not a good performance by the bills yesterday did like the effort in the quarterback play. Didn't like the mental lapses just was not a good performance and that we want and you're season let's go to mark in Jersey there's our second mark of the of the day. In New Jersey was. Narrator so. Your I. I think a lot of those aren't real hopes to open arms over yet straight and just aren't you special won't want to look bought out the roster wanna look if posture. Of and that was pretty apparent which is unfortunate for copper rosters created so I think there riders. That's why am that's what a surprise mark you know I really would have expected that would've hoped that those 23 free just wait for free agents whenever it would. Want to put a better showing on tape on their last game I think that's the case and to be honest with you I felt bad for Anthony Lynn that that happened to him given that effort yesterday. Yet again but you know what that does Billy Craig sought clarity for who you want your sport you don't want me that's the point yum with. A bulk of Washington and not you know being on the act the active stocks are like that I I like that. I like the fact that he did that parents you know going forward you need that type vote. He's got that mentality but it sparked the quarterback goes this month the perky. It's the same type of upset that just signed a deal. And he'll clearly you know even the best choice in terms of what they're no good draft class sport at CJ trial are virtues putrid its future we know that now. Revisionist history. On the creative there's never a good agency crop quarterbacks and if you could have just it rolling in the process but we all knew that. He's not gonna he's not gonna get it any further and the same thing with hierarchy I think he's good enough to keep them like where they are. He's gonna have those. Which isn't which isn't good enough right. No he's gonna keep you bright and that's six and parent. At best qualities that providing everything around it masterpiece. 100%. Full bore and to bank combat for sixty gains is a war error. What do you think they should do they had the number ten pick. You know yet. Pretty much free agents that don't inspire me as far is thinking they could take over and do much better here are starting quarterbacks. It's it's it's tough situation what was that I know you want them to draft a lot of guys but. If you could kind of go out there and met your plan out to find the right guy how would you go about it. I mean. Negotiating with re negotiating with particle board I mean I don't quite a portable portal dislike him. I I think he's he's he's OK but they just keep it you just keep spin your wheels you need I do not and would come back. Under the idea under the guise that can happen which I await the way he's got a today I think he would wanna come back with a terms of what he's the starter. But here's the thing I would tell you he doesn't have the know that mean you could just say like look we with you know armed. You don't have to tell him you're gonna draft a guy that's not you know that's not his he is not saying that he may even asking is they won't let it we're gonna do we have to do for the organization but we still want you back. And I don't know maybe would have to come a promise is I guess what you're saying but he doesn't have to know what your plans are you could. Resigning to renegotiate a deal lingle trade for Tony Romo he would have no say in that. Yeah that's true a distinct with with the bills and the way they're huge fight players and teams are on the lead I hate to say this. I think they just use them sometimes as a pit stop by K am I come here play up what 45 years irks. It's been so bad here so long they shouldn't expect any better. And I mean I talk to people around here all the time they don't even know the built starting quarterback it's. Who their starting quarterback Ehrlich who. On now the way that. It's Oprah what you're talking to people don't know football and come out right do you not know that annual fan at. What are they know that way do they don't of the jets' starting quarterback is because it rotates every week. They they do but he obviously suffering and then they're Eli that is that your purple my foreign and rightly its Opel stamp goes. These you know we award I don't know when the bills and still have turned the page I can say this that. When they're speaking bills fans. They're still stands and like I want. Senator I know there are a lot of them but they usually move away from buffalo that's why. He had just in general like there's some kid around here you know urban area where. Whoever you know bills quarterback all the tools and like also there was Seattle band with a yen you know. You why area here. He had market got to run thanks left earlier loyalty listening along all season long and all on and the phone calls as well but he. Always thought I go anywhere else see in seventeen. All at the end of what we'll talk soon I'm sure we will subway should perform gave mark a little extra time there than I usually get some call it because he's been a frequent caller he always. Bring some passion Q his heels takes whether I agree or disagree with him let's go to Tom in Binghamton high Tommy and heavy GR. Yeah wanna hear two things one I think speak directly or Dirk they did consult a favor by not playing and are. Wasn't his they're the organization did him a favor LE. Yeah yeah and you know I don't think he's theater but he still should continue to look for quarterback in the in the draft. But the second thing is I don't think you're gonna get it pops like colds and less weight comes out paced today. IE in that he ultimate decision maker in the draft. Because I think that while we've lost a good coach in Moran it because we can't finals they have an effort bank. Inquiry or we will not picket culture that still be it. But that's what weight by here's the thing that. Of course is the final say he's the GM when he wasn't the GM he didn't but of course he has what it means. Well it it like it picked. Like with the black and straight it's like Malone did not have a say in act even though he knew there were better receivers that. Correct but my question to you is why should head coach. He's pitched do you want you wanna system in place where the head coach makes a call or the GM makes the call he can consult. But what do you have a disagreement cool to use should make the final call on that. I think the quote you make the panel all then why have a GM. I definitely can't be out in an epic record didn't like it if you look at that is right. At our business has a lot of employees but managers make the call Latin they employed that that CE well. They. OK I think you're comparing apples and oranges here. It's it's been it's it's very hard for any head coach in the NFL to do both jobs back in the eighties and nineties you had some guys you don't see that anymore because it's extremely hard you have to separate yourself. From the roster building portion to the coaching portion of the of the of the job and of the business now. If US air tell me all day that he made a bad call it's January made bad draft picks that's fine. I'm just telling you that I want my GM make in the final call to care of his name is it in under his name is Doug Whaley or you know Tom from Binghamton if you're the GM that your job. But the thing that that they get Arab like this team lead he held accountable for the decisions that you make. It only seems. Yes I understand. I understand I understand about that and I think that's why people are frustrated today because they feel he's made a tough enough of decisions that I haven't gone the right way that they should he should not be employed and I totally understand that I think that's fair it'll 3055888. By 52 by fifty I think the GM should make the call I don't care with the GM is like you're talking about. Public read this story now listen here's here's a story just just came over our. Lottery this where it is not the bills is when I mean it Rappaport just wrote this on Twitter. Frustration from the 49ers coaches. As it relates to GM Trent bulky. He never talked to them never asked him what players they liked nothing. He need to do that the GM has to talk to the coach and they have to have a collaborative understanding. But at the end of the day somebody has to actually make the final decision and pick players. When buddy nix was a year that's his job now that we are easier that's his job if you wanna say that they may he made bad calls totally. On board with having that conversation and maybe that's why he shouldn't be the GM anymore. What you have to let people in power have their power. And they have to be able to make decisions and that's how you write it otherwise you have too many cooks in the kitchen sort of speaking of chaos and that's how you get down a bet. A different role that we even are at today I think let's go to mark in Taiwan high market under the GR. There's. Are here. Between two to sell the attitude that I mean you can't guarantee you gotta do something. I saw. So we're they had era were reported. That there were times where I'm going to interview the director of personnel in the future. I don't know why can't we need something like that and I don't what's attitude. And I get up lately especially after yesterday. I don't and I didn't say you know this coming interact with an. Here's here's here's here's what our children just just reported literally four minutes ago. Rams have now requested head coach interviews with Buffalo's Anthony limit. And New England coordinators Matt Patricia and Josh McDaniels I think that's he referring to is one of those two coordinators right. No I. I believe there it was and what bench after the reported that the director of personnel would infer general manager position. I got you understand well well here here you get your question the reason why the bills don't is because they have a GM place of the now firing now you wanna say they should fire him. OK that's fine but the reason they are hiring somebody for that position is because they estimate in a position. Barack Obama pastor I mean we haven't thought debris so little adapter I don't let successful team like that it. Clearly not agree on players and champions and they ought to create their winning damage here I don't believe that. I had a nice talking about a football czar is that what you're talking about. I. Don't know what position you're you're talking about here I am I'm unclear on that that's all. Can't do it with the reds aren't they hired. Bet that guy that does not respect you know our I. Nick nick this area I'm being told is name. Nick Caceres is named the niners requested permission. I guess my question is okay let's say the bills hire that guy what role does he service my question here in buffalo what role would answer. I want to serve as an entirely no most want to let you experience in developing a piece. OK again an initial answer my question I'm sorry I'm not trying to be difficult or did you mean someone between the GM and the owner or someone under the GM. Who'd evaluates talent taught. Someone that's been in that position underneath that our predictions that so you know I want to have. To try to peak. The bills have a player personnel director. His name is Jim monus they have in other a college personnel at college scouting director named Calvin Fisher and I believe that's his title role basically those are those guys. Now you're saying you'd think that they should have somebody maybe above them between Doug really I don't understand. There are solid and our worst position that is spent six or until such as the patriots. That can bring out with a camera in your that we need to win. Ooh would that person reports that. Who would that person reports. That person Islam and he has been reporting each chew. And that all aren't that warm and you know that attracted Brady. I I I'm so sorry I hate to do this to you but I think maybe I just have to. Step away and say it's my fault I don't know I I all try things are really not trying to be difficult I'd I'd tried to understand what you meant. I even asked you people balls aren't you mean like a president over Jimmy said no. You should somebody under that while that's we'll if you want someone who replaced on Willie that's cool I mean to say that I I couldn't get what you meant by that let's go to. Dug in North Carolina hi Doug. Hey I I'm I'm sell your dog what's up. Would yeah its. Air. Eric that's good. Well. I. I'm Carly is a lot of chatter about Todd Haley as possible head coach candidate and about the belt. And economists adding mean these guys. It. The Buffalo Bills and married there. Running the it is apparently. Did it simply send him a patriot. Yeah I GGG is it of your belief that you can't throw the ball to Anthony Lake shore head coach or offensive coordinator. No and but he's proven it here Eric I believe that those thirty purse and pat. Yeah they were I think the question comes down to though. Is that because of me at the alien or the quarterback. That the that is Hillary. Area. Right. I met that's a question of you say Anthony is not the guy because you need about a passing attack that what you that you're laying the bill's passing failures at the feet of the offensive coordinator which is fine. I think it's more the feet of the quarterback. Are there are. So yeah. Yet they do I don't think. In last place. Where in the Baltimore game we called that that way at least in colonial grounds. And who knew that if it was like he still called that play any. If they ground knowing he would get your windows or that would be an advocate and we need a coach that this faith in his players like back. I've heard it right and it would not able to call I doubled the Laredo army laser line or anything like that and yet. He could but there was a limited capacity do it. Right right. It down and I hear and they are I think that's not really we'll get another shot in this league as head coach maybe he'll be on the bill shortlist I don't know they will have a list I don't think he'll be as extensive as the last time. I don't think you'll seat twelve guys interviewed. You probably see about 67. Guys interviewed thanks a phone call 83055888. Back at the two affected this brings up I want. No one should do it now some names I'd like to see him. Was asked me for my opinion next caller needs asked me who I wanna see interviewed for head coaching opportunity Sean that's your job go ahead Shawna Connecticut. Who do you want you to bill interview mr. I shot I'm so glad you asked that question and I have been waiting some all the papers over to ask me. I would like to see Jim Bob cooter get a a serious look I think what he's done in Detroit. Has been pretty darn good over the last couple years would Matt Stafford. Up playing at an MVP level at which she Kyle Shanahan if you go back to look at look how she and has done with different quarterbacks in his career I think he'd be quite impressed. That's not and without actually gonna Kyle Shanahan though. You know they're. But. A couple of things here a couple points there what America get back. So. Tyrod. I'm more disappointed me Emanuel after yesterday you know here and I never thought that you got a complete their shake and the pirate that and lack of by the year. And your tire blew that Vijay duking you know basically right out of attract an upper right out there. Before he got benched so I don't think you really get a check but not yet there was this just shy and as we saw what that was. Don't let that I'd like Syria you know Egypt along good luck. It's part card out don't goes I mean you know I mean you want what you do it yourself and everybody up there around that area have been saying you're not yet. So what that means that. I'm gonna keep Tyrod Taylor I liked what I saw with Tyrod. At times now and a little bit in the open player you know nobody like yeah. I I do wanna teach our our hope we honor restructured contract I would be really happy with that. I would like reaching EU and the reason why would that is errors hitters continuity they're players know who years. As a head coach art. As a head coach you'd like to retain him. I do I do I I think he if he's up personally. I mean I would pick cops and we're able to bring you know that well. Palin would imitate Roman ER offense tweak it maximum maximum point at a better off that day and maybe even though Mort I Iraq Porgy and even. What start shows progression especially with quite. I'm not sure I think there's into the continue it would help it would partner. You know he's I don't know that's the question is the finished product and I hear what you cinema let's get back to work thank you very much hopeful call heavy duty. I think there is a a thought that maybe he's finished. Product to finish body of work but others believing manipulates this that he would like to have corporate offseason work on some things. His footwork his timing that go along with throwing all parts of the field the middle of the field and things like that I think that's what the interest in part of this year. At the UN again out of chapter reporting that they have reached out to. Possibly interview the rams have reached out possibly interview that he went for their head coaching vacancy. So it looks like he's on their shortlist of candidates let's go to Mike in west Seneca high my accurate Biggio. It that there it is. I don't look at the upcoming scheduled for next year and bank that does not look good unfortunately for buffalo. I achieved maybe. Re the partly for one at the very remote. And sort that being set I. Well you know I've learned and how good I'm glad you brought up because I will tell everybody what that schedule is after the 1130 break but. You know what I've learned over the last whatever years of doing that like it every year somebody thinks Cheadle look at Carolina if Carolina was on your schedule going into this year. You're like oh my god koehlke beat them and then they were they were a dumpster fire for about. Eight weeks. I just never know I'm saying. I'd say I agree with you it looks pretty daunting you just never know how teams change like New Orleans is coming to buffalo next year. I mean who's gonna be their coach what's gonna happen Drew Brees right I mean things like that always change. And that one little one yeah it actually. Which it was the rest your point. A lot of these teams like herb if you look at the schedule that looks like a lot of holes in Europe the up and up and up oldest was like OK ascent I can just see that there's a coal. In all disaster next year and if that is the case in all I see all or maybe just what entire article if they see the same thing I see with the schedule being like it is lecture. I don't think that you should base your personnel decisions based on who the schedule is nine months in advance. But shortly what that point but if if that's going to be the case I mean. I concede yet and Carol alt a year and see how he doesn't track the guy this year maybe have a competition see who wins. Now I would not discount card Al Jones beach this architecture Mike I think that actually is a possibility here that's the that I am leaning towards actually happening. But I do think it's a possibility and it's maybe more possibility at this point in Tyrod I don't know we'll see I think that's. Interest and think about what cardinal George yesterday came into the game and I thought right away through a couple balls are like well that's nice and then. He threw cold morning like yet that's why he's a rookie. And that's why he's not playing much so. Will see where that goes to him but I do think there's possibility he could be the starting quarterback on opening day next year. Eddie in Lancaster hey Eddie what's going on him. Now happy new year thing or enemies in Europe all site. Thank you I appreciate that I love doing it bombed. Unfortunately. Haven't had a playoff game to cover in as I said many times and I'll say it again Eddie. I I just look forward to the day where we're here on this program and I'm not talking about hiring and firings and drama and I'm talking about the upcoming match up in the wild card or divisional weekend. I don't know how bitter and come on now last. I know me and its sweetest amber work after some ball at the wrong direction in the rough there now or the other one. They heard one of our best players Barrett into the core I remember Rory yeah let's go and I'm. And it looked. The playoffs are auditor. Remember a lot of guys who don't have a playoff throughout your early years. You know it they make that big yelled at and on national could TV yet they shall. The Oilers. The Mariners. That luckily we were in the group I mean I felt like holy how are we know that. But I'll. And I Don Beck. Was what would you see. Are they were a national and international. Uncovered something in the and they showed that he is the longest. Our. Playoff Borough. Yet the bills have the most the longest drought in any student and all of north American sports longer than the Mariners longer than the Oilers everybody. Yet they didn't they didn't include football and they did it. I see what you're saying yeah you're like a neat way to avoid this I got you aren't deductible. Now people around the country like Ollie added that's at the other team or there's the built in with the bills that's what is. You agree I'm you know pirates and might die. I have nothing personal against them but he cannot be the he'll be not after eight. Are we had a really good and so pressure but he does not have a good week. To step up if you want it's accurate or you are. Guys that have weaknesses in their game but no out to play the position you'll notice that. When their first progression is streak that may be Euro. It is not there then they step off and that might be Earl is not the Natick a couple of yards and all well but my point is. Tyrod. Doesn't have the ability to see weren't our offensive coordinator create the play that hole quick vote defense. You don't even get to see each cannot see the appeal and. I don't think it's because of the size of these is because. No it's too quick he's too quick to move office first read it and decide to run. That it yeah that answers some repeat it doesn't. He doesn't calculate all of them and receivers that are going out of their routes. I don't know I don't know that he. Eddie I got a runny got anything more from real quick because I gotta run here. Yeah Anthony loony far and I really don't know of anybody out there are. You know anybody the patriots are gonna be automatically look at that operate all I ever I'm you know it. And I know I think that that that's so dismissive with the ball patriots coaches they've had over the years that went to be had coaches elsewhere. Charlie Weis Romeo crow now. Was it was me Gianna Stephanie it was yet at the he was on the staff with the jets. Getting all the coaches that went elsewhere and Josh McDaniels who was OK and then he got fired after a second year in Denver this state they've never had a lot of success I'm always skeptical about that. I think it Belichick is one of a kind unique it's hard to replicate that. For any coach is much you've been around in that system and of course yet Tom Brady and that makes any coach look good we will hear. From those quarterback Tyrod Taylor from the locker room when we come back. The extra point show here and of EGR and MSG. Extra points Joseph what's. Yeah. All right well I have actually questioned today and now John Murphy has posed a all of which I'm sure he will talk about it when he comes aboard. And a half hour from now would now with Donald Jones is all I like it registry tweak that by the way. The Paul is kind of a different take in different angle on the same question I've asked there like it a lot I mean in his own says. What do you want to hear about the most from Doug Whitley to ice it what you hear from him just like it to me this. What you wanna hear from about the most he says coaching search talent on the roster quarterback decision or something else Alec apple is pretty cool pool where the I'm does is gonna vote other just to kind of put a vote out there. No other could be though. 43% are saying quarterback direction and 27% saying coaching search 8% town on the roster. 22 others so that's John are these all not mine I like that a lot so one imagine. Where to hear from Tyrod Taylor here after we take a phone call he spoke of the bills' locker room a little while ago as players are cleaning out their locker here on the final day of the 2016 seasons so to speak with the players here in the building let's go to Gary can more first tiger. I adore. You. It's called the current. Or almost but stare I'm we are expiring journalists. And I think anybody could see that currently all three quarterbacks on the roster. Are not starting value you know I'm I understand tired old young you still need some time under good starting quarterback. Tyrod Taylor hasn't picked up any guilt from Flacco yet five years to learn I mean what has really learned. Yet he uses slick sometimes even with his late. How far they're gonna guess that's why we have a running back I almost put in Lincoln Center Tyrod Taylor quarterbacks. I am and I think that's a little ridiculous you made the probable quarterback. What quote one year I mean aren't any yet he is a quarterback and I disagree I think he is actually. A C. Legitimate starting quarterback honestly I still think he's good enough to get you where you need to go as a starting quarterback in the sleek. But they'll certainly implicated disagree with that secondly. I don't know your opinion and Doug Whaley is Tom. Community really of what bug guy I mean the only thing he really has done great news. Did English on McCoy. You know in exchange for a linebacker I was hurt you know that was a good straight but I mean what ultimately really done. I wouldn't know what you mean nightly in my football guy he made his life and scouting before you deeply college football made his life and scouting. And became a general manager so I would classify him as a football guy yes. Yeah but I mean here they're really showed any success I mean we you know we could barely edging down that. You know besides scouting has done something else. Like what most GMs do that though he mean. Well it was what would you like your GM's background to be and besides scouting. Are saying that the court Doug Whaley has been so it means that he's okay. That's that's fair and I beat I understand that and that's a very fair. Criticism my point is though what what background would you like your gene GM who picks football players to have besides scouting. Outside and good luck in your journalism crew let's move out aren't Tyrod dealer Tom. We're gonna hear from him he was in the locker a little bit earlier today any top aide during locker clean out about his future in buffalo. A decision is on. Our problem not done enough. As far as a more pleasant. To be the starter here. Was art house outweighs. It was simply taken from the heart I say that decision came from now. And we'll see. Who would teach those. And it seems okay. Are. You. I mean it's tough to see you guys in our debt battle and lose in that you part of artists are definitely wanna be out there but that opportunity of seeing it from its. As far as how to write to me I'd say. I didn't see. Where it was fair. Dobbs and it was against army across it as that's above me. The decision was made I had to live with it and support markdowns. That's our Taylor from the bills' locker room a little while ago players are also in there again it's right now and I think they've they've ended now. Actually I think lose power that's where we are at this point in our Richard Wheatley at 2 PM marked out in Missouri what's gonna meant. Italy and Britain are. Bill sampler of I was so much going on here as far as Tyrod goes right here on. Absolutely eat you don't know if my decision or help secession you know something G I don't know about the open guy that they want to. Not even get hurt and I mean the game of the year. It's hard to pull those I am hoping when he comes out now or at least things are renowned. In the in the states with the Rex Ryan Tom I think Rex Ryan Christian around a little bit. And you have access needed currently premiere there it's gonna click me they're my secret my brother he knows as does the movement system. I look clintons has bring him here not an actual injury. He'll have a most of those guys. Com RP three when you wrote after years ago what she rescues in the third round possibly. To Kirk cousins and we are up and he was sitting there and I don't know we have a I'm unaware EJ and maybe. It Patrick but we estimate there are you know I could see he met some of the potential. In the past and a guy that. On the cart Tyrod goes if you look around what we're gonna give it to get rid of and there is nothing better. I think CEO opened up our offense a little bit that you have to pay a little bit tentative room as he gave quarterback it's my pocket and again Patrick Moore McCoy. And and open at 26 scored ten points a game. Any defense here. If you gain as you're really close came and all that McCain and we might get some phone calls or whatever. And now we we should know the complete right now. Ernst that's a lot better connect our guys. Not ventured thank you very much are you very much having your own your thoughts all. Well thought out there in late in my form appreciate that we will taken in the when here hold on we'll go to. Well let's coach. Moved. What am I doing I think I lost that collar and we will now go to. Boomer and tunnel on I boomer your under the GR. Expelled happy to hear Al Arian. Thank you ma'am I'm well I I'm well I'm. I'm dealing with pretty good callers today but some that are pretty funny I think. I think they're educated archer you know. But it's our. It is that they offer a lot of people would you could tell that they've had the day off of you know. Mean but yeah an end at heart beat the street and I'm calling it I'm not your and it at what we do it occurred to Ira coaching. Really I'm a bit about it and respect. It that there. I'd say Wyoming on my position my what we should do a quarterback Tyrod Taylor I think the Buffalo Bills should try to renegotiate Tyrod Taylor's contract. And if he is absolutely unwilling to that do that I think they should take as much time as they can't define other viable options. And at the very last resort if they cannot find other viable options I think they should pick up his option because you don't wanna be left hand holding the bag with Cargill Jones sitting there. As your starter but I think that they should and in and go all avenues they can if that's the case. If he does agree to a restructure we can take some of that thirty million guaranteed. And do something else with a spread out and restructure the deal and I'm all for having Tyrod back in that still does leave you'll window to try and do other things as well as ours head coach. I think the bill should doing absolutely thorough search I would love to see guys like Jim Bob cooter on that list I would love to see how Shanahan on that list I think those are offensive guys who shown that they can command. And they can work with quarterbacks and they can turn offenses in to what they should look like and resemble in 2016. If Anthony Lynn is the ultimate choice. I think if Palin is a fine coach he might be a very very good head coach someday. But I gave have a lot of concerns about his experience at this level I do like that the players like him and respect him he brings the a tone of discipline with him. He's gonna be buttoned up and detailed and things like that I think that's what this locker room needs so I wouldn't discount that he could be successful here but I'd be concerned about his experience. I am really. I don't really to me I think deserves the chance to hire the head coach of this one because he didn't hire the last one. And of this head coach feels that doesn't really needs to fall on the sword for that and that's what he how he should be ultimately judge I think there are positives and negatives about roster billing that we really has had. People bring up many times the failures and I agree there have been failures have also been a lot of hits when you get guys like Mike callously Lorenzo Alexander Zach brown off the street. They went a contributing TUN a big way I think rank Roy adding those guys are players that you have to attribute to Wheeling his staff I think trading for. You know Sammy Watkins and a very very deep 2014 drafting giving up what she did. Was not a Smart move and it's coming back to hurt this team right now so there's absolutely east things on both sides of the ledger. I think that we should be fair about when evaluating him but the ultimate. The ultimate evaluation of him should not be wrecked trying because he did not hire him it should be the next head coach because he is going to hire him and he's the one that's gonna have to be accountable for. Well. That the people are out there I hope. Alien look at opening air out that. I'm. An. You on the spot well thought out very intelligent content and other really well I think you become because I think we'll get a good spot. My hopes up thank you I appreciate you give me a chance to do that boomer and I have a good new year and I appreciate you calling in. So there's my thoughts in a nutshell I guess thanks a lot aren't let's go to Travis in Massachusetts what's up Travis. They have the they luckily I had to make your first sector still ring these players who will be the starting quarterback next year. Car gal Tyrod Romo is shot or the field. Well they can begin to me again. So it Tyrod is Tyrod part Pardo got. Romo yet this god walked in North America there or at best fields and what in my ranking here. Who will be the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills next year. Okay you ready here's a blog earlier ready. Yeah I'll say number one Tyrod Taylor on this list. Number two card ill Jones on this list. Number three the field on this list. Number four to Shawn Watson and number five Tony Romo. Direct one follow up what. K and NY QQ Tony Romo why would why would the bill not to me he's 36. Well I think you have to approach it from. The other aspect of this now Tony Romo may be willing to go anywhere but my thought here is this is what I think that. Travis that Jerry Jones will probably try to treat Tony Romo won't see where do you want to go. And because he probably wanna go to a different type of environment or system more organization or warm weather whatever. I don't know if he would say I wanna go to buffalo I think it would tried to put in this spot where he would wannabe. One more quick thing if Tyrod Taylor run the Broncos would record be this year which they have what they've won a division. It's a good question I don't think lashed this year's defense is like last year's defense. I don't their running game is not like last year's running game in Denver I don't believe have to go back and look of what their stats are. So I think they'd be about where they are now I don't know how much of a hole improve it maybe maybe they win another game or two maybe maybe they can have that element to them but. I don't think it's the same Broncos team as last year you know and I mean. Right yes thank you so much. You know probably appreciate that thanks for the questions of oncology center asking me questions and that's cool like that on the spot and in a couple of those tickets are welcome back wrap things up here on the 2.0 yeah. We come back draft position and next year's schedule for the Buffalo Bills. Ever won the last extra point show of the season it is 2017. That means you have one more day after today till January 3 to get down to Mike Barney Nissan. Because they are so close to hitting your year and sales goal to be an enormous reward. They're gonna do anything to hit that number no games are gimmicks entirely said he vehicle on the on the lot. The absolute lowest prices offered and then on top of that take off an additional 6000 Nissan bonus cash. Dollars off select models aren't with your pro credit my party's not uniting in the pay down you won't have to have a payment even until March. Of. This years to get up and down at Mike Barney niece on the on the corner of shared in the export. Do it by tomorrow January 3 here you gotta make sure you do that because they're gonna make sure. That they get their enormous reward for taking care of their customers in hitting. There and of your goals you're never gonna buy or at least a Nissan for last just don't sign anything and to your check with all my friends at might party Nissan. 83055885525. If you outrun her to a couple phone calls it would stay on if you're not on what you get Oliver in an angle of what's going on the end. I army. Edmonton made it. Pretty you know like that showed indicated there ethically or bad idea Keaton colored now. And not gotten any use in the defects. Well partners on the last few games that they're on. Identical order. Bill Maher. I don't know. And I continue to skate ski. But I think it's and now and I think that he senseless down. Two games in this season at least get a head. And I treated then a different story though in these last couple games. I think such an ethics again thanks for the phone call I think the defense. And ultimately the reason why Rex Ryan was fired was because of the lack of performance by the defense this season let's go to Steve in buffalo I Steve earned a BGR. Are you happy you know here to thank you thank you a couple of thank you much do you want to hear today about all the ball well so accountability. I'm sick of this franchise we we listened to dugway Elise almost positive. Made a play out the seventeen year old it only been imparted percent. But I don't Donald bat I'm done with it it was good it was done. You know take all to make that apply now for seventeen years in a leak in the gulf port the first priority in Atkins almost every other year. Hey yeah I'll ask you my question I've been asked it today than what you wanna hear from today Steve what would you like to hear from GM. I wanna hear accountability I want somebody you know what mail call you know we have we don't we have different. I don't wanna hear all the stuff. The good doctor the good stuff that got us to know about seventeen year. I know that it won't recently been around actors haven't. That I want it here. What's going to be done what's gonna overall bases to improve this team on the quarterback. The coach of the main thing. And ordering. A little easier for awhile is talking about Tyrod Taylor he's still have to come in and want to renegotiate I believe. Yes yes of course of course I mean that they've written that doors now open because he didn't discounted today but yes. For the for the most part most people never thought that that would be the case in the team can go ask him to do it but I still don't think he would but now today he did not say he would not do that. Well actually at all what I didn't think the latter part of the Buffalo Bills going or I mean it did not at beaver up. Situation if you shoot not to negotiate. Here we have no quarterback. And the coach situation at the great thing I'd like to have that I hired this guy interviewed Wednesday it would although Anthony Lynn will be coming back it. I think I think that you hit man I gotta gonna try to catch up I promised I get to the bills next your opponents and I'll do that plus ultra either drafting tent in this year's draft they're trapping and in the upcoming. NFL draft which would deal which will take place at the April may. Time of the year for draft or a quick home next year for the bills. Besides it's east opponents they have Denver Oakland New Orleans Tampa Bay. And the Indianapolis Colts will be traveling to AFC east opponents in a Kansas City. See any angle which could be LA the chargers either way Atlanta Carolina and the Cincinnati Bengals ego. Broncos raiders saints Buccaneers and colts come to buffalo next year. Those go to chief chargers falcons Panthers in angles they think you all very much for listening in tuning in calling tweeting and whatever you did. All season long in the extra point show. Really glad have a great staff here that I've worked with and I'm Marty put away their and injures leg amount here JJ to Reno he's in my ear all the time did a fantastic job that you very much guys Jeff COLT enact Tom Hollander. George blast Brayton will center Kramer everybody over WGR Sports Radio five that The Who helped out John Murphy up next with Donald Jones here in the number. I'll talk to you sometime down the road. This show returns. In 2017. However. When that time comes and out for the Buffalo Bills with you know you hear my voice.