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Jan 7, 2017|

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    As one or the other I would have more with the inside high school sports come up next. Marty eager to get out or get to worked in my garage and it's nice day. We're back with inside high school sports that's better. Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's in studio with us longer Frank Wolf Roger Weis in Joseph mark Gucci no. I'll program note the

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GR yeah. Horse real fights maybe it's time to take a look inside high school sports. Kelly cheering brought to you by mighty taco my entire goal. Would feel great right about now my dealings have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and my dad neurological. Institute developing solutions to neurological problems faced an hour he. How would we actually turned the white. And I start tough wouldn't it make. Too busy going over so much stuff already before the show good morning welcome inside high school sports. Garros Tony Caligiuri along with. Who we have here Frank Wolf we are Britt bigs big studio we are we Roger Weis our resident troublemaker. We have pact calling then from Cheektowaga easier to Omar Oguchi oh. And Earl Earl sharp head coach would you fill this year we're as right we're talking boys basketball this morning. And Jack cruisers here he's taken he's our like photographer and we do go live today on FaceBook. Our rights are you be able to check it out live on FaceBook which. Leads me to this. Like I resented entries from. That you're going on FaceBook was right now or you're on live now like that might remind out of rentals are more all around. Her a vehicle like Rodgers is that the media expert social media expert. It's at a high school sports FaceBook page is something that I've put together when we. When I started get him out Facebook's of this great way to promote show. Keep our discussions going throughout the week promote things that we're not able to promote on the program so. That's why we have an and it's been unbelievable success wanna take. Everybody out there but. Eagle on the page and act like you need yet don't be surprised if you get deleted. You don't show some respect. You know we are not experts we aired. Just guys who really enjoy high school sports we like to talk about it. You know gold as many games as we can and you know this it's a hobby so don't attack us if you do you're gone it's that simple and very positive. I think in the case of attacking I'm making a comment about favorite you afterwards. They've Richie is an expert in his domain you know Ken time Niagara frontier. Football basketball on that was how I was. Really upset about there is definitely out power. Yeah well north to deal with that anymore. I don't pleasant things guys hit good news and you know what it is I want to keep things positive just like this program. Yet there's going to be times when. You're gonna have to talk about things that you'd rather not blocked you know those are are are too far and few few between. Let's keep a positive as we know we're promoting high school sports talk about high school sports there's more as the Promos says that they run on WGR. There's mortem. The sports scene in the Sabres and the bills. We also have high school sports in which people are very passionate about and I really liked that people are into the schools. And into the the gains no matter what sport. And now we have great people following high school sports let's keep it that way news and notes Frank Wolf. Good morning everybody out gonna start with football. I'm the New York State sports trade association is starting to release the Allstate teams it's they started with class. DC in beat Brad Benson was name for Maple Grove player of the year. How to class. Wrestling camera east and come west they combine this year they are in their first victory in the met earlier. So congrats to them shout to those guys they've beaten new port. Niagara frontier officials tourney kicked off last night. And and trip that continues through today ably pioneer frontier. Tiger we field were the top. For a kemba the third. Bowling league games are starting. And started again. Just date January 27 the NFL individual tournament. Will be hosted dubbed by anti out of town on a bowling center voice oops it's a boys who shows some I can really get too much into it here but I will say. Our story I mean you start watching story Tom if you didn't read my pedantic Duff but WNY athletics that counts. Battling cancer Ellis tembo Oreo losses mother to cancer to gauge for prior to that OP game. And I hit a team high seventeen points in the big win over OP. I'm so that it everybody. I'm conceivably real around that gambling in girls hoops. Let's open it in a day's schedule from almost cancellations from Thursday don't. I'm particular local paper for those three schedules. Fat hockey boys of the game today kinesis Hamburg in north town at 1 PM and girls I'm willing Israel still undefeated they beat the end monsignor Murton team. There still senator ten on two I believe on the season. No major news at a section six or monsignor Martin. On them last but certainly not least if you haven't heard the story yet about Nate town the freshman Versteeg vesco player at sea otters. Just unbelievable this this the gambling. And sets Harry has a hard because dates we all know this kid. Just go to the website you'll see that the link their high you can help them out. This kid losses laurel awfully had to be amputated after an incident in a New Year's do you think stood drunk driver. Go to www. Booster dot com slash pray for knee kind. And you can buy it he shared their their awesome teacher settled go to a great cause you can also make donations senate high school sports pages well. Comer writer of the Western New York certified football officials are accepting applications for 2017. Interested individuals can apply by going. Two website clicking on recruiting new officials go to W and why CFO dot com or on FaceBook W and that. YCF. All fill out the application. Classes start at the end of this month. Also football notes kind of sad to report this. Two big time coaches stepping down John followed. As sweet home who's been there for such a long time and Eric Chansi stepping down at spring bell. Knew that those two were thinking about at least that's those were the rumors going around so has come out official both have released statement saying that they are. Stepping down and two huge losses for. Western New York high school football course or Chancy you never know he made pop up somewhere somewhere also mean the man loves to coach is a great coach. The salon and he's a young guy so I has come and assume that he'll be back somewhere. As for John follower you wanna thank him for already started for this show and we are duel Friday Night Lights so very helpful. And I just a great guy and he's going to be missed. Let's not forget to Wear his dark about John Feller. We're talking probably want 500 plus career went to be combined lacrosse. Along with the football salt and that's to walk. Sports. Our fans can only be slightly downgraded when it was captions in my opinion. Yes air will be back up or talk in more close to honor Wenzhou in. Not that many years he has some long ago. Between 775%. Morning percentage. That is why I had about me can I was able to go through the outback scores from the beginning of the year only united greater things. Thankfully. He did appear in a few games were city Anders and are wrong how much playing time I think alien three. The three box scores and he was. He made the stat sheet and to me that you are one game he is three things Gary was you at least able to say he was able replace some high school. Basketball what a shame it is my understanding that this was a challenge and about. The next two or three years he would have been. I'm very prominent name in high school basketball scene are. You know heartfelt sympathy goes out there ministry. Sure sure guns. All right guys let's get in the talk about boys basketball it's that time a year into. Brought in a couple of experts really help sort this things out plus side you are regular guys that go out and and don't follow it are all wanna start with you first of all anybody jump and out and surprising you so far this year. Surprising at bats this year. I accident when dress better my drive to via FaceBook live I hit it. I thought you are dressed burner and now I'm here usually does it get this is my Q is there it. Probably the team that surprised you the most only because the first Imus jobless are just because of the Mets about it now. They're once went through twelve they are there really outstanding me the other team has surprised me. Is that based attack me because there they could really until last night game you would think they've really give me your real run to par is par is like the the best school in the Catholic league. I as far as the public schools go there's there's a lot of really salad teams and we both south going to attack and winning was really do one. South off to a great start are often racial and unbelievable. Aaron and wait don't talk to a pack says it man in here and put up a couple of up well. While the thing is it's how they've had the beginning of the year Andy absentees have played a lot of football and so they get up to a late start in any of other teams that that'll planned all along that we're playing through the summer in the ball and it's all seem slim advantage. And yet the Christmas time of the Christmas service now it's really get gated to the meat of the schedule this is work as a team separate themselves right pat. You lived out first I'll hand close personal look at Williams will solved well or should thoughts on I'm down. All south is a very good team there's no question about it mean Greg only so ago. But they're there other pieces are very good you know they get. A couple shooters we've got to be cute to complain course the basket hard there are all all those kids play. For threw two minutes you know they they wrote about 89 guys that come in legal hard and they follow greatly you know. Greg thousand player for a long time already in Buffalo and there have been no similar skills that is. The other night we played them you know he had 32 I gotta be honest after the game it was like the authority to a guy who was such a quiet 32 but that's when he does he just. Makes plays when he has to. Goes on the line makes free throws he works through glassy dishes he does everything. He's a special play what does it out and it's hard to defend. I think it's his ability to do some things you know he can he can shoot obviously he can put on the floor and go right and left I can step back a couple of jump shot you know and the condition. And he's he's a fourth you know he finds open guys and you have to you have to respect pretty much everything he does brash. And he doesn't take any plays off tour was like they were projecting him on defense he wanted to day against Dominique while you're not. The other thing about Greg Dolan he comes up with something new every time you see him. You also and he does some new look around other people around it that he just too bad where did that come from always something new every game. Our friend our policies he acts he told me. Two years ago before Easter his freshman year he's as when many young man is done and will south he is not only gonna break Phil and Paul Suns scoring record or will south he expected him to break. Mark Paul is assist record has stood out while I guess this guy is on track to do that if you're familiar with the mark of Paula and phils Asiatic from the days of your rolls out when I'm talking about them two days of your you kidding me. It's. Just so impressive averages while. Who else have you is Eric kind of got your attention so far this year. Know a lot of the regulars. Amherst is as red backward then you know they lost a lot you know. Christened here Kensing from brown Ruben Hollins to. The road Owens had a great job over there and they're just kind of re loaded you know at the Cooper kid came back to Anderson. And they're very good against obviously in an 82 and are in section two to look that. South Park from the city. Undergo a lot of talent you know coach Jackie. And they had a decent start a couple losses a surprise some people but I think when push comes over and be right up there. I'm medals back you know again they've got some good talent to block okay very good and they go a lot of ballplayers just play hard. You know I think there's a lot of those teams is that the kids just play hard. They give you 32 minutes and you know that's the hardest thing to get ready for you when you hit your children play. If your kids aren't ready to play for 32 minutes then they're going to be trouble because if you got those are the hazard for example last night we play these two world. And East Aurora serves you know those four kids don't go to Montgomery's Saddam's kid and that he can have been varsity for four years now. You know what they bring it every night and you know they play hard. And it's tough to prepare for a team like that because you know that doesn't mean please I'll promise you wrote let the players from tip. Your self in trouble and so there I mean usual go to class be a little bit east or as a receiver Gooden to employ a lack wanna you know we stormed by a couple of denies rumors and class the to pew pew we you know we've we sought to you earlier they play hard and as we missed our point last night. That's not the team and on the dribble over right here at the levels tell you about the Iowa. Of course don't get some players are. Always has always had you know and that's that's thoughts or any night you never know you going in that you need to win this I have promised Brandon so that's another thing. Goma to class and I think. Woods will solve policies very good program that surprise I think a lot of people this your first for the first time offset the fall I've if you could call that an ops right. You know and then you know than the B lawful operable that's you know that's for you that's gonna happen. McConnell Wanda gathered all the want to beat the falls we scrimmage them early in the year in and they've got a lot of weapons Rotella guys in and out and they they play and stuff. On the cam and obviously there you know I can't sleep on them even the other kind of quiet this year and not do what they normally do but we're not used to that stood out but I think towards the end of the year your see them right where they usually are. And then O'Leary and you know joined a two this year so there from B so lucky just occurred to compete with them a leader in the years but we'll see where it's that so. I mean it's kind of a loaded you know from from top of my humble they wanted me to also be fun steel players to be fun to see who's gonna get to Boston they would actually in most. So he's off of our role in one yeah 544. Wins were so good about that yet coach kind of gets things done over the I'm a 144. Wins in thirty years there's an average of eighteen plus wins a year. He only played 27 games of legal way to the finals. It's amazing and I'm Maria you've got great power and a man and not vague there's got to be amiss unit got a reborn thirty years if he's got 544. Wins. That's one thing I neglected to mention some positive news and notes. Congratulations a coaching decision all that can an old saying if his chance I will tell you they're what a program. Yeah absolutely you'll pay when you talk about you're you have to bring it bring your A game every night is are there nights you can tell before the game. That your team is going to be on or off can you tell by their mood their attitude you want to give himself much enthusiastic. You know that there's definitely times when you know practices leading them to a game you can talk and work with the team since you know and sometimes it surprise you. Sometimes it's good to be lose sometimes not get those who also will come in the game and we feel pretty good and on Sunday gets slapped in the face early in the moments like I respond to it so. It can all depends I think on once the two goals. In one with the guys like would you practicing any in your sensing that. Maybe they're not putting their best effort as it is at the time as a coach. To put the pedal down and in really push them or do you sometimes need to back off. I think a lot of it depends on and the kids in a looser and can you can do things to and say things to whether you'd care to respond some way you know we're shocked prospectus whose. A lot of these kids are you know the still young high school kids you know and their temperament you know ones of you for the wrong button you can lose for a while. You know so it's hard girl our kids changing is it. Different kind of I don't know I was. I was gonna get the act yeah I. I definitely IRL a lot of it is that it's just society itself parents don't spend as much time with their kids so they're getting their information. From so many other different types of people on their practice you know he ran wild and and their friends and there you coach are there a U coaches ran or. Somebody and and the thing is the conversation is never. Coach soccer coach Collins is the best coach in the world. It's usually you know that guy is the person is keeping you from his bat in the NBA golf course you know at aunt and in it's it's it's great that they're supporting their girl player now he said that your your spouses or your own kid but. As the coaches in the contest at 1213 people. End the person that the person that usually the coach needs to rely man especially now and pat situated is it is is that. That's the person who was going to. Bring it toward that end of lap times leadership by example. You know because. You're gonna you're gonna get all your friends that are there wired you get boring stuff like the teams I hit the were really good. The superstar the bass player was one more unselfish people you have a terrible one to bring everybody else along. You know they are they were concerned about a dollar and get their points it's like getting like your secondary players to get them off early. And and a lot of times that's what really makes the difference in games like this especially plant a tough team. They know that there tries that that his team. The other guys at least got to get at least a little bit of a feeling you're going so that at the end of the game. That as expending all energy and they have the look out for these other guys that otherwise get to get there put four guys that. Makes me so out of it. Lot of it is an as a coach you have to develop a chemistry with your your best players your team leaders so they can bring it out because. Arab Arab Arab jab is pretty limited once the ball's thrown up you can make some substitutions of that but a lot of without the kids that bring an energy you're talking about. Ray north of the practice where the games are literally wanna. Or lost because depends on how well they prepare and how much they think they really need to focus on different aspects of the team to face and know with with us in high school wise I think the big thing there's a lot of guys. Come from wherever they came from grammar schools what. I know what the rules are you don't know what their jobs you know whether you have a guy lecture I'm blessed them and I would like Donald can put up thirty in my but. We're not gonna win it was just down you know we we need other guys step up and do things you know and that's where guys can do normal role. We need to do what they can in their capabilities and not try to do too much or just kind of sit back and watch and wait okay numbers much and I'll do what I can. So it's about development team chemistry and that's that's heart that's hard. Assured because you're gonna have players that are you gotta do what jealousy. All this guy he gets all the attention wise and anybody looking at me. You know and it's it's sad that there's a lot of selfishness that goes on. And it seems like is it rare rare to find that that that those kids that want to share the ball wanna share this. I like the best receiver like rice and all I've got realized I'd have to say Dominique Parnell most unselfish scorers that I've seen a long time you know we had he puts up 39 but he does not just go down and shoot shoot now he gets in those moments sure when he's like I got to try to take over and and that's what we expect of them. But he's very unselfish are looking now looking back over the last four years and Adam there's been times he's about how to say no you can shoot another. Five or ten shots and that's fine by me but he's he is unselfish you know and I need him at times it be more selfish and other times would be less so and so. It's there's a given to us tough. Sure and it's a fine balancing act that you have to as a coach you have to be with say okay this is that night. We need to push for more this is tonight the others need to get an officer as well you did it. I let's take a break guys and we come back we're gonna talk about more Western New York high school basketball rate after the break you're listening to inside high school sports on WGR Sports Radio phi fifty. We're vacuous and inside high school sports holy Caligiuri loan of frank. Frank Wolf Jack Crossair we have Roger what to mention your name every time. Hand why would you not want to be true Ameritech pac colonies from my Cheektowaga Earl sharp from you will. And Joseph mark Gucci row. The skip back to basketball talk. Started some of the because I know our pet you don't have much time with us a you have to leave after the next break so. Jump in a more or less going to the would we be assigned to double is let's get in the volleys well a mean double a.'s. The usual suspects you know it's a small division but James found the Ross kids there they're going to be tough Darvish I'm James palace home Carriker. Come on here seriously. The contract on our editors and anger point doesn't question embargo it. And Neal Lancaster will north you know I think we'll north this is is quite good you know I think they've got some potential to do some things this year. On Niagara Falls out she sells you know works his tail off out there and they got talent. And have a big game today and Linus. He can't knew me I took ball I mean he plays a schedule he's brought there and compete and see what happens when you know lock sports lock we know they're going to be tough. They just beat Grand Island am last night and then can more last Orchard Park both those teams are solid teams. And so. There I take those tough to say one team and double he really stands out is going to be yours that's the winner so it could be kind of a you know assume they'll fall in the place of the in the years Hughes were going where and so the final four looks like it must say. Lions hire fosters a boxer Bernard ran up Obama and that's all right just focused on or about to grow our your your thoughts on autopilot and it. Actually pic I took the words about I was thinking. Niagara Falls James down but that's happened like look reporters in Toronto yeah when I'm quite so I like how I like cap or west they play they play as they've got some athletic schism they've got. We actually does have very good player you know their date. They don't do well. If they have the right I think that my net they might have trouble with slow with a cup with teams like they they don't see Demitra really big actually have pro games out. But they get the right matchup they're they're capable of being falsely why stay away from teams with size the bat Abby did it seems like that's what gave them trouble they play in the the matchup with. And a public private mantra of care at all mostly it's impressive Francis yet again it probably had trouble with Saint Francis old side there's while so my act act. I think that those at the same teams that are out of the surprise surprise me you never know the team like some like frontier would glued to adjust not while they're young team there but up. Gary and I'll say it. Gary to exiles he gets carried exiles he gets it seems the prepared as as well as anybody Z causing him more. Well he's all of result than me so I. Many people all I advocates say that just look at guys like Murray at these younger and I am Tony if there's any cancellation that he's been good for a long time you know you'd even. Even what is he examining the greatest out good ability got to earn a win. For sure repent block or biologist who is a lack port of lock for can be Grand Island would just be Niagara Falls they have to be a player Russians on. It looks like they're so well I. I. The Greek is spoke didn't hit. That sojo is got locked court all right let's go down to what we have done this season diesel to do via. I think classy. Well always is the back to where there were few years I mean they're loaded. Era that's an interesting group having spent big saint east NC in the same sentence is really. They average I saw a bit Christmas time which is probably the worst time to see a city team because. Yeah they have like seven guys and an end you know Stalin wasn't there either so. They had they played. I Savannah and it turned out to be a good game because of Willard Anderson as the men. To an annuity here or there at the end of the game yeah rich daddy you're ready to order were stranded Vollmer intentionally so we couldn't shoot the ball and talk about throwing up a prayer that was more than a prayer out nothing but net and then what happens. They iced Nomar or did he did call timeout. And he missed the free throw it would have tied the game after making almost unbelievable shot you're ever received and we had a W is looking at the basket he just. You know I try to save a ball when it's all out about like he did dead beat me up four point play Nadal. Tied the game nothing but net and members policy that. Not a thing as playing gets other any other C schools they're they're he's just gonna be dominant that we need to play one through five and is. Heights of fancy school. There are small school and I always ask it could've been a preview of I was regional you know ever oh yeah that's true but it was a really good game and I think east pieces work begins at that. He's as you know they go through large birds. And and they got to couple base that just long athletic Wright has worked their tails off on the from that well enough and they give it style that. In all of these teams are used to playing so when we get some playoff time you know that you come east titles you know get ready to beat her game that's with the best of them for awhile what Carl says you know we get the city teens. They beat that you know what out of each other throughout the year. Yeah although go into the post season with a losing record and that just chair people park I mean that playing city league you know it's great for sure for sectional and play even though. It's almost in the small humanly college that you know there there's smaller schools just like he split. In the Clinton academies you play a bigger schools or get hurt or else months or a little wrong. Those teams are ready and also there healthy and that they got the full complement of guys that we talked to B you know. If you look at C to the east you know that the top obviously you know Randall very good this year and so and you never know the way that the weather plan and then. It also we're pretty obvious and so because around and yet you know there it goes in Portland and Nixon reasons antsy so that's that's possible matchup I think concede to. It's over a creek just lost to our goal Wanda big time. Last night 74 to 57 yeah or speaking from personal experience and hope of last night's results don't matter too much and I'm late in the season but. Com local team that you see Alex over creek you know every year that seemed to make an appearance and in the section Rosen and make deep runs so. On this team that I would look at me to get used to scare NC to. People will look at C one and and what's there. And shall talk bully had a very good win out to be in Orleans and went beat Maple Grove last night yeah I mean that that's a very good team and you look down while influence on me you know there usually around. You never know nuclear who seems to make some noise lately they seem to be a little down this year. Tapestries. Are charged with think the city that could so some people assault and a couple times here we've got some good athletes again. You know if they're healthy if there got the full complement guys that it might view of stairs and when you say you know you look at that at the scores in the Buffalo News like in today's paper you'll see assault western. Through ops seventy. Some. Staying in you know somebody else throws up us you know 74. Regardless of who they're playing is that an indication is again this team is more than capable. Towards you have to look at with the plane. I think that comes an appointment. Know their face and to match ups are huge in the style players you're playing a team that's not very athletic and you can open and I literally veteran team and you know some sports team has considerable do you Scioscia matchups with the huge part of. Yeah after Asians 36 lay up you're gonna make. Right that's I think sometimes it's a lot and those games a lot of turnovers. I mean if you're yet look at all over a number of games Bure scored 78 game and your probably you're probably pretty. Salad offensive team our it would job may be some d.s let's take a look at some of those schools. He's d.s. Well it's visually Franklin Dorell could go on there yeah there is almost seems like that's the girl's the owner Frank Gore a good ball. Frightening bill. Would be undefeated but they've lost three games by a total of seven points. On. They're led by Sam lurks in a three year juniors or before racked Aum. Also want frightened though. Is this a Haskell Josh jaskol. Yes that's the coaches seventh eighth grade maybe seventh grade he's he's not he's batted ninth radio and a daughter yeah summoned spirits and exporter good shooter. You up and unfortunately. I can't believe it. We're all people roll you've got alien bowling. He's got. Thirty years senior six foot five. Twenty points a game and his average and fifteen rebounds early signals right now. They're yours is it me graduated three years and is in his third year via C dirtier yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah I. Or the say so. Yeah it. Franklin real don't they just live on the other cap come. I believe they do yeah. Some Grand Slam caps younger brother I assume I think maybe I've. And I were I do know he is he's adding Timonen and there's another third generation descendant reviewed spent heavily and they just picked up it has picked up transfer from somewhere whose it really helped them as well just played is. His first game of the game and it's all. They'll blow it right exactly though more now Franklin mills could be the southern tier I capital basketball your boys and girls. Wow. Any teams out there regardless of classification. You know maybe starting offs lol but you can see them improving in may be the time it that the type. Mean me not being a team is gonna go to Ball State but the type of team you don't wanna play when the playoffs start. Off. I'll go to class be pissed off because of the few teams lefties. I think that the most teams when he classification but he if you look at it. You know you got new thing now from Nairobi's you've got. Don't Kirk you've got to Q you've got burger. Who got. All of them you know hard much Robiskie you know Ben Kaplan. As a rookie deep on him in one of the best moves around I get my Stravinsky and over there. And all the news team I would not want to face in a lot I don't think they can make a ton of noise late but I think they might be it was scare somebody in a concessional time. So I think that be an Odyssey. I said early restore I think is is the team that we can be won on when I think those other teams are definitely definitely won't make some noise. So some team is sleep at stake in the oh we're just gonna roll past this and on the next round. If you bring in a you could wind up going home actually absolutely full it'll be two when you look at. In the middle college lack a lot of very good on the dime is. I got some math and so Olmstead you know it's they've they've been there around the last few years you know and that lost a bit but they still got some guys over there and com health sciences in all sizes pretty good basketball team that's athletic and me get up and on the floor and and you know they're gonna I could see health science Miller account maybe didn't gap to the final and you know going against historian or caught in the cross or something like that. But there's a lot of talent in B you know it depends like we said earlier a lot of it comes under who's who's still on the roster. You know who's clicking at the right time and who's who's read the peak and who's already on the downswing councils who happens come that. Rush where would you put him in mixed conquer. I was at that bunker they were in the Lancaster German earlier this year one of the best games I've seen a long time was. Darker vs Lancaster. Bearing in mind I don't know how many if any people. Darker haired that was just coming off the football season and played late. But if debt Lancaster game was any indication I gotta believe there are a player clash pretty. Yet and yet they don't Kirk's Allison with the football success they've had there's some athletes done that complaining so as they get more comfortable or more in shape basketball wise I think to make some ways that. You know that will be tested during the regular season but. A lot of this thing comes down to where they finish in their class and who they're gonna faceoff with them what kind of matchup but they're definitely can be one of those teams that can scare some. At imperial agency you would not want it to face in the quarterfinals even know you are the favorite. Artest take a break guys when we come back or tickle in my senior marking. Actually you very much for joining us forthcoming guys in time it was great having UN in this morning. Last segment of inside high school sports coming up. It. What are you. Horn. Kept me. Recount only lets not go there laughter. What I segment bedside high school sports I have we are taste in music I'll have made it more notice that you like kids. Let's separate as saying you guys are cracking me up stoppage. My senior Murton. Big game yes obviously yesterday can he just has seen shows. Didn't go quite the way of our coach mark Simon would have liked it to go. By you guys have MacLeish is good. Yeah out there I've seen them twice so this year there are very silently. It's it's. Actually all football divisions of the he this year would be more interesting. While. Usually comprise and a book the final two teams you know like you kinesis partner. You know they deals that whenever wise it in the past maybe ten years this year. Almost all the teams that gap and almost all the teams that matter and get him a chance the Eagles have more wins. It's Abby are would be probably the favorite right now after every seat everybody. But at any given night could aces to beat him. I could be seen Prius has to be. It's a joke most likely it's easy you know abruptly pitcher is the price for us right now FS XL straight outs but. But I have all those teams are pretty about it's pretty much the same league yet you guys does it areas here. The outlaws. Almost teams are silent as well you know most of course the studs that I see amassing a Murton. Well it's funny many of them are underclass. Most most of the upperclassmen indicate that thick it impressed me the most of all of the players did in all the leagues right now is. The sophomore from park this point there. No they do not know the all options Scott is very good players all of Hutchinson the one that makes you get it will get there easily makes it the run. At least he was statement list as a freshman. Yes got the other really beat us currently scores thousand white race you know it's my lately this b.'s third year writes that Neitzel. He's obviously done really well. There's some players tie that are really good it can at Joseph Harrison who's now lap he plays he's more football I don't know very tiger Merrill guard he does it matter basketball so little here and showed great shoots threes hits it like makes this time is really impressive there. There is out some solid players Saint Mary's. It's there's there's so much every team's got one or two guys that are legal as a freshman sophomore point guard it. At Saint Francis. As well. They gave me. Odds are Rico is a junior at Connie yeah when we do it again this off. The sophomore but there again you watch any of these games and we kept that league game it's a big vs baker smokers is balls. Well Anthony we should match you were talking about how good part is. Ford junior's five sophomores two freshmen no seniors. Really don't period Perry on as well yeah. Which is at me and it let it play very hard you know they've they've played and while they can't have to because I think if you were. If that the great thing about him it's now it's what they've always done accurately is. If you're not quite a while it's only else and it. Board eligible if Beckham or for awhile because the other guys do to us as well talk about incentive while it exactly as it's you know it's unfortunate in the coaches fortunately I am deeply the last drive off the bench and prior could probably play against anybody in western while it certainly get Ron. They would be out of Xavier women section or monsignor Meyer and just like they're good they're good idea the other they're very sound and me. Behind to get the one that really makes the team run there come up two games this is where that's gonna be tested it. It's hard to say where it's going to be could be like that time Kubiak visas. Where I think the shots aren't falling accurately right Wynette was really good testament there battle. Through thankfully we'll solve this week and believe. They don't they did what I was talking about let's not go on their part Jack you're an expert in your ire at Albion helping quite a game as well yet. So coach of the good team. With gulf war players averaged ten points a game is pretty solid. Usually yes you have kids that means it means that there there share the ball yeah that's that's definitely good that that's what's going on familiar ecology and our rules board through your juniors all. I'll revert back from golf well male college is always gonna be good they have they have. Interesting tale will withdraw from this any other of the traditional borders and stuff like that so they actually have a really. Good sat out there that there at the bigger school there housed at bat that got the bad kids as well for this year. At derby the only problem is that they're up at the B this year so. It's not going to be as easy to get through but the more capable doing it has been more challenges along the way it did throw struck. I start throwing out names possible all Western New York players. Just randomly its obviously mean that obviously the two kids that that would match grows delicate right off the about it while. And I'll bouncing up there are so many other ones. There's someone next from kid Bears can only in earn all because he's listened as a junior. But did he go to another school or something I haven't seen as. Manny yeah younger acts room I have that have actually had CC LEM player. And is striving and camp Stiller who wants it to be gotten though there's there's college that your name yet. He was fourteen last year are. James draws from surging last year he's right at. That's who you mentioned you know Dolan and Walsh. And then the fifth one would be an extra or if he's back he's really a five underclassmen. From me your goal that may just tapped colonial Western New York. You brought a couple of kids from our that are there would be well do well a lot and it's going to be a tiger are your team does. The they have the real the real obvious names we just mention my right out of the thing is this year so it seemed like there are. There're there are a lot of see your team last year so is the end the year plays out I think the morgue. You see teams that like bust agency of the big exactly yet there as players ones that are going to be the lowest in New York team. Right guys that's about I gonna do it for us are always great to see you and we have a blast when are you right now we have to pretty myself up for that you can hit rod quickly I just kind of attacked from setter Cora act from left throwing him. What's known it to coach one game. Is that right. Well that's not that I got ethnic Morgan possessed in here all right let's let's wrap it up rise Jack. Frank Joseph Earl thank you guys very much Nate thank you and we will talk to next week or more inside high school sports.