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Jan 12, 2017|

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I just tonight. No effect everywhere we've Bryan gates was this guy put the full. Will it ends. No way get real non. What's going on everyone right gates meet Geary hanging out with you here extended coverage of these bills they have. Made it official Sean McDermott. Is going to be the twentieth had coach of the Buffalo Bills and we're going to be hanging out with you here and in your reaction 8030551888. 550. To 550 are the phone numbers here how are you feeling as bill stands right now this is. Kind of been on the plate for awhile and that when the when the coaching search first started. That was all talk about Anthony when and how he was the front runner it was his job to lose. And then as the search continued and especially in the past few days Sean McDermott is really bad. The one that's been talked about picked up a lot of steam. As the bills' top candidate and today. With Vance Joseph heading to Denver a few hours later the bills and making things official with Sean McDermott where start to see some activity. Going on in the coaching search just not your awful all but threw out the NFL so. 8030515. If you're outside of buffalo 1888552. By fifty. If you're caught from out of town we wanna hear from you guys tonight. Your reactions. Of Sean McDermott Sean McDermott he's back and around the NFL for a very long time at this point he he came in. Right out of college she interned for the Philadelphia Eagles. As a in its final two years of college she was in turning with the Eagles and he comes out he gets in scouting department. And that becomes assistant to Andy Reid. Assistant to the regional manager assistant to the head coach that was his. That's how we kind of got into the coaching was there Andy Reid Andy Reid told him. That. You can be my assistant who do a lot of grunt work for me for a little while coffee doughnuts mostly doughnuts you call a whole lot of donuts. But it's funny side that's how Jon Gruden got the start. He was assistant to so what you're saying is we've been doing it wrong this whole time we should go like be carry the goal is assistant Wally. I've been trying to work that for awhile. I I'll read here is assistant I was still admit she pays handsomely to install walk dogs for a little while and I outlaw doctor Drew Stafford for like two weeks. In any realizes I am not letting this kid nobody got really got traded that I got trader and got traded that's popped yet tell me about it and that his apartment at the time was right by. Terry Google is apartment in buffalo. So penal. So it resonated on the door Nate and actions of the fact that you said to be really didn't do it is a little bit it's a little disheartening in there that shows a lack of no gumption and yet social on the dirt anyway it's gone. But if it is going to be the next head coach of the Buffalo Bills for mean. Now I don't really know a lot about the guy I've been trying to read up a lot about him throughout the day and he he sounds like the type of coach true. He wants to come in any talks about football as being a family. He wants players to be close close to each other there's the article yes piano which came out before this season talking about the two truths one lie. And that opens up where it is one line that he was telling players is that. When this summer jobs that he would use a chainsaw carved bears out of trees. Mikey carved bear it is like a bear this little treatment all as a lie. I wish it was true yes it's pretty bad yes yes me he got a guy. Carving a bear with a chainsaw and you want him to be year your football coach goes to show us. Now gumption the exposed a lot of gumption that's mergers it's a lot of gumption industrial by 51 day. By fifty to 550 some the pitcher comes out from Kim put coolest Twitter and it shows every one. Bear. No Russ Brandon which I think will meet a lot of people on the bill stand unhappy there was a tax to attack accidents that. Yeah Russ Britt and definitely wasn't there because he's got the win Caster can each is basketball game tonight. I guess my question is why don't alien picture he know he's he's he's there he's on vacation. They were they they at least want to make it seem like he has anything to do that yeah and I think. Arnold we interviewed four candidates. Wish for meat. I think if you if you liked. Sean McDermott here that much but it's much. Like when Rex Ryan team. They waited a little bit longer I think this time but they did the second interview and stereo all right we're gonna wrap this up and I think a lot of that has to do wit. Coordinators. And how those dominoes are gonna fall especially. With Mike McCoy being connected to advance Joseph in Denver he's putting pretty much connected to every single offensive coordinator job. That is available right now so I think they want to make a move quickly because they wanted to. Start making those moves come in line and they didn't wanna have to wait for anything else but even the previous coaching search they interviewed. But what twelve candidates. And we're talking about expanding their search even more before Iraq's came into the fold and then they Thelma with racks. It sounds like got a a similar situation where Sean McDermott came in he really impressed carrying Kim Bakula and seems like they haven't stopped thinking about them and they wanted to make sure that this was their guy. And I don't hate the fire I think it's got to find higher and a lot of people out there. Will say that they would Bonnie proven winner brought in I just don't think those coaches. Hired anymore. Like the proven winners don't leave their proven winning spot right. Exactly if it's a year and a half it was your proven winner column by you leaving why if your crew winner no one's letting you go in and I think that's the thing and you know. I actually give a lot of credit to the bills and and specifically the pool is in and if you think gore if it's true that don't really really had anything to do with this tire which I just don't really think he did. But that's neither here nor there. What I like. That I'm doing is I think what would've happened if you think Elaine what he got the job to deal would have felt like it was a bogus search and they knew I wanted. And it was to kind of shut people up or it was. They I'm glad that they did their due diligence and it it's clear that McDermott. And that he was clean that was talking about under somebody that I was listening to that. You know of McDermott had been trying this for a long time he'd been trying to become a head coach he's interviewed for I think the past three years. Any had really been good at the interviewed the interview AA is kind of held him up from becoming head coach he nailed this interview with the goal is but we've seen what happens when guys Nell interviews that the rules before they get a little. I don't wanna say star struck is he's not like Rex Ryan he's not a star known but what he is I think. Can. Adding translate well for this team the problem that I have. With all of the situation is. I think it's the same proud of the Durban had and why this maybe took as long as it did is what is the structure of this organization I. Was talking to Tom pocket out in the out in the room over there were enough to call and you know so what are we eating iron in Oz like you know me it is what it is but. My question is. I fuel is dole end I don't wanna sound. Hyper critical but and here's my here's my thing. Heat. It's sort of feels like people goal is are more. In all hands on the Jerry Jones. Isn't Jerry Jones that gee I am not his son is now suns GM now it. While he used to Biggio and he's to be everything and now he's realized that they weren't very good when he was doing that he needed someone to come in and make decisions in his son. Has made good decisions. Could draft picks. Our baby reagents for the most part separating Gregory he was a bad draft pick but. I don't know why I guess by my my question is where in pro sports have you seen. I don't wanna say meddling owners because I don't think they're meddling I just think. Owners that. What's what ought a micro manage. I think never and up. Fully trusting someone. To come in and take care of their baby there organization and just think about it like think about a pro sports team that has. Super hands on owners they handle this kind of stuff that do anything. Well I just look at the Google isn't what they've done with the sabres and helping your hands on the sabres at all. I think they like Tim Murray make all the decisions there. I think running cobalt team running hockey team to complete I think it I think it would be right not and I don't wanna light. Say that playing a hot year running artery disease easier. But let's be us you've got 23 roster players point four roster players you have to worry about 53 men and I think a much. More it's harder to put together 53 guys to win with the cap structure the way it is than it is to get 23 guys to play together and win in the NHL they're kept structure. My whole thing I am to continue going back to this is the they identified that they needed. Someone to run the football operations they decided that Bill Polian was there a guy. They wanted though point to come in and rumpled operations A you know what they did they said bill points at no I don't wanna come do this and they set up. While. And who cares. But didn't work out sucks I guess you don't say it like they identified an issue they identified the needed someone. To come in and handle that when it. Plan a didn't work eighty to have plan B it's really kind of to be. A makes me nervous. And I don't know that they're necessarily micromanaging we'd maybe Doug Whaley as way more so in this than it all appears. What for me let me answer this is what I view it as the search was still alive by Doug Weight. He's the one who went out and contacted candidates just because he didn't make the final decision doesn't mean that search wasn't like I am indeed he didn't have 100%. Of the final answer. The circus don't like he's the one who brought in Harold Goodwin he's the one. I mean if anyone was already here but at the UN came in. Who was the other guy got interviewed. I forgot. Harold Goodwin Harold Goodwin. The Seahawks were shot yet Chris for shark Chris Rashard was brought in for an interview I feel way we brought these candidates and and maybe. The way we wanted. In this assault conjecture obviously but maybe Whaley bonded out more about thorough search. But the Google has decided that they want to get after McDermott. Before anyone else who was interviewing for other jobs and sit on your hands. If you think that you want that guy. I agree with that I like McDermott I think. Again I go back to the hole if the only decision I thought the F annually decision would have been an easy one and now I look at it as I like. I like McDermott I think he's the kind of he's a similar. Authoritarian. Type. No BS. And I think this team needs and no BS guy it. When we come back from break Mike if you would play there is a a sound that he played her shopping Bulldog of Tedy Bruschi and a lot. I wanna use that sound obvious we should take some calls went off that that sound I thought. Was spot on and I hate Tedy Bruschi but he was sold he uses cell right on in his evaluation of why he thought charmer there was record for the job. Well it's it's said that Sean McDermott though one of the things that he preaches and this is in one of the articles I was reading wanna say it was an espn.com. But it he preaches. After it. Efforts never going to be an issue where if my players because that's what I'm coaching some people don't believe that you have to coach effort I'm not one of those guys I believe that you do have to coach effort. And that might be something that's. Blake Tedy Bruschi sadly these players in might need that the answers guys. I bought it or what I liked it and it's. I think it's proven that there's a lot of guys and a defense specifically. That think they have the answers Beno. They're professional they don't need a coach to tell them that they're better off playing a three technique and a five technique I know what I'm good at out of any Judy tell me where my outlook my Rocha in and I think that. Whole mindset this team needs to change I agree if that means. Burying Marcel Darius at a depth chart. And until he proves. You'll I would say it you know we can't trade you we can't cut you retire. If you don't wanna play football it the way that I want you to play football on the man here now. If you don't wanna play the way that I watch you play if you wanna act the way I want you act when you're outside the stores I can't be secure a grown man. If not retire. Because I have no interest in in bay being in babysitting. A grown man who's making a hundred million dollars to play for an organization. That's the kind of attitude I need for my head coach I did not get depth Rex Ryan as much as these players loved and they respect Rex Ryan. I don't think so. I think I think it's a lot like the cool parent. Yeah they they did you know apparent right debuted on I think it respected. They didn't respect him as it was sort of damned thing they respect and they didn't have respect for him. Rite Aid they viewed more as a bottle Brent Wright in a body instead of the guy that they have to answer to death and maybe what these players need is. Sammy Lockett is one to come out and say that apple Sweeney did this in clubs and when he was clumsy. Don't need to be treated the way that don't we are absurd that dug around treated them like they're college kids they need to be treated like their professional athletes but at the same time. They need to be treated as though they have accountability. To 52 other guys and a roster and I didn't see is that brown last year in in that Pittsburgh game. Was not accountable for the other 52 guys in the roster key. Pull it to me quit. Straight up just quit. And I I'm sorry I can't have guys playing for my football team a much a bomb had coach you know I cook's little leak. Gay which is completely different ball game but you know what I would say Syria which you know what. What when. That it's that type of thing were to happen on my team if I was coaching. I I just I can't play with the because there is coach it never as you as you said the family aspect and I and I like that about shark ever because. What that does is it it it it teaches in emphasizes accountability. Denny's you don't do your job. It's going to affect the other ten guys in the field or it's going to affect you if you could be the last. Sure actually you bring us aside if you're not doing your job. Your being selfish it up 30551888550. To 550 continuing coverage of the bills had coaching search right here Sean McDermott. Going to be the head coach of the Buffalo Bills. Moving forward for the 2017 season gauger calls going here we've got Jerry interviewed Gerri you're on with Ryan Nate. General and I didn't this afternoon. And I quick observation here of all the way I. Many years ago we all these trees that all route also we're not going after it any dignity guys in early this point is getting. Any bloody well right now the reason that a lot of enthusiasm because we don't know anything about McDermott. But she hit it. Going back. We're a year ago when you were just all duty all excited because we at Rex Ryan. The attic or say that we probably at an older that we spend the money. And we aren't all that just ain't the guy who at previous success. But only pick out a win didn't do any good. So right now. We're actually currently borrow it from itself. I think I don't see where this election that it has this well etiquette that it's. Let aspect that we're looking order. And so they are and where they take great. Support Nader ticket step in the right direction. Jerry I have a question for you and and before does that while watching answer 'cause I like your point gain in what I wanna ask you is. How long do you think Sean McDermott should yet. To better how about this this question this way do you think because he's a less of a bigger a less of an odd character a lower profile than Rex Ryan. That he maybe gets longer. To figure this thing out to figure out how to become a winning coach and how to get this team in the playoffs does he get longer than Rex does if he's not a success. I do acceptable usually does because first all you unproven commodity. As a college. And already a couple of people don't want outlined its doors during is interview. But I believe he has at least three years to prove they keep saying Roby about what we think what the players sticking out of pocket. Because this is key rate at actor well I think we'll see they're great advocate Gail. Don't yet know they Gerri appreciate the comment and and they explorer. Thanks for all your opinion do they regret that I I agree wholeheartedly with your. Yeah I think it's. You got to give this guy. Of Lee's. It can't just be that two years and now especially if you're gonna give him. Now a longer contract it's going to be something like the dug around there's no out clause but dug around would have had another year here obviously which would guy and yeah the longest tenured coach for the Buffalo Bills since Dick Jauron. And I think actually got to be looking forward this guy can't be just another a two years. Kono is with the quarterback situation is still. In such limbo that we don't know what's going to happen at the opposition you got Tyrod Taylor may be under contract. You got these rumors of maybe Mike McCoy coming in and other rumors of may be with that Philip Rivers can get traded you got all these crazy rumors fly about the quarterback position the thing. I worry about with any head coach right now that that's gonna come. Beat echoes the bills whether or not it was McDermott whoever is. I think them being quote close. AZ is a detriment. I I would rather be the browns. Because. At least you know what you bar. Age you identified. You are bad. We need we need young draft picks were we need to resize Jamie columns we re signed Terrelle Pryor there's a point in place maybe corporate edition yet. But they're gonna get their opportunity to draft the best quarterback in this draft whether or not you'd think that there's good quarterback to distract or not. They're gonna have an opportunity to pick guide they want in mold and I think. I think you Jack that the got a duet and I think the thing is is being close is how old. Long has this team then I guess close. I mean you can sell basically for years you could say you think the past three years they've been close. Or what their record got that's fair 89 that's there. But it's just Tim mead being close I think is almost worse than being far. I don't know I told you I'd agree art with that size band are and that's not impair the evacuation and then that they've been what I think for loss a four wins has been the worst record foreign twelve in the with Iraq to the ground and so maybe that's the furthest away from from close that we bad bought. Otherwise it's been pretty it's been like 678679. Wins somewhere in that neighborhood and I don't know Ellis of business where it's. The Cleveland Browns what they're doing right now. Is it normal business for what I FL teams that's correct but no I normally don't like what I felt they are not going to. Have unreasonable expectations for their coach what I think that it dirt it's going to have expectations that are unfair to look first year head coach ever of any team. That's not a and it. I understand his head coach medical team is always going to be expectations but. I don't know I just feel like I can have expectations that are fair to him. And the last thing that I think if you're NFL head coach you wanna come in with expectations. Of what you wanna come in as an NFL had coached a team and be like all over are going to be trying to make the play you wanna know why. You want a wide disagree with that because I for once wanna head coach. That wants to win opposed to being afraid to lose. It I feel like when your close you were afraid to lose in it it it. Alters the way that you. Coach your football team and edit that altered the way that Rex Ryan coach this football team because he was afraid of losing his job rather than worrying about winning a football game. All he did all he went out every weight is he just didn't want to lose. So you you you play more. Conservatively. You make calls you wouldn't make all that that winning teams don't make because you're trying to not lose and opposed to trying to win again. Does that make sense. It makes sense I think I'm an older sort evasion point I think it's the the whole mindset of the organization that's why I have such a problem this organization bring Wheatley back is because. He and everyone else that is back here for however long they've been here. It's the same things ingrained in them is it there's this fear. A failure opposed to an ambition to be great there is no way they should be great it's just a week we. Only got eighteen years how how terrible would that be like two scared of eighteen years. I don't understand we're way we comes in on that one because it's just it's they wanted going to build a roster to win games that's all his job is. E*Trade. Is usually my desires and experts and the markets is that I'm trying to strive for greatness. And the pong ways. I get questioned the decision but I wasn't. Too little effect because he was scared no ads everywhere it was Garrity when an eight actually. That's treated more risky for Dwayne Lee's job and not making hatchery. But he made that trade for the wrong reasons he knew that trade because he hooked himself to a quarterback that's exactly. Yeah that's eye off the I don't. Yeah right that's going to be off the team I'll disagree with that he made the trade for the wrong reasons but if you're scared of losing your job you don't make that trade. Well he was it was his first year first four years GM. Different different Internet say it just a little bit different book of a tune that were point. I guess I get one more call and before we had a break here at Scott in buffalo Scott you're on the nightcap this is knee. Gonna I'm a talk about Doug Whaley years arms and the talk about it earlier how. You felt like he might not have been involved in coaching search in Italian all these reports probably he's not involve the gulf cuckoo above. Michael thing is how come to say that album when we fail we wouldn't have any power is no going on. But then also blamed in particular because it's sure they have enough power to know what's going on. And it not it's all things are working. You know I've seen like I don't agree that blame him you can't blame him spurt. Pumping and then the next sentence they won't wasn't even involved obviously. There's some like I don't understand what contradicting reports about what it actually. Scott when he started your your point I knew exactly what you're going to say and I'll like I've heard anything. More spot on the mat. I agree with it but I am also the guy that's doing it. So it's. It's different I don't know I I wholeheartedly agree with his point that if they're the narrative is that he. Is it is involved says the book cool isn't he portrays himself to be involved. That he can't take the blame for certain things but that's bad the story of his tenure here as you he takes. Credit for the things that have gone well but he refuses to take credit for the shortcomings. And maybe that's why maybe it's because again when we're talking about accountability there's no accountability from the top bottom and maybe from the top to the bottom and maybe that's why. It's so difficult for the for for everybody to kind of figure out how they feel about not only new coach but. What what the hell with teams that do moving full. I got point the point. I take great care continuing coverage of the bills coach Jay brought to you by value homes senator's visit your experts here locally owned value on senators. And we'll help you make your house your home. Ryan Nate hanging out with you here. Continuing coverage of this coaching change Sean McDermott. The new head coach of the Buffalo Bills want to hear your thoughts 8030551888550. To 515 it's the nightcap on WGR. John McDermott it's the interest in case he's bit of these coaching opportunities before so he's he's a veteran and that. He's got the experience of interviewing. I think he's now as good how. You because buffalo that situation where they work very certain terms of the direction of the organization you get a guy who's a relatively young. Coach what he's been there before in terms of going through this process so I think it's a good I think it always felt because the defense of that team needed. Really overhaul in mindset. In the which they went about their business. Stance with that mindset I'm talking about trade McDermott has to come in ready to send a message to a lot of these players Weickel instrument on the defensive side of the ball. I think they got audiences you've got fifteen well I got answered this is what scheme I think judgment three man rational I think it should be a four man rush a lot of answer me and there are so. What he needs to do with like Adam gays did with a lot of those same personalities in Miami did Jack you've got odd attitude problem Danish couple players you'd wanna get on board cut. Those type of messages from he has to be ready to see and when present which it presented I think he will be presented with those type of attitude problems. There is that side Tedy Bruschi Jerome got us on FL insiders today. Talking about the bills higher of Sean McDermott and brings little insight to. And people on this defense and and speak and well in the past two years and you you look back at what the players on this defense. The transition that they are constantly going through. I mean you look back what does Dave Wannstedt for three George Edwards 34. It was after that I got a guy get the list of how to be over yet so I was. Perry fuel. That was. Wannstedt that it was Edwards that it was. Patent. That and Schwartz Schwartz she. So it adds. It's just a bag before and editing the day you're a very short and now is on fox which is primary belongs. So that's. That's one of the things that you have to. To look at they'd been constantly going through transition between 3443. And Sean McDermott is a 43 guy and he's gonna be bringing that 43 system back in again. In the way that his system is talked about is. He just lets the players. Do a lot of playing and cover one has already started. A looking at. A lot of record as attorneys are off and he studies like I wish I had more time to look at his defense but what he told me and Eric is is a very blue right. Guy when it comes this stuff he knows what he's looking at when he's breaking stuff down and when he was breaking down his defense he said I think the bills are gonna I think he's gonna make a big push for Stephon Gilmore stay because of the system in the trapping. That the quarterback does in the system. And the potential that he would have to make big plays how ever when he was nervous about is that he thinks the corners in his in this system need to be physical. They need to be able to come up and make a tackle nick hit it in in wanna get their nose dirty I don't know that's defined over is that guy so I don't I wouldn't be upset if this team. Drafted defensive backs the first two rounds of this draft. I hated that it almost no problem. I think they need a serious overhaul a bit in this defense is going to be predicated to Charlotte Durbin defects is going to be predicated on aggressive. Aggressive about specs especially the safety position. When Carolina's defense under McDermott wasn't good. Because they didn't have a guy back there that can come up and play India Bucs defender right now there's no Bucs defender safety on this team. Yeah I mean the secondary needs I got over it's probably going to get one there's a good chance that. Only one of those players of the starters are going to be be back in the system get back to the phones here we got a Carl clearance Carly and the like apple brand name. I've got it going. Yeah I hope that this new kitten I call which it did I'm pushing seventy I just want him to do one thing I want to demand reached that. Braxton to bet I know you were dead in the water and then it started early players on the our bet the players will all of Iraq. That additional at all something is wrong it's like the terrorists hitting all of that time in this day. Call eight gala area where. It really ought to boxes anymore everybody kind of a level playing skill. And a desperate thing in my article Eric Seattle coach is gone wrong. If you don't don't know strap to ourself or are you respect that relaxed our senate and or be eaten out that until I actually they played sometimes. I'd. And perhaps that's occurred after it like all everything we've taken a far right that's gonna involve that I mean yeah he's actually what we. That's what we were talking about it's the same thing is parenting is when you wanna be a friend your kid instead of a parent. He's gonna that kid is gonna do here she will do. What ever they can get away with it they. And once you start pushing the lion of the heck out of it that nominee Travis summit Travis an end. There's no accountability for guys like marshaled areas and in when Jerry Hughes is making stupid. Personal foul penalty after stupid personal foul penalty blast not this year the year before wrecked his first season and there was no consequence for it. You know it's it there's it was just too loose of a shot. Yet so. Had when it comes the respect ends. Out I think it's so hard for a lot of these guys in these positions. To kind of and even even our positions you could even say this and a lot of people and just third there walks of life. You look outside of their bubble and what they're dealing away on a daily basis. And you have someone like Marcel de arias who. You know he's. Had its problems in the past d.s smoked weed and it's got caught with it twice. But he doesn't view the consequences. At a greater level I guess I would say and that maybe that's where the accountability to be held. With Sean McDermott coming in that as you were saying with the family kind of style that you're accountable to the rest these guys and your team and your accountable to. The fans are paying money out there to see you every week that you. That's probably not the top of the line because you topped the mind has to go to your teammates and what your absence. What affect that's going to have on gotten. And if you are thinking about that. You're not doing part of your job as a team spirit. I agree and they maybe that's why I'd like McDermott because. He's got something to prove his head coach he's never bad one in I think it's difficult when you bring in a retread. That's about how coach -- any level mean a lot of these coaches that have never bank coaches in the NFL. Have been exposed to somewhere about I coached in college in high school I also most was advantage at this point because. When you were head coaching you fail or your fired. I always get in this is just kind of how I view life. Is history typically repeats itself and your always gonna do you're gonna slip into that comfort zone debt that got you in that. Trouble or actually that bad spot in the first place and I think the exact same thing happened with racks. The same thing as the sing tendencies begin to happen when the and it would seem to be near in New York the same sort of tenancy started happening here. And. With McDermott now being that first time a coach I don't think he has any tendencies to slip into he has no. He's going to be figuring out from him but he's going to be you know and I'm finally an anti. And that's why I think the coordinators. I think maybe why the decision team this early. I should say this early they've been without coach for. Him. 34 weeks now. But. The court meters I think that's a big deal to what's going forward and I think Mike McCoy. Is a huge piece of that. I great experience. As a head coach is going to be a huge asset for someone. Like Sean McDermott who doesn't have that experience you have someone who does have experience. It gives credence to the higher against. It gives that I'm more of a sounding board to be like okay. You've had this experience the previous few years in San Diego where some of the things that you do indeed have an exchange of ideas. So I think a guy like that does have previous head coaching experience. It's important bring in when you have a guy like this that's why may be norv Turner's name who. Has not been talked about secular left. Me neither really set she left the Minnesota Vikings though that's what he has all of that experience. And dubious sounding board for this. I agree an assailant and yet he's going to be coming up at eight perfect because. I have a little bit more adjusted mean learning about. McCoy then Diane McDermott I I think. That it's not a sexy pick people. You're not gonna learn something in the next week and a half month. That's gonna make say now. I read you lead like this guy now it's going to be a latency with them it's gonna be. Let's see what happens I know I eighty wearing any football helmets don't ask you know he might not do is put. Stupid slogans up there on the walls and could well drive or something but you don't think like it's not going to be the there there's nothing that you're gonna learn in the next month two months that is going to make you think. That's why. That's like giving Terry looked OK I understand now what on my wife and I boy smartly on the areas that people aren't you give up like all right this is why. But no I. The reason I'm excited to learn a little bit more about McCoy in yummy I'm short sale deal being around the league as much as he did and being here as long as he has. You know I haven't paid much attention to Mike McCoy and then it looked into the numbers a little beaten into was passed in. Seeing that he was the coach. With Tebow in in in in Denver and was able that it's garnered the number one rushing offense in the league. And then three years later able to garner the number one passing offense in the league. That makes that gets me excited. Because I know that you can do bull. Bright that you figured out ways to be successful with what ever is been thrown at you not successful but be the best driver I grab one more call before we break here will continue that conversation moving forward. Stephen Buffalo's Steve you're on with the knee and right in the nightcap. All aren't just a couple quick fingered won its first Volvo Willie Willie you're very talented very. Smart individual. Who I believe he is running shall wonder because. When they think he likes it kind of like an I told you so situation we're much more in the picket work. And they picked them and nearly did work and their content well that might look at put it together. Look at all the players got he wants them not to provocative. Biblical quarterback that your until you know ultimately the court but on the scope here without a couple of years this year. And he's in charge. I've got to do very well and what they have on there with you want to call it speculation about what happened you got in the room you don't know. A protocol they'll end up bunker. And from buffalo. Okay what are always second. Guess re. What what speculating my doing. You're back where I think it really took eleven controlled it well we don't know what doing bad. Bet other simulators noticed that you didn't expect that are important for the well I don't know if they want because you get there and did you know that. I think it was dubbed the point you're making about him deflecting blame. Warwick and you just don't like the fact that he bella I don't like the fact it does what's the didn't go can't control you just don't wonder how effective really does have control of the moon and guard you are what I wanna. Steve is what is giving you the indication that he has any control. Steve why my question is what indication or what evidence do you have or because I can say to Sidney you're speculating how do you now. I don't know because all the picks that you bit. All the picking picnic dark. What does that have to do about this. What does that have to do about this Steve. Are audited terrible to which all of their doorstep it would appear to begin to make all read he did what is backward currently in stable. There were back in there we go all dole Alexander we got our brow beaten god number the better regarded Obama but that's in the defensive. In defense this year and ethnic other Billick will put all those players beer you put Tyrod Taylor there because Rex Ryan White part what Philip. Direct Ellis then Barry Cutler took effect yet third string. Receiver to broker who begin to develop their own and when it was an accurate it was because of the timing if timing about the once they got that the gathered to shield them in that last game they played. Very well on average remember the last game last year of gang conceded it was going to be compared. The right hasty we got we got to move on here just because you guys. That's that I think about that. Well that's that I think about that. How I just understand how you're gonna come up with a point to try Tommy I'm speculating that he doesn't have a role. That you're gonna tell me he has the ultimate role and the talk about players that he's picked when we're talking about his role in picking his head coach in what he's actually doing. I never said that I don't think. That doubly pleased there is bad at his job and percent he was bad at his job I just don't know what his job it's and I am not the only person that has that opinion. I it's not my created opinion or speculation. That Whaley has no role in this I mean I'm sorry I picture other in the picture of Doug Whaley sitting next the bullets. What have you heard anything about all police meeting with wit don't really know he met. What the bullets not oily. Because Doug Wheatley is bringing those key. They didn't eat well eat and yeah all those are the ones that are outgoing did it there and football be glad I don't really still here. I don't go to break his nightcap gates and figure it out here and a beach. Well this search will be different the first one I was an assistant GM the second one we did by committee approach this one will fall squarely on my shoulders with helping him monus so we're gonna approach it that way and I have full confidence in myself and them plan that we have in place that we're gonna go on to the best guy for the Buffalo Bills. Yes so that sounds like. Does have a hand in complete control of Maine yeah it sounds like dog when he's going to be sneaking making all the decisions and that kind the way that it happened it's. It didn't sound like iron on that trip I'm not privy to it there aren't there and those conversations because you're not in the room just like Doug Whaley wasn't in the room and we're talking Iraq's prime. I may I just wanna point out that he's I wanna point out that I am not Tom creating. Any sort of narratives or idea piling on and here I pile I am just I am a pile hombre I just you know jump on. Jump jump on what the popular opinion is and just go with that nobody you're Europe Tyler I'm a pile honor and impala you heard Iowa. But no it in all seriousness. You know I'm not the person that's bringing up the fact that people don't really know what. We Lee's role is and I'm not saying it as a criticism of Whaley. I agree with what Steve had to say about his roster decisions I think he's made a lot of good. Scouting slash GM moves Lorenzo Alexander those guys but in in the same aspect. He's also made a lot of not good looks and did trade present Iraq is always going to be something in his role in what ever his role was. Of EJ Manuel and the in this election he didn't selecting Jimmy knew what he thought he was the future and then mortgaged the future treating for Sammy Watkins to go with. That quarterback so. Yi has his faults. I am not sitting here and saying that he doesn't know what he's doing. Or. I'm not making up narratives what I'm doing is saying what a lot of other people are saying is what. What exactly. It this seemed a lot like this was a lot of the goal is in he didn't seem like yeah you know what. He likely went out and brought him in but. That's not what I got from what he that was going to be his role. But as always he was gonna say and that is I got Jerry and Kim in that press conference he did say ultimately that the goal as well. Final say he did but what I thought this was gonna be is wrecked her it is that. Whaley brings in this guy they interview if he's doing most of the interviewing what Jason you probably did ask the football questions and I'm assuming that but that I thought would be Whaley says OK I like McDermott. What do you think he had no we like him to how we know. What happened I don't think but it's not it's not what it sounds like what happened and and that's from Clayton what you went Clayton was on he made it's in the same way shot after me to say that I'm just saying everyone that's reported on this. That no matrimonial Whaley has been at all. There hasn't been imagined Doug Whaley you're right that that's just and that's why am questioning what his role really was it. I am not I would get an answer the same way he brought the candidates and we all knew going into it that the final say it was going to be held on the coolest. We all knew that yeah. Yeah it was set at the press you heard that sound clip there where it sounds like Doug Weight he's going to be the one like. It's my decision I've got the final say in the later on he goes and he gets pressed a little bit about that. And he says ultimately the final decision will be our school heard the Google us until Wheatley is. Is there is nervous. I think he's I think he's an eligible bachelor is performances lately that's the route that's not as well as he goes the buffalo club lot milder Abbas met a job there should their lockers are next return there the buffalo club but the house buffalo club. You know the buffalo Columbus they play squash their there is a squash court. There is it it's essentially. A club for a gentlemen's club I don't know the digit of the ticket might be men and women. But it's right in Delaware at nor Chris it is Chris sandwich shop. Future Red Cross streets near that you mention. Bible WiMax. You know you're. We'll talk about this when are our yellow duck posh you'll coming up will they be more of your calls. After we reach a little bit with shock by GO. Abouts the higher of Sean McDermott he is going to be your future Buffalo Bills what is your head coach right now. He's head coach of the Buffalo Bills continuing coverage of the bills. Coaching change brought to you by value home setters this is the experts they're locally owned value home centers and bull make your house your home is the nightcap. May in writing in the year WG.