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Do you feel. It's. Do you like to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional group here's your host Jeremy White. Per diced her. Good Saturday morning welcome tonight positions just Bruce Jenner what are nicer happy. Extended weekend long weekend and it's and accident brew weekend for you it is. Ezra put them we are good morning morning still open today and then open on Martin Luther King Day. You've got a so be close Sunday but if you need to get India and neighboring supplies or anything for the long weekend will be there Saturday in Monday for yet so come and get. So good idea to I begin Bruins this weekend if you want to. On also some exciting beginners are brewing classes coming up in just over announcing them soon we'll have some and different tractors and as walls are our regular small amounts a couple of extra classes for the spring before national Albert. So sign up online get the newsletter to get the latest information you got it through any time we put information like that's gonna go to new slaughter first. Then we're gonna copy that liable for bait him time to social media onto our web site. So if you're trying to get a head start and grabbing class tickets we know the Phillips fast. Sign up for the email newsletter now when you say personal some beginner do you brewing classes are soon going to be announced new you have inside the ship is this going to be a few classes on one day or three different days and try to do different days. An inward even the other thing that we get. Big guy on requests from folks whose two day other than Saturday not Saturday it's easy it easiest for us when marketing deliveries we can clean up the classroom we have. You know extra staff on hand but we're gonna try to do some Friday classes as well too because people have been asking him wanna make it in for wannabes but. You know I work Saturday mornings. So help you know shark. All right so good NT home brewed dot com to sign up for the emailed newsletter you can final tickets for that go on self. And also b.s you know give the information on what is going to be on special newsletter. Gives you that information on early on if you were on the newsletter in my seat. Limited edition wind kits are in the now what does it mean for a VDs like this to be limited edition and neither are only available once. This is that one time non time not that. Pre order now we do order some pictures and but you have to pre order you want when Kerry keepers or you don't have to prepaid bomb and then. They start coming in month by month over the course of the 21 here from January to march. And then they do another one in the fall in these are always really kind of special lines we always say that there whatever the latest and greatest is or will be the next upcoming latest greatest so for example right now. In January. They've sent out there Washington. Yakima valley cab Franck. And be Tuscany. From and Tino. So deep they're not common winds eaten it juices off. These are one time buys in to two customers have been Obama already may be a little bit late to get onto this one but there's. One coming every six months. So come June and down the start another program in the fall and again you'll be giving these juices rated fare released. And get over always really cool always really interesting kinda keeps me up to date on nine really wouldn't. Grab those limited to one kits they are in a one of the thing you know we just went to the holiday season you probably had a bunch of new products move out. Have you had good reviews like I would imagine it's a great time for our listeners for customers to kind of get some sourcing on like what. Has been getting rave reviews all of this sold really well and everybody loves it out when we kind of talked about all of last week with the into chopped green mail. It's an all stainless steel construction has a really big proper and hit the three eighths in stride as opposed to a half and strike which means he can hook it up to any standard cordless search courted to real. Hum well it's still fancy you know approaching one of the smaller. Actually we'll areas in number grinding areas it makes up for the large hopper the easy to hook up to a rural. And has some really sharp teeth on most role models so it really does a great job. Opt folks love it retails for hundred dollars. Sowell less than the you know that 200 plots that you usually had to spend to get into quality now. So for lot of purse were thinking about starting to buy full access to row. This mill has really kind of pushed him over the hatching got to move on and so great reviews on that also on the bulletin quick car. That's another one of the expensive can't ship. But it's released safe people a lot of time and the bullet in quick cart hooks up to your CO2 tank. Who took year keg of both feet in the in the Al in hits it dispersants don't know what it does is self primes. And it pumps appear over the dispersants onus that. Also with CO2. And so there's no more guesswork for carbon meaning no more you know pulling up bug kitchen chair a towel shaking keg for fifteen minutes. You just took up a quick car he let it run. And it goes to top four it's about 95% of the following your looking for very good so some reviews on some of the cool stuff that maybe you didn't get. Over the holidays maybe now you know as you see and hear positive reviews Senegal but the bullet in his and they gift card that you guys give certificate. All right so our show today is converting to indoor brewing yes. And so this is a question that's asked who has. Lot this time it's much in the summer. But around the buffalo winter people are starting to think about trying to get out of the garage under the patio especially if it's that deep attached garage because money can be a little bit tricky. If you are tapering and detached Russia looking propane. Are you also have to get all your water out of the garage without having it freeze in the when you're done at the verdict. Usually into curing your proof back to the house three yields at a time Donald five he'll pocket. In this can become quite tedious and also leads to a lot of loss beer trying to get in the side door and down stairs that Kurt Kurt Sutter. So a lot of opera are asking how expensive how much work is it going to be for me to kind of move myself up. In side. And it is quite doable the one thing that I always kind of wanna device people with propane is out of the question. Now I know if you go online you start searching you're gonna find a lot of people we're gonna argue me gunman's arm and that there's ways around it to try to vent the extra monoxide stuff like that but as a general rule. The propane is out you got a large amount of compressed liquid gas there. Respect explosion if you had a leak but also the carbon monoxide so if you have propane. That's gonna have to stay out in the garage. On general good ideas after brewing inside to go with the commencement always have a CO detector from one point even if you're not offering target for bringing Europe. Have a carbon monoxide detectors they're. Usually good CO detector will detect more than just carbon monoxide rule also detect leaks in natural gas. As walls low oxygen couples or something like that so that if you're they have some problem. This had that off off to a fire extinguishers. And this is something that. People have a joke about a couple of stories here demos and the union the fire extinguisher rate near the percent up. And we are glad that over 25 years and knock on wood never had to use that at home I've always had a fire extinguisher near my group set up. Thank god I never had to use that but I always keep it there just because there is a flare up if something does start attended singed the fire extinguishers and a cause that may be a little humorous. You know quick flare up if you don't have something ready you know you could lose over at all house or something like that so. Whenever you decide to brew inside take a little bit of you know time to cut him manage your risk. It and you know look at the necessities and fire extinguisher. CO detectors also smoke detector. In their field detector will do all sport. All right so a couple things he got to pick up outside the shop. Before you think opera. It's just for the safety aspect of this has got to make sure you a year brew shop your workshop is in. Proper order should something go wrong you. And he may one us a clue this area too especially if you have kids if you have patsy on demeanor have an open flame hot pot that's electric. You know what chronically unit. You're gonna wanna have a nice whole area cut off from the corner somewhere where you can kind of keep this stuff managed to keep kids pets away from. Gina using propane what on natural gas natural gas is okay a lot of people. Seem to think it falls right in line with the propane a lot of the cursor theory efficient. And burned very little Carmen are and so we tell people that when you're running state gas burner properly inside. You're producing about the same levels that you would by broadening your stove so if you ever run two or three burners on the copier home so that once you've already created that much. CarMax side that much humidity just from the flame inside the house don't worry about the Brusett. Bomb their somber sick cannon are set up for propane and can be converted over to natural gas and there are some that just can not. On the general rule summits if you have a a cheap jet style burn movies are usually the high youth. BTU rating for propane they have a single. Nozzle or single or disappoint up to the bottom of the pot. These that you cannot convert over natural gas however few heavily tip lichtman burner amble berm from the other. Burns that have a very high distribution. Element to them you can think about converting goes over to natural gas and it's usually a pretty. Quick conversion for the bullet minister especially quickly sell twelve dollar kept. That includes a new war this episode. Larger and cheered Iranian border as well as it in belt to kind of control the flow. Propane tanker using regulate or control flow. With natural gas because the count the pressures counts in coming from a mutual pie you need to pin down over something to regulate the flow he can change global. Again with the bulletin burner. It's about a two minute conversion and then you can hook it up. Rate to a supply valve at your house now this is one thing if you're going neutral after the date in May need to call professionally for its mean need to get. Natural gas into the basement some place. On the net scanners require cooking up a line in the supply valve. Arm in the me wanna call professional for leave that to you personally. I would. There and attack pressure test for leaks so that you can leave the system on in and shut it off right at. The burner and not have to worry about weeks and to actually which are home style for something like that. But ideally when you're working with the bird the one thing you're over electric the relief and have to worry about is clearing out about twelve to eighteen inches of free space a round super poses code in a lot of areas. But on the reason you're doing assistance when the heat comes up and it's a pop some of its gonna ball locked hand. We you don't wanna be doing its hinging your walls here gypsum board or even worse. Maybe earnings and can kind of gypsum board that you can't seek. So your one or right and a twelve to eighteen inches and you mean one and some shielding his wealth can be you look at simple. You know. Again gypsum pacer Health Department basically keep port. Or can be you know stainless steel or aluminum which will also give united splash barrier for him for that as well. So whenever you're doing the gas it is safe to not worry about karma and I accept you still have an open flame and you have to worry about the opened so then twelve to eighteen inches around the burner. I'll open area. And that's in heat shielding as well if you count. All right. We have a lecture to talk about let's take a breaking give back to that new and second portion of the show Niagara traditions just brute here as you make your conversion to indoor Bruins in the things. You've got to know I've got more experience brewing over electric that I do. Gas. Proper I prefer gas myself I think it's it's. Easier to control but there are advantages to it to a lecture for sure. There definitely are gonna come back and forth over the years and and both have their bandages and pay at my dream I would have to step ups at at cohost. What in the basement with gas may be an upstairs on the electrical Gabriel what. We've selector when we expect him to a protester it's nice tradition just brew it here on ESPN fifteen point. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on our can count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need. The Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military Intel wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Bruins. I look back we are back here tonight. Would never miss an episode you can find it on demand and it's the website is in 1520 also on the on demand portion. Of WGR 550 dot com as well run every Saturday morning. This time right here on this channel so happy to have you along all of us we're talking about a conversion into abroad we talk natural gas the first segment. So let's get more into using electric and YouTube deer brewing. You got in and before when you wanted to do electric usually had to hook this up yourself that he had a pot ported to fit in hot water heater element and and he had to do all the controls. On your own now there's a lot of over the counter options available now and while they generally they're accepted. As being more safe there's always the risk that you are dealing with electricity and water so not only could you have a fire also have electric fusion as well. So again they're there's always an Eric teen Ager was true you know creating Heaton just about any form here. In their are what collector so don't think of it as riffs Hillary. On but there's kind of two types of electorate. Bring you can go within the first one on talk about is in auction. On its own induction it's usually you buy it in eight plate just like you would hot plate or traditional coil and you can always gonna traditional oil to. If you want to unjust to own plate. Com I would recommend going big on the output here you don't wanna buy night's induction Stover you know hot plate. Just to find out that it doesn't have the you know allotted secure regular home stove Darcy you wanna go big here. Arm broke d.s induction cooking surface or crises and pull about the economy and put on the kitchen counter the actual. Induction surface doesn't get hot but what it does is keeps them medal in the bottom of the pot so to actually the brute pot is putting. The BTUs bring up into the Pierson these are very efficient. Very safe. But at the usually come up a little bit short and getting appear to a boil and don't really have the total output. That we're looking for and this is where the people were going towards approve oil. Nowadays there's a lot of different group coil style systems that you can just purchased over the counter and even with Blackman. And their Brooke oils you can edit into just about any pot so when you buy their quotes then coming to parks and cord. Assemblyman have a coil assembly in the give you a nice time plate to grow log your existing pot in camp the oil to it. On these are nice or stainless steel coils that are available in 12240. On T have a lot of options now either immediate five key elements of work to oil. Nobody's gonna argues that the 240 does that a lot better you know of people who went with the the 120 system. They're saying it usually takes about 45 minutes from room temperature to a boil off which is not bad when you have on the on the home so that I don't maybe three gallon to get to boil an hour. But keep forcing the 240 doesn't about fifteen minutes and so that's really impressive that probably faster in my big propane tepper. And the reason is although it's putting out what BTUs it's a lot more efficient. And have three just about you know. Ever calories or write in to appear. Supportive ago not just those thirty minutes but those thirty minutes every single time that you brew and you know you're gonna. Plan on this thing being a part of your equipment for five years thirty minutes every time I think that's a lot of time yet you gotta ultimate savings. On the other thing you kind of funnel that may be the green proper. We talked about that a lot but that is a full electric during system on 120. And for a 120. Faltering kit it has some pretty big elements 2000 watts. So that's. Bigger than most of water heating elements on narrow. And that's gonna be a full electric systems appear and you already have your propane system pre set outside you wanna be able to do a combination of all of rain. You know Ian and Tom extracting side. The green father's going to be an excellent option is going to be complete during set. It's gonna be safer inside. It's going to be easy to use you know controllers aren't built and who want every year during electric. Inside outside U wanna be on a cheesy by. Grown fault circuit during the reason is what that's gonna do is we talked about the hazard of water and electricity. And if one of those attacks a bridge. Usually through you. Between that elects wrecked while electricity you know positive in the ground. It's gonna shut the circuit off. And so if you did have a splash and in Europe boil over something that they hit those electric components. It's going to shut off temper or not only to save. You from damage but also seeker equipment from campuses you don't burn apparently elements any control units or anything like that. So organic yours decided to go electric it's not going to be as easy Newt definitely not incurred running a bunch of Orange extension courts down to the basement. Call actress and have put in a ground fault circuit and director you know with typically thirtieth on the use of these Canner operate ports that you can. Guarantee you're not going to be setting up return turn turn your element and I now with gas we are worried about carbon monoxide for a lecture is there any. Well exhaust or anything like that that that you should be aware for for both of whom we really are so worried about violation is not for the carbon monoxide but it's for the humidity. Arm and where you put your persona for during an appeasement or something like that this might be one a year big factors. It's easy to running gas liner electoral climb across the basement it's not it's easy to put in a window after trying to. You know van tout this humidity. And you really like that community out it's gonna get into your walls it and to. Fixtures. And find places want to compensates the pool inside those pictures. See you wanna keep that hot humid air moving out of the building. Not just to re circulating Tampa one that actually takes it human error out of the bill. Armed you can do a lot of damage or site are up all your windows pre precipitate all over the place. Amon release some extra Massey you don't want it the softer going to be brewing inside the ventilation is very important. But don't put it to ground lawful system for carbon monoxide put it up high at the top of her room says that you can get that moisture as it rises off the group pop. Right now. You lost my wanna think about some shielding and not just for heat in what I'm talking about here is a pop up pepper pot were all that. Confrontation is gonna go and down on the floor robust up piece bill's gonna ago. You may want a particularly serious with some you know very thin either sheet aluminum stainless steel or maybe on the floor some you know if you finely cut. Simple square yard of linoleum to put down. So the few Japanese sticking messes they're easy to clean up. Is walls putting the piece of like these stainless steel over top of the proof pot. Would give the water something to kind of state to and senator after person and stuff like that to putting up some shielding. Is going to be real good idea for. Some other nice things that you could do and and I know I would love to have this is having water available where uber. So both water and coming in now coming BC news for cleaning Unita for filling up your you know strike or spark water. He may need it for topping off for renting something offered chilling for cleaning again. And that's a lot of water and so if you have to run hoses or you'd have to. Run pockets of water he might be making more than a few trips there argument these spending most are running between. You know the basement announcer sinks if you can get water to your upper area. That's that's. Look at. More good ideas as it does just Khaled area. Poll Korea. Yeah idea as you might want and now we we have to admit that they were giving him the stuff that I don't have that I would love and that's including a floor drains it and I don't your dreams rotary and our episode in a floor drain to and deeper out there that has the floor drain near there you know sub prime both jealous and envious of you. I've always wanted to after the candidate to be able to just pull up close and cut electric commercial birdies to start rinsing softened from the floor to get rid of it. On actor doing this in a basement that may be an option to party you know again you can choose a location your floor drain. Arm or if you have you know Europe sub pop and you can run something over to that area a floor drain is probably the envy. Of most errors and if you can hit your fermentation chamber close by in if you don't have a fermentation chamber ready I think we've talked about it enough cute fermentation Chamberlain's one monetary investment that really. It's gonna meet your peer. A lot. Final few minutes of the show here I want to ask you about brewing with ginger it's not something we talked about too much but. I just seen a lot of ginger Beers out there and you know that's going to be a flavor that is very much specialty beer and so have you ever done that and what kind of experience to do people that bit. I hit a couple different things are used to make up pretty much solely ginger beer you know everything from like the ginger soda. 280. Alcoholic beer forget that the commercial mean brown is an English appears that expects loaning it has that. Quayle on the the Bobble on that helps anybody at all to ginger and it's it's a ginger beer primarily to enter the primary flavor it's not the malt and hops the east but that changer. Arm and one who is done with using post ginger in the oil and fresh ginger. Connolly he would try hop music and a policy role of the you know two weeks. Try to get the full you know kind of a role model but above the team a little bit of bad almost the clerk for us affect the gift from ginger. The ginger use in the boils gonna give you more flavor. Sometimes even low as sweetness. But what you use it the pandas really gonna keep you that that white peck and a fresh ginger and and he put it in just like try hop. Now I've seen. Ginger can be used to kind of small amounts to your talking about. You know one ounce may be in the boil one ounce on the finish armed or higher amounts clicked for still what would you consider appear to fix ounces total. To do the bureau that's primarily how Accenture are looking a public to fresh troops for about ten to twelve ounces. A fresh ginger in organ a trick to Hewlett it's rinse that. Arm and then chop it up very very small. Kind of fully like pieces. In to put in their just like you would dry up and but it works out really well. It does quickly kind of takeover. That was predominantly for that beer that's I was gonna ask is it a very small amount will be very dominant. The small amount we'll give you a nice touch. And want to searching up to that 34 ounce range it's becoming a predominant flavor than obviously if that the twelve ounces. It is ginger is ginger first or second. But still. Very enjoyable. And I think there's kind of trend Accenture provides a nice refreshing note two to sort of a rich beer yeah and and yet he given nice refreshing eloquence thing field. And you I mean is there are. Extract for that huge goal the rational or extract a cut and and it is that we do carry an all natural ginger extract and it will have a little bit at the bite. With both a little bit more sweetness and using the whole center and the nice thing about musing and extract always is you can just edit in the case. So you don't have to play this that's worked with how many ounces it's the right number ounces of ginger from the you can just adult for the palm and pocket trying to keep that to you gotta get the amount you're looking for. The movement. All right very good let it go for us for this week's show again the long weekend it's a great opportunity for you to do some growing and hours on the ball today open till four years before the Monday regular hours eleven to seven right that's that's a regular normally scheduled ourself. If you find yourself think and you wanna brew on Martin Luther King Jr. day and you don't of the supplies. Actresses got that four and they're open. Also go to the website NT homer dot com and sign up for the newsletter because the beginning brewing classes will be announced soon and a ticket information is ready for that so. Be productive today. Go online and he homered dot com sign up for the newsletter and now you get the specials when things go on sale. And information in the beginning growing classes and if it's too cold outside and into the basement and go for yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.