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1-14 Inside High School Sports

Jan 14, 2017|

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    As one or the other I would have more with the inside high school sports come up next. Marty eager to get out or get to worked in my garage and it's nice day. We're back with inside high school sports that's better. Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's in studio with us longer Frank Wolf Roger Weis in Joseph mark Gucci no. I'll program note the

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Gionta. Why maybe it's time to take a look inside high school sports. Kelly cheering brought to you by mighty taco mighty taco. Would feel great right about now my New Zealand's have you Italian sausage too. Taste the difference quality makes and like Denny neurological institute developing solutions and neurological problems faced an hour he. Good morning welcome inside high school sports I'm your host Tony Caligiuri along with Frank Wolf. Roger Weis we have met Miller assistant chairman of girl's fat hockey in studio. And the semi healthy Joseph mark who choke kind out denies I don't think forget it we're just gonna put him up depressed after the show. I Al doing. Mario off there we go with the talking girls hockey obviously today but as usual there's a whole lot going and outside of just. I strategist hockey you got basketball big shout out congratulations. To Cheektowaga as dom Welch for surpassing. 2000 points in these are chasing down Richie Campbell's all time record but I forgot when he needed to average. The rest of the way in order to get it. It it's a tall task. It's something phenomenal either that or. They have to go far. I would think into the do would have to go past the far west regionals for him to achieve that. And I think uses stretch for Cheektowaga union section has. And Joseph was a year that I comment on FaceBook saying that they have some tough opponents coming up. And stroke will pull or her league games. And then I believe this Angels and kind of watched. No easy task no knowledge not even if he drops a harder in his next two game. Who it's what you need to average. Cora did Jack cruiser the voice Cheektowaga. Who sent this on her FaceBook page. Don needs for the they had nine regular season games left her to get there to the regular season is getting averaged 38 point four points per game. Regular season plus one playoff game at ten games he's done a 34 point six and then if they get to the classy to quarterfinal. Under 319. It's a tall task yeah not it's not impossible and he's a phenomenal basketball player. Capable of putting up anything so who knows. But congratulations to him I mean pass in 2000. That's pretty spectacular. And I. I'm impressed yeah I think he should be. What else you guys have for news and notes. I air it out a couple of girl I went through a couple feature girl games as well master ball this week come one bale is are these rural lakeshore. Top two teams and EC as she's three without a doubt and Easter are. Lake shore. Prevailed especially in the second half are you looking forward to rematch. The good news is freezer or they will not have completely cure and not play options are being in preschool lakeshore being a school. Now law similar and there are forms read that the couple were good teams strong law section five a year goal. Moved up to class double away. Wanna will be register mercy I believe who. I just threw a number around late sure you're going far was regional so now he seems to feel that. Whoever comes out of eight we should be a bell probably will south. And they want him. I guess they sure to be the favorite right now and each who hall hammers might not dispute that. Has a good chance of law here and by far was regional now and possibly going to the state semis. Yet here I want to law and job but really it's a lose kind of stole my thunder because he had a right upon. Danielle Haskell and I believe Friday's newspaper the morning after they beat. Alex could fill in around. Class. Had an off night she only scored 43 points and I mean. She's generally shooting night. But true reform one may need editor for a short while she sank in NBA history at the buzzer in the third quarter and I think that kind of took the wind out of fall. Alec is still sick sales. And and a fourth quarter couple of what I would call NBA assists. Discord is and man. Marisa Hamilton the a look at bill girl is headed to UB IR break away and Danielle who's like. 67. Inches shorter than Marisa rated defense of play just took the ball Ray Emery is very impressive. Like I say if you look at the stare at you that Torre's three. No big deal but you have to see her play usually in my eyes greater. And manner of course. I put her on the FaceBook page immunity cameras out and about how the fight for sisters and only him up earlier this week combined for. 62 points I believe it was senior yeah reported eleven. Anarchist sisters Sara Troy and the other 51 games and she's always excitable and she's always up 51 points. Hull and also just imagine not. To a jab Joseph a little bit over here out of those 51 point joint point four weren't three pointers to she's an all around player that just a three point shooter sure you guys catch. He park will solve boys basketball game heavyweight battle while I was there at the eligibility of what I kept. Jeff Haskell captain updates on an error is like no wife you know. Beckett bigger put on me one of size guys have any chance one of those who gave him a three hour rain delay sort of notable. It just seemed like will solve was pulling away pull away like this totally surprised. And then park said I guess what we're not done via just fought their way back. What if you get a chance you have to go see will sell boys play great goal and comes up with something new every game only junior. Is Jerry ages my racquet. A pleasure to watch he's got a great supporting cast too all he actually does not a one man she wanted to considering they lost last year. When I went to straight semis or knowledge as well is there a rebuilding year while they rebuild. And I like their chances to as long as Greg Bowens on the court. They have a chance every night yep parks had a hell of a week yeah you know it took Duncan each assembly of the first and Arabic nations. BankAmerica their pocket and of course that will self so parks had a heck of a week. I'm okay he's just not so much that loss to Thai men. Park and then beat St. Joe also but still. Isn't losing Lions aren't activities it's on behalf of the matter if they're told they're too important to Wednesday here against saint Joe's it was a good result season. But I okay news and notes. Dom Wallace said 2000 points I was the first one up but Tony Stallworth but that's OK sorry that. Sticking with the boys basketball Lafayette this week Tuesdays and host city honors. Both of javy adversity boy's best qualities for thirty and 6 PM start Lafayette ably that your favorite Jim our favor burn. Earl shocked when every other prepare for Jamie direct to run to college directions to fractures that. I'm looking forward to going to this event. All the proceeds are gonna go to the kind famine they can of course the freshman sitting honors who tragically was involved in an accident New Year's Eve night. And had to have his left lower leg amputated so if you can get out to Lafayette high school I Tuesday either for the fourth thirty of the sixth all proceeds will go to the current family. The New York State. Sports association they did released a class a in double A all state teams you can check that out on the website or he can go to a road to Syracuse stacked. Annoys in the Duffy the Stanley Cup award winners so obviously up there in the first felt first team offense. But other kids throughout Western Europe made it to. Clark Lancaster and a couple guys at least and it's our principles that are fresh yet repaid his son was sold out details right congratulations. Nam Blake how real I got to put problem we don't play for him of course. I'm glad the plug today just it. It's a short porch. This other kid that plays vessel Tyreke Edwards doesn't they don't get a lot of love and Emerson high school 'cause it's a little early to know not a good team of ancient but this kids. Yeah cook he's they're excellent shots. How I don't know I don't doubt his priorities are they don't hit it is that I let Tony always most of the balance is 08 ball. I gotta give a shout out today kid Tyreke Edwards he's scored thirty points and at least four games that I know of on series is a good kid too low light plays well and attain it he works hard from whistle to whistle. So shut up the Tyreke Edwards. There when we talk a lot about a high school hockey so I don't know after nick to tell you are prompted you say that you Leman says seven goals this week in one game that's ridiculous that is crazy skills won't we'll tie what the literal but it today a little bit one Lesnar an assistant here and missiles there yet. You know. We can all sit out or having your Ricard produces yeah yeah. What did you do if you flipped it off the glass and then picked it off and on third quarter when you know it's it's. One less thing this past Tuesday. Tony Caligiuri celebrated 25 years at WB and he's been here for 25 years sixteen years with the show right sixteen years with inside high school sports 25 years and WVU and so as a token of appreciation from the boys and in tennis the sports we brought you in some. A little gift. If you while we knowledge thugs or Brock scores food so we brought him Miller get booed off cakes. Pick out take them. It was a nice not hide prisons Anthony has already won Eaton. I apologize yeah. Lawyer prizes if you can't it's not my business but when you walked into law. And her comment today were you wearing a tuxedo and your knowledge like on the other time me alone started out whatever and anniversary for here's the funny thing about it when I was hired. At that time anybody hits in radio longest understand this but to the industry was so much different back then and you had to have at least five years experience in order to get a job at the major radio stations and I and we had to weigh it started out it. I did internships at the yen 97 rock and in my first pain jobless with WX RL. And I only two years experience. Having Keeney needed a producer will back them we're just board ops produces were actually just starting. To a fault effect beat yen was still playing music at that time march. That's how how far back that goes so he said look we're gonna take a chance on you. And it all worked out and started doing Sunday's. And then. He you know he hires me on January the tap than he has seen me and tell 'cause I was working weekends. He's seen me until the bill Super Bowl. Game against the Redskins so he shows up for the pre you know they did all day. Coverage in that I was doing more work in the 4 up in the morning we shoals off my thesis painted and Joseph you should probably remember this because you saw me that they. Is who buys them we had party detainees how respectful words. And he walks or sees me Altman's all of them my all or did get myself and a lawyer in this guy. But yes been 25 great years and work a lot of great people you talk about. You know sandy beach. While he was still one or two without him in day gave me Kevin Keane and and then now Gary MacNamara bill Locke win. And then our sandy again so it's it's been a great right. All right let's get in the beautiful partner and Aaron on the overrated a lot of the some more interest in. And that is girl's fat hockey seventh season or what guard Joseph. I did have a big news story here all of aren't. There will be no football Riverside next year. What's he up reverse argues dispersing. Reversal I don't know what to bridge right now. And I talked we Lloyd a lengthy conversation the other night. Either go from sixteen to five teams bomb. Last year Weaver Versailles Buffy and I prep and Vinci is one team. Bomb river her I prep and division she gonna join arched up clutch tuck will still remain in double A bomb. Ban it all instead. Middle early in the east were all one team last year Riverside mafia are gonna join them. That team is going to be double way. Housed out about it. There are still coming up what inane because who alumni want to keep about a name and actually there are kids in a Barrett school. And they want to somehow it's gonna be called something at Barrett they hope. There was. Always Obey the Tigers you think I you out there according to draw mr. richt off the ice on the belt to get up all of their girl's game Cruz's daughter. I see is his sister plays for almost I'd be so is it will be about it but he is really expecting to give his comeuppance. This coming season isn't expected to be a fourth straight. Section championship before different classes by any stretch of the imagine they have a he's gonna have an awful lot of kids to choose from and mean. Don't you think Evan would run to complete reviewer to parks and blanket yeah world. And there's no I James coming back line colored ago. Borchard those are some athletes was a little rare or by a bomb. These sloppy out there it's there all comes on no stock and Aubrey. And it actually would like to commend all the good beyond to show he couldn't distrust to watch the use a board meeting the other day at four proposals. Well how he wants to make. Athletics batter in the city of Buffalo and how there's a lot of article in the that in there sure like and how to get these kids. Don't far different schools. So he can get these practices fast. You know. Hobbies sober suburb schools all have these deals small vans and so forth Latin. And that guy he's got a master board didn't want to divulge at all. A law he told we want to could he wants commend talk about it. There are bonds sitting there real topic for today gal absolutely what the other teams will still be Burt Darden and I must be an insult park stands on her own. And McKinley stands on girl soldier to go from sixteen to five. And Barrett will now become a double A team. The wild thing is is I remember where doctor Williams was superintendent. And he was aghast are seeing these sandy beach show. It during the commercial break I would I would talk with him and Ayatollah said you know dark ones I think you'd be better off with five teams. And I just suggested in north south east west and central. Ace known on all that novel work but now here we are today looking at five teams. He should've listened to me. That's pretty wild. No Riverside I mean you talk write history that. And I'll read did ask me egos bigger determine your point that we don't act combined schools to try and stack our teams it would just something that they are accused of a suburban school want to say. Not only guess other Colts are in Riverside last year if ninth through twelfth 126 kids. From fort schools. It's just and they couldn't provided GB team that was one of the biggest things when suction 600. Okay you can join which you have to have put in money provide JV games forest last year's second weekend and and have GB. You're all so well this did that this works. Note staying at football real quick those hockey shall but I know that there was a board meeting earlier in ten time. Chela back in the ground as soon as march rolls around the project spec and full swing. Sparky should be ready to go they need five. Good warm weather days to have Sparky ready. Cries really don't and so will the softball fields but there's no way they're planned there this spring. And there's a lot of controversy as to why that. Capra project was put on hold and that at some point they'll go on why athletics is dogs and this is a lot coming out. It's gonna make some people of their hair stand up when they find out why. Allegedly this project was put on hold in the first place should never been put on hold but. That's a strike for other day we look forward to that and earlier this arena will penalized for playing softball this year. Good question I believe it probably should be shared and Sheridan one or sheared into nervous so Al. They're so numerous we have like Jack can west can be schemes. They would double header boys and girls always on the same Friday night if I'm not mistaken so that makes sense song but at least a project back down. Well thanks guys for light a fire under me to fit with this and who's this ultra minors and cupcakes salute the fire under used new Hewitt you know. About Ari. Our would get into talking hockey is a set Matt Miller assistant chairman. Of girls that hockey has joined us in studio. If you look at for information you wanna follow. What's going on he can check out WNY. Girls hockey dot com. Or throughout FaceBook called western ER WNY. Girls varsity ice hockey thanks to bill pole vault for put those together Matt the morning welcome the program tomorrow instinctive. First of all I gotta compliment junior had two very nice I think it adds a lot of style to the show today is just too bad we're not to a FaceBook lies so everybody to see our guys because you know. Love their record shoulders of Boston red it's actually have to or you react always. Stands for our Artest admired that the Yankee fans I'm sure wanted to Internet source or throw it and what's new what's changed from last year I mean you know alive people are not familiar. With the Fed hockey and this is your seventh season. And there's a lot of us we just got done talking about combined schools lets the group meets the girl's. League is all combined. Any changes. I get there are three new schools added this year eat in joined up with hammered in west Seneca. To keep doing with Lancaster in the year Korean and make sure we're joined with frontier to park. It's most the teams have three high schools that keep it together and it's you know as much as girls hockey is growing. It's not a numbers game it's not as similar to football not to stacked teams or anything it's just statistic gave them bodies in and platform for these girls to play. Yeah go through all the all the teams in the combinations yes so Williams will stands on a sadistic but they've got north south and east sell. They've always had numbers. Frontieres. Has wakes Orchard Park the monsignor Murton team is all the Catholic schools private schools in the area that's when this team yet when the graph. And they've done pretty well over the years. In her sweet home but he original accommodation they had Clarence join Arnold was lesser tears ago. Than can mart our team I help coach is we've got a grand Allen with us so it's Torre used comer west anger in Ireland. Second year is renowned onboard. And then you've got the two and in new join things are Hamburg west Seneca Eden and then Lancaster you're going to puke. Sets a nice influx you know the new schools giving up bodies in there. More competition I would assume and makes about a hockey yet definitely mean really is. Completely different from what it was the first year TO the number of girls who joined up in some of the does that mean new schools. I would always like to see more teams come in there's always talk about trying to get. Maybe in Niagara Falls or we feel there's some other. Area to jump on board do any team in. I would that the league is growing the competition's getting much better when you look at it bringing in new teams you first start as he. Where the action as far as youth you know that the the little leagues. Yes USA hockey is a good. Database for that and not everybody is this some players who don't plated just used to play hockey and pass us not always perfect but it. You can look up by zip code where players live on the number of I don't know exactly how I never personally done but. Look up whether players are and if there's a school district ever get on board stop start pestering their school board they're superintendent China. Try to get him on the let's take a break we'll come back we're gonna talk more girls than hockey what Matt Miller assistant chairman. And doubt you rate here and WG I our Sports Radio 556. For top girls hockey but hockey Matt Miller. He's assistant chairman of girl's fat hockey he's in studio to get us up to date. I'm the seventh season of girls' high it it's crazy how fast is gone by yet flies back and you know once again huge shot out. It take you to go home for all that he does and promoting that but I mean he works like. Like crazy yet he implored the girls. Never wants the credit but he he works so hard sell he was a big reason we even got formed in his daughter graduated years ago and he stuck around and just keeps her parents we all. No we tell him all the time. Beat him of our appreciation but he never wants the credit he just doesn't for the girls. I so he doesn't want the credit for you guys go out and do. And the summertime you Gordon higher chilly Billy an ice cream to come out and serve your parties. Or what not and that's a great way of saying thank you yeah definitely and I shout out to Chile Billy's outstanding. Sorry did chilly abilities yeah so I scream. Got no truck now that the a's came to prepare it. It's fantastic. Are right I'm Matt we're talking about what's changed from last year and you mentioned new combined teens and talk about you know bring an end more more. Teams to combine and and how the addition of our more players gonna help the league what about playoffs and being changed is how are you guys format that. That we've had seven teams for a while now we. It's a little strange with girls hockey we do to separate playoffs the Catholic schools because there's only one team they don't participate in the section six. So we have a section playoffs and they go off to states. Lucky for us at the time our team tomorrow renowned we've been that team it's gone the last few years but. Then we come back and do the for some teams get by the first round and a semi finals and finals how we do much the same format for both playoffs and now it's it's intense. He really only about two and a half weeks left to the regular season for the girls but the playoffs will get started on February 2. That's the section six quarterfinals. February 2 they will be played out that of the north towns senator. And then section six championship week Bonser and it'll conclude on the eighth. That's also at the and T yeah after the nor Townshend and it's an 8 o'clock starts at tonight's prime time game for girls hockey which. They're lacking. You know I I am. Somehow someway section six the boys. And the girls have to get together and find common ground to give these girls. Better time slots and you know these girls have to be on that featuring. In Amherst at least once a week they got to find an 8 o'clock game for those girls are 7 o'clock game. On for me personally I wanna get it to more girls games and the hard part is not just for me out and having kids playing there. But these parents they have 430 games out of river works. Having him try to go downtown and a certain hour trek you know and that's crazy to get these two get down to reports it's cold for the parent it's not really the most. Ideal place but the those girls will never complain about it. Falcons are the plans then yielded battle yet though they'll put us frozen upon his and they yeah you know they were out there any story too but now they're ever works that played in our town and Ken warrant to Lincoln yeah open Lincoln okay. About as that is playing out thus they got to get a harbor senate gamer they at Harbour senator at all the championship the NF is that the federation championship. I think the the league championship this is down there. Yes I guess in general I'm an elaborate 268 PM. Daytona 500 should be done by that so you guys have no excuse not to get out there there's no rain delay you're fifty. Related is a huge rain delay and they don't and they put the game the race on the Monday go junior that's one of the things about growth hockey these games are free also there freed a public. Arm and they put a great show these girls battle that there are some great hockey players and we talked but Julia means. I'm you could tell there's this isn't your goal is seventh grader in our goalie is some of greater hope she passed that the New York State physical and luckily she did but she. Alley Simmons she doesn't look like a seventh skater she is almost as big as I am and she just. Battles you know she's the youngest goalies in the league but jungle as he's got you SEC play so hard and were restore our former obviously but you know she keeps the puck up however she can and it's it's great to watch you imagine Kenji and 23 years when she's really come into her own and she's played in the league in. You know this you're talking about a girl who's got a great crew you know future we're open to you closet she is as good as or better as Loren Traylor was forest as she learned carried us. Quite a ways feeders and there's some good genes in that house yeah. Analogy I got a core question along those lines. Since these are combined team. Whoever you know law. My senior Marten all that the girl you just alluded to. He achieved. Because the boys teams have individual. Teams. Can she play and the boys seem because claiming that her school as it. Single entity does that every team is she allowed tour is at. I'd I don't believe so I think because the district is in ends in provides an opportunity for girls and believes there. Supposed to play. There are times girls goaltenders out there that are good enough to play at all on a boy I him I would say if if the girl was good enough they would taker. And the boy's side and that be top posts I question whether schools is bigger school loved it ever would she be allowed to. Overall in the what sections picture wherever I I'm not Shelley and I don't know. As a rule or not but we'll double checked their little. You know if the mark of locals listening out there if you wanted to the emir. Bill I know your DM me left and rights. Here are so if you wanna let us know on that rule gives a heads up but I believe. I mean girls do play would boys you know at the lower levels I travels all handers Cole yeah measure at a premium show yeah Lerner actually is speaking to learn for Tracy played. A few high school in Duke I think their freshman year played with the boys. But a lot of the girls do it because. You know and it's twelve years old girls that are sometimes physically better than the boys are so they played closest to hitting stats. And a lot of basketball coaches out there that will never coach poise you'll only coach girls ending with softball because. They're just easier. Not. They listen. Yeah hey listen you sometime they don't bring always bring the same my attitudes sometimes they're too literal. Did you don't go to a spot on yes they don't stand in that I had. They added a finesse and give us up to date as to who's going watched every who whether the top teams kiss in the some of the top players around the league. So the the top definitely is it's intense you get to us. Of those games between Williams though and stuff frontier Orchard Park. Marching American games those those are always really intense are now on will Angels undefeated they've got. Two ties I believe but they haven't lost a game yet they're they're doing really well they always. Weird bit of a rivalry with them without the ten more team. Because it was always us and them in the final so. You know it's good to see them have some success would like to knock them off in the playoffs still but they're doing very well. Door to our team's got a lot of great talent down there. Would be calmer sisters are fun to watch they are out of lakeshore. New addition to the team and they've they've been putting up on the numbers numbers. They got Brooks backers that defenseman. I coach with sad if you watched the other day and it's like this girls I know. Pretty good numbers as a defenseman ends and always contributing a fix it forces the other night. Secede she's fun to watch. Do you guys like for the defenseman to bring it up in. And get more involved in the offense or do you prefer lose. The way they are not my. Personal style of kind of run and gun offense he got to have people back to cover but if if he can get up in the Russia is. Encourage it and actually for our team to come our team we have. We lost a lot of defensemen through graduation and one went to Nichols. So we have. To put his put forward for us last year playing defense and it's nice cause fits right in my coaching class if you get the puck and battling. Taken go you just get a player back from injury to Jimmy make video Hurd is coming back yes. Jack on the video she had back surgery because of at least softball something that have been begging her for awhile so he sees me. What a sophomore and had that series that's a little. Actually nervous back surgery that scared us at that age yeah she put her first game the other day and didn't look that she missed the steps is you know good good player for us and will she starts contributing because when it's muffins I was talking to a couple of guys on the field that I daybreak he's been covering girls hockey since they started Janet Schultz. You're cocky Allen they've been that big huge shot to those two and particularly recovering girls hockey since they started getting do great jobs that would Dave for a little bit yesterday and it's indeed who's the entire course. You know Willie is villages said there undefeated they're two loss or two ties are into my senior team who they just beat yet but there's always that one team you don't want to play and talking to Dave he said look. Ken more last year was a 500 team they lost in the championship by one goal. Knew was that to your state champ Japan one goal yeah fluid and get third period tied 22 you must own and that's a 500 team last year I say date. I keep hearing about this swat team are they in the dark horse he goes in a tight right now. I don't think there is Derek course I think. They're gonna give Williams and everything they can handle it coming together at the right time that same thing with the monsignor run game he says watch out for the flop but it would not surprise me. To see them Shockey goes the dark course. Possibly ten more. Could be that our courts are starting to get healthy again. And their experienced. And again a team that went 500 election greatest season to get to the championship delusion by golf you can't ever count them out. You say they're pry the dark course but. You know cash with Maine's. I mean anything can happen these kids are exciting we got to go. And I unfortunately for them they had a young goalie last year who and Barrett had a hip surgery this year so she's been out the entire season. And she she's really missing piece the what's that her name due to discuss has been in that just doing everything she can and still in some games here and there but when they they've got the most powerful offense. Tucker what the last gave. Like coach with. We've said the same thing sometimes you know you catch them on the wrong night and they could just in their CO. So they gave. Have always had a powerful offense and mens than wait for six years that she's always been a threat there that you guys have a big game coming up on Monday looks like it's the only game of the day for thirty Martin Luther King Day down a river works Iraq Kenji. Is playing out the west Seneca hamburger eating team what's there. Was third where they call them to Hughes Hughes and yes yes okay the Hughes. What are your thing out you're Reggie page said flops for you listeners out there flop as an acronym for. Frontier lake shore Orchard Park flop yes had a basketball term yeah. Yeah course. Now I think you are mentioning a little bit earlier Hornish or yeah I've been you don't replace defense but the thought the defense a little more ice time in the forwards I don't jump at a chance of if you believes that their police coach let me know. I play defense and I play hockey and it's great because a lot of teams spiraling team to get four from maybe five defensemen here at their whole lot more. Yeah almost every other shift where I know I want three lines or maybe four is usually three to four lines of a front for forwards and I want that place or string goalie so I don't ever have to have their. I'm that same note Monte Marron Q and do Meade has been the last couple. Games of seniors has been back playing defense a little bit as well just so she can be unionized she's such a threat so. You know it's it's a strategy people take sometimes she's had enough today I'm sorry when you see cashiers sooners Clarence Jimmer we don't. Yes it was almost like you know what I'm talking about it we almost almost let's not go there I just take a break while last segment of inside high school sports coming up. Again there are. Last segment and inside high school. Talk format millers to chairman girls that hockey. Now so Frankie got an answer to the question. And that you had earlier and we'll go home was able to send you an update. Yes I'll build did say that a goalie can't play for our team in the Fed to each school has to sanction calculate grand Allen joining can more. It's this is a club sport so if they don't have a goal they have to train one. Makes sense. Yes so like. Like team owners team they'd. Their goalie from last year who was out with surgeries and had to find someone else on the roster and stick him in that. How we did the same things now with the injury but we converted a field hockey goalie took care clot and put on ice and she she was a gamer and it was enough. Sorry let's get into stats. It was I mean we mentioned. Julien means with a seven goals and yet get us up to date as to who we get a kind of picture of the type in numbers these girls are putting up. So top scorers save percentage stuff like that for the goalies. Most of the teams error. I think everybody is between twelve and fourteen games in and out of eighteen game schedule to play an end. Like Maine says she's got so. 36 points yet when he two goals fourteen assists. I'm through fourteen games so I mean that's she's league leader and that's those are crazy numbers. But he got a lot of other people up there. I'm a far as a line mates are behind her 32 points. He had a lot of people on the low twenties. McEnroe shape. Lee is a win ski from one so a lot of good players on the Gordan was just on the players contributing in a lot of young players to. Lancaster you're going to puke they've got. You know there there towards the bottom in the standings but they've got a couple players and every time on the icy out of you gotta make sure that you know and Aaron especially Jersey Phillips. She's a freshman and she is just so shifty and can get around you and change a game like crazy so it's it's cool to see ethics he's around. Maybe somewhere around fifteen points I think I'm on camera time I had. Goaltenders there's tons of great goaltenders in the league. And would result put the numbers they've always had they've always had a good goalie is on right now they've got to that can both be starters anywhere in the league. I think they're in their go to starters general accounts do you and she's been doing very well but right behind your meal Wendell is just as good and younger sister could maybe someday fill those shoes on both fantastical is. Most exciting one to watch though is the month seamer and go to ground ground skiers suggests you know she's aggressive she loves the game she is. You know even when the pucks in the other end. She's out at the hash marks and follow in the pocket and cheering on players and issues assists Scioscia get caught out of position and now she's so quick it's it's. Fun to watch go to a game find my senior Murton just sit her end and watch her don't watch the game just watched her she's shown yourself and it's. It's entertaining and we tackle and if we go. No I tried okay. It's you can only it's 00 let's see what color hair she has that day. Chavez grant she's like purple honor I don't know if it's triple a Shanahan unless massage I don't know who are no winners you did because she was involved would abuse and all the guys are you couldn't keep the purple hair borrow anywhere else you know. He would go oh yeah throws not one of those wild challenges if you do this I'll make my hair whatever. Yes kind of places that's what the team a few Illinois people say that you know win a couple of games to do anything like that with your kids you know now that's what it's a chip policy might beat. That night to go out there are if they did it the name that was the that really wanted to do throughout Canada galleries out a way to second. Kenji goes to the championship you guys win states yeah. Do you shave that beard. I guess like Jim the only guy that's well folks can see you got to challenge anybody we need to get that well I'll save for a championship. I've got a lot of really good players and in ten more though that Olivia Smith. Twelve games 87 for fifteen she broke the record this year yes see. She this year pretty early in the season became can Morris high scoring. Player averaged that the most points I think I'm only kidding me graduate yeah last year had it up until that point. And that's why we're so lucky had some success as we had the two of them but I'd Olivia is doing fantastic as though it's two guys do. Recognition and of of the league leader in goals and save percentage and you know got me out of. We try to get those numbers out down to do we don't do official awards for those type of things but we do it the all fed awards and it has been on there at least twice I believe there's a lot of really good players are mean. He got MI O'Neal west Seneca she's an inkling he's their top player yet. You know we talk regularly means and I'm a fossil little bit from Amherst. They also have Charlie Rondo might my favorite name in the league is a Jersey Phillips from Lancaster relevant in Jersey Phillips yeah. She is yet to please tell hockey rules for the Eagles with me as well and she's just a fun kid and she's one of the not that girls don't watch hockey quite as much but she loves the game she's always watching footage in trying to figure out new things that she can do. Anthony how are you were quick shout out to Casey enemy from cash. Visit. Clarence hammers read Almonte defenseman. Her grandmother's a classmate in my eyes are of course some point for it but. Wiley you're not a great player that is for him to get down because usually you down Brian you crack me for a usually come up with an eye patiently waited new law. Purposely avoided its because it typically put in a worst economic crisis. A lot of these girls are committed to is to big time programs though after the Eugene geno or any of the girls specifically that are had not to do do you wanna domains is gone. Passers specific schools but there's definitely. Tiger wants a regional and we'll just got to college ask us how I contact you about the girls. I was always you guys even sent out tapes is here you know check check this what's on what's really nice that the girl's league is it's a good spot for the the players to make a name for themselves and a lot of times it's got to find the travel hockey the club hockey. But they. The the scouts have reached out to us for some players Viet chic with Ken martz and two girls on the RPI. And Joseph Battista at Merrimack. But we've we've had conversations with some coaches throughout the years. But a lot of times they make a name for themselves in this league if they can and the scouts find him on the travel teams like that. You know three Eagles fisons purple Eagles cool. Womack that you so much spent time with us this morning getting this update. As to what's going on a girl's fat hockey best of locked think you and maybe you'll get to shave the beard yeah hope sun and the brown left of this good thanks to bill the phone for all that he does. And now helping us a line the show up in all that he does for girl's. Fat hockey frank Roger. Joseph Nate make you will talk to you next week with more inside high school sports.