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Jan 19, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm just moments. No effect everywhere with Ryan gates who paid for that floor fan me no way. No they have a little boy ever again. Now once but never. Know what these kids that. Brought that damn kids that might chip. Now my chin not my problem that's what I say on WG. Sport's great line fifty. Everybody was gone onto. I gates may Kyrie coming back she knew it is being nightcap. And the WGR. It is there's an IKEA we got. We got some got some stuff planned for you as we go throughout the show today it's. If you're resisting do you show the Bulldog they were kind of to selecting some comments made by Doug we lead in this was. I'm not sure exactly when this one on one with Chris brown and it was during the John Murphy showed today in no I watch it wasn't it was posted online how Saturday. And I think on Friday and pressure was off in just press play immigrants or after the press conference. That this this interview was played well. For a lot of people I think it was their first time hearing or knowing about this one on one. With Chris Brown dog lately that is. How they've really been doing it I mean you look at the Google is interview with Tim Graham of the Buffalo News you look at some buddies at the kind of like you know just like dole salt got. Just like all this is never seen the salt get. The salt they get out we've got I've got something to show you during during the break but. No they're just wrinkling. Just sprinkling. And little interviews here little interviews there lobbying Chris Brown is the buffalo right and it's it's controlled environments where they can kind of control the back and forth at. I mean. It is what it is but I I actually haven't heard the interview so I'm excited that I'll get to listen and then react based off of hue or emotion. Yeah I won't play that interview in its entirety as you heard it. Indeed John Murphy show earlier today so we'll have that. Coming up for you will be talking about the the bills that way. What direction this team is going what does that say about the future Tyrod Taylor what does it say. About even just the future of the franchise in general we know Greg Olsen who is expected to come in tomorrow to interview. For the office coordinator position dodged two. A lot of the ship friend's house there you go quick and every single week to pick him up every Wednesday friend's day. Well I've been learning new words. An aunt and really that is the only reason I come back every Wednesday. Is to pick up these new words what was the word last week. Forget. It was something. That a company that option gumption gumption was the work that gumption to function yet though. No much of the edgier if rain fans that. Greg Olsen was gonna come in and be offensive coordinator here and now Jason and for and all people questioned the validity of reports coming. From Mac guy but he's saying that he's hearing about interest. Of the bills surrounding Alex began Powell which is a name that span kind of brought up around here at least. And on sports talk Saturday Antony and it was more like a random hey there's a connection because he used to play quarterback used to be the quote unquote quarterbacks offensive quality control coach here. It didn't go well when Allison palace here especially coaching. I mean how many offensive coaches has gone here for well that's true and when you think about who he had at the quarterback position while he was here and Trent Edwards to be lost NA didn't have like a great group of guys he's working with however. He's moved on he's done pretty well for himself and Green Day. He's got a guy Rodgers got Rogers. Yes I mean that's that's the name I'm looking and is is outspent help. I think he also was all part of the Tampa Bay Bucs staff when Josh Freeman had his is pretty good years. I think it was quarterback coach them I think so I I saw that earlier I'll double check out how is that right because bear Powell. I saw people you're trying to make the connections with the running backs coach yeah that he previously obviously last year he was with the Jack wires that. And Olsen was with a jaguar I wonder if the decision to huh year the running that what Alex and not know he was quarterbacks coach 20102011. I think Dallas. That's probably right around that time. I'm trying to think of though. I'm trying to think about. Kind of a group of guys that I feel comfortable with. With the name candidates yet entered the main mechanic is recurring in my mind in that I keep thinking about is bill Callahan. He was the former coach at Nebraska for awhile left Nebraska took over in Oakland I think for one season I think is that coach Oakland for one season. Then he's sort of kind of flopped from leader I think. He know he was he was a coach for Oakland for two seasons he went to the super ball. Right Rich Gannon right in the fall is here today were terrible and he was gone after that he might agreement three seasons. With Oakland as Psycho he was the head coach against gruden when gruden was the head coach of Tampa right okay. Writes not recall I'm calling my childhood now. So yes Al stamp while he was the quarterbacks coach of Tampa Bay. A 20102000. Aladdin. That first year as quarterback coach. That's the year that Freeman was seen in about 3500 yards 25 touchdowns and six interceptions. Who free. Freeman. Josh Freeman. So elves impaled does at least that's not out here a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers where you you really don't have. To do that much to make good quarterback play Josh Freeman is. A much fair project I will say the year after he locked him bay though Freeman did they offer 4000 yards. But then after that his career and how does that count words in here completely spiraled downward so. Oh let's let's get to meet these comments thrown from Doug Whaley well yeah I still have you here I know you've you've got take you've got off prior engagements they got a can of I do so we're gonna listen to Doug Whaley here this is Doug Whaley one on one with Chris Brown if you wanna hear the entire thing. It's our Buffalo Bills dot com so check it out there also on demand at WGR 550 dot com here's Doug Whaley one on one with bills insider Chris Brown. Don't thanks for being with us first of all and the first question is the put rule is. Ted junior spearhead this coaching search what were the primary qualities. That narrowed your focus in the search to coach McDermott. Well first off thanks wrap. And sales really do have to. Say thank you to the lows. Bestow that tremendous. Responsibility. On me to pick the next football coach of the Buffalo Bills. The main focus we won this guy I coach. That core values. But also looked long term vision we're not looking to just make the playoffs. We were looking for a coach that agreed with us that we want to build it from the foundation up at Teaneck consistently compete. For championships. What were the most. Maybe on the field in terms of the results that he got there what were some of the most appealing things about his resume. That resonated with you Jim monus and then. Later withdrew what you first saw if you look at the production he had at Carolina. And this this year was not up to standards but the previous years besides the first Syria there. Within you when you look a little further. Look at this coaching tree and it's been wild document and he's started under Andy Reid. But also to the late great Jim Johnson one of the premier defensive coordinators in the history of football and then you add to. Being under on repairs so you have three highly qualified coaches the one thing that he hasn't done is actually be a head coach so. What was it that you got from him. In the interaction you have the interview process may be what you heard from other people that you undoubtedly call how to get references on him. To convince you that this is it guys that can be capable. CEO. You know they can trust. His staff to handle. Maybe a lesser jobs a lot of factors. Again start with this coaching tree. Andy Reid is diligent head coach that has crafted many teams. That perform and I highly successful level. Ron Rivera they just what is suitable last year so as he says in his these doors he's seen it he smelled that he's tasted it. No one can ever get experience doing job until they actually do it. But with his methodical approach and his core values of what he expects not only from himself. But from his coaches. From his players. And from the top entire organization. It just struck a chord with us that this is the type of guy that could be the CEO. And lead the Buffalo Bills into the future. You know the quarterback position and remain out of high interest for fans through the course of the offseason. You and my question you coach richter intend to make your way through. That decision making process knowing imports. Obviously quarterback drew only. And it's hardest position I'd say the planes were so it's very important position. And there's not many guys out there with that being said we do have a guy on the roster has played well as one games the head coach myself. Simone as quarterback coach in office coordinator we have to sit down and explain that vision we see of the quarterback we want on our team now and in the future. So this evaluation process not only oh with a quarterback but the whole team but that's how we're going about it and then will come to consensus. Of does this meet our criteria of a long term answer that position. Where must the level of patience be. When patient too short in light of where this team's been in the last little while. In terms of seeing results on the field what's I just paint the picture maybe for the fans as to what's realistic for first time head coach new schemes again. We'll think though we like a. Bouts because retirement and what he's gonna bring to the Buffalo Bills is he's not beholden to a system. It's not draft this guy from my system or we need this that the guys to fit in in my system. He told us he's all about putting players in position for them to be successful and he'd rather tweak his system and make a player tweak. To fit into this system so that's step one and two the fans say. We recognize the seventeen years absolutely. But we're asking you to recognize we're trying to build something for the long term sustainability. Of success. And I can't give your time frame as you won your two but I will say. Every game like coach says you'll see a competitive team out there in position that won't be themselves and be in position to try to win it touched on. Some of what coach McDermott is looking for in players necessarily scheme fits. Is that an indication that coach McDermott. Maybe puts character and a player. You know driven nature is it that make up of the player that counts more in his book then a scheme fit for example. I salute I think it's it starts with. Character that you cannot want it more than they want it. And then it goes talent. So those two go hand in hand I'd be one a and one B lets you gotta have both of Doug thanks for the time. We just want to wrap up with this one knowing head coaches. Meantime as we've kind of discussed here a little bit to put it in print on a team. How do you see the construction. Of this team on full. With coach mr. charge I would say it's gonna start with the core values instilling the core values in our players. And in this building. And starting from inside and working out it's not going to be quick fix he knows that we know that and anything that's. Going to be sustainable for a long time it's hard to do so the work ethic now only from. Ownership. Down is going to be permeated through this building but it's also going to be permeated in that locker room these guys got to know and they will know. That there is a standard that we are setting and everybody. From again owners all the way to end of the players to everybody administrative staff. We have to try to strive to live up to that standard every single day you walk through that door right there is. What way you leave one on one with bills insider. Chris Brown with skinny can you find that at Buffalo Bills dot com. I get torn Kohlberg what we re saying here because I can kind of see it in. Two different ways you could see it as especially when he's talking about. Devaluation of the quarterback position. Tyrod Taylor specifically and how he's talking about Albert and make our valuation we're gonna see if he is the long term solution to our problem. It sounds like they're not interest ahead and we keeping Tyrod Taylor and capacity. Of aid rage quarterback situation if he's not gonna be the guy they left behind act IE as soon as possible and make a move on them. But then the way that he talks about all we got. It's still the core values the hard work all of that it just sounds like the classic. Changing of the culture this coach gonna come in change the culture so I. Can see both sides of that. And I think they kind of coincide to gather if you are going to move on from Tyrod Taylor and it's not. Try to fill those holes on defense I think a lot of people would argue. Why is the issue with this team this year. The culture is something that. It's got the buzz word especially around here and he's GR Cooper buzzword it's a buzz where didn't a lot of people don't wanna. Acknowledge. Culture a winning culture is as a real thing but. I go back to you you think of what Rex Ryan was as a coach and it's. I'm not sure how far this extended throughout his coaching staff but Rob Ryan I'm assuming you know being twins with Rex Ryan was very similar. And then the coach that they just brought in to coach to defensive line Mike waffle. From the Saint Louis brands and I recommend people search Mike why we all hard knocks and you're gonna see a one minute clip of him. I think probably gets about twenty F bombs. I bought with that one minute clip I watched allies. I I've watched like the first two episodes of the of the Hart knocks and he was like the one reason I was watching. After I started watching tasks he is a hard ass in it was. It was like. Well and then to to know that he's now going to be coaching. This defensive line this front for I mean. I think Kim and Kyle Williams might just like have a like a straight up the romance. Like those two together I think I like. Potentially the best to like player coach combination. And then I thought about that Bob McDermott to Kyle Williams and then eat its burial and then you look at. So if there is that. Might work out yeah exactly ends I don't know that anybody I mean he's played for Satan. But Sabin. I don't know has even that much fire and his belly. Yeah I'm not sure either I mean I don't know Saban seems like a pretty. Disciplined type of coach when it comes down to it. By its. The way this disguise a drill sergeant is essentially what he has he goes. When I say. Jump you say how apps and I think that's. That's it like you're not questioning him he says I don't want to see any poor body language I don't mossy any of that I want to see any crap from any view. And I think that is going to be huge departure. From India what. The atmosphere was at that. Stadium one bills drive before in the past couple years even. I think get another interesting thing and and I think she can be really excited so now that we all know Matthew collar left. For Minnesota heat lack here during training camp was doing really all of the on sports talk Saturday hosting live from training camp it was kind the last things that he was doing before the season started. This year I will be hopefully since sales usually there posting the sports talk Saturdays from. Trinket. I didn't get or I'd like to one practice in. It was the scrimmage so I could've taken away because there's a lot of injuries they just. These it just seemed like a very lazy a fair type of program that was being run. I haven't done a structure that brought in eight. Those criticisms came not only from a person like me but from innocent by stated some of that is watching but. National media said the same thing is that you know this is I forget who was that he was patriots reporter that was talking about how unstructured. Deals training camp was last year and which Sean McDermott I mean I first time head coach president I'd like taunt there was going to be a ton of structured debt but. Going back to some of the things that Whaley said it and in the changing of the culture and in building from the ground up. Those talk up buzzwords those are rebuilding buzzwords those are. We don't have players like LeSean McCoy. Like that's my thing is. You or rosters suggests. That exactly what we we said in debt post. The you know following the season prepped press conference saying that they're close. LeSean McCoy. Marcel Darius. Samuel sandy watch skins if you work to re sign Stephon Gilmore that to me to indicate your close. So these are the sort of you know things that are sort of contradicting. What he said in that interview. So as children bulldogs sad you can almost. You can make the case that it sort of seems like these guys are sort of make it up as they go along now you want to hope. That that's not the case and there is indeed a plan in place but. The idea that all the sudden and I was listening when I came in that. You know a new coach came in suggested that this should be rebuilt from the ground up and then wait is that it's a great idea. I don't think is is anywhere remotely accurate I think that. Whatever is being wherever the philosophy in houses for all the not saying it. What the philosophy is is this a rebuild organization or are. Are we gonna do what a lot of teams have tried to do and the failed doing his serve rebuilding on the fly keeping your core players and Harry Booth. It's the people fired the reboot vs the rebuilt and I don't know that I have any interest in doing that. Because I think right now you're wasting the town of guys like LeSean McCoy your waist and the talent. Of guys. Like Kyle Williams that I think. If you're looking at those two guys specifically. I would be if if you are indeed an N one of the callers talked about treating Marcel Darius and see Amy Lockett so the guys at first but you can't trade are so there is it just right I don't know how many times anyone can say that but Merck so there is cannot and will not will never be traded. It in the next two years. Under the current format of this contract how ever correct guys like LeSean McCoy Charles clay. Kyle Williams. It's even Kyle Williams this future is in question though is the kind of guys that you would say I would if you're rebuilding the first I am trying to get rid of is is bullish comical. Yeah absolutely first got it. That's. That's right get torn up because. Doug Weight lead. Is the guy that this year bringing in all these players' analyst Shawn McCoy pretty much thought this guy and into the bills laps and if you get in on this conversation about we Lee's comments feel ridiculous call 8030550. Outside of buffalo one EE EEE by fifty to fight if the air phone numbers here. Both LeSean McCoy. Doug Whaley is the guy who who built this roster yeah and it's no longer. Buddy nix I mean there's there's still some guys from those areas Kyle Williams Aaron Williams Erik wide the the older veterans on the team. But he's the one who built this roster and I think that's why a lot of fans at issue if that is going into. This kind of rebuild mode. It's because. OK dog you already had a shot. With this roster use this is your team this of the team yeah you created and now your gonna be the one to. Hamas a terror everything down right I don't think it's going to be aired in July how it is going to be terror I think they're gonna go into a season without a truce starting quarterback and what a lot of games DI. DN that there is some sort of cookie Carter that there is eight template. That. You. Other than met there is ever been playing a video game there is no. There's no template. As to how to become. Not only is Super Bowl winning caliber team but he consistent winner there is no template it is if you strike gold. Honey millennial tight quarterback like the patriots like Green Bay lake Indianapolis is done twice now. So OK there is no template so to save that this team needs to rebuild. Or do what. The browns did the browns are using their own tablet yeah that's what I think neatly unique in the mills and I think this and this is how I wholeheartedly believe is that. Super Bowl teams. Teams that win the Super Bowl other than the patriots as of late typically are the best teams in the league thirteen make it hot in week twelve. And carried that momentum giant look at the giants every time the giants or the Packers have or the though the the ravens won a super ball. They got hot at the right time you can't tell me that you really think. That that. Ravens team was better than the patriots team that beat the AFC championship game. They were around. They were hot. They were due it's about being in the position. And the bill just haven't put themselves in the position to beat in the playoffs or get hot at the right time I mean think about it. That the pack before and six no seven inception. Even when the Packers went on there suitable audit was they won six straight and then why does Ali Osce got hot they are very similar to what is happening literally right now in all. In an all thought processes Green Bay was not a Super Bowl team. In week tat. Okay how they are one win away from being a Super Bowl team it is because of the guy they got a quarterback now. Do I think if you don't have that guy you need to scrap the plan I think that's there's a good argument to be had if you don't have that guy. We you're just looking for that guy but I think a guy like Tyrod Taylor. You can make an argument all day that he can't be a Super Bowl win in court he can take your team maybe he can bring it into the class but that's it. But that's what you need to do and that's why all understand about the narrative of we need a guy who can win the Super Bowl I did I agree with that we need to got but it Tarek American bring into the playoffs just and the drought. It doesn't matter because once you're there and anything can happen it doesn't matter about wild card this were only good up and guess what you're probably gonna have one or two wild card teams beat in the Super Bowl this year. It happens over and over again there's no template so to meet. It if you think you're close you it would be. Roster. Management malpractice. To get away it and move on from Tyrod Taylor. Are gonna take one call for we had a break here and then we'll take more of your calls after that dad kicking us off and your art in the nightcap is neat yeah. Oh man I'm all ordered operate health. And bull yeah we're. Never ready. Or victory at tiger. There four million inkjet days. Bought it addict or did pretty deep. All over her trip or they need a big pay proper order quarterback. You'll all team people. I think it into bull. Or get. I think it's. That's definitely a possibility I think they've been called and I am I mean. I just think the tone of the interview that we just heard from doggedly and bleak yet it just sounds like. It's found that the the tone of the whole organizations. And sense they've sat Tyrod Taylor in week seventeen. I think the talk around the organization is that there and move on from this guy and it's. I think I I agree with you I think. What they're kind of thinking is maybe it's not necessarily this year maybe it's not a rookie quarterback this year may be its cargo Jones this year or. Some other guys Smart quarterback you name low level. Young starting quarterback possibly. That they're gonna bring in and fill that quarterback role but they're gonna try to do. Fill all the other positions and that and make that there the last piece whether it's navy quarterback in this draft maybe a quarterback in next year's draft but I think that's gonna be the cherry on top of the dumb way elite roster Sunday. He's trying to build is the quarterback Tim which. It's tough to do it beat top. The thing is you can't just say okay will we're gonna go out and get a franchise quarterback because my thought is to do that you'd need to be you need to have the first a drop back. And how you get there is you're either bad or you trade the farm away to get that number one pick war. You do what did what did what the cowboys did the patriots did indeed extremely lucky picking a fifth round guy. In hoping that he works out there is no mold and that is what I wanna. Just emphasize there is no bull get this done. So however Wheatley figures out what ever plan he just need to meet Agassi direction needed to see a plan and I need to know how it's going to be XQ did. I'm not gonna say he's wrong however wants to be executed but I need to know that there is an executable plan in place. I take a break here mark your phone calls coming up right gates made Kyrie hanging out with you here on the nightcap for talking about. Doug Weight these comments one on one with Chris Brown it was aired earlier on the John Murphy shell and you can find them on duffel irks buffalo. Buffalo Bills known not Brian Duff. Buffalo Bills dot com and we'll be taking market calls here 8030551888550. To 515 doesn't like yep you're listening to WGR. To the fans I say we recognize the seventeen years absolutely. But we're asking you to recognize we're trying to build something for the long term sustainability. Of success. And I can't give you a timeframe as you won your two. But I will say. Every game like coach says you'll see a competitive team out there in position that won't be themselves. And be in position to try to win. There's doubly Leon Buffalo Bills dot com one and one with Chris Brown. Dan. As being up a goalless kind of the guy who speaks for the Google us he's the he said that at the end of the year press conference. Saying that we recognize the seventeen year playoff drought I think was it's nice to recognize yet I think that's something they kind of wanted his side because there was. Terry Google coming on here and saying I don't view. The playoff drought seventeen years or sixteen years at that point I view it as one year two years since I've got here and I think they want to. Kind of eliminate that kind of image. Because I think they thought was. Making them seem. When it working acting too yeah the fans' angst about where this franchise is and where it's baton. And just trying to get out front saying we have any. Plan. Kind of and it might not necessarily be. The direction in that a lot of you think we should be speaking I think. That dugway Lee Terry and Kim Google our armor. Running the bills add likely the most difficult. Time in franchise history and it's not. Just because. There in the midst of seventeen year playoff drought it's also because we're in the age of social media all were in the age of instant gratification. And and all of that Indian right it ever has opinion and their opinions can be heard so. It's just it's seems like a lot of pile on things happening right now and and it's not just the bills that the sabres as well as. Every night they lose it's the end of the world every night they win all the sudden you know everything that we worked for erred had to deal with. Is you know offer some rhetoric right so it's it's a difficult tie named as far as. You know when and and how you're managing a franchise especially the magnitude of NFL in the NHL respectively. To me it's it's so difficult and in things like today and and things like the end of season press conference in things like. You know Doug Willey saying that you know men were created to play football these it's a difficult. Thing to say the right things when a I'll absolutely not and don't you and I know that I do and and and there's a good. There's an opportunity. For. Whoever can turn this franchise around. It and finally get them to a playoff berth to really. I don't know beat it. The thing it is is they don't necessarily I don't want us that they don't want an acknowledged that seventeen year after because he didn't he clearly acknowledge it but they want you to know. That they've only been here for part. Oh yeah that's a very clear. But the thing is is that you can't when you are the regime to finally bring this thing. Over the top over the hump you you can't be that the people it's an all what you can't. Do it because of that seventeen years if you're not really willing to own it. And I'm not saying or are giving him any flak for not owning the seventeen year drought if I that I would want only to either I I was here for this. I know what I signed up for and again I think there at the most difficult time. To be that I had of this franchise with everything that we were we just mentioned in it's one of those things where. You're never gonna say all the right things but what I wanna see is more. I want to see. That these people are just more prepared that there is a plan in place and it's an ax to Q double play and it's not just the plan. That is is let's get a hall of fame quarterback OK that's a great plan or how. All that plan how is that is that it truly executables plan that's the ease of things I need to know. 8030551888550. To 550. Where it had now to Tom in Rochester Tommy and the nightcap with me. They got it OK a couple points one. Yeah The Who has been all of seventeen years but you have to get the same basis as a directional or you're going with this team that essentially what he took it over you gave a past the first year's second here. She cheap for Russians should she play and the place where you're going. So he wouldn't turn around now and they were rushed for wrap everything starter they'll. You have to been no Andy is still picking declaration of juniors at that point say well now be willing to cut back the clock another three years. Now you're gonna put these people took what your job I think that can't be saluted local breezy. You can't use that as a base especially after making the the old assumptions that or cults. And anybody looking at that could shape. What you said. Right now are we quarterback purgatory yachts. How the inter out of that right now what do you like it or not it may be a correct me if I'm wrong. Get a couple cute I took it is that some people believe that what the black and you couldn't tell me at least 30 gained or lost by three points last. That we could no one is David we have hope better you let up until. Albeit. Old Irish whatever and then the quarterback. Right now. Yes you have to Erica did you go long term answer either but Turkey showed to the simple playoffs Q what happens. In this camp when they are pretty sore afraid of what hurt their armor are all into the next two years four million only count toward the kept each of those. Here knowledge side next year will be around fifteen million there's still lags 159 their ranks twentieth in the league among after tax. I've believed if you look at it. They actually count toward the team captains four million. Nowadays that they have to pick up and optioned right. And the third of the league year in March as dad and it's fifteen point nine on the 262017. Capped here's a time here's I think wet you want to look at is. After these next two seasons it's technically a five year deal. But. After these next two seasons what in what you wanna pay attention to isn't that cap figure it's the dead money. That's the kind of stuff that you want to look at is after these next two years after the third year of this quorum call option or extension. What happens to the dead money because I'm what I I not it's a 100% certain about is I know the dead money the next two years is significant. If you decide to a trade or be caught him in the next two years. After those two years it becomes interesting because that is this really just a three year deal. Or is it really if I needed because these are things that you have to kind of prepare for India key is indeed going to be your bridge quarterback. Then you need to get going undrafted quarterbacks to have you know allow him to quote mentor. Well that would be my question is. When why don't we look at pictures is this that if we can't find a better option out there which it looks very highly unlikely that you're going to. You keep them for the few years traffic guys you wind up trapped two quarterbacks. Draft the only child get them going get him in competing Q which you can progress over the next two after the fuel. You have to go this this ownership official that they don't care about that that kept that they're gonna pay it. They don't care appeared the team they've got the money to spend so. I'd say oh we got our quarterback now you get two years the fine quarterback is somebody and so that bridge to get coupons in the playoffs. Amid a limited Q I think just how they got the playoffs will be ecstatic like they wanna Super Bowl for. I bet yeah no I agree time and and what you're talking about earlier I think is in remains true. That I don't like the narrative that. You have a quarterback that can only get you to the playoffs if you have a court engaged in the playoffs. Keep up because again you just don't know what can happen once you get to that level once your in this show. Crazy stuff happens AKA. The music city miracle look what happened after the court this Super Bowl and they are one yard away from winning a Super Bowl after when McCain worked the pills have won that game. Jordan mean these are things that would you say that Rob Johnson the Super Bowl winning court a little. Absolutely not if they win that game and if they would true but. I mean if you want if you wanna go down that route makes sense that I agree Sonny got any just much more passing league it's it's Brady Diane. Roethlisberger that Brady and Manning and Brady I better except for two years I've got it bad example I get it in and you know what. That would suggest that you need. The god you need to have a quarterback which I think that's what they want. I don't know the goal is our interest in it could set it right there with Doug lately I don't think the bungalows and this is why they went down the path the sabres all of the tape yet because they're not interested in just making the playoffs they're not yeah they wanna bring a championship to buffalo. And they are trying to figure out different ways that they can build that team. To build the championship in buffalo now if you want to question who are putting in power. And quarter empowering to make those decisions on this team. To get there. That's completely fair but I don't think there's. Any questioning. What the Google is trying to do here because they're willing to take the patient approach and I think that's what they're trying to say with the seventeen year player out after a message we've only been here for a few years and it's. Please realize what were trying to do they're trying to keep preach patience to the campaign would end. The fate of these days. See that not only a moving out from tire dealer but you've got other. I just don't know that. If you're plan is to then. Not signed Tyrod Taylor and then crew and create more cap room for yourself which at epic that's the plan you'd be looking around fifty million if you hear rated Tyrod Taylor. Is that enough money with the holes did you have your roster put it teams so. Good around whoever your quarterback's going to be. That again. Why then why are we even there because then you still don't have a quarterback. But you have a really good team around you is that the same thing we're dealing with right now so what difference it just it's same story. Different quarterbacks so maybe your decision and I don't mean you personally I just mean that organization's decision is. We we think to Shawn Watson or to Sean Kaiser or Mitch Robiskie or. Patrick my homes. Can do exactly what Tyrod Taylor's. I think that is indeed the mindset with a lot of passing. You passing wise date think that they can find eight cheaper replacement who do essentially the same job as Tyrod Taylor. And it's. I think that's. How the organization has evaluated Tyrod Taylor I think Tyrod Taylor brings unique abilities to the position but. Especially now with. A different coaching here Rex Ryan was Tyrod Taylor's biggest backer now with a new coach in here he may have a completely different view. Of what he wants his offense to look like he's still a defensive guy. But maybe he doesn't want that. Ground and pound style where they're going to be the number one rushing attack Bibi wants a more bonafide passing attack and Tyrod Taylor is just not gonna cut form and there's. Don't even have an office corny but it's true. I don't know what the offensive coordinators plan is going. I say I agree with your points and my thought is is is you know my stance on Paris qualifies you know a disconnect your most of the listeners know my stance on Tyrod Taylor. But. Having said all of that. Do I think that there is still maybe something more there that can be unearthed to be a better more efficient passer. I think he showed signs he has shown ability to be more effective passer than what he was it'll and a good number now a majority of the games he was a underperforming. Really kind of unimpressive passer but Seattle and Miami. It may it it Scott pissed a lot of people off where they see that and they're like. Can't I just. Like all the time I think that's. I think that's why I may. Get toward Tyrod Taylor because it feels that. Do we. It's Kevin with a lot of quarterbacks here's. Given just a little more time in May be hanging we conceived the consistency. And I get that point to and don't get me wrong look at like a Derek Carr who. Is bed that's when I developed this season there was always the flashes of his brilliant yes but he never developed that consistency until this season right and it's because you know when he added to your three hits year three Eddie had two bona fide wide receiver weapons who could go up and make plays forum. And he wasn't being coached up to be a quite frankly a car. I'll agree manager I've covered with its prize preferred a column game engine powered. But. I understand your point completely and I Google re with and it's one of those things where I think what it is it's more of people being terrified. That Tyrod Taylor goes elsewhere and has success I I also it cost of course and it's just like I think I mentioned it on your Sharma and sports stocks are but it was one of those times I said. It's a lot like having a relationship with your significant other and knowing that it's over. Both of you know that it's over but you're far too worried about the other one happened being happier without you. Or findings happiness and someone else in it's the same thing this. Franchise has been heartbroken. By it significant other for years and it's not just the seventeen year playoff dropped its bid. Why it writes it's good it's good for Super Bowl losses is that. Everyone is so big am scared of potentially having something and letting it go away rather than being patient with it and letting it procure instead he. Your stock in a position where even when we need a win right now. And if that means getting rid of a guy that could be good. Maybe that's so be it but the thing you should also before we go that you have to take into account with Tyrod Taylor. Other out opposing other quarterbacks and bring them and he's forty years old. Yup. His style of play how much sustainable. How much longer can he be that effective. Being what he has and that is a very very loose of runner. In a really good people for or how long into these quarterback's career. First here in Philadelphia man I got cut you off because I know we're just gonna wrap here another two minutes straight at least we got it. We got it you don't you know my my unwillingness to even pay attention of the clock and yes of someone's got to do it so around here is going to be the adults all guess I'll step in it 305 if you if you and we'll take more calls your knocks on the night campus WGR. Are back here for short segment before we hit the update at the top of the hour here's. It's the nightcap and he'd sneak your you know what you're talking about the bills started ran the team yet. That's it's classic needs classic and needs you eat you get a going in you can't get this stuff sometimes add to my parents secrets they Tommie Liddell time. I can only a shot off and can I can only imagine growing up in your house as a rebellious youth become not only that just like kinda mouth that you. All. Man years if you got hit in here and viewing can not only that like to test my college roommates because this is what would happen like. In my dorm room except I didn't have a microphone or any sort of clout I was just going off about whatever and they I've multiple Tyler Richards and I think. Does a decent shot late you might you might be like talking for her something for living. That's what that's what people tell you they don't mean that people. Never that is. Yet gumption. That option on Omar buffalo now Omar your and Jean capital in game. I'm big guys. Yeah. It actually liquid to ramble so he just thank some factories it is pretty good I remember he will articulate the one that was. Rambling about. I'm Tyrod Taylor after the Oakland game. He rambled about Tyrod Taylor after every every game yeah. But definitely that Oakland game I mean. That was like I mean I was thinking that they were gonna that I Arco and listen just talk and those lists the males at the that was pretty pissed off as well. They lay around I think what it the caller brought up that. You know I mean Tyrod he's still in the building. You know so it it any heated through and restructure. They're not saying that you know that you can go on but yet will offer him a structure or he's worked for throwing under fifty yards and one touchdown can't. I meet the going rates that should not be eighteen. She keynote. You know there's other guys out there order. You know appreciate their radical that Alec tyra for that at the same time. Eighteen million for something like that. You know still that that the price they've been offered restructure the through that. America to appoint such policy your reaction. I did I just don't think that it's. I think Tyrod Taylor hits the open market and he gets the same money that he'd normally ads that come our club. More because there're. The thing is is there could be a potential bidding war for the likes of the starting quarterback in this. But that's a legacy get more than you know eighteen to get sick you know some other team I mean that. What Cleveland brown and they'll be happy to getting a hundred million in cap space they don't care you know those albeit but for us slick we have. We have a roster yet but are we got a right tackle they eat maybe a quarter we got several things we got to take care than that if with. All that has deep into the campaign recently. You know terror that two years to you know something about it. And I think they each they showed that he showed that maybe he can fix something in two years there one year but I think they're doing the right thing they're like. You can't throw the middle you can't profile doping guy you're not very accurate. Maybe you can fix this in the year or they're making the right move by saying look we're gonna offer you maybe this new restructured deal. Are these he's accurate take it some other team will take into a bit. But I think that I mean it's he's tremendously so be it but I would feel much better knowing that we're. We're putting a lot of money into me franchise QB but it is new territory for a that may be cold rice to archer. But this is new territory for us we're we're putting all our money or we were able to bring players and now it would take takes a people. Bootleg new territory for us we don't really eat. No the seal like when you don't all this money into a QB and I really think they've they've given him an offer that looked are they will. Look this won't believe your works such restructure. In going to be like no they're going to be like you know it alls is there. Retreat down around twenty our trade down and I dare I say I think Watson as a good place I think. All the guys I really believe that all of this together or watch a and I'm not a mile island about you know that detract nit picking up every. You know he has a little erratic and a mechanic but you know he sticks that operate when you release. I think that it got. Our hey Omar we got we got had a break here appreciate calling me a lot of good points and for me with with a restructure its just. I just don't see it out entire odds that I think the bills probably are trying to talk to him. Are probably trying to figure out a way that they can bring back into the fold for less money. And I just. If I'm Tyrod Taylor and I'm Tyrod Taylor's agent come looking at quarterback market where I'm. But actually the best option out there with teams looking for starting quarterbacks in saying. I can go out there in May just as much money maybe even more money than you guys were already offering me and as Nate was saying how sustainable his career. He's got to make his money now and I don't think he's gonna come back. Just to be the savior of the bills to have that kind of adoration in buffalo I think I think money talks more than more than law in this league. Money definitely does talk and we got to go to break here calm the thing the last thing I wanna say about that is I do agree with a lot of what Omar had to say and you know. Drafting a quarterback you never know and the thing is is this team has a lot of holes may be treating back at the tenth spot is the thing to do this is a fairly deep draft. But it's mostly deep in like. Defensive backs and there's a lot of mid tier defensive lineman those are guys they need they need. Playmakers in the problem is you get the playmakers in the top ten so it's kind of it's a difficult thing to kinda. To juggle here but we'll see what happens in you know I'm sure we'll talk about it more next Wednesday as president. All righty you're out of your day your dogs are now. Are my five now innate need Saudi here. Will talk more that they mark your phone calls on the bills coming up in the next segment I also do wanna talk about the Buffalo Sabres after last night's game. And well Toronto Maple Leafs. We talking about patience wearing thin with the fan base I think god sabres fans are also having their patients tested right now muscle we'll get a little sabres as well. Coming up on the nightcap Nate he's out here Ryan being analogy here for the rest the night is nightcap on WG.