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1-19 The Nightcap with Ryan Gates Feat. WBEN's Brian Mazurowski

Jan 20, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nightcap it was a surreal experience. It's I've never quite done anything like this with Ryan geeks. Yesterday ahead seven Twitter followers and two of them were my grandmother because she forgot her password and had to do it over. And now I have a couple hundred which just seems bizarre to me I don't know why people care what I have to say I'm deluge. All right welcome the nightcap rankings. No need yeah. Hey you know what you hear. Or a little while Brian has rosty gonna be coming out. Later in the show but as you heard from Joseph show put the ball dog about a half hour ago now the Buffalo Bills announcing that they have hired. Eight offensive coordinator Rick Benson Rick that's in. Spanning the past two seasons with the Denver Broncos he has previous experience. With the Houston Texans as offensive coordinator. And another stint with the Denver Broncos from 2006 to 2008. He was so tired Taylor's quarterbacks coach. In 2014. So we'd put up the the cell signal and he responded so we got silk Paxil and the AT&T hotline sale. I know you're you're hideouts you were had and now you're gonna have a nice night and in the end we we just call you right back. Yeah well what does he got cell signal look like the bat signal like what is the actual signal look like that at a ball. Gals let's say it's like a bald I would I would say it's dead that's that's got to be. But I have an art what do you what do you think the breakdowns and have you looked for meat like I said towards the end the show of show open the Bulldog. I have never heard of Rick Dennison so wall what is have you as my question really. I have split. I'm going to be really honestly if this game so far left field and act not really expected it wasn't a name on anybody's radar that I have been hearing or even had looked around in. Saw or heard any local or national reporting that. I -- after you know go and dig some more and do some more work government letter we know exactly what he brings because as much I know who we did what position he's held on not. You know overly familiar with everything he's done as a coach in this league starts schemes and things like that like you said I think it's important note. What Tyrod Taylor quarterbacks coach in Baltimore Bob if you know I think it's at least. I think it's a delicate questions have been tweeting me coaxial picking minute what does this mean for Tyrod. I don't know we get an answer to that Ryan lake railway like all good or bad I think it does mean. You'll get an even better evaluation of him because he's another guy that coached on the arm. In in the building on that you know along with front office personnel that will be evaluating him but you know when. In Denver. You know they didn't have great op Ed in the last couple years we know that by heated when a Super Bowl with a bunch. I don't know not good quarterback a couple years ago manic. I'm so we'll see where that goes I do believe incorporate these don't blocking scheme a which is interesting and I think the builder pretty well built to do that considering that they had pretty good pulling darts. And 2014 and he makes the move with Gary Kubiak. And 2015 over to Denver and that offseason in the Denver Broncos were another team or interest in them so that adds another wrinkle because it's two guys who had seen Tyrod Taylor up close who want to bring him in. For that job so it's it's clear that they had an interest in bringing him and for that job in Denver which adds more interest here house. I agree with you I think it's that tells you that at least Jian he would yell it like working with Tyrod is whatever degree. That they were interested in bringing him to Denver with that ultimately as we know that did not wind up happening but. Again like that I think that at least that gives you another person that should have a you know a good opinion of Tyrod who actually worked with and not just some on film. I just played against. Because all the coaches in the building you know we don't know. That's repeatedly right now I see still going to be our staff and quarterbacks coach. In buffalo for the last couple of years what's the status of Sandy Lyle all those things are still in the year to be determined we do know now you ask somebody it's not that it's gonna work which John McDermott and the they front office to help come to a resolution it would. And moving forward with the staff that has been built with Sean McDermott coming in as a first time head coach you look at Leslie Frazier he's got the head coaching experience now that they've added Dennis and as the offensive coordinator here it's these guys in you even look at other guys they brought in the tight ends coach rob porous the running backs coach Kelly Slater. All of these guys seemed to have extensions experience in the league which I think is something. It's been a common theme with these guys they've hired self bars with the first time I've coached the staff that they want to assemble those guys with how the experience throughout the week. No doubt about it that clearly designed by the way as Kelly skipper I think you to. Characters combined number. Yeah Kelly Slater I didn't Kelly skippers are that. That's what happens when you're your age. When you're my age you think about skipper skipper regularly and I'll write. It Kelly. You cannot tell you think about you know it paid by the belt but none are in your right about that ridiculous chipper the one guy the kind of and maybe they I would say youngest of coaches are what we expert yet you probably. For quite awhile but clearly clearly from the beginning except they are probably gonna do that they did man I'm glad that is that I think after the first time a coach. Clearly they went out and set out to hire experienced coaches. To help support this first time head coach because. That's what first and coaches need they need people who've been around a bit better around coach you've been around players who've been around circumstances and environment. They can help them navigate all the waters. Art itself that that's that's enough for me I'm college ago he can you don't have time with your family now I'm sure you'll dig into. To this hiring Rick Dennison and I'm sure you'll have an article up on WGR 5:50 doc I am I digging into that everything. You know about him once you once again did you sit down and do your research. Yeah we will do that. Secure their but he has little more familiarity so. Note about no doubt about how they look at for that cell signal again now the ball. All right it'll be it'll be out there will be out there just be ready. Prior to excel suck I yell on the AT&T hotline to kick off the nightcap here as yeah aid. Really as sells a bear just out of left field we were sent in here shop on the ball barber get ready to go home. We had to put the signal back off for them because they're getting ready to replay John Oakley and siege all over. And I both kind of have an adverse reaction I thought the computers broker something but he comes in here on page C would just happen to them. Now that was mostly because it was a name that I had never seen in mind tireless work yet yeah I UN UN high ball and it's forty that's a name that you haven't seen your entire life before because he is and a coach in this week for very long time I don't. Clean deadbeat super knowledgeable about all the coaches in the league in offensive coordinator in three separate stints. Twice twice at the doubt on the Broncos. And as a Super Bowl appearance with Peyton Manning last season and just not a name that was even on the radar images kind of popped up and he must've come in with all this experience in as many injured there was no. Interviewed talked about Ken Dorsey was interviewed and there was at least to give you a sense of OK this guy is gonna come and he's gonna get interviewed and then. We'll see what happens from there about with this it was just our fury as richt got us in this is our offensive coordinator. Right and you were making the point at the end of our show from the ball log that. I mean that this could be a reason why you haven't necessarily heard the name for that he's been attached to Gary Kubiak basically his entire career he was. There when Kubiak was outscored near Baltimore he's been with him in Denver he was with him in Houston so I really whenever you hear analysis of those offenses. You don't necessarily hear his name always attached to a because you always hear it's Gary Kubiak softens is what Gary Kubiak softens looks like the ways his name's attached to itself. That's probably I think the reason why we haven't heard him to this. Point oh yeah and you you think about it. And it's a guy that has experience at Tyrod Taylor albeit it was only one season he was only quarterbacks coach. Of the ravens in 2014. The only year he was with the team before that once again he just kind of is by and following Kubiak around to us that he attached with him. In Houston and interest thing that year in Baltimore though that was Joseph Flacco set career highs in yards and touchdowns all Diddy taught try to emphasize yeah I'm looking at just guys around the league you know the respected names in the industry got Ian Rapoport. And in chapter. All saying that it's up to get a higher. All saying well in rap port saying you would think that this is good news for Tyrod Taylor. But he can't necessarily be sure he's fifty he's been around the league for a long time. And it's the type of guy that you want to bring in with the first time head coach I would assume. And it just due to the fact that he has. Expensive. Experience on the offensive side of the ball came into the league and coaching. And 95. He blows an offensive assistant with special teams coach offensive line coach in and has been a coordinator and offensive line coach or that one season as quarterback coach. However sensed that and so hey that's your new offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills and all lot of fans out there were kind of get in your C. Over the surge ends we are looking for answers whether it was hey is anyone going to take this job way of uncertainty at quarterback position and would hire like this it makes you kind of think maybe it wasn't so much uncertainty at the quarterback position as wide as they really want a guy who. Had an opinion on Tyrod Taylor and add more of a body of work to evaluate this guy then just coming in and looking at tape this is a guy who worked closely with Tyrod Taylor for one season and 2014 before he came over to the Buffalo Bills so the guy who's gonna know. Tyrod Taylor's habits his practice habits as weakness is that he's seen. As coach of Tyrod Taylor so it's a guy that. You look at his work and my guess I'd. I did not even know who this guy was I'd never heard his name. I looked up a list of famous denizens just be find out if there are any other famous tennis in the current. I mean there was funny Denis and she was it's its own. Some time as an actress you know she chance on law and order episodes that she was done. But it's. It's about it she was on Kenji islands made me do it. Is that a Chinese television so yes that guy from from the hangover you know. Our. All I can catch on right policies that while she's made yet she's so since there's there's that that's an owners Robert Lee does and who is the united states naval officer with you need to. President Truman's. Those are your list of famous denizens that he might be the most James Johnson. It is going to be the most famous deficit in buffalo by the end of this this day and is offensive coordinator so it'll 30551888. 550 to 550 if you got any thoughts about. What this hire means for the future of the quarterback position with the Buffalo Bills what it means just in general do you like this fire. Do we then. Know about this guy guy. I am sitting here telling you that. I had never heard this name before. Half hour ago ends the the quickness that all this happened. Is pretty shocking one. We've heard about candidates from. There was new rumors about possibly Aleks impaled coming from juice market for a wage. Hey we've sat many times Jason and foreign not always the most reliable source when it comes to Buffalo Bills news he yesterday it was Greg Olson he. Pretty much sad note the job they needing coming to interview for it to take the quarterback coach job. And and they'll look you guys them McCoy was rumored to begin with but he never even came infer an interview. So wasn't. It wasn't a search that had all of those big name candidates. That you had hoped for but they found a guy that had a lot of experience and moving forward. You gotta be happy that you at least have this guy. What experiences I think that was the most important thing way with this first time head coach. He's never really done much on the offensive side of the ball and you now have this coordinator who has been at extensive experience now. Only experience he has experience I think working with a lot of those kind of middle of the road middle tier quarterbacks throughout his career he hasn't really worked with an elite quarterback that I've seen Peyton Manning you were at last year of course that was the and his career. Otherwise he's worked with guys like Matt shop and he's worked with guys like Joseph Flacco who Joseph Flacco is never banned a top five top ten quarterback and mean. He's worker got that Matt liner in Houston for the little time he started there and key case keyed a Mike. If Tyrod Taylor is still here next year or if they bring in some guy off the street. This is a coordinator that throughout this this isn't like elves that pal for instance if they had gone out and sign Alex Van Pelt. As their offensive coordinator. You can just attaching to Aaron Rodgers is the reason why did his offense has had success or by that decisions at success with him over the last couple years. When you look at this guy he's worked with. A lot of quarterbacks and Jay Cutler right in matching tees would they call when a guy. It's that Jake Plummer he worked with Jake Plummer for her handful of games before Jay Cutler came in. During its first season's offensive coordinator back in 2000 sex with the Denver Broncos. And he he'd worked with Jake plumber so let me thoughts on that I feel free to give us a call here. And WGR but we're not transitional little bits. Over to hockey in the meantime because we really don't have a lot of information on this guys and trying to. A dig up more about him more about what is often does that worry about. Bought it seems like he's the kind of guy that he may not have back and be primary play caller key. Took over play calling duties week five of the season Joe's bleak five against Atlanta he took over play calling duties. And before that it was Gary Kubiak who retired this year due to health reasons he is with Kubiak throughout his time. With the Houston Texans 2010 and 2013. And 906 to 2008. When he was still with the Broncos his first in his office coordinator there he was under Mike Shanahan who has always back and kind of coach you. As had complete control of the offense has kind of on his hallmark so. It's a guy that maybe doesn't have a ton of play calling experience. Bought a guy that has banned around offenses in this league for a very long time 22 years. A coaching experience. In the NFL but right now we're gonna head over. To TSA and cried bludgeon. He was on earlier with the investigators I know there's a lot of I guess. Patience issues and sabres fans right now about where this team. Is in the standings. And two but the direction is Craig button Geary I think he's got some nice things to say he's kind of preaching patience. For the rebuild it Travis yells was on earlier English open the Bulldog kinda said the same thing that that the leafs rebuild is. Pretty accelerated but he won't get it in terms of other teams rebuilds and you look at the sabres where they are and their rebuilding its kind of the standard. Of what the rebuild is supposed to look apple will hear right now from cried boy in. Of TS and with the investigators Andrew Peters and cry repaid curious carbine. OK so Craig Bowden joining us satellite TSN hockey analyst. And TSA director scouting act Craig. Greg we have a Twitter pull out right now today and it's how're you feeling about the current state of the sabres and to the options the only two options are optimistic or pessimistic. And we need we heard Neal Smith on with Mike's opened the Bulldog yesterday and he had some optimistic things to say. And I was just wondering for fans here and and listeners mull over who receiver fans are where do you see the team and what would you be doing going forward from here on out this season with based on where they are. You know I'm optimistic politically at all read all about it what the unfortunate change for the K we're slow. Repeated injuries Putin got cycle. It also all the threatened you don't look out the real key offensive weapons are cute and numbers bear out and would have been a lot out of. I hit it really set them back. And in real significant way and she's been trying to gauge that they had. They're trying to move their program as usual bit cheeky player like captain and at that it particularly. You know converted couple years ago bigotry rot the letter on that they're trying to address some bulls and you see it. Overall there right now that Beijing who do you could argue well what he's got a major real object is an orbital back. But try to compare Eddie Belfour but Eddie Belfour had to do it your apartment to. Chain understood how to get your month battle with now understood how to get rich kid. It ended impacted. And he had an edit in a way but it Kuwaiti red handed and ultimately. You know didn't get on where you want to get I think rob Letterman and what gain of only 800 yen geez Al Golden should. Argue that you wanted and delegate who do you lastly. He he's got it to me now to Lubbock competitive that you love that fire we've got a better get a lot better. So I think that they have the goaltender. But part of it is and it isn't global your maturity area were robbed a letter. We used to look at their teams are equal public good young players they got restore law and that should Jack liked what actions that brought our. Nokia McCain look like he's really taken on the conduct a significant role you don't look at Rhonda wiley bigotry that is. She that in transition. You know younger players. You'll get better what I did it get better and try to wanna rock album so I. I don't think there's there's the ball well he was two years ago why don't you think the oil every miracle. That they edit which act like oh there's still maturing into Leo by portal brought the letter. But also as a group the lecture and I think particularly but we got back to the boat that. My little more difficult because. Of what happened Ronald we can we don't you and you don't want rivalries that I think can point to a slew but I think the quote clippers. Our our our network spot and Gergen can cute little clue. I Craig what do you think the biggest need further the sabres are moving forward. You think it's. A top six forward do you think it's depth. On the forward line do you think it's. A number top four defenseman. Where your thoughts on on what they need to kind of pick away. While we knew what we need applicable when you tell us right Allen the idol record you UCL that is how quickly did it. More aboard you can get a cure for Rupert speed and quickness and what hurt me it'll steel equipment plunged eager to let the speed and quickness. Bolstered from the years that I think they can build on in the bottom part of their broker or. You know what you had to do with the bat on the Blue Line you can always been a bit. Yeah from from more Steelers on the light and don't talk about 35 year old 34 year old. A neutral and got a good start he then it's not even talk or talk she read what you look back black you're the expert what did an added Trevor Daley. Should admit it and significant addition bigotry peak actually he could play. You know eighteen to twenty minute he'd kill penalty chief competitor. Even that type of what the heck of a guy can really actually younger group that I could upload Aybar. Look at that it was the and I think we're all through the group especially will. You don't educate and red light it specifically. You know it will lead like I really like I gotta gaelic well. There are more speed and quick. You changing your offensive. Group and did you know there will be used to be writing a market trying to figure or more be done quicker or a reason they want. But you don't look the way they've played now in which he hopes he did a computer or group. Become. A real until blob that it player. Let me ask you this so we're sitting here painting scenarios rightly what ifs and where the sabres are out because you know when you talk state of the sabres today a state receivers at the deadline mean could be two totally different sort asses circumstances so. I mean I guess my question is. Out where with where they're at now. And let's say the deadline rolls around Santa say they closed the gap a little bit say there for five points out couple games maybe here there and and what do you do I mean what's what's your. What's your choice as a general manager mean this was of this three to buy sell or others try to just stay where. Where you are and I'm kind of curious to know if the sabres came close that gap because the parity in the league or shall humans in the standings that. You know a bad stretch for two teams in all of a sudden you can you can LeapFrog three or fourteen so. I'm just wondering what your thoughts would be down the stretch they triangle forwarded a stamp that. Yeah I know that the black curator at the table and it'll cost but. You hope you can improve your keys and they can make the game you're going to be playing down the stretch post trade deadline bogey hole. Look at yourself you hold an opportunity to Kruger keying in bed and Cuba or adult and I think you got a good OK but I. I think we have to do is make sure they have the Wal-Mart to eighteen months. You don't find right in my. So you're at all like you're not going. Truly trying to do real far better. Or something significant. In the hole so you know that it helped me a picture that actually the 1218 bucks. The only thing back to the kind of fired tray. There have been acquired Google yet and acquired dagger Cheney though that was the battle retreated Adam then you look at the global bullied ordered all eight. That type of the trade but it actually. Were dropped out at an intriguing young prospects. Oprah or player that you only get approved new slightly. A lot of I think it all your booster or could go about it I don't think it would be able to. So so on the opposite end of the spectrum here let's say the sabres don't climb out they say they go the other direction and it. It very well could happen because the hockey gets a lot harder the games get tougher. Points or more valuable this time of the year so you never know it happens let's. Let's just look at that a couple of number one picks because I don't wanna see draft lottery something to talk to right now but. But it is something that is you need to keep an eye on because if you miss the playoffs are definitely candidate forward and there's a couple top players right now vying for the number one pick in. Is there much of a gap between and river are having how all the time trying to pronounce his kid's name is sure. All right Fisher and Nolan Patrick. Nephew of Jean Patrick deserve huge gap between those two dollars. The gap this whole field goal and it. Real good agreement by a lot of your stall. The way he plays should be particularly if you want to hear your jet. So look at you different types of players but. You know to do or what it would respect for the matter what state place so. Don't you would really been to both achieved what the look he or they. I think that's a pretty good off and he would yeah Jack I want you Pico projector or what the middle we capital packer cooler or supported legal future well. I'd be the older good soldier could ought to happen like you got to be all one place short other. I can get all credit he got outlook upholstery particularly. So what you would we do have good strong building blocks east. McDougall we appreciate Apple's good little blocks and play good you're subject a couple of sub soccer player. All of a tropical law and play better you know what will Jerry hey you know we're. The daily editor and Cabrera picture whether it could. Another shortstop so you know what we're yet told good piece to the bolstered pieces are that our travel also liked it was a real threat excited. It will continue to show little and I think how you look at the draft look at all two point supplier. Preacher to drug look at that it can't write her gift that -- keep the ball away. It is a little bit better in the middle yeah well you start the ladies are real people you might be a lot like you sure so we'd all go picture so you know you're you're. But those options would you have good player and play. We get old. You know you're trying to let them do the best player you just trying to go that route I think the state of couple opportunities that they can choose amongst we're real healthy group of players to player but it. All right there's TSA and is Cragg bind nine with the investigators earlier of course you can check that out. Online at WGR 550 dot com the big news right now about an hour ago the Buffalo Bills announcing they have hired their offensive coordinator. Rick Dennison who brings. 22 years of NFL coaching experience and a bunch of Super Bowls he's spent his Super Bowls as a player with the Broncos from 1982 to 1990. And also as a coach and special teams coach. Under the John Elway years and they went to the Super Bowls and office coordinator. With the Manning. In the leader years of his career most notably last year when Manning won a Super Bowl we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we got Brian has brows ski a WB I'm here we'll get his thoughts on the higher and then wal start talking a little bit about UF CU FC. It was. The the ruling. They need and an illegal in New York State and the USC acted quickly. And now buffalo. Will host a UF CE back in April we'll hear from Brian has row ski on that coming up on the night after listening to WGR. Through the nightcap right key thing now with you here. I'm WGR the bills add a new offensive coordinator. Rick Dennison spent. Exactly that's brightness route skier hearing WB and this morning news man now. He is he's joining me here temporarily. Well hopefully. You're gonna hang out. He's hanging out here for a while so while law. We'll hear from him and yeah I think that was the reaction. A lot of people they probably got that WG our tax message I mean the majority of the responses I got to that tax message I can read. But a lot of bomb who. There was coup there was justice question marks the question mark sent back to the tax message sent out. India WG our tax and of course you can always skier sports updates text sports to 55550. For sports updates and you would've been. Among the first to find out about Rick Dennison. The Buffalo Bills new office according to brighten. The size who hollows that's an initial reactions to rig that's. It's pretty much it right I know coach had no idea who was and you know last two years of the Broncos so that's pretty go to gas spot. Here's the thing I until he interview with the bills. I had no idea who Sean McDermott was sent. But like what do I care what other who's the offense with the colleges or thirteenth and seems I have no idea even though they were in the Super Bowl the other year. I don't know I don't care so was there. I had no idea who he was. So wouldn't it be bad if I knew who the offensive coordinator was going to be but didn't know with a coach was going to be so it all kind of falls in the line. The weird thing to me is. They hired. This guy Rick. And Ricky asked his name is correct. And it seems like they hired his entire staff before they hired him. Yeah I think they were looking for earned those guys to a lot of did the guys that they hired. You look at the offensive line coach Luis can steal that they hired key one cast excuse me he. Has had. Coordinator experienced offensive coordinator now is coaching the offensive line which is weird but he he has history with McDermott back in Philadelphia. Kelly skipper. Is a guy that's. McDermott coached with his father. In Carolina Jim skipper so they've all all these other coaches have had connections to McDermott and one way or another. But this one is it be you can follow different. Team oriented pages with the associated with the USA Taylor's like the bills wire. And the Broncos wired tweets at the bill's lawyer while Rocco stands at hated Denver's offense over the last two years have fun at the bills wired. What. Okay Broncos fans of Hayden won you won a Super Bowl so I don't think they spent too much time the other year. Complaining and hate being. The Broncos offense with me Peyton Manning who. Had he might as well had a broken arm all year he had you know no nerves left in his neck to feel any of this fingers. I think that was pretty impressive what they're able to do with you know old man Manning. Back here and then they won a Super Bowl I don't think fans are too upset last year and this year. I mean who the hell was this guy. In a quarter of their Symbian exactly I. Did anyone expect him to do very you're replacing Peyton Manning old man that he was with some guy that 95%. Of football fans never heard of before. Are you really expecting him to be all that great. So you know it is. I'd never heard of this guy before but I want to defend. You are already defending a bug off. Rod goes wire here yeah Broncos wire yet the media out here he also did an interview with the Chicago Bears suffered her head coaching position. In 2013 and I'm just I get into this article here right now. The had an orbit that Rick Dennison model rushing attack with wall interceptions. Does that sound fairly familiar to a lot of people back and watching the Buffalo Bills for the last two years it sounds very. And if these are rushing attack with wall interceptions and has had experience with Tyrod Taylor's your cornerback I think that's. Once again. I mean just yesterday. All the talk was about dog way Lee and the comments he made about the quarterback position and doesn't sound like Tyrod Taylor come coming back. And now the bills come in with this. Left field offensive coordinator. Higher and I think that's been changed the tone of that conversation to be like. Although maybe this is a good sign for Tyrod Taylor bland and reality. None of us know yeah I'll tell you something I've just he said the. A couple times this week and I can't tell how serious science. And my. Two years away from just buying a breed leaders. And jumping off the ship. You're doing that because you wanna be. I have Fowler WW we heal and employee that that's the only reason I am thinking about it as part of the appeal I could pick and the other team you could make it any other team yet gonna pick the most hated team in the most hated player. In bills history because you just like to. But still I just it's still it's too much right. I mean seventeen years and I mean this year doesn't alcoholic rates. You don't want a couple more years. Analysts hopelessness but that's kind of the way I feel I never expect the bills to make the playoffs going into the year I'd. They start the season off good you know pale get a little excited but it's just dreary watching these games every Sunday. Among about two years away to switching to a different team because you know it. It'd be the time though to switch to Brady and the patriots there after the the coming towards the end there especially for eighty neatly you should be picking a team that. On all as a younger quarterback he's right for you should go is be a loss rate it. Las Vegas raiders fan you should hop on the biggest bandwagon now on it's true it's kind of like a new team to that pretty much you get on land. And then you'd be actually cool the CB one of the few Vegas fans here's a question about the Vegas raiders sure. Do vase started golden. Now it's. Got to stick with the old raiders' colors and I always gotten. But scholars that they've always been in California to now and I saw what I know better is right by California it's pretty much the same. Gas it Toronto's right by buffalo would you say it's pretty much the same and I would have expected if the bills moved to Toronto that they would have probably kept the same colors that flame. I don't know why they always do then the NFL the chargers a move they'd keep the same name the rams' move Vicki back I mean granted they had been in LA before it's still. I don't get that yet and hockey team moved so much of the stars. You're completely different team the whalers movies now the hurricanes completely different. The nor dates move I you're now the avalanche. Something completely different Iraqis your doubles now. NFL you gotta keep the same thing and it's. Ali's school mentality. All of the the NFL is the thinking of the old school mentality so the you're gonna get it. Too much traction I would do it there in Vegas lacking gold third jerseys like the falcons have third jerseys must collar she could have could have gold color orange jerseys but the bills where they throw backs. August 3 Jersey those dollar and all backs the big holes like you where this is some night. Written like T dad about the NFL you might wonder why because it's such a stupid trivial thing. But the NFL won't allow teams to Wear a different helmet you have to Wear the same helmet all year and they say it's because of concussions. Prevention. There's not a single study out there that says switching helmets. I've. Causes more damage to the brain at all in fact it would say that a newer helmet is better for. But for some reason because of lawsuits they're scared they have to look like they're doing something teams are only allowed to Wear at sea and the one helmet so. What you get it said the patriots can't Wear those throw backs the red ones with the white helmet the standing guy non. The Buccaneers camp where those thrown back in your skill or in assuring sickle the roll backs you did get a little inventive. The Broncos this year when they Wear those color rushed jerseys. Don't know ice helmets do they replaced that. DK now on the helmet so was still the dark blue but they made it work with a different I've really liked those Broncos jerseys this year. But anyways were getting off the point yet I'm gonna Renton this guy Dickerson ya gotta do. Data stickers and shirts and now. Wreck in Dennison Iowa side. Greg Dickerson because your already confusing me because not a lot of people know this guy is gonna read up real quick. We'll finish up with our our rig that's in discussion. And then we're gonna move on and we'll talk hockey with Brian Browning and I got a great gambling idea forever but he's got a great gambling idea if you're a fan of wrestling because he's he's even if you and I asked is is what makes you a fan. This is what's gonna make people fans are absolutely it's the most fun you'll have all year watching wrestling if you're not a fan. All right I buy into this all right I'm not a true fan I will go over to Bryant's house at once while wall. Share some beverages watch some matches. And Dow will do that but not a true fan I guess I would say so. We'll get into that we'll get into the UFC coming to buffalo Chris Weidman announced as one of these matches that are going to be. In the buffalo. And also I wanna pick his brain a little bit. He is eight Pittsburgh Penguins fan so I'm gonna pick his brain about. The day and piles much air of Pittsburgh Penguins fans what he thinks bow. The system analyst lot of fans out there. I was saying about the patience running thin with this team. And what they're doing and how they look out on the ice and pick his brain about piles of the time in Pittsburgh. Width Malkin and Crosby. And I'll then I'll work with him. When he was a fan out there with the penguins here all of that coming up right here in the nightcap this WGR. Little mud TH IPS. Tony Hawk pro scared yes that's right he can't forget this on up to democracy and tell people our generation knows on cause big gold figure fan outside of this books while. Loser loser. Coming from a guy who's upset over that and see five not making the rock and roll hall thing that was a separate little bit and realize. That no one cares who's in the Iraq general game and he realized the the error of your ways he's pretty much our industrial by 51 EEE 552 fact that the phone numbers here at WG are few any thoughts on. Rick guys and I'm just trying to figure out more about. This guy and I'm reading this article the Al Rick Dennison in NC blueprint style. It doesn't model is the word you used here and when he was in Houston under Kubiak in that rushing offense there. He ranked in. First in rushing offense and it when he allowed it. Way. 2448. Rushing yards. 546. Times a 133 rushing yards per game they had to read different quarterbacks that season. Who threw a league low nine interceptions so. I'm look at all this stuff. So far that I'm reading about the type of offenses that runs and this article is connecting got us into the bears had coaching opening after they had fired Lovie Smith. And pretty much what I'm getting out of it is he has an offense very similar to Gary Kubiak Mike Shanahan it's that. Play action and his own run offense in its this could be a style offense that suits Tyrod Taylor. Very well so you wanna read those tea leaves this could be a good sign referred Tyrod Taylor rent take one call before we tied to the break here. It's budge much on the nightcap with. Ryan and Brian. Hello Ryan might have if he lets you know he knew about. And I appreciate. Exposed to us that it bobbled it and how often do you one hour and don't it's a clinical he actually it was terrorism linebacker remembering that actually is a player. Did you look there's resonate. Aren't you look at but it pertains. He and coach McConnell long term he's not a sure like Greg also wasn't in firemen. I had her out with their own problems. About Wilson's coaching career at the exact same time they're not sitting on the minor offenses. How stagnant ones. The last two years and the that a guy who actually coast in the suitable and want to suitable so. I mean let's play that is not enough I mean look you know coach comes in here. Would hope would just try to unity and stay here and build up open how soon it's the playoffs. In their it ain't so real and that same kind of bond they're hiring you never know. Jay Cutler could you cut. Because that capitulate. And by him thanks Jay Cutler based on what I don't understand. Jay Cutler's best career ever was and then going into 4500 yards. Uttered and guys too so I look forward are excited about hired more about word forward great post. Are really was excited about Brad choate is on the side of I eighty page. I kind of felt like. You know Larry harper goes and heard about to endorse you are Jack had a right kind of frustrated who liked the same won't say well. Saw applaud the bulk of those organizations to make it higher. Out of four for better days ahead. Our thanks for the call bush appreciated its yeah once you start digging into this guy it's at least. I kind of reassuring he was with the Broncos from like 1995. Until 2000 and he held down a job there wasn't always the offensive coordinator but he was. In that organization for very long time which. He makes it got makes you feel okay about him as a coach because of you as a bad coach he probably wouldn't hold on a job with a single organization for that long. Yes Curtis slipped slipped through the cracks to in some people. The show up people don't realize that work there and then yeah that's the thing that's an analysis deeds is back at. Worked his way through the ranks by being there you know maybe. You gotta admire some of these bills fans I'm trying to be an optimistic person ranked. No we don't butts. I just can't I I can't really think of many candidates who get me excited. If the bills had hired them. Just because of this team in the last decade plus. A lot of pills and I just over some guy who I've never heard of until thirty minutes ago. Because. I mean what do what am I supposed to expect. It's gonna come in here turn everything around it's going to be different we've had a lot of guys a lot of guys come through here. It's rarely. Difference. Yeah I'm just looking at. His has probably as bad season as an offensive coordinator was at the 2011 Houston Texans. And there was a rush heavy offense. I mean he got airing Foster wave. 12100 yards back and compete with close to a thousand yards and then you look at the quarterbacks playing for that team. Match job who got injured. Matt Leinart started to gain that year. For the Houston Texans threw a whopping 57 yards before he was injured. And then TJ Yates. Came and and that's the year of ETJ Yates playoff victory. Over the Cincinnati Bengals in the and they went on to lose to Baltimore Ravens the year who were on route to their Super Bowl. So this guy. It's it's weird to say because you just wanna dig into a little bit and try to find some more out about him in the way that his offense is Ron and if you wanna connect the dots of this coaching tree. And with some quarterbacks you look at his coaching tree Gary Kubiak style offense Mike she enhanced style offense which is that. Run first kind of mentality with the play by play action pass off of it which could benefit Tyrod Taylor. And if you're if you're into it. There's Jay Cutler out there is Jay Cutler out there which I know gets Brian has Rouse he's excited he loves Jay Cutler I am. Super excited. About Jay Cutler no I'm super excited talk about UF CTO ten it's been a big news day to. If you're interested now antsy in the first fight to announce for that power and also a day when tickets go on sale to. I'm pretty pumped we'll talk about that right now we're gonna talk we're gonna do that talk about that talk about your your batting. What it squares. Combating square Britney march and also how about them McGregor Mayweather. He's gonna happen you feel so happened I big doubting it until this week. For some reason this week it switched with me I think it's gonna all right we'll get and all that with Brian as route skis while he's here. He's he's trying to push for the fight show on a weekly basis so we might be hearing from him more often as an IKEA continues but we are deathly gonna hear from him. Coming up this next hour talk about the UFC coming buffalo it was into the nightcap on WGR. Just two months. No effect go to wherever we've run in gates bruised got I think he's got in that. But you kept an eye in that. Everyone needs some upside they go to him on W. For backyard nightcap right gates and Ryan as a house keeping up with you here for the next hour or via. We take off means do like young men do. Sounded. Now as point and Albright and as rob. Ski here he is you can hear him on Monday through Friday on Buffalo's early news over. And at WB I'm with the Susan rose and he is finally coming in tonight because UFC was finally announced as coming to key banks honor. In April it's once the exact date April 10 April 8 it's eight Saturday April 8 I was so excited for this because you know what happens a lot of times what this is. I'm during this I don't entrance poll run up. Well and it's not not. A U of ceding them anything to slow like things right all it's and it's a lifeless and you'll and so it's trying to get something done the make a lot of promises. I'll don't we know that and how often are those promises kept. Well when USC was pushing hard in New York State for words and finally sanction. Mixed martial arts in this state. They said within the first year will have at least three paper view events in New York State. Abul keep coming back to New York State. And we won't just hit New York City will hit places like buffalo. Rochester Syracuse. Different cities along the state and lo and behold. Already there's vents to while now actually here you have seek to awaits him Brooklyn that's coming up on a couple weeks. There's been nine UFC 205 was in Madison Square Garden they've had bent. Brooklyn is coming. Buffalo on April 8. So that is three paper view events they had a small event in Albany already and now I'm believing now there's more to come because they. Kept their word which actually doesn't have a lot when you make promises especially in Albany in the political ran home. You don't all the time. Yeah we know the battle for Hoover that is back and fought to round tier and over seems to be I think Hoover's kind of taking a page out of the UFC's book and they saw. How the UFC really got their hands dirty with the lobbying absolutely. Really getting after it did. Howard last year Hoover combo one thing the UF CD it was kind of get the public behind it and this stage events all around the state. And put. The UFC brand kind of on this that's at Hoover's doing right now acting it's gonna work out form of one of the things the USC did they came. All across the state and they went to. Here became a buffalo they were in Williams bill add GM out there at the eastern hills mall. And it brought along Chris Weidman widening traveled all over the state. To help get mixed martial arts legalized is a Long Island native. And I felt so I felt really good form even though yet took the loss to Romero a USC to a five he was part of the first. UFC events and you know you can go back to UFC seven in buffalo. You know over twenty years ago now. I almost only account that it's because the sport is so different now the weight set up how big it is that's. You can't count the way back then so widening gets on the first card he's in New York City. And just announced today the first fight for USC to ten Weidman will take on big guard moves south seat. And it should be a good match up I don't watch too much and we sassy he's won his last four fights he beat you Ryan Hall. Last time they both have wins over detour Belfour in their last few fights a wide means lost the couple straight. Romero system beast and he's next in line to fight is being but so it should be it about. And for something that's gonna be on the middle of the card. Great start to the carrot here for UFC 210 in buffalo. The ice I've just looking at the UFC. The very limited USC to attend Wikipedia page. And it's headlined by a grudge match TB neighbors TBD. It's a long time here it must be wrong because there's been nothing officially announced. You're gonna have to help me with the pronunciation meal church. Alia that's that's not gonna happen word on. Purdue home are doomed. Yet that's that's what sets your eyes eyes that are you sure you're on the right page you see to it and talks about how this will be the second UFC event hosted in buffalo beat percents. UFC seven. While there is a lot of rumors going around and now let me tell you what I thought of when this was first announced so hey it gets announced your happy and everything. And then you start to think of okay you want can we possibly see so the first thing they came to my mind was well. Daniel Cormier rumble Johnson. For the light heavyweight belt bent was scrapped. From Toronto. USC to a six up there are just a few months ago. Because that Cormier was injured now Cormier should be ready. A round in April and they've been putting off that fight until Cormier is ready so. It would make sense to me. That if he's ready if both guys are ready. That fight can be made up especially so close to Toronto you know here's a fight we promised across the border it's gonna happen now in buffalo. The timeline seems to match up a little bit. That looks like it might be able to happen. One fight that was. Said it'd. Be kind of in the parents on people were talking about is being Romero. After that belts and it was acting I just saw today is being his surgery he might not be back until. May yours so so we can count is being out. On. Meal chick I saw. Was that was another one the people were talking about because he's a Cleveland native Sophia have him fight in the area. That could happen. But I just saw something in me a chick he's not happy about his pay from the last fight which happened in Cleveland he kind of made. That entire art saved the card which wasn't going solo console title fight unbelievable. Title fight there and a crowd we reaction and the Cleveland got one. In Cleveland. He's not too happy about that in the nice on the he might not be ready until a little bit later on in the spring so I'm kind of counting that out there's a lot of rumors floating around they're few ceemea chick nothing officials been announced beside the Weidman fight. Right now if I had to put money on it. I would put money on the main event. Either being. That fight that was canceled in Toronto. From UFC to a six Cormier Johnson. For the light heavyweight belt or. The featherweight unification. All though and how wait that's the fight I really wanna CA think that'll be an entertaining fight. I he would love to see the two match up in that belts. Is basically had their both basically holding in term belts all those technically the champion but they strict Connor McGregor. Of that belt so although held the interim belt. They did a whole lot of shuffling. Tom to put. A belt on how away I'm who's technically being turned champion and they would combine those two belts I'm hopeful. That we concede that fight in buffalo that's an idea that's your hope for the for the card that's my hope for the top of the car and. I think it could happen. I think they were rumored to fight it you'll see 20 wait now which is coming up and a couple of weeks and that's not going to happen so. Hopefully camp Rashad Evans would be great to have on the card to. On me as someone who wants to talk about or just got Chris here Chris is going into the night capping a stock are shot Evans Chris you're on with Brian and. Bragg had a lot of the nightcap the USC talk thanks but yeah I definitely think are ever. You know it's not like you to fight in the near Syria like mission and opt out of your regular beer regularity. Highest. Our fight they cleared up now I think I think yesterday that it basically RJ early and get back. Well here's the here's the thing big. Didn't officially cleared him yet so AA and it wasn't just New York he was going to be moved to Toronto. To fight on that 206 cartoon that fight was host who removed and they didn't clear him. Upping candidate either so that's why am it would make perfect sense I really hope we can happen because I mean the Niagara Falls native should be able to fight. Near his hometown. I'm just a little skeptical. Because the other thing you have to keep in mind too is that new York at this point in time having just legalized. And sanctioned emanate. They're going to be may be a little tougher. And they haven't really rounded out some of these laws. As far as. Getting guys the okay to go and fight. That they have and some other places team you might have an easier time getting a fight. In Las Vegas then in New York where a lot of this stuff is just being put in place you know. Sure yet and I got you know. Would he be able to sell out caper fuel already put a lot like gender are some. He would be an undercard fight but I think that will be great for the hometown to have. A guide to have a guy from Western New York would be awesome it's one thing that Chris Weidman on the card he's in New York I but you know let's face it Long Island buffalo. It's two very different places. Total opposite ends of the state. On to have been Niagara Falls guy ends I mean MarShon Evan hill say differently. And he's looking to it I think he's moving up. A weight class I forgot what was supposed to happen to a five seems so long ago now on. Yet they'll light late February I think was was well it was schedule that tool side by a. He's nearing the end now and so you have. Have to get it in now. Yeah I think solace is like that cult like the stars are aligning perfectly well. Yeah I'd like separate itself the Aussie duck at that thing got more real draw a lot of people like here so I don't think you can. Awesome hey Chris thanks a lot for the call IE I'm hopeful Rashad Evans gets on this coward it would be great to have the ease not from Niagara Falls anymore. But today he's not well he doesn't resigned in a lot a lot of fighters who started out like John Jones started out near Rochester new lives out out west because you know it's hard to find GM sin you know win MM a isn't sanctioned in New York. It is our time growing at the level where you're gonna get that training. I'm just reading the Buffalo News article posted about when it was first announced here and talks about the last of back. In buffalo in the memorial auditorium in 1995. And eight man tournament. No weight classes or awareness. Well that's how I used to be set up if you go you look at the first bunch of UFC events their turn moments. And they crowned a champion at the end and it's all guys who specialized in one so now we have very well rounded fighters people of kinda caught on to the game everyone. It is a graded jujitsu everyone is striker to some degree everyone knows a little bit of wrestling. Back then it was OK you have made jujitsu master he's going to take time. I'd champion kick boxer ND at all these other guys in their it was a completely different sport but. Ken Shamrock. Yeah has tested feature matches and she is as old timer job. 33 minutes they fought for the fall for 33 minutes before it was declared a draw. How do you fight for three that went straight double overtime that's duke don't even older illicit 33 history and also bill the route that rest in between rounds knowledge they're hanging out couch and it's major. Fight. Hey another thing to kind of got lost in the shuffle today when you have seen announced that. I'll Wideman. Was fighting abated and announced the first fights they also on that so little graphic they sent out said the tickets are on sale people have been asking about this. February 17. That's a Friday. So February 17 as the on sale date I tweeted I if you look back. You know maybe ten or so weeks ago. At the man's one. Earlier this week I sent out a link. To work place you can register your email address and when the pre sell information comes out when the pre sell opens up. You'll be able to get in on the pre sale so that's something you're really interested in doing. I check out my tweet sent a link to that a little while ago and you can be apparent pre sell but for everyone February 17. Is when tickets officially go on sale. There are 30551. EEE 550 to 550 Q I joined in on the conversation UFC to attack on gonna be taking place in buffalo April. Eight at keybank center you've got jolt now on the night. Cab jewel has he has an interesting story of UFC history. And on his brother was a fighter in the first UFC so Agile they get away man. Yeah let him. And you see history being in water quality. I jolly you turn your radio downforce and. Low. Think you'll tamp down. There are areas we're good now go Agile. Or ethnic culture. And look at the Eric are you see local ball low voice. On a deserted town about that sold peppered back then and it was. What was that about one guy step into the ring up in the USC and it won they would want to it. Oh for sure for sure you know those guys laid the ground work and agrees he's played a huge target and all those guys who took part. In the first U of c.'s laid laid the ground John. It's crazy to watch it they put a fight pass free preview last weekend. That's kind of their like on demand library you can watch other shows in different fights and go back and watch all the past paper views so. I eat you know went back and watched a couple of the bounce from the first. UFC. Event ever and it's just so different the gas out obviously the production but the fighters now. Are. Getting better at such a rate I mean look around arousing dominating. Every single woman who would step in the cage with her it was. Not a question of if she would win it was a question of how long it would last and how fast that can change as other women step up their game. Right and how quickly it's moving into look at the evolution from way back then. Until right now. It's incredible to see. It is and backed down there getting the ring when you had no idea oldest going to be like for ever happening. They have deployed they want Kevin to that white electorate tired. And came out of retirement but Biden you want to take it game by paying Prater he's very much on the shape. But without that you also warrior who love the fight. You know he's the guy was shall despite whether it be kick boxing boxing. Yelled several a world totally kick boxing. Actually people do all three sports McCourt used. Government had to wait three years ago or got new rookie ever passed away no recognition. Hometown no recognition. I don't know how that is her Rashad evans' record on Jones great fighter again if sport police chief in a ball. Because of the pioneers. Well listen. I think it's not at that level yet right mixed martial arts is since. You know and it isn't football isn't basketball it is in hockey. So you have that. Factor in and also the fact that it was that long ago and the UFC. I don't think they do a good job of recognizing. Their own fighters from the past so all those factor in and that's. Probably why didn't get that much recognition I mean you look at. I don't know what fits. Something where they don't want to put attention on map because of the obvious health risks involved. But it's a UFC does not do a whole lot of them where they've kind of shine a light down people from the past who fought. I could tell that my brother was involved over on her professional flight via mixed martial arts and what to dance Hebron. Are we're already fighting. Oh that's sad yeah. A lot of light because of all the years of abuse on the body from fighting. Would you do it all over it's usually one. Hey real quickly deep do you plan on going and April. I've been trying to get a hold above you can do on my brother I've been trying to get in touch with the buffalo sports I'll introduce my brother. And I'll try to do that all he would stall life. On before it had to wait two years ago or two years under. On to get because he's that was funny I would say you know I go to Russia of trying to go to Japan the putter or knows me eye on the ball low nor knows me. Right who they're going off you know he was. And the big guy and I think all in that would rather well. And I couldn't broader problem I don't understand how. Community where he grew up and frequent. Urgent about how law working indoors and you know Michael Buckley and an employer. It never they never get brought up and start talking about it. And it isn't. He. What what I mean we're not talking about because he he was adamant about that night I stole that they don't understand how that is. Well hey I hope that works out for answers anyway we can help you out to now with getting in touch with. Anyone you need to around the events that kind of channel and on that they'll be osment. Our rights. I don't know when you break. Right about now right about now the end okay we take a break here we come back we'll talk about your your thing you'd developed over there yet there's still a couple things on touchdown. Were we have to touch on McGregor verse Mayweather. I'm not going to happen and buffalo not not happening yeah that's pressure. And then also hampered the the best. Thing to ever happen to your royal rumble party I hope that I can help spice up your party a little bit coming up. Yup they'll be coming up next year on WGR it was into the nightcap Brian has brows ski. He he's joining us to talk about the UFC and he's sprinkle in all rustling in the art so that's coming up next right here on WGR. Beckett in the nightcap Bryan gates Brian as a routes he talk and little UFC. With you as and April. UFC having its first event in buffalo. In over 21 years crime has just been kind enough to talk about it big fan and I really guy who is back and wanting something like this to happen for a long time. It's about time it's about time is right and I'm I'm pretty excited I went to it was my first ever. It. UFC event attended and went to. You see in Cleveland. So watch this steep Emil chick. Defend his heavyweight title and also watched the debut of CM punk is on a huge wrestling fan. And it was even though I let me tell you if I was watching them on paper view. The title fight was great but if I was watching the entire paradigm paper view I would have men. Little bored with it wasn't a great watching it in person. There's something different about it it's not like going to a football game or hockey game you know you look around its people on the phones people are really paying attention there you know. Talking doing whatever. It's not a silence. I mean there's definitely a buzz in the crowd. But you just have that feeling that everyone is paying attention to what's going on. In the center of the arena. While you never know Latin something's going to happen it's happened so quickly and a few glanced away for ten seconds there can be. A knockout happens you're gonna be missing. The past artfully and when something happens. I. People are you feel you feel it in the arena everyone's glued to it and it's awesome it's a great experience if you can go. I would wreck Y just go back to work it. Some six on the weekends cell it was. The night. The Mayweather Pacquiao fight and that will forever be. One of my favorite nights working there because you talk about that glued to the center of the ring feeling. People were glued to TVs there so we've been working. And during that something would happen like albeit with something would happen I think ever did happen but the entire bar. As soon as the rounds started. And everyone's just sent back to watching as soon as the round was over may have people running in the bathrooms people giving drinks as a worker there that's what we are doing all of our work was during. The rounds and as soon as the round came back on it and stopped and continue to watch or speaking a Mayweather money gets that we got some online I can't seasoning. His name is Ryan Ryan that your name. Is Manning or Ryan what's up. I gave thanks for a talking about the USC I am excited. Excited to its critics say that it together. Awesome awesome Goodyear. Come to questions I am and I want certainly Sandler. What you do you think then elections sports and really consider perceived on the ultimate player which I think it started it for a lot of people before restrictions that the Bonner finale fight. Got me hooked and a little different than. And that was over ten years ago so that is where this event to be here I'm I'm I'm so excited. I'd like to play. To kind of questions. Then I NT guys we get a think about possibly Frankie Edgar being am tired he was pretty upset at that. He was not on the Brooklyn card for a unit CEE 208. And he wasn't he was coming and it's cheap card so eat you want to in New York just like Chris Portman will be on this tired. And another bite I'm in to the scene were practically be Yankee Rodriguez. Can't swap. I just wanted to get your take our most important. While it you know it's funny you brought up Rodriguez. Because I was gonna ask you do is. Does that make sense to you I think it's may be oh it's too quickly to move Rodriguez to anger. But I could see that happening could you. Will not so much you are not so much yadier Rodriguez Edgar umpiring I've run a lot relentless enemy articles. Tom is saying that Frankie Edgar could be dropping down the income eight. Didn't let it was Jeremy Stephens in the very powerful striker and under forty I'll. So I'm thinking maybe a bantamweight fight for Frankie Edgar. And we saw cub Swanson personhood to actually. It was a fight of the year content it has agreed to fight. Yes and I think that you're Rodriguez persons of swap and would be a great way to start off. The USC two and heard in buffalo and I think the timing the timing would be ready beat them. Come slot complaining you know few weeks ago and you're Rodriguez fighting the best week that BJ Penn and beating them and any you know break out performance. Everybody knows who Yeager Rodriguez is being that the announcement but you seem buffalo what I'm tired. So. But it's wanna get to take on. I'm those two I'm humbled to fight the U Rodriguez vs cub or Frankie Edgar. On the USC about the. I like that idea I have been following Lloyd what Frankie acres up to too much so I probably couldn't give you a good opinion on map but I do like I like that idea cub Swanson. And yank your Rodriguez who seems like. He could be a star I think he's good and it's not just. Fighting BJ Penn who. Is a million years old and I think and he's I he's toward the end of it but I liked that idea that's a good one you had I know I was thinking nom yank your Mike. Being going with Frankie egg anger but down like I said I am and following angered enough to know. He's planning on moving up or down so if he is. Beckham makes sense I would love to see them awful I would love to idea I don't know. What they're planning for the rest of the coward. My focus has been like I said I would love to see that although holly how weight fight here if I had to put money on it. I would say we see the I'd DC. First rumble fight here that was supposed to be. In Tirana. Gates your opinion. I start taking over my shell that's my opinion that's a great idea it's a great idea from the caller there idea I like that. Fight hopefully come still buffalo that that would be and it's a logical next step if you wanna build up the I hear Rodriguez to put them up against cubs once who'll. Had a tremendous fight that a lot of people Tsotsi because they re played. Databank USC to a six that was the Toronto card to be replayed that Christmas Eve. On fox in Mecca that some pretty good rate I think some of the best ratings ever. Four I UFC on fox I want to talk about McGregor. Mayweather yet you think Z you're seeing over there that first saw a reason today that you think this is actually going to happen and I think. It is never ever ever years go over the past couple days just for some reason I think it might happen what gets you this these these reasons well. I think McGregor would absolutely do it. It would be by far his biggest payday ever. IE. I have no doubts that you would do I have no doubts that the UFC would want to be apart of that especially with the new ownership the way they look at things. The UC kind of want their interested in DC you know CM punk sticking around. Even though it'd terrible showing its about time recognition that it's about star power they're you know they're putting all the pretty people on the F fox sports cards so bad that people tune in yet page Van Sant headlining the last car. I think that they would push hard for it. Floyd Mayweather is kind of the X-Factor I can't think of a good reason for him to do that's that's where I meant it took on a decade to forty. Manny Pacquiao right but here's the difference in that. I don't know anything about boxing but I would of mentioned at one point that. If you're Floyd Mayweather you would be thinking or Manny Pacquiao can beat me and I know. If this is going to be up boxing match at no point pump Floyd Mayweather do I think I'm McGregor is going to beat me. In a boxing match. Now and then I don't think anyone would be thinking that. Now think there's anyone out there would be three so here's the other thing now you can't just have a boxing match I just have no interest in C is once I love McGregor. And I. Gates so jacked up to watch all this fights. I have no interest in senior and a boxing match I have no interest in seeing. Boxing too much to begin with some of these guys are just problem that match as Mayweather and McGregor trying to get after Mayweather and me whether Jesus god I can see how. I see real way I could see Macgregor just totally being. Outclassed in every single way right Mayweather not even having to dodge out of miked. Steve McGregor giving you real trouble because he's not a boxer he's a great striker in the octagon. But he's not a boxer. Like Floyd Mayweather spent his entire life oxy so you put him up boxing match. He's not gonna match up here's the thing now this is drawn up by Joseph Rogan earlier this week and I really. Liked this idea. So you're not getting it's not going to be in emanate out. You you're not gonna get that you're not gonna get kick boxing or anything or some hybrid. So what if you do boxing butts. You do with enemy globs. You don't Wear those boxing with pan and the clubs yes you don't Wear those big pillows. Where Mayweather can kind of hide behind and you let McGregor. On load a little bit more and show off that punching power a little bit more. Maybe. He has a chance there I'm a little more interested in that. I do think it's closer to happening and a lot of people think the only reason I think he would even stand a chance of happening is because. It probably would be the biggest fully in almighty out science package on the other team Bill White made a terrific points I. The pac Pacquiao Mayweather fight team huge and they have like ridiculous high billion paper view buys or something like that it was crazy nothing's going to. Touch that. Think but Dana White brought up a great point McGregor his last few bound chew over a million paper view buys. Mayweather. Like 300000. Or something like that. After the Pacquiao fight you know and no one cares. To watch Floyd Mayweather take on whoever. People will pay for Connor Graham people pay for this match up it'll be a big match up they can make a ton of money. I think it's closer to happening then some people realize. That's interesting I just. Ottawa I think especially those guys. With what they want to do and wait to keep themselves relevant is to be on Twitter and take shots back in force for something that's. Never really actually going to happen. But it keeps them relevant and it keeps him in the pipeline so that people like OK and keeps them at the top of mind awareness in there all exports. Mayweather he's. We've worked so much money already and he's he's also his company is setting up that Chris Brown soldier boy fight. Eager about that I heard I didn't know that was a real thing palette so real that he. It was a beef and then they decided that they are going to hold this fight for charities so they are actually. Getting into the ring fighting each other I'm not sure that celebrity boxing ovaries like celebrity boxing one of those being trained by me whether. It's become biased company is younger normally he dreamed up by Mike Tyson. It soldier boy irrelevant is Chris Brown relevant. People know who is people know sold boy has yet hold dance named after a yes Kris it's. For a summer he's come he's like a one hit wonder is and it mean. Now it's kind of you have to break here or should I go well with the royal rumble. Now let's let's let's break I'm sure gonna get into the nitty gritty details of awe and like all batting idea I tweeted. A picture again of this chart Alex Blaine what it means at beam as one now find that chart on Twitter and I will explain. How to revolutionize. Your royal rumble pool. And that's comes from the man seemed Brian ms. Ross deal here's my idea coming up next right here on the nightcap this is WGR. Last segment here on the nightcap or last call. Brian has route ski hanging out with us this reminder about the bills they hired an offensive coordinator. Rick Dennison plenty of experienced on the offensive side of the ball 22 years of coaching experience in the NFL and I'm sure we'll have more about Rick Dennison. All day tomorrow on WGR and you'll get saw all of the fact awaits you need to know about Rick Dennison. Starting with Howard and Jeremy in the morning at 6 AM so stay tuned for now but for now we've got Brian Scott. He but it's best of luck to Rick good Dickerson over there and now one bills drive pay us we have the brother of Kevin Rose sure Colin a little bit earlier on he said he's trying to get in contact do you have seed find some way. So maybe honor Kevin Rose you're at the event I hope that can happen if that somebody out there is listening. Who line has any poll with health so. How do you balance I just talked to show all his brother again on the phone here I've got his information. So there's anyone out there I mean mean you bolt took a look at is his Wikipedia page afterwards he was a really impressive kick boxer 66 wins all by knockout losses was championed. World champion for a really long time the 1987. United States can't through Friday national no rules tournament champion and he fought and and many matches you have seen wind UST four he was a boxer. 77 and seventeen is a boxer fought baby John BC so he he fought for very long time to from. It looked at in 1987. To about 2002001. So this guy daddy packet. Rear just fear a nice gestures a local guy who fought in the first UFC event to kind of give Mo a little bit of shout outs recognition. And misses the youths he returns to buffalo that's April 8 UFC to ten okay. So switching gears a little bit here. Wrestling WW we royal rumble January 29 it's one of the big events of the year. I say that's one of the few WW events or I'm actually. It's like oh can I get into this it's a good event the royal rumble match thirty men answer only one. Comes outs the winner and we'll go on to wrestle mania. In the main events solace this gambling idea that we used to do something we just got means that we pick names and writes it was a small pool ever does something a little bit different right so while a lot of people do the royal rumble. Drinking game. Well and that here you still do that along with this. But I tweeted out a picture. And day in might look like a calendar. To some people. But it is a picture of all of the squares there's thirty spaces. And know what we usually do what we've done in the past few years is exactly that you put numbers one through thirty and a hat kind of randomized it. Everyone pays in and you just that picked the numbers. Go around. And you say it's a dollar and number. Pick your number and then the winner goes home with all that. At you know that's great it's a fun way to keep things about how can you make a little bit differently well I thought what if you did that's what if you picked your number. Before the royal rumble. That could make things a little bit interesting but you know some numbers win little more than others you know number 27. Heard 28. You're gonna have some. Better odds than if you. Chose number fifteen so what I did I created. A dad basically big charts of squires. Further royal rumble. One through thirty and each of them if you go out on Twitter. Happy as one can look at this chart each of them has a big number and below it there is. A dollar amounts. Yeah that's just the guys. The important part if you want to use as much money as you. Yet seat that the important part is the big numbers so I've ranked every entry number of the royal rumble. Between a one in 61 being the most valuable six being the least valuable. Based on history of that number how many people of one from that number in the past and just you know a lot of numbers have tied so kind of a gut feeling. Of where you know what number. Could be the lucky number it's. Huge could even do like an auction style for the numbers where you can have people based on the numbers and since. Now if someone really wants that 27. That's an even better idea you've been on the number you can go up as high as you want if you really want that number all the cash goes to a pool and in a new winner takes settling guy if you're if you're high roller the way I thought about it is. The number ones can be worth five bucks an entry in nine going down you know for. 32150. Cents. For a number six figures yet six categories you don't have to break it up all six you can combine amino three and three. Two different prices for buying in Yunnan three different prices for Ryan's but I did the dirty work for you here. He did all of the breeding of the positions I raided every single number. So that you can have a royal rumble pull I think the way we're going to do it teachers have a draft. You randomized the order. So. It's kind of like a snake draft. So you'll have somebody gets to pick first they get to pick they are number and then go go through the person who picks last gets to pick again it goes back court order. So they have. That snake draft and people have a chance to pay. The number that's on the square and they'll get that position if they win they win the pole. I said hours ups of edits. A nice little thirty dollar. Thirty dollar payday thirty dollar pay you know it's a very lights. Gambling. Thing here exercise you can go is Kris the issue one. Yeah it's all up to you Brian Inkster thanks for coming on this evening absolutely more UFC news about the back and buffalo comes out I'll have to have you on more about that and hey. Mean we can make this happen more frequently especially over the summer. When Marines have lots of times you're on the nightcap to talk about always Lotta Lotta talking about in the fight and wrestling world all right revenue ESPN radio once again. Rick Dennison that your new offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills more going to be coming out about ten. And what his philosophy is going to be moving forward with the bills so tune in tomorrow Howard and Jeremy is kicking things off. At 6 AM and ivy covered with Rick Dennison thinks what's in the nightcap. Brian has rusty right teaching analogy here on WGR.