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It's. It's. Do you like your you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional blue here's your host Jeremy White the per diced good Saturday morning welcome to Niagara traditions just threw it erroneous in fifteen point. German like professor Howard are you but happy Saturday. Was sickened. Not much middle January and I'm not wearing a coup now so and probably won't have to put another week or two. Forecast looks to be friendly to outdoor brewers if you really want to be outside yet on the way. Not as friendly to other outdoor hobbies but if you're trying to groups that week he and not friendly to my dogs that can go outside and their meals and the truly depressed that they can't go out subtle time. Bob we are rolling around the time of year for the art of beer we ask something we've talked bomb while couple years before in Buffalo's three mean that the best long running fundraisers. It's march 3 spot tickets are thirty dollars are available and I tradition. And com you can come pick up there early if you want same location as years past absolutely and as always is gonna support that matter artsy community. So Knight commission puts them. A lot of work time in donations as well as a lot of buffalo net and robberies and restaurants and other businesses. Ought to try and keep the center going. And so we can't do that. Without people willing to come down and eat food and drink beer so as much workers we put into it we still need you folks come down. Have a beer. Have a few Beers. And a few bites to eat. And helps support your local arts and communities so that's march 3 third particular film in a thirty dollar tickets so plan ahead march 3 for that. On also coming up I like this time here because our announcements get longer and longer but it's general because of competitions. And beer shows or Revver might be. The amber waves of grain you have announced the deadline Ian and judging candidates that that he walked that line is going to beat the twelfth we open. On the eleventh we are closed on the twelfth. Though if you wanna get them and tonight a tradition in human rights Saturday the allotments remember these are twelve armed unmarked. Bottles blacked out camps. Don't pay the labels to the bottles use a rubber bear on the on the instructions as well. Entry forms and bottle tags on their web site and venture on the website to miss and fill out all the forms for you promote come out minor girls and girls. All right so what's the topic today so today I thought we talk about Russian imperial stout. Malicious code winters for both bring in drinking 42 Norris is putting out a Russian imperial stout this week so. A lot of excitement. There are. Gonna wanna try that the leaders of the I've I've loved a lot of third from Beers and they've had they've got to pour that it's an ice good dark Portland likened. Russian imperial you know. I know that the there are a few that I I think of right away you like all rest Putin's a Russian imperial oil like a lot. Bombed and left and just made one called foreign stout now's a foreign style the same thing as a Russian. No. It's in between because they're sweet and there's like this that the stout scale has a lot of different spots on it. And I found that in my experience of trying foreign stout it's it's not. That stuff and not all the way to Russian but it's not sweet. It's usually a bigger example then mobile say the region east Lapentti yours for export right. So if you Selig may be an English doubt if he if foreign export expected to be a little bit bigger a little bit richer or hire local option. But not although it Russian not all the way to rush and that's its own thing. So known to beard he simply is he our national many beer drinkers easily recognize the style with history gets a little murky insisted beer brewed on order for Catherine the great to be served in the royal courts of east Petersburg. Sounds kind of legit. But it's definitely not from Russia it's originally from London England that we know for sure. And I mean porters have been popular since late seventeen hundreds stronger versions of these Beers were called in pure. Not necessarily for Oro court but just a little bit stronger. Some of these Beers works on to Russia and maybe the recent efforts please Catherine the great. But more importantly to please people who were actually paying to drink the beer. And who doesn't want their brand associated with royalty for whoever they want to play. Is is this not only is just I should say the origin of imperial into Bruin. That was already popular terminology will say in England at the time of clicked okay and always meant strong answers stronger. Bigger OK nada. And there's always kind of you see like people say are Yasser IP were originally grew to fit the travel with they had to meet. But then wireless aisles so different in the scene porters who were being served in London. Making the journey to the America is and it took longer to get here in the media here just fine but spears always root. To fit the market and sell its beer so they were gonna brew what the market wanted to. And in this case it was more for an eastern European market. What was the what's the push amino intriguing millions of a smiling and ask Erica from the great yourself. Two gold bigger darker is is that just was this was that was the tie him more about dark Beers in mean. And I think that term. The dark Beers got to their theft right away especially to get the right here trying to alcohol yet NC can give in to grow you know as far as advantages for the emperor's. But further drinker you have something I you know hawk entities like chocolate. On you. Not much has changed 300 our youth yeah yeah I'm just gonna make that assumption no I don't have any but I I would assume that. Drinkers than his socially drinkers today we're going for Russian imperial stout. For the same reason it's after dinner it's a little cold. That guy's borderline brandy yup and you wanna sit something you'd be up alright so. Style itself it is. Basically what what separates it from the other so solid and it's you kind of look at when one we can look at local much higher alcohol. But early examples for probably about a 100%. Normal and additions at junctures. Recipes became little more traditional so high alcohol we shall have. Bitterness. But you know EC payable in amber brown act in Berkshire's. In them by the 1940s. And Kirch was during it with mild crystal brown roasted. The fiftieth start to kind of fit more standard operating recipe and as you move into their last batches. In the 1970s. So people around and this you know your might be people rams don't have one of these Beers in him shelves. They were using. You know. To scan him example mild malts amber black and some juncture. So pretty simple recipe. Much closer he like the old Rasputin the time and ink running style and now today obviously most of the examples are the root. In the states. You know if you're using a black mall anyone eighties recipes of the like mall that doesn't take much black to turn a beer black rhetoric is yet and I remember. Traffic last summer through a really dark fear it was I mean a quarter pounder was very little. Lack of black friends and I've been using whatever it was but Cilic food coloring you don't need a lot it'll do the work. However the Russian imperial stout you do get to use a lot a lot. If you wanted to be like motor oil and you've got to so recipes today's like Russian imperial stout run as wild again and it's it is over the whole 250 year history. But there are some kind of common rules that connects and he'd be your horrible over strike too weary of IRS badge and they are kind of simple. Royals' first it's got to be very hard alcohol it's okay to be boos he promised but not for knowledge and under ten you waited cousy. You wanted to kind of case like a boy or anchor Napoli it's obviously your highest alcohol time ever. So again and wants to be boozing and you could probably accomplish that slow to report vacations at the grain alcohol or vodka. Later on arm but you really want it to be. Not under ten waited and not all the world and now he still want the kind of finish she's profile to be fairly clean. You want high amounts of bettering the name that's fairly straightforward easy to accomplish that they can you votes in a bunch you know. Ounces of Magnum into a sixty minute addition. But the only other point of rural really asked to hit. Is that color and that kind of access use them to lurk in smoltz to get back or luckiest that you want it to be the color spent more and then he wanted dark you don't want like kitten threw that beer and this can be boast here. Limiting factors or got to pay me this big group cedar beer. But it's also your greatest opportunity for personalization. Column while there is that obligation to use a lot of black mold it's also your. Opportunity to showcase your fever and dark malts and kind of slipped them and behind those classic to seize a little bit of amber low but having roasted Barley bureau also fan of safety Belgian national coffee Alterman SP seasonal but that. Use a little bit of you know exceed the demons dark crystal Emanuel also use some of the swinging clearer Roma because those just happen to be. Your favorites. In this actually gonna work out and last year. And so wondering one thinkers kind of a great opportunity for personal station. And although you always know when you get a Russian imperial style that you're gonna get something close to 10% you're gonna get something Dirk is. It's gonna be bitter kind of tones of coffee and chocolate. The exact kind of flavors you get the kind of things are adamant happened at her quite different from Peru to perform appear appear. And so while. We think of a pre defined star Elton relief ingredients that are used to make it or extremely. Broad and uses about any baseball and the and John sugar. In any load of dark malts. Please what you're saying your sons are the scientific explanation for why I feel like every time I go to the store I wanna buy a different. Stout a different Russian style because if I haven't seen it before it's gonna be different even though it's very. Lightly off something else whether it's you know I mention all rescued nor any other numbers on you know coffee profiles coffee profiles. Don't mean you did do just it. I realize it doesn't for a person that doesn't drink the darker it doesn't seem like they're all that different but for the stout and do easiest. Think there're there are never too many different options but beauties I can always find them and allow a truck. And then I think about these type appears to the circuit when if you impulse buy one impulse make one. The can sit around for year so if you buy those complex appears in the sit in the back of perjury currently sit in the basement underneath the stairs for. For years what makes them a good thing that this is. Can of the beer sit for years that these phones actually get better were all worked up a little more break down you've got and so the flavors that are kind of going to breakdown in the starter gonna become you know some of the harsher mall flavors is all the you know harsher flavor from alcohol. It's those breakdown. In kind of looked around a little dated tenth Nichols moved girl and it brings out again chocolate pot kind of notes to a link horrible. Where's if you have a big. I PA even. In almost finishing perhaps he spent so much money and time to get into the peer slowly fade away into skunk year champion oxidized and all that asset in the air act going to be too happy with that word got imperial stout. Only good things are gonna happen is that. Let's get into brewing one wanna give back on the scale of how difficult Russian imperialists to brew. That art not that hard. Stock into one of these by the end of the show and be ready for this because it is my favor kind of beer and I've never made it. And imperial so. I think you might be time. Let's get that how to rule one of these. Wonderful wonderful beer Russian imperial stout. Jeremy White professor here actresses just threw it we'll WTO Russian imperial. Game plan next. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on our can count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need. Now Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military into I don't wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com now Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Bruin. I welcome back. Here and actors and just threw it as we have compared to be taken over by Russians. Stuff that is true thoughts. This disease is the season right of course my only friends of the Russians as we can. So. If you are miss an episode of the show you find an on demand that's is in 1520s website at W chairs on the banned pork from the website. As well all right so we talked about the history of the Russian materials and now how to brew one used say not that far. Yes and that's because many of the problems faced in brewing a Russian imperial stout for thirty solve by some of the elements of the style. So we can kind of give an example of the kind of snake eating its own tail here. For instance a high alcohol is and so hard to accomplice when you can use a lot of junctures and you can use multiple east fairly easy to get 10% when you have about Utley you know 10% a year from multiples. Coming from simple sugar and you can also terminal Obama's campaign east in the Earth's wealth and how finisher now. And fitting in a lot especially in vaults isn't that hard because and doesn't become overpowered because at that high alcohol. So old. I broke off matches up balls especially malts especially not making I'll call the beavers walls the cat jumped sugar. And also it's marches out a little bit easy and it's it's PH because a lot of these alters Cooper or karma it's. You get a lot of acids and you got a lot of hearts soul even though you're staring at this fifteen pound green built for us Buick over Putin's aren't completely put out their recipe. Out there and this program but if you want com. It's are going to be so hard sparks an American detect compressed spark for our biggest much channeling its who would if you are saying just a simple test visor Palin. Where you. 90% or higher. Com he smoked. The over hopping it's really kind of and possible. I am considering enemy got it in in because again we've we talk about countries settled in effect that the appear to have that much holding capacity. Go ahead and use a calculator. I'm overshoot leveled at Indy would be just fine GeMS really because possible over bickering copy because you have so much mall that no matter what. Yeah it's it's gonna bring him back to at least he China via morale here you have an almost like a one point one starting gravity. And like the one point 21 point 25 finishing somewhere around there Tokyo it's gonna be easy to kind of balance out then you know that high hopping. Com because you have all the sweetness back about any got a few when at some type of fruitful spice or other specially flavors or something like that. It's really gonna be hard for that spice to overpowered. This beer these all the other flavors and beer so loud are ready so that kind of fruit flavors she Ares or something like that is just gonna kind of slip into the profiles appear Macy's and so they're fairly easy to Peru. Now. The recipes can be a little harder to formally normalcy a little more intimidating. These again the recipes are all over the place and so is who look. As a home for your kind of trying to pick Cole which ones are best for me if you like this style you like the mall. Pick your favorite. Beer and try to match the same especially. Small percentage so for like little rest Puhn Orton probably ten or one person may be even lost. But if you look you know further what we talked about looking for historical examples using almost a 100%. You know release bolts economy at the head to especially mall and a baseball and they can make up your entire list. But either way I mean there's kind of some things went that you want to have some crystal balls generally on global McConnell for flavor or use the very rich baseball. On but you wanna use a light. Groups involved as well whether that clicking amber special roast or something like that as well as your theory to our malls such as like you know away. Black you know roast. And follow you he uses well then or something like that's who. Whatever your favorites are go ahead and put them in the air. If you can fits of Rachel and this match. Go ahead and use. We said you know like you're gonna have an easy time matching. Armpit adding some rights halls is going to increase her fashion sense anyways when you have 1415 pounds of grain inside a match and you want to try to get everything he can. And nothing is gonna replace a nice slow sparks. On the stars trying to compact the greenback in trying to get bitten efficiency. Keep that's parts nice and slow. In you'll have a good match and don't worry about doing a long match on an analog people doing like I PA's pale oil. They worry about doing too long of a man actually going to lower finishing gravity. On the specially ghost chasing efficiency. You really won't have to worry about a proposed new I wouldn't worry about over a new nation and your down. And if you do it'll open up over ten relation it's of theory easy problems fixed whistle but animal to a darts. So don't worry about overvaluation of the start. And so we talked about. Having lots of bettering cops need to do that either right gravity the American use much asses evolving into the year. Not as much. Reaction so. Beacon and finishing cops who if you want to make sure you and I'm not bitter and cops after going for finishing props. Really anything goes the kind of American secrecy house tend to be paper. As well as English ones might have spicy flavors. Or kind of would be undertones just really work well with the Russian imperial self. Now we can look at the most important factor this recipe and seek to towards the end here. As always it's the east and is so we come back this time and time again the yeast taking care of picking a great ones always gonna be. Very important to look at the properties in the east you wanna use at a time and make sure you're over prepared when it comes to cell count. So gonna use a liquid he says means you have to do with starter. And don't consider using. Second east like champagne east in with your upper east as a cheater he's there and put in a champion nieces secondary. Urged the primary fermentation. Don't consider that a cheap stuff. Is it. Money greasy using multiple east if you want to is that because any flavors produced by them are likely to kind of just. Like every other thing you said just blend in there but it's not the kind of beer that's gonna reveal multiple. What are different eastern voters they're different flavors. You've still got a little bit with one piece of champagne you suspect produce much flavor at all like the worry of the person is. Is that if they put in Champaign news has been scrub our move all flavor. On that the deal he's provided Q organic you can lead the overt annually appear in take it down to. Com are you views on the champagne yeast in. Might appear never takes away any of the deal flavor partially because impeaching a lot what's the in because it metabolize this lower. That Yale case so. AL east tend to eat through all these simple sugars. As it's kind of starting to slow down our rooms towers of say nine or 10% she campaign east begins to take over a little bit. Eating more comply offers an eating these evil so it's just tonight's. She but. Works really well mixture you get through all those come electors in it won't take it down to. A wind fishing is not gonna take it down to no sugar content. It will surprisingly tenure legal morally theories when used in appear. Not that I'm seeing here that one of the things you won't talk about his aeration is it more important for the sciele and others oh yes and you really wanna put your best foot forward here on the higher the alcohol get some more important it is and it's really going to be important for this spear. Injured napkin into it just once you're probably can do it twice once you have an oxygen tank. There are only able to achieve eight parts per million that's not going to be enough for us we really want about six team. Where you're into richer here read at best she can. Right before pitch. So that means new outpouring of back and forth between two pockets if you have you know. Air reader stone and filter wonderful Connecticut like eight minute blast. Arm and then let it sit for another six to eight hours he uses gonna consume that oxygen. And once backed down to zero parts per million and then you know way of testing that's been your gonna come back in your gonna theory again. After a mission you've got so if you have that second sanitary market just leave it there with the live on even leave some beer and if you wanna. If you have that period are set up. Might just wanna leave it in the air lock coal for now come back after eight hours and his again with another eight minutes of higher from the pump. Or you know another ten minutes of splashing and back and forth between two buckets are currently commitment whatever your choice and method of making it meant for the kitchen. Go for two sessions. Ten minutes he can you know. And he'll really help out your yeast and I imagine this will be a very healthy fermentation process yes tons of sugar yes absolutely. Usable up to. There is no question. In my mind no matter what format for amusing that this is gonna blow. Up so usable up to put it into a grower have another bucket around there something to kind of keep the control here and just because it's blowing off doesn't mean your firm indications are control or anything like that. This spears Justin into it there's a lot of fermentation going and there's a lot of sugar content. Is that a lot of attention. And it's gonna wanna come through your lock so be prepared give that blow off to. Don't let it sit overnight and see how high the phone gets its gonna get there. Open I I always have laws about what I will never again not usable to no matter the beer. I wish I could say it only took me three times to learn to be a lot more than that. On but I've repainted the scene walls too many times. Scrub them with Don too many times. Use of loft to it's not just the walls for me it's all and it's also like the feeling the loss of a bear like yeah you know it blows up and and you've got. Every you know core is never will like you just. It wasn't worth that was beer yet here on theirs you know I've never lost a whole beer. I've lost probably. To some law so I lost I lost one and I was out of town roaming tellingly it QB your law but what a terrible feeling out. A lot thumping and I was in good shape it blew off the top. He couldn't figure out how to get top back on. Which meant. Beer equals debt. So not far off all we used to loft to and the other about this is if you're gonna bottle of course you you can do this you can agent the this is not appear to connect. Even if you haven't be nice things as some multiple apps. Bottle lease on. Agents to throw away in the basement for years if you are worried about exploding and put into its expect in the case are putting trash bag around it. So that ultimately pop crack. Contain mass but this is one you want to say if I would advise giving bottles to friends page because. They might be better edit the year especially the fans don't right the news thing on a like a by the way you left this here perfect. So aged two. All right very good Russian imperial it's foolish is here to wonderful kind of career. Good for the winter weather have for a few more tests on coming out of leave this week excellent read invasion and so commitment it all right envision. Good timing again. Perfect so eleventh annual art of fear is going to be march 3. Tickets are available at Niagara tradition for thirty dollars on the amber always agree and bring competition deadline is the twelfth of march so plan Euro. Your entry judging is the 24 and 25 and a they're ago. It. Well if you're looking to kind of and turned it walk and you have emperor Russian imperial stout dessert category for a yeah after I go but it might be a little bit too you can start perfect timing to start your bunker vote for next. So if you're inspired to kind of get out there groups doubt hunkered its economic troopers yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.