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Jan 21, 2017|

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    As one or the other I would have more with the inside high school sports come up next. Marty eager to get out or get to worked in my garage and it's nice day. We're back with inside high school sports that's better. Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's in studio with us longer Frank Wolf Roger Weis in Joseph mark Gucci no. I'll program note the

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Gionta. Why maybe it's time to take a look inside a high school scoring. Kelly cheering yeah brought to you by mighty taco mighty taco. Would feel great right about now my New Zealand's have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and my dad neurological. Institute developing solutions and neurological problems faced an hour he. Good morning welcome inside high schools. We also have our residential troublemaker Roger Weis in studio. And we are joined by Dan Kaplan all the AD in adventure he. Girls. Chairman and also Niagara Falls coach we're going to be talking about. Bowling this morning. But unfortunately we just said news's start the program off rides you and man this one really hurt. Now who never thought don't have because you're such a fighter Barrera. The Al west to your New York basketball community in particular and western new Yorker in general assembly and Alonso of law. Legendary hall of Famer coach sister Marie Perot as a sick turner can reach his college in briefly Marquette University. She's in numerous hall of fame isn't a number of hall of fame Sheehan it's all means she is in is too numerous to mention. We urges and while you know kept her analysis and respect you know what else is you know she's back in on. I'm sure all the up basketball professionals in western new Yorker you can see and he Renault ones and would rather not. Appreciated her games because you know. She didn't give her free surpassed by any stretch of the imagination or shooting at that nickname sister Marie technical for not to have sister Mary technicolor. Similar freeze I guess we actually referred tourism until of them on. So law but we are saddened. I was sick and about it last night and understand what am I gonna say and the year award and cross my mind. And you talk about opposites attract. Well they're probably attracted together now watching basketball. We lost some in the senior and its sister Marie inner TO Brian yeah that's what I thought of running off I kept coming back down Archie and I'm saying to myself I'll connect compare them to one of the same route but I think I can and not. They're probably having some laughs and talking about the officials as we speak. And you had a chance you've watched many of your team's play. How she liked on the court. While she was a good coach she wasn't your friend but he at all sometimes people wanna know Berber. And you know all. Rob Roy you wish for you don't. Days weeks. Months for sure after they left for warmer programs. They were ready to go back because you know there's still unanswered questions and you know. They just beat number careers she's effective over the years. We hear Lawrence predation is freshening and people that were influenced just local people and I Demi Moore holed plunged. Talk about her all that I mean I think Joba. Coach and information directorate over Kerry by computers idolize sister Marie. And there are countless countless others. I guess say you spend all hours talking about the people who lost sister Marie. That's so sad and our condolences go with our family and friends. And anybody that. That's an owner's its visitors had. Frank I was in and news and notes. Yeah. All star it would boys wrestling the first ever section six dual team championship scheduled for January 28. Out its star point today they're gonna have a division one large in division two small school champ championships decided. A first time there ever doing that third two attorneys going on right now once finishing up at star point EC AC championships. And today the Niagara Orleans championships out at Akron. And boys hockey. Star point again in the news. Along with Saint Mary's of Lancaster will rejoin the Fed for the 20172018. Season it's official. The game of the weekend and voice tacky is definitely nag the weak fields verse saint Joe's tomorrow night out at nag university. Shot out to coach resin and tiger we filled the boys have won eight games in a row they take a number one saint Joe's tomorrow. Out and our university. Girls hockey Kenji a deep dish out out for knocking off the month's senior American team on Thursday. The Kenji team is made of both girls from Ken Morry east west in Grand Island. I'm boys bowling we've got the boys in here today to talk bowling but I wanna give a shout out to an eye do we feel voice for knocking off. The falls last Tuesday night there was little out precisely on fish got a great go boys good job. I think they have the best bowler and I we filmed they Maloney is first overall with a high average of two in nineteen he's one of the tiger we fill bowlers. Out there coached by his son this year as well. Pretty cool thing is yes that's right tries to its own country on earth could. I girls basketball shot out to lock for a girls in that stuff Ken west on Friday. Haired girls they're just playing a different league altogether sure Roger has some stories about them from early in the week. A voice of Saint Francis big week taken down parks school. In double overtime to thousand point club has two new members that I know of Elliot ball went from I'll look at bill and sykora Harris out itself park. Down Welch is now in the 2000 point. Car 44 the other night for more and more than that. Yea yea. And didn't get brings donators at 234 game he needs and breaking out regulators. Cheap to walk vote would it be to our for summer for Cheektowaga break Richie Campbell's. I think deal would have to be. The article points a game you run out of this because they've they don't make it through. At least a sectional finals is not gonna happen from a sages now. And at that point I refused doormat well you toolbox and one you do the box on him and let the one covered you have organize it. One less thing for good from our cal slaughter thank you for pessimists over to us. Earlier in the week but there is a new record holder for career three pointers in New York State kid by the name a Colby blue skin. Who plays out it Argyle essential I have no idea where this is but I know it's in section two. These he surpasses the previous tail holder a kid from will south who went by the name of Joseph lick and a poorly I Edinburgh who had 343. So look at record has been passed by left and who's just to junior by the. I. Went on in our grouchy really wins bigger headlines say Argyle sock it to column in its hero we don't bought and all our practice what Amherst beaning though will solve. Can forget to get avenged a loss from our early in the year ought to great double letters I wish more schools would do their tail is what an atmosphere last night you know. Yeah. And you know lot I wouldn't release for his surprise if that could be that crossover game community here and winning 82. Will selves when you're when. I would think. Okay reacted to UN basketball shout out to I am a breaker and he's a right school horror ACL arm and yacht she's done for an basketball season and hopefully it was minor enough where she will be able to return next fall as a senior Jesus warmer as well as a basketball player in the girls in the swimming in fall. A big one for. The pew last night they backed off lakeshore. That coupled with the guy some of Brinker injury it looks like now that you would be the team to beat you play as beef from the girls. I was at all or the other night O'Hara. Played bishop Kerney answer you I think paper on the website so they might already be familiar with this. I'm the up bishop Kerney squad bearing in mind bishop Kerney and mercy of Rochester ball moved up to double A so now. What would be no lake shore will sell girls presume oval cross over game now the winner of that does have a chance to go and Lula. Stage because. Far west regional mound classy should be decent anyway I digress. Bishop Kerney and her squad. To a seventh graders and forays greater right now it doesn't sign on the squad yup big deal three of the eighth graders that are. And in the game against so where the other night they create greater Jets 45 out of 57 points a chance all era. Wow. Okay finally. On gear ratio out so proud for his family. Are you were named Rihanna and really shoot the basketball player will self yet she may second team while lesser York a year ago. And amazingly and the state championship team herself warrior she was left off the top one has still don't know how. Was she's got a younger sister Cassandra was a junior will sell. She Cassandra made US national synchronized swim team. She will be moving to California to train for the 2000. And eighteen world games and manners and the pipeline for the 2020. Olympics. She swims through the Buffalo swim Kim's. Congratulations. To Suzanne and Steve nearly he should be proud I know I am that's outstanding. I understand. Sarah Pfeifer have a couple of points this week while her and her Shuster combined for us 62 points. Her sister Gary's a senior she's ruining an eleven share only throwing the other fifty were that's just too. What an incredible. Paula and the she's a real deal and die and all of Joe's not here today you you know Joseph and his passion for three point shots and all that. She did make 83 pointers but that's only 24 took 27051. Work not three pointers that you would you. So she were just busy it was like changes and maybe it doesn't three pointers and proves she was all over the place all. Outstanding I is that pretty much to have for news notes guys. Let's get it talked a ball in and has us that we have Dan Kaplan all the an athletic director and adventure free. Girls chair and Niagara Falls coach. Now Dan when we last left off. Who has a big time the section six. And it is hosting the state championships. At our airport planes huge for Western New York. I'm not only the terms of that we get so few holes sixteen is what great for the economy all these schools and in bowlers and their families coaches all common in and out sped and a couple of bucks which is obviously good for western art but a very successful event. It went real. The whole football team. It. It was. Old and six specially when. You reform way to lock to Long Island so obviously naturally people made that trip on top now is good for the kids the ball in front of friends but. It's also double the work for coach venturing back because we obviously had a plan and running it so. Kind of look at Florida this year where we let someone else from the term in this years in Rochester so. Did you guys get feedback from. Schools that that participated in. What they thought 01 of all airport lanes and and just the the area in general. Yeah most people that they they were impressive and it went for a while I mean we we tried a couple things that worked in terms of vile. Sat up some certain areas where people couldn't go in terms of the spectators so gain more room for the bowlers they liked and I say just being able to go out even in the athletic directors and they can common even all the boards and the other teams throughout their watch we have real big Buffalo contingent out there. And they don't get to do that very often those it was good to have that the home crowd there is anything that you learned that the next time. Western New York Post that you might do something different or the pretty much satisfied the way. The way way. I don't know we'll run a volunteered host city and but not as though is it was it was a big undertaking for that people are committee we have we have a lot of work but around. Think the next time we if we do it we're will be a lot better prepared because as a first time all of us. Had run a state term and we the last time we hosted it was stood ten years ago before any of us where I'm. The sacks in committee so while we obviously we've we learned some things and some things that work some things it didn't. We had a little glitch with. We assumed. Someone was ordering some battles that weren't ordered so we didn't have the win went to resign among arise within an example it's kind of called that metal gate but out. It was taking care of after the fact but I mean that was one of that was our only real collection. We worked room and I mean we're a what does it take Ireland it's just they got their models little bit later than we have planned. Before the our program are talking about what. You know. With coaches and how. Bolden has changed over the years and what you guys are doing as far as coaches and you talk about pairs figure not lane patterns and this really intrigues me because you're saying these kids are so advanced today. That. They know going in when the wings are going to be like in. You mentioned about you know the state has their panic explain about patterns and how all that works. Yeah well you know armed. Years ago Tennessee. Thirty years ago whatever forty years ago. Didn't have the equipment and the technology that there is today and I think that goes for many sports almost all sports in the know bowling is the same. Com. Now in the when he put out when they put on how shots for. Just regular league play you know we both holes are our matches are cheap to wire whoever. That the the how shall put out a more playable pattern and in fact. Is in the fact that those who. When the ball CC a righty gets the ball to the right. It's more like likely to hook back to the middle lane it won't be as much oil outside near the gutter where is inside the middle lane they'll be. Have your mom oil and hold that ball there. On an end and there's different things at or diesel machines can do very sophisticated machines. I am pretty much the proprietors can put out whatever they want but they you know they want and generally want to see higher scores than they do help. In a little bit they help the bowler a little bit of course and technology with a bowling balls these days also help side that the cores in the copper stocks and everything they're doing with that. On also helps but when he we go to these tournaments like for star state chambers is for example there are ways to to lay out the oil on the lane. That will make it a little bit more challenging for anybody not just that not just the kids bowling but any even an adult. On May and the scores will come down they they will come down. Because they may put a little bit more loyal towards the daughter and a little bit last towards the middle lane so that damp all day you leaked to the right. Say a righty leaks to the right or left few weeks and left it may not come back to that to the middle name like it would on house better. So before any turner match whatever you sit down with your team you say look you know like this you know somebody throws a really big call. And you're gonna explain OK you might wanna you know shoot for this board this aero and that's how we're gonna attack today right right. Absolutely and the pattern is announced to the whole state. And we will put it out or sectional and as as we are talking mob before the show. On airport lanes is gonna put it out weekly for kids this. And and and certainly now as coaches you know we'll we'll go over with our with our players but the best way to attack those that pattern or any pattern that we evil line actually meet suggests fusion it just sort it all up try out this had this type absolutely Oriole yet and there and there's there's there's a lot more that goes into it than most people think young people that don't ball they think I used to all the while funneling communal. Anybody can do it no I don't think I do it by. Arrives ovals like Fred Flintstones. Saw he gets on his toes and and you know if Ricky Shays opposite lanes and I are all right there. Roger problems would there Anthony when Fred Lynn Stoner and I went bowling league game go to bowling Alley grew up brags that it had walked ball. Aren't sure they're not how we're talking that I grandfather wanted to gives that ball dudes. Grand children I believe her and entered the walked to school system. Does he bring all six bowling balls to the Alley no he brings nine. Nice I mean why they get you off. They must have liked. They stack of Singler who illegals now as immature of all nine ball when we go to motorized bag were you at all and that's why he caddies and you always figure you know all in the league's Red Bull their way back when without Fred Flintstones and Barney Rubble. We see a bubble law practice balls. How many practice balls and these kids get and how many would each of the nine bowl in. Balls well the practice time is. The press and up to bat for a five man there's ten kids only the fifteen minutes so it's not that crazy they rotates but -- and repetitive pretty good guy on the ice and I have nine ball this fortified and I managed bets you know Holland but to begin my draft they don't have time to use all neither you have to pick and I don't know what you all think is gonna give the best chance at that time as remarkable and we can you imagine tomorrow I hear all you had to find nine of the house Bobby and shoot shoot. And also have a house on balls they do a lot of online all nine believe it or not will do different things it's it's it's it's amazing and home. And maybe not necessary and the house pattern is going to get and the more difficult patterns it does make a difference and and those kids will have the advantage. In it just remark. Was how sophisticated the kids are today. There they know. What ball does walk conditions and everything that hey there's so much more dialed in. Then we were when we used to just go off for fun this you know the backwards Williams yeah the sport's changed there's no doubt you know it's unbelievable heart we're gonna take a break when we come back. Mora boys and girls born there find out what teams are doing what some of the high average is. 300 Girardi seemed a few of them had had had one of his thug. Players throw up a 300 earlier in the year so we'll have all that more. You're listening to inside high school sports on WGR Sports Radio 550. Inside guys who sports. I'm Tony challenger along with Frank Wolf Roger Weis. We are joined by Dan Kaplan an adventure we're talking about boys and girls boldly but Roger there was so we forgot to mention. We got a couple quick basketball announcements today 12 o'clock cardinal O'Hara high school there hosting. The defending. Class a public school championship James build the way team at 12 o'clock over and Karen Ole hole where high school once again O'Hara. There are none league schedule is literally knows who of New York State. College basketball so you girls basketball fans who did today at noon paranoid Arista place to be. And there's a scheduling change last week there was an incident between Niagara Falls and locked port spectators not players or coaches. Spectators as an ugly incident. Mattered is that because of that incident their rescheduling again that was originally scheduled to play in February 15. They moved it up the next edited 28 and an afternoon game. Prepared to be wanted if you're going into that game. While the other series. So about it. I ask your facts talk of bowling and give us up to speed as some of the some of the better teams and players you know who's thrown white. Are out there. While we're we're coming near the end and down we got a couple terms actually got one on right now there's one on lock poured there's the big Royce Summers is coming up than two weeks. And it's just kind of previews before sectional sol. Terms of the boys we got legally and a strong crew this year coming in were just opened the CI a who stands out above the irascible mom. Between now I know a lot of BC I see Clarence entitled honor and Iran a win their division Orchard Park is our starter marriage is really strong this year they Gary it's it's you know what it's kind of funny you really look at the list there's a lot of the same guys and girls teams those programs are doing row while I teams like Orchard Park Clarence title Wanda. I know coach countries fall seem as much as they took their first loss they they've been doing real well on the tournaments. West Seneca west has got one of the but top bowlers in there and nine and Hooper call there is understates the last the last few years. As an individual on an older they're doing real while they're competing with Orchard Park and that division. Frontieres always is dangerous they always find a way and Salamanca down down the southern tier. They've got out they've got a top or and we we got a handful boards that are really upped their cushion to when he. So lot kids like Nate Maloney and nagger we'd feel so. When you got kids like that in your team your your your view of the possible to win did you get a couple other kids going above average in your your horses up their putting up big numbers like Danny Maloney. Herbert altered it gives your team a chance to win in. We've got we've got a bunch of kids out there that are around that are carrying their teams right now we'll see who steps up and the next few weeks where some of the high averages. I donate Maloney Easley in the area and at sitting right around 220 hee-seop. Mean you Savannah State's last the last four years I mean he's. He's a staple for us for actually a team we love lemonade around and he is a senior analyses these medalist for ever been Travis not for a verbally lie on the south. Odd girl wise I know lomb Britney grade down and can't little barely who shot the 300 earlier this year if she said that to tiny and we of one girl one boy. But we have bottom Danielle mile a lot of Orchard Park is it now about to nineteen. So that's quite far and away our highest girls she yeah she was she's just days last year on the Orchard Park team the team worked park went. They're one of our girls teams it's probably got a chance to win it this year. So I know they're they're dying to get back that Heather results they want it last year and they got pretty much everyone back. They they lost one but around with Danny Ellie in the way that's going to be a tough team to become sectional course of the other girls' teams that are doing well. Am I know Clarence towel on L Orchard Park I just said those for boys it's the same for girls. I can't little valleys got a nice team down there with. With nom I can't express Cameron springer sister Danielle spring locked or Ken Morrow lasts in the NF foul a lot port. Non lock port was undefeated. We went and there are beat them given their first loss than can more or less when beat them and give their second loss in now can west Rockport tied for first in the NFL so. They're two top girls' teams and I think they'll do well it's actions as just seems like you have tradition always plays out. The schools there traditionally strong ball and stay strong. It's true I mean if you really look at the these names he's there we've had a lot of the same in front here is always. In a battle for a title guys want to show title few years they didn't really is cheers and coming players going anywhere and in studio right Denny when I found out they only had six point balls against they've upgraded to imagine how I think things have changed the last two years back there but yet you look at the less it's it's a lot of these programs have volleys and a ban on top and now has been fighting to go in. I am one down year in their back up the next year you know usually talk now works quick question I know and you do the NFL. Yeah I'm at culture and as well yes so the co chairman adoring fans in the NFL. Coaches do both boys and girls were NEC icy it's not necessary the same way Wyatt ways it. Bomb and it just it's always been that way I don't know what the reason is and we got a couple last bowlers we we bowl. We balls six on six and they bullied on me so I mean it's you know they they have a couple extra boards and our rosters not huge huge difference though. But you know we've just kinda we've we've made it work I don't know if it's budgeting with that school districts or whatever but. This is kind of always been that way in and you know we except that we a lot of us have volunteers that come on help and a lot of us don't do it for the money anyways you know we just two will Wear their that it just tell the kids and see them improve so in. If you wanna get stats. Up to date scores things then AGU go to NFL bowling deck town that'll get you. The NFL teams but he CIC doesn't necessarily have been caught up just yet what can we do to get you guys to get too many teams. That they'll part of the problem I know like for NFL and we actually it's how we do it for sacks holes to everything. Are scoring at sectional is life like will send out though the website so when and when even not at school we were follow along. And we kind of took that coach Landry here setup for us we do for states. NFL's only got 1818 so it's a little easier to get all eight of those coaches on board so they literally will. And he coaches type B yes and and the right right in the NFL they have one coach for both teams most TCI's schools so they post until he won coach for each team gets twenty team signs two years or fifty coaches Hendry don't we have 28 teams out these CIC so it's it was a little harder to get all of them on board and we've talked about it within our divisions trying to do that but it's. It wouldn't say either and need and by around 50 all eight scores count towards that team were they do they depressed by you know they all count but it's two separate payers planes that Seattle and eight and running lanes and I have my best for all I Oregon air for my next Warriors weren't all home count. They're three against three Buffalo just throws five against five against five that's that. Southern tier I think it's closer to six and six but of what it's an awful lot of stats when he figured times when he teamed parameters are you an easy as you would want it to an undertaking. Yeah we will the way we do in the NFL as we add our scores after each team basically every every coach is responsible frank in Europe and airing their own scores for that match we do all Miami to a lie event and then go to the spreadsheet takes care of everything else that automatically kept it calculates on the average is an ala. Lehigh series and all that stuff and we just do the standings manually. But Italy yet again it's just there's eight of us you know there is totally coaches so. To get eight people on board is pretty simple specially when you know we got a cult view of the outsider not been. And and run it when you win your I actually his. Trying to help these one BC IC divisions get set up for this year in the Dirk it's a couple quotes around board I don't know over but he got on board with it. But you know or can and hopefully hopefully we can get it going on in the near future in all. We covered states last year and sectional Ernie Els at that you guys did a phenomenal job. Thinking and I hope you guys get that back again that I didn't notice any glitches the writers for us to notice any glitches. We have phenomenal time and I know that those bowlers at a great time in that place was packed to Atlanta's Atlanta's airport where it was rock past okay and is it a couple week and you'll be back it kind of wander for the summer's tournament you'll have teams from Rochester. Gather there were summer term and is always band was that was always it through weigh them into a closing on the road airport this year it's over in town Wanda. We prefer it over an airport just because it's the week before sectional some we want those kids bowling at the house that sectional or at. I'm the section pattern they're gonna bowl probably on the section pattern but in different house you always get the same feel. But I guess on the rooftop Rochester teams will come down for this and kind of nice little preview for sectional we caddie and a good idea who some of the best teams are now. It's in a different house so it doesn't always translate. To it to airport and the winless claims there's like a 1000040 guys were playing on their gonna have they're gonna have less teams there's law question and a sex. You know nine Norris of web sites through the girls are on Wednesday February 15. The boys and Thursday February 16 Cora is at Lago amid pre summer. Week off for those kids pulled out of classes there and pulled out there pulled out of putting out his cigarette right in there and the basketball I can't picture schools doing closed. They all week as way as we it's. The run or pray that we got into that that week off their break so we try to get him before that and if we do it on Saturday. I a lot of people who want to towns along the problem at the Saturday is he your taken away business from most houses for the whole day goes on at a Wednesday and Thursday there's minimal least going on soul. There is worth that then I take this morning and saw all day solid bowling and I am a Warner's only playing basketball in the morning and Jamie vigil Iraq do you put on Abraham Isaac and public option attack and you're putting a full day I mean we're we're not getting out of their before for 430 in. I mean this NFL coaches they get two days off league there their bulk days. Oh NFL coaches have been so good idea so easy one because a challenging time of the year for the coaches because. Now you figure out. How to juggle. You know you use your roster for the playoffs and for individuals. And figure in a lot of figuring out as I remember. Can you explain to me you've got to know. What they're doing throughout the. State. Yeah it it helps. The state sets up the pattern and it just gets pass all the way down so I'm. For us we we know we wanna put out we want to put out the the pattern that the kids. The considerable success on this pattern were open it translates to this day because it's the same pattern. A lot of sections in the state they leave their house shout out all year and still take their best bowler up and outshot. And then all of a sudden they're in this sport pattern at the state in their struggle on where's our kids. We put it out as much as possible from that everyone finds out about it about early January so. They've every opportunity to practice on it every Sunday at airport from my six to nine their put it out so. Airport's gonna be crowded the next few Sundays just because the kids wanna get out there and those kids that are serious about it most teams there's there's about it. Wanna get out there and get as much practice on that lane that link conditioning Kennelly next Sunday the Super Bowl they're gonna go on before because obviously don't wanna cut and in Super Bowl and but now it's it's it's it's a busy time and. Few weeks are going to be a little crazy for everybody more risk you guys this is coaches are right. And you know bowler normally pretty good but. Every bowl has this where you know you groping you're throwing your. Where you take is supposed to go but also on your get the splits and splits and now you're looking at a slump. Is there anything that you guys do to get them help them get out of. That slop. Well yeah I mean always it gets frustrating happens everybody and the habits of the bus boy as I am camps mansion the morning a couple of times. I've seen that their kids this phenomenal bowler but of course that just like anybody else there's times where he struggled and in big spots and you know even even myself as is that opposing coach I've gone documents say c'mon man you can do this you know your. Just kind of a pep talk just like anybody any any coach would in any sport. And died when you don't play a solid job next yeah so it gets mad over compensating sure you're hit it had it not go opposite look at the other way now you're going to shorten your own getting three yet of course yeah definitely as you make adjustments you could still get splits and other other ways yet. So it's that you may make the ball changed if they think if he can't figure it out a couple fringe might take take account for a couple frames in a match. Probably not sexual terror but in a match take a mile. Put him back in few frames later so he can do that as well. It dome doesn't mean you have to be out very much together and agents who want more and the only one board that he would. Agents split jointly me and eight and split for a right hander is if you put the ball right in the bracket yet there's nothing you can do about that reluctant to town on a bowling. About a month ago and. There's a big tournament there. Okay and there's a kid from France cheerleaders Connor gates gates kind of gates exceptional ball and I believe is one of the top bowlers pleasure frontier. And as I see a walker or Carty don't mention it only does not I'm not all the schemes went pretty apple in the scheme of the best bowler and don't have to just inhabit you coach pulled me out he was a bold well. Mean here's one of the top full imagine like Al while sitting out game because he isn't in bully you can sub in at almost any point. Yet at any point in the game you can make a substitution but once that bowler comes out the kinkle vacant backing him and and the person comes and has stand for the rest of the game you can. And you can make up to 22 substitutions in this Utley in the sectional attorney can make two substitutions per game. I just in the regular. Our board Camby pulled in the middle of a game yeah middle regrow the bullpen outside go out there and attack that and those framed front nowadays Marcos and I laugh you know Friday kids coming into despair yes I did hear yeah. Maybe tempering them about regroup. It is sub me out artistic a break we'll come back one more segment. Of inside high school sports. Inside guys who. Talk a bowl would gang camp and had century we're going through just you know the substitution thing. And and how you guys figure out all right we gonna bring who's going to be our league pony when we go to states in. Fear and all the the ins and outs that you guys need to know. We talked about slumps getting out of slumps. Talk about right the guy that's that the player has been red hot do the other bullish feed off of that person. I yet as seen that without a doubt Tom happen. You know you never want to take out your top guys that we make substitutions and we always give our top guys in your top beverage guys throughout the year they're always he would benefit of the doubt there. He never want to take him unless you absolutely have to do. Sometimes it is necessary but when it when you know when those guys get hot like you said it does bring up the whole team. Very bowling is a very mental game. And what it seems like in the reverse when you win one or two guys start going bad then everyone starts going bad you only one or TO one or two opens. They start is that turns in the 345 Pirates is like a virus and then when the straight start common for a couple they start coming for everybody in return men especially. And that's and he we've seen it over and over and that's how tournaments are won and that's how tournaments are lost these big tournaments sectional state tournaments. That's another one that's otherwise you've seen teams just pull out of their minds toward. Maybe not as good as what they do but they come through discuss that emotion. And that that Mallory a call momentum or renal adrenalin oh yeah yeah part of a Maktoum. Is it from what I understand when we had the frontier guys in. It's from the crowd and how they fed off of their crowd. What schools. Are really good at supporting. Their bowlers can't provide that kind of atmosphere for first they have to frontiers the first punch yeah I think everyone knows that frontiers has has the biggest crowds that at every turn boys and girls. The the it seems like they bring the whole school there which is which is awesome I think it's great. I are in on our parents and the Niagara Falls the brings always has a good crowd there as well and and there's other schools Orchard Park you know there's there's other than a physical is it more so for the crowd to get excited Alia all the hassle again they kick it out and you allow it. And Roger know our talk. Tell but it and if Frontieres bowl regards your prior. And that one hander Roger did you know like we can't hear you ask him here if I don't ball well they're talking I. I like matter is yeah. It's just yelling you're hearing literally yeah early. I believe that we will live. Now there's there's a little bit of sportsmanship that attitude that there is different. And base or is the matter. Don't have that wave going now now yeah but but friends later or three ahead as they do a number of these big tournaments and you'll see frontier Orchard Park row closely you'll see yeah. How creaky yet his dad's their right great owner that right now but things and he's pretty excitable he's fun to watch is when he's much is something bone in his right here in. Lester was skip a little. Kill us from the pew you know he was an acceptable relaxed and it could section of stands Hoya should hire this and he grades gets excitable and once allowed saxons we have to intervene because the fans are sometimes. Pushing the limits and crossing lines really pets last year we had a guy I know I know you're shocked. Seats to be out there and there is seeding is very limited access to tickets. You want excitement calm like the second half of the dance axles that's when. They send your your morning performance we pair that teams based on where they stand so on our. Mean pair we're probably Jarrett the one and two teams are on paired together. Next that I missed three and four and on the other side is five and six and then they just accordion out soul. In that first bay at airport you're gonna see the top ten teams at the halfway point so guess where all the fans are going to be at that bay. It's going to be it's insane I mean it's we can even get through its chairman like when there's an issue because. It gets a little crazy there but will they flock to the lane where the kids going for that 300 if you're in the sixth seventh frame. Kid's lights out does that word got around me Alley casual guys that I absolutely honest I don't get a little quiet the people around him probably start. Slowing down their bowl week is you don't want be the one that messes up next so when he's trying to get his 300 yet right next start to become a boss I. Yeah 8890. Start a lot and around and by ten now all of a sudden people around will be slowing down and not Bowen and looking over. But not a good thing if it could detect quiet does that freak out are polar colossal yeah a right now worse they always do this yelling wandered to would free throws Tony you know. And then I always say. Just let the crowd to the thing if I'm sure the free throw the thing that would freak me out is not. Who found you know free throws notes and every Rios match she should. I couldn't even hit the floor and I breast self conscious as how the bowling had incidents were silent never let Darren I'm overbay already catcher you like nothing was at college I had fire and all of a sudden now you wow rob yes this example you guys ever and the balls are certainly you're going up there you're in the tenth frame. If you eat all strikes did you go ever gore there's a culture say. Anything that I kind of thing it's like a pitcher and no energy no one wants a shot there so you capacity to tennis not even happened right you want what you hope we'll notice you don't say assault and and now hope to be the one that in the -- or you just walk away sand in the back and Angela I know I've seen a couple of tee to log over the years I know ID seen a couple he had won this last week with that mental mental -- -- -- let him do is saying it's like it's a pitcher with a no hitter and explode when they have victory Hossa has electric goal it explodes could have gone even the other team is room for you to get that I was only when. Wendell is 300 a few weeks goes it was fun that I had a whole place was well both teams. Both teams obviously parents spectators and everyone going crazy day kids are jumping up and on the approach it was fun. I went a little witness it live what they should do in order to almost certainly Israel why you should have somebody. It's controlling the audio system at the house where there's certain degree quiet all of a sudden they start playing queen we will write anywhere club just that kind of relax on is trying to get the wild strike. Yet he some noise. Danny at I think you guys so much for joining us this morning great program that I think everything is just as good as always and we wish guys. The best in all of our our teams in western new York and hopefully we get so musty championships here. Thanks to make key area will talk to you guys next week with more inside high school sports.