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WGR550>Topics>>01-24 Bills GM Doug Whaley with Buffalo Bills insider Chris Brown

01-24 Bills GM Doug Whaley with Buffalo Bills insider Chris Brown

Jan 25, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chris round here on Buffalo Bills that comet the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama joined by bills GM Doug million. First thanks for joining us and you know you're staff is already done a lot of grunt work on these guys are ready to you know the seniors. What he's still have to be crossed that you guys are focused on yours this week on some of these play. A lot of the press has to do with meeting these players and interview them and it's the first time we can really get our hands on him. Proceed AS and to talk to me get their personalities. Another thing you like to actually assesses. Guys from smaller schools like it cooks town guy or western Kentucky guy going up against. Formidable seniors so the practices all week that helps us out a lot of not to mention the game. Maybe small school guys are guys you wanna see a little bit more just speak for exposure purposes are there any other players. That maybe there's a little more work to do maybe an injured player that maybe didn't see him as much of the field this year while we always try to put as much effort and everybody would be on injured players small school guys are big schools guys. But again the biggest thing about the senior bowler two things like this before one interview process with two to get that level field competition because when you do when scouting and especially. Don't work sometimes the competition level that they're facing is enough to snuff so this is the best against the best so it's a good barometer. With about a 110 players here this week how do you divide. The worked up amongst your staff to make sure you guys see everything. And talk to everybody need to talk tease we we make sure our area scouts concentrate on guys from the area and specially on one interview processes there's any lingering questions out there. Sit down with a guy get all that stuff because we're gonna. Transition from here and a week from now maybe we team with two weeks from now February 7 star. Our draft meetings so we will have all the t.s crossed and I's dotted and that's how we. Breakup of the responsibilities for the week knowing you guys have cat. 24 unrestricted free agents coming up here at the end of this league year. And you have a new coaching staff to coupled with that. Heavy turnovers kind of almost anticipated by outside observers how. How does all of that. If at all impact what you guys are trying to do here in the handle you're trying to you know play it doesn't we approach every year as we're trying to scout everybody from pros free agency to restricted free agents to all college guys on and even after the draft so. Our scouts are always focus on. Scouting and valuing every player out there that help upgrade our roster. That number seems daunting. But a lot of those guys are back up death players that we feel we have a really good chance not only to retain that maybe signed for a long term talking about those free agent that we got coming up. On the field here this week. Is they'll are their position groups that are. Offering may be more top flight talent than others and tight end groups getting a lot of publicity down. And this is for the last couple years the tie in group it in general on trapped class and thinner. Just because of the transition from all colleges or more away from the traditional tight end using with a spread in the big wide receiver. So this is a great year for tied in the bumper crop really excited about that any other positions they can't stand out here this week in terms of the talent. This week and it's really keep it defensive line may not be as top heavy as years past but the glut of guys. From may be second one down that there's a lot of bodies that we got to sort out. Coach McDermott now has an offensive coordinator place him in Rick Dennison how might that help keep you in your step scouting department a better picture. But maybe what they're looking for on that's why. All together not only with Rick Dennison. But what our defense staff soon as he gets all of us that together we actually just set up to date right sit down with them and say okay give us your vision of the offense the defense and special teams. And then we'll start incorporating. There thought process of the players we have staff already on the on the team ready and how their vision those players how they. And what they plan to do so with that in mind it is kind of the timetable set as to when it. And how you guys panic panic cramp the roster and make those decisions at all position. No doubt about it I mean I can gambles will start soon as we get back from the senior doubles down but the coaching staff. And the pro personnel department go over our team and and we preliminary steps to getting game plan for the offseason I'm very good thanks again for the time. You could look at your work done here this week absolutely that's bills GM Doug Whaley here at the Senior Bowl on Buffalo Bills that.

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