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Jan 28, 2017|

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    As one or the other I would have more with the inside high school sports come up next. Marty eager to get out or get to worked in my garage and it's nice day. We're back with inside high school sports that's better. Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's in studio with us longer Frank Wolf Roger Weis in Joseph mark Gucci no. I'll program note the

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It's all star weekend in the NHL to the Sabres are off until Tuesday night when they visit Canadians in Montreal the Sabres are currently seven points. On a wild card spot in the Eastern Conference pat and it's knows that team is getting healthy at the right time. You look at it game by game. You know we have to make it jump in the standings and you know the only fun of with a really good contenders good teams our club the all star break so I think we're doing as of right now finding our team coming together. Some of their guys are getting back our lineup looked like how it should those necessarily here we're playing better. And we know we have to go on a streak but we're taking it game by game. Coverage of Sabres Canadians and the BG or starts at 630 with Paul we both pregame show followed by face off at 730 from the Bell Centre. To football it's Senior Bowl Saturday from Mobile, Alabama prospects from across college football. Tees up showcase your count in front of NFL front offices kick off in the Senior Bowl gets under way at 12:30 eastern. That's this afternoon on NFL network to tennis Serena Williams defeated her sister Venus last night in the women's Aussie open final 64. 64 in straight sets to capture the illustrious 23 Grand Slam title the past Steffi Graff for sole possession of second place. Behind only Margaret court's in her 24 Grand Slam titles. It sounds as such a great failing to. Since to have Sony thirty it it really feels green. Yeah been chasing it or really long time those things really long time when he got to my radar and do that added opportunities to get there. And I've he ever had here and it it it's a great feeling and no better place to live in Melbourne. The men's final features a classic matchup between rock guild and on Roger Federer and no it's not 2006 but they'll face off in the men's final 3:30 AM eastern audience can from the land on understood yet be sure to such sure DVRs tonight to catch all the action tomorrow I'm accurate it's the BGR Sports Radio phi fifty inside has the sports is next. She yards. 550. It's time to take a look inside high school sports. Kelly cheering brought to you by mighty taco mighty taco. Would feel great right about now. My New Zealand's have you Italian sausage taste the difference quality makes and by Denny neurological institute developing solutions to neurological problems faced an hour he. Good morning welcome inside high school sports. I'm your host Tony challenger along with Frank Wolf and Richard Croshere and studio we're going to be talking boys hockey today. Roger enjoy Omar good show looked to be like a no show I think I know Roger if the the weather was going to be Dicey in his neck of the woods he was going to stay home I think that might be a Smart move rather side on safety than anything else and with Joseph this is his busy time of the year as a yacht tax man. So we know they he wasn't gonna make it in but. Was. And contributing plenty arrow are on her FaceBook page if you go to that you we will see a lot of great stuff mark frank. Born Tony morning gentlemen Lewis because he winners finally back if it's edited January decide to show up. That's all right we'll get through his own thing about this in two months were out of it and we're thinking we're in baseball and that good stuff and march coming up this one of the most exciting. Mons in sports with everything going out march mad issue of high school playoff scorn on an all sports. You'll baseball starting it's just a great time. And with march bandits returning to Buffalo this year. Downtown is going to be. On real yet hockey going on state championships. Saint Patrick's Day parade tucked right in between. The Thursday and Saturday game downtown at that keeping senator. I mean downtown is gonna do it going to be. Yeah it is. I hope there's plenty of food trucks down there to accommodate. Everybody and you know hopefully Buffalo puts his best foot forward as it always does it wasn't like that the list and there are no way we're looking for places to go they'll have no problem finding a place the right now yeah I think that I think they solve that learned that in a hurry. How has seen. News and notes my friend well big news in our section six football looks like New York State public high school association is gonna send the boys down to section four for semi finals that's. Andy cat being intense so any section six team and on a semi finalists are traveling to do the the pack a lunch. Saint Francis ended an own fourteen street vs time in yesterday's three phases of the big win there's pictures up on our and so has cooled. Sports page from that game think to Aires golf. Boys. Hockey and with the hockey show so I wanna give Mike stepped in a plug. I don't that we government and his name on the show but will east scored a goal with point six seconds left in the second period to. Help this team my defeat Clarence 32 and game on Thursday and and a nor talent. Unbelievable everybody's stream that this could shoot shoot these I think that's again that's and he put up. Unbelievable rich at passing goaltender and a big win for her will least and a baseball. Away well about west sec east knocking off Fogg Grand Island I think he gave gee I their first long yourself okay division three division three grand Allen with their first loss of the season. Are at their burn and know what Seneca that's huge win for them as well a will get it into all that with. Coach crow over there. But the last thing for news and also it actually before a Tug of baseball Republican and I Medicare from only yesterday at a party a big fan you're so. Huge fan of its eyes were I didn't catch his name shot out to him shut up and having him but he loves the show he listened. Less than a baseball near state depo as though they did approve a measure and again and still pitch count the effective this season. So there will be a pitch count rule. Beginning this spring. All teams are going to have to. You know follow the strict rules that they have they are on our website they sent us the sports page that how that how it's broken down per innings how many pitches days of rest that sort of thing. Nate is a former pitcher you and I were talking and before the program and we both agreed that this is great news for baseball. It's great news and all we are talking about two that I think brings a whole new element in high school baseball is. You know. Coach like now you're really going to have to coach around these restrictions and I don't necessarily wanted to academic restrictions. I wanna think of them as benefits for these young pitchers who. Spent a lot of time on the mound and it's not just every fourth three or four days for these kids you know they're practicing in between starts there. You know warming up in between her so if you think about these kids in their arms at their age you know that are throwing all these complex. Pitches that 'cause I was gonna bring it up the fact that kids are getting more and more. How complex and same with their curve ball right and and what I liked asked put in a heck of a strain on the arm I mean I remember when we were younger modified I mean we are starting to learn how to throw some of those come more complex pitches the curve ball. You you know the changeup and things like that now kids are throwing circle changes they're throwing. Knuckle curve stood on all these crazy pitches and you really start to wonder with. You know the added pitch counts that these kids some of the as you mentioned kids throwing a 12030. Pitches with all of the different type to pitch styles that are now it. It's it's good to see that New York State in in section six as early start to look out. For the players because they need someone needs to be paying attention to these kids pitch counts and how long. I'm they'll be pitching and like we talked about it'll come in key when it comes playoff time. I'm in reserving the guys that you want to start and get the quality start from the guys need. I can't wait to get less Simon on. From Marc Emery star or one of our baseball. Insiders that we like to go to and get his take on it. And you're right is going to bring coaching into the play because Jonas less. Said you when you get towards the end of the season and your lining yourself up trying to anticipate what you do have your playoff game but you're also thinking about. Play in Rochester section five right you know how to why use my ace and as. If we win this game who might get a pitch next game and you kind of have to start to really project. An and kind of figure out hey if is this game going to be someone I can start my third pitcher. Opposed to hate when you start my ace today so those are just things it's gonna be strategy a lot more strategy in baseball enemy and you look at the pros that's what happens chart like guys going every third day but. In between those starts would you start I mean it's it's going to be more about development. And and situation baseball and I think that's going to be important for do you think you have to go with more pitchers now. I think you are more specialized pitchers where guys are maybe. Sitting in a bullpen more where you got more players on our roster a middle reliever right instead of having kids who are playing outfield in pitch. Maybe there's more specialized relievers coming in and and being a little bit more pros. Do you think they should open up rosters may add a little bit I think that has to be something that's looked at it if you're gonna be. You know putting the restrictions on the on the guys I think you're gonna need a look at. Carrying one or two more arms I'm really especially at road trip says that he gets an important. Yeah interesting places and just vs yeah I mean this is from the right I programs all the way through diversity so it's not just they're just starting this year adversity they're going full throttle. Start with the modified programs all the way up in the post season the pitch count does expand a little bit so. I headed up just a second ago I know late in the regular season adversity 96 to 105 with four days' rest. We'll come post season it's they go from 103 to 125. With four days' rest so they will expand in the poll. That's that's gonna be important that and I think that's good but I mean like you said frank it it's good that they're recognizing the importance of the games because. In the playoffs obviously your your bullpen shrinks your starter shrink your only gonna really go to two or three or four guys opposed to a regular season matchup for you have seven or eight guys to your disposal. That that. Rotation that bullpen shrinks when she gets the money time in and that will be important when we yeah but. I think as far as strategy goes it's going to be and it's going to be actually see in year one where that kind of goes. That's gonna see with how they look at how the center pitchers out there and and it's going to be interest in our Roger Weis is on the phone I believe in Morry Roger. Good morning got thrown me out quick question that baseball. Well Daytona edged out who exactly is responsible for coming the bridges. Mean Perreault has a good question. I just can't you know yeah they get a bit got to somebody. You know. It just does score book as or it just I just don't know how feasible is it makes sense of big indoors but. The actual page out and the recorded pitch counts sometimes they got up feelings. Might be. That's exactly the same that's why bring it up. I know in Little League opposing coach will always keep an eye and that. Both ways Tony's third Tony and Roger in eight a solid and this is happening right now in the Little League division has been going on for you know forever but I. You always have another coach on the opposing team watching to see what's going on as well as teams play each other to three times on the week and the travel teams so we'll keep an eye out. Okay. Anyway out a couple of plays they had I can't birdie on number 11 and foremost. While we want to send our condolences go out to all land gentle way agenda especially your wife Robin Paramount passed away earlier. I'm so sorry to hear that. Number chill although lady. I've heard all our circuit genuine error. Horrendous scheduled on Julius stayed they had a great game last Saturday they beat James sound. Are two wins gave bill DeWitt and a rematch it's our goal era just a great game and over time while they were early. Did it this week that they're out down and here city and they're gonna base grace the game. Old. Man and I forget the opponent or play tomorrow but I birdied it may do so the opponent. Their place tomorrow although it is great against so we will find out how good though where is that we don't already know. Yet talk about getting yourself ready for the post season. Oh yeah I do it should be a walk in the park to have there Natalie schedule is here. Celebratory. Probably a little article in the paper about it jagr Shell. Former French drove in whatever it is just. High school and I think it'll at least they get effect without him and ranked doubles inside high school. Yeah. Yeah we went national rides. If they'd get as. Don't brag gobbles up. Real sports with Bryant Gumbel I don't like it eventually. Glad that I just have pictures said the lack girls there are always players summit to listening so there are radios side but whatever. And I elite ray you have booked for relaxation. Appropriate for relaxation. Right. And they can't that he did you literally does that map. Satellites if people so all I had to sort Joseph gave up with more right diplomats you know I feel about that they did the arithmetic anywhere to. We are counting alone. Feel Bob please. Look at I'm sure you'll enjoy that and quietly. I'm looking forward to this Wednesday morning Anthony 10 o'clock in tenacious side all. Blake felt real and I believe people were also will be signing Mary oh yeah that Barack. You know to play output wallets next level and I got to find out something from I hear rumors about lake LB. I don't ever told hoopla it city's social what is. As I mean if he had out. I have heard rumors that when he was a good job by you go to Ohio State that I desperately wanted to go to La Ohio State. He says well my grandfather graduated from law. In high school may have the same dropped quite under the Ohio State so I think that's what I wanna go there as well as well but it confirmed that one thing. You work on Iraq you picked the wrong week to miss coming here there's all kinds of pizza cookies in the B stroll. Was always you know it's over you if I wasn't awake. When you said. We've got to get less excitement and here you know I feel what they don't then you always go very adept. Again I shirts and hats and are less takes care of us for our our wardrobe he keeps us a stock dumping. Can more east gear we can't thank him enough for that but yet you're right I can't wait to get him in here and talk to him about this a new pitch count how it's going to affect coaching. Yeah I don't look at or to let you off. And out what else think this say up basketball last night Saint Francis beat China I think I'm right we went out kids that are ready. Why are those. Last see your mark and basketball boys play out this year going to be something else. Obviously good for the girls it's going to be a runner up to what cardinal aero push for a little boys I mean there's say there's so what is so evenly matched. You could actually have seems like Mary and saint Joe's. Underdog as far as making it to the semi finals and it might be on the outside looking yet. But I get that night and he wanted to sub sixty could be anybody else. Yeah it's really exciting and we're looking forward to it we're what we're less than a month away from the playoffs. To what three weeks away some like that. I don't have the last year Martin's schedule let they have to get all the probably seven dollar or he'll take care arena on net but yeah I it's. Well it usually want late February early march. Bright I ride Steve are safe and warm up there and I have a great weekend. Wait you got a buddy thank you. All right let's switch gears we are here to talk hockey we have our coach Richard Croshere and hear from saint Joe's. Well your opponents and all the guys you player terribly bad mouth to me rate now is seems like whenever we bring coach Croshere in saint Charles goes on a terror in wins like every game. Well you know. Tony personal thing to have us back we we love to come on and you know not only talk about saint Joe's hockey but the rest of what we believe is is the best high school hockey in the state section six federation. I don't know about the future of outcomes. But. Certainly a pleasure to be back in and and you're right we we do have a little bit of past history together and whenever I come on the show things seem to go anyway so keep them buy into that he hit it well also bring you are because you're injured you're a lot of fun to talk to. And a wealth of my knowledge when it comes to fad. Hockey and it seems this year. It's another spectacular year in fed hockey we've seen ops that's. You know where you can you know teams coming out of nowhere to knock off some of the better teams know we mentioned. West Seneca east handing Grand Island. Their first loss so it's been a great year in are you guys kind of hit in the stretch run we are you know as as you mentioned in the playoffs kind of seen greater on the corner and this year I've been I've been doing this for a while this is an idea. Thirteenth year as as a federation coach in the this year more than any year there's so much parity in the week. And you know you mentioned upsets. Even in division one this this this past week we added Kimi she is knocking off north to who currently is ranked third in the state. There are some people mindset of that's an upset we played Kinney she's just the week before. You know they they are strong team it is as far as. My opinion is that it's really anyone's championship to win and how exciting. For the teams everybody still in it. Elks exciting for fans and the student body. You know everyone has an opportunity to to win on any given night when you look at a situation. The way it is right now is it gonna come down to goaltending. Is goaltending could be the difference from now until the state fine yeah. That's all it takes you know an end and. Talk about that. Tom I'm on both things you know one thing that we try to do. On our team is is is limit the shots of our opponent we want to we want to put our goalie in a position. To be successful as possible but also we talk about making the most of our opportunities. And and what I mean by that is is is on the offensive side you'd. You know you are just one hot goalie away. From you know from a tough defeat. Them and in fact our. Our one loss this season that was the difference. Going up against Orchard Park and I held he's a senior for OP. We we doubled them in shots. He he was fantastic he's he's certainly one of the better players in the league he's making a difference for that team. They're currently tied for first place in. You know just like he said. Tony goaltending goaltending at this time a year is is is critical when you're facing a goalie like that does it. That tend to get into the player the shooters especially does that get into their and mean we can't beat this guy this too dark tonight. You know Tony that you know what will talk about on our team and I know it's it's pretty consistent throughout other teens is shocked quality. That you. You are as as an offensive player and you're taking that shot a year earring control. Of that I'll come if you're gonna take a quick shot in your actually gonna hit the goal he. You're adding to his company so you know we talk about it either between periods or before the game making the most of your offensive opportunity. So you know we're we're we're going for corners where we're we're looking for shots that are gonna produce rebounds. But early on the game if you're not making the most and you just you know you just hit their goalie especially. When the areas that we try to not hit a goal in his chest just the easy save for an eagle. You get in your gonna feed his confidence. Yeah that's that's that's gonna turn into a long night for you so we're always talking about making the most of your offensive opportunities. On and putting the puck. In a place where you go in the back of the net not not hitting the goal eight used to be you'll coaches tub get get your shot count up. Get as many shots on the goalies possible now you're breaking it down even further saint. It has to be quality shots now action shots put a DVR give an example and it was kind of a lopsided game. On Thursday night. We were playing some really good hockey and we outshot Saint Francis 616. Oh. And so you know as a coach. After or we we we love the effort we love the intensity thing. It's really important it means that my players every game or bring a passion. On the ice and that was there I mean when he hit 61 shots but. Well it means you're skating a major move in your pass in the park. Lots of positives to come out I'll from epic you know 11 of the challenges that I always have and that I'm always preaching in my players is that we have to continue to get better. Especially isn't just mentioning we play. At a leaf. Where it's it's the best team in New York State and every night you have to be ready to go. My eight. Observation. My evaluation of of the game. On a Thursday night even though we got sixty when shots we didn't make the most of opportunities to you know the conversation that we after the game was hey. You know if were it were not. I'm firing two scores for not shooting score forward not looking. Tim to pass the puck across. To the back door goes it goes to the offensive plays that we have to continue. To improve on you can't just be satisfied. With getting a shot and what are you gonna do with that opportunity so that that's that's more continuing to focus on. I'm an old you know in talking other coaches in the league that's the things that they focus and as well. Now are you leave the yard game like that okay you want to emphasize. Quality shots so do you get to tape from the game. And show OK here's a situation. Where you could've brought the brought the puck back in created a better opportunity rather than just taking a shot and you're able to demonstrate rate there and then show them. What hopefully should've gone you know it's a great question it's interesting how coaching is involved even in as I mentioned and then it's my thirteenth season. Everything now all of our games are taped. We use of music program and online program. Daddy shared. With the voice goes right to their phones. And on the program it's really neat. We and then when I say we my coaching staff we can make comments we can. We can show we can show the boys real quickly. Areas to improve on that. That's an area that. It always was always in the pro game the college game I can tell you that my video analysis and what we do with video. You know is is as strong summer that the college and and pro programs it's time consuming. My assistant coaches myself. We were always looking for. The opportunity to to review tapes and TT get feedback back to the players come but it certainly an aspect that. We've. We've taken. We've taken charge of to improve to improve our overall game. Parent has to break when we come back we're talk more fat hockey how the players are shaping up book would look for that all of that and more. You're listened inside high school sports on WGR Sports Radio phi fifty. Oh. He'll listen inside high school sports Tony Caligiuri along with Frank Wolf and Richard Croshere. Coach Williams special guest in here that has talked about is that boy over your Patrick I'll treat that's been with me since. Since freshman year he's injured and just a big part of our team. Ask coach to an end here. He's doing great and it's an athlete grant sol is my pleasure my pleasure indeed. You enjoying yourself here. Immigrants you're never gonna be able to listen to radio the same again. Now that you the the curtain has been open and exposed. And you get to see how everything is done behind the scenes. So you know every time you listen on the radio now this is gonna go through your mind. Excellent you know Tony could you just one. Mention your pets that's a real important part of our team and you know I know some some people come out to the rink in. You know C pat pet pets pets in a wheelchair. But he's been my student manager for four years and I can tell you a lot of people ask me. About the success of saint Joe's hockey in you know we won a few state championships. The last few years and and and we're currently on the streak in in the last year you know. GR and everyone did a nice job of of talking about how well we get on the ice but you know I need to tell you that the secret of our successes off the ice and a big part of there are guys like Patrick here. You know one of the things it's really important to us. As coaches is that we're also teachers and you know we talk about life lessons and you know here's a guy. Over here that's that's in a wheelchair. That brings a passion. And energy and intensity of life that you know is what I'm trying to preach to my players to to put on the ice he's he's a big part of our success. Com we're really really fortunate to alum and then he'll. When it one of the things it's important to me too is and we are talking about this is our. Off the air Tony is. Is I think sometimes youth sports and in high school sports and even a varsity sport like. Like ice hockey sometimes people who lose perspective. All big time you know this is the game we're playing. And every day there's going to be a winner and loser and you know while that's important to us you know one of the things that I preach to my players it's also important. Is that we don't lose perspective on things so you know in our world our world the lord comes first okay. Than family. Then school and then. And on that's really important for us to preach because if we lose that perspective. I'm gonna tell you that the outcome on the ice would be a lot different. That's relevant and patter on the locker room and you know that pat over to my house pats travel with the team pat is one of us. We talk all the time about. The importance of team and you know this year we've given away a few periods because we played like individuals but when we're a team we play like eighteen Tony. We are very very strong. And we are strength of our team includes this guy right over here Patrick about tree. Patrick is with us when he's a part of us and he always it is. Our team is the best we compete about us we perform the best on and off the ice and I know I sit here bit being very blast. And fortunate to have him a part of my program for the last four years and I just wanted to mention that. Pets never has to keep the players in the black two are picketing gearing keep going and give a better effort. Yeah I think Gallic any coaches effort and it worked. Our performance. Act right at the lights go on it before in our. You know those are out there on the balance out. Yeah I think I am. And they respond well don't think yes it did at the have fantastic I love this morning he's one of the boys Tony is one of my boys. Pet do you ever tell on the year a killer Tennessee the Butler. That's not evident today. I've been competing with better how many years that are family football pool and had had my number of them at least the last seven years that will get to this year. Yeah all the draft you right pat yeah all of the drafting abstinent. We eagle cornerback corps or do you go wide receiver or running back your first round you know I like to take care running backs actors your prayers. And keep my. Quarterback players. Are able and Jeff comes up later this year meant to call you up some tips all right that's helped me out here. I only won a couple of championships anymore. I'm greedy on my first movie usually do it cooler we'll let them to Manuel I'm in trouble. It reminds of the refreshed it's gonna get a snack. Are you a question for a coach before we get going into some of the federation. Talk in the playoffs and all that. Coach Tom you've in the face of saint Joe's Lackey for nine years now. Very successful program. I see how much passion you put into each game just watching on the bench. Is there something. At some point where you may wanna say. You know I've won state championships. I've I've done everything I can here at what point. Do you have bigger aspirations to maybe moved to another led collegiate program are you had even bigger dreams. Well frank at that I appreciate that that the compliment. Ya but my focus currently is is is certainly on the present mean as you guys know big aspiration in my life is my father Joseph. Who's living was a professional. Rigidly professional hockey player and part of my heroes with a professional coach you know coach the Sabres and trying to Maple Leafs and number of other teams and dad's listen in on the French connection to gathered. So we should have a stitch you key on him. Yeah he eased B you know he's a role model and inspiration in my life people say it all the time and I actually believe that you coaching is in my blood. You know. My idea my real job I'm I'm an initiator right now but was a teacher. For fifteen years in. Teaching and coaching unit at the exact same thing I I feel like I'm a teacher when I'm when I'm coaching and it is something I'm passionate about. You know the next level that's funny I IE and I love what I do right now. Have I thought about it that way you know dreamed about it of course. Of course but you know one of the things that I I ate I need to mention in an and you know. Rich Croshere gets a lot of attention. You know and part of that is is my last name is no doubt about that. But you know the reason why I've been successful in my program for the last nine years is because I've Serra and in my self with a wonderful wonderful people. I'm Patrick belt she's one of them. My assistant coaches Mike Murphy. Sean Elliott. Donna Howell Justin Crawford mark Millar and mean these these are. These are individuals they give. Sacrifice their families. Some of them are still in college I mean they they give a tremendous amount of time and and you know while I think about the possibility of moving on to the next level. I certainly couldn't move up alone. I mean the reason for my successes. Is a team effort. Was an amazing coaching staff amazing families that support me. And the school that has a 100% confidence in me which starts with a president down so. I'd I'd I'd love to think that that day I have the skill set to move to the next level but. How could I leave a program that's been so supportive of me for nine years so my focus continues and remains at saint Joe's. You mentioned your dad in the fact that he Kosher in the NHL. At time so much different than hockey today do you sit down and talk about. You know as we match with a video win gold this cellphones does he look at that like most asked. That's how we get it back in the day. Well. What you know the strength of my dad as a coach is he was a motivated. You know I've read enough. Articles there's there's still some books. And they talked about there's a book called pinky Sabres. Which was about the 197273. Team in the first and the Sabres made the playoffs. On the play the Montreal Canadians that went on to the Stanley Cup that entire book talks about that your. And a lot of strength of my dad he was a motivated here and I kind of tried to myself please be the same way. We look it sure at a G. But but my biggest cheerleader and my biggest fan is my dad and you know we'll talk almost after every game and you know Osce you know we could have done this better we could have done that better. The first thing he you mentioned just think about all the amazing things that you Don. Or accomplished. You know it he'll he'll he'll public tires all the time because he's but he's great. You know he'll make comments. That you know I'm I'm a great coaching and you know I'm I'm so fortunate to have him in my life itself. I just recently. Has been struggling and in and each day that I have with them is a blessing. Absolutely coach you listing out there wishing you all the best in. And thank you let's get in because this is short program we gotta talk about playoffs as much I wanna get into it Q talk about coaching which I love to talk about. The first of all give us the update how is what is the structure light. How will shake down as far as off seedings and all that go yet and I know Frankel jump in here to franks franks gets out to. Two in numbers games and I'll tell you the resident expert in animal is clean and this is pat. Pats certainly follows the lead. Yeah I'll talk a little bit about I just start off with division one and division one like I said earlier. It's anyone's it's anyone's contest. Currently. Com in division one. The situation is this Orchard Park in ways on the Arthur in first place. We are hanging onto it for awhile. But they've laid a couple more games. OP as one game in hand and wings of north has two games in hand and pass they're both good twenty points right now. It's that in that he'll be one of the top seeds. Gone for the section six playoffs. Where where next with nineteen. But we play Hamburg. In ninety minutes are going to be getting to the rink and actually at 1 o'clock weekly. On now here we feel we just played and the other night they look great. Kenny shares as I mentioned knocked out Williams on the hour. And in Lancaster who currently is in last place but let me just mention that Lancaster one of their wins was over Wayne's on the north. One of north three losses and we played Lancaster. Earlier in the year pat but it was a tie. And if you were to say to me right now Tony which was when he your toughest opponents his destruction believe works like this you go through division one. Then we tried division Q we just we just finishing Hamburg is my last division two and and we. We go back and finish your season with division one. If you sit on my first games in division one who is one of our toughest opponents Patrick I would say it was it was Lancaster that tie. Hate those those those boys remove it would you agree. Yeah they give us out there a biggest challenge of the year and in the Firestone on Saturday and then. They have a pact was flatter there Lancaster. So I don't know what you look at the sea is okay we had everybody has a rink in their backyard. Let's see yours let's see we have a higher seeding do you dictate what rank you're gonna go to. No that's well that's our predetermined. This is sectional. Playoffs. So Tony who we talked about this before but he wanted one. The positives of the federation. And you know it's it's it's something that I wish the rest section six would pay attention to is that we all get to play when and an eight you know. Yeah I do it's it's it's a huge advantage for us we're playing the best teams. In the area. I don't want Avant in the schedule where I'm haven't set things so. We love to be a part in the fact. Come but at the end of the season and this goes back nine years now and the end of the season they split. How many go public and pride right all of the public playoffs or at the north on center. And then they move over to Harbour Centre for. For the state championships. All of the private school playoffs this year our act. Harbour Centre. With of course that's the championship Dicky bank and then our state championship this year for the C championship is also at Harbour Centre it rotates each year. Between western new York and New York City last year we won the state championship. In Coney Island which was great. We're sure you graduate here are absolutely in this the first year is going to be at the Harbour Centre and we're thrilled it's going to be home ice and and trust you a bit. We'll bring a lot of people you know from visiting schools hopefully yeah. And what was look at him right you know my mind says go. Or for from B yet we're looking at economy and if these houses affect Gaza last year and frank I think you were there last year was the first year that they did the public school playoffs here usually was in Utica. And it was huge success. It was it was Torres success and and think stood at all these sites out there including Melissa from icing the Fed constantly reporting on these teams in these athletes teams coaches what have you. On it brings excitement and we need more of that and that's why you go to your head that the people that do this day in day out so those key dates they mentioned super Monday is the 27 of February. And that is that a key banks and hardly the Catholic schools kicking off at. 4 PM. Are right let's take a break when we come back lot more hockey talk about with coach Croshere. You're listening to inside high school sports at WGR Sports Radio 550. Resolve. More excitement laughter. Inside high school sports WGR. Sports Radio 550 we're talking fat hockey with coach Croshere. Hey you know the yacht classes such an exciting time in a year and one thing that people don't really. Think about where I is. The are traveling to the students do and how they support their teams which are Obama will north tremendous job. By the student section there whatever they play they come out is it I think we're you know you know that your Plano well north or Lancaster you know it's going to be a lot. Well yeah we talk about it on the endured your shoes I mean c'mon guys royally I give a shout out to the rod rowdy straight they do they do a great job it's just recently I have thought they were there are some of the difference in them. In McKinney should scheme. We beat Kenny she's born and on it it's do mean that's that's our our biggest selling point you know and that's one one of the things that we talk about is is we want. We want hockey players to stay and play high school hockey for four years there's other opportunities out there. You know what you look at a guy like it called Schneider who who continues to do well he played high school hockey for four years. And you know one of the things that. Went you know players come and talk to me about you know what journey they're gonna take to get to the next level. I always tell them that there's no there's no right or wrong answer. If year you know if your working hard getting better getting good coaching. Certainly I believe that high school hockey can provide that opportunity for you know one thing that we have. The one thing that we have Tony that. That you don't see in these full season club teams travel teams is is the student body support there is nothing like. Wayne is on the north saint Joe's hockey game that Thursday before cassette definite dates you know. I mean there are times where the fire Marshall shows up because they're concerned about how many people are in the building. St. Joe skinny she same thing. You know there's nothing like I mean you go to some and I am not knocking these knowledge College Hockey programs that you did some college teams you don't get that. Sort of support from the student body so it's a great experience we talk about how to handle it. In the room they can it can certainly be a challenge for a player. You know to have it a thousand teenagers. And screaming in yellen. Had that for every play but it's certainly exciting it gets me pumped up and an okay it's my players popped up. And Lewis of the Al batters schools without with the fans they show up and support what some of the schools that have the tremendous support out of their fans. But I think Trevor rivalry game and it gets fans support but my coaches men's and Oakland Oakland or at Joe's in that is probably the most heavily attended in. In the fat in my opinion and I know it it's almost ordered it I know it's it's great for both schools the C on their friends and other classmates with them and even for me I'm not on the ice I know. I locked down that hard cutting towards eyesight and gets me very pumped up for the AM and it's Austin here students in. Other friends as you turn that aren't on yet. Do you look out in the stanza he okay. We've got more support tonight than the other schools so we're feeling pretty good. I think yeah its outskirts here and you see the students science tartan violent game. I know I always look before the game on there and then come back fifteen minutes later and all those bats and it fills up quick and it's awesome. Coach I really enjoyed going to the Niagara Falls schemes because of the banned any chance he can regain your standouts yeah games especially. I mean you've got some big games coming up public to keep things that are what it what an opportunity for the and a show what they can do but bring the band out for everything he's a more and fans at these games and I'm a 100% behind you actually we had a pep band a couple times last year and we need him. We need them it's it's it's a great atmosphere at the pep bands. When when they're going to it's it's it's one of my favorite things we haven't had an issue that maybe maybe you can work on them for. Mean it's school Roger always talks about you know one of the great things about playoff time and basketball's is. Accorsi Niagara Falls game. Quite frankly just sad because there binges and so much to the atmosphere when you've got the cheering going on in the when there's a break of the bands break it out in music it just. It's festive it's fun. It brings another level to the game for sure. And you guys have a tough week coming up I mean a plane today at 1 o'clock Hamburg who had a tough time last night with a Orchard Park but then you get Lancaster Monday that at harbor Saturday thirty. And kinesis is right behind them every second in north town and then your game with north socialists here really cool to. Fans sections going at it that's February 9 at the Thursday night 7 PM and that is on the featuring. Lafrankie stressing me out here and fit. Buckley seed Alex with the boys I'll be listening and we got tough schedule according to Francona is what does that help you get ready for the player yeah affecting your gonna go talk tough tough. Before it before you really gets top 100% under percent that's I would do and in fact Ali mentality gets a little bit areas so we play north. Thursday night and then we're gonna board the bus the next morning we're gonna go out to Messina. And played in the scene in north country in their tournament. And then just you know just to make things in Justine so we may see you know we put Messina Friday and Potsdam Saturday. Sunday we'll just come back will play Orchard Park which is only last season so look for in a row. And the season and you guys are right and we're now ready for the play asset to those four games I don't know what else to do with these boys. Yeah if you're not ready then just go pack a suitcase and go home coaches great to have you win out this morning. And pat it was such a pleasure to meet you would have you I'm. This morning and wish you guys the best luck always. The best luck to all the Fed teams. Boys and girls as they get ready for the playoffs. Students out there keep supporting these teams parents thank you for your support from them. And the whole hockey community because. It's our pleasure as a mention all the time we we really appreciate. What you do Tony and arrived unison from home when you do for west in New York high school sports it's it's. It's really appreciated we love coming on and anytime you wanna have us back we will need it or if things don't go my way I might be back next week and yeah. I'm glad I got left jabs are just I've shown up at the dark that's okay great plays well because we have saint chose wrestling coach the Kennedy coming in we're going to rest and so you would fit raid in. I may Gary think you will talk to you guys next week with more inside high school sports.