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2/1 Nightcap with Ryan Gates HR 1

Feb 2, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know we obviously know we didn't play well enough to change a game now I can change oh come now so I think it'll be important for us just. You know go back to the drawing board and forget about this won't put it behind us you know we know the way we have to play as a team be successful in the interests and that's why a Soviets banked. That is Jack eichel the Buffalo Sabres got beat by the macho Canadians last night coming out of the all star break the team will now have to focus on making up for the lost points. But the chances are that's running against the Rangers teams back and here's this afternoon both Jake became Josh Georges are getting closer to a return. To indicate skated for the first ads injuring his shoulder in January 20. George's is now skated on his own for three days and it's close to practicing with the team he has played just one game in the new year also practiced today. Change in the light of Tyler Ennis was devoted to the fourth line. He's got to take whatever minutes he gets them. Duo lob moral authorities variant regardless of whether he's planned next around Riley and Carroll or sold or others PowerPoint. And that's a challenge. That's stem bowels of and it has just two goals and one assist in eighteen games this season. To football nothing new with the bills today's headlines coming out Houston Roger Goodell spoke to the median range of issues one of which was. That the league is quote very committed to thirst in a football despite player complaints also speaking to the media was Bill Belichick who this Sunday will be appearing in his tenth Super Bowl. You know it's it's certainly an honor to be in this game it's a privilege to represent is seen in this championship game and you know it's abandoned that many times is the special special this year as Brian Stephen on staff. But it's the specialty here it's no question about both in terms of numbers and other games and other times and all. Wolf Blitzer that's not the point. Coverage of the big game a WGR is brought you by century 21 winkle hopper when you think real estate think wake at C 21 point dot com. By straight up white in liquor stock have been saved straight up wines and liquors in ten more. And by the eight of our home of the original buffalo chicken wing for updates at the top and bottom of every hour and Jody B Osce for damage or Sports Radio 550. I just months. No effect Greta wherever we've run in gates we're getting you get in that. But you kept an eye in that. Everyone needs some upside they go to him on W. What's gone on everyone right gates hanging out with you here Joseph would be the Osce joining me and unlike your. Fareed behind the board tonight it's the nightcap. And and WGR. Hi everyone. If you live you miss doubts the roast is tonight the rose to Marty Iran. He has heard from some some of the guys that are going to be there obviously from Marty himself last hour and show and the bulldogs shell. Danny Briere. As well will be hearing from them. Coming up next hour replay that smarty and Danny in its entirety. And then I'll later on after bats will hobble talk. Note I know there's some of you out there that do wanna hear about the royal rumble saw get Brian has brows ski on the phone and have Mike Ackerman. From WB I and role being. Utility guy relief for WB he's not stop overs while and La we'll get your fix from the oil rumble. Around 830 but right now we just want to talk about suit with Mardy and how alone and Guinea re aired JP Dumont. All of these guys these players from those teams in the the mid two thousands. A decade ago now wishes. For me blows my mind because it doesn't feel. That long ago at all in a dozen field. Pale almost a decade since the sabres have won a playoff series but these are all things that we have to live with here in buffalo. And I just want kind of relive. Those memories. From that time though those years of the lock out happens and for the lock out the sabres are struggling they're going through. They had ownership issues for a little while the future of the team this kind of unknown and then. A Tom Golisano comes in he buys the team up and the sabres future was at least stable that there are gonna stay in buffalo but. The product out on the lights always wasn't back rates and says he came out of the Europe for the lock out ends. Just one of those years that most real great for the sabres. Not really sure of what direction this team is taking. And then the lockout happens a whole year without hockey and now I can think about that and we had another half season lock now. And I'm like man what would I have done this year and there was a lockout this year right now. A lock out about if there's a lock out period while Jack I calls on the roster. I'm gonna be a real unhappy guy tell waste a season of the apple RIE here in buffalo my dad it's. Figure it out NHL I'm not cabinet you know what's gonna happen I know it's gonna happen and everything every five years so it's overdue for one and a couple I now. Don't say that whenever this EBA ads you know it's gonna come in the CBA winds and did that will be. Sitting here will follow Jack like all our lives ends. It'll be obese at times for us all 8030551888. 550 to 550 phone numbers here if you want to call in with your memories from those teams the 056 team if you want at the president's trophy winning all six or seven teams and those two teams making the run. To the Eastern Conference finals. For me that's my favorite time in buffalo sports. I was still high school. I think I was a freshman and sophomore at the time of these runs. And it was just it was a ton of fallen and to be an atmosphere where. Every wine was just. You knew what was going you know what was happening. And you're gonna get together with your friends your family. And that was what was on the agenda for tonight you had nothing else in mind besides the Buffalo Sabres playing in playoff games hands. We've had more playoff games by. Definitely not in the meaningful way. That those two seasons worth four sabres fans and Fermi is just well. I was always a much bigger fan of the if we're comparing the two seasons which. Are really worth. Barely worth comparing the two seasons I gas but. I was bigger fan of the 0516 it felt like a team of destiny that was meant to go all the way eons. When that Stanley Cup for buffalo kind of going into the season and no one expected them to be anti gun and I and they shall walk and we'll hear Danny Briere talked about it. Coming up next hour if you didn't already here previously. The just. It was it was a special time and they kind of had an idea of how the NHL was going to change. And we're one of the few teams that really fully adopted to it with me a quicker lineup and kind of I guess I'd say grease your guys who are hard and dominance when other teams hold them up. That's why they would call everything they are caught everything that. I watch games I'll. And I see Evander Kane get held up pretty much every single time he tries to dump the puck around someone and I'm like man. 0506. Penalty that's a penalty right there but they don't I don't do that anymore. The Florida Panthers had the least amount of penalties called on them in the 20052006. Season. If you put that number up against the last three seasons I believe they would have led the NHL all three years now it's because they call everything and because that's how many counties throughout. And that's crazy and try to tell you that it's the players so they learn how to play the game and there are not get around it now and it now don't. The ID it was a substantial. They were calling literally everything you put your stick our guys glob and you organ called for hooking. And now they're back to days of just packing that wrists and sticking that stick out into people's stomachs and sometimes they'll get called. But. I don't know about you job a year couple years younger than meets you must have been like nine out what 1010 years all the. I was in fifth grade during the justified on six season and sixth grade right in the middle school in the second year but. Like what I think you're talking about the initial in the Bulldog that's like the prime age. Further deciding what you like your favorite sports going to be yet so of course. I was four years old when the bills and the playoffs in 99. Are truly you know that those first few years I'm just waiting for one of those teams that kind of grabbed the bull by the horns and kind of take over as my number is my favorite sport and that timer at their fifth sixth grade that was incredible for those two years by far the best years and that's kind of way out east and were now yeah I. I would agree with you wholeheartedly on that that's what really needed hockey take over for me and I played hockey when I was younger I played some house league I was always playing outside in the pond and I always take an interest to and I think deep down it was always my. My favorite sport and but that really solidified. My a complete an otter laughter hockey in the might go on to college and call College Hockey game suffered. And really ever science. Those years of mean really wanting cocky too. Just I just absorb the products and I would watch as much as I can and whenever I could. And now I look at everything that's at our disposal. And not serve it still has that actors I think once. They changed the web site but they're used to be the database and the NHL website where they had all of these classic games and they didn't really have a lot of the sabres classic games which when I was found disappointing from those seasons. It would just be visa and go home. A dog. They won ten straight at the beginning of the 0607 season there was number tapped. That game was on there and then there was just these random game but they didn't have. Really those big games at stake out your mind that you want to watch over and over again number one for me well. My favorite game of any sport of all time. Is going to be. Gave want Ottawa all 5067. To six buffalo over Ottawa Drury scores thirteen seconds in overtime. Just. One of those moments that I can imagine people saying oh I remember. What it was where I was when it was 51 to three against the raiders or. The odds that combat game remember where I was even the music city miracle but for me that's why. Do you words like I can tell you exactly where I was like to tell you what I was doing it to tell you who that was whipped. I can tell you how my living room was set up at that point which is now gone through many different changes. I can tell you all the details about what I was doing at that time because it's. Just the most memorable game for me and it'll never change its just that game will forever be the one patched in my mind. For me it's not that game it's the game one against Philadelphia the double overtime Briere goal and another great gamble and it I mean I remember where I was I was at a friend's house big watch party. First left in my life. Brought my teams it was incredible and that was the result like. It's not you like it's not like say kid growing up and 2010 years the best known winning Miller here is their first year this was fun hockey. But there are offensive speedy team all out and that made an awesome and yet I remember I remember how I was sitting most teams because I had to sit in the same way every single day because if I moved. Dynamic BG acing them or somewhere that I'm very superstitious that way. I that changed a little bit I wasn't so much like that during those years when they got the playoffs. In the the later times that oh. And I know time to analog and years. I was more of this is superstitious guy back then your college. We a lot of rituals that we were performed during each game whether PI chugging Beers if you were in the bathroom mall goal was scored. Or another room and you had to stay in that room you weren't allowed to come back and watch the game yet stay there. And I think Dallas has marred because it was funny and more than the actual superstition. I really believed in my mind if I move my spot that they were gonna lose that game did you like not wash your favorite Jersey for the entire playoff run I'd go that far I actually wasn't a big Jersey kid. No I'm not a big Jersey kid I had a like a practice Jersey should ten. In just five. Don't remember having another one I don't think I wasn't the figures died at the next and got off. Jersey teacher because he's my fair player battle he led the team to points that justified to succeed in. How many people get married real he did he led the team in points after first playoff run that justified does succeed at the it's seven the I'm most people 33 points yeah most people would save re air drew every one of those guys on but here's what they are player. Yet an amazing season that year and then of course and year after he is the big overtime goal in 2000 Gergen it's the Rangers in game five on. The end wasn't it wasn't the Jersey kid sort of getting more when they meet the person I'm gonna Myers in the Miller and those in the oil. Yeah man I mean you'd near buffalo fan so a lot of the jerseys don't go out and take a look at so there's the lock out it happens. The sabres come back and like I said firmly that year was so special because they weren't. Supposed to be this great team they are remember reading articles about the NHL upcoming season the NHL predictions and two of the bottom three teams in on one of the predictions after some reasons sticks on my had. The sabres were ranked 32. In the prediction. For herb gonna be the worst team in the league. The second worst team in the league. The Carolina Hurricanes were projected to be the second worst team in the league heading into this a year after the lockout ends its two of the teams that end up. Facing each other in the Eastern Conference final. Which I think a lot of people even now. Stanley Cup final against the Oilers that the hurricanes had did go seven games I think gotten I mean. I'm biased so I made that de facto final Eastern Conference finals and his papers Lawson inside and because I thought whoever came out of that this is gonna. Not steam roll and obviously it wasn't Steve Roland what was gonna win the cup and never got to when the got. Carolina got even more lucky because Dwayne Rolston was the whole reason Edmonton was ACL finals gets hurt your game one gets injured game and it still took in the seven games yeah that was infuriating Marie the lock for the Carolina Hurricanes that a year and stats. That not even mention no one ever was for the defense and there are Tim Connolly might have won the Conn smythe he stayed healthy that'll play different and he missed that ulcers yet you say incredibly lucky. Yeah they got incredibly lucky. The sabres got incredible. Tim Connolly was not the same after time after that year he had second caution and he missed the next season. A good chunk of their way of post concussion syndrome eagerly played how you play the final game that was at any point really just the file yeah I remember is he he skated on the fourth line with the mayor and meaty high age easily get himself acclimated again yeah I scored in that game on but that was the only game you play all season and then you play in the playoffs and past that he was number. The same but it somehow got nine million dollars and turned me please. I'll tell us the maple expect and that's what they're doing the sabres come out of that lockout season they're bass record in twenty years their first ever. Ers their first 100 point season in 23 years first time they ever surpass the fifty win mark. That season was just incredible and you watched the Ottawa games all year and that was always the only team. That the sabres somehow well could not beat Ottawa always had their number all yearlong. And it. It was one down the catcher Callista all of the goal lead before. He gets injured halfway through the season and ends Ray Emery is forced to come in and I think thankfully Ray Emery had to come in because imagine the drama. 0506. Cash it is in that. There was already enough drama for me without classic and that imagining hashing being in there with Ottawa playing in buffalo they could have done command quite the quite see Ira. It just means so much sweeter to have a rival like that there was like just as good as you with not even better if I mean. They set franchise records in wins disseminating even when the division is autos and yet fifth best record in the league a year and I remember earlier in the season daily pattern number in the hash things like if you put the class of an awesome because I remember earlier in the season when they were to shoot out against them. And I'm watching with friends were super pumped up for the shoot up and it's like it's Danica verse hash it can't score you win. The sabres went and he pulls off the around the world announcer says the first time he did it but it was probably it was one of the first times he did in hate completely. Just keep that compassionate and it scored the goal when it just like every win against a rival that was just incredible and missed the field on. Yeah it's some done especially with this sabres team and the roller coaster ride we ban on all year with this team starting. From. The day before. The season and it happened immediately the deep waiting to Jack cycle injury. And ever since that I think this team crossing necessarily as bad reeling but they've been struggling to find. Exactly. What they are supposed to be. And it's it's tough when you lose your star player for the first twenty games and he comes back here already in this whole. And now it's just days there are thirteen that can't find the consistency. To go on the big wrong that they need to realty. Get back into. The police they need to be in the standings and it's. It's tough to have faith that that's going to ever happen with this team and I don't have it as ever gonna happen with this team. It's just eat you like to think back to these years. And especially that. For the second year the president strove for year. That team it didn't matter how old are down there and game. How much time was laughed you always had faith that that team was gonna figure out a way. To come back I remember that second year after there were expectations placed on the team they go on the time deemed run at the beginning of the season. Our number I think it was the tenth game I was actually cats the north Collins homecoming dance. But there was a TV set up in the lobby. Playing the sabres games because we pretty much demanded that it was play because that's how popular this team especially in. I feel like probably all over high schools in Western New York bought. It was you there was Jersey days that you were having. You would set it up with your friends to have hockey Jersey day and he would hockey fight each other and always ends and. Rubble ever the coins these to have it at both farms yachts with all the players on you to go wait in line yeah I'm speaking collect them. Don't Wear those are really that was just like every week you had to be there like. So every so often. Everyone was bought and everyone was Bodden is signs all over early you can drive anywhere and it says go sabres and any business assigns us. And that's that's the thing when you think back to that time and even then those couple playoff years from. All dying to 2000 allowed in those seasons. But those years once this team makes it to the playoffs. And I guess I don't really know because my memories of the bills being in the playoffs are are from such a long time and not really anything I can truly hold on to but the way if community rallies. And it's what everyone's talking about it's what everyone's thinking about you had into work and of course I mean. I work here at WG are now bites but that's what people are talking about is what happened in hockey game the night before and I'm assuming. It would be the same way if the bills weren't. Having these big parties the parties in the plaza and those really taking off in those couple seasons it was just a time for hockey in this city. I think it was just like the perfect storm. All of those teams being so likeable all. By the community I think the community really. Rallied with those teams because of the kind of underdog mentality. That that team had going into the season and rolled all along I think it really felt. That the mentality. Of the people of buffalo was like really. Could identify with this team and roll with this team there was so many young players the growth of roll way end manic and almond bill that season even if I got off taking off he was playing before hand but. It can't Campbell really broke out they're duke is before that he was almost look that is kind of a boss Blake busy every voter turnout in and that's when he just. Took off yes so it was just such fun times as a sabres fan and with. All these guys in town that is what it takes some time to share some of my personal memories. About that season and you've got any memories you are share with us give us a call here 8030550. 1888550. To 550 or phone numbers here WG argument Collins from Jonathan Jonathan young and I kept. They can't tell all I have a lot of them and original GO build my senior year high school and I pressed the football I've got bitten a year out of well I thought that every time. Oh yeah great I yeah I now pay out all available at all the other not a member of the don't know nineties but well armed. I do remember those days and I'm glad I don't. Have automatic but given a key problem swat. Ebert and imported Carolina department at the choice on the game 50607. And aren't Rangers. Greer Harmon golf aren't a part of while the Becky. As a Magloire wild about the jury gone out and why don't they were when you know I cup now all you are happy with it memory. Yeah definitely I am. Being there had dueled back in such. That game that came in 0607 with the Drury scoring and in effect again off an overtime. Yet chaos chaos is the right word that you just you watch that on TV and watch that reaction. In the plaza. I think that's really one across the NHL these things started to take off a little bit these parties in the plaza and I mean. It just showed. There's always been kind of these gatherings but the sabres really. At that time made a point to capitalize on it and mean it V. An entire fan experience and I think they realized they needed to do it because these fans were coming. Indeed the first year the 0506 season they are coming in droves to get tickets and then there weren't enough tickets and like all right let's just. Pop up screen outside in maybe the fans soldiers gather here and what will serve on some beer outside here and I just. Brilliant idea I I went to some of those Wallace in college in the later years. And always a great time to be surrounded by so many of your fellow fans. Being in that environment for wind. Was fantastic and I can only imagine I wasn't there for that but I did have a friend who was right up front. Right front of the rail. Like national team B&B CSI and everyone solemn there just going nuts and it's crazy how old. Well on at the time. Let's that was awhile and at the time. Oh well I'm it might have been vs hearses wedeman vs at that time I think overall I might have been apparently he had only the first year. And I think they switched over to vs after that. Now NBC sports network. And. Jesper I think. For the younger. Ball welfare for people like my age 25. Probably younger like jokes when he won here just when he won so the younger generation I think. A lot of people all. Identify with the sabres Maher because of the success that is by an ad. With the sabres are supposed to. Yet now you know the bills. It's. For me again that's the sabres ranked above the bills for me was growing up as a fan and I I truly believe that these seasons of the Saber success had. So much to do with that and if you are under the row stiff you're at the rose to to get to see these guys and assay followed them exchange a few words with JP Dumont Marty Iran and Danny Briere I just I hope they guys' skin. Just show. The gratitude of having those teams here at the time Danny sounded very he was. All about those teams when he was taught English open the Bulldog and we'll hear from him. Coming up next hour if you got any thoughts feel free to get us collier 8030551. EEE 550 to 550 reliving some of our memories. From those those good years. A decade ago now. Our whole ten years we're approaching. From the 2 Eastern Conference runs of the Buffalo Sabres above here's some of your guys memories from the season. Right gates Jody B I see my chart here on WG air. Great job Mike great job in music and all. Bob brings back the good times like the first time I ever heard this song just got me pumped up. For everything even dollars shipping up to Boston and would song yeah right it's it's a Boston saw and so I mean the sabres took complete advantage of it and the song. Blew up with like the part theaters on my cats. Just brings back so many memories and that first game obviously with the game one of them a year against the flyers. Great game. Creaking in the wideout to wideout yeah I forgot about that he laid out at the end arena. Iran's waving the towels. It was just per year was all over the ice that night. Miller actually had pre you know it was a 32 with a final yet through it too is the final Robert ash 55 saves and then game two if you haven't seen the highlights of game two. Go on YouTube and watch and because it is hilarious yeah Ozzie yes that's that was what I want to bring up with an and then the next game sabres score five in the first period and actually loses his mind goes after Roy after Forsberg knees and in the had yeah and ash just. A year RG cities like he's popped his lid relate he's just he's going Kris yeah he lost his mind and it just. And the sabres. Beat him up that was it's like eight to that game. I think both palm and Dylan Dumont has Patrick's yet and a Hitchcock. In windy had that famous. As telling them all kinds need to go yeah himself. He is Lindy said the fires going like a bunch of idiots bought classic classy thing to talk about Ken Hitchcock today he gets. Got Ken Hitchcock. How. To Ken Hitchcock out as a coach of the blues though. I'll look at the Wikipedia page from VO 506 season and it's funny to look at the beginning of the year and another thing about. The sabres this year was. They had such affordable ticket prices but I think I remember being able to go to a game. For like thirty bucks and you got pretty good seats in the 300 level. Now look at that's their attendance throughout the season it's beginning of the season fourth game of the season. Buffalo be attendance at one of their games. 121000. An October game against the penguins. Here's another October game to play out here of all five or six figure out got a lock out a sizzling right into yeah the right at the beginning right when hockey's back the sabres are still kind of viewed as like no. Team. October 26 2005. Attendance at a Buffalo Sabres game 8500. Think that's half empty building that's like and that's answers there that's reported attendance which means. There was probably last people there that 8500. And that that so they're eight and seven or seven and eight. In November 12 the next fifteen games they only had eight. Regulation losses. Really they just turned it off after that they flipped a switch. And just started to really play the game and then obviously. Attendance just sky rockets again into the playoffs. And I next thing you know. You're waiting list to get seats and tickets for this team and I think people are still on a waiting list. Because of that maybe not in any god probably not sure if there still is though it's that he's gotten smaller yells significantly smaller we're gonna head out today and now again and Amber's you are on the night camp Joseph or Brian. Our young guys going down. Aired get up for our bank lines of playing week in a priest could offer music it's very often you pleasure really and are like I have an outsider's perspective of awful at least I remember only had a draft here are prepared. Or pocket Arctic and art and video to my friend in Ohio. And he said that it was the most awful thing you ever seen what a bunch of people drinking beer. Under order half watching it it's best that I know what we all like an awful. It's it's true and it's those the same exact thing with those did you ever attend any of the party the pauses or were you on our. Absolutely absolutely say I've always you know they'll go all the black circular and Eric bunch of people you know especially in court and our efforts. Never thought we seem that exciting you know we always come out as we can't wait to get air hockey. Yeah it's true buffalo just a hockey hungry towel and ends. I think especially with the party in the plaza when you get that passion really golly and it's it's a special scene and yet the most buffalo thing you've ever seen watching hockey or watching the NHL draft under an overpass. I was under that over it might be the scene might be just about right and there was one time Alice is doll and in. Honor of her music festival and it's. It's it's early in the morning there we've just we've just gotten in Vienna few my body's we are walking around campgrounds. And we see this this band is buried in mod. Soon it's buried in mud reflect for these guys every in the night for rain overnight and Tennessee and we've got four big guys from buffalo. Move. Walking by some gay come over here come over can you help us output to sound like Mario or get in my knee deep in the mud pushing this now. And Mike are really desperate stuck and you're. And the kid just turns and looks amigos being from Canada. Sounds like. Known on from buffalo its. Basically yeah basically Canada is an arm from Canada so. He got he acts much OK well just know. Where buffalo and I can't we are in fact Americans Jim analogy to bloggers got some DeForest that makes a lot of sense now that I see Jim what's up man. They tied it and actually but that. That are not target the attendance. 8000 back in October. I think I'm pretty sure that the October storm so I think they can get past that ought. Yeah you're right yeah you're right that's. That that is right now it makes me once it was this though 506 you're time is October storm was the year after lost it because I remember. They were definitely in the blue and gold yours by and and I remember that played an away game in Detroit. During the October storm and they came back to plead the Rangers. As a key memory and find out. And in a minute I think we might be a year often October storm yeah the over there wasn't another storm because this is Buffalo, New York in a year that's a good man they have their go to guy but at the October storm was 2006. Which. But hey and makes a lot of science that that would have made a lot of sense to me but I just think. It took a little while for people to get back into the hockey mood after a year off after thinking the sabres might not be good ends. I guess beat the Washington Capitals at the time were much of a drop. I decide to sort of October and then attended the 8000 and it just seemed like an anomaly site I. I don't have great in her little look it up. But hey a and made a lot of sense to me so I don't feel that it seemed it seemed pretty good thanks thanks for the call them that happens like this whether I mean my buffalo that the November storm a couple of years ago they can't one game and and they had to gain against the sharks that. There was really terror and a half the arena was full so. I mean October buffalo mean they're very welcome Benson ice is like all of the roads are something that caused 830551. 888552. By fifteen Marty brown Rose Garden on right now and we're just kind of shoot around some of our favorite memories from those seasons you don't have to to keep it within those seasons I know we are talking with Mike here Mike's a little bit older than us and here. And he was talking about the the Stanley Cup runs in the late ninety's in those teams and and Jason will always at the aroused as well he's another guy that had a huge goal for the sabres in in that series. So if you want to comment on those teams and your memories of back that where their party in the claws back down now that's a question now like ask because I from thanks so I don't know Mike you were you there. I mean I was. Little younger but I believe they had something is currently number elect him our Saber tooth was read it now aren't. I do know when watching highlights of the woolly goal. Was deemed too. That they won in overtime. If you don't let anyone I think it was game OK but whenever they show the pilots the that was in Dallas of course they're higher seed right they show. The woolly goal and then they cut to a camera angle of HSBC or marine material ever was signed and the whole arena was packed with people is watching on the Jumbotron. Yeah there were as those times too and I only ever did that once I I think I did one tie game and he 0607. Playoff years I think it was a loss it was a game against the Rangers in that series but they used. Open up the arena and have those watch parties and just another shell of how supportive the community can be won and just. The human nature of why that connection with other people and to share that experience with people I think that's really important and it. What you did bad connection and you have that kind of feeling following a round hole city it's something that's completely different and anything else that I've ever experienced ends. We back and with these teams for how long a lot of you out there longer than me and he got one sick and I and a really long playoff drought another one with. Ai call a playoff absence I don't wanna call it a drought yeah for the sabres has become and this is a question in that has been asked I said type years. As a kind year's drought. But I think that's because I'm rate that's that's just because I don't think I wanna admit that the sabres are in the midst of a play after. I think you would agree that it's time but I would. Except if somebody if you're 878 years into it and somebody calls the drought I'm not gonna talk I come back and with that but I think the drug now probably. Yes unit that's what I assembly is it's an absence of the playoff absence we have done their all of them it's it's okay I'm. You've got to be up there for. Years made. Pills or seventeen years that's. Is there anything above Roger. X. What if they don't make it for forty years became caught drought more than I feel like yeah it's gonna be called a different team. Because we're not be here who can hit it 30551. EEE I think the attitude numbers here. And I think back on those teams and Marty brown roast tonight. One of the dust memories. That the peak of the sabres Ottawa Senators rivalry is is the brawl game and that's another one where. I remember where I was sitting in my family policy and watching that game I had actually back and invited to go to a game. To that game with a fraud and and for some reason I don't really call why wasn't able to to me gets. Hands. Watching that team now home and the like while I am missing out you. Patrick a lot of practical Otto was. Its debut it was his debut and any system that game too yeah assists Maggie yeah. Cyst on Clarke macarthur's I believe it was McCarthy's first NHL goal then. While it was funny because her for a loss for us north counts kids Paris Club as mom actually was a teacher or school. So all we all knew about it like god it's awesome and they showed his mom on this screen. And it was right after. Drury had gotten hit by Neil and collider is out on the ice like O here's Patrick a lot of his first NHL game Aziz. Hacking someone's well here's his mom in the crowd she's nervously looking along and I and Nixon Yunel. Puck drop them everyone's fighting and he's out there in his first NHL game local lawful boy indeed midst of I mean one the most memorable brawls and in my lifetime. I've yet is even. That's adjusting this Monty because his dad manages the US senate ice rink wearing group skating in that part by in. We kind of knew him through that connection to so. It's pretty interest. Yeah it was it was thought so the next day we all command like a man that is quite the debut third year sun oh my gosh. Didn't even get a tough task to he would he would go Chris Phillips in its first game Phelps is like a thirty year old. Mammoth defenseman by it this way which he was huge and I mean I think at that point collided just kind of was like you know move around and hug you and then Peters is out there trying to fight everyone. Remember Adam Mair it was like punching two people and elbowing and other one on his recall oil itself. He was doing interviews it was time I write her ever being upset that night that we didn't have defensemen are on our team that because it's an out there that would have. Done some damage because they remember who admitted to leaned her out there in the back and a leaders hugging someone in blue man drops the gloves but he's got. Got very aggressive and you've got mayor being jumped by four guys because everyone Ottawa and then he got Marty Barack skating out against Ray Emery who's got the biggest smile on his face. Ever he was having fun until Peterson connected with those rights that he was Hewitt. Still have been on the Kentucky campus Peters is connecting with those rights by amber had a smile on his baseball diamonds. You know hated Emory because he was on the senators and I just hated that team in general but put him back on that. I love that moment because it's all right this is what we're doing and who. Alas it reminds me of lighter now blades like whiners not gonna shy away from a moment like that and is a marine on them. Yet he he certainly does section. Even besides the brawl was just an awesome game and seven to six and shoot out remember Stafford makes an amazing move in like the fifth round of the shootout to score in the Miller comes back with like. I think was on Mike Fisher meeting that he Blake got deep down you die is back across the crease makes amazing glove save the winner in the just. She puts the pop up into the stands. It was a great it was a great game in general. It's it's the peak as the peak in 030551888550. To 550. Rhythms more sabres memories here until we had over we'll play. Marty for Iran and Danny Briere from earlier French Open the bull dog there. Over the grapevine for the rose to Marty around the and I just saw picture there. And it looks like a pretty packed house full tables all around and should be good time. Over there are so we'll hear from Marty and Danny Briere coming up at the top of the hour this is nightcap on WGR. Game three Ottawa Senators 0506. Don't necessarily remember where I was at the outline but another one of those great goals and I think every racist from my memory because that kind of just spark debt. But the only playoff game I went to in in both of those years. It was game four against the senators. Homeland the sabres lost in the and it went back to game five in Ottawa so. That kinda that kind of stinks but still more great memories. From those years got Chad Zahn now Chad Jason wall. 1999 from us. The problem. Public. My Bible sixty you're gonna a great. Big think that they're both in and out of my apartment these figures are they irrigate. And the army from from the rumble in the local people want me on camera for its stand. It's how quiet it was. Not undergo several concrete the other ball police walked and stairs to get out of the arena and in the stairwell it was you could hear of danger. And what that never forget you're walking out there it is defeated you know it's what I agree it's just. Well let's stick with. It's like a bittersweet kind of memory because that it brings you back to that moment of you know the sabres being there. And it's a memory that ties you to that that's not. Like you said it's not a bad memory it's just it's something that some. Memorable. Yeah I don't forget 191000 people walking out after something like that and everybody had their own disquiet yeah I was very. Really strange. Get people that know right down though that there was a controversy people just thought it was over the right. We are being. And make section or gallon has fallen in the crease. Well I mean let me grades so I think the gravity of everything you know all the rules get a little lost on you and your little younger maybe yeah. But there are guys and selection screen because there was a couple of on your game's not over all if you conquer Israel from the 300. The bench for you on the way all mile from the post game show and all it's a banality. You know your report back and put them gains particularly swapped back in ninety you know. And it goes in the post in short everything that everything started in that it literally stop on the other. Public solid two years before or local bumper stickers or shall we Wilson earned them euphoria. Yeah effort for sure things McCall is in college at appreciation in the memories from us it's funny that you say that because you're talking about like. Walking out via the arena with all these fans had down like. I know. 0506 unity and make it to the finals the sabres and I was I was so upset that game seven that I I shut it here. I shed a tear it game seven that wrote a very angry blog post on myspace.com. I'd tell you coped with my with my anger and sadness of losing I did the same mine. It's the blog posts on MySpace yeah iiroc coming asked the school the next day though Anderson elementary school isn't that great in our gym teacher. Who was in charge like the video announcements may dislike. I'm sure some windows movie maker because as a montage that you need a montage of the season. With bad Dave by Daniel powdered. All mine all I almost shed a tear gas it was so. It was so well only if so well put together a dire gonna say they came on the morning announcements was going to be like. Who would stand up and let's have a moment of silence for the Buffalo Sabres season should. Every morning though on the announcement he would. Put in like you would put in the highlights from the de Saber game the night before as a quality downing announcement that doesn't mean it and they would always have they have they have a montage of the Ceres like previews and stuff. It was nice our agency to listen comedian that's a hot but it helped. It has probably a supplement our ever gonna hear from Danny Briere Mardi Gras and coming up next ball the talent for the roast tonight if you lock if you're not there. I sought to be able to bring you some of their comments Danny Briere was awesome. He now push open the bulldogs so that's going to be coming in next right after the break right here on WGR.