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2/1 Nightcap with Ryan Gates Hr 2

Feb 2, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And food and doesn't count. We're. I don't. And. Remember that one. You'll wind you know what I remember most about the game as we lost in overtime and I gave up that bad to wraparound bull headed up that Bible gold Baghdad in Montreal. No buildup in Philadelphia I went to the corner and I went to play the pot and John LeClair. Why can't give it a shoulder hit me that I had to reach back and eat out or this would have been his first NHL rule our. OK so it was a little more first NHL goal. And we hit it delicate to buffalo later this career eighties night. Well it's not yet I would have coordinated chuckle because they got set out it. Hurt and never back into it now you're on my list of people to hurt I think and I I was coming back to business say. Because that thing you remember everything I think all one playoffs are you on the bench Philadelphia yes Gilmore scorers like from way out. For Philadelphia to win team. Reader for the series in buffalo yeah I read the three with a two games at Philly that we had adopt. Winning that theory you won the series they took often than not they get that all a that was the purity of evidence that final game right yes they just gave up on everything but yeah and every that's. Rip on the bench to. That that could be good news Naira but written testimony at this table potentially from voting on supplier. No but something that is that is not that theme was the guy who was the flyers guy. I don't know that one somewhat got tangled up at the Saber bank should be like. Might have been the year where he shields got that fight we attack arts know that's that is in ninth the him probably he's not at all. You know at the sabres players bribery with not so good that the late night at every year you played at the right at it it was that global that on the planet that that the local it would that hit got killed at the news. Yeah a walk after and in the year after that you run their team that absolutely with that but that was black aces that your dad. 9798. We beat Italy in the first round that was the lackeys that this about rock sisters I get the experience that'll theories. Where we'd be sharper in that and we played Montreal we beat Andy. And they year old might try to tell you threaten the unity people who buy all of Israel. That's right part of the mothers than what it would you aren't about it but we'll get that it became just people and it it was so your own theories all that's scary well. Because and repeat it or force the Canadians were swept. All that that's the seventh here and who's in the room scored that overtime moon beam Reno. I had about twelve odd duck that. Because if we could let a third overtime right the only out of entry hop on it cuts are part time because we are not practicing that next morning so. We were just a bunch of twenty year old in Montreal we by the caught the part where like forced overtime OK we felt that make it. Well second overtime aren't guided through but that's well thought god that now. That's right somebody's gore at a body wouldn't cross you at pebble would have much real tort you you can go okay we can go out there were still up in the series with Edward Bennett must become back to Montreal forward it's amazing exhibit that. Batters veteran right. So where does being roasted rein in terms of career. Highlights not highlights like. Is it the greatest honor of your life. It is I've. A big on I'll be honest it's you wet they asked I didn't think much of that I was gonna be fun and it also I look back and with that ruled that. And the people showed up at that people calling. The radio show and Twitter and at night and this is this pretty big event. They got my brother to come up my brother has to work tomorrow. That's why it but yeah. If the climate yet to show up at five yep you drove up yesterday easier today and the dreaded back to all the complexities a lot like this is. This is amazing I'm very flattered at. And I think I. It's kind of a big dream right now like everything's happening so fast but it's that that's pretty big honor. Alla. How are you worried it'll give me your view that these incidents of what accurate or I thought what JP Dumont wrote a piece of paper. Yes what line it needs basically to the effect yet we were roommates at we used to share went bad and we would sleep naked. Thought I doubt at all at. Not through we got word that hit me with you yet about the cover that the other comfort thanks and our. He does not not a word about the guy. Scares me a little bit Chillicothe and keep it but he thought laughs I think you'll get a yield. Well what everybody's got to say. At all though I haven't geared up because at that you know you did the hard. I'll always went up to it yet at midnight tonight. Figured that yet to be careful what I. I don't care I'm like at they don't make stuff up I had good. Because I think that story the good what did. You need Micah Politico. If fact checkers I mean B. Nobody had national patently evident fact checker let's go piety. That would be god I wish I could do this for you but I'm not even know if it's true problem my hope you'll make it accountable for it makes for a while there's you know whatever you call. I have. Went and I think but there's one story that you eat eat and eat eat the wolves within their is that there is. Yet left Detroit my dad but in Florida. Where this may have been my first time it ever junior hockey. Rochester buffalo whenever that I jump through. And I showed up a dull dollar an hour after reviewing these guys were all waiting for me. Which might add that they did a hallway that night tables that always. But I definitely because I think people Booker and I would sit there and it became justice. Awesome fight. But they the security team in. And yet I was teased about that route but they'll vote now but I. Point arc both are all ripped up a right and I like it might boxer shorts running in that room but doubled down. Go for. The room and it securities is not. I. It must have been out of its mind by that point to note that this was happening others it's that this that it. As someone who's done on a friendly. Well keep working world hockey players being kind of nice don't. It doesn't yeah. You know what what night we were in Montreal it. We had just like we put it on a Saturday night Saturday afternoon at Boston 3 o'clock that we let the month but again we got like thirty that a lot. So we went to the hotel. Got changed it around that block got it all now well it means that the lobby you that old wire right of where you guys go at. I am at ruby so scared that he was giving me that night. The pool in interrogation and right through. All the guys that divide them like well anyway at that he's already gone at both I don't care about those guys that care about you. And it does the IU. Yet you sweat. And an eagle I don't care just that month. Marty have a great time tonight important which belongs it defied and yeah he's that good right yeah that Avery has got that jacket on me that's helpful at. At least my all time favorites neighbor and I I love you but it's that night I think of that one story that night. Where you guys they did you guys were playing for Philadelphia 708 season in Edmonton. Right watching the sabres play the islanders are opening their presence trophy banner now write your article on bill. We've worked very hard on the West Coast guy we started Edmonton we won that game left Calgary and we had five days off. Before Vancouver we were at camp we're living it up a little bit of but there's no and I wanted to step it too I believe. Seventy that's what this evil reads question right Kesler in the face broken thing when you and I remember that yeah. 500 games they're all have the oldest in there somewhere don't they get off rent kept everybody hates Ryan Kesler in the league so every time he got. Acted up everybody would think we're gonna bull Reece you know at that you don't fix up and up and it stuck with with all of our guys. Have a great night I well I love that guy that you defiant miss the. Headphones on June body here he would. They need rears back for tonight's event was this an easy sell for you. This would that needs he felt there was. I mean. To come back there's the golfers of all the chance to come back from buffalo. Is always is always special. And come back for you wanna might. Greatest rented in hockey. There is no a second thought about it news. Right away I wanted to be here. Born in man. To have fun it's expense due that's that's always a big plus. Are you here. Every year or how often. I yeah I always make by Ian nightly with it right couple times a year. Winds at least with that with the kids played hockey incidence area either turn it there. That showcase something happening and and it usually I end and we think a few days the cubs right well there's a lot of your friends in the community that. Like to come back. How much how much experience that many you have this sort of thing we did you not acknowledge your retirement. Where they couldn't round them. They like no not really. You know public speaking was never AM one of my Forte school like needed it idea. Eyewitness we sleep for 23 days before the world but these last night. Outs when I was like Wayne and really it's no brand that. You know I've got to do a few now. Since retirement. It adds that you'll learn more comfortable. But it event like tonight where. You know there's there's the vote them out all the all of its gonna be a little easier to get in the mood and at the start knocking its. I guess not as stuffy at that summit itself where you have to really rightly equipment needs to tonight. It's going to be a little denser and more fun at parties expense that's that should help they that they can leave you. I've. They get a lot of memories. Not only ones watching you play. The the first time I met you you keep your station I don't know if you remember this and it was you and I think so this would have been 2003. Right around the area and Mike Gilbert brought you to the station and it was you and I talking and we talked about you go to art it back. Canada's strongest man world's strongest man competitor in you basically introducing yourself to buffalo that they've just been treated for so it's season. And that's one thing we talk about exactly here's the sabres who player OK and in those days old organized reflect on this sometimes. The sabres did it for his greatest their tradition was to that point yet been fairly recently with the -- teams. It was at a point where the crowds were small and we were not talking about the sabres very often even know where there were teams that night or. Like before Danny it took the only time we could talk about hockey and it's always someone bash somebody in the head with a stick at but some rip it took until. Like halfway through that all five of six season before it started to be where we could come and talk about the game from the night before that I hope that it was. Heidi you know what I'll be honest that you I didn't feel the same way when I first arrived you have to understand I was coming from Phoenix. Where where hockey was probably the fifth or sixth boards down the list. Which nobody knew we were to come to buffalo I still remember getting off the plane. You know that old hair Kabul there getting in the faith in this thing okay. This is gonna be different but you know I I loved it from the moment that set off the plane. I know the first couple years were tough. He wasn't waiting. But I but I enjoy it I it is it would mean it was really well I mean that was the start really of my career that's when. I started complaining got a chance the plane's getting involved it. You know more than a secondary role though so for me that you know it's. This. Bubbled to the organization will always be special to be very close to my heart because of that. I think you've spent enough time years ago that. A lot of fans were that you believe expect. Remember you talking about getting all the but I still remember this story reported on it smells like hockey yeah and like people your law. Here. You know it. And I Apple's felt that we you know I was going back East Coast that was coming back to explain that that I grew up win. So I I peaked yet really helped. Feeling more at home and did I ever was. You know the last the previous year in Phoenix. That'll those ears in buffalo and it in the sabres uniform. Are very special to me they'll they'll always they would be it still lot of lauded. Friends dear friends here in this area that's plan a company that. The rear with us here on WGR so Marty round losers here in his mind for teams that is a steel trap yes. 0506. That the first great receivers here too. If you were on receiver teams who were on. Ryan Miller breaks his bomber finger in the morning Marty goes in a tent for a loss. There's really no sighing to my eyes to the inside the team is about to get really good. And that was that you have to Lotto players were four goals each in the game yet you know very rare feat Alfredsson and Atlanta helping let's remember the game. And then he takes off at the is that. Or is it BP is or another moment it's memorable for you what you think about how that sleeper team turned into what it was throughout the rest of your career. I I do remember that game because it was I mean. Talking about a spanky that was that was a good one. That might have any really ideal partner for us to realize that hey we gotta get back on that but. I remember coming out lockout and I have to give. Lindy Ruff darts every year a lot of credit for preparing us. Because there's a lot of talk with the new rules and how they were gonna cheat to keep Brendan Shanahan really spending a lot of time to tweak it eat it it makes it. More offensive but also more interest the exciting for the fans self. I have to give. The sabres organization lot of credit for for being able to see full word in adapting to the rules before everybody else did and we team in. New to that season and we took advantage right away of the so many power plays the I remembered the went through practices. It training camp. In lives he really racking Johnson no we can't do this this is gonna be only from now one. The right. Well crede can't we start working on that in that you spent a lot of time on. Our power play in honor of Nellie he'll because you use your it and there's gonna be a lot of penalty spot so Latin. It's just have that advantage. It was very very Smart by a bite your disease by Lindy and Darcy. At night that gave us a leg up to a progressively. The first night of the season so it's the first night out of its season thank you for me it's written on the ice at the islanders are here. The islanders got a penalties are penalties for everything it's insane yet the islanders got a penalty in that game they were already shorthanded I think. For having two guys be thrown out of the faceoff circle yeah Odyssey plate delay of game I don't know if I've seen it another time. But like I guess that was in the walk out the current and they've fill in fact I probably an asset that a lot of stuff that they're like yes let's see the games of the vehicle. But that happened that night and the but it once explorer and it was very memorable stimulus. Are today yet memorable season and we got better and better and better that that season we didn't blow anybody out of the water you know the first two or three months of the season like we did the following year. But that forced us you don't need to keep playing it to keep getting better because we wanted to make the playoffs and get the best. This possible go into the playoffs. You know that that's the year when I look back on my career that's the year where I really feel that he had. If that's been my best chance to win the Stanley Cup tonight you know to this day when I look at the final four the in the Stanley Cup finals. We have the best team left fortunately the injuries hit us that they're part of the game and actually understand that. But I still convinced that yet the best he's not a last quarterfinal or left it. That's been the year that that you won this thing up but it is what it is in you got to move on. Even more so than because of the team that we left of CO 71 presidents' trophy and a better eaten all season long we don't yet. Don't didn't feel the same total but now that it and I don't feel we. We lost remote to some where we started so well we got. You know such a huge lead on. On everybody Eastern Conference. That after Christmas it was stuff to get motivated but he kind of you know lost remote so there's not that urgency that it. And ski. Every single game to win because you want it to you get a better this indeed he can't make yet. Creates that happens to get a little lackadaisical here and there as well and I I think puppet in the playoffs it. Have now you know that saint chemistry that we have the year before I remember we we beat the islanders in the first round. We need a gunfight. With sales will that was the easy route but it really wasn't even the four wins we had against the islanders were all. What don't eat everything we have to work. It's all our war it was a tough series in the second round. And meet. Game five. Here in this in write off loans at the highway and actively edit ice witnesses. That. We're down 32 bullets flew to New York it it could be could have been it the only difference glory for the first round. Never find remote field. And that we just were not at Plattsburgh the Ottawa Senators they were waiting for us think he would have happened a year and more and we just couldn't replicate period and it's. Really interesting to hear you say that we lost your vote I've said many times as much political Bible sixth one because it was not a surprise. She's probably yeah 07 to be doing this just as a man. Was about how we gonna matchup with Amma. But that was that was it and I was wayward girlfriend yeah. Goal four minutes expect yeah as the teams were just like in opening act you know earth well you just missed you know yet all the injuries but want the cult whatever and now. Now I've got a six month. Just holding pattern until the real games start and I could not evident on it over to April when you're watching why it was. Not it was a lot tougher to find that scene at that we that you wore. You know I don't take the year before anybody expected that's personal to make the playoffs in that nobody expected us. To beat the flyers in the first round and it not that's another great story it's still remembers last regular season game he played in Montreal. And there's many possibilities in the that the that. Yet the most likely gonna face of the earth over the Rangers. There's an out slight chance also played a doubles and there's this ball. Outside outside chance to play in the flyers and irreparable on the flight and we're all sitting around Ehrlich. OK here the Rangers beat it beat us the gavel will be fine against the devils they're not you know as long as it's not the flyers. We're totally fine. Can we take off. We land here in the area buffalo. In the pilot comes on the air eighty notes guys that's what you wish you good luck in the first round against the flyers. And the whole plane went dead but we really don't. It no longer playing the flyers and even wanna hear it went and we don't know we didn't plant that was the polls right then now. You know we all kind of looked at pizza there's that old boy born trouble now. We've got to leave channel eventually they need but the the thing I have it has been about that is that the question we asked Hendricks a leader a few years ago about the very first. Play it that's it the ship as early don't you on the ice. I was not yet that was sitting on the bent it to me that's where exactly I was the one. Pursuit of the gate when it get shafted yet leaderboard again old Kate Snow got and it it is I still remember sitting on the bench and think it. Oh maybe there's a chance maybe it's meant to be. And we went on the run after that and that's exactly where I was the opening circumstance I don't know it is your goal that funny is funny that we had the same thing. Oh yeah I've I've reversed so vividly I was in tears you took the ice that night is it was so special to me it's even been sold it was bad and everything about it was. Really really special. Now well good memories welcome back into a great time tonight thank you very much it's a pleasure to be here so excited. There is Danny Briere Marty Brohm both there they're hanging out over the grapevine for the Marty Barack roe stance. You're all their driving around and deacon and make it I just want to play that that game career just talking about his memories from. Those years and it's just great to hear from his mouth I mean you might pointed out to me is like. Wasn't beyond that Philadelphia team that lost the Blackhawks in in the finals densely yeah you laws and he still thought. That that sabres team that year was. The best chance said he had to win the Stanley Cup and I'm right wing film from teens and I've watched. They'll forever maybe now forever hopefully not forever hopefully won't be sabres teams there. A bills team will come along and win a championship here by. That'll 506 team felt like Kia a team of destiny that was really nice to to get that Stanley Cup and it didn't work out in the end dude injuries sentence. Other reasons bots. It was a fun ride that a year and it's it's just good to hear from those guys in here at their memories from it as well. Right switching things up a little bit Brian has brows ski Ghana Colin and we need to get your royal rumble fix and and I thought thirty for thirty coming out tomorrow as well this is the accept bowel. Get his thoughts on that as well Mike Bagram and he's gonna come down. And hang out with us as well when we talk about that that's coming up next year right on the nightcap this WGR. All right we're back here in the nightcap rang gates hanging out with you here and not making his normal live appearance he's he's too busy but we got Brian as Ralph ski on the line here. Because I know a lot of the fans out there need to hear there there recap from. What I hear her was a eat very successful. Royal rumble real crowd pleaser will is that is that the set the welcome Brian marry here. Never too busy for the band aids. Well here on the phone as opposed you're too busy for me not fans. That's right that's right. And yet there's. There wasn't a lot of I was surprised to see. After the royal rumble a lot of complaints about the rubble itself they show it and it shouldn't tiger. A lot of people's. I was very good I agree I liked a lot of the matches leading up to the rompuy post a really good show. I'd love that rubble itself and I think a lot of people may be turned around. Monday night and there are few complaints that people had about a rumble and let me tell you why everyone is so now thinking or. I. What they complain about it well. But our complete number one and surprises OK so people didn't get what that he wanted to. See you know there was no in Ballard that was one name McCourt talked about well it's easy George. Yeah I'd like to remind people Tim Ballard. So ordered his act coral hospital are dislocated shoulder Roca part of its power on off. Not even six months ago it seems it's summer time. So yeah although it has their own Berger the comeback you know once one was injured that you beat second time for the royal rumble. Of course there all the rumors just it kicked up around rubble. Albright I think you know all the sense the WW Wii isn't as regulated assumes the other sports that fans are expecting use of like super human chemicals tell you now. Get those entries back real quick. It is Alicia name Brock Lesnar though Sarah. You're working with a bit. Into what you could say keep your all time government the Roma immigrants suspected. I want there earlier this year because money your your coach art so minute or something about it. All that's their calendar works your Chinese New Year it's the rosling new year. Yet the wrestling your year that summer calendar works but you danger is an error excuse me suspended. For a month during a one of the hottest story lines very. She'll triple threat. Because he was using a banned substance pepper or something like that so they they can take it here there's going to be no super human come back. Irked him valor another name people put up with Kurt angle. You know just because Kurt angle going to be an altering doesn't mean that is going to come back and wrestle a match generally not officially under court. Passing WW we use them medical exam is a lot how to prevent passing the guy who runs the show with the German calls. A medical exam and that's a molecule are expecting some Tokyo. Almighty we get some molecule. I think after Monday night Samoa Joseph date you. People are a lot happier that they didn't get a molecule at the royal rumble and they got him. On that Monday night after. The rumble because so I mean what they hit it's a molecule compound number thirty. He's not gonna win I said last week that not enough people know who year. Really needs to explain more to the average fan and everybody's gonna who mean about well mobile. To arm to witness so that wasn't going to happen that are able to we prepare for a while thrown out. You know maybe he can set up a story line look at it Monday it was far more effective and unfortunately as it turns out that day. Was legitimately affected because he would accept growl and except loan to look like you re injured the same knee that kept him out for it was at least six months. He was out for it emits less stress on mania. It was so. Top news eager first set you know army they're working ankle a little bit looks like a legitimate. Knee injury. So no one really knows the extent that this keep them out of wrestle mania that match that your polished it looks like we're finally gonna get on the certainly looked like. Maybe the next paper you folks coming up and a few weeks I think. That we are going to get Samoa Joseph round which would have been awesome. I guess all those plans are on hold for now with so little to currently. This speculators. Do what exactly. The injury is so what exactly is going on black. It's not looking good too fast whenever you hear somebody re injure their knees I mean he can quickly. All the way out ACL and CL ET Al PCL a big car yeah output in the air it was destroyed. Doesn't sound good. No it doesn't yeah that's that's not the not a great results. We got Mike Bagram in your tune now Brian a year your colleague over at WBS artist broadcaster and hardest working broadcaster. And and radio hour in buffalo core into 11 nice Twitter follower Mike Ackerman here ease. Big wrestling fan as well John Sina. He ties Ric Flair we this is this is a result that nor you or high sock coming. Tool and I and I'll be I'll be up front. Didn't watch a single second of the royal rumble but I heard the match was the real Leah it was a barn burners they say a smarter and soccer action at says. I thought it was great I it was a great match that it Viet figure or. She has let the figure four arm in the match there's good storytelling. If I mean it would have pure wrestling match to what an awful lot of extra being on the tables were broken. Things like that they pretty much kept it in the ring for the most part. And so it was a great match I'm not. I'm surprised. There are now that you've now won the title though as we taco. Maybe a little bit later on at the roadster mania. I op and hoping that he doesn't hold on to the title. Heading in to wrestle mania. And Mike Perry you like the actuary. I thought it was one of the best WW we matches in years but I I went back and I watched that match yesterday. And one thing that. Stood out to me was over the course of that match went which went one about 25 minutes or so. Over the course of that match. They're commentators they didn't even really bring up the fact that scene was going for his sixteenth championship. It almost felt as if that they didn't even want to acknowledge that he was matching Flickr. We're you know that's something you know we talked about last week I didn't think it was going to happen only because. Outlook and the main part of the story I think the kind Rick flair that was going to happen it would make a big deal possible out of it. And their kidnappers seventeen similar to Milan and I'm not sure. But I yeah I was surprised only because they can make a huge deal out of there was mention. But you can pick going into the match that would be the main story line he's going to cry. Ric Flair that wasn't the case though idea and hoping. Either drop the title. In a couple weeks and elimination chamber because the one thing and another thing that people were kind of upset about. After rumble its grandeur and winning I personally love bit. I think gagged and furthers this story with the Wyatt I think everyone was expecting someone from all the win the rumble Orton comes out on how. And you know me people who carper and my dream that reps Romania match right now somewhat plausible. Why it pursues Orton vs harper. Or the title it is possible collecting terrorists set up for now. DL. I love that idea because that's the way that the storyline is going with the radio on and the why it's that there are eventually going to split. There's part of me also. That. And wonders okay. Randy Orton wins the main event of the royal rumble which means he's going to wrestle mania and supposedly be. The main event you and I both know that wing. WW we says you're the main event of a paper view that doesn't necessarily mean George the last match there's no way in my opinion. That Brey Wyatt. Goes in as V last match of wrestle mania. All night I mean that there will be Brock Lesnar and Goldberg or something. But the title match can be something I mean they put the title match are enough first the smacked down quite a match over in a while and then. 182 salute him Q Seamus. But that to be the main event I just like you know I looked at throw. Carper and every possible scenario looks really can't Maia might auger bing that I would love to see here. Is Cory why it. You know trying to force or may be and up for sitting. Orton to give him. That title or may be Orton wins the title and why it forces Orton. It gives him the title kind of fit nicely into that story art I think but people are most upset with its yet Orton Sina. For the championship their wrestle mania it feels more like 2007 and 2007. It's the song that never ends it goes on and on my friends. There's more Desai and I can go to but you know I am worried though. About what the WW he wants to do. Long term with rain Bjorn because this is a guy you know he's out I don't know exactly how old these policies in his mid thirties but the dude in his prime. You gotta be able to take advantage of that side several more years. And here how many injured they're green you're at oak yours. It in the news. In the primary now I law I feel like they don't really think of him too much long term I think that stand to benefit. So far because if you look at. What's gone on with the whites to remind you really looking review long term. I'm not sure that they would have put him in this one extra remind you it would you know on the rent your political scene. Throughout the last decade. So I can elect a new way they're thinking of rank org a new leader trying to use. It clear here I was surprised. That he won the roughly what it ain't they came up when we are talking about predictions last week. I applaud the bright for me no idea I enjoy it I think. One thing I like these that. I'm not going in to wrestle mania. Thinking that okay for sure we're going to get John Fina Randy Orton I think a lot of people are thinking that way. Maybe that's how it ends up that you know the easiest. Away from point a to point B but I think there's a lot of different things over a couple of except between now and the. So far. Unfortunately. No shack which is what I was really hoping for in the royal rumble but the undertaker was there he he eliminate a bunch of guys. But it seems that he's been injured in the process so does that pretty much eliminate his prospects or a wrestle mania appearance. I don't think I don't. I haven't heard anything about an undertaker injury allowed people are saying look at the. While I mean he is like 55 he's gonna start looking bad at some point here. That what people have to remember right you know. Everyone wants the error big Russell who you know be entered the top of their game. In 1999. Chic for forever could this not an app that he's not the motorcycle. Now not ride a motorcycle but walked down considering you know that put collector wearing his I his citing extremely poor guy. You're you're gonna be or you're gonna get it looks like we're gonna get. In enrollment rage here every year the way it and it or at their rumble which is a bit confused as I thought that the undertaker aren't snack on bought. I think you've seen. It was only a couple months ago that the undertaker went on smackdown except. My legacy won't be defined virus on mania I'm back. And then we didn't see him again a billion nothing was going to be in the oil rumble. And we only saw him for you know 504. He was eliminated by rain and it looks like we won't see him again correct me I think that's how you. That's something not right here if he's not feeling as good as he thought he would it be that it's surgery. But you know actually get without some of these older guys. Yeah I mean eventually what's gonna have been is it the undertaker keeps wrestling is not in the right motorcycle down he's not rewriting the certainly walking down he's gonna be writing hover around down soon enough if he keeps on is what I think is gonna happen. He got a Barack opaque you know one of those so look here. Of the sticky down there. Could be could very well be in going after action you know I wouldn't be surprised Brian if for the rest of undertaker wrestling career the only time he ever appeared is when he just shows up from underneath the rank 'cause that's what happened at the rumble. Oh yeah it did you see that picture too. Backstage they were taking people on golf cart because the ramp for a rubble was so long I was joking before that. You don't have these guys you beat she'll come down. And the next guy will be introduced by the time you make it to the rain because it was so long in the hotel. And I horizon you wouldn't of known by watching on TV. Potentially golf carts that the people down the under tickle me debt our ally. You know it's funny that that happened because when I was watching the paper view life yeah you know you and I were both remarking that oh how's that gonna happen. But there is one instance I think it was when big he was walking down now big eat as his name says he's a big dude so. The sun the camera just cut away to a news really awkward and they can. But what happened there and and I go on the old Twitter which shall tell you everything that you need to know in life and that's how I found out that people were. Being taken to the ring. In the carts so I thought that was interesting also reminds me of a time TN eight had a life show and they actually at a baseball field. They brought the wrestlers to the rain on a golf cart is pretty hilarious so good to see WW we do in the same thing. Art. Well. It aren't we have time for this is assuming. That round is injured for another wrestle mania you don't get Brown's triple H. I'm Mike what in your mind he'd view with debt storyline heading in Iraq aren't. You know I think you just completely forget about it way to Rollins Al I mean this has got to be something that is really. Going to hamper everything plan lies for Seth Rollins I think you scrap it. Move it to summer slam 2017. And you hope for the best there it's it's such a terrible thing that happens I think you leave triple H off of out of the ring. At wrestle mania but you can still find a way to incorporate Samoa Joseph. You could have been to a story line with AJ styles considering their lengthy TNA history you can have a Samoa Joseph Johns Sina storyline because remember. Those two came up together and OBW. Back in 2000 Warner whatever. So there's options for Samoa Joseph but the bookings can be really important for these next few months form neighbor you wanna hang out just for a little bit law. You're gonna break your wanna ask you about the accept fouls thirty for thirty coming out tomorrow and I'm sure you're excited. One thing on that point because I won't forget during the work. I I don't about the storyline. Heading into our wrestle mania. You can't further though you got little ought to bring up anything you know because who cares who's watching a WW lemur coming here on bought. I think you can order it straight line I had mine wrestle mania best case scenario. Before the round injury that maybe you Ballard she'll bring speller in two. Or growl in Tripoli storyline when he comes back and it appeared easy to put him until wrestle mania that you still do that match. What you had Ballard come in as the next guy to kind of speak our triple H. In her step around. All right Brian I'm putting on hold here so we don't talk mark in number I talk about the access to only give back. Our all right that's Bryan has Rouse you might mean joining in the conversation as well taking a break and we'll talk about the thirty for thirty coming out tomorrow this is the ex FL that's coming up next right here on an IKEA. This is the accept all the latest thirty for thirty Brian as route scheme Mike Ackerman you know let me on the nightcap prying gates. Brian let's you got got a favorite acts up on memory. My favorite acts Al memory is probably all the signing date. Try to promote the arm the actual wrestling shows so every come on wrought. And via that bell on the background that was always on. The bad except I'll memory right have to be that somebody so that according to determine who look up the ball to start. They did. Vietnam. Basically humble risky write a hookah I think guys for me he. Go after the ball. And double what it years. Under barely first 01 of those syllables or her play yet but I'll beat somebody was injured doing exactly that. It's got to be the number. It's it's the first memory mania I'll have a ton of memories from the X-Files so right now. I am just perusing the actual accept all website which you can still lacks us. Yeah I ask all ex FL dot com they've got like. And it sees stuff you can look at all the rosters this year if your into the except you can still access the web sites. To video games there were some of those because the actual football. I remember was pretty bad. They do have a statistics page I aimed eye yet they also have individual teams stats I'm looking right now at the New York hit man. And it's it's very basic it is it's just looks like typewriter. Looks like when the first Mac came out that's. You could you could use this web site probably on the first Mac. I mean I'm thinking. Some of those games they feel like I had. Under Hungary combined Garrett. Piaf football. Yelled at the football itself wasn't where it's at Tommy man X. And I felt cornerback was the MVP of the access file. That's right. And went on to hear them remotely successful career did you lose this couple what was that. No he he was the quarterback that beat the bills in the end of the 2004 season when the bills just needed a win in they would of got into the playoffs. So the the Steelers were arresting all of their starters including Ben Roethlisberger and count Tommy Maddox accept Al MVP came in and out performed clutch once again against the Buffalo Bills. And I totally making that up my mind that Super Bowl and it could play all wrong with it spurred. Yeah I think before big bank came in EEE you know playoff run with the Steelers. I you're not you're not completely wrong after his heart he really took his accept all six outs and turned into a rebirth for an NFL career which is amazing. As opposed to armed you know. Some though the other. As opposed to the guy who got injured on the first ever accept I'll play. May courses so lack of a nickname he it took its job very seriously. That's right Brian thanks for coming on and we'll catch up book out of again Monday's down on these weeks on even know what's gone on next week extra prize he probably is anatomy but. Next week it's looking like there's three sabres game on Monday Tuesday Wednesday night here on Friday he'll be able to. To catch the bandits game the band scheme only brought to you here I'm WG are solidly back guy next week Wednesday and hopefully make here you'll be able to join you've got an inmate who hear from a prime minister husky. Thanks Mike thanks for everything that you do in their index for everyone for listening though pit reporters coming up Mike. Reports are coming up so stay tuned for that thinks listening to WGR.