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Feb 4, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's. It's. Do you like to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just really brought to you by Niagara traditional group here's your host Jeremy White. Robert dye Easter. Good Saturday morning welcome tonight divisions just threw it purely electric nicer here on ESPN 51 and we're gonna get you some system operates along the way. They feel maybe. You know they can an upgrade in any number of spots in general. Have good stuff. So you stay tuned for that announcements though we've got lots of announcements the eleventh annual art of beer the longest running fund raiser and end up by spree march 3. Thirty dollar tickets available. And it's Niagara tradition you go through yet their authority coming given it's going to be good time as always. There's a lot of package deals opening up so if you look I'm net website also ceded to package deals with they've read coach at. So you can not only get your beer ticket you can get a ride back to your very nice hotel room. Within view of the falls. In the wake up with your hangover and then he found rapids and Bergen for us let's march 3 thirty dollar tickets again that. Not tradition. And then other dates to keep an eye on March 12 is the deadline for the amber waves of grain growing competition and walkers as we call itself. Of course if you in a wanna get started it's you're really up against that at this point yeah so you're Alex are you limited to the styles that you come group. But even if you don't have appear that you things ready. Traber worked for something simple something you're comfortable with lower alcohol and get it in the air I'm not saying that you kept giving your chance the lottery here b.s are gonna win. You're putting epic gather for a recipe starting now we're probably not one but we you are gonna get is great feedback. Anybody who's been gathering for awhile who is on clubs as dunk competition. Tells you that these things really improve your peer having an unbiased. You know third party opinion is complying Liu looking your beer with the park's other professionals and sit down with bullets were credentials and they okayed Dawson steps below but it doesn't have any cannons. And then they're gonna give you that peeved that beckons can be creed information here's the deal will turn in your not going to be able Lou just she said that one beer but it's gonna. Kind of highlight. Problems they're gonna happen across troopers who will pick up stop this gonna make all your peer networks are given entry and give at least one and and you're gonna get angry feedback in addition a while we've got also the IUD hop. You gotta going to be coming up shortly after another deadline but I yet we we have estimated that line but a wait and polygamy were package before idea put anything out there the cut but if we're taking entries for announcer after bringing in suffer amber waves of grain. Go ahead bring anger unikom make sure you mark Dimitri policy will put them in the supper staff and on the PC for evening. And that's a Rochester based group and competitions so they want is more more buffalo yet and and unicom is Rochester all right so. Keep those in mind those dates and mine and you know and her competitions ruby can of course you talk about all the time now. Even if you think I can't win or I'm. Sold new with this that you're gets them so much good feedback so there's a lot that benefit from it and all you're really doing is on you know make him a beer and entry that's great. All right so law pop rise on pre orders can do our our. Soon how will. It's our time timeline for that I know it seems funny was how cold it is outside of this weekend has been this week but we are surrogate. Our initial information about what's going to be available. It's still probably going to be you know end of march. But. We're gonna have pre orders available will know what they're gonna pull out a round very shortly here. So we're Gothenburg socialist we have put all from up on the web site yet. But if you want the go ahead to the website pre order are priced homes and will have more varieties available again after a certain variety beat you want pre order it guarantees that you get. On because there's always some that usually people or on the fence about. We still order fair number and then all of a sudden effort but he wore yesterday it was for a cheese. And so we don't know what that will be this year order to you'll get worker actually if we can and a new one using curse you go to. And he homered icons and appear newsletter you guys are setting up the information hop prize looms as part of that email newsletter you'd. Right. So that's just about everything we talked about hops fighters last week yep and we have more in stock they were very popular a lot of people came in and bought them they are really at only thirty dollars to greet. Price for what you're giving a lot of time to making your own pop spider it's not gonna mean your earliest crisis are wondering by. In the receipt a lot of times I've had a chance to use that I love that. Western your offers to review are reluctant. So yes if you were abusing a lot of hops in the statement Zimmerman cattle in me wanna take a look at ops player. Muscle us we talked extensively about Irish stout so if you are are thinking about Irish doubts had back into our on demand the lead here five that the dot com or ESPN's. Audio vault. And yeah pirates so our target right so system upgrades advantages and disadvantages in this slot penalty guzzle it has been a case of advantages here's all the reasons it's great disadvantages it costs money but it's. There's more than just price it's going to be disadvantage for each thing along the way here in a whether it's on. The high Howell active you are numbering process like do you wanna give up. The process of this just to kind of get through it because you know as we talk with a solid time. You've got these automated persistence that can basically do everything for you and then it becomes in is still Javier suggest you know a functional service for you with that point. Got in the won anything about when you meet and you of these sick we talk about equipment upgrades today a lot of time thirst choices you make etc. were gonna talk about a Sonia. When you look at going in dog entering water your choices and it split two ways. When you pick kind of universal equipment like this you can re use at later Jones said you decide you wanna. Take rim system if you have a good work sure Camille Lee turner will start using it was snatched. And death on the first things will start talking about so everybody wants you know. Movement all remembering eventually. This is a time near a lot of people are starting to drew heavily again kind of stocking up for summer but also while their basements the next temperature in the kind of stuck inside anyways. Lot of people are poor but while ordering rapid succession there kind of seen the faults of systems. And their panel looking at making particular operates. In the one of the ones is if you wanna go all bring your Natalee and in need him hatched on oral outer part and when people. Think you follow lingering it's one of their biggest will say hold ups is looking at these and so mashed on. For a number usually cool and insulated doubtful that you can't apply heat to. Louder and that's what I've got a government yeah yeah the louder can be liked what I which is a blue dot org with a false bottom. Arms so that water flow through recurring can't thinking in the matched on but because the pot you can apply heat to. And so they take a look at the cooler for the kind of pro is art and speak to this. Really easy for single match camps. If you're trying to to a single strike confusion to release the grain and the water for. Put the green and the other half the water and mix at all checker temperature good. It put the lid on and you walk away for four and put that on put the blanket around it and in my experience to schoolers. It's I mean I guess that's a courier to a 45 minutes I would say I was gonna say that you would expect I it's supposed to keep the heat I find that I'm consistently amazed with how well it does keep the heat. And this is their biggest advantage because for good old. You can walk Kuwait during the manager don't have to be at a time. Now the current uses candidate it's harder to Joost that matches if you wanted to Coulter if you want to use the wheat. Or something like that it's going to be hard to change the temperature of the men should end up doing with the rims taking wart chiller putting him into the match on. Running hot water through better vice Versa running worked through. Work chiller in sight out quicker taken back around and heated up or you can do with true German collector car auction take up on the green. Boyle let them put back in the cycle. And should be tough but that's not as easy as it could be with a stainless. The other thing about a cooler is it can be kind of Harvard to fit a manifold. Or a false bottom depending emphasize in chief of cool but with the square who recognizes. Once you get rolling nice fall spotted and pulled into that where cooler. Standard Coleman camping cooler it gets greater efficiency. But sitting there putting to go every girl opera the CP VC pipe and you know scoring it was a hack saws and take a couple of hours and you'll say. Two nights Fort Pierce. And you really get it done but little tricky starting off. Now the louder on which I use does have some depth and you can do step men rushing to the other thing. That I want appointment it's it's very easy to clean. Being sixteen steal. Elections. In easel that more. Caustic cleaners I can also get in there with a scrub at early quick and interest he talked and built up in answer them pierced on the opening up to the side of the managed. On torture really easy to mean. But the same time you have to have a false bottom to promote pops are talking 35 dollar. Upgrade right there if you wanna apply heat from the bottom you have to have a void space. In order or agree to have to have false bottom. And pomp is gonna meet life a lot easier if you have a cooler you're doing that to stage three days gravity system. You can easily Allred without ever owning a pop I did for ten years for ever owned by first or prompt. However when you're using a louder tonne in applying heat playing around with poster temperature plane. Arm it's kind of nice to have that read circulation automated here sitting there with a picture constantly re circulating. While trying to maintain tempo. So pump with a lot of time it's very helpful in keeping even managed evening consistency in. But the cons the currency can't walk away. I'm constantly there are constantly fiddling they like that's a good thing to it's it's a good thing to it to me occupied it is but if you are one person that likes to. Brew as part of your Saturday. Where you also have to like clean the garage right. I mean. And it's a BC can't walk away I think right and I really like the ability to walk away and let them actually keep cool her arm too because sometimes in on one of beer on between me and scientists and tinkering for your own good. Two hours. Other times is one player around reelected for its money cooler. And but that's the big one that when people are altering money in the all remembering. You have to look at what type of match bustle and those are the Q so again cooler going to be able to walk away it's going to be easy process. Louder I'm going to be able to more recipes it's more involved in when you don't going to be. More involved. You know. Tough toenails you have to be the opposite they're you got to watch the temperature can easily lose have been a few you know leave he too can easily. Gained Hampton. You know you've got to keep watch the pros and cons verses for mashed a lot of time next up Immersion chiller verses come a flow. Those of the going and all agreements with each other one. The early mean to. Bomb eat a lot of people automatically always assume power flow. It's going to be the better choice that's a lot of money it stainless two ago it's got to be better but that's not always true I personally use in merchant shall if you go back to a it being more universal gadget all the use of amusingly cooler to. You know change in temperature. As well as they can use it to keep a pop current stuff like that so it's really useful to mean. Policies for fermentation control. So I like mine and work. So kind of the pros who has won his price. You know relief could emerge controllers about seventy dollars. Where really. Powerful trawlers. Are a 130. Men opt for the sure flow. Arm and it's also theory easy and mean. So when I'm done with every group. ID hose it off and acting and when I'm starting in beer I holds off nick in the out of the beginning in the oil sanitize during the oil. Release easy yet you're rewarded us senate on the Ares countered brushing off. Every once wildly screaming out I would take my work chiller probably built up about the same store management group. Winnick economic means to. Do would be great load on the whole pot matched on public or. Run it through either each vessel can use your. Take two says agreeing Scott adds to it every shiny. Until. It's a right but again it's gonna be easy to maintain yet command up with a little bit of stone on the outside of it. Keep using central point where starts about you clean and to ruffle comeback after news. Arm the cons to reports he uses a lot of water especially for trying to get the beer shall down quickly. You're doing a large bats and it's the summer they're trying to get shall faster and putting a lot of water through the work shall. And always have to be patient and keep the little ones here gaming. You know good exchange at your waters and inefficiency here Cilic. Arm and really pixel one if you're trying to do and they in the summer. On our end to chill down seven gallant apps which use immigrants account afloat shall immediately with so if that Don and you know thirty. In its ruling not practical for the larger batches which circling up until like 1015 gallons. You really noticing about whether you wanna move over to float. You just have a lot more surface area and play chiller do you. And emerge and so it's gonna get a lot more work on for a bigger than good so. Either horse pros and cons equipment upgrades here on today's episode of Niagara traditions just throwing it back gas. First electric. We'll set to get to area vertical or in order and come up with a vertical horizontal whose culture. As well so that's on the way next we'll return on our traditions just threw. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military into I don't wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com now Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. I welcome back here. Helping you through your equipment upgrades Jeremy White protester on nine. And traditions. Just threw an audience in fifteen points aware to relieve all three left off account reports rulers we talked about Mercer and work towards the copper foil. He couldn't hear pot or talk October float probably either be oil mutually stainless wrapped in the clothes. Or stainless plate stacked on top of each other they have the same premise you have cold water flowing one correction cross that transfer media. In hot war flowing in the other direction. In the tender chilled out a little bit faster in their biggest pros is it saving time in their seeping water because it's so efficient. So that to be used for make and also handled much more flows of the U in two months larger batch. The biggest console wise and everybody use one of these. They're ridiculously expensive. And a 132 about 200 dollars. For your efforts from the floor plates. And this isn't a bad price if you look at stainless steel exchanger. And automotive industry your cooking something like that it's not a bad price. But then once you get this colorful shall work. On your gonna need a if you don't get the right temperature in the first passed yet to circulated. To start getting it temp in the and you can and often cheer for minter Sears and need to pump for. Also they're not that fund to clean and sanitize after church and before. So. After every use after owner flow through the cover float or cleaning solution out water. Then at the end of that you have to fly auction began with tap water and usually some type. A city agent citric acid or something that. On before every use you have to hook it up while pierce still hot about 212. And then you have to pasteurized so you pop out war. Through your current reports which are hoping and claw and then back in pasteurized. So there's the element of danger in the ailment of math in the element of failure which is why I choose to use. I have one at great success with that calm but to me it's not always works from doing a big match no question Ares float short. But from doing small practice a lot easier Tuesday's numbers. Aren't. So gas vs electors if we kind of talked about routine and indoor brewing system so we had a cover these quick the pros have gas would be. It's cheap. Obama's first unit is concerned. The best bird Ers bill. Cheaper price. The better electric systems or at least even. And the beauty user at the ready in their instant in instant office while electric system turnoff it. For technical gas system you turn up the having a boil over. Who you know heat and boil overs a side. On. I don't mean you know there are some access actions with the ruling nice electric system that generally. Gas even natural gas and big bullet men are handled her. Is going to be faster than the electorate. But the peak on the retreat and realize is it's harder to rig for insight use especially after using propane. In you have to keep up acting. So even if you're doing natural gas. Yours in the battle each and incite me kind of separate area again we talked about that for weeks ago so if you wanna move in to the basement brewing. And check out pedaled show. But. It's going to be hard and he ventilation meaning natural gas pipe. Over today area and so many low and so it was kind of secondary on. And also it's props and know one thing that I can complain about these natural gas as a primary retirement after move the pot. When I'm done brewing musical but so well for try to keep it as efficient as possible. But net patient person in the world that cranking up that point. Eagles and in my pop at all. Electric obvious pros are I efficiencies easy it referred inside during system. But it's also very expensive and in the long run you mean need to call electricians duplicate what people in five that are very popular system. All of one electric about 900 dollars if you look at likable mentally to forty and Yale to normal popular seller. 150 dollars for the prices definitely come down over the years. It's still kinda your still in need to provide some type of control for you building your embarks. Purchasing one for public manner. You know somebody else. But we're gonna have some secondary parts for that one while. So the gas personal electric cars usually have him be determined by where you're going to be in side. It's definitely going to be easier goal after NBC for ordering you know Raj in my local gas. Have instant heat on in its instant heat off. In makes awful but cheaper off in the long. Our and then here the last one will talk about today and that's going to be whether you're building a bronze sculpture you always have to look at winters ago vertical or whether you're gonna goal. Or resigned sweaters and built power whether gonna build a group match. So using the power and for reports mice because rabbit ears and into all the work all pumped will be helpful it's not really required. Also because of this political show usually mean at a stately. The Home Depot restaurant Tom. You know industrial. Worker who Bjork helping. It he took very little space and he not only that section of that tower one of the reasons why I've always loved might. Everything he putback and shells on them all of it's only taking about three feet by thirteen inches in the basement that says. On the cons is often means them boiling on the floor. And so not only in my sitting around in the EU level plane. But I also aft to. Get that war then out of there so inevitably end picking up children were animals and and trying to give table is performing managed and laws. Sort of slowly trickle down from mentor using gravity. And your roaming through agency six foot some footsie. Coworkers. Eight feet nine feet. Still memorably in means that boil ends up on the ground in India at safety but it can also be. Quite. Typical. The other big thing that I think it's heavy to write oh yeah and back and if my next point anybody whose brutal means but in my old power system. You either need to have multiple heat sources. Or you're gonna need some help because you're gonna have to move your sparked water from the bottom system where burgers. Up to the top of the system you competed down through the national. On in at work it's a little theory of two guys a couple of Beers and trying to lift in policy 78 year on the 170 water. Upon the top. A six foot shelf. Here if you're gonna go tower system. I would say don't Buick mean like the board early by Apollo. Only like a lot easier. Now that the biggest con to a bank system two when you have everything and horizontal plane it's nice decency and look in every pot. Everything's right there waist level. Boy you're gonna need pumps at least one in maybe two so appeared to meet him and systems equipment as usual will be more expensive. On but your gonna need at least two poems are looking uses about 260 dollars of added cost rate there. And then once everything is put together. The Celtics up a lot of space art can be good singer pat it's set up somewhere prominent and liked the look of that that can be good thing. But if it's in sheer space. You know those and benches take a lot of room and so maybe kind of question here is how much space. Avail socialist gonna build their first one. And mean over you listen pros and cons what. What to distribution in your spirits to 75% of people go over Nicole to most goal horizontal over Apple Store. And then a lot of people waiter at a special is they get older they move into bigger place more space available. These are to go for the murder you also acquire more equipment as you. Are right. So it could you have a back up poem you know on meanest stuff like that and so I wanted to movement to. More horizontal system that would be a quick switch. And people go back imports while. But I would say most people start off with the power system that shelf it's going going to be I think about mine for 45 dollars on it went on with that. He uses a regular topic. Indices that distort up in the basement so. Easier to use gravity than to try to match to flow on to pops. On cheaper in the long run quicker set up and if you decide to move to a bench or something like that you can take that stuff office agrees that. Two minutes left may be in ninety seconds left middle and more on this next week but anyways text in questions and usually my question is always about. Hey have you ever used in an will be fill in the blank in the blank is something I'm seeing a lot more often. Coconuts everywhere all the sudden get right. Hope tonight is everywhere I views. Small amount coconuts com. In some pale als. But when a think of rock coconut I think of the beard that one but the I think with the surgeons. Two hates cancer two years ago with the first pocono appear that I ever had was coconuts and small amount of pine apple. Things we think with the and Brandon let me that's bomb but it was key that a lot of like flavors and com. But I think it was when you can receive a form element too aware of a lot of props are Axelrod she ace has those kind of tropical fruit elements. But were people are looking for this more rushing. Character out of otherwise pretty big years I think the coconut lends itself pretty easily in its fairly easy to use to seeking get. Tried. Bet that you can just add to the oil not the weapons that that to ride shavings you know you can extract edit bottling or you can buy fresh coconut chalk it up and just wouldn't enter. Maybe a topic for another day yeah it's ever Wear these days are that it pressed. Eleventh annual art of beer. March 3 is that date for they are appear tickets available at and negative vision and not a while deadline is march 12 so it'll be several. And brokers. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by night for traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just threw it.