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Feb 4, 2017|

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    And Gionta. Five maybe it's time to take a look inside high school sports Kelly cheering. Brought to you by mighty taco mighty taco. Would feel great right about now. My new ones have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and my dad neurological institute developing solutions and neurological problems faced an hour he. Good morning welcome inside high school sports I'm your host Tony Caligiuri along with Frank Wolf who from while Western New York. All Western New York dot com and
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    but a a are listed on the girl's basketball as a set Mike McCarthy . For mount Saint Mary's is here in studio good morning Mike in the morning to do. Have pleasure to have in studio.
    As one or the other I would have more with the inside high school sports come up next. Marty eager to get out or get to worked in my garage and it's nice day. We're back with inside high school sports that's better. Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's in studio with us longer Frank Wolf Roger Weis in Joseph mark Gucci no. I'll program note the

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She yard score. Real fights maybe it's time to take a look inside high school sports. You can only cheering brought to you by mighty taco my entire goal. Would go great right about now. My New Zealand's have you Italian sausage it taste different. Prince quality makes and by Denny neurological institute developing solutions to neurological problems faced an hour he. Good morning to welcome inside high school sports I'm your host Tony Caligiuri. What was Frank Wolf from Western New York athletics and the 300 level Roger Weis is here Joseph mark Gucci oh. Peak Kennedy from saint Joe's wrestling is here he's gonna break down wrestling get us up to date as to what's going on some of the top programs and some of the top. Wrestlers in our area we will get updated with top peak in just a little bit. News and notes good morning and gentle man. I you don't Tony had only gone but more nice chilly morning and now Western New York we got a lot of it's. Actually we're getting closer and closer to spring time I'm already thinking about it. I know we're not even know what we're just about halfway through winner I think that tomorrow's halfway point. Neighbor had a barbecue grill the other day did you yet my neighbor on ice and went over. That's not so nice. While puck is Donnie frozen six more weeks and Soviet thirteen week seasons I guess we are passed halfway admire you know. Plus how he's not careful he's going to be a franks and Avery grow along I have played. I he's somebody asked you want time off and they says I know that if they're around ground are actually this year I don't we have six more weeks of liner. Whatever we dozens issue at all. So big you have matches also that I am as well levees and you have 42 days vacations is an hour or this. Did did they get the second opinion from doctor Dave for furcal but I actually I think it took him a conflict this year. I thought bush has done in Concord had conflicting opinions who says they're going to war. It's going to be Twitter war between those two I think Doug is a doctor. The house which triggered me as a marginal crawl under. Looks like he hasn't missed a meal by the way I. Yeah I think it all right guys news and notes I'll started off today at 1 o'clock at Niagara falls high school is battle of the border. We have some or western York teams battling for teams from Canada off. So you wanna check that out some news coming out the off football schedules kind of being leaked. Bits and pieces and if this is true it's gonna kind of interest and we're looking at one class for double way. Three classes again three divisions for B but that's gonna be. Based solely on bad numbers solo goal top six next tops it bureau told. Like he won be doing these three for basketball lately doing all you don't have obese three. Exactly and so. Oh congratulations to our bodies Sean Bruce so guess where he's coaching. I'm an organizer Lancaster. And Joseph Iguchi with the Warner. So he's returning home so congratulates Shawn I know that's something he's wanted to do for a long time but. You know finally presented with the opportunity chance you could bring his assistant urged her years in the big picnic. While rolling out of it and to nice and easily right on the street and yes I'll be like yes. All right oh yeah and Tuesday if you had an over to Wilson High School they're having Whiting out hunger. Bring to nonperishable food items get free admissions and that is at Wilson High School Wilson girls. Too we're not doing their thing to raise what rights seriously. You call that way it was food McCarron Matty if you gotta tie it up a Wilson also going to be there we can always bring something for yourself to help you get along the way how well frank. What if here okay yeah I've talked in field hockey sections six will be the home of the field hockey state championships beginning 2018 it's a three year commitment. Spoke to Judith out of the section coordinator and Steve frenzy that will north eighteenth both are very excited to. Have this the games moved into it will nor does weather will be plates of 2018 is one of begins. Falling the Royce Summers invitational Terrence started this morning in any amount of time don't wanna bowling center. He and let's leave get the boys hockey and well south at a huge win yesterday over west Seneca east. That brave on the defenseman had had tree but a big shout out to L expects to return recently from my injuries that have plagued them all season. But he returned just about a little or we can go here in five games he had a goal and three assists less than alone so big game for him. Except that kid at ten west loop or big game tonight in the Fed parted venue and a 45 should of it should. Decide division four championship there can west last won in 2006. Girls hockey semi finals are sat out Monday in our town you got Kenji verse will sell the 4530 cash purse to flop. Both games of the eleven WNY athletics that count fund raiser on Tuesday for cash how to pinheiro and transit row from 48 proceeds. Up portion of the proceeds will go to that team so please get out to transit road and air up between four and A for the FaceBook page for more details. Speaking cast last Thursday actually mean scored four scored five times she now is all a hundred goals. For her career I'll sit fund raiser opener going to be called cash for cash. Well it should it. Dash for cash there you go easily catch for Christmas cash for cash his cash is Clarence hammers sweet home Akron. So all of their arm and fund raiser who det Matt B cash for cash it would be right now isn't close to flop for flop. Alert desperate Castro. They were looking for marketing director. Well Rick yes he wanted to name off my when my application and I got news for and also we look at pro argued indirect. Irate died girls who have real quick Kendall mills from Kenny she pastor sister Casey for third place on the all time scoring list. And mount Saint Mary's earlier this week defeated sacred heart for the first time ever last Monday night's amazing. And we have some college signings you want to get through bear with me here will east for a super resigned is heading to Ohio State for soccer. Will north had four students commit this week kind of Kelly. Had that and Vera for football LE Stafford and burrows well for soccer Mike wells is gone to pieces for golf in jigs aren't. The goaltender of the wheel north hockey team is actually going to you be to play baseball. Kinesis we on the ball play Kabul signing with Ohio State John Paul ball base and a Francisco. Excuse me Franciscan university place soccer alarm with. Show on Friday in Charlie's QB they're all going to play soccer as well. Culbertson sending you be for football Vinny can tell lies and you can reaches for soccer and T cement the pains. Damon sector west Seneca Westchester double Youngstown State for sector. Orchard Park swimmers Olivia said PO sending UP Katrina Warner's head to saint Bonaventure Clarence Roscoe Ricky. Division to New Haven for football's sake and carry out turner and immersed years for lacrosse here acquired the trench trophy winner Nathan beamer. And of Boston College to play football along with Bennett's Isiah meet Duffy danys and I score for a Boston College. The trend trophy winner in the coming couple intervals going to be C. Look out. Brad brown who played a dud. Kind of Bennett two seasons ago he was with the prep team up in Canada this year he's 10 to central Michigan they play in the same division as you be. In former Kent was standout Terrelle forward. Has committed himself to the U University of Toledo who will be Iraqi next season. Yeah had a conversation would James last night James Mallory is older brother he's really exciting as a great opportunity for Toro trolls are fantastic kid. Good grade hard work her. I think Toledo just landed a jump. Here frank could you recruit for us. Iron and connect easiest appropriate or not you mentioned Doug Kendall mills. Very much after leading scorer certainly score boys and girls. On Michael Ryan refereed RG I younger son he's second in the league male and enjoy all Pollack is leading all time scoring candies. Couple quick basketball notes. I guess an off. No other rivalry will sell to release goes and anything right. In basketball and when will solve play will these girls vs girls and boys vs boys. Scenario McCall went over a thousand points for career Greg Dolan went over a thousand points for his career pulls against well these so. The fact that they just went against will least they won many games in 2000 points that tonight that they will never forget. And program note next week Centre court will be out to we're gonna talk basketball. It's amazing who scored I'm this year or Paulus got a lot of senior Martti after last night time and be spark off those. Those semi finals at the Kessler to this year the same frame I was just there early because you'll have to walk along way because you want everywhere place to park. I'll quickly last night and I wanted to reach out to yesterday guys school and Forsberg high school. Cherie corner job bankers reckon I drove down from the game so we had a Steve Forsberg. Through the real deal. Three girls I'm there are all I actually nine girls Tuesday he rotates night in and out he stairs ten. One girl got her part there are other real deal. I might project them now is our best chance for a girls' championship block I think they can one class C. And of course you don't have to. Downplay the other Warner Panama and Franklin going class B put them girls are looking good. Sorry I don't have time we have a lot of shelves I missed will catch up and actually. Joseph Margaret show you as something I know. The other night Matty Williams from dire broke the state record for three corners. She had sixteen. Is that at all no issues thirteen. From sub sixty she went sixteen for seventeen from three point line amazing absolutely amazing. So now she's the all time mount three point. It's time. For news just to just to three point record for. A game wow. I'm Gloria one veteran Anthony she's a sophomore. She's Napoli score on a team leading scorer on the team Jane brown is also a sophomore. So off Brian. From Wilson. No cameras about good vibrations. Here whenever your hands law next couple years because I know that's a team and to me it Brokaw. Wilson's. What was it 62 consecutive. Niagara Orleans wins right you didn't mention earlier on net fund raiser. It's Modano vs Wilson this Tuesday so law. You wanna see you new record holder for three pointers. And not bring some sort out the Wilson NC a good girls basketball game Tuesday night at Wilson High School. Outstanding and one last thing before we get talking wrestling if you go to our FaceBook page you'll see an article from channel to. And regarding lawmakers want a band tackling football for thirteen and under. Yeah I've been saying this for awhile I think the game is under assault and does scary times you look at what they're trying to do. Experimenting with different things as far as making the game safer that's. Really give it Alter the game and I think we may be headed. In the wrong direction but if you wanna go on there is some great points count points in there making a case either way so. It feel free to chime in it's on our FaceBook page and you'll see it rated the top. Thank you channel two for for coming out that article. Why are they afternoon wins. For each team you have to worry in my can be doing a wrestling match you know what we do is we we end can only speak of from may saw. The league and I'm involved in. That we way in the beginning of the year. And those weights are are jotted down now if you're over a certain way. Your called a strike the strike perhaps to play on the line cannot be a quarterback running back Hearn and they have to play one on line positions. And after that that's that's fine there's no way to know weighing the rest of the year. So if you're one pound underneath the service season you're good you can put on ten pounds during the season it doesn't matter what the odds of putting on ten Powell's during the season is pretty rare. I was feeling pretty good yeah rabbi and Ollie at wrestlers starve themselves as right to a long way in and all of a sudden. Two days later in her five pounds heavier and there were. You know how many week how many weeks during a season. Ten weeks and weeks during a season even a pound a week. And it just doesn't make sense to chances. I'm put on a pound a week is almost know when you're running around that march. And what that much effort in their like my son he'd lost six pounds throughout the season. So eating game he won't really travel to reach product on the board I can put up parliamentary what agent starter. I believe six you're awaits subbing years before he tackles were born to that's what they're proposing. Q how does that prepare you play high school Pope doesn't mean doesn't U to wanna tackle first time that old and that way you can advocate playing. All those years. Doug Buford it. You put all the losers pick it could jeopardize the game and especially at the high school level but. We're gonna have we're gonna do marshals on that in the future I promise you this is a hot topic in its not going away. There's not many pro pulls up there I'm looking into bringing in some people have a nice that discussion about it so we will do that in the future. We have. You know wrestling it's not only is one of those rare things it's not just individuals which you also have teams. Let's go through some of the top teams first beat. Sure for stop thanks for having me our pleasure. Absolute pleasure to be here and thank you for covering high school sports thank you for covering all high school sports I think it's important to give. These kids in this area. Suppressed because there are some tremendous high school athletes in this area and it's a lot of fun. Units. First up there's there's five tournaments today today is the section six class tournament Dockett. These student athletes are are wrestling earn a berth at the state qualifier. So there's five tournaments. There's two division one tournament double A and single in the double A tournament is at Lancaster high school. It started 9 AM for all these tournaments finals or 430 so if you're looking for something to do this evening. That's cost effective for the family get out there and watch some tremendous wrestling class double a.s at Lancaster single at star point. In division two or three tournaments they're more division two schools in section sixth in division one. Those V that that's it Cheektowaga sees it Falconer indeed is that Maple Grove so there's some tremendous wrestling going on. Today tomorrow is the 51 annual all Catholic tournament. The technicians high school wrestling starts at 9 AM so that's Robby. All day tomorrow. The state qualifier for section six is Saturday February 11. Two locations division one as in north tunnel Wanda. It starts at ten with the finals at six. And division to visit the Allegheny community center in Salamanca. Against finals at six champions automatically. Move on to the New York State tournament. They're also or wild cards there's a point system. For students to to be able to qualified but champions automatically go in to the state championship in Albany. Interest in this year the ths a term that the Catholic high school state championship. Is at Saint Francis high school. We travel down there for three years in in the fourth here they come to Buffalo. So they get the hour bus ride it take to determine February 11 and twelfth. Wrestling starts at 930 on the twelfth at 10 AM on the eleventh and again champions go directly to the New York State term. Took a look through we wanna talk about teams first the most recent stink dual meet rankings by the New York State sportswriters association. Came out January 10 there will be some changes here cobble Clarence and lock poured in division one ranked in the top 25. Honorable mention we're nagger wheat field Lancaster Grand Island. And the saint Joe's marauders of course division true falcon or three pioneer ten only in twenty. New faint warning for noble mentioned should talk lake in Cheektowaga that will change because the results at the section six dual meet championship last week. The nagger wheat field Falcons coach by Rick Sweeney probably pulled off. One of the most improbable. Travels to the championship that you'll ever find they won three very close dual meets and ended up. Beating lock for the final so certainly they're gonna move in. To the top twenty I imagine this he dual meet rankings. And then in the small schools we had pioneer falcon wrestle again when Falconer minor wrestled the first time it was a one point match. And Felger came out on top this time it went to the tiebreaker. And pine your pulled off I'm so certainly those are probably two top five teams. In the entire state in the small school and they're from right here in sections six. And so. Right now the number one large school and in section six. Is wheat fields. And the small schools pioneer. There will be teams scored the class tournament but there's something about it you'll be. Where you at all fifty weights covered it. That tournament scoring just just doesn't hold a candle to that. We were on Staten Island Saint Francis in saint Joes went down to the C Jesse dual meet championship. It was won by monsignor Farrell Staten Island second was seen Anthony from Huntington Long Island saint Joe's was third in Saint Francis was sports. Say it was a those agreed term there's eleven teams Aronson some great wrestling. Jumping into two individuals. I went through kind of highlighted with my staff some of the top guys. That we should be cute and I am as we get into the post season. In 99 pounds. That the top dog is eaten rather do Clarence. He state ranked. Last year it was a state qualifier. The the other two top dogs in 99 under Tyler bar. Total of made from north title one whose tenth grader and Antoine Walker of Clarence. It's an eighth grader very good chance that you'll see the the finals of the sections six championship in G1 could be teammates. They are you wrestled twice in finals determine its looking at the division to. Term and it looks like he's seen you since you use any greater new feigned. It's going to be beat him and it may be some other guys the cool thing about the the post season and wrestling is. At every weight class there's always some kid that you didn't think of that puts it together but maybe they were banged up at the end of the year they just improved. That's what I think is really the coolest thing about wrestling is. Whoever's gonna be the best guy and that days Golden State tournament. The top seed at the all Catholic tournament this week and Logan while he's in his sophomore from Saint Francis. That 106. He got a Parker Rossiter from Lancaster has been we've seen him wrestle several times at the tournaments we've been that. He's he's very tough. He could very well also be wrestling his teammate. It barbarian is also from Lancaster tough kid Marcus Evans from Randolph as a ninth grader at and had a chance to get eyes on this kid. But he's been winning tournaments ever he goes he looks to be a top dog won six. Top seed at the all Catholics his one of my boys Sammy baker loses an eleventh grader from saint Joe's a topsy. Ed won thirteen. Pretty loaded in section six as far as the talent. Mitch Seaver. It was fourth at the New York State tournament -- he's a twelfth grader. Justin MacDougal is a ninth grader from tiger we killed these two guys have traded wins and losses with each other in dual meets and tournaments. And then Shane hat trick for Maple Grove is an eleventh grader the hat trick name forever for wrestling people at Maple Grove is a pretty long legacy. Dalton gardeners and ninth grader from Purdue and he was fifty states last year. So we've got four guys that it's certainly could be on the podium at the end of the year and who knows how it's gonna shake out in the section six tournament. Okay we'll cut it off at 113 we'll take a break come back pick up where we left off. More wrestling talk repeat Kennedy from saint Joe's you listened inside high school sports on WGR Sports Radio 550. We're back to listen inside high school sports. As Derek Kramer and get tired rocketed out. Joined by Frank Wolf. Roger wise drummer who Joseph. Eight that you're gonna like this one next week I'm going to see the musical box at the Riviera theatre. Old Genesis. Done it the way what with Peter Gabriel. Complete with yet tricks this is going to be amazing. I'm really looking forward to the show to be going did you see that Genesis is making a comeback this year on tour. Really I saw them twice have a cap and the one before it. It's amazing passers absolutely amazing I love that band and I really look afford this this going to be crazy. They're doing a reunion tour this year so if they get anywhere close will just double ask management to a report live straight from Genesis and you know. That would be beautiful yet it lived in UC check Thompson. Who's the touring drummer for Genesis when he and fill his side by side and the drum kits and they just go to town it's. Awesome at the one of the concerts that are went to right I was sitting behind them. While they're doing and just talk oh my god that was so much fun you know. They're a quick question is driving me nuts. Competes they would get juniors in high school only honor and such an honor and thirteen Browns. I only I only didn't hinder my nine year old weighs a 106. And mean these are you actually. Maintain at least through four years surely put battle. Get our hope apparently that's what the great thing about school wrestling is as it gives guys an opportunity uses who's a small guys might be just fail sword is an opportunity represented his school. To show that he's got atlases them. I mean are you said the one he's greater variety grade. Green maybe. Now you're talking about a cure your result at third did belt might let slip past Clinton dinner here and my 106 pounder he's a junior and that's pretty much is naturally he's a cross country runner. But he gets to represent this school and show that he's an athlete. Nile encephalitis is about to run cross country and Russell how and is atlantis'. Tonight we left off at 113 we did leave off it went thirteen I wanted to mention my buddy Matt he would from Saint Francis that's right accorsi chassis championship pick right there he's the top seed going into the Al Catholic tournament this weekend. I'm moving on a 120. Once what he's been dominated by the division two or small school guys in west Europe this year. Top returner is at brattle he was fourth at the state tournament last year at 106. Had a bit of a growth spurt we also get David pop vocal want who's a senior. And that EJ pot of Maple Grove. Who's just back from an injury he just started wrestling just got back on the mat this month but those guys are gonna do get out. Look at at the large schools it's probably gonna come down a man you know from will sell them on tape you'll lock port. But there are openings there for other guys too. Move and 126. We've got Willie mcdougal's. Niagara Falls coached by saint Joe's alumnus Steve Gigi and cola. And that nick Kozlowski of pork bill you've also got Johnny puck he's a sophomore from Easter or who's looking top. It's another way that's really deep in the division two schools Brian bock man for Roy or Parker Giamatti Russo from for pneumonia treat Wideman from pioneer. There's also avoid met Evans from brand opted out right now. But. There's a way for these guys get Weaver negated if they there injured the top seed for the off Catholic term is nick sellers as senior from. From kinesis. Move and on a 132 it's this is a deep wait for the large schools. We've got kicked a wall from wheat fields in the tenth grader you've also got warm it do gold. Natter wheat field who's also with ten greater now. I haven't seen the way in sheets for the class tournaments are you gonna see some of these guys might spread out mcdougal's been around yeah there's three mcdougals to weed through to the faults. To some of these guys later spread out in an effort to find the best path to the New York State tournament. Looking cat. At the small schools Hector Colombo for known he's a previous state qualifiers the place winner. I'm at the all Catholics are at the top seed is each Welker meant to blow it ages. He's a pretty cool kid he's had a nice season but he's also organizing the banquet for the fiftieth anniversary mean she is a school wrestling. Any rates for the school papers to a pretty impressive kid on this Neitzel shout out there 138. We've got some really tough kids in the division two side of things Sokol Andra is a senior from two pew Cleveland nationals merged team. He's a previous state qualifier. Jake a page from Eden coach spies and Tommy page is one of the best coaches in the best people and wrestling. Billy siders from Dunkirk. Those guys are all gonna fight it out along with that deliberate or for yours really tough. Looking at the large schools Corey gave from your tenth in the dating game that your players and what is legacy names great programs out. The all Catholic top seeds met met Baldwin. From teaches this opera and a really nice season. 45 we got the older gay Connor de walker he was six at the New York State tournament last year. On the the small schools side we've got control Jackson from Cheektowaga. Is what the fastest kids you'll see around just from from the point of his stance getting into lake attack he's lightning fast. Dillon in grow from soccer's eleventh grader he's six that states you see a lot of now that are guys and players guys louis' top six. We've also got on. Brian Giannone from star point at twelfth grader he may be at 45 or fifty Q I'm not sure which week it's elected to go to for the post season 145 at the Catholic term is deep again Dominic Thomas from Saint Francis is top ten theories the top seed. Caleb long as my voice is it's Welker. A couple of these guys please that this ths last year. And so they won in the finals Catholics there's a good chance the following week at the CHS A tournament as well. 152. Pounds has led by Stephen campus since you've from port probably one of the most improved kids I've seen over six years numbers the career. When he started to use a little now it's a big guy. An absolute. Hammer when he gets on top of people he turns in every way to Tuesday when he gets up there and I attacked faults in the files internment. We saw in the finals of the sponsor or tournament if you win the sponsor or tournament. Your top dog when you score technical all the finals of the sponsor or tournament you're going to be on the podium with the New York State term. In the in a small schools side we've got Giuseppe whose one of the best first Angel fine wrestling from southwestern. And in Torres from now opener and looks like those guys are gonna fight it out. Look in at the CHS A what we had our seeding beating this was the most hotly contested what we got. Tight slog it out as saint Joe's is returning to agency summit violence. He's the top seed Tanner Miller from Saint Francis. And Jake papers Saint Mary's of in two and a three seed that should be a great final 150 Q was well on Sunday. 160. We've got some studs and sixty Western New York. Cameron page from now openers at twelve Gregory's and other absolute. Gainey assemblage from grand island's eleven career Dominic Krause from sweet homes its authors of Clausen and Milledge. Herbal going to be in the division one side. Your partner from Cheektowaga. The quarterback to quarterback. While as good as he is a quarterback he's as good at. All he wanted and delegate. Gear houses and eleventh grader at saint Joe's. He is 37 and five he's a returning seed Jesse champion. He bargain if its good battles they wrestle in the files of the sponsor or tournament. And Sawyer over off from Eden again he's he's eaten guys keep creeping up. They are always rated in the post season so he'd be my creep into. 170 Trevor my check. He's target in 67 idea and you start seeing some football means having been a familiar may have familiar names here guys should Eleanor part of it and noise Trevor might check from people grow as a twelfth grader he's had a nice season. Jacobs meter from Hamburg he was six that the New York State tournament last year. Nick martone is another one of my guys he's 35. He's 21 point matches with my object is in north Buffalo guy. He has an awful I think I know in my you know is on his relatives. Look at also. Division to really keep it 17 needed all Ingram from Joker rob and hell for that opener and Jake's our from our partner. Are also tough guys and his status arrows I was just getting on nephew who is also football player and those guys arguably could've been a finalist for the Hamlet cup but because of the conflict in the minor raw. Water up. They pull this thing magazine and we wouldn't be a winner and all very athletic very strong will once said that you guys are all really athletic strong fast these guys that are usually play at linebacker fullback. Rory you know right half back these guys that are. Are really phenomenal athletes Anthony quick question he said Derek house. Their house here in house for your team gets. If why he loses a match and rolled to a eye and say they bought the house now. He doesn't lose a I said Beltran to me as soon there. And bring up the question you think I'm the only person in the world obnoxious enough there's a questioner why aren't there that want to know. Go. Natural movement I know what 82. Top dog in division one is Matt Chico from wheat field. When tiger we feel wrestle Laporte last week in the finals of the league championship. Their last guy they put out was Matt Chico I imagine dad coached when he probably plays I had a big grin on his face before you started. It's nice when your best wrestlers the last guy out to close out the dual. He's going to be question has been are ready by Joseph injuries and Lancaster. Another step football player I think Joey probably the most tackles and all of sections 60 or mark last year. Tough wrestler. Dillon Noll from Hamburg is also in a tough guy in division one a along with Stephen Ashton Mitchell our sport. Division chew. It's going to be maybe Corey Kiefer a falcon or eleventh grader but the defending state champion. From falcon or Jacob peruse and out of the lineup since November. And I got a sneaky should suspicion he's going to be back Matt. It if not this week. Right next week. I'm hoping he can be clear he is verbally committed to being intent and he would get a waiver right would get away from an elbow injury. He'll Falconer. Still got to the finals of the division choose to leave championship. And they were still ranked number three in the state. Without a defending state champions and it certainly testament. To their depth to their team a quick return fire when ready quick question how long have you been involved with the wrestling this is your twenty for me at saint Joe's. Okay so if I say other name man man has guys from down south that you remember MI I remember met me as dire member also there ever was a year word section 613 weights and are up top that was meant as guys to others. Yeah okay met man's today was also off. He was he scholar athlete football player of the year you know as far as academic combine all that right now he's. He's a lawyer and polite polite dole whatever and Laughlin adults like real life a little he is now on journey. We're in the years go into requirement involved it lie to you how many years you have to go to school to become a lawyer right. Any relation to Kensington high school. I am not sure. In this you had to go issue here wadded up I know yeah I didn't all right would it take a break where we leave him off here. We're at 182182. Okay and the other side of the break. We'll pick it up right where we left off we're moving right along here talk a wrestling nine inside high school sports. Less effective inside high school sports. Big big two mile Super Bowl. Derek which had a Super Bowl coverage starts. Noon we've got me. Jumping on me. We have some local coverage in the he hit some national coverage it is nice for me have it all covered tomorrow I'll covered start then you will be like tomorrow. My life yeah everything's right in Houston. We think it's going. That part but I like Atlanta and big happy due to suited if only because there were not worthwhile experience. We'll see power. Tune in tomorrow WGR Sports Radio. 550 we'll talk repeat Kennedy Taiwan wrestling. We left off at 182 were up to the big guys have scored 82 I just wanna mention at all Catholic term it might be the best weight class we've got. Nolan Thomas is a sophomore from Saint Francis. He's 3511. Many ice works is 29 of fifteen from saint Joe's and Jake Ostrosky a senior from tenacious he's 26 and fourteen. All three of those guys should place at the CHS A tournament we'll see who's the all Catholic champion tomorrow afternoon. Moving on a 195. We've got. Quite a few tough guys in division one tournament. We've got right now that to the top guys Lawrence Jenkins from lakeshore. Tyler Smith from pine your looks to be the top guy in division two. We've also a Christian writers a senior from Clarence. And they soul. Move toss them off from north title one it is easy route isn't easy for me to say right my guy is spreading Nixon from saint Joe's he's 43 and one. With thirty pins. A 103 and 27 for his career low club there for race Freddy cleaned out the 195 weight class last week at the CHS A tournament. He went nine NL. Two forfeits. Seven matches with a takedown and opinion and we are on there. In a nice guy nice performance side your house was also nine you know to see Jesse tools last week to. The great thing about wrestling is that when you get into the post season yeah help each other win. It our our philosophy and our practice room has been everybody's welcome his major dad wants to be respectful work hard. So we've had to be so overworked and with us our biggest rival wrestling is Saint Francis will probably practice at them all next week. If a Buffalo guy wins than we all win that's that's cool that we we kinda. Worked together that you guys like that I like that attitude at 220. We've got to the returning state qualifiers Mason men for Angelo from Lancaster. From a leader a lot of people in summer school football Mason's agree kid I know they did an article somewhere I saw about him. Mason he's a big guy 220 pounds I had really bad as a kid engine partners written at Oakland Athletics much. He's built himself into a top football player wrestler. He looks to be pretty tough. Looks to be the front runner in division one but he's going to be pushed right Anthony Robinson from star point. And Chirac Rogers from lake shore. In nine division chew. We've got to Jordan McLaughlin of all Lee ends the twelfth grader and Matt Eldridge. From clean and yeah. That Eldridge was a finalist for. That Connolly cup he also practices at saint Joes with Freddie. And I'll tell you what's really cool about wrestling is we had one of the first times that Freddie was down at 197 was that the officials tournament. He'd been wrestle it to twenty but he never we'd anywhere near Detroit. In it was about a pound over. The second day of the tournament. And Matt Eldridge grabbed him and say hey let's go work on hope in that list pound off. She could run by yourself for your friend could grab you by the arm and help you get that last pound off and that's really that that community piece that brotherhood peace that exists aggressive. Are you were quick shout you measure your right gradually zone from a lake shore. Made hammer who won the treasure trophy this year I special right Rodgers actually outplayed them when they want it bad good nine men. Couldn't happen to a nicer. Also a 220s Neeson who's senior ages tremendous linebacker. He. He's gonna be. Probably the top dog in the months you partly when he gets out of the CA Jessie turned there'll probably be down in the boards from saint Anthony's. McGwire world. Who beat Freddie Nixon last year in the C Jesse finals. But Mason didn't wrestle all master's shoulder injury he's a stay qualifiers sophomore for self Lester. Outward brother's happy wrestles basically six that your state tournament as a sophomore so he's again keep. He certainly. To represent the mansi mark to see Jesse. I want to what delivery room his Lakers huge house and took some pressure. Finally glad to 85 Lee Al suits from Newport. I was fourth in the state tournament last year he's the top ranked guy in division two state wide. He's going to be pushed by Jones darker who's certainly familiar to people that cover football. Nick Jones is around seemingly forever or the Jones's brother's been topped out at Joker. Program you know who's featured in the where wrestling article in the Buffalo yeah. Talks about how he had a really significant knee injury but he's worked himself back in what we ECC tournament last week. That he's gonna be pushed by agent on Johnson Grand Island. My buddy Kobe Kennedy from Amherst and Sean Claussen Clarence. Very deep heavyweight. We class division one especially. Tops it all Catholic tournament is still Judy from now. He's going into the post season with a fifth seeded three record for now. He's a you won't go from two when he had to leave I got a very few of the guys that two week by week 285 they're somewhere in between I'll just gonna say at 230 you'd be in the grip to wrestle it to 75. Good oh wow that that we it does it it doesn't matter how much you weigh it matters how good wrestler yard how illustrated you have. Drove were you know from what sort of east is to see if he is. He has muscular. You. So do you get him out of the run advantage nowadays I think. Manningham. As they now. Well be taking so much we've talked before the our program. It's getting to the point where it's difficult getting officials rosling. Is there any ways or any movement. Sore recruiting officials I know that the Niagara frontier wrestling officials association is always actively recruiting new officials. The best officials are typically. Guys and it experts wrestling that counts of some acknowledging awareness. That pays pretty good day they make a good block and packages involved in the sport. But we certainly do need. Younger officials that we can we get help come up and become the next master officials. We've seen a lot of turnovers the last few years is guys that have been doing it for 2030 years big step now. But but certainly you would see Gator football we're talking. We know we need the next generation of of young people to get involved is officials. He take you so much wealth of knowledge. Absolute delight to have you on the program this morning. Best of luck to you guys the rest of the way into all western your wrestlers let's get some state championships and bring them home. Absolutely accurate to say no mine my six year old daughter's sick and homeless things I love you Molly I'll get well holly go Joes are right there you go Roger take you frank thank you Derek Kramer. Thank you talk to you next week with more inside high school sports.