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It's. It's. Do you like your you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just grew brought to you by Niagara traditional group here's your host Jeremy White. Bert diced her. Good Saturday morning a chilly morning. Kind of chilly coincidental that cold but anyway. I went back and forth field yes so you you know. Yeah appeals court. The defense they're innocent they can be called me if it's in the forties he can beat Chile. It's in the forties opening we're coming from. Medical anyway good morning Doria. Jim white protester here as we get prepared for a couple things we've we've got lots to get to tutoring part of pop utilization rates free numbers on home brewers up their Coca not as. Ingredient how to use that and different things you can do but before we do all that are housekeeping stuff. The announcements will always start show announcements. March 3 the art of beer the eleventh annual art of beer and tickets are thirty dollars and available. Tiger tradition that. There are also available on the next website as well. If any CC dot org you got it in a few never com. If you never attended before two wonderful fundraiser arm while the focuses peer a lot of the area restaurants also come and contribute. So this is on the few fundraisers for you get post beer. And food and it's not just appear casing and just keep calling it a country's brightness in offer a lot of assets but it is were looking to kind of keep the building going keep the programs going for the after school kids and stuff like that. And it's good that it's a fund raiser not just a beer fest that the art of you're talking about here again it's coming up on now marks their. I think that sometimes. We market timer beer festivals are all kinds like mixing together you know like there's a lot of them out there there's a lot of places where now you can get great beer used to be severe fossils were to go to get the Revere now ever barged acrid the year so. On the stand out for good cause and have good food at the same time like is gonna set in the park. All right also the amber waves of grain a walk deadline is the twelfth of march judging is the 24 and the 25. So if by you've already got something from renting or you know you're you're kind of up against it just remember the twelfth of march a little over a month. Is uncannily little on Vermont because reform warriors really got like. Or weeks he got and they will have two weeks of bubble condition after you turn them and they are stored in the low sixties so if you turn them in right up at the entry date and you just by a bullet chances are will be carbonated by the time it's judged. So with. Mostly you know forty days of brewing Bloch told the deadline he release shall have some options out there for your number no question for you on this. Where else can you. Make your entry is adjustments you guys are there other places to other thoughts other places I think locally the other drop off fur you know from south sound to be flying cars and a grip it's the other Gerson Dropbox to outside of the buffalo Niagara area father summon Rochester trauma from other places so if you look outside the area near tuning in. Com go ahead and go to their website coat to the they're always have agreements and nine association of home burst. And they will have other drop off locations on the usually too you want a chapter a day or two before the local Dropbox BC have to have somebody drive out there. And give them but if you're outside the area you can find. Closer drop off location you can also mail them into if you want to as well. Com please element to not make a tradition. Fly important program mailed them to clobber. Where they're happy people judging the result the other reason I ask is because the deadlines that twelve guys are open on the twelfth know technically technically it's Elop right so for for entering a and judging the 24 and 25 still no definite deadline for the union now come out there is but I figured it rated down before it accumulated that semi view from that nice packet of information we have all of that in store. You're looking to enter unique. And one a day of the deadline is some of the usual. We tend after. They want doctors who probably the nineteenth in reading Pia there was to keep you updated that who's to the next we'd start brewing if you wanna enter something for that and wanted to bunt for the next week. Also up pre ordering a pop prize Holmes yes and so we've started taking some orders. Com if you have any questions about what to grow and so play tackle and give us a call. But I would really say just get something in the ground top prize homes are very easy to group they take some time to establish. Armed so if you're thinking about growing our own props given in the ground for all mean you know I think for fifty. If you decide you don't like that variety a few years down the road you can always just pull it out and replace it with something else. At 450 it's really the cost of two ounces so if you get a good ornamental knew little bit of harvest often after a couple of years you've got money. But again there Corey ornamental just given in the ground. You'll have been on hand. Yes you'll harper reached your missing from the special beer. All right if you missed last week's show we talked about different. Options you can have brewing with gas bring electorate. Vertical structure or all structures like if you're. You know making improvements to your system last week showed confide in on demanded. ESP at 1520s. Website also at WG ours on demand audio. And one thing that was brought up to me. Over the course of the week after we talked about from the Cayman. Especially with epic ice storm came through the northeast this week when you have an elect numbering system. You can not brutal power outage so you know snow day kids are home from. All you know when I mean your like OK in armed enemy to prove had this recipe sitting around for awhile if you have an electric system in the power gross out your birdies on. Where if you think gas system even if you lose your thermostat control you lose your pumps. You'll still be able to move south from by gravity and still do the heating which he won't be able to do on your electric system with the power so that's another major advantage. Offered at spurring substance. All right very good ready to hop utilization in the next segment first up one started to time we get like you know an ingredient that were seen pop often. Maybe in our homers and listen of the show haven't used it too much like to talk about it in the one I'm seeing a lot more of lately that we've only touchdown. Is coconut. Coconut as the new in thing it's a lot of Porter threw him seem more reporters. Seen as some other places to would more often than not it's it's in the result. Amalia brewing one that they think the most classic to present a point equals reachable yes Alison employer has a coconut victory at CI a believes they have a coconut victory exe. In the mean 12 so anyway coconut in beer if you wanna use that you're probably using it and it. A premier that ought. Brown won't know tropical and could you go like a light sale Weller cream Iliad to wanna want when I went and it looked like the most popular reeboks entering the pits for coconut. They actually the popular ones were kind of creamy or pale. And I can kind of see where this is coming from if you want a nice refreshing beer in the summer of those are gonna block and property well. Also if you think you know viewed CO pale lay ill if you drop almost with distinction count that as a good multi basic kind of absorb. The coconut. And we've talked before about hop slicks Faraci it's kind of provide a tropical. From flavor to the beer. And coconuts gonna give you that obvious tropical fruit flavor if you put into my pillar or cream it'll turn out well however. The commercial samples are often very big orders pants doubts. The kind of for right this chocolate coconut kind of the elements in their fairly easy to do and doesn't take a lot of Coke and under a lot of effort. Armed generally you can and happier to anywhere in the process of the oil to the primary fermentation is secondary fermentation. In and doing a little research that's what Maui and the habit to every single stopped every job that way of labor so when you're heading into the boil. You're really giving that mural miles flavored stuff like that when you add it to the second period. You're giving the Roma sincere in the role or profile for early that coconut flavor. On usually people are using shavings are the most common lieutenant dried coconut shavings. In the usually toast some furlough for optical more flavor of the answer from me and a 350 degree oven and cookie sheet until we get a light golden ball around and you'll release. Kind of know by the smile so. Your nose will now. Once they would do that it's at it's the second period attitude Boyle chairman music half a tone to it one point five pound for five gallon package. Will it does I mean it's there for the the milk coconut as the meet right it's like coconut meat. If you buy this righted is that the kind of thing that is a canoe and leave behind it. Oil and Suffolk Allison hall like Ari are you Gannett to clean that out. Some people suggested using the board and on to try to make a little bit easier to give out because the the carrier talking about. Paul penis and will hold on to some CO2 but also some of it will float for multiple state suspended during fermentation won't all sink to the bottom. Nicely. Arm of some people to suggest adding a cock back. But generally it's not gonna follow parks are gonna turn into new push by the end of fermentation it will stay in whole pieces. And over our oil sympathy wanted to watch out for. But generally most amber said they just wanna hand with a recipe but sometimes shall see if you have an oily slick that suggestion to leave a little bit in the from mantra. The most upper said they didn't have an oily slick in the didn't have any problems with had retention. Later so. Coconut coast unlike some of the other you know and Johnson two time world attention and leaving a little bit behind in the from entry here of any oils. On you don't have to do that was coconut. So even though does have oils and you don't need to have people that behind for entries and haven't agriculture also pretty. Overall pretty easy you've got guns god and because a lot of people to say Utica flavor profile just from an audience a second here. This is a great one works if you need to fight he Eleanor six scaled back to stout. You could take 55 of a pound and edit suggesting gallons of small secondary in the Bible it separately and I love doing projects like that because I get one big date. A bunch of kind of experimentation days in the basement in the nine and up with multiple Beers from the scene. Actually means in one coconut in another via peanut butter depend. Yeah you can break the whole fight he owns around five different specialties count the wall on specialty stuff I Sullivan had yet there's also a cinnamon raisin one up there. You CNET. The reason broker cargo and I'd I haven't had a I think it's -- point at some analysts say it's cinnamon race and American. And and because the style maybe to pale oil. And you're cinnamon raisin net and an attic yet seven and that one chocolate chip cookie dough it parallel or whatever haven't had in the united. I've seen it around now I mean it's spending a site I don't know about that. Both yet to have the right that that's kind of beer you buy a single of the Marines home and you have to have the right now wait for you go out of the bar with a bunch of friends and somebody's as they do want to oatmeal cookie and great. Things coming at the time. All right let's get to a break. On the other side we'll get too low hot utilization rates this in many flavors in the years come from hops so. Make sure we have good. Coming up next here and Activision just. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger's additional be there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become more season brewer on our can count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 Sheridan drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com now Iger tradition home brew. Pay them a visit and remember to just Pruitt. I welcome back and acquisitions just threw it here yes in fifteen. Reminder of the visual art of beer festival on March 3 thirty dollar tickets are available at and T home dot com a walk deadline. Is the twelfth of march so pitcher bruise into Iowa niner tradition before although a the eleventh because an open on the 12% in the first hour or for segment okay cell hop. Utilization rates he got exactly are we learning today. While we talk about crop utilization we talk about first water re use. What's what re talking about water re extracting here and there are many flavors in years to come from cops but the one are really talking about some bitter answer oh facets. In this particular set of assets. Becomes. Ice summarized during the boil. It and you don't always get all the he get small portions usually. Thirty maybe 50% Mo you're using fears. You know very light beer along Boyle you're always leaving some behind and so. How much you're getting out of it is always very important to the upper because this is really can represent what your world that are excess. Servers a factor coming out to put him a relief what you're getting out of it that's the man. You CDs. Help asses represented as eighty use opened at two units on top packaging. Arm and what you're looking at its percentage by weight. I love what an impact it is actually office succeed really high and some cops almost 20% currency to Poehler it's. And then review or others if you get lecture and has broker. 2% and has for her size would not be out of the question in some steering angle and even low one point 5% help us. Now normally when you see these extremely low all assets top most homers known now prepare for finishing. But they can also be used for Pickering. On as well as very strong crops can be used to bicker. Liked pierce you have to kind of look at quick calculation and you wanna kind of know what's going on in the pop before you start substituting hops. On the three major factor and yet here we're determining how much bitterness were actually can get to the office apps that percentage. The gravity of the so how much sugars assault on the war in that time that we boil. So the three factors are gonna contribute to how much bitterness the Beers gonna have. On some multiple factors so. If you remember basic math any one of these becomes bureau in the whole thing becomes. So that's why when you're trying occupancy was five ounces of crops or throw five ounces hops in the flame out. You end up with no bickering sleepers because the time factor. Is zero. Com. Really hurts. I was gonna say a couple of things that you always want to one's gonna talk about each be user home. This is a quick numbers in the home members use. To try to use multiple counts as props to achieve this scene bitterness that have previously in recipes. So it was a quick reference save her home burn CA recipes that says. It has well three ounces. Size to bitter three ounces bickering is going to be a theory bitter beer. No because again we talked about the Salim B about 2%. So during with three ounces tots is only going to be the equivalent of say one ounce cascade at 6% to figure up home urging you to take. The Alfa S a percentage and multiplied by the number ounces or use top three ounces 2% up. It continues seem bitterness value. As one ounce up a 6%. Now not only just changing volume. Directly relate to the bitterness sort of changing the office apps that percentage Togo from 5% up to a 10% up and you will it double. The bitterness. Arm and so those kind of simple HBU. Formulations make it a lot easier when you're trying to substitute crops. And get the scene bitterness and a recipe over and also kind of teaching in you know I QLL music. It's a little bit more. Only thing bigger options they won't. Would bite double check in March OK it's going to be too much media should go for one point five at a 5% bickering up for. Try to look for something seven point five. Really though it's going to be some drastic changes in the bitter entity to get that seem IE PUs and different Beers and where this all comes up is one of our employees was making the Belgian. Double triple. Which with a friend friend of relief not like hoppy Beers and so he saw that they had. Two ounces. I think it would. Challenger. To bitter when he I'd be used to better. This person was getting very worried that this was going to be an extremely your year as you saw the volume of the hops and know the percentages you got it and didn't notice that the gravity of the auction tripled peppering its very so are not in the catalog utilization. Of hops. Because there's already a lot of stopped to result in the water was gonna make it harder for it to get the assets. So we kind of take a look at we're you gonna be. Figured starting gravity 38 points and one ounce of six Centennial 10%. And you boil that for sixty miniature gonna get 42. I'd be used. If you have Betsy Belle and tripled starting gravity of a hundred points you do one ounce the same copy only gonna get 32. IP news. So what why is kind of ordering at the lowland pale ale for the triple is panel for the start. He if you kind of play around with these numbers a little bit. When you sit around at home you really can kind of fine tune the bickering for your beer. Again if you can kind of use of a 660 minutes I said reefs in before its current course adjustment for the bettering. If you look at thirty moments you can you said it's kind of fine adjustment so we look at thirty points or gravity thing mountain props for thirty minutes were only gonna get when he three. I'd be news. She can see this distract to reduce the time and half we got almost half the IP use we almost. More than double the gravity again we got somewhere around two thirds abuse team sees or gravity goes up tying ghost out. You have to add more more cops and she pregnancy were all these volume goes and sees the outpost pale oils or East Coast I PH is the ruling night giving any bitterness out of those crops. Used at the under the boil. As well as you can see in these big Belgian triples of our early exit at twenty to 25 I be used. 25 the news in the bidder the ruling knack in the kit. That be Gload bitterness that usually would in that. Tape six IP news in the year Terry can he use in NC pills. To your singing get more perceived or how to put rice beer. With that six. HP used the and you will say this speaking Belgian triple. Witness. You know somewhere around thirty to forty in your gonna perceived war. Out of the light beer because there's like sugar and arm NC you perceive what's weakness in the papers are gonna come out a little bit. Morse when you're doing a bigger gravity beer you need to start looking. At kind of what you wanna have for props. And then you're gonna have to kind of factor in the fact that you're dealing with a bigger appear in your gonna have to apple war doesn't mean appears going to be copier. In the long run your anymore it is in place it would and it. All right. Doesn't sound that complicated again it is that it almost seems like you could have like a triangle chart of how are you wanna. Monica and most home numbers go now wanted including yours any of the man behind us because tickets tricky. And I have to meant I don't think I've ever actually done long. I usually used to ranger forming along and use a culturally. But a lot of times with the calculators are kind of you know plugging in values and and seen what you get on. And knowing how hops are gonna reactors army that process a lot easier meeker counts in little to close on the first try. So whenever you put together a recipe you're on the putting together Earl. You know pops you wanna use in the recipe. And then you can keep your eye view article interview on hot. All you know now that if you're trying to make large adjustment and bitterness in just the earnest but just a lot also the hops. At the sixty and thirty million distance again sixties going to be your course adjustment thirty your fine. And you can play around with both the volume or the oh facet to get a tool racked. A fact so if you put in your recipe. And you have the in total I'd be used by your calculator up sixty. You wanna be closer to forty reducer bickering dropped by two thirds organ into the program go back. Check to make sure everything looks good. Entered at the birth. So having a basic understanding of what's happening with the Hopson makes the calculation. Pays a lot Yzerman also kept you from. Mean creating any problems when formally accepting children. But don't always trust calculators you kind of wanna know. What they're doing. Through that you're not completely relying on them and end up with a way overweight under opting to kind of wanna have an idea what's going on in the group. Without like dismissing everything you just said is this level of attention to these rates. Peak at what level of roar there and who wants to make this jump or wants to fine tune so it was so much. Birds that are beginning to Bruce seem recipe. Also put words were entry comp. Tensions. Give you an idea where this comes up people pick that tale us. It is there we re creating and IP. Com they bigger laughs and summit summit with that 8% become in the ID. Summit in the quarter the office that now that 12% they come home. They may appear significantly more bitter and its last. Anomalies might be drawing an issue here but also won't do well in competitions if it's well outside the IP for something like. So you don't. Mean look. Solely at the right you do your views and also that Ulf exit number. And again if you can do is kinda. Quick. Adjustment. You'll know that you some 8%. Now set at twelve. I wanna use. Two errors on the counts ticket might mean paper last so you can do the kind of you know pretty thick each EU formula here its agent the calculator. Re creating recipes. And an heads off again over our anger propping beast and changing fast now. All right. And answers everything could pop possibly want about. Utilization rates org gives you some good starting point to kind of do your own image and trying to calculator that worked for you. Altman start paying attention or release me your consistency. And bitterness and appear old law. Not own not talking to just like you. Talked about earlier on that Turkey. You know relief pills or lecture rental cars all have more proceed earnest sometimes and eight something like that triple a lot more obstinate and again even with the right use lower. Because if not this week because it's a fairly. In the light delicate appear post op to relate to come through so this is not just a factor for VoIP cheaper to Peru nothing but late Beers as well. The meeting more important for years. Because you're trying to find a perfect. The keys up like that we spoke to be low happier than here so. Com and get away our right but one minute left in the show and many many other. Mean Gibson knew who pops coming in the open field excitement is a pot third designed to compete. With the pole where brand. All they really nice graduation. Dirty it'll be up he kept them in the popular. They've. That. We have some new hot bird T yeah it earned national top prize zones and reading email back here among the horrors. She. Believed to be. Here. And Parker and and more. Odd ball out we. Can find it seems like every year workers by. For us and certainly puts a lot of righty curt curtains. Of the year. All right medal of Frost's back next Saturday. Thanks for joining us hop utilization rates coconut information we never know we're gonna get to until we get to a Michelin a lot today. Thank you very much and hopefully we've expert can repeat your Turkey recipes are looking to him the year peer group yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether your season to prove or just want to get started with the committee 1296 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to for online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.