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2-11 Inside High School Sports

Feb 11, 2017|

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    And Gionta. Five maybe it's time to take a look inside high school sports Kelly cheering. Brought to you by mighty taco mighty taco. Would feel great right about now. My new ones have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and my dad neurological institute developing solutions and neurological problems faced an hour he. Good morning welcome inside high school sports I'm your host Tony Caligiuri along with Frank Wolf who from while Western New York. All Western New York dot com and
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    but a a are listed on the girl's basketball as a set Mike McCarthy . For mount Saint Mary's is here in studio good morning Mike in the morning to do. Have pleasure to have in studio.
    As one or the other I would have more with the inside high school sports come up next. Marty eager to get out or get to worked in my garage and it's nice day. We're back with inside high school sports that's better. Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's in studio with us longer Frank Wolf Roger Weis in Joseph mark Gucci no. I'll program note the

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Gionta. Five maybe it's time to take a look inside high school sports. You can only cheering brought to you by mighty taco mighty taco. Would feel great right about now my New Zealand's have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and by dead neurological. Institute developing solutions and neurological problems faced an hour he. Good morning welcome at Sinai school sports. I'm heroes Tony Caligiuri along with Frank Wolf Roger Weis and Centre court at the house. It was center courts in here it means only one thing we're talking boys basketball today. Season is winding down next Saturday is the seeding meeting. You know CCA seed. Doesn't stand for senator Gorton whatever and all that is shoot the war arch jaguar Kenny Rogers should talk want. The athletic pass them if they'll girl Megan troops zone with no wonder I get more confusion than usual the he'd do hi you guys doing. Well. Everybody in general on the oh lake view Walter Langer rocked for him in particular. Smaller and you Ollie. Yes base of the wall birthright while Bader family for sending that in. As some fan mail for Roger in the and it's shown they miss mark while so Mark Wallace listening. I honors are well as well I do to win I haven't bust his chops about food in a while. I'm a long overdue. So we have to do it and mark almost star caps have gone at least two hours without being. This is craziness. You jewel like your arena you know national from Latin tradition here probably like that's so I knew as a nose gentlemen. Let's get right to it mr. Frank Wolf you are you have elected to receive. You know he's telling America junior enemy usually better if it no I don't look like mark you know you're taller. Our rights extend six football realignment if you my check out and see where your high school be playing this year check out of baseball FaceBook page can Wes has been. Moved down to class A it's one of the notable. Changes this year but although new alignment is up on our FaceBook page check it out in wrestling today and tomorrow. Catholic state finals are out at Saint Francis today. Section sixes out it nor tunnel on a high school go on checked that out awesome day for wrestlers girls troops yesterday one quick note lady bulldogs' Kara to Deanna both championship with a win over rival. Can more west boys hockey this is the final weekend for the Fed last night I was out at west Seneca east first west who was right every night senior night. Almost a brawl at the end and the two attitude to tie. Beautiful game now Tom Brent thank you very much for posting I was baseball previews are FaceBook page. I he's been this excited about the new year with the snow on the ground it's awesome to look at baseball previews. Thinking about you know pitchers and catchers report within I've played just a week. Yeah so players are reported. Watch a Red Sox stuff already he's had this signings anti football Alex Johnson said to Cortland. Rob Rose keys headed to Alfred state one last thing your girls hockey. From the girls fed flopped they won Wednesday night over and more grand Allen they are the section six champs. Last night their first state game. They defeated big mantown five to one goal scorers by Becker bouts roach and leak Romer and Johnson today. At 1 PM they play for the state title against getting analyst check out WNY athletics from the action Francis back on the call. They want five go wanna get to see where they were the underdog and understand we were told big intelligence team to beat. We'll find out today in the match sloppy and yeah they did they date route they really beat them pretty got him there's always like the various outstanding. Why me down and basketball we have Centre court and also they didn't talk about the boys. We also talk about the girls next Saturday. Marks other things are gonna talk about. To abused dress up or gosh she is headed to Tulsa and the state of play basketball next year she played herself from this shape after us. Slow start at the beginning of the year including on concussion protocol. Was what 31 points in 27 points in two games is best week she went over a thousand for career congratulations to test. If you're anywhere near. Main street nagger road next Tuesday night around 6630 you might wanna Sapp and as sacred art academy. Monsignor Martin girls probably for first place sicker are vs car nor are. Outstanding match up absolutely. Parent all era looks like Andy is singular is recover from an injury she's playing well I do not know the status of Corey and Dixon who. As good as Dan is regulars this year Korean Dixon may be secret marriage bass player all year and this year she I know she shed out of the game off. Earlier this week I hope she's wrong now for the sake and our game once again it should be a dandy Tuesday night sixer his secret our high school. Carry. Ayers one for you football fans out there and anybody that's still in playing shape Niagara Falls under indoor football is going to have an open tryout. And cheerleader and dance team registration. Is also coming out this will be Sunday February 19 and I are Catholic high school which is 52066. Street in Niagara Falls. From two to 4 PM you're going no one. To arrive early so that you can tape up and get ready for bought trial fee is fifty dollars. For cheerleaders and dance team registration. No charged pre registered save time on Sunday. You can email. Barrett JE a UG sixteen. At gmail.com. As my buddy John Augustine. Gmail.com. Or you can give up on Niagara Falls under hotline arrange it 4447716. So get out there if you wanna try your hand an indoor football and Niagara Falls under is looking for you. Our guys let's get onto our show Centre court in the house as we said they talked boys basketball in the one word that comes to my mind. When looking at this season. Parity. All sorts of pared its made for one of the most exciting seasons locally in years hum. I had a look at every season and trying to project how it's gonna go as a whole I thought coming in that we have the kind of season we're having this year. It might come at the expense of maybe not having a team that's gonna go all the way and win something the state level like I don't feel like we're sitting down. Almost a state powers this year but locally and it's just been awesome to watch wrongful. Is there any chance that somebody could get on a Ron. Once you get passed Ball State you know we've seen a time in other sports at least. Where it's is that we don't we're not so sure we have a team has become. And all the sudden they're just carry it apart and lo and behold there in the state final for the state finals there's always a chance that happens absolutely mean teams get hot in the playoffs and that's you know. It's kind of cliche for every sport but you know that the team gets had a round playoff time and look at a team like will self capable of beating anybody. Well self would be a great example of that because they they've shown that they. They went in Rochester are in knocked a few prep who was ranked number five in class double A at the time in the state. They've got a win yet time and they've got a fourteen point win at Saint Francis who's now swept to the series with park this year and ranked number one. Overall by the pollsters. We're game against park where there had only remember imploded in the fourth quarter second half but they are sizable lead going into the second half they I. One man league schedule has made up for being in not so strong. You see IC one overall schedule they've made up with a immense sense they are playoff ready and you know the only question I am I noticed in the last night so box score goal and did not play any reports and then. Other report on that is that they they opted to sit him down last night and just to humor rest he's got a little time and arrives with things in his knee and just like I don't know break and he does have a supporting cares that's the other thing he's already gone to treat cancer is really had to but they they they wanted to pick one game you know get ready for the playoff season that my game I don't they're similar thing when Jamestown came up to play itself they. They gave Rojas of break that night and I think you know without talking directly into coach Drake about why you picked that game I thought would be that. The you know hit an important league race coming up with a Lancaster and some important the games to win trying to get that number one seeds went trying to win the league so. To him it probably made sense to sacrifice that manly game gore had several pass down and I think south. You know conversely looked at this where they were playing your query we've we've we've. Got the league in good hands let's see where were answered all those in uniform ready to go up they felt like we need to get him in that game now Lancaster Jamestown game as well Monday or Tuesday it's Monday night Monday night that's just hey Lancaster that spoiler alert that may be the game of the week. Who propelled the flyers had a spoiler over I just I selected in the week and we can put it up on Sunday night. You know every insane enough writer and back to the parity is it just with a large schools are we seen it that and the these season these are down I think you're seeing that ball. I think the small school race we've had we've had multiple number ones this year in the small school ranks as well on and I look at. The top ten small schools and maybe even beyond them I think I could make a case for. Number time doing bell number one and you know not knowing what the outcome wasn't wanna be there to see how it shook out I think there's parity amble francs. It plays out for a section champions. You wonder how by Brandon will bite you if at all come the up par was regionals and all hopefully we get one or two. I mean this year to state finals earlier Binghamton as opposed ever Nagorno. Always declines falsely your target won at least one power lunch maybe an hour and a half depending on where in Western New York. Due to lose that you were actually save by only up and go to bring them. In this week coming up obviously. Every game is going to be important. As any loss could jeopardize UB info ma you know in the top three seed all the way down. Think big week coming up with seedings absolutely especially the teams that you know that coaches know better than anything where their team Steven what they need to win and you know I was talking about that this with the -- before the show but with a different classes and you could drag yourself crazy trying to figure out all the math book a listing those as a go from two to three but. I know specifically each team knows exactly where they're setting and this is a big week probably. Probably none bigger than that Jamestown Lancaster game on Monday for a perceiving them on the double a race. Especially in basketball home court advantage is so important. Okay we care plan to you when you say you two to three now. Two or three that can home court advantage won't exist as a semi it will Vienna. Neutral court so you're talking maybe a four or five where they would play the quarterfinal OK yeah you're right on. Or even three to six as you know in one day you can their 345 and six juxtaposition so Brad either go for three to six. From you know four to six whatever those are. Quarterfinal games were the home court advantage does come and play went just to summarize your policy. There and that's everybody's goal rate now have a case in the biggest thing we worry about his Niagara Falls making the semis so they can bring their brand of Ball State gets one of and Sinai school sports critical criteria and zigzag and you test match at Niagara. Five teams that have been tied for first place some point have been in first place and Utley and the nine team league this year five of the teams halves. Spent time for displacing Utley and Laporte direct aren't they wrap it up well yesterday. Does it then wrap it up there there's gonna I think there's going to be tight especially block or remained in that I prefer a place with ten more last two and I believe north I want. More NBA Grand Island in their Niagara Falls and every race to seem like taking turns beating each other that that and met last night like port took their turn to be Grand Island. As of last disclose and I don't Tuesday's up all along it was and all that when they do the weekly standings. Niagara Falls was in fifth place to eliminate and four record behind three teams tied for first at nine and three yeah I would say this week and next week. Might be a little bit critical what are the big games coming up for the NFL's this week. You had. There's I don't think we have and there's there's. Grand Island had the heart is scheduled to run out like Grand Island had a lot of big games left they just had a game. With Niagara Falls this week and then they had the game block port they might still have a game with the either kind of western north I don't wanna coming up but. I think that your race is pretty much shook out and I would be surprised to see it go down any other way than a three way tie with the anti kind of last block or for first place is where it thank. What do they do and it's it's one of three way tie how do you term I think they just give the championship at three teams that's and has entered Canada's like the and a fellow they get down and a the deal on the eighth place tiebreaker and you know had a had. Well how is that correct though seeding and or does it affect the way I always lived conceding that just comes on the coin flip you know at our everybody's got their power points based on how you did in the in the regular season and you know your power point's going then if two teams are tied for power points in the C a coin toss occurs that the seeding needing to break attack seems like they're going to be a lot of. Changed this year for. Blogs are aware that your doing Canada Centre court alluded to one as a man as he had a school this year and basketball so that wouldn't comment of the ties there unless they were. Their PowerPoint. They would they owner collected more power points being an A playing against double there actually while zones but they're still going to be in that threw it extremely adverse. All effort TCR for the NFL championship right. I'm Becky run I'm mistaken is and I emptied like the second seed in the classic. And T is probably ready after Willis and now I'm gonna guess with the ones this year. I don't know that for sure I think the way it's gonna shake out the extra PowerPoint racking up I think you might be NT one cell to McKinley three someone else for about. Now that you mention McAnulty it's always a mystery as to what who's gonna come out in the city. You know there they battle each other like crazy and you know Roger mentioned harder times on this program you have somebody go win with only four league wins and then just. And wind up at Ball State start destroying people you see that even more with the small small schools that tend to have you know maybe and has great win loss record like you seem mill college last year and when I won the championship but if you look at the record. You know I'm on the state level team. Another part of the states looking mil because all it got losses that could be decadent on the show up medium for reports did well. Yes they were and every day it's no joke I still remember. Oak Iowa is every channel eleven years ago it was a year after lows are Heyward junior graduated from. Of offload traditional. Record over their school is five I think. Five and sixteen in the Al cup. Guess who won beat two championship and your traditional traditional because they were going against the Grover Cleveland's one. You know a star Baez and hi stacked as the Rodney Pierce's and all that. And yet they had a 560 to record a story reverend sports writer it was on. From somewhere I think it was my diet they backed up there was some Niagara Orleans team and appears as second to you've seen pieces of me as his team really six and served it as as dollar extra either five or sixty could that you wanted to punch bylaw is so vital that. Hold her I common other cities can you forecast that. Like I can look at the series this weekend east as a game McKinley who they beat wants this year that they can win McKinley this week. Think so far might have another game come up with a model college but. What what I think might happen as on Thursday you've got your rematch. With east at South Park who most two teams are currently sitting in first place in the Al stuff tied for first place of that could be your yell cup championship game Thursday afternoon. Right now scheduled for 430 tent so recent self park east took round 177. I was there for that that will be a really good games occur Harrison and sell part of them planned some great basketball here the last couple weeks. They people want I'm McKinley and April when I'm a college last week so they they seem like a team that's an in the right direction when playoff time could be a big threatening to. For whatever reason on. I starling knows I missed a few games early in here and all that. Though off these players are not respond to a sister courses when it comes of playing defense I've noticed in sterling return all the sudden how their defense is. Improve miraculously and I'll let you know starlink flies really I Dellucci was 39 points and we need for you weren't. You know that at its not that surprising you know. Would what you just said what you think about what a master motivated sterling Bryan has an easy one thing he is a master mode of dinner and I haven't seen too many coaches. Better motivating their kids and Hamm so. With him not being there I could certainly expect a little fallout that's hard to match what he doesn't and motivation what are some of the smaller schools in the city. We've had a nasty sciatica and homestead. They've been that the two top dogs and yell cup to and they split with the each other in the regular season so I would think that they would be inland share Theo cup to this year. I don't think they've lost anybody else. And only player other than each other. Wall who says so please have their trainers and so folk every man for me. And in both teams got some nice players on this team. And I see Seneca led by Earl Howard who has a a stocky point guards strong point guard and and he can do everything. And then Olmstead had some Henry put up some points this year and seem Baines has just been a great doubled home she informants. And scientists analyze us checkered coach unit team he's been around for a person doesn't. Dozen years Scott's got more as she and he's doing and Isiah Warren also OK and didn't. Our guys let's take a break when we come back organist look at my senior Murton seems like Saint Francis to start and really assert I mean their bench were terrific this year. And he can hit you can't say enough about trainees so we'll talk about them with talk about some of those schools. Who picks at a course mine is some of the best players in Western New York. And some of the other best teams in Western New York. You're listening inside high school sports on WGR Sports Radio 550. We'll vacuous and inside high school sports story Caligiuri. Frank Wolf Roger Royce and Centre court talking basketball. Before the break we've kind of while surround Estes who basically we're doing this morning just bounce around looking at teams and leagues. And players and just general basketball discussion race here on WGR Sports Radio 550. Talk about Saint Francis before the break and we wow what a season. They're having. Oh. Oh. Coming into the season and they've been even better than I thought they were going to be like I felt like I was trying to tell people hey. Do not sleep on the Saint Francis team and they definitely exceeded those expectations but. After they beat part the first time at park in double overtime I took him a number one and I thought everything's gonna take the number one I was there to watch the game and they were the better team that I didn't our team won that game and I. Pollsters didn't respond I think there was still that sentiment of well yeah I got lucky here you are so many people ask me after they came like just in private conversations. How did Saint Francis beat park like you know how did that happen what went park Enron and it wasn't that it was Francis is legit well and since then they've. They they've. Beat Thailand they have beat park a second time and this team is great they move the ball better than any team in western new York and and this is when teams are running man zone they they space the floor so well on one person's move on someone else is moving to a different spot. They're very unselfish and they got guys that can act on the three. Great stories in France's best post your grandparents has done outstanding and as fifth years and coached there too high school coach of the year possible coach of the year for sure. That that that. Robert while senior there he just has he had some big moments in games where just make some big plays in critical times posts or does knocking down three pointers and doing things all over the court joined Cunningham has become one of the best point guards in the area and he still just a sophomore. On team. If Bruce my understanding is through a mr. Walsh is the cousin of Dominique walls from. Two to walk high school. Audio thing ought to bring up law. His schedule makers for our you know I the bad news for Saint Francis is they can't play anymore Friday night home games against the big teams now I guess according to Michael at all he says. Like on four consecutive Friday night as Saint Francis they knocked off. Joseph is commissioner's time and park does that sound right. Then I'll resolve Friday night games. Yeah it might have been and I know that. They also have to channel yesterday maybe they should reward me for schedule maker of the year crop up but oh well. Don't think they're gonna wants that the friendly games and nothing I can always do what I call current Friday night swallow does say Francis to pray for rain and something happens and all of values and by the way we say venues. All law playing games for a monsignor Martin. Except through our finals or finals will be at Kesler should honor all the other games boys and girls will be a Villa Maria. Now they have an extra week of regular season compared to the the public's right. That's correct while they they yes they do. Well there is a marvelous hall according to what. Email from a preached nighter and when he Thursday actually. Playing games admiral Maria that's a week from Thursday that I think the 21 is their last regular season game on ten which goes into the week beyond sections the Agassi when he first. Anyway read don't worry my knees and who's based at the playoffs on Thursday and I think they do that so that they can get in their playoffs before they got to have the Long Island game. You know that that's basically the Catholic state semi final. Thing here this year so iron to semi finals here the state final would be. Down at port. Do you see anybody stop us trainees. Ally could actually seasons this year yes there are ready my senior Murton I mean they they needed three overtimes to win two games against park. Time and just beat our time is playing great they got to go see the sweethearts on Valentine's Day at time and so I could see Saint Francis losing that game I could see. And don't sleep I can he's just retiring of tiger about the defending champs for. I feel like my entire air at center court and he has not been a big and bad and I'm not ready to just. Sweeping under the rug yet they've been planned little shorthanded the last couple weeks. That league is going to be wouldn't do that sleep on them and see him hardly got a partner Steve Francis is absolutely earned that the top seeing the right right now to be called. The best of that pack right now but it's far from the senate. While of one year and might not have been enough. If you're on in 2010 obviously when Nichols when you federation color management issues for years and years and years. Let's say Joseph had a couple of who I am you're going back to remain in rows of Maltese for saint Joe's. Saint Joe's one in the eight tenacious nine nickel stand kinesis 111213. Nichols fourteen kinesis fifteenth sixteenth on the side and come out here Jeno and ask you what to what's going around that school I can more evident. Saint Joe's yeah. I think that. They probably did down a little bit and talent this year and you know it everything cycles and me when I started Saint Francis was at the bottom and now there at the top and and it's just when I started you know my first year I feel like this. Being Centre court was 2000 maiden saint Joe's when the Manhattan cup this year so. I think you've just seen a cycle. I think you'll continue to see it every you know it's gonna change. Why hasn't quite idea yeah I don't expect saint Sosa to stay there now mark Simon is just too good of a coach so let that. Let them be the huddle feed is just not gonna happen but hurry for parity is yes and also interest and I like the fact that you can't you should look. When you look at radar oh yeah well you know obviously that teams are gonna go far and you know maybe even sponsors know you have no idea you. That a small schools from the monsignor Martin as well Owens cardinal O'Hara has been at the top in the small league now they went through and beat everybody the first Ambien all there'd be opponents in that league and in this they lost the rematch at Saint Mary's for their first loss of the season last night they needed overtime. In Walsh to get by Walsh. So there's there's plenty of parity down there too I like. I like to see print in the Saint Mary's team a lot and I like colonel hair a lot and in with a Walsh you've got. To have to be thrown out after all this from my home now that's an L as a two man show down there and what training camp has done this year. You know with the without the the line up the supporting cast he had last year. The way he scoring and you know his craft in Essen hasn't gotten us to get into the lane draw contact just give this team poised to Woody needs to keep this teaming games. The remarkable pieces in an empire came up against those. My three or four trees and power puts an accord at different times you know there. And he had 29 or thirty apart you have you know I mean yes and you cannot discount what he's doing there he's scoring and everybody. It's a lot of fun it really is I just sit back hero while I can't believe this really enjoying that the run. Now you had an interesting question that you wanted to ask Centre court frank. Typical I gotta ask you what. All the school you've been to all the Barmes where's your favorite place. To watching game. So the risk of offending the world five cents a state question you had a kid that is that is the truth bust is my fair place to watch a game Mike Hsu you know. That's that's where Centre court was born was at that see that Centre court but state but. My knee jerk reaction to that question this time. I love going to a game in south Buffalo at time and then on the stage looking out lots in those fans going nuts and it's just a unique Corey unique atmosphere I I let me a game time. We're probably very its old school it's cool at all just unique. You know you walk in there now brand new facility brand new order is as close to five years old enough. You know Delaware conditions and all that we use your morose walking into the old injury conditions which is. Cap although I lying in the timing you know it's a combination gymnasium and auditorium. There's going. Fans obviously I don't want to say in the court so our courts over up on the stage as you well you know if you were all that god can nieces and all that and that's. You know. Between those two off facilities and of course Lafayette high school we were made it to him at Lafayette yet. I've seen a few games left at they're done playing games Latvia angrily told me he made the call that Nomar games Lafayette so I against the finding another place to play the rest of this girl shot Shane. They've made that. All of us at her house fire there's some ball boy you know there's going to be read this earlier there aren't falling out of two rallies that. What is directly you know I think he senses to practice from Lafayette game and all it's no. Recchi o's don't cement and yeah we all auditioning. Was one they did today Jim does what they've Jim was fifty years ago and the way they've done and now it's initiated by. And it NAK life goes around character as. They gave you something other than the game to watch. As get back to talking about the teams in western new York and drove back over to the public's section six in the the small school battle. It is going to be tight race obviously. Give me out a small schools your meet your top ten. I've I'm gonna go off the top of my head that trend recall Holland I've voted last week but I think M I got Easter were at number one right now there are class B one they play in a league where they're playing mostly large schools so that they're tough to gauge by. How they're doing in the league because they're playing they're not plan it's like an apples and oranges thing they're not playing the apples are playing the oranges but. Well coached. Team that's their balance that they play excellent defense they got nick Montgomery County where can stand out players forum. Very good team and I I like their chances a lot to win be one and possibly the crossover health sciences has been a buzz saw all year they finally got clipped by a small school. Milk college couple weeks ago they didn't have to iron Latin necking when they lost but you know still credit from the college for women that game. They're very tough middle college also east high you know and in line to win the Al caught and he's tied just knocked off middle college eventual loss there and and avenged a pretty convincingly. You've got your your small schools down southern tier like I was talking this way I look at the film Franklin well. They evolve an excellent they've all kind of took turns with the each other I'll look at the Franklin they'll split the regular season you had. Franklin bill polling match top lake over the break which topple a beetle Ian in the league this year you know I've seen them all play they are all legitimate teams that could hang of this the aforementioned teams Emery talked about. Cardinal Harris Saint Mary's Walsh. Are already his client era Centre court early on her list a number one in the seeding. PowerPoint Sosa is in a week leagues that are up there. Yeah I think so I that there's only friend and all they've really he would re yeah I it to last. Eligibility Franklin bella on east so. Clymer is at the top of their league they they won their first round with Sherman. And I think that's why. Their rosters of lower seeded quite dusty now you mentioned the school's name that it took until 37 minute mark. Of the program in all the years that I've known you this school would have been mentioned in the first sentence only. All the hand and a bottle and while it. So every few years when all Leon's done rip one through four or five consecutive reaching class B and just mopping up the floor with everybody could. They get bumped up to class 82 and that's what happened to him this year and it comes any year where you know they graduated that's outstanding senior class and win win a state championship with 27 and all last year and how they get pumped up to 82 and kind of lets kinda looks like a rebuilding year they had. Extra room. Transfer out will prep school so they really only Brock bet one starter in kind of started over they got money Schumaker lead the charge. And the end of the day I could and then Joseph you'll see all the and then the Bucs stay. And and you know in line to pull off another big win and maybe get back to an 82 championship trying to win a sectional they're gonna. When their lead down and CCA one last so. You know I haven't had him as a ranked large school mainly because they haven't beat another Wrangler school and the only the only and they're playing alert schooled they're playing time and so they beat time today at home that's gonna wake everybody up that your OK but bound now I'll have them and that all the other than that the only other large school they played this year was Mary though they went to Maryville lost an overtime game time phenomenal art school pole but. Yeah well it's still in there just opening two and it's kind of one of those weird years warm but. Is that it will go a rule written in that in his station has to play apostate Jetsons doing. He's like go Marquez the uses morale in the first. Few weeks flawed here last week for Rory first week of march used is male colonel and him. There's never been a year than that polian hasn't reached but states since I've been thus. So it has to be a rookie still it would all the way to describe it. Yeah an off year for only am I down when he went out reeker runs 500 and what. Hers yet to 600 he's got to be around 515 now he picked up 545 couple. Weeks ago and broke the all time record that's off my credit absolutely incredible what he's on there for sure and of course there'd be so brutal complaining. I'll believe me there's as the Western New York way to go play and that's what we unity exempt from Paris take a look some of the other teams that are are peaking your interest. Well I was ripped through the small schools I don't I'm now one of the small schools they didn't mention and I haven't had him ranked but I just question Thursday night was when Diana I went to the diamond watch them. Beat new fame and that was the second time they beat them they their league champs again they got a chance to be outright undefeated league champs if they went on next week which I see them doing. That's the team that started off the year one and three and didn't have the full lineup when the season started. Had a couple sophomores in starting lab which they still do what they've grown up overnight. Jim Cooper their their stand out there he's got a division one football scholarship as a wide receiver already he's become a basketball player and not just a superior athlete forum. And they're doing that's a team that's getting out of the right time and watch out for them heading in the sectional was there so much better now than they were when the season started and and as I wrote an arrow up that game. They've they've put and I'm Wilson this week gonna put it on new fame and those are two teams that you don't see a blown out and they bloom out and that's coming off of close games they had the first go around them so. That's just kinda evidence how much betterment Diana's gotten as the season's gone who each. Stretch is something that that I love looking at every year and that is the team that was mentioned this in December. That the team EC December's not the same team you're gonna see your February. Names on the teams that have improved like commit Dinah they had their slow start in December right now they're just playing completely different. A lot towards one Johnson mind I don't think that I had a lot port may be where they are now at the start of the season kind of more or less is certainly one that they really seem like their tune up at the right time Tyler correctly and I tell James. And crew have been. They've just been. Put everything together at the right time thrown up points and it seems like a team that's believing in themselves and look and also in saint she's class double is there for the taking why not us like let's us take this and and they're gonna be so belt testing coming out of that league so. That's a team I like a lot had in the direction they're going mentioned South Park earlier so parks a team that's been coming around seemingly at the right time. And I could see them come in and make some noise. Additional teams that aren't don't usually lead their league you know he mentioning. Can west and not. Our lack port. Do you forget Niagara Falls and all it's just those two teams have moved up. And like you say was the last thing yourself part was a dominant top player in the Yoko has been a while I think. Yeah you know they've they've they've come back nicely from up a good showing at the end of the year last year and kind of figured it out and started to catch fire and I think the start to play with some pride. Aspect to that parity thing word that we mentioned earlier word that he had let's take a break would come back when as Centre court. Top players in western New York's will have all that. For our final segment of inside high school sports. While last segment of inside high school sports was set record. Picking his brain finding out what's what. On to the top players of Western Europe group was always here dom Welch and and Greg dole won but there are others. There are others there are others. Than just those two just in my top 45 from last year back in the this year james' Rojas and training camp we've talked about and they're both Clinton up serious numbers and doing big things fair. Teams that mean they don't have the same supporting cast that last year. Catcher three guys from park with the vision one offers already all underclassmen Joseph Jones and all Hudson's stance guy. You know I pretty impressive sophomores do you want operas. My dad talked about the Big Three from Fran is earlier welts so care or Erica and actually Cunningham. Joseph Harrison and gave him more time and Jason Johnson kinesis Willard Anderson a beast. Marcellus Cooper and Sean pines and Amherst. Dakota wiley at Emory Nacchio Williams bell south shook her Harris South Park. Adam southern tier guys that stood out this year like DeVon poll Sam Erickson an Alley ball and my Schumaker. I'd share lesson to home. My agent earlier on it from going out and Cooper you mentioned earlier. Jim Cooper Nate locked men IMAX Webber Kyle that will will Justin doll from the New Orleans league. With Kyle Boller come Justin Campillo Christensen blues' Pierre brown. I just Tice and Will Johnson they'll play in the the small school league in the monsignor Marten. Ivo Fultz and Eddie algae STO Jan Spears back great lap while nick Montgomery. Mansi county earlier them to curb bridges from oracle charters had a great season he's grown up major numbers for them every game. Mentioned Tyler actually aiming it and tell James earlier can see I ago. From Grand Island. Came on chambers from lot port Jalen bravery the eighth grader from nagger wheat field he's been to a special thing and eighth grader me can I am less steep and I hand him he's now he's the next big thing come out of this area. How about all Centre court boom team. All they also aren't horrible team while. You got two guys named Cooper who have been doing special things around and ran this year Marcellus Cooper and am hurston. Jim Cooper and Diana have both than just ban on the rim. With a regularity this year and doing it with style dom Welch he's he's been on that team at H and it was kind of stupid dogs now I think they might it's. Does they think they they think there's an application and I was glad I sort of RJ Gaines has been thrown some down gave him Warren. Quick question Q chicken or go four iron off where. Down his bonafide chance of breaking a Richie Campbell's scorers scoring record. Yeah I think he's got a very good shot at a palm. I mean I can't say this is completely official but I've where I have done while right now is sitting at needing a 167. Points. And if he if he needs a 167. Left to get them that would mean he would need. I'm six games definitely fired. Well he's got three regular season games left field he's guaranteed the quarterfinal that's four they win the quarterfinal which I think they don't get to buff state there's five games so if he. He would need to averaged 33 point four over five games of all those numbers are right now everything I'm saying is right I think he's gonna break. If they made some guys wanted to chance of winning a semi game I approached it. 5050 in and classy to stories Gary or I shouted yeah and Reggie Campbell's record right and then if he can get to the state championship you know based on that 167 Emery gave it has averaged isn't need would go down to 27 point three game. So it's gonna be real tight but I think he's got a good shot to do it that if you're coaching. Cheektowaga are you telling your players feed. Him the ball. I. It depends on the game and then I think if if I'm quotes in Cheektowaga I wanna win first and foremost because that's right it's gonna get him the most games but you know if I'm in the game where I got a chance to get on some points than. I think I do but I think. Cheektowaga is the tape the team and down type of player where he's gonna get us points anyway and and I haven't seen down come down and look off an open guy and just. He's not selfish guy he really hasn't he really isn't an F if you put down on the right team with you know just Hoover talent around them. If if downplayed in the ninth senior partner let's say he had stated news couple years ago when he transferred there. You know I don't think he's Jason scoring record but I think he's viewed differently by by fans you know if you could see what he could do with the talent around them like. Their reports they get from people when he went on the summer inflated Johnson City win. The the L thirteen to beat any team of people say he he was just sensational. You know playing and all that talent around them and and that that's no knock on the of the guys that are there within the Cheektowaga it's just to say that. I've heard a lot of people maybe unfairly categorized dom Welch's. He'll you know yeah I'll Delgado for and he's not he's a special now he's got a good have a shoulder you don't understand. Good question in my wishing him the best. Tough to see if I let Reggie before it's just Cheektowaga think we ought to have achieved luggage got beat out burger guy for the for the scoring title. Lamar I understand it nothing on the news earlier this week one of his biggest fans is Ritchie Campbell who's now yeah learn the system has an health science and reason. Consistently. He is try. When I gather sciences are trying to put together a program. I've spoken with police man. Who was per guards sensational. Female best ball player to score like sixteen some points in the game. Is there once and I encourage unity didn't you maybe want that I can't remember statistical shoes and Sports Illustrated. In her and Richie led the country in scoring. When they were air per parity and I'm trying to set up a shoulder get them both on have there already got the OK from Feliz is trying to get all the Richie. That's been a problem but I think that be a fantastic show they have them both come on in. You know what flea says we didn't get the attention. Like from an inside high school sports. They know that they didn't have that back and so she's loved it and the fact that the girls are getting their. No mention on this. Ball right on nine reserve entrant backed out of I'm not mistaken. If you gonna grow Berger an hour he might as well on by Marcus Whitfield and two who has the single game record with eighty points in the game. We get a hole it was still in the area I believe it is mark. Marcus would feel that the Yankees had just totally blows me away you look at the total Marcus Whitfield and Richie Campbell and he played together likely Georgia three years yeah. Yeah our coach rusty is still smiling. A course he's Lebanon has or watching those two if you attack I mean spit scoreboard very record the points Russell looked like the second hand on the clock for Pete's sake windows. I just can now you look at those totals of them two guys and they're on the same demon while. And I think that they did not when a state championship push harder if we talked lowest birders like bulldogs got. Of course Scotch if you talk to coach rust he'll tell you that they got jobs. When they did go far in the states that day a year and wasn't there they weren't trying to burger let's just put it that way we either win bode ketchup yeah exactly that's how you look at our right center court take you so much. For spent in the hour with us it was great having you and thanks roomy and say for anybody it and get to talk about your. And once again of view from center court that your blog check it out single from a court that come check it out where stories six schools are America's you pick Iman was an important things. Is your favorite. But our lives that hey it's got to Rian pars all the way from new trainers and Wilson. Eleven new MITRE now and a part time and so that's I think is pretty. You're pretty fair and thank you all right guys thank you much for talked to next week.