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02-16 The Instigators HR 2

Feb 16, 2017|

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Welcome back to the investigators WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG. Andrew Peters Cody McCormick and Matty Ellis in studio here for you. On Thursday sabres host the avalanche tonight 730 games on NB CS and which can also here on MSG. We are just talking about Laura Hall being a studio here and you know that the Labatt blue pawn hockey tournament that's going on. You've said there's a lot of line. There's a lot of wind and right and it's my Segway and that's a subset of this call the same way but the game tonight there's a lot alike. Colorado really not playing framing their dusted their opened the sabres. They still have a chance they have they have a chance soul you know Cody you said. It's funny how we look at the stuff to write because you said they lose tonight that's. Yet in this is a gamer you have to I don't know how many games that come back and forth wins or losses at a win the last game. They got us their put something together and the planet team that's the last in the leads. And it's a dangerous team if you let them hang around you have to almost stopped this early show your game play within what your system as. And to have from the start to the finish and don't give them any breathing room at the end of that you need to win tonight. He'd come out of the game with the start just like an auto the other night you know. You put a goal on the board 24 seconds and a game especially against a team like Colorado. I think one of my keys is to take their will away early they've dropped the last four in a row it's been a tough season. Which when you're going through a year like that can be exhausting and you get on the border early here in their face you drive the pace of the game up. Take their will away right away this is definitely to this effort. Case as again the sabres need to have that they have to they have that do they have it. Choose to take their team. To the next level we've seen it we've seen any games against it and it was who are and who Winnipeg where they came on in the third period just a while back we've seen. Great first periods terrible second periods terrible first periods in great thirds I mean they're the inconsistency do they have the team Matty Cody to. Take take where they are in the standings right now. Take control in and come out actually play a team like Colorado and an opening game the way they need to opening game. Yet while they opened last emperor know they can't do that every time for ship but it's the play that's leading into it. On the plane. All the rattled homes last and you have to make sure this statement game the next games are going to be harder you have a break going coming up after three games. These are the games are must. Let's hear what 4101. Let's hear what they're active mild disease down the key base and at Bryant off doing his. We get a little exclusive one moment and while here's what's serious important game. And some familiar faces back to practice day an update on Keenan France. Vander back on the ice lists still. A feeling a little bit under the weather and no hopefully this means we'll see him at game time tonight Robin Lehner will start that for us tonight and we did get a chance according Franzen. On the ice skate around in the field pretty good so. You know once thought maybe not see him until after the break we may see him before the break but not tonight and not tonight. You've also had pairings lately that. May not have looked like a fit on paper. Prior but it will have what would you say about Josh Georges and Dmitry cool Coptic. Well Weaver had a few adjustments due to injuries and guys in and out of the lineup and Josh and and Dmitry. Coming. Got together they're two games ago and and creatures than most of the guys on the most comfortable on the right side as a left handed shot. In actually think. The last couple games and especially his last one played his best hockey since his return. From from injuries the last time and so. But that went pretty well in Ottawa and and oh win over those come back from my injury. Would like to see them play a little bit Mora and practicing it's more practiced and we don't have any of that. This time a year and with the schedule we have so he got back in there we use them on the PGA did a good job their forests and I think he seasonal increases. It's more comfortable. Can be the best take away from the last game because there was so much talk going into it you come out of it with two points which at the end of the day is just the goal obviously. Agreed I think the response from our team is though what you'd what year and you need to take that I am we've. Then and a few. Of Christian knows and and dips and valleys and our games here and and and we you win a game in here. Go on the road are we literally wanna game at Charles sorry come I can hear him not happy with the performance and the result against Vancouver and you know this is a desperate time of year for us need to and every. Possible game we can and two points two or column and I think the answering back in auto was huge. Huge talk for a voice quickly on tonight's opponent. Oh we. Previous here before the break and then we have to take one at a time and it's an avalanche team. That's we have to we can't look past where they're at the standings. They have good players they got skill up front they got great players up front cannon and chain Atlantis. And it's not a team we can. Look Preston in the situation got three as we said three games BO won game three times or for the very can. We took care of business in the auto game in Ottawa and and it's the imperative that we we do the same an audience that much thank you thank you. All right there's stamp Viles what do you think he he he the one thing he said to me. Or not need to offer that that stood out to mean there fellas this Andrew Peters on the investigators with Matty Ellis according McCormick. They have good players and don't look at where they are in the standings. Well for sure. I mean that's first and foremost you just look at you know some of the forwards that they have on paper you you can't look past that. Insane that you have to be you have to be prepared to take care your own businesses for me tonight to vote the sabres a boat the mindset what they come all the way that they are willing to execute. And you know this is the time you've talked all season the team is trying to find the consistency. You mentioned it before game came on PD is that. You know they've had those peaks that have those valleys it's time to find fine you don't view ingredients that are gonna get them on a bit of a run here and I think. You know tonight's is again that they definitely need to come out and make a statement to build off of that Ottawa game that they don't. Must register racer auto game they gain nothing from it to follow in the same pattern they've set and a standard of how they can play. And now they need to adhere to that standard on a day to day basis first. Aim at home I guess they've only had one game in between what you had letters comments than last game against Vancouver. You had fans boo. And Jack's comment on that and and players have. Indicated there disappointment or you know shown their disappointment toward that. I mean that the the fans here homer but the whole place is a tough place to play you almost have to commit a year old building in. And Rio or I guess read. I guess what's the word I'm looking for kind of get the fans the blog again. That's on the players. We app. Play better give them give them a give and explaining that an exciting product to watch and it's. It's it's it's a lesion it's a business for production. Pays off and that's what people come good and wanna see. Well I think courted right I think that we use you straddle that line and mediocrity when your opened on all season long. I think those things come with the territory and they always did you have been through a lot it if that booze in the stands at that comments that does that that. But that's where there you start putting together a little streak here where your team sources it trend and plague other potential. Those things start here taken care of themselves in on home ways really really important commode you got off to that start that they need tonight. So we talked a little we got in line combinations we stopped at line number one team you know damned miles we've currencies back on the ice was I guess a little under the weather. He's talked about a lot in the trade trade talks and we talk about to change. But isn't this guy to me forget about all the off ice stuff from a year ago because right now. I'm looking at the on ice with his and the table platter that this guy is he's probably one of the most dynamic. Power for recently great. Yet his on ice production rate now five on five it is going to be investment team. I don't know stats are five on five but you see him talk his tenacity. And his willingness to go on the hard areas and score those hard holes as something that. Is do you it's welcoming addition to a team. He deftly brings that uniqueness and how hard he plays the game and we all know it's that the blend of speed and skilled it. In his way of creating offence. One of the things we have talked to voters that this team when you look at them on papers they have the ability to create offense in different ways commander creates. His offense differently than Jack does Jack creates different there Ryan O'Reilly does. The way he's played five on five. Gives them such a different look such a different weapon and he has missed when he's on the lineup. Hopefully his back in and feeling good enough to go tonight you think is too much emphasis put on line juggling fleet wide not just your buffalo lake league wide demean you hear boat line changes in this guy's playing but not a guy. Does that stuff even matter anymore. I think it just comes with the territory courses are always looking for that mix and in the looking for that rate mix and what what might work on one it's not gonna work on the other. Annie coaches have their finger on the pulse and I do think that it gets exaggerated. A little bit much. And minutes talked about an awful lot but you know you when line gets juggle there's obviously a reason for there's a method behind it it's not just a gonna. Tickled the lottery balls today in NC was playing with do you know he'll look at film you look at the way players are training you try to find that rate next. When of course does when that rain mixed pro wants he'll hold on a juggling anymore but. Know until you find the things that work exactly the way that you had in mind and had planned in in in the things the ingredients that are leading to success. You know they knew did you won't see that kind of a trend so let's look at that. Autumn six if you wanna call that right now what what do you guys colonials are we what are you saying to you have fully know on the left would Rodriguez and Gionta. Grant in the middle of Molson laughed and anise on the right what are you saying that these guys and what type of game are you asking them blown play. To gore be successful against column. I looked him more individual and lieutenants Marcus Leno and. Nick the laureate and all their make a miserable for the Colorado Avalanche of machine as a part of land has the puck in Europe there. Make it miserable form make sure that they don't wanna play in tonight missed it against you guys. Brian's going to be Brian is. Don and all year. For the young guys make sure your plane within the system play within your limits and doing all the little things right. And for Tyler Ennis make sure everything's. In a good momentum going in an offensive way and try not to do too much and it's just should just play your game and and do things come from. How effective late. This these two lines tree here I'm looking at these two to bought these could be the difference making lines the difference making lines. For this team tonight I mean look who's on the third line for Colorado. Anybody know a whole fever trauma that was in town. Place anybody know that. I mean this isn't Colorado team this is gonna be some push over fluff. You know. Team this is going to be it's even you have good players not to mention units or Robin Gregory Carl how much. Impact they're gonna happen again but there have some fire in in their ability come on play hard here to they were part of this organization wants. Well first rounder optics here is their pressure and have a little bit of extra chip I shall look out for Fedora and he's a big open ice hitter in his future earlier and what's rightfully here and now. I mean TDs they do those elements through existence and it's in you have those two guys first round picks here's the sabres spent some time here. Gonna come in with a little bit a chip on shoulder you're gonna have them on the flips attitude you're gonna have Ryan O'Reilly you know even not showing his old team but wanted to nature it's known hate. On the guy here you know I don't think that's the that's the mines that you go in go in with that he's not thinking an initial than I was that's part of the tree here. Bernanke he. Goes in Italy so. Now I don't know I think for him to maybe not as it is based on just make up to show that but don't you think that while outsiders you know like an element like eight screw you guys I want to show you get how how much of a mistake you didn't make yes I do but I don't think that that's. Number one on those I think that's human nature that when your plan at this well that's got to be part. Part of what your made up to have those kind of feelings. I think you look at a player that that covenant for him it's will be in the best player that he can be in the best leaders can be for receivers on it tonight basis but. Don't have those elements were you have players that were the other Jersey and they're gonna have a little bit of some improvement each other. We haven't even talked about named Kenneth. I mean this former number one pick overall I mean this guy played in no World Cup was unbelievable in the World Cup. Scored and we were bullish after getting slashed in the face to see that it's high stock and he goes and still finished off the plight. Gritty player great to wait color young player so another guy receivers have to look no four. Just that doesn't mean it's not like it's only this lineup is going to be some bogus idea cakewalk I if anything. If if anything else say that I'm more nervous for the sabres right now playing this team on home ice. Because don't you think Colorado being a last place team wants to come in and try to make it hard for the home team in their home building at the stands on top of them early get a blue wing. It in my experience playing teens were last and they're playing loose and you have all the skill and the guys to put the puck in the net you do not want to give them a reason to hang around and think that they're in this game because of momentum to stronger and stronger as the game balls on. You mentioned McCain into machine Landis got all these guys have the ability to put the puck in the net. And if we're not on from the start it it could be. A tough first period for us. You gotta put that pressure on Colorado right away you gotta have pucks deep in his own. You gotta put their deep core under pressure all night long in the sabres now with a with a lineup look is gonna look for tonight. You know they play with that speed and tenacity in the lineup where they just drive the game down the other teams thrown put that pressure on them. No Colorado gives up a lot of goals that you can't get into that run and gun style with them you need again to quote his point he can't let a team like this hang around. On paper you don't they have some very very talented players that can breaking game open if you get into the thick of the game. But it's one of those you look at where the records that. It's a prime example the top talent that doesn't always make top teams in Colorado they have to tell the players and obviously the record speaks otherwise on the type team that they are can't let the Niagara. So vials were just quoted as hopefully. Cain can play tonight but confirmed that Robin Lehner will start tonight Robin Lehner. Definitely put the money worst bounces the other night against Ottawa and you know. Dire earlier on the year is he the type of guy that can take the reins and take the lead and take control of a team can go only do that with his play. I think they're given an opportunity right now they know that he's passionate about what and wanted to win. He came out and backed up his words they're given him another game which is a huge game. And I think they're gonna take it game by game Dan mentioned that there right now they're just focus at the casket and of what's in troubled soul. It's nothing they can look too far ahead of right now. In 03055088550. To 550 if you wanna call it Robin Lehner starting tonight. Saber 730 park drop against the Colorado Avalanche at the keybank senator. That game is on NB CS and just so you know are confused and you can also hear it will be on WGR Sports Radio 550 again 730 park dropped Cain still a game time decision and Lennar. Will get the call. You mentioned Matty just a few seconds please that if if that team goes oh les and I tonight the game against Ottawa and and how they responded to letters comments. You know there nullified. Blot. Is that really something that we saw is that I mean I can't or call a moment. Where something like that happen in it I guess it the team came together and rallied around and not in my experiences anyway but. That that this team plane and I Colorado I mean it's just another opportunity for them to show whether or not the series the players that is. But whether or not they're serious we'll make in the playoffs are marked as this is where the push start letter might have said this right you were just at the right time too by the way going into auto law. You know after very bad team at home if I could've I mean I don't wanna see conflict to switch that you can't but that might have ignited something marker. Or death you look for those moments throughout the course of the season that that are those sources of ignition for your team. For you to take take a hard and really self examine it from on the inside is a group of players. Is what's our team how do we need to play to be successful. You know in are we doing most things on a consistent basis and I think of them may have might have come at the rate time. Now as the next step in the progression it's all right we've taken these steps forward let's continue to build let's continue to move forward because no. Time is running out they can we have to start stringing this together we can't keep going replace one lose one player when one goes on when when was a it used that you can't do that you have to give yourselves on Iran. In order to give yourself an opportunity and you need to show that hey you know we took that as a source of ignition and we're better for it. And now we're gonna prove not only to it to ourselves with everyone else that we are better team for a move. Or you guys seen this they were schedule coming up I it is it is not favorable. For team that is desperately in a playoff hunt if Colorado tonight to your home to Saint Louis and your home to Chicago. Right the benefits if you wanna call matter that the home. Rights in this one did you whereby we Rhode yet so it was yes Lewis has been struggling but. Then your then you have up a bye week then here in Colorado again. Arizona Nashville all Western Conference teams. It's two over this do you remember being like this when we played. That hat I have the like grouped together like this February schedule just all Western Conference teams. There was a cut off right re couldn't play Western Conference teams anymore and march or something. But insane that's a tough schedule for the sabres. That's it's extremely tough schedule with with bye weeks to bring Burkle and there but is that by using by weeks ago at Davis at this point in the year I know right away and while I don't like me I if I know you hate statistics and Enders his policies statistics might you know otherwise. We tell anymore I don't. You can't play Marty can't bring up statistics on this show and not back Abbas and I think the last today. See in his team's comer of the bye week that your rate doctors' records through three in ten cover the white. Or something along those alliances maybe some of you correct me if I'm wrong but. You know it in saying that you gotta use the bye we grade out your advantage especially team like a forward you've been writing some guys hard. You know it's an opportunity at navy. Everyone at this point the seasons ago some bumps and bruises and prayed at some where here yeah. They need you know regulated by weaker now. I just spent time before I'd I would wanna stay in a rhythm playing these games and have in this playoff push us to see you win three. Hopefully they win three and then they have a week off I would I would rather keep playing and I in my mind. Do you like the bye week in general is an idea for the for the lead in the killers. Talking to the players are for both sides and I know some of the players love that that we often he'll let me get your mind away from the game. But I've also heard that they didn't like the games being so condensed and and having to play more games just because of having this week up salt. I've verbal sailors are never happy you know who when he practices. You know now that the gains to condense that mean they just can't ever complain about everything caviar on the plan of the winds enough the shirt cocktails sitting out there who. Right. True cocktail on your plan. Not that are right speed and not bad instigated when we come back you're stacked guy I guess that's the vacuum we're gonna do little meaningful meaningless here on deemed him and it really you guys about. Some numbers whether they matter not tonight's game. And and we're gonna go around the NHL talk what we have 34 ply his vocal he staked himself a third line. Applause I don't want ideas for seven goals I thought seriously hurt or you you scored eight goals all aside you deem yourself. Lead story was down kodi gets eight he says that's an equivalent to thirty back in the seventies that's I think you know. He's a third liner over backward to force in the third one return here and is to gators WGR Sports Radio 515 amnesty. We're back with more of the instigated it's presented by MP Carol hard. Welcome back to the investigators Andrew. He serves. Regular base team unfortunately. He lost to honey baked the number one team in the country and the finals for one. I'm sure it was the solid effort by the boys but rip should be back here I'm guessing probably Monday or Tuesday and human. Well traveled. We'll travel day for rift. It's a Gator 730 parked truck tonight Colorado into the key banks and a game is on NB CS and can also hear on WGR Sports Radio 550. We are on WGR 550 right now as we are also. You can see these guys pretty faces on MSG if you really want to. Let's go around the NHL you know I think that's that's one of my favorite segments for recent talk league wide sometimes you know beating up on on. And Gary yarder. Did you ever think first of all first oval. Pole review in 1990. Born any three senators Alan you're nine. Users and I was I was ten you are human league in 1990 at least. Nine your 91 doesn't matter 1990. As fifth or sixth pick overall in the mullet here is 45 years old okay. 19100. Points later we've seen salutes we've seen cops we've seen gold medals. What is this guys the second player in NHL history and he's the second world it ever hit 19100 points. 45 birthday. Jahri yarder 45 years old. What a way to celebrate. At 45 in the states still performing like this. Saw it it in the top league it's amazing to. Ought to watch him perform and to see an end to think that. Of the years anyway and spend decade gel and come on back in NC in this slate gets. It's it pretty incredible what he's done throughout his career and what he continues to do that the age of 45. Doesn't seem to be slowing down I mean everyone talks aboard is his work coats and as our place tablets in the Nooyi takes care of himself it's. And the duties that continues to do and it's it's pretty darned beat you think he's done after this year. I don't know I think he's an on a year to year basis here bullets. You know he's still produce and what the mission form. But 2000 points to think that matters to all in 2000 points means anything the harder yet. I think season you'd love to accomplish that I think every year he's gonna look us up and wanna get poll. Bomb. Just to go back record is amazing to me how he how much against change and for years ten years and he's been a part of hadn't been able to oval through all of and to me what an amazing athlete let me ask you this. Season on the street freeagent. Which are bringing me here next year's flop monoline with the kids would like when Reinhart let him see how how long have grown man's. Pass to work to play in the sleek. Heartbeat I would if you need an answer I'll throw it out there I would bringing me here next here if you could lure him away from Florida. You don't think bring enemy here to play maybe on a line some nights with Jack and Sam. You know he'd be unbelievable how hard Jack who work hard Sam works some of these other guys that's what he's doing there he showing the park cops showing him overdose showing the act last he showing all the young kids who's talking about which when he mentioned his office worker tonight. But it. If they're workers your workout freak you mean how hard is this how hard is this for a guy what are you seeing to a to a team or how does this well liked in a locked room EC 45 year old man. Showing up to work out at night. Shoot par auction NightCall frisky tonight. Or play with one in not on the same level point wise is as yarder but I put a Christian closely in his career were. There Chris had some of those same qualities the way that he took care from selves himself in his conditioning. In those things are. Not deem to set the bar for the people underneath you what the professionalism. Means in the do we take care of yourself and then. The proof's in the body of work what they do continue to do. You know I think yarder is a great example there are some of these young guys. And it could be you know be looking at it. And being in in a warmer climates like Florida it's obvious choice all along the heck of life a date column spade a spade was the heck of lot easier on your body. Like a lot easier on your body is that I can only imagine a 45. PD maybe cancer because you're closer to 45 than the other to sit here. I feel with us fortified. But you know I I. Now that things that he does I think they're just they're great lessons for for for any player that thing that has an ability there. To see him on a dated eight basis and understand what it takes. Still. Play the game at this well fortified. Matty Ellis Cody McCormick and Andrew Peters here in the investigators WGR Sports Radio 515 amnesty just one around the NATO which is talking about the amazement. Of the armory yarder 45 birthday. Gets is one on 19100. Point. He missed three seasons so I just wondered if you wanna stick around for 2000 did you see the spear her around the world. Alex chase on spears and cousins in the Calgary Philadelphia game time and we see your voice I'm still looking for a such a case all I'll tell you what I see I see chase on toss for spirit nick cousins is just like a little light. Bleed to the repent. You know causes stops in front of the bench he's spots that are you know our guys not stopping in front of the bench right there. At the end and on a line change for any other reason other than to try to to yuk it up chase on skates over gives them little poke in the ribs I don't know if something had happened earlier in the game. Causes goes down cells it Cody what do you do on the odds are I'm in the country now. Pour water seen his reaction about. Is it's amazingly. It to seem curable rafter something that's small. And then I think even for thousands he might lose some credibility the refs see this again you see his reaction how he reacted. They they might not trust this guy for what his reaction as a place. Consider died may be able to give up some. Dude it's something that might comeback player. I have I was pretty bad spear. I gotta agree with Cody and and you know. If cousins grew needed a job selling it by an audit there was a whole lot there and Nolan cousins played against them. Not to say that it's you know obviously he's you know to me he's definitely makes them but Hampshire earlier we'll ship it. He knew immediately at some lumber which is on to the back the later it's five. That's clear five that spirit at every day everybody on the bench should be. Standing up and yet here. Lately look at least East Asia baca is like come on body giving him exactly what. Players have been fine JG just legitimize your players have been fired from Dallas for how you give a five minute power play. That's my reason for this kid is. Putting on this drama show and that that resulted in a five minute for raft watches this replay he might not be too. Interested in this players and in give him the short end of the stick and exploits. Com. Can I can't get over this to me is an officiating issues to. You know I'm sitting here I'm sitting here I'm watching this play in empty wise an official giving that but he told after. You know certain incidents or any kind of stick infraction after the night Quist and it's a five minute. Because I'm sitting here looking at this and I'm thinking to myself which is TJ mentioned more of an embellishment than anything Claude Julien fired from Boston. And rehired by the Montreal IC rehired because he's recycled through their Crist here Crist Crist area. Army shelter area like goal and then they bring him in they don't they sign to a five year deal. Five year 25 million dollars Julie gets right off about yours prize went. No I'm not been Johnson PD I think that's. You know policies. In Montreal ownership in mark version and identified what they were looking for. Obviously had a ton of respect for Claude Julian what he represents. The way he coaches. What he's done it in his with his tenure with the Bruins. And two I think for them. He was the guy he became available and it made them make a decision quickly. Moving forward for the organization where I think that they're like while we just won the lottery here get this guy in because he is what we are looking for specifically shelter. There is kinda like. Bit of a scapegoat for good teams and that was who files are replaced when he went and won the cup there now Montreal top of their division. Near the top of their conference they fired their coach which was surprising to me. And then they bring in Julian which I think was a good move but. Terry. For for Terri in a while I think even Dan mentioned that he put together and a very good foundation that he walked into salt. Coming back to what Marty set a mass that is they recognize what they needed what they thought would connect help point forward and five years is what they see in their team. To go with a good this is a coach Julie I've only heard good things players respect them league wide he's respected as a coach as a person. And the players at a played with them only had good things disable. Sabres host Colorado tonight. 730 puck dropped. And BCS. And and that's the Terry while watching you want to read your Sports Radio 550. And amnesty don't stroll. And polyp that was strong school here Dylan stroll. Scorers. A goal of his opponent's stick around you guys have seen as. Perhaps the other. Scouts players stack. Secular longer video. Camera expectancy of the players there are other players deck. Goals were to rule. First round pick to Arizona. Remember him in the world juniors a few years ago playing with right. Reinhart tough video here to be able to tell here watching on TV but. You see deals from looking over the that I love chirping hockey. But yet see a picture of the other team's offense there. 80305588550. To 550 if you wanna call into the show savers host Colorado tonight. Thought we had a shall show us theory goes he goes back to the London knights bench. And hands them and from the players there are just this is stuff that you don't see too often. You know he goes and scores a goal goes to the bench gives the players to back. I guess like they were part of that video that they've given that stick I don't bench no way I would go back and if that's there. I would say it's yours now I don't wanna be apart of that let's that's junior hockey changed a lot since you guys been there are still lies doesn't have the rugged. Seem rugged accident analyst following the progression of the national hockey and Meehan is the style of game has changed appeared the same thing holds true. Further down the lottery ago I think junior hockey has changed styles change. Type of player in this things that they look for you know when when you get the opportunity to watch a game. It's kind of phones entry and is where the NHL is not factory where was the best place we normally when we were going into junior where was the place everybody wanted to go. Everybody for me wanted to go to Suzy Emery I don't know why it was so far away that was always a thing don't go to C slavery is so far in the travel. But that was always the place for guys loved to go play. Was in the suit I'd love my time in Belleville and I would never trade it. But I bolstered guys want an up and Ottawa Brian children. And their lifestyle there was trying to unbelievable. How was stopped although the play and I never played a big game in Belleville once an update on the big guys that I'd never have the every year we rolled into felonies umi is all distract me. I hated it. It is there was there are a team anymore on. Know there in America they're moving they're there doing renovations of the rank and was putting their their farms in Rachel team. And it's great for the town because when I was there a lot of everything revolved around the team I felt bad when they when they lost the original team bud. Happy they're inheriting in the the HO with a belt with a released a drive there the bulls released so we cutie PHO do dollar. I think they have a bit of marketing ahead of them just measure the surrounding areas there are. In tune with what they wanna do in the communities and it's not a bad idea though. To have a team that beat tackles Ottawa I think that's the same. Blueprint that other teams are trying to do a lot of teams moved west solar players wouldn't have to travel through time zones and a call ups are a lot more. A lot easier on us out of Rochester rate here it's just on the highway it's old it's much easier for players transition. Goya and then you know gives your organization the chance to to really put their fingerprints in any kind of see that dated date as to what their players are doing you're kind of there's no mourn and things are getting lost in translation anymore you're you're I mean the big club style than with a minor league club and you have that close working relationship where. You know here you're surrounding your your youth with. Your stuff you guys both played Portland the American League so imagine Portland Maine being the you want talk what lost in translation. You over they were the farm team for before buffalo Anaheim Ducks. So you called Applera. They had to go from Portland Maine all the way over to the West Coast fan I'm. Good luck getting that done Wednesday at least here are when needs a player running game they buffalo needs a player on game day here of these teams of Binghamton wasn't even so bad for that reason because they have DO Watertown. This bridge there to get in the US but. I don't know that Korea is just wondered about that too because I was actually golfing with some of the guys some people from Belleville season ticket holders over the summer. And they were really bomb with a team that they were actually more excited of out. The American League team coming because you actually had. You know and in junior you're looking for what to watch players that might get the NHL. Or might get drafted in the NHL these players of all sign pro contracts some of them have already played in the NHL which you know Canada. Absolutely enormous. 730 puck drops tonight savers and BCS and game. Game is also want to read GR Sports Radio 550 will be right back Matty Ellis hit on Thursday is as usual Cody McCormick and help out. Are trigger Avaya is a way they lost honey baked today we'll be right back with a final segment of the as the gators under VG our Sports Radio 550 amnesty. We're back with more of the instigated it's presented by MP Carol hardware. Welcome back to the ice gators final segment Andrew Peters Matty Ellis thank you could record last couple days appreciates you come in and get you again soon. Sabres host the Colorado Avalanche tonight 730 parked truck keep banks that are game is on NB CS and it's also on WGR Sports Radio 550 years there. We three of us how to roll on a team we TARP or fourth line guys rate if there's 14 line guy in the league dessert that you could put on your team. That is probably the best fourth line plan remember when Boston Julian had the at and party. They had Shawn Thornton and they had. Gregory Campbell. Desert desert island there dessert guy like that right now that can be a huge difference maker team's fourth line noses rule accepts it play. Not all situations but the rates situations or got it comes to mind. Dealer. Dealer radar for Tom my head and he's a little he's a little older he's pretty popular still around here. Steve ought. Who is unbelievable in the dressing room who is an unbelievable penalty killer and whatever role you put him and he's a 100% focused on that role. And always kind of slowed down. And his age is what it is but. I would take back I am intimidated now you make a real good point of water you know he he kind of exemplifies exactly what you want to get it understands the role. Again it's great fear culture great for your locker room can be in a note and you know which are gonna get them on it ain't gonna be through. Huge offensive numbers anymore but what you're gonna get he plays that role for a team you become extremely valuable I think you know that's it's a great thought. Do people I think the people here trade deadline and stuff they don't they don't think about players not like Steve oddity we almost even a public those fourth line guys that. Add depth to. To a lineup and how valuable can be mean. Who was it last year victims treated to Eric Fair. Was traded to Pittsburgh in the and you had. Matt Cullen signed as a free agent to come to Pittsburgh means to balance off your fourth line and leveled off and add depth. I I think it's totally it's overlooked. A league wide by fans by media by everything the value they analyst at the top six they're like can they score will candy defense. We'll look at the islanders' fourth line last year in the clips I was an unbelievable line with. Maarten Susie Kos and was a quarter bought to fit and they were sole fact of money nice teams in winnable games. Org got paid too by the way yeah exactly good playoff connect can do that for a but the I mean you have the fourth line got to compete face us block shots playoff experience. You know these when you get into it get into those situations the deeper your team is in the more guys are kind of fit into a that type of role the that are offered going to be and the teams that win year after year seemed to find that rate piece that at the right time but I just. I'm trying to find like that the Washington Capitals K they're fourth line Daniel Winnick Jeep eagle. Tom Wilson. That is an un believable. Fourth line I mean that's a great big bodied fourth line speaker Colorado with civil someone pick up maybe gamma for a third fourth line role down the stretch who ordered the plants. Jarome Iginla yeah. We ID someone's gonna grow from any guy and he he ends up going to Edmonton. I would. So who are your top four. So. We just threw a lot of mode there I don't have Richard. Anders I have a lot of guys that bring value. No commits to a question that viewers we were some of them. We were some of them than on the best are the best are coming up after us is John Murphy. And Donald Jones they're going to be around to talk about the bills already here we're back tomorrow Friday Marty sand WGR Sports Radio 550 MSG the as the gators.

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