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Feb 16, 2017|

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Personnel news from the Buffalo Bills just announced the bills announced that they've agreed to terms with. Linebacker Ramon Humber terms not disclose Humber a product of North Dakota State spent the points sixteen this season with the team. At twelve special teams tackles tying for the team lead. Originally came into the league in 2009 is an undrafted free agent. With the Indianapolis Colts are Ramon numbers and eat your NFL veteran. And the bills every site it today Ramon Humber agreed to turn for the Buffalo Bills on a new contract around the National Football League some other. Moves coming down the pike if they haven't been made yet. Miami Dolphins taking steps today to clear some of their salary cap room left tackle Branden Albert scheduled to be released by the dolphins. He started twelve games for the dolphins last year. He is their third highest salary cap numbers in the upcoming season and Mario Williams a former Buffalo Bill will be released by the dolphins this week as well. According to reports he was set to cost him the half million dollars against the dolphins salary cap. Elsewhere in the league right ladies freeagent the New York Jets cut ties with the offensive lineman this past year Clady will not it is one million dollar roster bonus he's thirty years old. The jets acquired him ten months ago and trade with the Denver Broncos. And they were scheduled to make you scheduled to earn ten million dollars in base salary this upcoming season so frankly be let go by the New York Jets. Former NFL quarterback Vince Young has hired agent Leigh Steinberg in an attempt here. Revive his football career so a bit jumped 33 years old Steinberg says he has agreement still playing more football. And so and John it's available to the team is looking for a quarterback. And hockey the Buffalo Sabres play the Colorado Avalanche tonight the first of three game home stand over the next four days for the Buffalo Sabres that is a 730 peso. At keep banks that are in the game on our flagship radio station in buffalo WGR Sports Radio 550 Robin letter gets to start in goal. Up about 123 infantry units last eighteen home games. Against the Western Conference and tonight they play against. West when they host Colorado it is John Murphy show presented by no coach John Murphy Donald Jones from. One bills drive one call here about our conversation with chairman Thomas. Last hour what should buffaloes and the U with a solo butch. I load Donald on the too early to talk to both of them out and I don't achieve a salute the count circle. Leave that room talked about Andre reed tore line and I heard cattle. Cracked a joke about who to review text out of you can use. Some of the best of you can have a little. Hours. Is that the chips try ta. Also I wouldn't say about urban Tom's. Who I love so much. You know. Call me Kiki on this whole career but the stunning New England you know move in become global. I don't have that aren't held at a shop in the womb we're. He can really exaggerated a little bit like to walk at a rally right now about anybody tell it on that would be out. Funny and let the not only yesterday. That state you know boxer actually did that struck our children action. And check out. You know everybody has problems you've been to overcome. Where there Archie would be drafted and we pitched Warren a lot and it's actually agents after the talent strap. I really would like Butler really what people those characters and game to date. Sort of operated an outward. It'd be a nice added element of bringing Q. They may also line a little hipper by our in depth to what they have but anyway thanks so much it's chicken scrawl. Like those tribal or points and I liked him now and we'll optional and so much among actually accurate all start date for. Cuba or around the house off. And again Tim you know my grandmother my grandmother doesn't work you love them so does apostles homeless and those. Parity too salty as it is he can't says tablet press sneezes about enough in the house effort to support and it outdated because there are. Because of her but she's so I think the only person I know. And eat it. And my understanding is now YouTube deep it is they're basically. Pork fast rate deep fry yes okay there's no real meat and now protein. You know. Definitely not a Grotrian equipment right but as alternatives. To scratch currents and work past. The. Part correct what we're talking about let's switch gears a little bit here on the show and talk about the NFL scouting combine were there a couple of weeks to broadcast live from Indianapolis battle that I am march 1 second and third Wednesday Thursday Friday a couple of weeks away. We talked about this a little bit yesterday we wanted to get the guy I'm who wrote this post for a it's actually published by the Washington Post but also for pro football focus. Our guess is a senior analyst for pro football focus. He wrote a analysis piece that. Players who basically want the NFL combine and then became NFL stars. Happy to have Mike Renner on the night of the subway fresh take out my Mike John Murphy Dow Jones here thanks very much for joining us. Yet they have had to wonder a pork rinds are actually pretty high protein. And there are actually really get paid a lot what. Isn't that the time for well pretty I broke it yeah. You're not on the payroll like Andre Reid report crimes because that's what got us the document Thurman Thomas about Andrea. A puppet on pork brains at the super cool couple weeks ago that's what tennis under the stuff. They argue that the who are active and lights along often and drive it like your post which as we set appeared in the Washington Post and is on their pro football focus. It kind of you know we always hear about the the workout warriors that become mine who have great town mines and they get over drafted in. And flop in the NFL you've kind of take in the other side of the coin there which is interest to tell you got to that. To that place thinking about guys who maybe didn't have such good might work out and made it big in the NFL. They just see it every don't use the numbers don't grew real prep for the top by going to have might seeing. The guy like Josh Norman run up forced to sit back you open. 46640. Super well equipped and help people take guys off the draft where that of that bodes because. No it's technically means you're not supposed to be able to make up ground on a wide receiver. Well it got against national Missouri not didn't beat you that much anymore and that the aware of the best cornerbacks in the NF well. I just. Went through a lot of guys out by numbers see who just didn't match up with you know what that we are seeing on the field. It's just crazy to think that nine you know these nine top minefield of people achieved through are what define you for. You know for the draft this for a good portion of your career when you can't measure that whether that you can't measure you know that certain skill you in just nine drills so. A lot of guys. Don't put up big talent numbers but he got that it including the article got like Richard Sherman. Chuck Landry didn't run well either so it's not a end all BO which outlet did a lot of hype it's fun to watch but it's not. The candidates it's not terribly meaningful. That there is always it seems in recent years especially might. There's discussion in and around the come by and about finding a better way and is there a better way to commit to predict pro football success other than putting. Guys through these nine athletic drills. I think there probably are the journals are somewhat dated they're probably are better you know he can I measure guys. Eat with you know excel routers sort of absurd thing either by better measurement but. It's the big the biggest being that come by and does the white. Stuck around for the long because it gives you a baseline did you this broad you know thirty years sample size. To compare got the bench find trend that's Thursday. They've put in and do the same drilled over and over again and you have you can find patterns that data on what not you know analytics of the how might actually has some significance so that. That to me is why it probably still is quoted as. Mike when you look at the com buying. And for the people listen and people might not realize that you know these nine drills there are ways to cheat every single one of those drills so when you see a person jump. You know 43 inches you see a person. Lays a certain time in the three cone drill or something like that date. The only thing you teach your taught when you go down to Florida or wherever to train for the Tom mind is how to teach these drills. And so when you see guys who who do very well at the Carmine where you see guys who don't do well at the combine. I just don't think it's it's. Right because it has nothing to do with how good these players are on the field and so is it right for. These guys to jump up in the draft or fall in the draft based on just to Tom on itself. It is the thing that's great it's you're you're not. Practicing for football the guys that are in the draft are now they're not you know practicing there pass rushing to open up next thing you know catching drills. They are literally doing you know practicing the credit for surrogate court yard dash which have been no point in their liquor career will help them out on a football field itself. Yet amid a little created the little odd but I I think. But it paid everyone's doing it if you go on the account pioneer not prepared that's almost. A red flag in and of itself if you hadn't been preparing because you know you know at this point if that's what you're supposed to be doing everyone knows you know he set how they cheated how to best. Did your best result as an athlete so. I think there is still something to it but. If you have do you have to put the film first you have to put a good guy looks like he can run fast on film out there was forty yard time where there is going to be. Mike Renner on the line with a senior analyst for pro football focus dot com he has a post about a guys who basically have a flood the NFL com Bynum gone on to become. NFL stars a Warner Mike and I wanna get into some of the specifics here in a moment but. I wondered did you find it down comeback performance is really knock guys down in terms of where they were drafted coming out that your. Yeah I took some Alou looking ahead I think it did especially guys from small schools that he big plays it's you don't all the buying your on the mall where you're not going to be drafted highly. No matter how productive few words no matter you know how well you played. And how good your felt what if you don't. Put up good numbers and a bulky one if he does not gonna go in the first round that's not that there really indicate that people got that they desperately does it hurt the most of the under the radar guys. The Malcolm ball into the world just. That you know they didn't go to because they don't have this film against top tier players and so. You get a little weary walk then trying to draft an early round without those numbers to point to. So you got five who you basically focused on guys who. You know busted become mine and I've gone on to become really good NFL players and you start with deep sentiment Michael Bennett. Of Seattle who didn't put up good numbers at all and all the does is produce for the Seahawks aren't. Yeah it's been saying how how much the numbers don't match up with what we see on the field. The first comment Bob I thought it was a job like I wasn't you know an analyst back in 20090 they just don't college didn't you know all the combat that much to know about on what he did but started seeing and about 2012 I remember going backing looking. And being like that doesn't match up at all that you even if you look at regal through those numbers today I think. That's you would do much better you know you wouldn't have close to the numbers that he's so what about the map one of the most. Explicit decrypt the Latin lined up all over the line their for the yup he talks but if you create a five point 132 forty yard dash which is. I got article rantmaster and that it 346 bout so that just doesn't match up with the player we see and again he went undrafted because. It's to me is somewhat of a red flag not preparing. What it that's almost what it had to deal with Michael than he had to not like you said that these you know sheets so do well these GOP must not have known what to do because both their. Awful numbers. Now you you have a good list of guys com but for me. The number one down this list is Antonio Brown people would be surprised at how. Ideas that he did it become on especially at the forty run in the 457 when you see him on the field today is like wow. And he he would electric acute you. These don't quote that came out of the car. That you think you before for a guy you'll put the number that plateau although that could put up at Amman where it was 44 you know had a really good broad jump you know and that he brought to public debt. He did it brought up ninety feet which is you know offensive line are brought up ninety. But that it showed no sword explosion explosion industrial know sort of pop in speed but he's stepped on the football field and all of a sudden. He's going to guard himself. And our guy where aided the numbers don't line up I have no explanation for art but. These step on the field and was one of the best years yet is put up one of the best for your church medical history for what she herself. He's he's probably the poster boy for the numbers not being at matching up don't. And big numbers for the cornerback Josh Norman to lose you know with watch it in now one of the premier corners in the league that. The F forty yard dash numbers for Norman boasting when even touch a guy in the 466. Right. Yeah I think that that is probably one of the most important drill. Or any position at the forty for quarterbacks that. I guess that the people they dug up workflow court for slow forty yard dash times because. You're not supposed to build a make up speed it we solid as Gunter who ran for 71 the Packers quarterback did absolutely torched by Julio Jones just because. What he'd walk suspect can't regain their step and the he recorded worry about that you know you can't keep the heat that's what they that there monster that's what they are terrified of and if you have a full court you're not supposed to be able the make up that ground. It's never shown that they production arm he's not he's never been a guy who loses that you can't make it up he's grid catch quite that there are things so. There is just proved his numbers as well. Don't like it strikes me in every talk to scouts and personnel people over the years. When they have a guy with a bad number not just come binders you know media height weight a number that doesn't fall within the parameters and the prototype and looking for. If they still really like the guys sometimes they they have to find another reason to like you know what I mean I wonder if that's if there's a common theme among these five that you identified where. You know there's something else at stake here is and whether it's competitive smear that are bird experience or are kind of an approach that these players have maybe mental makeup thing that. That allows them to overcome some of the bad numbers these performers put up at the a couple of. What would it actually. My what what I think or more is in the fact that. On any given day. They're going to be stopping pampering you athletically you can be you know I've I've played basketball growing up some days you just don't feel that when you step on the court he step on the field. You don't feel at 100%. And you know it. I'm a given day just armed stepped onto that track. Didn't feel that you know cancer return on something like that they're gonna run a couple of seconds blurry gonna run two tenths of seconds slower than you could theoretically sell. I think it gets overblown because it's it was a it is you know all the Childers over two day period where. You may not be completely healthy may not feel at your best or that so. I think that that put as much stuff in it it yet to get a holistic approach you can't. You can't just rely on this and what you said GM's. If you don't put up good numbers but it scared they they want you to check every single box. And it's unfortunate that this is there so much at stake over this small. More job interviews that it is but how much. Yeah I mean it's. It's amazing you look at the forty awards that's the one thing that we really really pay attention to is the forty. Especially with skill position players and you know some guys it is not use you're really running track. You know some Gaza does not track runners I don't know how to get down in the stance. But I can play receiver back around route to test the ball get open on a consistent basis. US and get down and attracts as that is I can't do that from now the question I have for you Mike is and I know this this has nothing to do with. Your article but are there any guys who you feel like in this year's Tom line. To be a person that is right now hi put this doubts as saying he might not really Tesla Kama. Who put got up there for a guy who might not home and think. Gas at medic Jonathan Allen I don't think you'd overly explosive I don't think he's going to put up you know eye popping numbers that they do look like. An average defensive tackle through you know when you put that hole. Although thrilled up to other acts. That is that the debt that the whole will be right in the middle in terms of all you know but. Explosive numbers that bench numbers I hope you can awhile but we've got to take he's just so. Physically dominant that it is not the sort is a dominant that's gonna show up. Two testing he's dominant this anti domino has leveraged plays extremely Smart recommend is blocked so well so. You might be a guy that you know you come work Macau about you might sour on when you really shouldn't because although all the tools are there are still. Have Wanda we got. I've might be out there I might win because Mike Williams is not a receiver that separates from. From BBs he's he's a guy who you just throw volatile you know so I don't expect him to run past anybody out of respect in the test well. I don't expect him to run again if there are you surprised at three Conan need to sexist. Yes I think he would could be like a you know leak 4546. Yeah but there's no there's a tapped her body control but he had he had been in spades you don't eat we've seen it again and again. That's a championship that whole run through there. He made some gets ridiculous catch is that. Other gotten stressed that aren't making because. He's a bigot he has because he has as good as he got in because nobody controls so good they can can torque into different positions that this site shouldn't be able to veto. Mike did you look at the players who've essentially flock become buying due date. Very often do they go out and make up boarded a private workout in a you know like and I'm field work out or private work effort teams. Yes I mean I think it sort of Ralph numbers got better in is everyone has their pro dead if you do want to come by and that's going to be a full court press on your Prodi because that. That's all you got from there you need to improve upon those numbers I think Antonio Brown went under for five at a pro day but you know everyone goes lower their pro days. Is the 39 yarder your drug you know it that they help you out there your zone school you get a little love from the the stopwatch there so. He didn't put up any not make his birdie numbers still all these guys aren't anything that suggests. You know they are going to be cynical pro bowlers all pros but. It's a budget that companies can't measure. That witnesses and that translates to a football field. From my money this is part of what makes Baptist com buying but the draft so after seeing you know you have all these metrics Mike you have all these measurements you have. All the tape of a player's college career and you just don't know with certainty how they're gonna turnout is as professional football players do. Yet frustrated gotten dipped overwhelmed you know we have all this data especially at Kiev but having you know collected even more data on guys you know he's drop rates. This capital rape all the stuff that. Kind of yep before but it of one opinion of where you'd draft some of where he should go. And you know you get overwhelmed and and it makes you are they make you heard the misses more use those misses hurt more more because. You should another ship there was something there that should have you win unlike what can be good debt that's another problem there. That we just didn't find that we just didn't weigh heavily enough. Did you just say yet this guy's the best quarterback in the strapped but. And then they hit you feel bad about it but you've got he got a lot of the mistakes you gotta. Learn which data mayors which doesn't. And attitude part of one of the you know there's so much stuff out there there's so many different opinions that you can have on a guy that. And you've got a lot into funny guy and promote the Connecticut which is crazy but it happens and it is draft not quite so it is it's turned into this huge media machine because people other than people while all of that stuff that goes along with that. That's only a couple of months away the draft and on you to the folks there you work with the in particular seat house of noises mock draft up. And pretty heavy first round is far is that a stretcher side notes. That your work but you've probably seen valves on those mock draft and it looks like that's going to be figure for edge Richard earlier. Yeah I'm actually in charge of our our county department though I've watched all these guys and I came away so. You compared to last year's class whenever you know Joey both check wahpeton baby Noah spent there afterwards just not a lot of outlets here. Very down year compared to last year is night and day I think legitimately and edge rushers could go in the first round because. One it's such as he presents to. Everyone seems to seemingly need want you know that even at the bottom of the first round at the pet he got the Steelers need one. The Packers could use one account what you when there's so many teams that could use the net rusher. And it just loaded I. And all the guys that could go in the first sign paper I think legitimately belong in the first round I think. And guys emote that well maybe I think it did end up being niner eight. Yeah they political at your luck if you need help on the that he kept searching help. It seems like it's really a defense of heavy draft. But. There are three running backs being talked about is going in the first round and we all know that. That's typically unheard of in this and cities full ball so are we gonna see three run vesco that are in the. I think in the end they all come down to I think we do I think. To basically lock at this point I think letter Burnett goat that's you know mock surprise six which that would be a little creepy to me that the jets took him at six that would make sense to in my mind but it yet but going in the genes. Kelvin Cooke as you might it running back in the quest he can do it all he's not. Limited in any way shape or form I think he's a home run hitter I think he's. Basically it sure thing with how physically count that he is that the position. And then element tomorrow the guy who kind of under the radar and moving up draft board so to speak. He's so dynamic what does as a receiver that there are some cheap there at the bottom of the first round who could use him. In a role where you know what a mile wide and in the backfield and also do what are not Christian ethic on the first round so I think three is not a question. Or would be or be crazy to me but that other question either. And the PFF mock draft I believe just up today has the bills at number ten don't for the LS US safety Jamar Adams right. What you tell us about him. I feel bad because I truthfully I have not watched any of tomorrow out of that had been focused on the defense of why class I know he was our highest rated safety just in terms of pure greeting that he's been. And as least you seem very personal and play you know. In the box complete deep and play you know could report its with a field that sort of stuff commit a crime in the slot so I think. If you could give just Ed pieces to that defense in the secondary you'd be good for the Buffalo Bill that the good big particular. Ali quarterbacks do you figure in the first round Mike what do you think. Yes. Quarterback kept Eddie. I go back and forth on the quarterback class I truthfully if I think it was going to be 2011. All over again where we saw. No wedding ever Christian Ponder ago people reach for quarterback and passover talents like JJ watts tyrants yes. Although hall of famers in that draft that can protest announcer reach record wreck I think we see that again this year picture this he goes round one I think shot whopping goes from one. Think maybe in pet a home goes round one in the uncharacteristic for quarterback went off and done will go on route one just because. Was already seen that deal right now and so me LG BGM in desperate positions where they don't get a court exit and they're going to be out of a job. I don't I wouldn't you want to beat a team that reaches for a quarterback or because I don't. Love and get these guys but I think four is the number in this one. Interest to pay Mike thanks for doing this what this we appreciate it good work whenever. We always here about the the the guys who perform well become mine and then don't make good pros you've got to the other way around it's an interesting twist. And we thank you very much for being on the show us that it talk about. Okay Mike Brenner is he a senior analyst at pro football focus he is a man with the post about the the players who have actually busted at the com item became good play good NFL players got five of them some big names Josh Norman Antonio Brown Michael Bennett. It happens. It does happen every year. I think every year you have in mind that guys that I have become superstars. But you have guys that might not do well they end up falling in the draft to me and a salad players in this league in the end up having 1012 year careers you know so. We get so caught up. In the forty time really itself the rest of the stuff is I mean. You can you hear a guy jump you know forty terrorism like there's like wow like you to jump 43 that's crazy but the forty time is really what matters. And we get so caught up I really do status immediately beyond. What. Forty to forty on stage and and for fans you know I think. Now you you will see some guys drop you will see some guys rise that I think you know GMs and scouts really have a handle on how good a player is based on this film. And they don't just take the forty times in its eateries. It's fair to say yeah we're gonna take a break come back in so little bit more time talking about this and a lot of other topics as well you're welcome to join us 8030550. Outside buffalo tool free 1888552. By fifty. Donald and I've back with more from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bill injury. With more John Murphy she. Welcome back to show John Murphy Donald Jones pulled lights over the over the next thirty minutes or so you know three. All my fifties and Robert shall reap from outside buffalo one he he he. By fifty to 550. A couple of things to talk about we shall we should revisit. Or start wonderful it deals with all gamers spent most of the 1 o'clock hour whether it's gonna play up and promises the road less traveled production. And play about the elements like electric Norman Thomas partner. Buffalo stories series it is Jews acted in June 3 at the road less traveled theater or portable in the upcoming play this summer about Thurman Thomas liked. Seen you wanna see the most. What he really look forward to seem we've got more than thirteen hundred votes cast. On Twitter so far 41% of you say you hope that they dramatize the story of Super Bowl 26 pills Washington and the metrodome in Minneapolis. And the loss helmet 39% of you say. Wanna see inept inept play Thurmond caught napping undrafted 13% to grown up. 7% say something else give us a call on that 8030550. The number. Toll free 1888552. By fifty. The other thing we talked about a little bit today. Honest the bills one of sixteen with the new head coach Sean McDermott new head coach of the Buffalo Bills of those six teams that are bringing in new head coaches this year. Which one has the toughest turnaround is at the bills John McDermott. Is it Doug grown in Jacksonville is it's on the day with the rams it in England with the chargers township in its efforts Cisco orbits Joseph. At Denver and you may want to rank reports it was a call 8030550. Or tool free 1888. Like fifty to 550 I imagine I thought that I thought. John McKay with the rams might have the toughest on there now and you said. The tough sister's room. Yeah San Francisco just because. You know you have a rookie head coach you have a rookie GM who really has no executive experience I mean he went from being a player. To being in the media and now he's GM like is there was no scouting is no nothing in between there right now also. That combination right there you combine that with defective is don't have talent on the team they don't have a quarter wrecked and don't have much talent outside of Carlos hi you know also. I think he's gonna have really the toughest. The toughest way to building I guess the championship team especially being in the same division as the cardinals and the Seahawks. Here's another way to look at it who's. Who's got the lowest expectations I think for sure Kyle Shanahan its effort Cisco as far as expectations over what they can do I think. You know I think they would be the ones that policy expertise I would think so I don't think they'd they'd probably do have the most expectations. McCain I mean Denver's high tech exit those expectations nears Sosa and they weren't team and we talked about the possibly being the playoffs this pack I didn't say that you might have said I do that but there are also national people that weren't there weren't athlete because because they're they are young talent team and we saw when when the bills played them they weren't talented team you know also I would think that. You know Doug Rome. And and Tom Coughlin can. Make something work at a team in a weak division that is that the AFC south is a very weak division right now so. I think you know they might have may be an easier way of making it to the playoffs but for me San Fran they have the most expertise. Hum public tweets on this David tweets he ranked of course he says the 49ers have the toughest road oh. Followed by the rams the chargers buffalo and Denver tied and then Jacksonville. As far as the toughest Durham to up the truck Alex's Francisco by far with this emphasis the last far now does the buffalo and Denver I look at timber. And the AFC west is an interesting division. Because you have Oakland and you know Oakland should be a good team coming back next here with your card getting healthy. Kansas City is is a while car right now because. You know you don't know what's gonna happen with Eric Berry like they really. Are in a tough position cap wise and they're gonna have to really make some decisions here because you're gonna have some players immediately you can happen make some putts and things like that so. You don't know that's going to be the same team and then you have San Diego LA now. League coach and Neiman right. They actually have a good process they have talent on that team they just haven't been able to stay healthy number one and put it all together hearing in your route so. You know Denver might be in even though they have a good defense. I think they need to find a quarterback. And until they do that you know they might be deterred the third team in that it is. So what you think which turnaround job as the toughest of these sixteens with. New NFL head coaches this year gives golf a lines are open in 030550. Or toll free 1888550. To 550. More loose ends in this came up yesterday we talked about the snobs the Tom buy him a combined imitation. Snobs yesterday a Chet Kelly among them more information came out. About YER Kelly might not have been invited. Reports out there that. Well first of all the the league a year ago I didn't know this now that maybe you did. For the second straight year the league will not permit invites in the combined for a player whose background check reveals quote either a felony or misdemeanor conviction. For domestic violence sexual assault weapons charges. In addition players who refuse a background check so they've got it right in what constitutes a non institutional problem so. Sonoma this is old felony or misdemeanor sexual assault weapons either felony or misdemeanor conviction on domestic violence charges. Sexual assault charges or weapons charges. Was set to Newton something that's on the promise and no I mean the he had a a fight at a downtown buffalo nightclub a couple of years ago. I don't know that falls under any of those and hear those categories right in the I don't know now I could be wrong but I don't remember him being convicted of anything. You know felony or misdemeanor not so criminal or misdemeanor conviction in regard to the right side I'm on I'm on I'm kinda lost them. Kelly's agents some. Upset about it clearly and in the report and ES PNC is Kelly's agent said his uncle. Pro football hall of Famer and bills former Corbett Jim Kelly reached actively seek answers about his about Ted Kelly status for the come by any. And and there's this too in this department and talk about Kelly apparently got the invitation January 6 the league arranged a trap program to become Biden in the get a a call from common director Jeff Foster late last week saying that the league. Rescinded his invitation is there more to this that we don't know right and it in my seaboard and it's an ass to be asked to do item and then you change your mind. Brad I mean there has to be allowed more than in we know about. Maybe things that he's gone through I don't know what's going on there but it first of all. Everything he's done in the past off the field it none of that falls under those categories and then for you do invite him in there and rescind it doesn't make sense either. So I don't I just don't understand what's going on. I don't either and it brings to mind a lot of the issues. We talked about yesterday for matches Chip Kelly good anybody with character questions is at the top line the best form prevent ago. If there ready but to go and address those concerns to answer those questions to be. In front of all 32 teams if they want to be in and explained endemic I mean that's what's gonna become mine that. You've been in this interview rooms that's on Sanford for decades it's become like what happened with this. Misdemeanor arrest you at ten years ago what's your story and the on the field stuff is isn't very small. Ports and even though we make such a big deal Leavitt the interview processes. Is it's like everything you know you're interviewing every single night. I that's your job every single night you're in seventeenth you have informal informal interviews so you would think that they would bring him in to talk to them about everything that's. Happened in the past you know it is. It's really doesn't make sense to me what's going along with him. I would like to know there's more that we just don't know. It's it's unfortunate because to me it is the right opportunity look enough of these guys. Yeah Phyllis and promised to anyone right nobody yeah. Would say as a nuisance quote about. Don't need you the league does need you union the league I get it I agree with all that but. As for for a job interview. Byrd the initial job interview. Furry. Replace it. You know in in a league that. Does all these background checks. I mean. I mean that the crazy thing is. And we talked about yesterday they don't wanna bring. Negative attention they don't want it to just be talked about that he has had things happen off the field but now we're talking about it because. You did an invitation any rescinded the invitation yet so now we're now everybody's gonna talk about it because. And everything is done doesn't fall underneath your category your rules are near you so I just don't I don't give it. A Kennedy doesn't make sense. And we even extended yesterday and we we talked about Joseph mix in the Oklahoma running back a serious yes transgression was it was serious. But still even in his case he wasn't convicted he I think he deserves an opportunity to explain himself if you don't want to draft him after that anyone I'm around Iraq I get it. I have no problem at all but boy I would think the common is the perfect place to get those issues out in the open and I in the open. I don't necessarily mean at a podium with media I mean in the interview room. Which teams and potential employees let's go here's this for me Eagles back the world I said yesterday but when he did was wrong. But under those guidelines based stated you have. Convictions and he wasn't convicted of anything you know he was dismissive suspended by the school. And all of that he's you know he he did community service but he was not convicted of anything so that's the guidelines you put in place. So why not bring democracy can talk to him about it I didn't it just doesn't make them all this being said at least in the case of Ted Kelly. Not and we don't know if you would be able to thrown at the common because of his knee injury but how much does this hurt is draft which is her you know questionable but does. I think that those I think it hurts it was already gonna hurt affected. You know you heard he wasn't a throw had to come on but he did have an opportunity to go there. And and you hear in a student and them going anyway by. For him actually be involved in the com I'm there every night interviewing with different teams that would help them and help these teams really understand today that Lian and every payment he's on his past the fact he's not going to be there it hurts. I guess it would have to interesting case and of course will be at the come by in this will be in issue. At the outcome mine obviously Chip Kelly and some of the others not invited in and Kelly's case at his invitation. Recent are gonna take a break we're gonna come back with more moment to John Murphy show presented by no go from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills rating. Is that John Murphy show on. And now what have we learned from today's show is presented by advance alliance providing Western New York homes and businesses with the buying isn't. Security home theater the preferred alarm at home theater provider of the Buffalo Bills what we aren't we talked with rank Roy bills' offensive lineman in the first hour show. Is it restricted free agent the bills have the option to tender him a contract offer and potentially keep him around we talked with Rangel Greg started seven games a season after airport got hurt. We talked with right angry about his status is a free agent and what he expects to have. Does not really at the end of the season and you know what actually meetings and you know date for the period didn't planning bomb that was really the the last thing that hurt me you know I'm not really. Worried about comics celebrity rodeo you know whatever comes my way and and it picked up one day at a time but you know working hard and you know waiter Roman. A lock up dome like. Ryan growing restricted free agent for the Buffalo Bills 1 o'clock hour we had a great time with Thurman Thomas if pro football hall of Famer. Who weighed in on several topics including pork rinds and Super Bowl 51. And and the Pro Football Hall of Fame as well. And now we have servant for his opinion on the Terrell Owens an album Pro Football Hall of Fame here's what he would say. It doesn't have anything and I just thought he was a good football player and if he should have been a first battle of dad know the way he wrote the media where you know I think just that isn't. I think they've lived over in Amara think it's stupid. Essentially permanently be yet for keep adamantly pro football. All right eight we wrap things up today with a look at this special. A special thing sent to us here at one bills drive. From the local organizing committee of next year's super Apple's mobile 52 in Minnesota in the new stadium and fifty. In Minnesota this. This is a ice replica of the Lombardi trophy. From the young folks that they column so apple nor there's the local organizing committee. The Lombardi trophy immortalized in place it is realized that only that it happens at every one of the 32 teams. This what you were it was too cute and we had any patriots fans with. It was stated. If you'd probably get this like Stevens. Is really don't don't get stuck. I. Attack could happen at least that's what as a player of that. Story here's the story. What he got the lead news media effect and what if look at ready let's make suitable what is all in bills what is suitable in Minnesota. Is it in any way kind of a let down if you get that suitable regulation goes suitable it's in Minnesota it. Yeah a little bit I mean you but I did every morning by what was that like. It was a it was phrased it sure was rebuilt digit temperatures the entire time yeah for whatever reason I like nine days. In the Twin Cities back and doing augmented the night street. You know the last time Ozuna. Quote unquote cold weather place was New York City yet and the they got lucky that we don't like 55 at least in new York and it was like sunny and then it was a huge blizzard the next day but. I don't expected to be 55 Minnesota and away and it's hard winner in the Minnesota and it's great city it's a great area but. You know it's gonna be called out there you know what happens to in the school what is your goals and even in Houston I think a couple of weeks ago. The people come for the Super Bowl not affiliated with either team that even the fans to be the team when it's cold weather place like Minnesota they wait predicament Friday. Or Saturday and Sunday game. I mean. Places like. When it's warm like Houston or like Miami LA something like that. You know there's a lot of different events a lot of celebrities and they'll still come in town but yet. You won't probably get the same amount those celebrities say you know up until gonna stay home watch the game on TV have a party at my house. Yet in Minnesota I mean. You know so this hoping. Because you get a new stadium does that do you deserve to have a Super Bowl that's what they do now. Separate Cisco Minnesota I mean now there's physical weathered eye. It's not just obviously is the super bull so it's the game but they turned it into this whole big media fiasco fan fest fiasco. And so while you keep it in warm weather places where the fans can enjoy. The delegates that he spends adamantly against it anyway if you watch him ensemble cast and Emmet GUC this. Ice sculpture of the Lombardi trophy for next year's Super Bowl sent along by the local organizing committee from Minnesota bowl north. They call themselves it's realize realize what trophy that we kept it era blue lights much longer do I mean it publicly and her ball. No I don't think so. How things I think we've had a pretty good arrived here yesterday we've had a ice. For the last. Lombardi trophies melting and the the men were there for some video we covered a lot of territory today we wanted to revisit via Twitter apple which dealt with Thurman Thomas in the play. Being produced by road less traveled productions about that. Thurman Thomas news. His life really and plays in Egypt a June 2 and third tickets go until March 1 or what poll. In that upcoming plan Thurman Thomas like which scene would you most wanna see which would you be most interested. About 15100 votes cast and the majority 41%. Plurality in Waco or Super Bowl 26. Minnesota suitable when Thurman Thomas for his helmet that's the party wants to dramatize Wednesday. 39% say the famous photograph video of Norman Thomas take it and amp on ESPN cameras were there at his house in Houston on drafting. 13% say you hope that the plea deals with some of Thurman Thomas. Young life grown up in the Houston area 7% say something else that is the final tally on the toward pool with a 14175. Votes it. I get that you know I think Indianapolis it was funny because when we hit the creative director on exit. The battery in Ireland and they weren't thinking about that but is there agreement. Jittery right. Maybe when Nate does end up on Broadway innocent and we should add this. That's placed there and if it's good enough if it's been eight thanks ever. I think that there were coming in today thanks are presenting sponsor no golf in Leo mostly operated since 1933. Like no go on FaceBook for great deals specials and more. Our intercom board up right gates production assistance from JJ to read or George plaster fullback Thomas founder James Donovan. Our producer Jane shares were back tomorrow at noon with John Murphy show from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills would.

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